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How to build in craft the world
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A shelter is a completely enclosed area, which can be a house, tunnels or a combination of both, which has a totem somewhere inside it dwarfs will only sleep[1] on beds, if they're within a suitable shelter[2].

Game description[edit | edit source]

Your Shelter is not complete until it has backwalls and side walls, plus a door or a hatch.
~ The old man on Campaign Tutorial
Complete the shelter by putting up a totem in its center. This will scare off monsters and evil spirits. The shelter must be protected by walls on all sides, while the entrances should be covered with doors or hatches.
~ Task Complete the Shelter on Diary

What classifies as a shelter[edit | edit source]

A shelter has several conditions that must be met before dwarfs will prioritize sleep there:

  • You must place a totem to mark the area which is intended to become a shelter.
A totem has a range of 10 to 20 squares, depending linearly upon the shelter's comfort level. It should ideally be placed near the stockpile in order to protect it from ghosts.
The range of the totem can be restricted/reduced by enclosing it with foreground tiles (wall, floor, roof, doors or hatches)
  • Every background tile within the totem's radius must be a wall or a window, or part of the underground backdrop.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • A trail of small orange-yellow stars traces the perimeter of the shelter.
  • Hatches must be placed one square above the hole in the floor or ceiling, not in the hole. If the hatch is placed in the hole, then the shelter will only be secure when the hatch is shut, and opening the hatch will break the shelter.
  • If there is a hole in the perimeter around the totem then the nearest hole will be pointed out with a large orange star (unless the hole is caused by an open improperly placed hatch).
  • To use a second totem to expand the size of the shelter, place the second totem at an edge of the first totem's maximum range.

Comfort level[edit | edit source]

The comfort level of a shelter influences the dwarfs recovery time while they sleep. A higher degree of comfort will reduce the time dwarfs need to sleep to regain health.

How to increase comfort[edit | edit source]

  • Each bed in the house, beyond the first, drastically lowers comfort; as overall comfort is divided by how many beds are in the shelter.
If dwarves don't fight very often, keep only one bed and reassign it after use until comfort is maxed out. Then add a bed and repeat once more comfortable items become available.
Replace all beds as soon as a better version becomes available as they have an effect on overall comfort.
  • The material used for the external walls makes a big difference. The following list sorts them from the best to the worst:
  • Simple background material like earth and stone makes no difference, but crafted wall sets do[3]:
  • Doors and hatches type have an impact on the comfort level, the stronger the door, the better is the comfort provided. The following list sorts them from the best to the worst:
  • Roofs provide less comfort than walls, so is better to use roof tiles only for deco on top of a line of wall tiles.
  • Shelter size per dwarf now increases comfort.
  • Overall lighting affects the comfort level. The bigger the shelter, the more lighting needed until the effect is capped. The type of lighting doesn't appear to have an effect.
  • The comfort provided by furniture/deco items do affect the overall comfort level.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Defense[edit | edit source]

A useful design of wall for dealing with large swarms of enemies is the sand wall.

See also[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ↑Since patch 1.4.010, "dwarfs can sleep without beds, but their health is restored much more slowly".
  2. ↑To be more precise, if there is no shelter (no totem have been placed) or if the shelter's borders have been violated, a dwarf sent to sleep or a dwarf going to sleep spontaneously (with very low health) will complain, but he/she will sleep on a bed if there is any bed available for him/her. However, it will be like if he/she was sleeping on the floor, because there will be no regenaration rate bonus, no matter the bed he/she's sleeping on. All this only applies for versions 1.4.010 and above. On earlier versions, in this situation, dwarfs could not find their beds and could not sleep on the floor.
  3. ↑Since update 1.4.010, background wall sets add some comfort to the shelter. This has been verified in the inventory screen, when opening the item's details. The values can also be checked at the file .
  4. ↑The in-game interface only shows the integer number (1).
The totem's area of effect can vary between 10 and 20 squares. The numbers in each cell indicate its range from the central Totem.

A mix of Dungeon Keeper and Terraria which could be a great mix but in reality doesn't really work well. Like in Dungeon Keeper, you build aA mix of Dungeon Keeper and Terraria which could be a great mix but in reality doesn't really work well. Like in Dungeon Keeper, you build a dungeon for a group of dwarves without direct control over them. Like in Terraria, you dig ore in 2D and combine stuff into items. The most annoyance comes from the stupid AI. Dwarves tend to take sub-obtimal decisions on what to do next and there is no way to prioritize tasks or send a specific dwarf to a specific task. Often they just stand for 10-20 seconds doing nothing, or waste time to go from one side of the map to the other just to pick 1 dirt block while another dwarf goes from the other side of the map to do something near the place where the first dwarf was initially. Sometimes I had to wait for an hour of real time until a specific block of coal was mined - and I needed coal badly. Fighting is even more awkward: you can only mark targets, and drarves will take a long time to finally gather into a group, and then fight as a big crowd of overapping figures, with no way to see what's going on. Dwarves start running for safety too late, and unless the terrain is completely flat, will die easily due to stupidities of the pathfinding, slow climbing and jumping, falling off while climbing etc. As the dungeon grows and you need to go further deep to mine for ore, the AI's awfulness start to really anger you and the anger outweights the fun. The controls are opitmized for tablets (no push-scrolling, only left mouse button is used, no mouse-over popups etc). The graphics are also for a mobile game: too cartoonish for my liking, although I still found them okay. The crafting interface is much like in Minecraft, but worse and too tedious to use. A good thing in this game is its huge tech tree and abundance of things you can craft. This game is fun for 2 days, but gets very annoying later, and there isn't much replay value after you've seen all the things in there to build.…Expand

nov Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons.

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How the hell do you build structures?
Is there some material you ahve to use or something? I put down my wooden walls, but they just inexplainably won't place, or the blocks on top of them just won't be built. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to most of the building and pathfinding in this game.

At this point, it's becoming unplayable for me, since my dwarves just bug out all the time and won't do what they're supposed to do. Or I place a block and like 10 minutes later, the green build icon just turns red for no known reason.

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Craft The World is a mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. A randomly generated world is filled with resources and dangerous creatures. It is up to you where to dig and what to construct and how to keep your dwarves alive. This guide provides you with useful Craft the World tips and tricks!

Salvage obsolete items in Craft the World

Progression in Craft the word means upgrading gear, furniture, pickaxes, etc. Did you know you can salvage items you no longer need? Simply open the craft screen and drag the item next to the anvil. Now press the button repeatedly until all items are broken down. Even those useless caps and hoods will result in nice fabric and leather!

Construct multiple items in Craft the World

Tired of clicking that crafting button? Change the lever to construct 20 or even 50 items at the same time. This is especially useful for crafting fire arrows, clay, bricks, ladders, etc. It also works on converting wheat to grain.

Automatically construct items in Craft the World

Did you know that you no longer have to drag individual ingredients in order to craft as long as you constructed something once? Just select the recipe in your inventory or tech tree and you can mash the green construct button without dragging items in their slots. I wish I had figured that out sooner!

Swap the direction of doors

Swap the direction doors face by trying to place the same door on the same spot. This will toggle between the different sides.

Easy gold and other metals with explosion and magic collect

Tired of constructing endless tunnels and waiting for your dwarves to return? Simply place an explosion on a field you discovered. Now use magic collect and you will take all the expensive materials in seconds.

Can’t find item in Craft the World? Use the tech tree!

The inventory UI  a bit of a mess. It is usually easier to locate an item through the tech tree where everything is grouped nicely together.

Multi layer!

Tired of the amount of space required to harvest trees, wheat and other materials? Try stacking!

Farming in Craft the World

Did you know you can farm animals? Once you unlock farming you can build a few adjacent farm fences. When you have enough a farming shed will spawn in the background. Now all you need is multiple animals of the same type so they start breeding.

To catch animals you will need to construct a traps (from Advanced Construction). Place a few on the maps and in time a wild animal will pass through it and get caught. Make sure you use the wooden one from Advanced Construction because other traps can kill your target. Once an animal is caught an action is available to move them to your farm.

Send all dwarves to rest

Sometimes you need to prepare for a big fight. Rather then micro managing each individual dwarf you can send all dwarfs

Craft the World Hotkeys!

Looking for some useful hotkeys, checkout the following table.

Ctrl + RSend dwarves with health under 70% to sleep (Rest)
Ctrl + ESend starving dwarves to eat (Eat)
CtrlA new quick bar will appear with empty slots which can be filled up and used at any time by holding CTRL.
SpaceSelect next dwarf.
F1, F2, F3Change the game speed to normal (F1), 1.5x (F2), 2x (F3).

Other tips?

Do you have tips to share? Feel free to place them in the comments!

GameplayInside recommends gaming on:

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Craft The World - #03 - Learning How to Build

Craft the World can be challenging at first and this guide will help you The logical thing to do is build the shelter for your dwarfs around the.

Craft the World: Underground

Once you reach Level 4 in the game, you'll notice a countdown at the top right of the screen alerting you to the time the monster portal will next open. This portal opens on a random spot on the map (always above ground) and monsters will come pouring out, to attack your shelter and dwarves.

These raids happen every 50 minutes (or every 5 in-game days), and it's best to be prepared for them.

Armor up your dwarves with the highest weapons/protective gear you can so they can fight off the monsters. It's also best to fortify your shelter, either by crafting it out of sturdy materials (level 6 durability or higher is best), or once you unlock them, you create things like traps, catapults, and defence towers to slow down or defeat the monsters.

Monster raids only last 5 minutes (or until day light), so if you can fight off most of them in that time or slow them down, you'll successfully make it past the raid until the next 50 minutes passes.

Alternatively, you can always use a portal spell (see above) to teleport your dwarves to a safe place below ground and have them repair any damage the following day.

how to build in craft the world

Craft the World can be challenging at first and this guide will help you The logical thing to do is build the shelter for your dwarfs around the.

how to build in craft the world
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