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How to craft a knife in farsky

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How to craft a knife in farsky
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Welcome to Peekaboom's guide for FarSky! I wrote this guide to explain the basics of the game. So whether you're a new player who bought the game a minute ago, or a player who bought it an hour ago but calmly rage quit like a sir because of sharks, this guide should help you learn the basics of the game. If my guide helped you leave a like or favorite and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below.
Here I will post updates of my guide or the game as my time with the game progresses.

(4/27/2014): Released Beginnger FarSky Guide.
(4/28/2014): Completed the list of metals.

Now that you know where your base is its time you gather resouces to build up your base and get weapons/equipment.

When you press 'm' it shows you a topographic map of the ocean. This basically means it shows you the eleveations of the ground. The map visibility is limited and will expand as you explore that area. So walk around and explore the ocean to expand your map.

Both the minimap and mainmap will have icons on them. These icons show you various objects that you will find when in that area. Below is a map with color coded icons:
Map Icons:
Red: You and the direction you are facing.
Blue: Main base where you will spawn upon dying.
Light Blue: Abandoned bases that have been flooded, you can choose to loot or repair.
Green: A shipwreck with 3-5 chests with various items.
Orange: Single chests with various items.
Brown: Dirt (no use yet).
Black: Coal (used to cook food).
Pink: Gold (used for crafting items).

You will notice other map icons as you wander deeper into the depths, these are usually crystal or silver ores which are used in high tier item crafting.

writing this section of the guide by 5/5
will also expand mining/ores to include all mineable resouces (dirt, coal)

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FarSky : Overpowered items
This honestly didn't need its own entire section but here.

Overpowered Extractor: 30 manganese, 1 gold, and 2 silver to build. Slightly faster than the normal Extractor

Overpowered Drill: 18 manganese, and 3 silver. Slightly faster than the normal starting drill.
This is my 2nd guide, I will come back every now and then to edit it, and I have already edited it multiple times. The only reason I will edit it is to fix grammer/spelling, and improve the 'flow' of the guide.
Farsky, a survival underwater open-world game. The game has multiple modes, and has a story to it. The game is fairly short, I would only recommend getting if it is $5 or less. All the maps are randomly generated, and each map will be different as a result. I can't say I recommend the game at its full price, but it certainly gave me a nice 10 hours of fun.
As it is a survival game you will need resources to progress through the game.

Iron: The most basic resource to gather used for bases, equipment, and weapons.

Gold: A rare resource that appears on the map. Used for a few useful things such as better equipment.

Copper: A resource used for furniture, bases, even better equipment, and weapons. This ore appears on a slightly lower level than iron and requires an iron helmet to be reached.

Manganese: A resource found in the deepest part of the survivable ocean, used for overpowered items such as overpowered drills, used for armor and gear, and other useful things such as harpoon cannons. Requires a copper helmet to reach.

Crystals: A risky resource to get. Once you mine it the Kraken will attack you. Or if you go back to your base straight away, your base that you worked hard on will soon be attacked by the kraken and will be flooded with soggy potatoes. (not really but it will be flooded)

Silver: The rarest resource in the game can only be found in deep sea areas requiring a copper or manganese helmet. Used for overpowered extractor and overpowered drill (which is overpowered as the name suggests)

Coal: An uncommon resource found anywhere in the ocean (rarely found on bottom layers). Used for cooking or smelting items.

Sand: A common resource found everywhere on the top floor of the ocean used to smelt into glass and craft glass into glass walls for your base.

Dirt: A common resource found everywhere used for plant pots (AKA farming)

Extractor: A item which automatically mines for you, very slow but worth it. I mean do you really want to be staring at iron ore holding down mouse1 button all day?

Drill: A basic drill which you can find in your base (adventure mode or survivor mode only) when you first start the game. Drills mine faster than extractors, yet a tad slower than overpowered extractors.

Seaweed has a few uses, such as energy spheres and bandages.

Seaweed: Found on any floor of the ocean. Provides only seaweed and fertilizer.

Energy Seaweed: Found in the mid-floor of the sea. Drops a few energy spheres, some seaweed, and fertilizer.

Deep Seaweed: Found in the deepest parts of the ocean. Provides tons of energy spheres, some seaweed, and some fertilizer.

Bandages: Used to stop bleeding, being attacked has a %15 of causing you to bleed. One bandage is needed when you are bleeding. When you bleed you attract more and more predators, so be careful!

Energy Spheres: Used for stunning spears, repairing drones, and for a hopefully more things in the future.

Fertilizer: Used to make plant pots.

Seaweed inside a base (seaweed grows back when you chop it down) be wise where you place your base!

Weapons are essential for fighting enemies and for hunting. There are only two actual weapons types in the game, the knife, and the speargun. All items below can be crafted at the Weapons Workshop.

Knife: The knife requires 8 iron to craft. Does 2 damage each, perfect for hunting fish.

Speargun: Used to fire harpoons, which are not cheap to craft. To equip harpoons scroll over them in your inventory, and click on them. Equip the harpoon using the option and it should be loaded.

Types of harpoons

Iron Harpoon: a simple harpoon requires 3 iron to build. *deals 3 damage*

Iron Stunning Harpoon: a more advanced harpoon, requires 1 energy sphere and 3 iron to build. The only thing different about the stunning harpoons (aside from more damage) from the normal harpoons is that it has a critical hit change of 30%, dealing significant higher damage then its base damage. *deals 5 damage*

Copper Harpoon: Same as iron but requires 3 copper to build instead of 3 iron *deals 8 damage*

Copper Stunning Harpoon: Same as iron stunning harpoon but requires 3 copper instead of 3 iron. *deals 10 damage*

Manganese Harpoon: Final and best tier of harpoon, 3 manganese to build. *deals 13 damage*

Manganese Stunning Harpoon: Same as the other stunning harpoon but requires manganese to build *deals 15 damage*
Expanding your base is always fun, its like getting a bigger house. Here are some basic steps to follow to start expanding your base.

Here are buildable structures that you can choose to make at a workshop to expand your base.

Floor: Basic item to expand your base, requires 3 iron to make.

Glass Walls: Used to make windows in your base. Placing them is as simple as placing them on an existing wall to make it glass.

New Base: To make a new base you will need: 1 crystal , 50 iron, and 2 gold.

Harpoon Cannons: Shoots harpoons at the enemy you are currently fighting/any nearby enemies. Harpoon cannons do 3 damage each hit, requiring 10 copper, 25 manganese, and 1 gold to build. Harpoon cannons are built on the sea floor and sadly can not be placed ontop of your base.

Small Chests: Small chests are cheap and store 6 items, making them ideal for early game.

Large Chests: Large chests can store up to 12 items, twice that of small chests.

Workshops: Workshops are used to build things. There are 5 diffirent workshops you can make, furniture workshop, building workshop, weapon workshop, main workshop, and equipment workshop. Each workshop requires 15 iron to build.

Plant pots: Plant pots can be used to plant potatoes, carrots, and greenbeans. Plant pots require 4 fertilizer, 4 dirt, and 2 iron to build. Plant pots are built at the furniture workshop.

New Floor: Used to make a new floor, simply place on the ceiling to create a new floor. A ladder will automatically be placed to access that new floor.

Ladder: Used to climb up into your base, or to climb higher inside your base. Must be placed on a ledge.

Lamps: Lamps are used to light up areas and to prevent sharks from swimming by your base so often.

Doors: Doors block floods, doors require 10 iron, 15 copper to make.

Hammer Tool:Left click furniture with the hammer to remove it (destroying items inside of it). Fixing leaks requires iron, if you have iron then left clicking a wall will fix the leak.

Abandon Bases: You find abandon bases around the world, they appear on the map and they sometimes have loot inside. The water will slowly fall until it reaches the bottom of the base and it is all gone.

Leaks: Leaks are caused by the Kraken, leaks can also be found in leaking/abandon bases.
Farsky features 3 different modes that you can play on.

Adventurer Mode: You crashed you have to look on your map find all the submarine pieces and fly to the surface to finish the the mode. *Unlocks Survivor Mode once beaten*

Survivor Mode: You crashed you have to find the pieces and fly to the surface. More enemies are encountered and the entire game slightly harder.

Sandbox: All that gold collected from the 2 other modes can be spent here. Buy your own equipment to start yourself off (with gold from other modes). There is no starting base so you have to make your own. You start off with a drill and the ability to make a single base. Sandbox is a freemode where there is no goal.
So you learned about everything else but adventuring. Hopefully this will show you what you will find when you adventure out into the endless ocean.

Abandon/Leaking Bases: A base that leaks, may have little to tons of loot.

Shipwreck: 2-6 chests of loot beside it

Treasure/Coins: Treasure is randomly found across the map (chests). Coins are randomly found across the map. Coins are used to buy starting equipment in sandbox mode

Bring up the map by using M
Map Features
Your Base(s)
Opened Chest
Ship piece
Droids can store items for you, attack any enemies that you attack/are being attacked by. Only one droids is found per game, they are found laying on the ground requiring 5 energy to repair. Press 'E' to call the droid to you, allowing you to store items in it. You can turn the droid off if needed by putting it in sleep mode. The droid has 6 slots in it, and its attacks are weak. However the droid is a helpful little carrier companion.

The end of the game consists of finding the last submarine piece, completing the submarine then winning the game by going up to the surface. If you wish to continue playing the game you can never take the submarine to the surface and just use it as a vehicle to drive around in. The submarine only provides protection from enemies and offers great mobility. Other than that being inside a submarine is the same as being outside of one, making exploring -350 depth and below impossible.

In Farsky, you are at the bottom of the ocean and you are all alone. to immediately craft a knife rather than messing about with acquiring more.

I almost exclusively buy games that are on sale on steam. This is great because it allows me to still afford to buy food but also because I end up buying obscure little games that I would never have sought out otherwise. I guess this may change with the introduction of Steam Curators, we’ll see. This I have to thank for finding Farsky. No, it has nothing to do with Far Cry. The title is simple to explain, you are stuck at the bottom of the ocean, the sky is pretty far away… I found myself talking about it constantly to anyone who would listen and the best way to describe this game to someone who only has 6 syllables worth of time for you is ‘underwater minecraft’.

But forget about that. Many people associate Minecraft with creation and building. Farsky is far more about survival and exploration which is always the way I play Minecraft when I’m not making symmetrical holes to the centre of the Earth. In Farsky, you are at the bottom of the ocean and you are all alone. Deal with it.

The only thing that comes close to a tutorial is ‘Madison’, who helpfully points out that you need oxygen to live and that getting to the surface would probably be a good idea. I would have appreciated it if she had told me to immediately craft a knife rather than messing about with acquiring more oxygen and installing glass walls into the rather convenient deep-sea base. I slowly starved to death on my first play-through.

I wouldn’t recommend looking up crafting recipes on wiki before playing. It’s way more funny if you don’t. Because you’ll die, slowly. Unless you attack a shark, then you’ll die quickly. That was the end of my second play-through.

Like many sandbox survival games the challenges you have to face are hunger, energy, darkness and hostile environments. Swimming about at the bottom of the ocean makes you really hungry, fast. The amount of time you can explore before returning to base is determined by your oxygen levels which you can increase through crafting better equipment. As a new player you may also want to return to base before night falls because that’s when normally passive creatures become violent. And they can attack from any direction. To start with you can only explore up to a certain depth which you can also improve through crafting.

Movement is one of my favourite aspects of the game. You can walk about on the ocean floor at a reasonable pace. You can also make up to 6 consecutive ‘jumps’ which propel you upwards from which you slowly sink back down increasing in speed the further you fall. After you have made these six jumps you can’t make any more until you land back on solid ground. You can also save some jump energy, let yourself fall a bit and then propel yourself back up a bit. This allows for a very satisfying rise and fall motion for travelling to your destination but which makes no sense whatsoever.

As you get bolder, acquire better equipment and stock ammo for your speargun you can venture deeper and deeper. The music becomes more haunting and the environment more alien. You are further and further from home and if you get too absorbed in the eerie music and beauty of where you are that you might just forget to turn back in time to make it to safety before you suffocate or before night falls and the Kraken come out to play. It doesn’t help that is near impossible to tell when night is about to fall unless you’ve set a timer. It falls suddenly and you’re left shining your arse at a shark who is way more interested in you than you would like.

After completing adventurer mode and learning from all those countless mistakes you unlock survivor mode. 1 life. Way more sharks. This is a great way to test your survival skills. The last available mode of gameplay is sandbox. Using the gold you find in the adventurer and survivor modes you can buy advanced starting equipment for your sandbox experience including a fully functional submarine. However, after completing the first 2 modes I found little need to play around in sandbox. You can’t go any deeper than 350m, even with the sub and expanding your underwater base with more glass walled rooms filled with potatoes or chairs you can’t sit on feels a bit pointless. There is also no multiplayer to speak of so no underwater speargun fights and raiding each other’s bases for more potatoes, which is all I really want from this game. Fingers-crossed the developers release a multiplayer update one day.

Like this:


If you're looking for me, you better check under the sea

how to craft a knife in farsky

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When games go deep-sea diving, you can usually count me out. Controls get clunky, cameras go haywire, and fish simply do not understand the etiquette of fair, gentlemanly combat. The short version? When a game’s setting hits rock bottom, my happiness level typically goes right down there with it. FarSky, however, is a rare exception. Well, kind of. It’s still a bit awkward to control, but that’s part of the charm. Sometimes. You’re a suit-bound diver whose underwater vessel has lost some rather important bits, so you’ve got to reassemble your achy breaky craft and just, well, survive. Good luck with both, however, as crushing depths are not kind to the easily popped jelly balloons we call bodies, and you’ll have to contend with increasing water pressure, decreasing temperature, and more survival factors (in addition to sharks, giant monster wheel things, and extremely mean jellyfish) along the way.

FarSky is still rather early, but it’s already got atmosphere down pat. Water burbles and flows, various (though regrettably few in number) species of undersea life flit about, and sunbeams pierce a sloshing ceiling, dangling memories of freedom just out of reach. But then you descend deeper, and it gets darker. And colder. And sharkier.

The most memorable moment of my FarSky playthrough was probably my own death. Through combat (which is still admittedly very floaty and imprecise at this point) you can level up your suit to withstand greater depths and colder temperatures. Unfortunately, while riding the high of my triumph over a weird chitinous wheel creature guarding my first water vessel piece, I miscalculated and, er, dove off a cliff. To its credit, my suit dutifully persevered, cushioning me from 40 bars of pressure – its absolute limit at that point. I then marveled at the alluring mystery of the scene before me. Beckoning blackness, swaying deep sea vegetation, suffocating silence.

But then my field of view started fogging, and that’s when I realized Death’s cold, scaly hand had to come to claim me. I’d leveled up my ability to withstand pressure, but not temperature. I couldn’t find a jet stream of water to get me back more habitable depths, either. I was in trouble.

Then a shark punched me in the back of the head.

I’m pretty sure it was a great white, but it may as well have been a hammerhead given the way I was immediately catapulted deeper into this new environment’s swirling oblivion. At that point, I realized I was already fish food, so I decided to make a break for the nearest vessel piece, dimly illuminated by a hazy shaft of light. In the process, I lost the shark, but found a new ocean-dwelling BFF in the form of a colossal eel monster. He was my best friend and also my last, as he brought my forever to a lightning-quick end, battering my frozen, near-immobile suit with bone-crunching blows.

It was a total disaster, but the good kind. The kind that makes for a great story. The kind that games do better than just about anything else. And as soon as my bones clattered against a cold, uncaring ocean floor, I was able to randomly generated a new world and try again. Hooray!

All that said, I do have some concerns. FarSky’s internal logic is a bit shaky, and having players fight to gain better survival stats just seems like a crutch – an arbitrary, unconnected mechanic to lean on in place of a better survival idea. Also, combat artificially gates progression, and – even though I could only get to more vessel parts by descending to greater depths – grinding seems unavoidable. Otherwise, death at lower (though “main quest” necessary) depths is inevitable. Boss fights, meanwhile, are simple, pattern-based affairs, and they feel kind of out-of-place in such an otherwise natural environment.

FarSky is a one-man project that’s only in alpha, though, so there’s plenty of room for improvement. Creator Tim Spekler updates the game regularly, and he’s already promised to make the game “more survival and less shooter”. FarSky’s got issues both large and small, but for what it is and where it’s at, it’s already quite an accomplishment. Give it a go here.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: FarSky - OMG, Time to face my Underwater fears - Ep.1

5 and 8, a performance of The Far Sky Story by the Ripstop Theatre demonstrations and workshops in crafts and sculpture, a dance and gym display . 12 Two young men stabbed in horrific night of knife crime in Bromley.

receifer farsky

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Welcome to my bit of info on Farsky, the underwater survival playground.

If you get into this game headfirst the game can be a bit confusing so here are some tips:

1: Oxygen/HP: You have a set amount of time before you drown, represented by your HP draining once your air runs out.
2: Base: The base is your home, it is the only source of oxygen. You get 1 base you can deploy to begin with, do so wisely.In your base you'll put resources to use as you craft a knife, spears, equipment. You'll want a knife first for sake of fileting small fish. A stove comes into play once you either find one or make one, requiring coal to cook, turning that meager fish filet into a life saver. Or sand into glass.
3: Resources!
3.1 Minerals!
Iron: Iron is to Farsky as Wood is to Minecraft. You will need iron to make craft stations, basic weapons and equipment
Gold: Gold. Is. Rare. and from my experiences, limited. Horde it when you find it, but don't feel compelled to immediately collect it.
Copper: Found around -130 and down you will be using this for the next tier of gear.
Magnesite(sp): Blue ore, this material is for the best gear and spears. Not found until the 300's, it's the end tier material.
Silver: Found in rarer quantities than gold, this material is used in a few precious devices.
Crystal: End tier mineral, with a string attached...
Coal: Coal is another invaluable, with it you can take food items and multiply their affect.
3.2 Non-minerals!
Sea weed: Used mainly for bandages, this plant material is harvested with a knife, and a staple for closing wounds.
Fertilizer: A secondary drop from Sea weed, it's 1 of 3 materials used in the invaluable plant pot.
Dirt: Dirt! Part 2 of the plant pot.
3.3 Neighbors!
Fish: Fish are often seen, a little difficult to hunt. They bleed when they die, and predators react.
Predators: You'll walk along, only to stop... at the sight of jaws kin, but they don't care about you, unless given a reason..

More to be added once the game is playable(patch mishap)

Casual Gamer with a cheapo laptop..
Intel Pent. P6100/Intel HD Gfx/4GB DDR3.(All I since the multimile move til my current job picks up)

how to craft a knife in farsky

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Knife Making - Kunai

As its name implies, a weapon workshop allows you to craft weapons that can be For the beginning on the top layer, a knife is enough to defend incoming.

how to craft a knife in farsky
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