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How to craft all ultimate staffs

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How to craft all ultimate staffs
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Check out the best weapons, armor & accessories available in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3)! We featured the top Keyblades, Donald's Staffs, Goofy's Shields, Armors & accessories!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Weapon & Equipment Related Article

TOP 3 Best Keyblade List

*Best Keyblades are decided based on the overall stats & usability of it's Form Change attack movesets.

How To Get
1st Ultima WeaponKnown as the strongest weapon throughout the series. Also allows for Form Change to "Ultimate Form".
Synthesize after collecting 58 Synthesize materials & required rare items
2ndWheel of FateExtremely versatile, works great against mobs and bosses alike.
Complete The Caribbean to Unlock
3rd Nano GearMulti-hit target with Form Change, great for closing distances.
Complete San Fransokyo to Unlock
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TOP 3 Best Staff List (Donald)

How To Get
1st Save the Queen +Equipped with Damage Rage + MP Hastega. Great for keeping the MP pool up during the battle.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
2ndHeartless Maul +Equipped with MP Save + Damage Boost vs. Heartless. Extremely powerful to use against Heartlesses while saving up MPs per cast.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
3rd AstrolabeEquipped with Thunder Boost + Full MP Burst. Full MP Burst on Donald is extremely powerful, dealing high burst damage.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
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TOP 3 Best Shield List (Goofy)

How To Get
1st Save the King +Equipped with MP Rage + Stun Resist. Perfect for tanky role of Goofy, and keeping up HP while holding back enemies.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
2ndNobody Guard +Equipped with Second Wind. Will dramatically keep the upkeep time of Goofy during tough battle situation.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
3rd Aegis Shield +Equipped with Blizzard Rage + Blizzard Guard. Overall good status, anr are useful in certain late game worlds.
Synthesize at Moogle Shop
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TOP 3 Best Armor List

How To Get
1st Royal RibbonEquipped with +40% All Elemental Resistance. Dramatically reduces incoming damage from enemy elemental attacks. Highly recommended for all scenarios.
Find 70 Lucky Marks
2ndRibbonEquipped with +30% All Elemental Resistance. More accessible version of the Royal Ribbon. Extremely useful in most combat situations.
Find 30 Lucky Marks
3rd Cosmic Belt+Although not as powerful as Ribbons, this armor has high Defense and also provides 10% resistance to all elements.
Find 65 Lucky Marks
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TOP 3 Best Accessories List

How To Get
1st Mickey BroochEquipped with MP Hastega + Endless Magic. A must-have item for magic users. Along with hastened MP boost, Endless Magic removes the combo caps from all magics.
Find all 90 Lucky Marks
2ndCrystal RegaliaEquipped with MP Hastega. Perfect for up keeping your MP pool during battle.
Complete Battle Portal 14
3rd Wisdom RingChance to recover HP when using MP. Useful when maining magic for combat to heal yourself while attacking.
Find 50 Lucky Marks
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Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Related Article

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In Origins, release Samantha.

Little Lost Girl is the main Easter Egg for the Origins Zombies Map. It's best to have four players for each of the four Elemental Staffs that are required during the Easter Egg, but it can be done with less. No confirmation if it can be done on solo. Previous Zombie Easter Eggs do not need to be completed, either.


Before you can start this Easter Egg, you need to open up the map, including the Excavation Site. The majority of the map can be opened up by spending points, but the inside part of the Excavation Site can only be opened with the Gramophone item. A gramophone is the old device that plays vinyl records. It's what people used for music long ago. This will also be needed for the first step.

The gramophone is located inside the Excavation Site on the floor near a table. The record that goes with the gramophone to open the Excavation Site further is located somewhere around the Site. It may be found at the base of the site a short distance to the left of the MP40 wall buy, but it may change from game to game.

With both items in hand, place them on a table inside the excavation site to open up the area below.

Step 1: Secure the Keys[edit]

The first step will take up most of your team's time. You must build all four Elemental Staffs and upgrade them to the Ultimate Staffs. The Elemental Staffs are tied to the Playing with Power achievement / trophy, and the Ultimate Staffs are tied to the Master Wizard achievement / trophy. See those pages for info on how to construct them.

Step 2: Ascend From Darkness[edit]

This step can only be done after upgrading all four staffs. Once they're all upgraded, a 5th staff pedestal will appear near the staff crafting spots in the Excavation Site.

The next step is to take the Ultimate Staffs and place them inside three of the four giant robots. There were four robots, but one is disabled on the side of the map. You must place each staff on a pedestal in a specific robot:

  • Freya is the robot that requires the Staff of Ice. It will be walking around the Generator Station 6 / Church.
  • Odin is the robot that requires the Staff of Wind. It will be walking around the center of the map.
  • Thor is the robot that requires the Staff of Lightning. It will be walking around Generator Station 3.

After the three staffs are placed in the robots, place the Staff of Fire in the new pedestal at the bottom of the Excavation Site.

Step 3: Rain Fire[edit]

The third step requires the Airstrike Beacon. This isn't an official name, just something that we're throwing around. See that page for more information on how to obtain it.

This step is best done with two players. Have one player enter a robot and press the red button inside, then have another player through the Airstrike Beacon on a specific spot on the map immediately after the button is pressed. That spot is a large concrete seal near Generator Station 5. It's located outside the map to the right of the generator. Look for a downed airplane next to it. If done right, the concrete seal will break.

Step 4: Unleash the Horde[edit]

The next step is tough. Make sure everyone has enough ammo and the Jugger-Nog perk. The Maxis Drone is also required. There are three parts around the map that must be collected before the drone can be built on a workbench. The first part is the brain in a jar at the starting area. The other two parts may be randomly placed around the map. One part should be inside the Excavation Site, but no guarantees. Another part may be found in the mud near Generator Station 6. Look in the one-way path towards Generator Station 5.

With the drone in hand, take it to the broken seal from the last step. Release it into the seal, and a number of Panzer Soldats will fly out. Defeat them all to clear this step.

Step 5: Skewer the Winged Beast[edit]

Step five can only be done when a player is using Zombie Blood. When it's active, look in the sky for a glowing red plane. Shoot and destroy the plane to drop an item.

Next, you must kill a zombie that's usually invisible around the Excavation Site. To see it, have a player use Zombie Blood. Zombie Blood can be obtained at the top of the Excavation Site after several burning carts have been extinguished with the Ice Staff around the base of the site. Kill the Zombie running around the area and pick up the Maxis Drone it drops.

If you attempt to kill the invisible zombie without using Zombie blood, you will not be able to complete this Easter Egg!

Step 6: Wield a Fist of Iron[edit]

Step six must be done at the very bottom of the Excavation Site near the Staff pedestals. Kill a number of zombies around the pedestals using the Thunder Punch attack. After enough are killed, another stone tablet will be dropped. Pick it up to wield the fists of iron.

All players must wield the "fists of iron" to complete the step.

Step 7: Raise Hell[edit]

For this step, all four Ultimate Staffs must be returned to their respective locations in the Crazy Place. The same place that is used to upgrade them.

When all four are put in place, start killing zombies near the middle of the Crazy Place until enough souls are released into the ceiling. Doing so will unlock the achievement / trophy, but there's one final step to end the game.

Step 8: Freedom[edit]

The final step will end the game, so make sure you're ready before doing this. After completing step seven, release the Maxis Drone into the portal that opened up in the Crazy Place. This will end the match and play a cut scene. The scene may confuse even long time zombie players.

Little Lost Girl

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Some of the timber is cleft, some turned and used by other woodland craft The ultimate 'green machine' powered by your own leg and an ash and have a go (all ages from 9 years up) and make something useful. Charcoal.

This article is about weapons with a legendary rarity. For the achievement category, see Legendary Weapons (achievements). For other uses, see Legendary.

Legendary weapons are a set of high-end weapons that have unique appearances. They have the same stats as ascended weapons, but stat combo and sigils are not locked and can be freely changed when out of combat.

Legendary weapons are crafted in the Mystic Forge using a precursor weapon and the Gift of the Legendary Weapon associated with the desired end result, plus two other Gifts of Fortune and Mastery shared by other weapons of the same generation. Weapons of the first generation, released at the launch of Guild Wars 2, use Gift of Fortune and Gift of Mastery in their recipes, and second generation weapons, released during updates following Heart of Thorns, use Mystic Tribute and Gift of Maguuma Mastery, or Gift of Desert Mastery.

List of legendary weapons[edit]

The following table lists all legendary weapons along with the components needed to craft them. Weapons that use Mystic Tribute as a fortune gift require the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansion.

Generation 1[edit]

  1. Crafting disciplines required to be trained to at least 400 on the account in order to craft some of the components.
  2. Eternity is a special legendary weapon in that it has neither a precursor weapon nor does it require any legendary gift on its own. Instead, it is constructed by combining two other legendary greatswords, Sunrise and Twilight.

Generation 2[edit]

How to Upgrade The Staff of Fire in Origins - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

how to craft all ultimate staffs

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A lot of people seem to forget that crafting in MMO’s can be a LONG and tedious process, but with some quick tips you can drastically reduce the time you spend learning, and increase that time you spend actually crafting. So, without delay, here is my ESO Ultimate Crafting Guide.

The Equipment:

Remember, crafting ISN’T about Experience, it’s about Inspiration, a totally different system specific to crafting. There are certain ways to help you boost your inspiration levels that will drastically improve your rate of leveling.

On top of that, there’s also different things you will want to look at to help your crafter experience with more storage, easy trackers, and other things needed for anyone getting involved with crafting.

ESO Plus:

ESO plus is the paid subscription that has absolutely incredibly benefits for those that play frequently. If you’re not putting at least 10 hours a week into ESO, I wouldn’t recommend paying that decent $15 (or so, depending on which subscription you chose) a month, but if ESO is your go-to dedicated game, this is definitely worth it.

The crafting bag ALONE, as its name implies, is MORE than worth the fee for anyone who’s heavily engaged in this game. The bag LITERALLY hold every single crafting item you own in a never-ending infinite bag of resources. This way, you can play worry free when rapidly picking up resources, knowing it doesn’t take up a SINGLE space in your actually inventory.

On top of this, ESO Plus gives an automatic Inspiration boost of 10%, increasing the rate of which you level your trees ALONGSIDE 10% researching trait speed, meaning that you don’t have to wait nearly as long to actually get to crafting GOOD gear.


Of course, this is an MMO and Addons are completely needed AND convenient in every regard. In the crafting domain, there is NO better option to go with than: Craft Store. This Addon is BEYOND helpful in every way for people mastering their crafts, as it keeps track of ALL your characters researched traits, craft levels, and highlights important crafting elements while looting. With Craft Store, you receive notifications WHEREVER you are about completed researches, how much longer it takes, what researchable traits you HAVE in your inventory, and lists every single set in the game, its location, and what it requires to craft. I’m telling ya, GET THIS ADDON, it’s beyond helpful.


Okay, I KNOW I KNOW, in any other case I would never bring ORCS into this, but right now I have to. Orcs have always been looked at as the nerdy, geeky, lowly peasants in ESO, so it would only make since that they literally have a passive dedicated to granting a 10% bonus to Inspiration, meaning that they can truly be the fastest leveling crafters in the game. So, if you’re creating a characters SPECIFICALLY to be a crafter and want all the bonuses, you gotta go with Orc.

Major Expedition (Retreating Maneuvers)

An ability you’ll want to use specifically as a crafter is Retreating Maneuver, easily acquired by going to PvP for like, 5 seconds. This ability grants you a CRAZY amount of speed, so that when you’re out an about doing surveys are just simply farming materials, you don’t have to worry about getting slowed by enemies snares while you run at a bonus 30% speed, both mounted AND on foot.

Votan’s Mini Map, Harvest Map, & Lost Treasure

Finally, and definitely not least, three addons specifically meant to track down and farm resources. Votan’s Mini map is exactly as it sounds, a small mini map that you can CRAZILY customize to fit all your needs, always on screen. Harvest map, then combined with Votan’s Mini map, is absolutely insane, and keeps track of ALL the resources you’ve previously farmed, making it easy to create resource farming routes. THEN, you’ve got lost treasure, which I use SPECIFICALLY for crafting surveys. Surveys are acquired through either doing crafting writs or through guild traders, and contain MASSIVE pools of valuable resources, and lost treasure marks exactly where you need to go.

Crafting Specifics:

For this next part, there’s a bunch of drop downs that you can click on to read further into the specifics, because if I didn’t do this… I could make a billion dollars in ad revenue to to this page being longer than the golden gate bridge. Here, you can quickly track WHAT you want to learn about and power level, without having to scroll through everything else first.



Power Leveling

First things first, HOW do you power level Alchemy? Well, alchemy is hands down the easiest tree to level, as it requires no item sharing or intricate grinds, it’s simply resources turning to potions for easy Inspiration.

Starting off, it’s important to craft with POISON solvents rather than potion, as Poison materials are far FAR cheaper to obtain. Here are the specific poison materials you’ll want to horde before you power level:

  • Ichor
  • Slime
  • Gall
  • Terebinthine
  • Pitch Bile
  • Tarblack
  • Night Oil

Next you want to grab a ton of actual alchemy reagents, and CHEAP ones. Literally, go to the guild traders, use Master Merchant to get the best deal, and around 250-300:

  • Flesh Fly Larva
  • Scrib Jelly

Now that you have all the resources, go absolutely HAM crafting as many poisons you can before you level up to the NEXT Alchemy solvent. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE level up as soon as you can, or else you’ll be absolutely wasting your reagents as well as gaining practically NO Inspiration. Also, focus on leveling Chemistry as soon as you can, giving you MORE potions for each craft, enabling you to later sell the literal HUNDREDS of poisons you’ve crafted to return SOME profit.



Power Leveling

Blacksmithing, like Woodworking and Clothing, requires a LOT of blue items and intricate items. These are ALWAYS on sale at merchants, and can be purchased for a reasonable price. What I recommend is travelling from guild merchant to guild merchant, buying out ALL of their intricate and blue staffs, bows, and shields that are UNDER the price of 200 gold. Make sure you continuously put skill points into your extraction perk to maintain the maximum amount of returned resources.



Power Leveling

Clothing, much like Blacksmithing and Woodworking, requires a LOT of blue items and intricate items. These are ALWAYS on sale at merchants, and can be purchased for a reasonable price. What I recommend is travelling from guild merchant to guild merchant, buying out ALL of their intricate and blue staffs, bows, and shields that are UNDER the price of 200 gold. Make sure you continuously put skill points into your extraction perk to maintain the maximum amount of returned resources.



Power Leveling

Power Leveling for enchanting is probably the second quickest process to level due to the cheap, easy resources attainable to purchase, get a friend to craft for you, and then you deconstruct.

Obviously, as a beginner enchanter you can’t craft the higher up items BUT you CAN get a max level FRIEND enchanter to craft everything for you. Now, the important part to remember in all this is to consistently level up runestone extraction as you deconstruct, therefore getting the max number of runes BACK when you break them down.

For this process, you’ll want a friend to craft you roughly 170 Rekuta Dekeipa Itade runes to break down. I know, purple Rekuta isn’t ALWAYS cheap, but in this process it maximizes the inspiration gained. Make sure you mass purchase runes for as cheap as you can, and if there’s another rune that’s far cheaper to craft with, go for it. Just remember to level up AS you deconstruct, not afterwards, or you’ll loose out on a ton of resource return.

Jewelry Crafting:


Power Leveling

Jewelry Crafting is a tricky and tedious process to due it’s VERY slow and expensive grind, but amazing turn out in the end. There are a couple ways you can go about power grinding this crafting tree, and you can choose whichever you believe works best for you.

Tactic #1: Cyrodiil 3 piece Sets

This is how I personally leveled this tree, and actually yields VERY good results, as it not only gives the highest amount of PURPLE jewerly to deconstruct for valuable resources, but also lots of weapons to break down for your Woodworking and Blacksmithing tress. Go to your local town vendor in either Bruma, Cropsford, or Vlastarus, and purchase a TON of these specific crates:

  • Blessing of the Potentates
  • Eagle Eye
  • Grace of the Ancients
  • Vengeance Leech
  • Wrath of the Imperium

These sets include ONLY weapons and jewelry, meaning a higher chance of gaining Necklaces and Rings to break down, ALL purple, and all for a cheap amount of AP.

Tactic #2: Friend Decon Session

This is the more brutal of the two, as it requires a LOT of jewelry crafting materials. If you can give enough Platinum to your friend to craft you a literal 530 Platinum Rings, you can go from level 1-50 within the time it takes you to deconstruct ALL of those bad boys. This way is QUITE a bit more costly, but requires 100% less RNG blessing in about 50% of the time.



Power Leveling

Hands down the most BORING grind (well, all grinding is boring, but still) crafting food literally all gives the same Inspiration as LONG as you continue to craft the food at your provisioning level. Purchase a bunch of recipes from 1-50, and then just go “HAM” crafting them, remembering to level up your recipe improvement, chef, brewer, and even recipe quality as SOON as you can. It’s a lot of skill points, yes, but once again you MIGHT as well try to get the most out of the grind.



Power Leveling

Woodworking, much like Blacksmithing and Clothing, requires a LOT of blue items and intricate items. These are ALWAYS on sale at merchants, and can be purchased for a reasonable price. What I recommend is travelling from guild merchant to guild merchant, buying out ALL of their intricate and blue staffs, bows, and shields that are UNDER the price of 200 gold. Make sure you continuously put skill points into your extraction perk to maintain the maximum amount of returned resources.

Researching Traits:

Researching traits isn’t just something crafters do, it should be something EVERYONE should do as SOON as they start playing this game, as it is the longest process to fully complete in the entire game… well, at least in the crafting scene. Regardless of whether or not you want to become a crafter, if you get researchable items, RESEARCH THEM.

Once again, this is where that Addon Craft Store comes in handy, make sure you always have that active and tracking WHAT you’re working on, because grinding 1-50 in your crafting trees is easily done in a days work, whereas researching, you’ll spend upwards of an ENTIRE YEAR waiting for everything to complete, unless you just spend a ton of crowns on reducing the time. BUT, there are a couple ways to reduce time without paying

Research Time Reduction Tips:

Remember, there are ALWAYS hidden gems that greatly improve your grind to become that master crafter, here are a couple ways to help with research:

These are three MUST ACQUIRE passives in the three trees listed above that both reduce the research time GREATLY, as well as allowing the research of THREE items at once in EACH tree.

ESO Plus:

Once again, ESO Plus. This actually reduces the Research Speed by 10%


This is something I wanted to talk about separate from the rest of the Passives you NEED to acquire when becoming a Master Crafter. Expertise, under each tree, is something that GREATLY reduces the (rather) costly price of improving your items, especially purple to gold.

For this tree, instead of paying nearly DOUBLE in improving materials, it cuts the cost in half, making it a much more affordable process.

Crafting Writs:

These are INCREDIBLY important to complete as a Master Crafter, as writs can contain incredibly rare resources, crafting surveys to go farms MASSIVE amounts of materials, items to sell, deconstruct, and more! If you want to know more about Crafting Writs in Specific, please check out this guide right here:

Blacksmithing – Metallurgy

Clothing – Stitching

Woodworking – Carpentry

Jewelry – Lapidary Research


Some of the timber is cleft, some turned and used by other woodland craft The ultimate 'green machine' powered by your own leg and an ash and have a go (all ages from 9 years up) and make something useful. Charcoal.

Magical Staffs Mod

This mod adds 9 magical staffs to the game. Each staff has some type of magical power. For example, one of them can be used for teleportation and another can be used for health regeneration. If you want to add some magic to your world then this mod is the ultimate addition for you. None of them are overpowered as they are all quite difficult to craft.

Creator: ThunderModPE, Twitter Account

How to use a staff?

Begin by crafting a staff and then equip it in your hand. A full list of crafting recipes and item IDs can be found further down on this page.

To use a staff long-tap on the screen and aim in the direction in which you want to use it. Let’s have a look at some of the different staff abilities.

The Fire Staff can be used for shooting fire.

The Rage Staff shoots some red particles which causes the mob to be shot up into the air and then drop down (sometimes) dead on the ground.

The Fuzion Staff shoots arrows at all mobs which are detected within a radius of 3-4 blocks.

The Wither Staff shoots ignited TNT blocks. It’s the perfect weapon to use against hordes of zombies.

Need some health? Use the Health Staff to increase your health.

The Lightning Staff fires off a lightning strike. It’s an instant kill for most mobs.

Besides these ones there are a couple of more staffs but those we’ll let you explore for yourself in-game.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Fire Staff (2000) – 3 fire charges + 2 blaze rods
  • Air Staff (2001) – 3 lapis lazuli blocks + 2 bones
  • Ender Pearl (2002) – dropped by endermen
  • Ender Staff (2003) – 3 ender pearls + 2 blaze rods
  • Wither Staff (2004) – 3 TNT blocks + 2 soul sand
  • Ruby (2005) – 1 diamond + 2 redstones
  • Rage Staff (2006) – 3 ruby + 2 sticks
  • Fuzion Staff (2007) – 2 diamonds + 2 cactus green + 2 sticks
  • Ice Staff (2008) – 3 ice blocks + 2 snow blocks
  • Health Staff (2009) – 2 pink dye + 1 golden apple + 2 sticks
  • Lightning Staff (2010) – 2 quartz blocks + 1 diamond + 2 sticks

how to craft all ultimate staffs

How to Make the Ultimate Beer Wizard Staff: You want to be a powerful Beer Wizard, This tutorial will give you all you need to know to make the ultimate Beer.

how to craft all ultimate staffs
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