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How to craft concrte powder
May 12, 2019 Books 5 comments

No, I mean something like /give @p stone_pressure_plate 1 {CanPlaceOn:[minecraft:"concrete_powder"]}

Something of that sort above, I want the player to be given a stone pressure plate that can ONLY be placed on a certain type of concrete powder (For example light gray color) I kinda get how to give the correct color to the player with the /give command but the CanPlaceOn tag gets confusing when it involves colored objects. Maybe you need something like color:"light_gray" maybe? I have tried a lot of combinations but none seem to work so far.

I can make things be placed only on objects in many cases, but color gets me confused. placing a pressure plate or button on something like dirt, endstone, wood and all that I can do, but colors I don't understand. Also, it does mean the gray with 'a' right? Not 'e'? But around here I do 'e' but in the wiki it always says it is gray.

although thanks for trying, I have looked at that page in the wiki on concrete powder but I only get it with /give

About This Item

We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

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This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft gray concrete powder with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. In Minecraft, gray concrete powder is one of the.

Concrete is a new type of Minecraft block added on June 7, 2017 as part of the World of Color Update (1.12). This is the same update which added terracotta and parrots to the game.

Concrete blocks are more uniformly colored than wool or terracotta and can be crafted in the same 16 dye colors. In order to craft concrete in Minecraft, you will have to first make concrete powder then later mix it with water.

Concrete is used for building lots of things in Minecraft. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about crafting concrete and concrete powder in Minecraft.

Crafting Concrete Powder

Concrete powder is crafted by placing 4 sand, 4 gravel, and 1 color dye into a crafting table. The color dye you use will determine the color of your powder.

For example, if you use bonemeal as shown in the photo below, you will get white concrete powder.

Crafting Tip: The gravel, sand, and dye do not need to be in any specific order when making powder. As long as you have 4 sand, 4 gravel, and a dye in the crafting table, you can craft concrete powder.

I have made a list of the 16 color dyes you can use for concrete and how to get them below. Many of them can be crafted from flowers. For more details on dyes, check out the table below.

Minecraft Dye Colors

ColorDye Item NameSource
WhiteBonemealCrafted from Bones
GrayGray DyeCombining Ink Sack + Bonemeal
Light GrayLight Gray DyeCombining Bone Meal + Gray Dye, or 2 Bone Meal + 1 Ink Sack
BlackInk SackDrops naturally from squids
BrownCoco BeansFound in Jungle biomes
RedRose RedCrafted from red flowers or beetroots
YellowDandelion YellowCrafted from dandelions or sunflowers
OrangeOrange DyeCrafted from orange tulips or combining rose red and dandelion yellow
GreenCactus GreenCrafted from cooking cactus blocks in a furnace
LimeLime DyeCombining cactus green and bone meal
CyanCyan DyeCombining lapis lazuli and cactus green
BlueLapis LazuliFound naturally while mining
Light BlueLight Blue DyeCrafted from blue orchids or combining lapis lazuli with bonemeal
PurplePurple DyeCrafted by combining rose red and lapis lazuli
PinkPink DyeCrafted from peonies, pink tulips, or by combining rose red with bonemeal
MagentaMagenta DyeCrafted from liliacs, alliums, or by combining 2 rose reds with lapis lazuli and bonemeal.
Can also be made by combining purple and pink dyes.

Crafting Concrete

To make concrete in Minecraft, you have to physically place concrete powder next to water. The powder will instantly transform into concrete and you will be able to mine it and pick it up.

If the powder falls into water from a height, it will also turn into concrete once it lands in the water.

Concrete FAQs

  • Does flowing water work for crafting concrete?

    Yes. If powder is placed next to flowing water, it will change the powder into concrete.

  • Which tool should I use to mine or break concrete?

    A pickaxe must be used, otherwise the concrete block will not drop. For powder, a shovel may be used.

  • How do I prevent concrete powder from falling down?

    Powder follows the same gravity mechanics as sand or gravel, meaning it will fall down when there are no blocks underneath it. You will have to put something under the powder to prevent it from falling.

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Blocks and Items

Drag to your bookmarks bar: Minecraft ID List

1:2Polished Granite
1:4Polished Diorite
1:6Polished Andesite
3:1Coarse Dirt
5Oak Wood Plank
5:1Spruce Wood Plank
5:2Birch Wood Plank
5:3Jungle Wood Plank
5:4Acacia Wood Plank
5:5Dark Oak Wood Plank
6Oak Sapling
6:1Spruce Sapling
6:2Birch Sapling
6:3Jungle Sapling
6:4Acacia Sapling
6:5Dark Oak Sapling
8Flowing Water
9Still Water
10Flowing Lava
11Still Lava
12:1Red Sand
14Gold Ore
15Iron Ore
16Coal Ore
17Oak Wood
17:1Spruce Wood
17:2Birch Wood
17:3Jungle Wood
18Oak Leaves
18:1Spruce Leaves
18:2Birch Leaves
18:3Jungle Leaves
19:1Wet Sponge
21Lapis Lazuli Ore
22Lapis Lazuli Block
24:1Chiseled Sandstone
24:2Smooth Sandstone
25Note Block
27Powered Rail
28Detector Rail
29Sticky Piston
31Dead Shrub
32Dead Bush
34Piston Head
35White Wool
35:1Orange Wool
35:2Magenta Wool
35:3Light Blue Wool
35:4Yellow Wool
35:5Lime Wool
35:6Pink Wool
35:7Gray Wool
35:8Light Gray Wool
35:9Cyan Wool
35:10Purple Wool
35:11Blue Wool
35:12Brown Wool
35:13Green Wool
35:14Red Wool
35:15Black Wool
38:1Blue Orchid
38:3Azure Bluet
38:4Red Tulip
38:5Orange Tulip
38:6White Tulip
38:7Pink Tulip
38:8Oxeye Daisy
39Brown Mushroom
40Red Mushroom
41Gold Block
42Iron Block
43Double Stone Slab
43:1Double Sandstone Slab
43:2Double Wooden Slab
43:3Double Cobblestone Slab
43:4Double Brick Slab
43:5Double Stone Brick Slab
43:6Double Nether Brick Slab
43:7Double Quartz Slab
44Stone Slab
44:1Sandstone Slab
44:2Wooden Slab
44:3Cobblestone Slab
44:4Brick Slab
44:5Stone Brick Slab
44:6Nether Brick Slab
44:7Quartz Slab
48Moss Stone
52Monster Spawner
53Oak Wood Stairs
55Redstone Wire
56Diamond Ore
57Diamond Block
58Crafting Table
59Wheat Crops
62Burning Furnace
63Standing Sign Block
64Oak Door Block
67Cobblestone Stairs
68Wall-mounted Sign Block
70Stone Pressure Plate
71Iron Door Block
72Wooden Pressure Plate
73Redstone Ore
74Glowing Redstone Ore
75Redstone Torch (off)
76Redstone Torch (on)
77Stone Button
80Snow Block
83Sugar Canes
85Oak Fence
88Soul Sand
90Nether Portal
91Jack o'Lantern
92Cake Block
93Redstone Repeater Block (off)
94Redstone Repeater Block (on)
95White Stained Glass
95:1Orange Stained Glass
95:2Magenta Stained Glass
95:3Light Blue Stained Glass
95:4Yellow Stained Glass
95:5Lime Stained Glass
95:6Pink Stained Glass
95:7Gray Stained Glass
95:8Light Gray Stained Glass
95:9Cyan Stained Glass
95:10Purple Stained Glass
95:11Blue Stained Glass
95:12Brown Stained Glass
95:13Green Stained Glass
95:14Red Stained Glass
95:15Black Stained Glass
96Wooden Trapdoor
97Stone Monster Egg
97:1Cobblestone Monster Egg
97:2Stone Brick Monster Egg
97:3Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg
97:4Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg
97:5Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg
98Stone Bricks
98:1Mossy Stone Bricks
98:2Cracked Stone Bricks
98:3Chiseled Stone Bricks
99Brown Mushroom Block
100Red Mushroom Block
101Iron Bars
102Glass Pane
103Melon Block
104Pumpkin Stem
105Melon Stem
107Oak Fence Gate
108Brick Stairs
109Stone Brick Stairs
111Lily Pad
112Nether Brick
113Nether Brick Fence
114Nether Brick Stairs
115Nether Wart
116Enchantment Table
117Brewing Stand
119End Portal
120End Portal Frame
121End Stone
122Dragon Egg
123Redstone Lamp (inactive)
124Redstone Lamp (active)
125Double Oak Wood Slab
125:1Double Spruce Wood Slab
125:2Double Birch Wood Slab
125:3Double Jungle Wood Slab
125:4Double Acacia Wood Slab
125:5Double Dark Oak Wood Slab
126Oak Wood Slab
126:1Spruce Wood Slab
126:2Birch Wood Slab
126:3Jungle Wood Slab
126:4Acacia Wood Slab
126:5Dark Oak Wood Slab
128Sandstone Stairs
129Emerald Ore
130Ender Chest
131Tripwire Hook
133Emerald Block
134Spruce Wood Stairs
135Birch Wood Stairs
136Jungle Wood Stairs
137Command Block
139Cobblestone Wall
139:1Mossy Cobblestone Wall
140Flower Pot
143Wooden Button
144Mob Head
146Trapped Chest
147Weighted Pressure Plate (light)
148Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy)
149Redstone Comparator (inactive)
150Redstone Comparator (active)
151Daylight Sensor
152Redstone Block
153Nether Quartz Ore
155Quartz Block
155:1Chiseled Quartz Block
155:2Pillar Quartz Block
156Quartz Stairs
157Activator Rail
159White Hardened Clay
159:1Orange Hardened Clay
159:2Magenta Hardened Clay
159:3Light Blue Hardened Clay
159:4Yellow Hardened Clay
159:5Lime Hardened Clay
159:6Pink Hardened Clay
159:7Gray Hardened Clay
159:8Light Gray Hardened Clay
159:9Cyan Hardened Clay
159:10Purple Hardened Clay
159:11Blue Hardened Clay
159:12Brown Hardened Clay
159:13Green Hardened Clay
159:14Red Hardened Clay
159:15Black Hardened Clay
160White Stained Glass Pane
160:1Orange Stained Glass Pane
160:2Magenta Stained Glass Pane
160:3Light Blue Stained Glass Pane
160:4Yellow Stained Glass Pane
160:5Lime Stained Glass Pane
160:6Pink Stained Glass Pane
160:7Gray Stained Glass Pane
160:8Light Gray Stained Glass Pane
160:9Cyan Stained Glass Pane
160:10Purple Stained Glass Pane
160:11Blue Stained Glass Pane
160:12Brown Stained Glass Pane
160:13Green Stained Glass Pane
160:14Red Stained Glass Pane
160:15Black Stained Glass Pane
161Acacia Leaves
161:1Dark Oak Leaves
162Acacia Wood
162:1Dark Oak Wood
163Acacia Wood Stairs
164Dark Oak Wood Stairs
165Slime Block
167Iron Trapdoor
168:1Prismarine Bricks
168:2Dark Prismarine
169Sea Lantern
170Hay Bale
171White Carpet
171:1Orange Carpet
171:2Magenta Carpet
171:3Light Blue Carpet
171:4Yellow Carpet
171:5Lime Carpet
171:6Pink Carpet
171:7Gray Carpet
171:8Light Gray Carpet
171:9Cyan Carpet
171:10Purple Carpet
171:11Blue Carpet
171:12Brown Carpet
171:13Green Carpet
171:14Red Carpet
171:15Black Carpet
172Hardened Clay
173Block of Coal
174Packed Ice
175:2Double Tallgrass
175:3Large Fern
175:4Rose Bush
176Free-standing Banner
177Wall-mounted Banner
178Inverted Daylight Sensor
179Red Sandstone
179:1Chiseled Red Sandstone
179:2Smooth Red Sandstone
180Red Sandstone Stairs
181Double Red Sandstone Slab
182Red Sandstone Slab
183Spruce Fence Gate
184Birch Fence Gate
185Jungle Fence Gate
186Dark Oak Fence Gate
187Acacia Fence Gate
188Spruce Fence
189Birch Fence
190Jungle Fence
191Dark Oak Fence
192Acacia Fence
193Spruce Door Block
194Birch Door Block
195Jungle Door Block
196Acacia Door Block
197Dark Oak Door Block
198End Rod
199Chorus Plant
200Chorus Flower
201Purpur Block
202Purpur Pillar
203Purpur Stairs
204Purpur Double Slab
205Purpur Slab
206End Stone Bricks
207Beetroot Block
208Grass Path
209End Gateway
210Repeating Command Block
211Chain Command Block
212Frosted Ice
213Magma Block
214Nether Wart Block
215Red Nether Brick
216Bone Block
217Structure Void
219White Shulker Box
220Orange Shulker Box
221Magenta Shulker Box
222Light Blue Shulker Box
223Yellow Shulker Box
224Lime Shulker Box

Concrete Powder is a physics-obeying block that was first added in It comes in the 16 traditional Minecraft dye by gravity, like sand and gravel. Concrete Powder looks similar to sand, except that it comes in 16 different colors. Crafting.

Gray Concrete Item ID

Concrete is pretty useful. Whether you want to make a more urban build, create some nice paving or lock your pets in a concrete tomb, this block will come in very handy. But how do we make concrete in Minecraft, and does it have any other uses? Here’s how to make concrete in Minecraft. 

How to make concrete & what it’s used for in Minecraft

Concrete is formed when some concrete powder comes into contact with water, either in a bucket or river. Concrete won’t form through rain, so don’t worry about leaving your concrete powder outside, for whatever reason.

You can obtain concrete powder by using dye, sand and gravel blocks in a 3×3 crafting grid. Choose a colour you like, because this will affect the corresponding concrete block when it hits the water.

Grab a bucket of water or head to the nearest spot of water in order to start making concrete. Once the water touches the gravelly block, it will harden into proper concrete.

If you are unhappy with your placement of the concrete block, for example, if you had to craft it through the river method,  it can be mined using a pickaxe. It won’t leave any materials behind if you don’t hit it with a pickaxe, so always have one on hand.

Concrete blocks can be highly decorative. They are available in a nice array of bright colours, and won’t burst into flame like wool. In addition, its hardness is slightly higher than stone, so can be good for fortification. However, it is important to note that it has a lower blast resistance.

Give your builds a more modern feel, experiment with colour, and try concrete out when you get a chance! Brighten up that death tower, you know you want to.

Also, be sure to check out Skippy 6 Gaming’s video to see his instant concrete device, for even faster crafting.

That’s all you need to know about how to make concrete in Minecraft. For more useful guides, like how to breed turtles and how to tame foxes, search for Twinfinite.

how to craft concrte powder


Concrete Powder 5kg: NB Web Image is a dried finished piece coated with a bit of Viva (metallic) Paste Concrete for creative people, the trend o.

how to craft concrte powder
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