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How to craft head light in unturned

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How to craft head light in unturned
September 22, 2019 Books 3 comments

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The Headlamp is an article of clothing in Unturned. When turned on, "N" by default, it shines a beam of light.


The Headlamp can be found in the campgrounds of all three maps.


Version Changes
  • The Headlamp was added to the game.


  • A similar head item in Unturned classic, the Miner Helmet, also emits light when turned on.
ID 1199
稀有度 Uncommon
类型 Glasses
格子 2 格 (2x1)
Head mounted flashlight.



010 - Police Vest
215 - Black Sweatervest
216 - Blue Sweatervest
217 - Green Sweatervest
218 - Orange Sweatervest
219 - Purple Sweatervest
220 - Red Sweatervest
221 - White Sweatervest
222 - Yellow Sweatervest
238 - Ghillie Vest
310 - Forest Military Vest
410 - Black Poncho
411 - Blue Poncho
412 - Green Poncho
413 - Orange Poncho
414 - Purple Poncho
415 - Red Poncho
416 - White Poncho
417 - Yellow Poncho
531 - Rose
532 - Rainbow Tie
533 - Rainbow Emission Tie
552 - Gold Tie
597 - Holiday Scarf
606 - Parrot
658 - Spartan Vest
662 - Epaulettes
681 - Snake
689 - Sheriff Badge
720 - Samurai Vest
722 - Chain
1013 - Desert Military Vest
1133 - Black Scarf
1134 - Blue Scarf
1135 - Green Scarf
1136 - Orange Scarf
1137 - Purple Scarf
1138 - Red Scarf
1139 - White Scarf
1140 - Yellow Scarf
1168 - Civilian Vest
1169 - Spec Ops Vest
1173 - Makeshift Armor
1336 - Russia Military Vest
1357 - Russia Ghillie Vest

1425 - Coalition Vest


003 - Orange Hoodie
024 - Gold Tuxedo Top
154 - Orange Shirt
155 - Orange T-Shirt
156 - Orange Parka
157 - Purple Hoodie
158 - Purple Shirt
159 - Purple T-Shirt
160 - Purple Parka
161 - Green Hoodie
162 - Green Parka
163 - Green Shirt
164 - Green T-Shirt
165 - Red Hoodie
166 - Red Parka
167 - Red Shirt
168 - Red T-Shirt
169 - Yellow Hoodie
170 - Yellow Parka
171 - Yellow Shirt
172 - Yellow T-Shirt
173 - Blue Hoodie
174 - Blue Parka
175 - Blue Shirt
176 - Blue T-Shirt
177 - White Hoodie
178 - White Parka
179 - White Shirt
180 - White T-Shirt
181 - Black Hoodie
182 - Black Parka
183 - Black Shirt
184 - Black T-Shirt
211 - Plaid Shirt
223 - Police Top
230 - Chef Top
232 - Construction Top
233 - Firefighter Top
235 - Ghillie Top
242 - Farmer Top
279 - Festive Top
303 - Prisoner Top
306 - RCMP Top
307 - Forest Military Top
311 - Medic Top
314 - Grocer Top
405 - Mechanic Top
407 - Engineer Top
419 - Flight Jacket
420 - Biker Jacket
421 - Suit Top
510 - Fishing Top
517 - Leather Top
522 - Twitch T-Shirt
523 - Spark Emission T-Shirt
524 - Blaze Emission T-Shirt
525 - Spark T-Shirt
526 - Blaze T-Shirt
528 - White Tuxedo Top
536 - Turtle Shirt
537 - Banana Shirt
539 - Wave Shirt
540 - Fish Shirt
541 - Heart Shirt
542 - Snow Shirt
543 - Tornado Shirt
544 - Flower Shirt
546 - Pirate Top
554 - Gold Suit Top
558 - Astronaut Top
563 - Magic Top
581 - Halloween Top
585 - Mummy Top
587 - Skeleton Top
592 - Snowman Top
596 - Holiday Sweater
607 - Detective Top
610 - Admin T-Shirt
613 - Swashbuckler Top
619 - Plague Top
622 - Queen Guard Top
624 - USA Jersey
625 - Australian Jersey
626 - Brazilian Jersey
627 - Canadian Jersey
628 - Chinese Jersey
629 - French Jersey
630 - German Jersey
631 - UK Jersey
632 - Polish Jersey
633 - Russian Jersey
634 - Swedish Jersey
635 - Thai Jersey
636 - Norwegian Jersey
637 - Turkish Jersey
638 - Danish Jersey
640 - Boom T-Shirt
641 - Dutch Jersey
642 - Ukrainian Jersey
643 - Argentinian Jersey
644 - Filipino Jersey
645 - Chilean Jersey
646 - Spanish Jersey
647 - Italian Jersey
648 - Japanese Jersey
649 - Korean Jersey
650 - Romanian Jersey
651 - Mexican Jersey
652 - Czech Jersey
653 - Indonesian Jersey
654 - Portuguese Jersey
655 - Finnish Jersey
656 - Pirate Jersey
659 - Spartan Top
663 - Nelson Hoodie
664 - Dark Blue Plaid Shirt
665 - Light Blue Plaid Shirt
666 - Green Plaid Shirt
667 - Orange Plaid Shirt
668 - Dark Purple Plaid Shirt
669 - Light Purple Plaid Shirt
670 - Red Plaid Shirt
671 - Bulldozer Hoodie
672 - Elephant Hoodie
673 - Feather Hoodie
674 - Hourglass Hoodie
675 - Lucky Hoodie
676 - Power Hoodie
677 - Squid Hoodie
678 - Yield Hoodie
683 - Navy Top
687 - Explorer Top
691 - Sneak Top
695 - Robot Top
697 - Blueberry Shirt
717 - Samurai Top
724 - Vintage Trenchcoat Top
1011 - Desert Military Top
1015 - Biohazard Top
1156 - Thief Top
1171 - Spec Ops Top
1179 - Wetsuit Top
1333 - Russia Military Top
1354 - Russia Ghillie Top
1358 - Pilot Top
1386 - Mafia Tuxedo Top
1391 - Tracksuit Top
1420 - Ensign Coalition Top
1421 - Lieutenant Coalition Top
1422 - Major Coalition Top
1423 - Commander Coalition Top

1424 - Captain Coalition Top


002 - Work Jeans
023 - Gold Tuxedo Bottom
207 - Outfit Jeans
208 - Cowboy Jeans
209 - Cargo Pants
212 - Khaki Pants
213 - Corduroy Pants
214 - Trouser Pants
224 - Police Bottom
226 - Khaki Shorts
227 - Cargo Shorts
228 - Corduroy Shorts
229 - Trouser Shorts
231 - Chef Bottom
234 - Firefighter Bottom
236 - Ghillie Bottom
243 - Farmer Bottom
280 - Festive Bottom
304 - Prisoner Bottom
305 - RCMP Bottom
308 - Forest Military Bottom
312 - Medic Bottom
315 - Grocer Bottom
406 - Mechanic Bottom
408 - Engineer Bottom
422 - Suit Bottom
511 - Fishing Bottom
518 - Leather Bottom
529 - White Tuxedo Bottom
538 - Pro Designer Jeans
547 - Pirate Bottom
548 - Designer Jeans
549 - Pro Outfit Jeans
550 - Pro Work Jeans
551 - Pro Trouser Pants
553 - Gold Suit Bottom
556 - Pro Corduroy Pants
557 - Pro Khaki Pants
559 - Astronaut Bottom
564 - Magic Bottom
565 - Pro Corduroy Shorts
566 - Pro Khaki Shorts
567 - Pro Trouser Shorts
582 - Halloween Bottom
586 - Mummy Bottom
588 - Skeleton Bottom
593 - Snowman Bottom
608 - Detective Bottom
612 - Swashbuckler Bottom
620 - Plague Bottom
623 - Queen Guard Bottom
660 - Spartan Bottom
679 - Rocket Pants
684 - Navy Bottom
688 - Explorer Bottom
692 - Sneak Bottom
696 - Robot Bottom
718 - Samurai Bottom
1012 - Desert Military Bottom
1016 - Biohazard Bottom
1157 - Thief Bottom
1172 - Spec Ops Bottom
1180 - Wetsuit Bottom
1334 - Russia Military Bottom
1355 - Russia Ghillie Bottom
1387 - Mafia Tuxedo Bottom
1392 - Tracksuit Bottom

1419 - Coalition Bottom


011 - Red Bandana
025 - Gold Bowtie
185 - Black Bandana
186 - Blue Bandana
187 - Green Bandana
188 - Orange Bandana
189 - Purple Bandana
190 - White Bandana
191 - Yellow Bandana
418 - Headphones
434 - Black Balaclava
435 - Blue Balaclava
436 - Green Balaclava
437 - Orange Balaclava
438 - Purple Balaclava
439 - Red Balaclava
440 - White Balaclava
441 - Yellow Balaclava
498 - Antlers
534 - Rainbow Bowtie
535 - Rainbow Emission Bowtie
570 - Earbuds
589 - Cobweb Bandana
591 - Snowman Hat
604 - Bucket Helmet
617 - Plague Mask
721 - Samurai Mask
1017 - Biohazard Hood
1048 - Hockey Mask

1270 - Gasmask


027 - Tophat
192 - Black Toque
193 - Blue Toque
194 - Green Toque
195 - Orange Toque
196 - Purple Toque
197 - Red Toque
198 - White Toque
199 - Yellow Toque
225 - Police Cap
237 - Ghillie Hood
239 - Chef Hat
240 - Construction Helmet
241 - Firefighter Helmet
244 - Farmer Hat
278 - Festive Hat
309 - Forest Military Helmet
313 - RCMP Hat
423 - Engineer Hat
424 - Fedora
425 - Black Cap
426 - Blue Cap
427 - Green Cap
428 - Orange Cap
429 - Purple Cap
430 - Red Cap
431 - White Cap
432 - Yellow Cap
433 - Forest Beret
495 - Fez
496 - Crown
497 - Obi
499 - Paper Hat
500 - Headress
501 - Viking Helmet
509 - Fishing Hat
530 - White Fedora
545 - Pirate Hat
555 - Gold Tophat
560 - Astronaut Helmet
561 - Magic Hat
569 - Ushanka
579 - Pumpkin Hat
584 - Mummy Hat
599 - Sombrero
600 - Conical Hat
601 - Jester Cap
602 - News Cap
605 - Detective Hat
609 - Graduation Cap
611 - Swashbuckler Hat
616 - Plague Hat
621 - Queen Guard Hat
657 - Spartan Hat
682 - Navy Hat
685 - Bowler Hat
686 - Explorer Hat
690 - Sneak Hood
694 - Robot Head
699 - Rainbow Anniversary Hat 0
700 - Rainbow Anniversary Hat 1
701 - Blue Anniversary Hat 0
702 - Green Anniversary Hat 0
703 - Orange Anniversary Hat 0
704 - Purple Anniversary Hat 0
705 - Red Anniversary Hat 0
706 - Yellow Anniversary Hat 0
707 - Blue Anniversary Hat 1
708 - Green Anniversary Hat 1
709 - Orange Anniversary Hat 1
710 - Purple Anniversary Hat 1
711 - Red Anniversary Hat 1
712 - Yellow Anniversary Hat 1
713 - Silver Anniversary Hat 0
714 - Silver Anniversary Hat 1
715 - Gold Anniversary Hat 0
716 - Gold Anniversary Hat 1
719 - Samurai Hat
723 - Vintage Ushanka
728 - Bug Report Beret
1009 - Desert Beret
1010 - Desert Military Helmet
1141 - Crimson Beret
1142 - Gold Beret
1335 - Russia Military Helmet
1356 - Russia Ghillie Hood
1359 - Pilot Cap
1385 - Mafia Fedora
1388 - Russia Beret
1389 - Spec Ops Beret
1426 - Coalition Cap
1427 - Coalition Helmet
1428 - Coalition Beret
1429 - Coalition Captain Hat

If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! Improved crafting to show total amount of crafted ammo. as in a generator on a vehicle will only power lights on that vehicle but not ones on the ground.

Unturned is a crafting/survival game in which players struggle to get a foothold in a blocky world filled with zombies. It’s pure jank in the best possible way, and can be a real blast to play with pals. There is a way to make Unturned even better though, and that’s with cheats. Unturned uses a classic chatbox interface for inputting cheats, and Item IDs to spawn different elements into the world. To help you get started in adding cheats to Unturned, we’ve put together this Unturned Cheats Guide. We’ll lead you through setting up cheats in Unturned, show you how to open the chatbox, and list some of the more popular cheats like adding XP, spawning vehicles as well as weapons.

If you have any essential Unturned cheats that you’ve been using, be sure to stick them in the comments. Note that cheats are used at your own discretion, and you’ll need to accept the fact that they may potentially mess your game up.

Unturned Cheats

Unturned is pretty liberal in letting its players use cheats. Everything from weapons, vehicles and armor, to money and XP can be added in an instant. We’ve included everything you need to know below:

How Do You Enable Cheats in Unturned

In order to use cheats in Unturned, you’ll first need to head to the start menu. Click ‘Play’, choose a map, and then look at the menu on the left hand side of the map options. You’ll see an option for ‘Cheats’ with a red cross next to it. Click the cross and it will turn to a check mark. From here,you just need to head into a singleplayer game on your map of choice, then follow the details on opening the chatbox below.

How to Open the Chat Box in Unturned

Once you’ve loaded into a map, you’re ready to start adding cheats. First, you need to open the Chat Box. To do so, just press J. Cheats are typed into this box and then will be applied when you hit enter. Press ESC to close the menu at any time.

Spawning Items in Unturned - What are the Commands For Unturned

To test out the cheats in Unturned, we recommend spawning in some items. Every item in the game has an item number that must be entered into the chatbox to add it in. To spawn an item, type /give followed by the item number of choice. You can also type @give to have the same effect. We’ve listed some useful Item IDs in the tables below. To add multiple items at once, type /give/ followed by a number.

How to Spawn Vehicles in Unturned

Spawning in vehicles to Unturned is a easy as following the same process outlined for the Items. Just open the chatbox with J, and then type /vehicle followed by the vehicle number. For example, /vehicle 109 will spawn the rainbow car.

How to Get Instant XP in Unturned

One of the most useful cheats you can use in Unturned is the one that grants instant XP. It’s pretty straightforward to use, as you’ll just need to open the chatbox and then type /experience 100. This example will grant 100 XP.

Spawning in Animals Using Unturned Cheats

Adding some animals into the mix in Unturned can be seriously fun. Just open the chatbox with J, and then type /animal followed by the Item ID. We’ve listed some of the best animal IDs in the table below.

Teleporting in Unturned Using Cheats

Getting around the vast open maps of Unturned can be a real hassle, unless you teleport that is. If you check your map you will see a number of town names. Open the chatbox and type /teleport followed by the name of the town you’d like to go to. You can also teleport to a waypoint by typing /teleport followed by wp.

How to Change the Time of Day in Unturned Using Cheats

If you're looking to change the time of day in Unturned, you just need to follow some easy steps. First, open the chatbox with J. Then @day to change it to day, or @night for night. You an also adjust the time in incriments by typing /time followed by a number.

Unturned Item IDs

Each item, vehicle, animal, and asset in Unturned has an associated Item ID. This can be used to spawn things into your well, but you’ll need to know the IDs first. We’ve collected them all below, separated by category. Note that some of the codes below were sourced via

Unturned Weapon Item IDs

ItemItem ID
Maple Bow353
Birch Bow355
Pine Bow356
Compound Bow357
Maple Rifle474
Birch Rifle479
Pine Rifle480
Desert Falcon488
Rocket Launcher519
Tank Cannon1300
Paintball Gun1337
Hell's Fury1364
Calling Card1379
Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)1394
Shadowstalker Mk. II1441
Fighter Jet HMG1471
Devil's Bane1484

Unturned Vehicle IDS

ItemItem ID
Black Offroader1
Blue Offroader2
Green Offroader3
Orange Offroader4
Purple Offroader5
Red Offroader6
White Offroader7
Yellow Offroader8
Black Hatchback9
Blue Hatchback10
Green Hatchback11
Orange Hatchback12
Purple Hatchback13
Red Hatchback14
White Hatchback15
Yellow Hatchback16
Black Truck17
Blue Truck18
Green Truck19
Orange Truck20
Purple Truck21
Red Truck22
White Truck23
Yellow Truck24
Black Sedan25
Blue Sedan26
Green Sedan27
Orange Sedan28
Purple Sedan29
Red Sedan30
White Sedan31
Yellow Sedan32
Police Car33
Fire Truck34
Black Van35
Blue Van36
Green Van37
Orange Van38
Purple Van39
Red Van40
White Van41
Yellow Van42
Black Roadster43
Blue Roadster44
Green Roadster45
Orange Roadster46
Purple Roadster47
Red Roadster48
White Roadster49
Yellow Roadster50
Desert Ural55
Desert Humvee56
Desert APC57
Black Snowmobile59
Blue Snowmobile60
Green Snowmobile61
Orange Snowmobile62
Purple Snowmobile63
Red Snowmobile64
White Snowmobile65
Yellow Snowmobile66
Black Quad67
Blue Quad68
Green Quad69
Orange Quad70
Purple Quad71
Red Quad72
White Quad73
Yellow Quad74
Black Racecar78
Green Racecar79
Orange Racecar80
Purple Racecar81
Red Racecar82
White Racecar83
Yellow Racecar84
Tractor (Green)85
Forest Jeep87
Desert Jeep88
Makeshift Vehicle (4-seater)89
Makeshift Vehicle (6-seater)90
Makeshift Vehicle (1-seater)91
Forest Huey93
Desert Huey94
Black Jetski98
Blue jetski99
Green Jetski100
Orange Jetski101
Purple Jetski102
Red Jetski103
White Jetski104
Yellow Jetski105
Police Helicopter106
Police Launch108
Rainbow Hatchback109
Black Auto110
Blue Auto111
Green Auto112
Orange Auto113
Purple Auto114
Red Auto115
White Auto116
Yellow Auto117
Forest Tank120
Desert Tank121
Luggage Car122
Black Rover125
Blue Rover126
Green Rover127
Orange Rover128
Purple Rover129
Red Rover130
White Rover131
Yellow Rover132
Ural (Olive)136
Russian Tank137
Moon Buggy139
Fighter Jet140
Prison Transport SWAT Truck142
Jeep Coalition145
Ural Coalition147
APC (Olive)148
VW Golf Black149
VW Golf Blue150
VW Golf Green151
VW Golf Orange152
VW Golf Purple153
VW Golf Red154
VW Golf White155
VW Golf Yellow156
VW Beetle Black158
VW Beetle Blue159
VW Beetle Green160
VW Beetle Orange161
VW Beetle Purple162
VW Beetle Red163
VW Beetle White164
VW Beetle Yellow165
German Police Car166
German Firetruck167
German Ambulance168
Black Dirtbike176
Blue Dirtbike177
Green Dirtbike178
Orange Dirtbike179
Purple Dirtbike180
Red Dirtbike181
White Dirtbike182
Yellow Dirtbike183
Police Motorcycle188
Armored Police Truck802
Fire Tanker804
Fire Chief805
Coastguard Truck809
Coastguard Seaplane810
Red Sportscar811
Blue Sportscar813
Green Sportscar814
Orange Sportscar815
Purple Sportscar816
Orange Dune Buggy819
Red Dune Buggy820
Black Dune Buggy821
Blue Dune Buggy822
Green Dune Buggy823
Purple Dune Buggy824
White Dune Buggy825
Yellow Dune Buggy826
Fishing Boat827
Coastguard Jeep828
Desert Truck829
War Machine830
Blue Scrounger832
Black Scrounger833
Green Scrounger834
Orange Scrounger835
Red Scrounger836
Purple Scrounger837
White Scrounger838
Yellow Scrounger839
Cement Truck841
Skid Loader842
Sport Dune Buggy843
Auto Gyro846
Delivery Truck847
Makeshift Raft848
Hot Air Balloon849
Red Glider1800
Blue Glider1801
Green Glider1802
Orange Glider1803
White Glider1804
Purple Glider1805
Black Glider1806
Spartan (6 seats)3500
Chariot (3 seats)3501
Cerberus (2 seats)3502
Metafora (7 seats)3503
Police Car (4 seats)3504
Grasslands Chinook (11 seats)3505
Black Cooper15000
Blue Cooper15001
Green Cooper15002
Orange Cooper15003
Purple Cooper15004
Red Cooper15005
White Cooper15006
Black Scout15007
Blue Scout15008
Green Scout15009
Orange Scout15010
Purple Scout15011
Red Scout15012
White Scout15013
Yellow Scout15014
Ireland Tank15015
Ireland APC15030
Ireland Huey15031
Ireland Jeep15032
Ireland Ural15034
Ireland Humvee15035
Bus (Carpat)23001
Black Lanus (Carpat)23002
Blue Lanus (Carpat)23003
Green Lanus (Carpat)23004
Orange Lanus (Carpat)23005
Red Lanus (Carpat)23006
White Lanus (Carpat)23007
Police Car (Carpat)23008
Ambulance (Carpat)23009

Unturned Food IDs

ItemItem ID
Canned Beans13
Canned Tomato Soup77
Canned Chicken Soup78
Canned Tuna79
Chocolate Bar83
Candy Bar84
Granola Bar85
Energy Bar86
Canned Pasta87
Canned Bacon88
Canned Beef89
Canned Sardines90
Tuna Sandwich461
Grilled Cheese Sandwich466
BLT Sandwich467
Ham Sandwich468
Canned Ham469
Raw Trout504
Raw Salmon505
Cooked Trout512
Cooked Salmon513
Raw Venison514
Cooked Venison515
Pumpkin Pie1047
Amber Pie1076
Indigo Pie1077
Jade Pie1078
Mauve Pie1079
Russet Pie1080
Teal Pie1081
Vermillion Pie1082
Raw Beef1120
Cooked Beef1121
Raw Minnow1347
Cooked Minnow1348
Raw Goldfish1349
Cooked Goldfish1350
Raw Bass1351
Cooked Bass1352
Trout Sandwich1398
Salmon Sandwich1399
Minnow Sandwich1400
Goldfish Sandwich1401
Venison Sandwich1402
Bass Sandwich1403
Beef Sandwich1404
Cheese Steak Sandwich1405
BLT Sandwich1406
Beef Sandwich1407
Upgraded Cake1431
Raw Squid1434
Cooked Squid1435
Split Coconut1453
Condensed Milk23008
Lusod Candy23014
Blueberry Candy23015

Unturned Drink IDs

ItemItem ID
Bottled Water14
Canned Cola80
Apple Juice91
Grape Juice92
Bottled Energy93
Bottled Coconut94
Raw Mauve Berries115
Raw Amber Berries270
Raw Indigo Berries271
Raw Jade Berries272
Raw Russet Berries273
Raw Teal Berries274
Raw Vermillion Berries275
Refined Mauve Berries396
Refined Amber Berries397
Refined Indigo Berries398
Refined Jade Berries399
Refined Russet Berries400
Refined Teal Berries401
Refined Vermillion Berries402
Milk Box462
Orange Juice463
Canned Soda465
Bottled Cola472
Bottled Soda473
Maple Syrup1159
Bottled Lucky15100

Unturned Animal IDs - Spawn Animals

ItemItem ID
Deer (@animal)1
Moose (@animal)2
Wolf (@animal)3
Pig (@animal)4
Bear (@animal)5
Cow (@animal)6
Reindeer (@animal)7
Wildfox (@animal)15010
Sheep (@animal)15011
Indigo Chicken52001

Unturned Medicine IDs

ItemItem ID
Purification Tablets392
Cough Syrup404

Unturned Legendary Item IDs

ItemItem ID
Timberwolf Magazine20
Desert APC57
Hummingbird Helicopter107
Rainbow Hatchback109
Forest Tank120
Desert Tank121
Hind Helicopter135
Russian Tank137
Fighter Jet140
APC (Olive)148
Grizzly Magazine298
Rocket Launcher519
Armored Police Truck802
Blue Scrounger832
Black Scrounger833
Green Scrounger834
Orange Scrounger835
Red Scrounger836
Purple Scrounger837
White Scrounger838
Yellow Scrounger839
Auto Gyro846
Hot Air Balloon849
Matamorez Box1005
Safezone Radiator1050
Claim Flag1158
Spec Ops Vest1169
Spec Ops Rucksack1170
Spec Ops Top1171
Spec Ops Bottom1172
Horde Beacon1194
Military Fragmentation Magazine1200
Military Nightvision Scope1201
Tank Cannon1300
Hells Fury1364
Hell's Fury Drum1365
Ekho Magazine1384
Spec Ops Beret1389
Commander Coalition Top1423
Captain Coalition Top1424
Coalition Captain Hat1429
Shark-Tooth Sword2020
Platinum Ring4000

Unturned Backpack Item IDs

ItemItem ID
Red Daypack9
Black Daypack200
Blue Daypack201
Green Daypack202
Orange Daypack203
Purple Daypack204
White Daypack205
Yellow Daypack206
Black Travelpack245
Blue Travelpack246
Green Travelpack247
Orange Travelpack248
Purple Travelpack249
Red Travelpack250
White Travelpack251
Yellow Travelpack252
Magic Cape562
Halloween Cape580
Vampire Cape732
Blueknight Cape775
Skater Skateboard779
Davy Jones Locker787
Headless Cape797
Backpack Aprix 1805
Backpack Bandit811
Snow Shoes820
Snow Sled827
Fleece Cape839
Artemis Shield841
Athens Aprix Quiver858
Athens Roman Cloak859
Leather Pack1014
Spec Ops Rucksack1170
Diving Tank1178
Black Dufflebag1182
Blue Dufflebag1183
Green Dufflebag1184
Orange Dufflebag1185
Purple Dufflebag1186
Red Dufflebag1187
White Dufflebag1188
Yellow Dufflebag1189
Shark Fin1496
Arctic Alicepack1511
Slavic Pistol Holster23509
Slavic Backpack Blue23521
Slavic Backpack Brow23522
Slavic Backpack Green23523
Slavic Backpack Orange23524

Unturned Glider Item IDs

ItemItem ID
Yellow Glider786
Red Glider1800
Blue Glider1801
Green Glider1802
Orange Glider1803
White Glider1804
Purple Glider1805
Black Glider1806

Unturned Melee IDS

ItemItem ID
Camp Axe16
Fire Axe104
Baseball Bat105
Hockey Stick106
Kitchen Knife120
Military Knife121
Golf Club135
Butcher Knife137
Butterfly Knife140
Makeshift Bat487
Frying Pan1030
Pool Cue1390

How to Enter God Mode in Unturned

Many players find themselves wanting to switch on God Mode in Unturned, usually when heading into deadzones. Unfortunately there is no native God Mode in Unturned, but there is a workaround. All you need to do is install the Rocket plugin, then host your own server. If it is deadzones you're having trouble with, then make sure you have a gas mask or biohazard mask, and some filters. You can pick these items up at fire stations.

That’s all of our cheats info for Unturned. If you’re having trouble with any of the codes listed above, be sure to let us know in the comments. In the meantime, stay safe out there!

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The Headlamp is an Uncommon Glasses in Unturned 3. When turned on, N by default, it shines a beam of light.


The Headlamp can be found in the campgrounds of all of the survival maps. It can also be found at Keryev.


Version Changes
  • The Headlamp was added to the game.


  • A similar head item in Unturned classic, the Miner Helmet, also emits light when turned on.
File Headlamp
ID 1199
Rarity Uncommon
Type Glasses
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)
Head mounted flashlight.

If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! Improved crafting to show total amount of crafted ammo. as in a generator on a vehicle will only power lights on that vehicle but not ones on the ground.

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“I get so many emails from people saying they thought the game looked atrocious and they played it just to laugh at how bad it was.” Nelson Sexton has a pretty good attitude towards his game, Unturned [Steam page].

On first glance, the Fisher Price art direction of this Early Access zombie survival sandbox surely wouldn’t trouble old man DayZ and his gang. But it’s had 17.5 million downloads on Steam, with 1.25 million people playing it in the past two weeks. Players really like Unturned: its Steam ratings are 92% positive. And Sexton, its sole maker, is just 18. I was really curious who this guy is, so I rang him up. I think you might like him – and maybe Unturned, too.

Nelson Sexton lives in Calgary with his dad. He’s gently and precisely spoken, self-assured given his years, and has that cute Canadian burr. Continuing that opening quote, he said, “But then – and that’s not to say it isn’t bad, but who knows – they tried it and they actually really enjoyed it, and that they wouldn’t have tried it if it cost money.” It’s hard not to like someone who made a game played by well over a million people a fortnight and says “who knows” about whether it’s good.

Sexton started making Unturned when he was 16, so throughout its development he’s been at school, not that he really told anyone there. “I remember my chemistry teacher came up and said, ‘Hey, you made Unturned! One of my students was talking about that. Can you fix my computer?’” I see him as part of the same new wave of game makers that I wrote about yesterday, people who’ve grown up with Roblox, Minecraft and DayZ, and witnessed them being built around them as they’ve played and built in turn.

One of Unturned’s charms is that it’s so evidently personal. Its logo on Steam is displayed in white Arial, with ‘Free to play’ in yellow italics below, all against a blurry image of one of its landscapes. It’s less than sophisticated. If you’ve played Roblox, you’ll recognise the game’s visual style. Your character is a block of what looks like tofu with a pixelated smiley face. The maps are simple, sprinkled with generally untextured trees and buildings in primary colours. Shops have their trade written above them, like ‘Clothes’ or ‘Post’. It’s a toy town zombie apocalypse, and even more endearingly, its two default levels are set in Canada: colourful Prince Edward Island and snowy Yukon.

“When I was starting out I wasn’t trying to make it goofy, I was doing what I was able to do,” Sexton says. “But once I had established the style with the way the characters look, the way the environment is, I built on that. The goofy, happy, easy to get into look, I think now most of the things in the game fit into that.”

The result speaks of fun in a visual language that’s familiar to the age of Minecraft, and the environments are very readable and easy to navigate. But it also disguises genre-typical deep systems. Death might leave enormous pools of bright red blood, but it’s still swift and unforgiving. Your hunger and thirst constantly tick down, there are many items to scavenge, vehicles to drive and animals to hunt, and you can build forts and craft.

Still, the fact that Unturned is free-to-play takes a large part in its success. It’s supported by one-off payment of £3.99, which gets you a Gold account: gold clothes, special servers, extra customisation and other ephemera. It’s otherwise completely free, which has meant that friends can always play together, just like they can in Roblox. I suspect he’s a lot more canny than he likes to put across, but Sexton brushes it off as a light decision. “I guess it had to be free-to-play because it had always been free-to-play. I didn’t ever really consider selling it.”

In fact, his conviction was so strong that even Dean Hall couldn’t change his mind to sell it for $5. “I still lurk in the DayZ subreddit and I think it was a couple weeks before release I saw a post about Unturned, and Dean Hall, who made DayZ, actually posted on there. I feel so bad about this because he had a bunch of feedback and said, ‘I think what is there looks pretty promising, to be honest,’ and I included that on the store page because I was just so excited that he’d say anything about it. It was just absolutely amazing. In retrospect, this just seems such a stupid thing to do. Then, when I was doing the store page for 3.0, I clicked on the link and he’d actually deleted the comment, and I felt terrible.”

Sexton actually started out making games with GameMaker, having been introduced to it at a summer camp. He taught himself with tutorial examples that shipped with it, captured by what it was opening up: “To me it seems like drawing is a way of getting your imagination onto paper, and then computer games are a way of getting your imagination into something you can actually interact with, and I really love that.”

After a year of sharing his GameMaker projects on the web, noting their ratings and comments, Sexton graduated to Roblox, in which he made games for the next couple of years. Starting in September 2012, at 15 years old, he made Deadzone, a version of DayZ. Like everyone else at the time, he was excited by DayZ heralded. “It was unique with its atmosphere and the stressful aspects of interacting with other players. I really wanted to play it with my friends, but a lot of them didn’t have ArmA 2, and to mess around with my own ideas I had for that kind of game.”

By January 2013 Deadzone had a pretty big following; to date it’s been played over five million times. There was some controversy that it was very similar to another Roblox game, Apocalypse Rising, leading to a spat between the two games’ fans, but Sexton’s main concern was that he couldn’t improve on it easily. “It was terribly designed,” he says. So he spent a couple of months trying to make a sequel, and found that Roblox didn’t quite support all he wanted to achieve.

So in the summer of 2013 he moved to Unity to start Unturned. “It was like beginner steps into Unity, and I just assumed I could make a copy of Deadzone in Unity, but of course I had no idea of what I was doing. Not that I do now.” It was originally made for browsers so more people could play, but this first version shared Deadzone’s issue of being difficult to add new things, so he started making a second version in January 2014, which ditched the browser, and released it on Steam in July 2014, followed by version 3, the current one, a couple of months later.

From the point it was first playable, Sexton made it public so he could get feedback. It strikes me as remarkably bold for someone so inexperienced with a complex engine to have shared the game so early, but being public seems a natural part of game-making for his generation. “It would have felt weird not to put something out,” says Sexton. “If I’m working on a new feature and I haven’t asked for people’s thoughts, or showed what it looks like, it feels really weird.”

I wonder if he’s just a naturally confident person, and he is, at least about Unturned. “I spend so much time working on it, and Unturned’s community seems pretty friendly – when they talk to me. I don’t know.” He laughs. But on the other hand, for his computer science class he worked on a project that he wasn’t ready at all to show off. “It was very scary to be doing that. With Unturned it’s very natural to be putting it out and showing it to everybody, but showing this to my class was absolutely terrifying. Actually, during the presentation, I clicked one of the wrong buttons and my demo ended up not working, so that was horrifying.”

Until a few weeks ago, Unturned has enjoyed daily updates, continuing the tradition Sexton set from its first release. He’s watched Valve talks, where they argue for big updates with a story and lots of new content, but it isn’t for him. “I interpret the intention of Early Access to be trying to take feedback from as many people as possible, so iterating quickly seems to work well, because people can see their feedback quickly and they can decide if it changes their opinion.”

But with hundreds of servers active today, server owners found having daily updates hard going, so they asked him to slow down and now Sexton updates on Fridays. It seems he’s not totally comfortable with that. “It’s been in some ways bad for the game because people are coming back every week for a bit to see what’s new,” he says. The thought of monthly updates just makes him think they might uninstall it.

Keeping the game fresh seems to be on his mind: looking long-term, Sexton would like to take Unturned to a point where players can create anything, despite the fact that its Workshop is already home to many new vehicles, guns, outfits and maps. “There are all these maps that are probably better than my default maps, and a lot of people seem to agree,” he says, happily.

In the medium term, he’ll continue improving the game, maybe finding people to work with, too, particularly if he decides to take up one of various publisher offers to put Unturned on console. The need for controller support and improving menus would then also be released on the PC version. There’s a plan, then, a sage mixture of caution and confidence. And when Unturned’s out of Early Access, maybe he’ll go to university.

I wonder what Sexton has learned about the sandbox zombie survival game over the past couple of years, and his perspective speaks volumes about how he’s inadvertently become a wrangler for all the different expectations people have for the genre. “When these games are announced, everyone’s excited because it’s, ‘Wow, we can recreate things from The Walking Dead TV show!’ And, ’It’ll be the ultimate huge base-building game!’ They end up being played by a whole bunch of different people, and they aren’t necessarily balanced for them all.”

He’s seen the same in Unturned. “PvPing is the dominant vocal group. They create servers, remove all the zombies, spawn everyone with guns, and there are mods that add a currency to buy weapons. There are other groups that are super hardcore. They want it so you can break your finger bones.” Not that your character actually has fingers. “And then there are people kind of in the middle, who want The Walking Dead experience, where you’re sneaking through the city and surviving the zombies while watching out for people and maybe teaming up, maybe killing them.

“I think to some degree some of these ideas don’t actually even work together. If you want a game that has millions of zombies in the city all at the same time, but also want easy base-building… Maybe someone will make a game that blends these things together perfectly, but…”

Maybe he’ll be the one to make it. Maybe after university, maybe sooner. But does he need to choose yet? He’s already got so much behind him, and Nelson Sexton’s got it all in front of him, too.

how to craft head light in unturned

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Unturned Tutorial: How To Build Crates and Chests

I think that you could make headlamps at one point in the game but I'm not sure. but headlamps and nightvision goggles are very hard to find.

how to craft head light in unturned
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