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How to craft health in tera

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How to craft health in tera
December 11, 2018 Books 3 comments

Potion is general name for certain consumables.


Old Alchemical potionsEdit

Healing Potions:

Healing Draught

Potion Name Level Effect Source Cooldown
 Healing Draught I 1 Restores 1,201 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught II 9 Restores 1,860 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught III 17 Restores 2,872 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught IV 25 Restores 4,423 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught V 33 Restores 6,804 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught VI 41 Restores 10,461 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught VII 51 Restores 18,044 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught VIII 57 Restores 25,303 HP immediately. Crafted 15 minutes
 Healing Draught IX 60 Restores 28,000 HP immediately. Crafted 3 minutes

Healing Elixir

Health Restorative

Fish crates,damn fish crates.

When you have a look at all the available fish crates you may think that Fish Crate V is the best of them because it's the one that sells the most...but it is true?

In this thread I'm gonna explain why the best fish crate is...actually the Fish Crate IV,ready for some numbers?

This is a very simple table I made to compare the crates,some of the data is less relevant than the other(for example the number of plain stones needed for the crates which is the same for every crate or other static data like the NPC cost for fish fillets),but I like to put on tables to have a more wide picture of the thing.

Some clarifications first:

"Special Price",refers to the price Association Fishmonger NPC buys the crates for,you known,that thing that let you sell to him only 3 crates per day but for a boosted price.The standard price in the other hand is how much a regular NPC buys a fish crate for,no daily limitations there.

I have no idea why I called it"Special Price",but that's the name I picked for it when I first started to collect the data,so,whatever.

"PP Value",in case isn't clear already what it is,is just as much gold each PP you spend in crafting the crate generates back,with difference between the standard price and the special price.For example,if you spend 10 PP for a crate but you sell it for 250 gold to a NPC,each PP will have earned you 25 gold(250/10).

"$ per fish non-fillet(Gold)",refers on how much a regular NPC buys the raw,non-dismantled fish.

The NPC prices is based on many fish fillets you can get from a fish multiply by an order of magnitude(which is a fancy way to say multiply by 10),so for example,an Eldritch Carp can be dismantled for 14 fish fillets,but it also sells at a regular NPC for 14 gold(or 170 in a 30 days limited quantity),so the value of the raw fish is 1 gold per fillet while the dismantled fillets are only worth 0,10 gold each.

As for the PP cost to craft mats I calculated it by using an auto-gathering pet which have reduced PP cost.

It cost 8 PP each for gather a node and it takes an average of 3 gathers to reach 10 ores + 5 plain stones,therefore the cost is 24 extra PP for every fish crate(PP cost to craft ingot is reported separately).


Now,since you can generate WAY more fillets / fishes daily than the limited quantity allows you to sell for the"Special Price",I'll be put more relevance to the"Standard",price rather than the"Special",one,since you gonna get way more gold from the standard price than just fishing the limited quantity you can otherwise sell for a the special price(same goes for the "special prices" of fishes, which is 30 / day).

Another thing I'll give for grant is that you actually go gather the materials to craft fish crates yourself,and you kinda have to since you can't buy plain stones from other players,so,it's a given.

With that out of the way....

First thing I noticed when I compiled this table,is that the first Fish Crate,is the one that actually returns the highest value of gold per Fish Fillet.

Fish crate I(1),returns you a value of 2,50 gold per fish fillet(I'm talking of standard price here,but special price isn't any better),which is way more than the 1,32 gold per fish fillet the Fish Crate V(5),returns(and that's not counting the extra cost of crafting kits and PP points spent that could have been invested in other crafting professions like,alchemy).

So,what now,let's all just create Fish Crate 1?,nope.

While it may look the best at first glance,it has a downside from it.

To make it clearer,I'll make an exaggerated example to get my point accross.

Let's say there's a special fish crate that only requires 1 fish fillet but it sells for 5 gold,that's 2 times better than the fish crate 1 and it cost the same in terms of materials and PP,the problem?,you would probably gain more money if you spent the time farming those materials for those mere 5 golds per fish fillet doing some other thing,like guardian missions or whatever.

So let's say Fish crate 1 is good but it converts way too little fish fillets to be worth the time to gather ALL materials to convert all the fish fillets you farm daily,so,is the Fish Crate V(5),actually the best?

Still nope.

Fish Crate 5 has an huge problem:It requires Galborne Ore to be crafted(let's not even considering the 10.000 angler tokens cost and the fact that you need a master crafter since in the long run it's really not that much),and has someone who spent quite a few nights gathering galborne ores with a gathering pet,let me tell you:it's the worst ore to farm.

Now a little off topic before I continue:If you're not a totally casual player and you want to get into crafting / gathering materials,GET a gathering pet,it's quite expensive for the average player but it's totally worth,not because of the reduced PP cost,not because of the slightly faster gathering,but because it let's you gather a node while flying to the next node,as well as gathering nodes without having some low level monster getting in your way,if you're gonna farm for hours every week for months,a gathering pet is totally worth it.

Back to topic

Now,galborne ore can be found in 3 regions:Khanovar Front,Val Kaeli and Val Tirkai.

The problem with these 3 regions is that:2 of them have only 1 channel,there's often other players gathering,and the other one(Val Tirkai),has only 3 channels plus is pretty small plus the galborne ore is not that common there either.

The TL;DR of the last paragraph is:galborne ore takes way too much time to gather compared to other ores.

Sooo,why the Fish Crate IV is better?,because it uses normetal ore,and what's one of the locations you can find it?,Island of Dawn.

And Island of Dawn is simply the best area in Tera to gather,why?

Because there are 3 resources there and all 3 are pretty valuable,there's fire and earth essence that are used to craft Health / Rejuvenation Potions,and there's also the normetal ore,which you can use to craft fish crates IV(4).

Plus Island of Dawn has one of the lowest density of monsters of all Tera's areas,excluding main cities external areas which are pretty much deserts,so gathering is easier and faster when you don't have things trying to poke you behind every corner.

The number of gathering nodes is Island of Dawn is pretty abundant,the area is large and there's 8 channels to surf around,it's simply the best place to gather.

So while the fish crate 4 overall doesn't convert as many fish fillets as the fish crate 5 it returns better value for fish fillet(1,38 gold vs 1,32),it's way faster to farm the materials and you can also farm other valuable materials in the area too.

Orrrr if you're super lazy like me and don't mind lower returns for way less effort you can just sell the raw,non dismantled fish to a regular NPC for a value of 1 gold per fish fillet,saves you the time to farm anything and you can play other games while your Tera character farms for you \o\

Potion is general name for certain consumables. Health Potion; MP Potion; Rejuvenation Potion · Bravery Potion; Canephora Potion; Combat Accelerator Potion.

Greater Healing Potion is a potion that restores 150 health. Consumption will trigger the Potion Sickness debuff. The earliest way to get them is from Golden Crates, but in Hardmode they can be crafted, and they are also dropped by most Hardmode bosses.

Bosses dropping Greater Healing Potions:

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Though the crafting ingredients are Hardmode-only, Greater Healing Potions can be acquired from Golden Crates before Hardmode.
  • Unlike other potions (Lesser and Normal/Regular), Greater Healing Potions cannot be combined with a Greater Mana Potion to make a Greater Restoration Potion.
  • Also, unlike Super Healing Potion and Healing Potion, it is not made from the lower-tier potion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Greater Healing Potion, along with all other healing potions and mana potions, is identical in name and very similar in appearance to items in the action role-playing hack-and-slash computer video game Diablo II.

See also[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Sprite updated.
    • Crafting recipe and yield changed: Now requires 3 Bottled Water and crafts 3 Potions (previously 1 Bottled Water to craft 1 Potion).
    • Now drops from Jungle (unspawnable), Hallowed, and Crimson/Corrupt Biome Mimics.
  • Console 1.0.750.0: ()
    • Sprite updated to match Desktop
    • Crafting recipe and yield changed: Now requires 3 Bottled Water and crafts 3 Potions (previously 1 Bottled Water to craft 1 Potion).
    • No longer dropped by Ocram due to its removal.
    • Now drops from Jungle (unspawnable), Hallowed, and Crimson/Corrupt Biome Mimics.
  • Mobile
    • Sprite updated to match Desktop
    • Crafting recipe and yield changed: Now requires 3 Bottled Water and crafts 3 Potions (previously 1 Bottled Water to craft 1 Potion).
    • Now drops from Jungle (unspawnable), Hallowed, and Crimson/Corrupt Biome Mimics.
  • Mobile 1.2.10299: No longer dropped by Turkor the Ungrateful, replaced by Lesser Healing Potions.
  • Mobile 1.2.6508: No longer dropped by Lepus, replaced by Lesser Healing Potions.
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how to craft health in tera

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I'm pasting what I said in a different thread. If you're playing as a Warrior and constantly find yourself running out of health potions, then you're definitely not playing it the way that it should be played (possibly due to not understanding the edge mechanic since that'll lower your DPS and cost your a lot of health in the long run). I'm not trying to put you down or anything, just saying that you should definitely read this wall of text. I promise you won't regret it.

I know you're not level 65 yet, but the gist of this information is the same (stick to it as much as possible before 65).

Goldar posted...

I drew an arrow to the edge meter. It's in a similar place for bosses.

If you're aiming for DPS with a Warrior, bear in mind that many skills are pretty much worthless. I highly recommend a shortcut bar similar to the one in this image (this is an Xbox screenshot, I know, but the general idea of the button layout is the same).

At level 65, your primary rotation should be something along the lines of:
Combative Strike -> Traverse Cut -> Blade Draw
Combatitive Strike -> Rain of Blows - Reaping Slash
Combative Strike -> Poison Blade
Combative Strike -> Rising Fury -> Blade Draw
And as soon as your edge count hits 10, Scythe.

You'll sometimes switch the order up a little bit depending on your current edge count, but in general... those are the four chains you'll be focusing on. Most of those chains are DPS-heavy in addition to generating edge - Poison Blade is the lone exception (it's there solely for the edge and to allow the cooldowns on other skills a moment to reach 0).

The damage difference between 9 edge and 10 edge is pretty noticeable a lot of the time, so I would ALWAYS recommend waiting to use Scythe until 10 even if it means an extra attack or two slip in in the meantime.

At 65, you'll very rarely run out of mana even if you're spamming those skill chains non-stop. In the very rare instances that you do, keeping Combo Attack as your primary attack will help you to quickly refill it.

Evasive Roll will be your primary form of dodging attacks. Death from Above and Backstab are secondary (Backstab is also decent for repositioning in a pinch).

Assault Stance should be on at almost all times. I would highly recommend getting into the habit of activating it as soon as you log in if you're not in that habit already.

Deadly Gamble should be used pretty much any time it's available.

Vortex Slash is a skill that I actually kind of loathe. It's got its uses, but in general... I swear it causes me more harm than good. It's where it is on my hotbar to guarantee that I'll never accidentally activate it and to guarantee that the game won't allow it to override another skill's shortcut (the default is the same shortcut as picking items up, which can be a huge pain in the ass when you're trying to grab something like a health orb mid-boss fight).

The UI bar basically just contains stuff that I don't use in combat, don't use often, or that has a huge cooldown timer (battle solutions, mana potions, a skill book for an auto loot pet, pet food, instant revive scrolls... stuff like that).


In addition to all of that, some pointers:
- Before 65, the only weapon you should be using is your avatar weapon. Those have a much better crit chance that normal weapons and they'll help you out immensely, especially as a Warrior.
- Before 65, always enchant your avatar weapons to +9. Don't enchant your armor at all.
- Make sure you have weapon crystals and armor crystals equipped.
- Always activate a Battle Solution as soon as you enter a dungeon (the broker almost always has them listed for a lower price than merchants do, so look there whenever you need to stock up).

r/TeraOnline: For things related to TERA! How do I get more of those potions, and how does crafting naturally benefit me over not crafting at all? "how".

About fish crates

While many of Tera's mechanics and systems will be familiar for those used to the “WoW template,” MMOers expecting everything to be the same run the risk of getting tripped up by some of its more convention-bending mechanics.

These few helpful tips will help ease your transition from the virtual world of your choice to Tera's sweeping landscape of elves, giants and oversized-sword-wielding badgers.

1. Your mouse disappears frequently

This isn't a totally new idea in the MMO space. Players of DC Universe Online should pick up the control scheme fairly quickly. WASD is used for movement, but your cursor is “locked” on your character's perspective by default (as if you were holding down the right mouse in a WoW-style game.) Left mouse-click is your basic attack (no auto-attacking here) that can be chained by clicking it multiple times, and right mouse-click is a defensive skill that varies from class to class. Hitting the menu key—Alt by default—brings your cursor back and lets you interact with the UI normally.

2. Blocking and evasion are not based on stats

Defending yourself goes beyond just putting on the right pants. While most classes can get by with just spam-attacking against weaker enemies (and plenty of healing pots and bandages between fights), tougher foes and special Boss creatures will force you to think on your feet. Their most powerful attacks will have a tell shortly before they happen, signaling for you to get out of the way, raise your active defenses, or get mercilessly flattened. Avoiding heavy hits and timing your counter-attacks becomes more and more important as you level up and face more fierce opponents. Your patience and skill is well rewarded: the best players can get through encounters with little more than a scratch.

3. The quest log is filled with hidden information

One of the niftier features that's never fully explained to you is the ability to click on names of characters or enemies in the quest log to have them highlighted on your map in a bright orange color. In the case of monsters, all possible spawn locations for that creature type will be highlighted. This feature is a big help when figuring out where you need to go, especially since the minimap quest arrows can be unreliable at times.

4. There's no need to specialize in crafting or gathering skills

Mining, Weaponsmithing, Alchemy—all the usual crafting professions are here, but there are no restrictions on what you can craft and gather, like there are in many other MMOs. You can raise all of your crafting and gathering skills, and some races receive bonuses to certain ones. Anyone can pick up any of the various plants, rocks and gems scattered around the world, and learn the recipes to make things with them once they have reached the appropriate skill level.

5. Some areas are tricky to reach

If you're having trouble finding your way to the next part of a quest, it's probably because the game wants you to climb something or go through a teleporter. The environments hide plenty of ladders, vines, and other climbable objects that serve as the sole, ponderous means of reaching high-up areas. In addition, each region of the game has at least one event that takes place inside of an instanced zone that's only accessible by teleporters, which can be found easily thanks to tip number three.

6. Taking a break is mandatory

In addition to Health and Mana, your character has a Stamina stat that measures how fatigued you are. It starts at 120 and will slowly go down as you traverse the world, fight, and complete quests. If you happen to die, a hefty Stamina hit is added onto your shame. Having low Stamina reduces your maximum Health, Mana, and critical hit chance—so it's not something you want to ignore. The easiest way to raise it back to full is to stand next to a permanent campfire, or one that you create in the field as a consumable item. If you're short on time but rich in money, it's also possible to have your Stamina instantly restored by paying the special cleric NPCs found in every major town.

how to craft health in tera

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: [Tera HD] Crafting Guide

Greater Healing Potion is a potion that restores health. Though the crafting ingredients are Hardmode-only, Greater Healing Potions can be acquired from.

how to craft health in tera
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