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How to craft limbo neuroptics theorum
December 11, 2018 Books 5 comments

“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”

The following section contains spoilers.
Not to be confused with the quest itself, The Limbo Theorem.

Limbo Theorem is a quest item in The Limbo Theorem, crafted from the Proof Fragments lying across the system that pinpoints the location of a Limbo part blueprint. These blueprints are automatically awarded to the players via questline.

Limbo Neuroptics Theorem:


Supposedly, the Theorem are the evidence reverse engineered from the Proof Fragments that inscribes the mathematical formula possessed by Limbo. It is exclaimed by Ordis that the piece of theorem were nonsense and irrational by the standards of the today's physics. Further investigations by the irritated Cephalon revealed that the formula were "actually starting to make sense, I mean they're nonsense but there's logic in the nonsense,".

For unknown reasons, the Theorem provides the exact coordinate to the location of the Limbo parts.


Warframe Specters are now much smarter! If you don't recall, Specters are craftable gear you can equip to summon an AI companion in battle. We've done a general intelligence pass on their proficiency with Weapons, and we've also updated their power-casting logic. Virtually every power is now castable with only a few exceptions! Specters CANNOT cast the following Abilities: Vauban's Minelayer, Ivara's Zipline, Titania's Razorwing, Nekros’ Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead, Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, Wukong’s Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, and Defy, Atlas’ Petrify and Tectonics, Limbo's entire kit (save for the damage aspect of Banish), and finally Zephyr’s Dive Bomb. 


Fixed being able to ragdoll enemies affected by Limbo's Stasis. 

Fixed Gunblade style weapons not playing nice with Limbo's Rift and Stasis.

Fixed Limbo's Stasis not properly pausing Zenistar VFX and duration timer. 

Check out all patchlogs affecting Limbo Prime on NexusHub. Set Blueprint Chassis Neuroptics Systems . Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive .. Fixed an issue with certain Limbo crafting components missing proper descriptors.

“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”

The following section contains spoilers.

The Limbo Theorem


Limbo Neuroptics
Limbo System
Limbo Chassis

The Limbo Theorem quest cannot be completed without an Archwing

Piece together the Limbo Theorem to uncover its source

—Quest Description

The Limbo Theorem is an optional lore Quest introduced in Update 15.0, in which players piece together the meaning behind a mysterious theorem. Completing this quest will provide the parts necessary to construct the LimboWarframe. Players must complete The Archwingquest before performing this quest.


“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”

The following section contains spoilers. Please finish the quest before proceeding.

The Limbo TheoremEdit

In order to unlock this quest, the player must complete the Jupiter/Europa Junction. Upon completion, the player will be awarded with the The Limbo Theorem Quest.

Go to the Quest section of the Codex, select the quest, then click "Begin Quest" to start. After starting the quest, the player will receive an inbox message from Ordis himself.

The transmission will also provide the player with the blueprint for the Limbo Theorem key (not to be confused with the quest blueprint), which requires three Proof Fragments to craft.

Nonsense: Syrtis, MarsEdit

Ordis will then direct the player to Syrtis, Mars to tap into Grineer communication towers in the hopes of successfully scanning for the Limbo signal. In practice, the mission provided is an ArchwingInterception mission that will require players to complete a single round. However, the primary objective of the mission is not in the Interception mission itself (which provides no reward), but in collecting Proof Fragments that drop from killed enemies, which resemble Energy Orbs.

Once the required number of Proof Fragments is collected (3 is required), and the Interception mission completed, the Limbo Theorem blueprint can then be crafted, which will take 60 seconds. Upon building it, Ordis comments at his curiosity of the Limbo Theorem, eagerly awaiting for it.

Upon completion of the mission players will not be prompted that they collected enough Proof Fragments to build the Limbo Theorem along with a suggestion to go build the theorem. Players will need to manually check the theorem blueprint in their Foundry to see if they collected enough.

Limbo Neuroptics Theorem (found in Foundry):

After it is complete, Ordis will attempt to read the Theorem, only to be annoyed by even more nonsense the supposed evidence provided.

In the end, Ordis will lead the player to the only coordinate that he managed to obtain from the proof: Cambria, Earth.

Rift Plane: Cambria, EarthEdit

The player is directed to Cambria, Earth on an Excavation mission to check out Ordis' lead. This mission requires the player to excavate 300 cryotic (3 full extractors), after which the player is rewarded with the Limbo Neuroptics Blueprint. Once obtained, Ordis will rethink his opinion on the Theorem and will attempt to make more sense of it:

In the meantime, players must craft the Limbo Neuroptics, which will take 12 hours.

When the Neuroptics is completed and claimed by the player, Ordis says the following:

Ordis will once again send the player to Syrtis, Mars to gather more Proof Fragments in order to craft Limbo Systems Theorem.

After Limbo Systems Theorem is completed, Ordis will send the player another coordinate. He will also extrapolate his findings about the existence of the Rift, and its connection to Limbo.

Magician of Math: Martialis, MarsEdit

The player will undertake another Excavation mission to extract a Limbo component, this time in search of the Limbo Systems Blueprint found on Martialis, Mars. Once acquired, Ordis says the followings:

Once again player must craft Limbo Systems before moving on to the next step.

After Limbo System is completed and claimed. Ordis has these to say:

Again Ordis directs the player to Syrtis, Mars, to gather more Proof Fragments in order to craft Limbo Chassis Theorem.

After Limbo Chassis Theorem is completed and claimed, Ordis comments on this new finding:

Final Jump: Ose, EuropaEdit

The player is finally directed to Ose, Europa to conduct a final excavation mission in search of Limbo Chassis Blueprint. After acquiring the blueprint, Ordis is excited about the discovery of the last piece.

The player must construct the Chassis in order to progress in the quest. Note beforehand that the Chassis requires an Argon Crystal to make. Upon claiming Limbo Chassis, Ordis eagerly reads the rest of the Theorem, only to find out Limbo's death in the process.

When Limbo Chassis is claimed, the quest is considered completed and player can start building Limbo with Limbo Blueprint from the Market.


  • Claiming a component while The Limbo Theorem is not your active quest results in the quest not completing.
    • If this happens, go to the quest's page in the Codex and click 'Begin.' Ordis' final dialogue in the quest will play and the quest will complete.
  • It is not necessary to redo the Mars Interception mission if a player has collected enough Proof Fragments on the first attempt to build all three Limbo Theorem keys, which amounts to nine Proof Fragments total.
  • Remember, however, that you can only do this quest once. If you want additional copies of Limbo, or if you end up selling him for whatever reason, you can only do this by;
    • Purchasing him fully-built from the Market for 200;
    • Purchasing his main blueprint from the market for 35,00035,000, and his component blueprints from Cephalon Simaris for 150,000 total Standing; or
    • Acquiring the components of Limbo Prime, which requires opening Void Relics and/or Trading.
  • It's not possible to obtain Limbo's components by joining the Excavation missions that reward his parts without actively doing the Quest.
    • It might have been possible to obtain parts prior to Update 21.0.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.0
  • Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive the quest itself upon logging in. The blueprints will be removed and if they were under construction, the resources and credits will be refunded (except for the argon crystals for The Limbo Theorem, sorry!).

Update 15.0

So, this 'Limbo Theorem' you picked up, it's supposed to lead to a new Warframe? Well, it's woefully incomplete!

Half-written proofs, unfinished equations, what idiot wrote this mess??

Okay. Okay. There is one thing here, a constant, a tuning frequency but it's so minute, the Orbiter's antenna would never be able to...

...unless...go to your nav console, I have an idea.

Good, now we get to find out what all this Limbo nonsense is all about. I await the theorem's completion.

Okay, good, you've... wait... the horizon mass cannot be inverted to – this is preposterous!

Operator, I'm sorry. You did all this work and this so called Theorem is still completely invalid. It's as if all these proofs point to notthingness it's just utterly irrational!

There's only one valid coordinate in the entire proof, I've marked it on your navigation console but I'm sure it's a waste of time.

A Limbo part blueprint! The Theorem wasn't complete malarkey after all. Perhaps there's more to these equations than I previously thought, what am I missing.

Operator, I found a new theorem hidden deep in that Warframe part. These are actually starting to make sense, I mean they're nonsense but there's logic in the nonsense. It's almost as if someone's trying to speak to me in my own language.

What is he trying to say? My apologies, operator, I get a little worked up when it comes to physics.

Now it's becoming clear. Could it be that there's a plane between our normal plane and the void? A space between space, a rift? A rift that this Limbo could control?

Oh and I've marked your navigation console, I think you'll be quite pleased with what you find there.

Operator do you understand, this Limbo is telling us his story in pure math, and I must say, he's quite witty.

You have to forge that blueprint as soon as possible. I must know what comes next.

Just as suspected, another theorem. Limbo's formula for inverting the entropic mass of void quantum is downright naughty.

I want more, Operator, please hurry, this story is getting quite good.

More parts to the story. My word, he is a magician of logic. Just when I think his diffraction principle is full of dangling ratios, he expresses his dynamic constant in pure numbers. I never saw it coming.

The final part. I cannot wait. What harrowing leaps of cross-dimensional gymnastics will he attempt next?

Excellent, the final Theorem and it's unfragmented. Processing.

Oh, wait, Limbo, no that's a mistake, you don't want to go there. It's too big a jump. You can't rift walk... ohh. Oh no.

Operator, I think I know why we're finding Limbo parts scattered throughout the system. His final rift walk was a miscal... disaster. Well, perhaps when you occupy this frame, you will use more... caution.

Warframe Limbo Build 2019 User Guide | Warframe The Limbo Theorem, Abilities

how to craft limbo neuroptics theorum

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Q: I just crafted the Limbo Neuroptics Theorem Blueprint and played the mission, but now the navigation doesn't tell me what to do next:

A: After completing the Limbo Neuroptics Theorem quest mission, you will be awarded with the Limbo Neuroptics Blueprint, and by crafting and claiming the Limbo Neuroptics Blueprint (not the Limbo Neuroptics Theorem Blueprint) at the Foundry while The Limbo Theorem quest is set as your active quest, it will trigger the quest to progress:

Similar symptom may occur after obtaining the Limbo Systems Blueprint, if it does happen, simply craft and claim the Limbo Systems Blueprint while The Limbo Theorem is set as active quest to progress the quest. 

Q: I crafted the Limbo Chassis but quest is stuck on last part of the quest.

A: This issue occurs due to how sensitive Warframe's quest system is and how certain quest tasks doesn't track properly when the quest isn't set as your Active Quest at the Codex.

If this happens to you, please "Submit a request” to Warframe Support under "Quests" > Category "The Limbo Theorem" in order for us to help you progress the quest. 

Q: I completed The Limbo Theorem quest, but I did not receive the Limbo Blueprint.

A: The main blueprint for Limbo is not part of the quest's reward. 

Completing the quest will award you with the Limbo component blueprints (Limbo Neuroptic, Systems, and Chassis). You can craft the Limbo after completing the quest by purchasing the Limbo Blueprint from the market.

Did the limbo theorom quest but haven't got the parts even the blueprint. neuroptics> Theorem" component which you craft.

Limbo Theorem

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PLAINS OF EIDOLONCurrent Prime Frame Rotations & VaultCurrent Prime Weapon Rotations & VaultQuick Start (TBF)Lith LoottablesMajor Changes / UpdatesMeso LoottablesPlanet ResourcesNeo Loottables[DE]’s DroptablesAxi Loottables

(Use Ctrl + F or the Outline on the side to find things quickly)

I really suggest that if you’re a newbie / returning player you read through all of Getting Started

Getting Started / General Questions / Terms

Newbie Questions

Q: What kind of game is warframe?

A: It’s mostly a 3rd person hack and slash with parkour, but most people tend to just say space ninjas with magic.

Q: What warframe should I pick as my starter?

Q: Which is the best starter warframe to pick?

A: Warframes are basically your classes, they have different abilities that change the way you play the game. As a rule of thumb, none of the starter warframes are “better” or “best”, they cater to your playstyle.

  • Excalibur or Excal is the Warrior, which likes getting in people’s faces, hack n slash
  • Mag is the Mage, using her abilities for nuking, cc and utilities
  • Volt is a Hybrid, that features damaging CC and defensive utilities.

Q: Can I get the other warframes if I pick x?

A: Yes, you can get them later in the game.

Q: I just finished the tutorial with vor, how do I advance through the game?

A: Go through mission nodes, find a junction and finish their goals.

Q: I’m lost, what should I do?

A: Tons of stuff! You can play missions on different planets, unlocking nodes. Buy and craft things from the market. Find quests from junctions and play through them. Find mods and fill your mod collection. Search for Ayatan Treasures etc. Play the game and find out!

Q: Yeah, but how do I advance through the game?

A: Go through mission nodes and finish quests. When you’ve unlocked all the nodes the game is “technically” done.

Q: What is my level?

A: There are 2 kinds, mastery level and gear level. For mastery, press escape, hover over your profile, there should be a number beside your name. For gear level, go to the arsenal or press escape → arsenal

Q: Is warframe pay to win (P2W)? Am I at a disadvantage if I don’t pay / have plat (premium currency)?

A: No, almost everything in the game is obtainable without plat and the rest can be traded for. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but are mainly cosmetics.

Q: What is forma?

A: It’s used in crafting a variety of things and can add polarities to weapons.

Q: What is a polarity?

A: On any of the given slots of a warframe, weapon or companion there can be a polarity. A polarity halves the mod drain on any mod that matches the same polarity, however if it is in a polarity that doesn’t match, the mod drain goes up.

There are 4 main polarities known as the V polarity, - (Dash polarity), D polarity and the = polarity.

Matching the polarity will reduce drain by 50% rounded up

ex. 11V → V Polarity = 6 Mod drain

Not matching the polarity will increase drain by 25%, rounded to closest whole number

ex. 10D → - Polarity = (12.5 rounded up)13 Mod drain

Q: What is taxi-ing?

A: For players that don’t have all the nodes unlocked, a taxi is a player with that node unlocked and can host a mission on that node for 3 others. Generally, once a person has taxii’d someone over, they will leave so that they may taxi others, 3 at a time.

Q: What are syndicates?

A: See section dedicated to Syndicates

Q: What is a Potato / Orokin Reactor / Orokin Catalyst

A: They double the amount of mod capacity that your frame (Reactor) or weapon (Catalyst) has.

Q: Until when can I still invite friends to my missions if I’ve started it?

A: Any time the objective hasn’t been started or finished (depending on the mode). Exterminates stop invites around a third through, while endless missions can be invited to about halfway into the reward.

Q: What is this scanner I keep clicking on in my ship?

A: It’s basically a space radio, it doesn’t do much. Mostly there for ambient noise and bits of lore can be found if you listen closely enough

Q: Offline segment? What’s that?

A: You haven’t unlocked it as part of your ship. Continue playing along, you’ll find them slowly as you progress

Q: Why is my screen flickering / lights on and off?

A: An assassin / syndicate is after you. Try to stick with your allies or warn them so they can help you. These are the assassins

  • Stalker - Red and Black guy, if you’ve played an excal, that’s how he normally fights
  • Zanuka - Think of the Hyena, but smaller.
  • G3 - 3 Dudes, they usually attack together and are generally pretty fast.

Q: Do the assassins drop anything good?

A: Each of them drops really good weapon parts. They also occasionally drop parts for your ship. Other than that though, not much else.


  • Mastery is not affinity, affinity is xp for items. Mastery is basically a total of what you’ve leveled.
  • Mastery is gained through leveling anything. This means weapons, frames, companions etc.
  • Each maxxed companion or frame gives 6k to your mastery. Weapons give 3k
  • Each rank takes 2500, with every additional rank being 5000, additive.
    • ie rank 1 takes 2500, but the next rank takes 7500, 12500 … until it ends.
  • Forma’d equipment DOES NOT add to mastery, despite what anyone says.
  • Other variants of weapons give mastery, ie Braton gives 3k, Braton Prime will give 3k, and Mk1 Braton will give 3k for a 9k.
  • Benefits of mastery
    • Gives your weapons and frames a flat bonus of your MR when you have it
      • A MR5 person has weapons that start with 5/5 Capacity
      • A MR23 has weapons that start at 23/23 cap
      • This can be affected by a potato / catalyst / reactor, doubling it
      • This does not mean you go over the limit, 30 or 60 will still be the mod cap, not accounting for auras or stances.
    • Changes your limit of Void Traces
    • Allows you access to certain Relays
    • Allows access to certain equipment / quests
    • Allows you to use certain levels of

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Riven Mods. * Increases your Daily Syndicate Standing cap * More trades a day (starting at MR2) * Gives you “loadout” slots which allow easy loadout switching * Changes your Mastery Sigil to something different every 3 ranks

  • Affinity is essentially xp. It is not mastery, however it leads to mastery.
  • When you kill something / do a mission objective you will gain affinity for your weapon / frame.
  • Don’t be sad / angry when someone “killsteals”, any affinity they gain will also be passed to you as long as you’re within 50m of them.
  • You need 900k to max a warframe and 450k to max a weapon (from unranked to 30)
  • How affinity is “spread”
    • Kill with ability - All affinity on kill goes to the Warframe
    • Kill with weapons - Half to warframe and half to weapon
    • Completing a Challenge - Affinity split across all your gear
    • Kills by allied tenno - All the affinity, split across all your gear (warframe/weapons), it does not affect their affinity in any way. Companions do not detract affinity from this, although they will get their own affinity split half across the weapon and the companion
    • Kills by companion (Ability) - All affinity goes to companion, the owner gets no affinity for that
    • Kills by companion (Weapon) - Half-Half split between Companion Weapon & Companion
Health Shields & Energy

Shields is just what it is. They’re the shields that protect your health and keep regenerating when you’re not taking damage. Shields will always start regenerating after 3 seconds of taking damage. This is your primary defensive during the early stages of the game, as you do not easily have access to health regeneration tools.

Q: Why is my shield bar suddenly purple?

A: Those are overshields, usually granted to you by Capacitance, Vampire Leech, Polarize etc.

Q: Do my shields benefit from Armor?

A: No, only health benefits through armor

Q: I’m losing hp and my shields are still max, what gives?

A: If you look at your warframe and it looks like you’re bleeding, that’s a slash proc. You get those by getting shot occasionally. The same will also happen when you step in the green clouds of the infested, but that time it’s a toxin proc. Both go directly to health in damage.

Health is your hitpoints in the game and your secondary form of defense just after your shields. Any attacks that break your shields will bleed into your health pool as well. If your health goes down to 0 you die, and need to be picked up by allies. Armor applies to health, and the higher your armor is the more damage reduction you can get.

Q: Does my health regenerate?

A: No, although you will be able to get tools like Rejuvenation (Aura), Lifestrike etc. which will allow you to heal.

Q: Why is my health bar suddenly grey?

A: Just means you’re invulnerable while it’s grey, I’d suggest getting the fuck out of danger if you can though.

Energy is essentially mana. It’s the resource needed to use your abilities in the game; without it, you cannot use your abilites. You gain more energy when you pick up the blue energy orbs.

Q: Where do I get more energy in game?

A: They drop from enemies, boxes, crates and in the “cabinets” that you open.

Powers / Abilities

Powers are the 4 abilities that each frame gets (some have slightly more). They define the frame and shape their individual playstyles. Some will be more suited to support, while others will be suited to taking heavy gunfire, or stunning entire areas. Either way, learning about abilities is the most important part of the game.

Q: Are all powers different?

A: For different warframes yes, but for the same warframes they’re essentially the same, that however, all changes when augments are involved.

Q: Why does his Ability / Power function differently from mine?

A: Augments, some abilities have augments which change the way they work


Q: What happens when my crit goes above 100%?

A: Depending on how your crit chance is, it will first go to yellow, then orange, then red. Now there are higher levels of crit, however, red is the final colour of the crit.

Q: How does the crit formula work?

A: Crit Multiplier = Crit Level x (Crit Multiplier -1) + 1

Crits are graded to the percentage of the crit chance. At <100%, you have a chance for no crit or a level 1, at 100%+ you always crit at level one and have a chance to get a level 2 crit.

So for a 150% crit chance & x3 crit damage, you get 100% chance for a lvl 1 crit, and 50% for a lvl 2. Plug in the numbers and let the crit work out.

2 x (3-1) + 1 = 5x Crit multipler &

1 x (3-1)+1 = 3x Crit Multiplier

Terms (Finished until more terms come to mind)


AFK - Away from Keyboard / Away

CC - Crowd Control, which means anything that slows, stops or incapacitates enemies

Support - Allies with abilities that help their team rather than kill.

DPS - Damage per Second, also refers to the Damage role.

Proc - As in Programmed Random Occurance, ie when a crit / status happens

HP - Hitpoints / Health

Energy - Basically mana

JoAT - Jack of All Trades

MoAT - Master of All Trades

Game Terms / In Mission Terms

Affinity - Basically experience for your stuff

Alert - Limited time mission

AW - Archwing

Baro - Baro Ki’Teer (Biweekly Void Trader)

CP - Corrosive Projection (Aura)

Cephalon - The term for Artificial Bot intelligence of the Warframe universe.

Forma - An item, which when used on a lvl 30 weapon or frame, gives it another polarity. For those CoD players, think Prestige with a purpose.

H - Have / Hosting

Hallway Hero - Basically a jackass that doesn’t stick with the team / objective.

LF - Looking for

MR - Mastery Rank

Polarity - Halves the mod drain of a mod with the same polarity, they are known as (V, -, =, D)

Tactical Alert - Basically mini events, they usually give decent rewards.

Sortie - Difficult missions with a challenge on them. (This is oversimplified just to fit here)

Capacity - Referring to how much mod drain is available to use on a piece of gear

IPS - Referring to Impact, Puncture and Slash, the 3 main types of “Physical Damage”

Elementals - Referring to Cold, Toxin, Heat and Electricity the “Elemental Damage”

Companion - Referring to your sentinel, kubrow or kavat

Items (Nicknames)

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Potato - Orokin Catalyst (Blue) / Orokin Reactor (Gold)

O Cells - Orokin Cells

Cabbage - Relics

Tomato - Exilus Adaptor

Chili - Kuva

Alertium - Nickname for Nitain extract, as it’s most usually found in alerts

Frame - Referring to Warframe (And specific abilities below)

EB - Exalted Blade [Excalibur]

EV - Energy Vampire [Trinity]

Globe - Snowglobe [Frost]

Slowva / Speedva - The warframe nova and specific builds to her Molecular Prime

Desecrate / Despoil - An ability of Nekros that usually gives double drops.

IR - Irradiating Disarm, an augment for Loki

Mission Types:

Ext - Exterminate

Def - Defense

MD - Mobile Defense

Exc - Excavation

Sab - Sabotage

S1, S2, S3 - Referring to Sorties and it’s 3 stages

PoE - Plains of Eidolon

Specific Mods

CL - Covert Lethality (only for daggers, they instagib enemies)

CE - Concealed Explosives (only for throwing stars)

Maiming - Maiming Strike, a rare and powerful mod for melee weapons. Turns you into a beyblade


  1. There are many frames, but this one is yours. Don’t go into a mission without knowing what your frame can do, and what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Don’t ignore the chat. Lots of bad things happen when the chat is ignored
  3. Stick with your team, affinity is shared. Don’t hallway-hero
  4. Don’t use Life Support if it’s over 80, they all restore 30%, preferably restore it at 40, so if 2 try to restore, none gets wasted
  5. Wait for people at elevators / checkpoints, last in gets to send it off.
  6. If you see a cephalon fragment / rare drop, mark it with your waypoint. Rare drops have a large gold / green line that extends upward from them. Even if you don’t see it, you can mark it, or it’s general area.
  7. If you see flickering, try to regroup with allies. This usually marks an assassin, hard to kill enemies that will hunt you down.
  8. Unless you’re playing with friends, or they say so, starting the timer on the mission is a jackass move.
  9. Don’t use “that” when around newbies. Most people don’t want to be spoiled, hide or pop it quick if you have to.
  10. Carry batteries when going to the next Excavator
  11. If you can’t do a spy, say so, it’s better to learn than to constantly fuck it up every time
  12. Pubs are pubs, don’t expect them to play the way you want, ask if they can do something for you
  13. If you’re about to leave, don’t play endless missions, most people want a full rotation 20 waves /20 mins / 4 Excavators


Specific frame Etiquette

When playing with certain frames, try to work with them, often you’ll do much better and the mission will be much easier

  • Banshee
    • Shoot the massive glowing spots. Deals quite alot of damage
  • Chroma
    • Let Chroma run out first, much better if they shoot him rather than you
  • Equinox
    • If day or night, try to stay in her aura (swirly thing around her) it either gives power strength buffs or reduces enemy damage
  • Frost
    • Stay in the globe if you don’t want to get shot at
    • For Frosts, clean up your globes (by pressing 1 on it while you’re on the outside) and don’t globe interception points
  • Gara - to be done
  • Harrow
    • If it’s a teambased harrow, with a large circle around him, let him get kills. Gives everyone including him energy. If you kill them, neither you nor the harrow will get the energy
  • Hydroid
    • Shoot into the damn puddle. Also try to help him out by killing nullies
    • On rare occasion, puddles will heal you with the augment. Stand on it when injured to check
  • Inaros
    • If you’re the Inaros, please stop leeching health of allies while downed.
  • Ivara
    • Staying in the bubble gives you invis, dashwires while not as used are pretty fun
  • Limbo
    • For Limbos, don’t always stasis everything unnecessarily. It’s generally not needed
    • If everything stops, don’t try to shoot through it, that just breaks Stasis
    • Rolling removes the rift
  • Nekros
    • When playing with a nekros, if possible use slash based weaponry. But really, it doesn’t matter too much
  • Nezha
    • Staying in the fire from firewalker removes debuffs, maybe it’ll help you even if it’s improbable that it will happen
  • Nidus
    • In longer missions, try not to mess with a Nidus and his stacks, he needs it for the later part of the game. This means not blowing up the things in his larva unless he asks you to.
    • Stand on the grass if health is needed
  • Nyx
    • Don’t shoot at a Nyx’s absorb unless she’s trying to leech / afk.
    • For Nyxes, when playing a defense, intercept, you can remove mindcontrol by pressing 1. Stops the wait for the last enemy to die
  • Oberon
    • Stand near him during the start, and stand on the grass to get iron renewal
  • Octavia
    • Crouch to the beat to get invis
  • Saryn
  • Titania
    • Don’t knock away her lantern (glowy enemy that looks like it has a vortex on it)
  • Trinity
    • For Trinities, keep your player list up by pressing z
    • For Trinities, even if you’re a ev trin or a blessing, you can still cast the rest of your skills.
  • Volt
    • Electric shield works 2 ways.
    • Backflipping (aim + back + roll) removes speed.

Old Player Stuff | Returning Players

Q: Old player here, what’s new?

A: Depending on when you stopped playing and by chronological order (going down, then to the right) A more in depth list is here

Clans Quests Exilus Slots The Glast Gambit (Quest)
Forma Tutorial Focus Infested Salvage (Mission)
Auras Kubrows (Companions) Daily Tribute (Login Rewards) Helminth Chargers
Orokin derelicts Tactical Alerts (mini events) Sorties Escort (Mission)
Survival (Mission) Excavation (Mission) Mod Cap matches MR Octavia’s Anthem - Includes Mandacords and Memes
Cosmetics (Syandana) Archwing (and now 2.0) Sabotage 2.0 Nullifier nerf w / Drone
Derelict Vaults Syndicates Overhauled Chat Limbo Rework
Trading (in Clan) Void Sabotage Warframe Passives! Clan Rework
Codex (in game wiki) Warframe Reworks Void 2.0 & Starchart 2.0 Captura
Invasions Relays Kavats Trade Chat Filters
Interceptions (Mission) Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer Mod Fusion 2.0 (Endo) Massive Oberon Reworks
The G3 Spy 2.0 Replayable quests (Main Story) Ambulas Reborn
Melee 2.0 LoR (Raids) Endless Void (w/ Relics) Chains of Harrow (Quest)
Dark Sectors The Sanctuary TWW (Quest) Dual Wielding - Throwable & Secondary
Cosmetics ( No stat helmets) Parkour 2.0 Kuva Fortress and Siphons Hydroid Rework
Liset / Ship / Base Stamina removed Riven Mods “Tiered” Crits - Yellow, Orange then Red

After U22

Plains of Eidolon
Saya’s Vigil (Quest)
Focus 2.0 & Battle Operators
Set Mods
Sentient Teralyst Battles
Fishing & Mining
Custom Weapons (Zaws)

Q: What happened to the Void and keys? Where do I farm prime parts now?

A: The Void’s still there, though doesn’t have any prime parts anymore. Relics and Fissures are the new “Void”.

Q: What happened to all my old void keys?

A: They’ve all been converted into various relics.

Q:What is the equivalent of T1 T2 T3 and T4 now?

A: Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi relics for void fissures ( The simplest way to remember is L1th, Me2o, N3o and 4xi)

Q: How do relics work? [New Void Keys]

A: Here is a quick step by step to understand relics

  • Acquire the Relic Segment from Mars Junction
  • Gain relic (From map reward, relic packs etc.)
  • Go to fissure missions (Navigation - To the right of Syndicate Missions on the Top Right)
  • Collect Reactant - which opens the relics
  • Get reward.
  • Note: By opening relics, you gain traces, which allow you to refine other relics for better drop chances.

Q: What do Void Traces do? What should I do with them?

A: Void traces are a byproduct of opening relics. Using them, they allow you to “refine” a relic for a higher droprate of certain things. Basically, the more traces you use to refine, the better chance for a rare or uncommon when you use it. When in a party of 4 Radiant relics, the drop chance of a rare goes from 2% → 34.39% a massive increase!

In addition to this, Void Traces are based on ½ your current MR, and can be used to craft Dragon Keys

Q: Where did the Stamina bar go?

A: Stamina was removed. Have fun going crazy and doing stuff!

Q: What the hell is Archwing, and why should I care about it?

A: It’s basically a completely new game mode, rather than using your frames, you use a piece of equipment, of which has various subtypes similar to frames, in missions done in open space. You can care about it if needs be, but barring the few parts of the game which requires it to continue, you can almost completely ignore it altogether.

Q:Whats Melee 2.0 compared to Melee 1.0?

A: Stances give the same weapons different movesets, and can completely change how the weapon is used. The combo counter allows you to gain more damage the more you hit enemies with your melee. Lastly, since stamina is no longer here, you can use attack and charge attack all you want!

Q: What’s the difference between Parkour 2.0 and 1.0?

A: Minor changes to the old system (ie wall running is more of wall jumping / hopping now) and Bullet Jumps (crouch + jump) which sends you flying in the direction of your crosshair.

Q: What’s new with the Mod Fusion 2.0?

A: Rather than having hidden values and fusion efficiency with polarities, all values are now “Endo”. This endo can be obtained by enemy drop, mission reward,mod conversion to endo and Ayatan Sculptures and stars. Mod values of endo are as follows:

Common = 5 Endo, Uncommon = 10 Endo, Rare = 15 Endo

An R5 fusion core is 80 Endo.

All of your previous fusion cores have been converted to endo if you came back to play.

Farming Endo is just the same as farming fusion cores as before, but if you unlock Rathuum on Sedna, that is a very good way to get endo.

Q: What is “x” enemy?

A: There have been quite a few enemy additions, some of the more notable ones are:

  • Nullifiers - Emits a bubble that nullifies ALL warframe abilities, kill the drone at the top to stop the aura
  • Bursas - Much tankier versions of moas, weak point is at their back
  • Infested Moas / Ospreys - Just infested robots, nothing much to see here
  • Combas and Scrambuses - Emits an aura that nullifies certain warframe abilities
  • Kubrows - Found on earth, they’re neutral dogs unless attacked
  • Hyekka / Drahk Master - Grineer troops that control grineer faction animals
  • Kuva Guardians & Jesters - Found along Kuva Siphons, they can be killed by using the operator i Spoilers highlight to see
  • Ratel - Zaps you incessantly, spawned by the Sniper Crewmen
  • Nox - Think Dr.Freeze but with a toxic gun. Shoot the head, anywhere else deals piss damage

Q: Does mastery do anything now?

A: Yes it does, here are the things mastery currently does.

  • Gives your weapons and frames a flat bonus of your MR when you have it
    • A MR5 person has weapons that start with 5/5 Capacity
    • A MR23 has weapons that start at 23/23 cap
    • This can be affected by a potato / catalyst / reactor, doubling it
    • This does not mean you go over the limit, 30 or 60 will still be the mod cap, not accounting for auras or stances.
  • Changes your limit of Void Traces
  • Allows you access to certain Relays
  • Allows access to certain equipment / quests
  • Increases Daily Trades
  • Increases available Daily Standing
  • Changes the Mastery Sigil every 3 ranks

Q: Where do you powerlevel now? (Draco) Updated - U21 [Chains of Harrow]


  • Berehynia - Dedicated pub groub
  • Akkad - Whatever
  • Hydron - The “New” Draco
  • Oceanum - Assuming you’re good at spies (or any high level spy in general)

Q: What is Kuva?

A: So as not to spoil, they’re just another resource for building weapons and rolling Riven mods

Q: What is a Riven Mod?

A: They’re essentially mods that you can get from sorties, are specific to certain weapons and have varying stats. Check the dedicated section on it below

Q: What happened to my focus?

A: Focus got reworked as part of focus 2.0 in update 22

QUICK START GUIDE (With PoE, this is outdated, will update soon)

I have to say that this one is done completely solo, as in, with noone to help me. If you do get someone to help you great! However, to find and progress through the game I find this to be the most efficient route.

Just want the first few things a newbie should do?

  1. Finish Vor’s Prize, which unlocks all the basic segments & components you need
  2. Head to Venus Junction to recieve the Taxon sentinel and Vacuum, helps immensely in getting your loot
  3. Run Bosses (Mission Credits + Frame BP) and Dark Sectors for credits
  4. After you max (lvl 30) your weapons, try to buy their upgrades, Braton does better than the mk1, so does the Strun, etc etc.
  5. Try to rush to Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars, for the weekly ayatan quest, this is a massive injection of endo early into the game

Colour Guide: Super Important, Important, Optional, Notes

Various things that are highlighted are important

  • Tutorial - Vor’s Prize * Arsenal Segment
    • Retrieve Comms Segment ,
      • Broken Pressure Point, Serration and Hornet Strike
      • Comms Segment
    • Liberate Arms Dealer
      • Broken Continuity, Intensify, Stretch, Redirection and Vitality
      • Mod Segment
    • Locate the Foundry Segment
      • Broken Bane of Grineer, Corpus and Infested
      • Foundry Segment
    • Find the Resource Cache
      • Broken Equilibrium, Enemy Sense and Flow
      • Morphics, Polymer Bundles and Salvage
    • Obtain the nav segment
  • Venus Junction [Collect 20 Mods, Complete Vor’s Prize,Apply 4 Mods, Upgrade a mod to R2, Defeat an Eximus on Earth]
    • 2.5k creds
    • Furis BP
    • Taxon BP
    • North Wind
    • Stormbringer
    • 500 Salvage
  • Try to get a “proper” set of unbroken mods on Mercury
    • Serration via Spy 2.0 or Grineer Scorpions
    • Hornet Strike via Spy 2.0 (at this stage of the game)
    • Pressure Point - Super common, by this stage you’ll have a proper one regardless, unless you’re super unlucky
    • Point Blank - Get them from infested crawlers, will be useful if you want to use shotguns later
  • Mercury Junction [Defeat Jackal on Fossa, 10 waves Tessera 1mission, Rescue Hostage from Linea, Defeat 10 Eximi on Venus]
    • Once Awake [Quest]
    • Howl of the Kubrow [Quest]
    • Boltor BP
    • Broken Streamline, Fast Deflection
    • 1000 Salvage
  • Finish all the nodes on mercury. By unlocking all nodes on a planet, you unlock Nightmare mode, and the ability to plant Extractors in that planet!
  • Nightmare mode - Is a mission with a challenge, higher level enemies and x3 damage multiplier. These missions at your level should be a challenge and should be treated as such. Do the objective, get out. But why subject yourself to more challenge? Does it drop anything? It drops nightmare mods on completion, of which are a set of rare mods with 2 stats on them. Think, firerate & punch through (Shred), Reload Speed & Cold (Chilling Reload) and way more!
  • A visit to your first relay! [Optional] For PC, this is Mercury, PS4 on Earth and XBone on Venus
    • Visit Cephalon Simaris, who’ll induct you into the hunt, useful for bits on endo and various other equipment.
    • Check our various - various syndicates, you’ll be getting into them soon
  • Once Awake [Quest]
    • Investigate Bio Weapon - Mercury, M Prime
    • Exterminate the Infestestation - Mercury, Terminus
    • Defend the Cascade Bomb - Mercury, Lares
  • Sidetrip to Maroo’s Bazaar! - Get your first Ayatan Sculpture, something you’ll need in the early game. [Optional]
    • As much as possible try to finish these as quickly as possible. Try not to deal with enemies and focus on the objective.
    • If you get the Void, hope for some rare mods in the treasure room of the Ayatan Sculpture, you’ll see more of this later when you have permanent access to the void.
    • If you get the Derelicts, stay a little bit, it’s pretty good for Neurodes, Nano Spores and O Cells for this stage of the game
      • Alternatively, if you want to use shotguns, stay awhile to farm Point Blank here!
  • Mars Junction [Complete Once Awake, Defeat 150 Frontier Grineer on Earth, Collect 500 Rubedo, Complete Suisei, Mercury]
    • Codex Scanner
    • The Archwing [Quest]
    • Fragor BP
    • Void Relic Segment
    • Lith S1 Relic
  • Archwing [Quest]
    • Intro
    • Recover the Orokin Archive Venus, Tessera
    • Extract the Odonata Archwing Wings BP Venus, Aphrodite
    • Extract the Odonata Archwing Harness BP Earth, Mantle
    • Extract the Odonata Archwing System BP Venus, E Gate
    • Build the Odonata
    • Find Corpus intelligence about the Balor Formorians - Venus, Montes
  • Now that you’ve got Archwing finished, go back to Venus, Earth and Mars to complete them. To unlock extractors and nightmare mode
  • Howl of the Kubrow [Quest] [Optional]
  • People keep asking how to find cephalon fragments, I get that and understand. Little bastards are hard to find at times. If you’re having immense difficulty in locating those things, try getting Thief’s Wit (Mod) or Animal Instinct (Mod) and keep a lookout on the minimap, this blue thing is what you’re looking for:

    Otherwise it’s much better to keep a lookout for them in normal missions. They’re massive blue polygons that are slightly

  • Phobos Junction [Defeat 150 enemies in a single mars mission, scan 3 cephalon fragments, open 3 lith void relics]
    • Stolen Dreams [Quest]
    • Kraken BP
    • Fast Hands
    • Cipher BP
    • Thief’s Wit
  • Stolen Dreams - This is your introduction to the spy game mode!
    • Capture Maroo - Mars, Tharsis
    • Take an Arcane Codex - Venus, Unda
    • Take the Grineer Arcane Codices - Mercury, Pantheon
    • Take the Corpus Arcane Codices - Phobos, Roche
    • Find the Arcane Machine - Mars, Alator ← Where you left off
      • Scan Arcane Boiler
      • Ether Daggers BP
      • Orokin Catalyst
  • An expedition into the Void! Here’s an important place to go to for your basic unbroken mods. As a checklist, you can look for the following mods, although this is optional, treasure rooms in the void contain most of the mods that form the backbone of modding. I highly recommend you search for them.
    • Barrel Diffusion
    • Hell’s Chamber
    • Split Chamber
    • Vital Sense
    • Continuity
    • Flow
    • Intensify
    • Streamline
  • Your first crafted Warframe, Rhino. Go back to Venus, Fossa and farm yourself all the parts of Rhino, Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems if you haven’t already. With Phobos, you’ll find the last resource needed to craft Rhino, Plastids.
  • Ceres Junction [Defeat the Seargeant at Iliad, Phobos, Defeat Lt. Kril at War, Mars, Defeat 300 Arid Grineer on Mars, Refine a Void Relic once] > Trinity Spectre is a bitch remove your Artax and get a high powered weapon
    • 5k Credits
    • Vulkar BP
    • Fever Strike
    • Swirling Tiger
  • Jupiter Junction [Complete Archwing Quest, Defeat Vor and Kril at Exta on Ceres, Survive 10m at Draco, Defeat a Prosecutor on Ceres.]
    • 7.5k Credits
    • Amphis BP
    • Rubedo Lined Barrel
    • Enchanced Durability
    • Cutting Edge
  • Europa Junction [Complete Stolen Dreams, Complete Teshub, Void, Craft a Warframe Specter]
    • Physique
    • Cestra
    • Limbo Theorem
    • The New Strange

Right now this should really get you more than started when it comes to playing Warframe. If you’ve made it this far it’s already taken you to about half where the game is, and where it’s going to start getting a bit more exciting. I will probably continue this, but for now, this will have to suffice.

Mastery Rank Tests

  • MR1 - Primary Weapon Exterminate 3 Waves
  • MR2 - Secondary Weapon Exterminate 3 Waves
  • MR3 - Melee Weapon Exterminate 3 Waves (After this, you should choose at least one syndicate!)
  • MR4 - “Survive Onslaught” 1 minute 30s of Infested enemies
  • MR5 - “Hackathon” Hack 6 Consoles in a time limit. +1 Extractor
  • MR6 - “Marksmanship” Fire and hit targets in a time limit +1 Loadout Slot
  • MR7 - Timed Exterminate, no restrictions 3 Waves increasing difficulty

Missions & Types (TBD)

Hills of Eidola - Plains of Eidolon

Q: How does one get standing?

Q: Why are there no sigils for me to equip for standing

A: Do bounties (essentially PoE missions), fish or mine. The former gives straigh up standing, while the latter gives resources you can trade for standing

Q: What is that massive thing that roams around at night? Can I kill it?

Q: Can I kill the large thing that moves around at night?

Q: What are the small blue things that roam around at night? Why can’t I damage it after awhile?

A: First, you can kill it, how is a spoiler, so stop reading here if you don’t want to get spoiled. Those are all sentients, and you need your operator to (for the big one) destroy the shield and (for the small ones) kill it in eatherial form. They drop cores, which are used to trade in standing at the Quills

Q: What are the Quills, where is it?

A: Again spoilers, stop here if you don’t want to be spoiled. You need to have finished Saya’s Vigil, go to Hok’s anvil and take the path around the left, when you see the rocks, hug them until you see a door similar to TWW, go into operator mode and it will open.

Q: What are those small things that float around?

A: If these are the ones you’re talking about, they’re cetus wisps. You cannot hurt or scan them, but you can pick them up by walking on them, they’re used as a resource.

Q: Where do I obtain x?

A: Odds are it’s all fishing / mining parts. Just try your hand in those and see where it leads. (List later)

Q: How do I exit the plains?

A: Go out the way you came. Go back to the door to cetus and it will load.


Q: How do I fish?

A: Go get a spear from the fishing lady near the start of cetus, stand by any body of water in the plains with the spear out and listen. When you hear a bubbling noise, start looking, if you see a fish, simply spear it.

Q: Are the dyes worth it?

A: For now, even if they aren’t reusable they are. Being able to see fish helps you learn how they swim and where they spawn, which is invaluable experience. It also helps immensely when fishing in the night

Q: How does bait work?

Q: How long does bait last?

A: It simply increases the spawn rate, making fish spawn more often when the bait is out. It also increases the spawn rate of much rarer fish, of which some still spawn without bait, and some that spawn only with bait. Throw bait into hotspots, which are small white bubbling patches on the surface of the water, these move around constantly. Bait lasts 30s, but in hotspots, they last longer.

Q: Is there any benefit to getting more spears?

A: It allows you to catch better fish, but they’re all one in the same mostly (might be a bug)


Q: How do I mine?

A: Get the mining laser from the mining guy in plains of eidolon (a pickaxe icon on the map), holding it out shows a new ui, on the left, number of ores, on the right, how far or close one is to an ore. Simply listen to the beeping, the faster it gets the closer your crosshair is to the ore. When you see one, aim, it will show an outline, trace it to retrieve the ore

Q: Does doing a better outline give more loot?

A: As my testing goes, yes. The more bars you fill up at the top makes the ore drop more loot.

Q: Difference with mining lasers?

A: Each one allows you to get later and later gems and ores, for the last tier sentient gems, but otherwise they function the same. The higher ones have less ‘shaky’ lasers

Eidolon Hunting

Q: How does one hunt an Eidolon?

A: In a quick run down

  • Get Eidolon lures (2 in total) and power them up by killing Vombalysts (until they’re eatherial, being near the lure sucks them in) Skipping this step makes the Eidolon teleport when you destroy a weak point.
  • Break shields with operator
  • Shoot with normal weapons glowing arms, legs, when it blows up and turns into a mass of energy, repeat step 2~3 until accomplished 4 times
  • Wait for invuls to end, when it does, break shields one last time and kill normally.

Q: What does killing an Eidolon give?

A: Mostly right now Sentient cores and Eidolon shards, which are for standing and crafting. It also occasionally drops mods that the drop table should have. Check near the beginning of the handbook to find out.

Q: What do I do with Eidolon shards?

Q: What do I do with Brilliant Eidolon shards?

Q: Right now, regular shards are for ranking up as well as crafting ingredients. Brilliant shards can be turned in your focus screen (Focus Conversion on the lower right) for 25k focus ea.

I’m currently working on a spy tutorial, but since it’s not finished, take a gander at this walkthrough of literally every single spy vault in game. It’s made by /u/Happy_Prime

Q: What is a datamass / how do I get it?

A: It’s a pickup item that spawns only during mobile defense and will spawn close to your start. When you interact with it, you pick it up and can only use your secondary and melee. This is required for the mission, and the mission will not be completable if you leave this behind.

Q: What is this blue circle around the cryopod?

A: That’s the mission start. As long as you don’t touch it, the mission won’t start. If you’re new, you can look around the map for a few resources, and a bit of energy before you start defending.

Quests (TBD)



Q: If I potato / use a catalyst on a frame is it permanent?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use multiple potatoes / reactor on my warframe?

A: No

Q: Do I have to wait until lvl 30 to potato / reactor my warframe?

A: No, once used it will always double your mod capacity. So if you potato it at lvl 3 it gains +3, but when you level it to 30, it will also give +30.

Q: Do I have to potato / reactor my frame after every forma?

A: No, potatoes are permanent. Feel free to forma it at any time.

Q: What’s this new locked slot beside the aura?

A: That’s an exilus slot, unlocked by an exilus adaptor. You can only put in exilus mods into it. (See modding for exilus mods)

Q: I found a Warframe that I like, where do I find the blueprints/ parts for it?

A: Here is a list of places to get them from, sorted by name. They are generally dropped by bosses on an assassinate node or via quest. 1 Bosses 2 Quests 3 Other

Q: I’ve been killing Eximii / Eximus / Eximuses [Redundancy for search] where’s my Oberon parts?

A: It’s not a really high chance. My suggestion is just play through the game, you’ll get the parts eventually.

Q: What are prime frames?

A: Lore wise, they’re prototypes (the original frames), gameplay wise, they give minor buffs to shields / armor / health / energy. Otherwise they’re basically the same as the normal ones.

Q: How do I get prime frames?

A: Simple, you farm for the relic with your prime part, then play a fissure of the same level. Each frame has 4 parts - Blueprint, Systems, Chassis and Neuroptics

Q: What does it mean for something to be “vaulted”?

A: It means they are no longer farmable for the time being, think about it as out of rotation.

Prime Frames Rotation [Current]

  • Saryn Prime
  • Vauban Prime
  • Nekros Prime
  • Valkyr Prime
  • Banshee Prime
  • Helios Prime
  • Oberon Prime
  • Hydroid Prime

Vaulted Frames and Companions

Everything is assumed prime, I really don’t need the redundancy

Frame Drop Frame Drop Frame Drop
Ash Grineer Manics3 Limbo The Limbo Theorem2 Saryn Kela De Thaym


Atlas Jordas Golem

Jordas Precept2

Loki Hyena Pack (Neptune)1 Titania The Silver Grove2
Banshee Dojo (Clan)3 Mag The Seargent (Phobos)1 Trinity Cap. Vor & Lech Kril (Ceres)1
Chroma New Strange2 Mesa Infested Alad V

Patient Zero2

Valkyr Alad V


Ember Sargas Ruk (Saturn)1 Mirage Hidden Messages2 Vauban Alert Drops
Equinox Tyl Regor (Uranus)1 Nekros Lephantis ( ODA /

Orokin Derelict Assassinate)1

Volt Dojo (Clan)3
Excalibur Ambulas (Pluto)1 Nezha Dojo (Clan)3 Wukong Dojo (Clan)3
Frost Lech Kril (Mars)1 Nidus Oestrus (Infested Salvage)3 Zephyr Dojo (Clan)3
Gara Bounties (Earth) - Plains of Eidolon Nova Raptor (Europa)1
Harrow Chains of Harrow2 Extraction Missions Nyx Phorid

(Infested Invasions)1

Hydroid Vay Hek (Earth)1 Oberon Eximii Drop3

see below as well

Inaros Sands of Inaros2 Octavia Octavia’s Anthem2
Ivara Spy Vaults3 Rhino Jackal (Venus)1
Excalibur [F] Rhino Volt Odonata
Frost Nova Ash Wyrm
Ember Nyx Trinity Carrier
Mag Loki Kavasa

Legend [U] - Unvaulted [F] - Founders, Permanent Vault.

Next to be Vaulted

Q: If a frame gets vaulted, do I get to keep the frame?

A: Yes, of course!

Q: You said nothing about Excalibur Prime, is he still farmable?

A: No, he’s not in the prime vault and he’s not farmable. He was part of the founder’s package back when the game was first released. He is currently unobtainable by any means. He will never be obtainable ever again.

Q: How does vaulting work?

A: All relics that will be vaulted will be removed from droptables. Anything else you have, you will keep. This includes the relics themselves, the items, parts and crafted items.

Q: Will the vault be reopened?

A: Yes, they occasionally bring out older vaulted frames.

Q: When does the vault open?

A: Noone really knows, it just kind of opens and closes, but there’s usually an announcement or an event to go along with it

Warframes - Roles (TBF Ongoing)


  • DMG- How much their damage is via nukes / abilities
  • CC - Crowd control, stuns / sleep / slows etc
  • Tank - How well they can take damage
  • Support/ Buff - Just as the name says
  • Heals - Heals others, some frames that can heal themselves only don’t count
  • Utility - Other stuff that doesn’t suit the others (Basically bonus points)
  • Ease of use - How easy it is to play compared to other frames. Lower number means it’s easier to play.

For now, x denotes roles. Numbers will come later. (TBF)

Abilities (TBD) Thinking of a way to add augments and display


Q: Should I potato / use an orokin catalyst on x?

A: A general rule of thumb is if you feel that it’s good, that’s the best for you. However, it’s a pretty good idea NOT to potato / upgrade the mk 1 weapons and to experiment before you potato a weapon.

Q: If I potato / use a catalyst on a weapon is it permanent?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use multiple potatoes / catalysts on my weapon?

A: No

Q: Do I have to wait until lvl 30 to potato / catalyst my weapon?

A: No, once used it will always double your mod capacity. So if you potato it at lvl 3 it gains +3, but when you level it to 30, it will also give +30.

Q: How do I use forma? I heard you can upgrade weapons with it.

A: On a lvl 30 or maxxed piece of equipment, go to upgrade, on the bottom right side, there should be an action button. Once you click on it, you have a choice to forma your weapon to give it another polarity.

Q: What are prime weapons?

A: Lore wise, they’re prototypes (the original weapons), gameplay wise, they give minor buffs to

Q: How do I get prime weapons?

A: Simple, you farm for the relic with your prime part, then play a fissure of the same level.

Q: What does it mean for something to be “vaulted”?

A: It means they are no longer farmable for the time being, think about it as out of rotation.

Q: What weapons should I get first?

A: See the DapperMuffin Approved List below.

Prime Weapon Rotations [Current]

Everything is assumed prime, I really don’t need the redundancy





Ash X X 3 Invis and easy finishers, doesn’t really do much else apart from “Nothing personnel” stuff. Seeking shuriken is nice, but who needs it when you can just open enemies to finishers (apart from bosses)
Atlas X X X 5 They don’t call him one punch man for nothing. Not as tanky as one may assume. Passive is immensely helpful. Walls good at locking index, and blocking intercept points from capture.
Banshee X X X X 7 Sonar is the best uncontested DPS boost in the game. No defensive skills or stats means you’re a glass cannon. Reso quake decent for cheesing some missions
Chroma X X 2 Immensely tanky, gets more damage when you get hurt. Can reach some of the highest EHPs in the game.
Ember X X X 4 One of the best dps buffers in the game. +400% fire damage is no joke. Can run a CC build with Firequake, and can clear most starchart missions with ease. Very energy dependent.
Equinox X X X X X X 6 Where Oberon is a JoAT, Equinox is a MoAT. Does not excel very well against armor, however 4xCP makes her able to scale into the game as high as you want. Immensely versatile, bring her to literally any mission.
Excalibur X X X 5 The posterboy, all around decent, occasionally subject to JoAT modding
Frost X X X 4 The king of defense missions. Can easily strip armor with ult. Immensely good CC with Avalanche
Hydroid X X X X 5 CC, Armor Strip (Augment) and Farm Accelerator. Most abilities are unremarkable without their augments Slight improvements with the “rework” but otherwise basically the same.

Puddle simulator gameplay now viable.

Harrow X X X X 5 Decently classed support that acts more like an offensive Trinity. Gives pretty good CC and utility, but suffers from caster’s syndrome, where you spend abit too much time using skills.
Inaros X X X 3 Immensely tanky, can kill basically anything with a Covert Lethality Dagger. CC immensely useful
Ivara X X X 6 Arrows have immense utility, Navigator is very situational and barely used (unless for memes), prowl (infiltrate) allows for super easy spies. Generally well rounded, but pretty squishy
Limbo X X X 7 Limbo 2.0 is not as clunky as he was before. Stasis is immensely good, although not very fun to play with a team. Nerfed Cataclysm 2.0 still does decent amounts of damage. Same utility as before.
Loki X X 1 IrradDisarm is one of the best CC in the game, Invis is great utility, especially for Stealth multipliers
Mag X X 5 Much better with allies, can lockdown tight corridors, but hates being out in the open. Pair with projectile weapons and weapons that are difficult to aim / land shots with
Mesa X X X 2 Deals a fuckton of damage, can survive basically everything, however, that’s mostly what she’s good at. Use a different frame if you want to do something else.


Mirage X X X 3 Mostly damage, but has a niche role in full buffs. Blind from ult is relatively useful.

Synergy with Simulor has been removed-ish because of simulor nerfs, still pairs well with things like an ignis / launchers

Nekros X X X X X 4 The king of loot and survivals. Can desecrate for mad loot, which includes life support, resources, credits and mods.
Nezha X X X X 3 Think Rhino, but as a more defensive support. Augment brings him well into the meta as he can defend hostages and allies.
Nova X X X X 4 Good all rounder, can fit in basically any team composition. Utility includes portals and speeding up / slowing down defenses
Nidus X X X X 2 Think super offensive vauban. Massive aoe lockdown, scaling, and damage resistance. Combos very well with high damage aoe weapons. Not really buffing allies due to needing link to protect self. Not good for short missions, or pairing with tons of other damage frames. Relies on stacks too much.
Nyx X X X 3 Outclassed by alot of frames unfortunately. Assimilate meta is back :pogchamp:
Oberon X X X X X 5 All around JoAT. Actually decent now, can be used in sorties but has energy problems even at max efficiency. Keeps allies tanky, and decent utility with rad procs. Damage scales, but has problems with energy.
Rhino X X X 1 Newbie’s choice, tank, buffs, cc and all around ease
Saryn X X X 3 Massive aoe viral/toxin, high sustain with 3 + naramon. Can survive pretty long with regenerative molt as well
Titania X X X 4 Most of her abilities are subpar at best, however, archwing mode is really decent damage and is pretty dang fun
Trinity X X X X 4 The cornerstone of the meta, support / tank queen supreme
Valkyr X X X 2 You play this frame for the invuls and tankiness, buffs and easy finishers. Choice pick for newbies to learn the game along with Rhino
Vauban X X 6 The uncontested king of CC. Literally all his abilities are CC or utility. He also used to be farmed in rot C, fitting.
Volt X X X 5 Starter frame, one of the most balanced frames in the game. Shield scales immensely well into the game as it is duration based and not hp based. Do not pick up shield and run at the same time, pity your energy pools please. Cheap cc, utility and a great passive (compared to other passives)
Wukong X X 3 Can’t die, modded correctly and played properly. Unfortunately, that’s all he’s good at. Outclassed by other frames in everything else though
Zephyr X X X X 3 Immensely good at being a tank, most melee attacks will kill her though. Takes awhile to get used to her controls. CC is good, but annoying. No real damage to speak of.
Braton Akbronco Fang
Burston Bronco Fragor
Cernos Lex Galatine
Paris Spira Nikana
Tigris Euphona Venka
Sybaris Ballistica Silva & Aegis
Nami Skyla

Prime Vault

Latron Prime Sicarus Prime Bo Prime Vectis Prime Soma Prime
Reaper Prime Glaive Prime Hikou Prime Dual Kamas
Boar Prime Boltor Prime Scindo Prime
Dakra Prime Ankyros Prime Vasto Prime Skana Prime [F]
Aklex Prime Lato Prime [F]

Legend [U] - Unvaulted [F] - Founders, Permanent Vault.

Q: Will the vault be reopened?

A: Yes, they occasionally have an “unvaulting” which lasts a week or so.

Q: How does vaulting work?

A: All relics that will be vaulted will be removed from droptables. Any you have you will keep.

The DapperMuffin Approved List™

These weapons are hand picked for 3 distinct categories. They are easy to obtain, easy to mod and easy to use. When I say this, it means that stuff like the Lex Prime do not fit easily in this as it requires 2 Primed mods to make it shine. The Atterax as well needs something like a rare mod called Maiming Strike to bring it to endgame content. The Penta tends to kill you more than it kills enemies. The Tonkor is a crutch to most of the game’scontent and in my opinion tends to kill enjoyment as you get bored with a single weapon. The list goes on etc. etc.

This list is mainly a suggestion, it is in no way the best list of weapons. However, these are the weapons that I find most comfort in using, stuff that just feels right, shoving your comfort weapons in someone’s face and never letting up is something I would never do. So if you feel that the list is completely wrong, then that’s your opinion, and these aren’t the comfort weapons for you.

  • DMR - Sybaris (Dex) MR5 The Sybaris and it’s variant works very well compared to other rifles like the latron and the grinlok. The former of which is a slightly outdated weapon which barely does it’s job, the grinlok on the other hand is more of a sniper (on a scale from rifle to sniper). Dex variant comes around every year, for free with a potato around March/ April

  • Rifle - Braton Prime MR0 The base damage, status and generally very well rounded stats allow you to deal with basically any threat the starchart offers. This includes the likes of dealing with nullifiers and arctic eximi, with their forms of cover, since the Braton isn’t crit based. However for later parts of the game doesn’t scale as well. It is an immensely good workhorse of a weapon.

  • Shotgun - Hek MR4 & Vaykor Hek MR12 The Hek and it’s variants are a straight upgrade to the Strun and generally the middle of spam everything Boar (Prime) and Reload Simulator Tigris (Prime / Sancti). Its 4/8 shots give great power with a decent range, middling that of the previous extremes. The only difficulty in making the Hek is getting the 5 Neurodes.

  • Bow - Dread MR0 & Rakta Cernos MR12 The Dread is one of the easiest bows to get (as many of us know) yet, it still packs a huge punch. With a single crit mod, one can get the Dread to orange crit, getting thousands to ten of thousand crits. The Rakta Cernos is really the only choice in my opinion as a late game bow. The immensely fast charge speed (.25s) as a base allows you to fire endlessly at the oncoming crowd.

  • Sniper - Rubico MR5 5 Rounds, that beautiful noise on shot and the highest crit multiplier on any sniper grants this sniper a spot in my list. This compared to the Vectis (Prime) means that you have a good reload every 5 shots compared to reloading every shot with the Vectis and it’s Prime variant. It is a forgiving rifle in that sense, great for newbies, yet still decently relevant for Veterans.

  • Pocket Shotgun - Brakk MR0 Easily obtainable through raids (check the Raid Schoolbus if you can), this hand cannon can and will decimate anything standing a few meters away from you. Great reload, firerate and clip allows you to dump entire clips into enemies in just a few seconds.

  • Burst Pistol - Sicarus MR3 & Sicarus Prime MR7

**_ _**The Sicarus is something that I will recommend to any newbie. In comparison, one of the other “highly recommended”

  • Pocket Rifle - Marelok MR5 & Vaykor Marelok MR6 Accurate with great all around stats, along with a syndicate proc make this one of the few secondaries that can rival most primaries. Heck, it’s occasionally a better sniper than snipers are at this point. Mod it for both crit and status as necessary

  • SMG - Akstilleto (Prime) MR2 Pretty simple, you need dakka, you get dakka. Akstilletos, especially the prime version can run status and crit builds worthy of endgame content.

  • Akimbo Pistols - Akjagara MR3 & Akbolto MR0 & Telos Akbolto MR6 Simple and reliable the Akjagara’s only weakness is it’s absurd recoil. Slap some Steady Hands and go to town on everything. The Akbolto & Telos versions are wonderfully balanced. Decent all around stats with the only downside having to lead shots because of the travel time.

  • Arm Laser - Synoid Gammacor (Regular Gammacor don’t do shiiiiiiit) MR6

Energy (Syndicate Proc), damage and having a fucking space laser on your arm. What else could you ask for?

  • Sound Cannon - Sonicor MR2 Although you might need a taxi to get some resources

If this doesn’t convice you to use this, I can’t do anything else.

  • Polearm - Orthos (Prime) MR2 Its reach is absurd, especially with a max (primed) reach. You can quite literally kill nullifiers and their bubbles behind walls with this.

  • Hammer - Jat Kittag MR5 My favorite melee in the entire game. Great with quick attacks, continuous use, finishers etc. Just the mod Vulcan Blitz should tell you how good this weapon is. Has a knack of sending people into the ground or outer space, depending on tileset.

  • Greatsword - Galatine MR3 & Galatine Prime MR13 When you need DPS, you get DPS. These are the gods of melee. Although the War and the Galatine P may be hard to farm, the regular Galatine is not, and can carry you through most of the game without a single care in the world.

  • Fisting - Hirudo MR7 Crits, lifesteal and the ability to go ATATATATATATATATATATAT guarantees a this weapon a slot on this list.

  • Nikana - All the Nikanas as of U19 MR4+ Overall great stats, especially attack speed and crit. Easily usable throughout any mission. Use it to finish off enemies easily, as it blends combat together very well.

Focus 2.0

Q: Which is the best school?

A: That’s mostly opinion based. However, as a quick rundown, here are the schools and their main benefit.

  • Naramon -
  • Zenurik - Free energy, as in tons
  • Madurai - Damage, tons of it
  • Unairu - Armor and ‘Return damage’ effect
  • Vazarin - Instant revives & healing

It’s best to choose which school you’re probably going to use the most.

Q: I see people only use the focus for a second. How do I stop my focus?

Q: I see people pop in and out of focus mode, how do you do that?

A: Hold your focus button. It should stop your focus.

Q: It says quills needed to unlock or something what do I do?

A: PoE’s Saya’s Vigil is the quest to unlock the rest of Focus 2.0

Q: Where do I get lenses?

A: Either get it from the market, trading or via PoE’s bounties

Q: I have a greater lens, but I can’t trade it / it doesn’t show in the trade menu. What gives?

A: Greater lenses cannot be traded in any way. They can only be obtained in the market / via sorties

Q: Which school is best for x frame?

Q: What lens should I equip for x frame?

A: It doesn’t really matter. The lenses are only there to gain focus, the effects are universal as long as you equip it

Q: How do lenses work? Why am I not getting focus?

A: Lenses change affinity past lvl 30 to focus. If you’ve forma’d something. then since it’s not 30, it gains no focus.

Q: My passives aren’t working!

A: You need to use focus at least once in the mission before they start affecting you.

Q: Will I lose my potato / forma / lens if I forma/ potato or lens it?

A: Anything that you put it, will stay on the weapon. If it’s potatoed before, it stays potatoed. The only one that changes, is if you put a lens into another equipment with a lens. You lose the old lens

Lv30 Equipment +Lens Lv 30 Equipment with Lens
Potatoed,Formad Lv 30 Equipment +Lens Potatoed, Formad Lv30 Equipment with Lens
Lv30 Equipment with Lens +Forma Lv0 Equipment with Lens + Forma
Lv30 Equipment with Lens +Lens Lose old lens, Lv30 Equipment with new lens

Q: What are amps? What do they do?

A: Amps are basically weapons for the operator. Each amp has 3 parts, Prism (Weapon Type), Scaffold (Alt Fire) and Braces (Passive effect). They are obtained from Quill Onko from PoE.


Since, I’m personally not very invested into something like Archwing. I’ve found a guide that fits my standards well enough to be recognized in the handbook.

Here is /u/Mathemagician2TheMax’sQuick User Guide to Archwing


Q: How do I access my gear?

A: The default binding is “Q”

Q: How much gear can I bring along?

A: You have 12 slots, of which each item has a cap on how many you can bring. Ciphers for one, have a max of 200.

Q: What should I normally bring?

A: Generally, bring ciphers (utility), energy pizzas and a synthesis / codex scanner. Everything else is up to you.


Q: What are mods?

A: Mods are items that you can slot into your weapons, frames and companions that allow it to do more. Modding can be as simple as giving additional crit to a weapon, adding health to a frame, or as complex as building a frame for a certain ability. Mods are your power through the game, and are the reason why basically anything will scale. Without them, you’re immensely weak compared to the enemies you face.

Q: Can I get more that x slots to hold mods?

A: There is no way to increase the amount of mods your Warframe/ Weapon can hold, the only exception would be via Exilus Slots, however those are only usable once.

Q: Should I max “x”? (Primed mod / mod / rank 10)

A: Generally, you don’t need to max mods especially if you’re starting out. Getting to an r6-r8 is slightly better since it provides you bang for your buck. (See question right below why r6’s don’t need as much endo)

Q: How does status and elements work? Are they optional?

A: Unfortunately they are not optional. Status procs and elements are 2 completely different things, a weapon can do elemental damage without status procs.

Q: How does mod ranking with endo work?

A: A mod will have a base cost according to it’s rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary) this cost doubles for every rank that you upgrade it to. This means that the last 2 ranks of a r10 mod usually takes about 75%(50% and 25%), or triple what you place into it at r8 (25%)

Percentage of Endo used for a R10 mod

R0 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10
0 .1953125 .390625 .78125 1.5625 3.125 6.25 12.5 25 50 100

By ranking something to R6, you get 7/11ths (63.63%) of the benefit for only 6.25% of the cost. It’s similar to R8, having 9/11th (81.81%) of the benefit for 25% of the total cost.

Q: What’s that mod slot right above the main modding in melee?

A: That’s the stance mod slot. Think of it similar to an aura for warframes. It gives you more mod capacity and changes the way that your melee works in terms of combos / attacks.

Q: What are some of the important mods?

A: I love my lists and tables

Warframe (Basic Mods) [F]

how to craft limbo neuroptics theorum

As of Update 21 The Limbo Theorem Excavation missions will now guarantee will award you with the Limbo component blueprints (Limbo Neuroptic, You can craft the Limbo after completing the quest by purchasing the.

how to craft limbo neuroptics theorum
Written by Megrel
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