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How to craft rocket boots in terraria ios
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Greetings, Terrerian explorers! If you're reading this section, you've already checked out our Beginner's Guide, Midgame Guide and Things to Do Guide, right? What's that you say? You haven't read them? Well you should, because they're really helpful! 
We'll be updating this this article throughout the week. 

A Whole New World, Sort Of[edit]

Defeating the Wall of Flesh activates Hardmode, a New Game Plus for Terraria. Hardmode differs from the standard game in a number of ways.

Should I Activate Hardmode?[edit]

The decision to defeat the Wall of Flesh and initiate Hardmode should not be made lightly. Hardmode significantly alters the Terraria experience. The relaxed pace of exploration will, for a time, become frustrating as your suddenly-under-equipped character struggles to gather the most basic of resources. The rapid spread of the Hallow and Corruption means you'll be forced to take new, sometimes tedious measures for containment. The Hardmode bosses are largely endurance matches which some players may find frustrating and irritating.

Conversely, Hardmode allows you to construct an enormous number of new Items. Some of these allow the player to use exciting new abilities like Flight. Hardmode also puts a greater focus on magical Items and {[Spells]} thanks to the presence of the Wizard. If you enjoy tinkering with Crafting or if you have a completionist nature, Hardmode may be for you.

Getting Your House in Order[edit]

Time pressure on the player increases when the player enters Hardmode. New enemies make travel and exploration very dangerous, and The Corruption starts to spread at a frightful rate.

It's advisable to make some Hardmode preparations before defeating the Wall of Flesh. Collect some Coins and use the Goblin Tinkerer to buff your favorite Weapons for increased damage and Armor for increased protection.

Collect and store a ton of Sand, Wood, and Purification Powder. You'll need plenty of all three in Hardmode.

Consider consolidating your village into a single walled fortress with space of all of your NPCs inside the compound. A high-rise structure with Wooden Platforms acting as stairs works well. Remember that each NPC's quarters should include at least a Door, a Chair, a Work Bench, and a place to stand. You can assign and check the suitability of rooms via the housing menu.

It is also possible to render your base as a "floating" structure by mining out the blocks beneath the bottom floor. It's a cool effect and can be a practical defensive precaution.

Once you've built your headquarters, mark an area at least 100 blocks from each of the the walls, and build a trench at least four blocks wide all the way around both sides and beneath this area. Full this entire hollow moat with Wood. After Hard Mode activates, the Corruption and Hallow will spread so quickly that you'll need this buffer to prevent your headquarters from being overrun. Wood is immune to Corruption and Hallow, and a four-block wide Wooden wall helps prevent these Biomes from infecting susceptible blocks on the other side. Since NPCs don't spawn near The Corruption, you need the buffer zone.

Depending on your patience, you might want to protect a larger portion of the world this way before Hardmode activates, although there's a chance that you might create a bit of extra work for your trouble. Large zones of Corruption and Hallow spawn randomly the moment you defeat the Wall of Flesh might overlap some of your work. If this happens, dig quickly to any Corruption that's managed to cross your Wood buffer and clean it out completely with Purification Powder.

Also, you may want to stock up on a few handy Items which will be harder to obtain after the World changes. Go to the sea on one edge of the map and gather some Coral and Shark Fins, and scour the desert for some Waterleaf.

Making Your Own Fun[edit]

Hardmode has less of a linear focus than the previous section of the game. Exploration, ingredient gathering, and Crafting all occur at a slower and more measured pace.

The three Hardmode bosses are immensely more powerful than the previous four. Their incredible hit point reserves and durability make them a formidable challenge and necessitate long periods of time spent gathering recipe components and rummaging through Chests for random Items.

You're also going to want to gather as much Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantine as possible. By smashing Demon Altars you cause these rare ores to spawn at locations throughout the World. Seek them out and create Anvils and full suits of Armor. Upgrading to more protective defenses makes Hardmode much easier to enjoy.

Hallowed be Thy Pain[edit]

The Hallow is an airy country teeming with Unicorns and rainbows. Unfortunately, it turns out that Unicorns are jerks. despite the cutesy appearance of the Hallow, it is inhabited by mean horrible creatures that try to kill you.

Since the denizens of the Hallow are such terrible hosts, you shouldn't feel bad for harvesting their organs to build cool gear. The subterranean sections of the Hallow are populated by creatures who drop Souls of Light, a valuable crafting material for Hardmode Items.

Swarming is a major concern in the underground Hallow. Use blocks to temporarily close passages and avoid getting hit from both sides, and keep your best available weapon well-stocked. Early on, a Minishark and plenty of high-end ammunition will see you through if you're conservative, but you'll want to upgrade your weapon as soon as you can.


One pre-Hardmode Weapon which remains remarkably effective after the switch over is the Star Cannon. The Star Cannon's damage and rate of fire are comparable to the best available Hardmode firearms.

The trouble with the Star Cannon is the relative rarity of ammunition. The Star Cannon uses Fallen Stars as a projectile. Since Fallen Stars can only be gathered, never purchased or crafted, it can be very difficult for a player to obtain an adequate supply.

One solution to this is for the player to build a simple high-altitude sky bridge across the upper reaches of the map. This is easier to accomplish pre-Hardmode, as the presence of Wyverns is not a threat. Running across a flat sky bridge at night allows a player to gather dozens of stars for use as ammunition at minimal risk.

Repeater Por Favor[edit]

Another relatively easy-to-craft Hardmode weapon is the Cobalt Repeater. This simple arrow-firing Weapon deals decent damage and is readily constructed from materials available after smashing a single Demon Altar.

The Repeater uses Arrows for ammunition. Unholy Arrows, Jesters Arrows, Hellfire Arrows and Cursed Arrows are preferred, but even Flaming Arrows can be effective in a Repeater.

As rare ores become more readily available, the player may upgrade to more powerful Mythril, Adamantine, and Hallowed Repeaters.

Dao of Pow

One relatively easily obtained weapon upgrade for Hardmode is the Dao of Pow, a powerful flail. Crafting it requires seven Souls of Light and seven Souls of Night. These are dropped by subterranean enemies in The Hallow and The Corruption, respectively.

You'll also need a single Light Shard and a single Dark Shard. Light Shards are dropped by Light Mummies, Dark Shards by Dark Mummies. These can be hunted down in Desert which has become hallowed or corrupted.

It's also possible to take some Pearlsand or Ebonsand from the Hallow and Corruption and transplant it to a relatively safe area. Laying a long, thin, and level layer of these materials often produces Mummy spawns if you step away for a time and then return.

You'll also need to smash at least two Demon Altars with your Pwnhammer to create the Mythril necessary for a Mythril Anvil. Once two Altars are broken, you'll find Mythril scattered throughout the World, ready to mine.

The Dao isn't the best of late-game Weapons, but it's effective enough against most common foes.

Shark Mark 2[edit]

One relatively quick weapon upgrade path in Hardmode is the Megashark, the Minishark's awesome big brother. The Megashark requires four components to craft:

  1. The Megashark
  2. Illegal Gun Parts
  3. Souls of Might
  4. Shark Fins

Three of these four Items can be obtained before activating Hardmode. The Megashark and Illegal Gun parts are readily available for sale. Shark Fins are a pain to gather, but the process is made much easier by employing Bottled Water, Waterleaf, and Coral in a Gill Potion.

Souls of Might are a much more difficult matter. They are dropped by the Destroyer, the Hardmode iteration of the Eater of Worlds. The Destroyer can be summoned over any corrupted area using an easily-constructed Mechanical Worm, but will only appear at night.

The Destroyer is a very tough enemy. Crazy insane tough. He deals megatons of damage and has so much Health that it is difficult to destroy him between dusk and dawn. If you manage to defeat him once you'll find yourself much better equipped to face the other perils of Hardmode, but winning your first battle with him requires preparation and luck.

Going Airborne[edit]

One of Hardmode's great delights is the power of Flight. Flying is made possible by Crafting and equipping number of Hardmode-specific Items.

Two sets of functionally identical wings are available to Hardmode players. These include the Angel Wings and Demon Wings. Wings allow a player to flap and gain altitude, and then slowly descend in a hover.

Wings may be supplemented by Rocket Boots and Spectre Boots to increase flight time and distance. A Winged character in Spectre boots can fly a great distance without grappling or landing.

The key ingredient in Flight-enabling Items are Souls of Flight, dropped by the Wyvern miniboss. Defeating the Wyvern can be difficult, but well-prepared players stand a good chance against him.

Before engaging the Wyvern, equip yourself with either a Demon Scythe, Dao of Pow, or Megashark. Equip the strongest Armor and HealthPotions you have access to, and craft several Gravitation Potions. Craft a large number of Wooden Platforms and climb to a Floating Island. Using the island as an anchor, construct two long parallel rows of Wooden Platforms over open space, one a few blocks above the other. These will serve as your combat zone.

When the Wyvern attacks vertically, dodge to the side and strike. When he approaches horizontally, switch elevations between platforms. Use Gravitation Potions to reverse gravity when dodging necessitates it, and then reverse again to return to your battleground. Exercise patience and avoid close range, head on conflict.

When the Wyvern falls, collect the Souls of Flight which drop from his head. Combined with the relatively plentiful Feathers and Souls of Light/Night, you should be well on your way to Wings.

Hopping Into Hardmode

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Terraria can randomly generate a huge world in a few seconds and fill it with dungeons, monsters, chests, underground jungles, flying islands and boss monsters. You can burrow or fly to every corner of the map, slaying enemies, looking chests and mining precious ore. You can craft powerful items, build a palace and become incredibly rich. Eventually.

When you're first dropped into the middle of your world, it can all be a bit overwhelming, and with just only a cryptic NPC as a guide, it can take a while to see what Terraria has to offer. We've put together this beginner's guide to help you survive your first nights in your new world. Read on for advice on mining, crafting and building your first home.

For any additional information on Terraria's items, monsters and environments, the superb Terraria wikia is essential. It's an in-depth resource for all things Terraria, and is especially useful if you want to find out how to craft or find the best items in the game. Before you can do that, you'll have to build yourself a home and get settled in your world. Here's how.

Kill all trees

The first thing you need is wood. In the beginning it's a good idea to build your house close to where you start. You will respawn in the same spot each time you die until you build a bed. One of the main frustrations of building by the spawn is that it puts you right next to the Guide NPC. He's supposed to offer advice to new players, but he ends up wondering in and out of your home at a whim, letting zombies and flying demon eyeballs in at night.

To get wood, chop trees with the axe. It won't look as though anything is happening for the first few swings, but keep at it. After enough hacks targeted at the same location, the entire tree will explode and shower wood down upon you. Aim at the very base, that way you won't leave annoying stumps behind, which means you'll get all of the wood the tree has to offer, and the space you clear will be flat and easy to build on.

Once you have wood, you can make a workbench. Pressing escape brings up your inventory menu. Below this, you'll see a list of the items you can craft with the materials in your pockets. Clicking on these items a couple of times will deposit them straight into your inventory. Once you've got a workbench, drop it into your task bar. Once you're back in the world, select the crafting table, with your mouse, or with one of the 1-9 hotkeys, and left click to plop it down on a flat bit of ground.

You'll find yourself interrupted constantly by Slimes. They hop around the surface in daylight hours, generally making a nuisance of themselves. They're as useful as they are irritating. Bludgeon them to death with your pickaxe (it has a faster swing and is more effective than a wooden sword against annoying hopping enemies like slimes). Dead slimes drop flammable gel and money. Gel can be combined with wood to create torches, invaluable for the cave exploring we'll be doing later on.

If you're worried about all the mass deforestation you're doing, you can plant acorns gathered from chopped trees. Given time, they will grow into a new forest.

Build a home

If you open up your inventory while standing near your new crafting table you'll be able to craft more advanced items. Before you start building, make sure you have lots and lots of wood. All of your starting items will be made out of the stuff. First, craft a sword and a hammer. Then, craft lots and lots of "wood wall" blocks.

A safe structure in Terraria must have a background wall. Placing wood walls on the landscape will create a wood panel backdrop. Once enclosed, this will stop monsters from spawning inside your house. You can place unprocessed wood directly onto the landscape to build walls. Create a rectangular background as big as you can, and then wall it off with wood blocks. If you build walls using dirt blocks, it won't count as a home, and you'll have plenty of awkward night time encounters with zombies appearing in your bedroom. Also note that your structure won't count if its frame is narrower than 10 blocks, or shorter than eight.

Next, craft a couple of doors. Use your axe to gouge three block high gaps at each end of your structure, and plant a door in each one. Doors can be opened and closed with a quick right click. When closed, they'll keep any creature out, unless there's a blood moon in the sky.

There are two ways of telling whether there's a blood moon out. The first is the colour of the moon itself, the second will be the zombie apocalypse erupting around you. Blood moon creatures can smash through doors. Your best bet in that circumstance is to hole yourself up in a corner, swinging wildly at the forces of darkness with your best weapon.

If you're building a two storey house, the best way to get between floors is to leave a gap in the floor/ceiling, and replace it with a wood platform. Pressing down when standing on a wood platform will let you drop down safely to the floor below.

Finally, craft a few torches, assign them to your taskbar, and plant them on the walls with a quick left click. Voila, you have a house! Later, friendly NPCs will move into abodes, if they're big enough, well lit, and have a table and chairs inside. Different NPCs will move in when different criteria are met. Once you have fifty silver coins, a merchant will appear. If you discover a crystal heart undergound, smash it and then activate it, a nurse will move in. Check out the Terraria wiki for more information on the different NPCs.

Furnaces, anvils, beds and chests

Your next focus should be stone. It's an extremely common material, and you're likely to find outcrops of the stuff on the surface. Wander for a few minutes in either direction and you should find enough to let you craft a furnace.

You'll need 20 stone, 4 wood and 3 torches to make one. You can place it in the environment in the same way as a crafting bench. With a furnace in your home, you'll be able to smelt more precious ores like iron, gold and silver.

Now you've got a base of operations, the exploration can begin. The most precious ores are miles from the surface. You'll have to head deep underground to get your paws on the best building materials. You can either wander the world in search of a natural sinkhole, or start digging within sight of some useful ore. Stone and copper are fairly common, but to begin with you'll want to keep your eyes open for iron. It's easy to miss because it looks quite similar to stone. Veins of iron are slightly darker and browner than stone. Here's a picture to demonstrate.

You can smelt 3 blocks iron ore into one iron bar. Iron bars can then be used to craft many items, but an anvil and a new pickaxe are good places to start. You can make an anvil out of five iron bars at your workbench. You'll need 12 iron bars and 3 bits of wood to craft an iron pickaxe. This will let you mine faster, speeding up the game considerably.

While underground, gathering iron, it's a good idea to swipe any cobwebs you see littering the place. This will get you silk. You can combine five silk with 20 wood to make a bed. Placing a bed in a valid home and then clicking on it will let you set a new spawn point. This is useful for a number of reasons. If you're extremely far underground, and don't want to travel back and forth between the surface, you can build a bed underground as a base of operations for mining.

Even on the surface, it's a good idea to move away from the default spawn point. Firstly, because it's a good way to get away from the Guide, secondly, because of goblin invasion. In Terraria, a horde of goblins will sometimes come charging across the map. No matter where your bed is situated, they will always attack the default spawn point, so planting a bed a few hundred metres in one direction or the other should let you escape the brunt of their charge.

As soon as you start amassing iron, it's a good idea to build a chest. You'll need two iron bars and eight chunks of wood to build it, but it'll give you somewhere to safely stow excess ore and items that you find on your travels. It's also a good idea to deposit money in your chest whenever you can. When you die in Terraria, you lose half of the money on your character at the time. If your fortune is safely stashed at home, it won't suffer if you, say, wander too close to the King Slime , or fall off a particularly high cliff.

Arm yourself

As you burrow deeper into the earth, you'll encounter stronger enemies. As soon as you come up against a Mother Slime or a group of charging skeletons, you'll probably find that your manky wooden weapon literally doesn't cut it anymore. The next step is to craft better weapons, and, if you've struck lucky with enough iron or silver, a suit of armour.

There are two types of sword you can craft, a shortsword or a broadsword. A broadsword is the recommended choice if you have the eight iron bars needed to craft it. It has a slow, wide swing that can knock back low level enemies like zombies and skeletons, but is also good at taking out the underground worms that leap out of the walls. The shortsword's quick, stabby motion is nowhere near as effective against these horrible creatures.

Armour takes a lot of ore to craft, which makes it a luxury when starting out. If you've got a ton of copper, it'll take 15 bars to craft a helmet, 20 to craft some greaves and 25 for a suit of copper chain mail. For iron armour, you'll need 20 bars for a helmet, 25 for some greaves and 30 for body armour.


You've got a house. You've got armour. You've got a sword that even a Mother Slime would fear. Now the game begins.

Once you're established, it's time to head out into the big wide world. There are numerous different environments you can discover as you travel further from the centre of the world. One of the most common is Corrupt lands. These are pink and grey areas populated by spiky brambles and flying Soul Eaters. They are not pleasant. Corruption also has a habit of growing, infecting surrounding lands and spreading poisonous mushrooms.

If you encounter Corrupt land near to your house, and want to stop its approach, dig a block or two deep and build a stone wall, or plant a sunflower. You can beat back the Corruption by digging the ground away, or by sprinkling purification powder on the ground.

As you explore underground, go out of your way to get to as many chests as you can. Underground chests hold special items and accessories that can't be crafted. These include items that will let you breathe underwater, or, if you're extremely lucky, rocket boots.

Crystal hearts are also extremely valuable. These can be found in their own cave networks underground. They can be smashed with a hammer and then consumed to increase your maximum life.

You may also encounter underground jungles as you continue to explore the depths. These contain golden jungle shrines that protect special items, but look out for swarms of giant hornets. If you burrow deep enough you will eventually encounter the underworld. This is rife with hellstone that can only be mined with a Nightmare pixkaxe. From here you can steal a hellforge, and use it to craft some of the best items in the game.

There's so much more to Terraria than this introduction can cover. We've not even mentioned floating islands,the huge boss monsters you can summon, or the enigmatic dungeon that spawns at the edge of every generated world. Hopefully you'll now be equipped to go out explore, and discover Terraria's best secrets yourself.

For more on Terraria, check out our pick of the best Terraria mods , or read our Terraria review .

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I can't craft spectre boots for some reason. Do I need normal unchanged Hermes boots for me to combine my rocket boots to make Spectre.

Goblin Army 


1/15 per day/night

Spawn Time

Goblin Army Event

2  70   ℹ️


175-275 Spiky Balls


Harpoon(0.5% chance per goblin)


Each of the items below only drop from the Goblin Summoner with a 33.3% chance in Expert Mode


Shadowflame Hex Doll


Shadowflame Knife


Shadowflame Bow


The Goblin Army is a horde of unique Goblin enemy characters, consisting of 5 different variations (6 if you count the Summoner), who have a 1/15 chance of invading on a particular day or night, provided a player has achieved a certain level of advancement in the game (see Conditions).

The total Goblin invasion will consist of 80 Goblins plus 40 Goblins for each player in the world with 200+ possible health. They spawn in waves of about 5-8 at a time. Although they can be incredibly difficult to defeat, a Goblin attack can be a welcome event, as they provide a good amount of items (some rather rare) in a fairly short amount of time. In total, the Goblin Army will drop 250-500 Spiky Balls, and sometimes the Harpoon, though this is semi-rare. Unfortunately, they do not provide many coins.

Most goblin monsters (besides the Sorcerer) can both open and break down doors. When a door is broken down, it appears as a thrown-away item on the ground that can be picked up again by a player and replaced. One way to keep goblins from breaking a door is to place a block behind the door.

When the Goblin Army event starts, a warning message will appear on the bottom-left of the screen that reads, A Goblin Army Is Approaching From The West/East!. The warning repeats 3 times to ensure the player is aware of the event, though the warning may appear less than that if the player is in the middle of a boss battle on the night prior to the attack, or if the player reaches 200 maximum health shortly before nightfall. When the goblins arrive, a new message will appear: The goblin army has arrived! along with a change in music. When the last wave of Goblins is on the screen, this message reads: A goblin army has been defeated! However, Goblins still alive and on screen will continue to attack you until you or they are dead.

After defeating The Goblin Army, there is a possibility for there to be another Goblin Invasion after 7 or more Terraria Days. Goblin armies will not spawn on either the Hallow or the Corruption and NPCs will not move in during a goblin invasion.


The criteria for a Goblin invasion to occur is as follows: [1]

  • One player in the game must have 200+ current life. (10 hearts)
  • There must not have been an invasion within 7 in-game days.
  • At least 1 Shadow Orb or 1 Pulsating Heart must have been destroyed.


  • Goblin Peon - A basic goblin with no special abilities or defense. They are considerably more vulnerable to knockback than the other goblins, being knocked back a lot even by weapons such as the Muramasa.
  • Goblin Sorcerer - A goblin variant that does not walk, but can teleport, and fires purple fireball projectiles that travel through walls. Their projectiles can be stopped midair with any weapon. They have very low health and defense, but tend to teleport behind walls, making them difficult to kill with most weapons. They are best defeated with weapons that travel through walls, like the Vilethorn or the Nettle Burst.
  • Goblin Thief - A goblin variant that moves faster, jumps higher, and breaks down doors faster than other goblins and most other typical walking enemies. Despite their name, they cannot steal from containers.
  • Goblin Warrior - A goblin variant that has much higher defense and health than other goblins, making them take the longest to kill. They are also slightly larger and much more resistant to knockback than the other kinds of goblins. However, they are also by far the slowest, so staying back and shooting at them from a distance won't be too difficult.
  • Goblin Archer - A goblin variant that first appeared in the 1.1 update for Terraria and that can shoot arrows at the player. When it has a clear line of sight, it takes a few seconds before it fires. This can be recognized when it's charging the bow it is holding. Hitting it while it is charging the bow will make it fumble, not firing the arrow.
  • Goblin Summoner - A goblin variant that is a Hardmode enemy for the goblin army. It summons Shadowflame Apparitions to attack the player. It drops Shadowflame-themed weapons, which apply a Shadowflame debuff, causing 5 damage per second.


  • The Goblin Scout is not a part of the army as they do not appear during actual invasions. They rarely spawn near the edge of the map and is the only source of Tattered Cloth. With 10 of them and 5 wood, one can make a Goblin Battle Standard (If they have a Loom) to summon one Goblin Army.
  • East/West is on the left/right side of the screen, respectively. The sun "rises" on the left side of your screen, thus beginning dawn. The Goblins will move to an area in which they can spawn from the stated side towards the original spawn point (for singleplayer). Once the Army has arrived, the Goblins will spawn near you so long as you are within the battle area.
  • NPCs will not respawn if they die until you have defeated the Goblin Invasion. Running about a hundred feet away from your home can prevent NPC deaths. Most of the Goblins' attacks have trouble reaching elevated, enclosed locations so NPCs living there would be safe.
  • Goblin Invasions and Blood Moons can occur at the same time. If this occurs, Zombies don't spawn until the Goblin army is destroyed.
  • Exiting your world during a Goblin Invasion will not result in the Goblins disappearing. The next time you log in, the Goblins will remain around the original spawn point.
  • Before the Goblin Army arrives, the player can go kill them before their arrival.
  • Rocket Boots used to be obtainable from an Invasion, with a small chance of being dropped by all enemies. They are now obtained through a new NPC, the Goblin Tinkerer.
  • Goblins don't always spawn on ground, they may spawn on higher ground built by the player.
  • Using a Goblin Battle Standard within 7 days of a previous Goblin Invasion will not make the text A Goblin Army is approaching from the East/West appear but after a while the Goblins may still spawn.
  • Goblin Armies spawned while the player is in the Underworld or dungeon will not appear until the player leaves the area.
  • Since update 1.2 Goblins have a chance to drop the Hard Mode boss summoning items.
  • Goblins can spawn on Floating Islands.
  • If you exit the world before all of the Goblins are dead, the event resets, useful for farming rare drops such as Biome Keys, the Harpoon, or even Mechanical Boss summon items.
  • The goblin army has less chance to spawn in Hardmode.

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I have rocket boots and Hermes boots, the guide says I can craft them both into Specter boots with a tinkerers workshop, which I have bought and placed, however when opening the crafting interface next to the workshop it doesn't come up with the Specter boots at all, is this a bug? Do I have to have passed a certain milestone or something? I haven't beaten skeletron yet, is that it??

"You know this 100 hour game we just got 2 hours into? IT SUCKS"
<3 this generations kids." my 360 GT: Atias85

I am on PS3, though also ran into this issue about 10 minutes ago. Go to the guide, and get him to show recipe. Then at the workshop pick "show available" instead of "show all" this ended up giving me the Spectre Boots as my only option.

PSN: MercuryEQ

Thanks I got it, I will send a quick tweet to 505 to make them aware of this.

"You know this 100 hour game we just got 2 hours into? IT SUCKS"
<3 this generations kids." my 360 GT: Atias85

i saw another person say that had trouble with this. weird. it worked like it should for me. o:

You can craft powerful items, build a palace and become incredibly rich. you breathe underwater, or, if you're extremely lucky, rocket boots.

Rocket Boots

  • 1

    Defeat a Goblin Army. To do so, have at least one player with 200+ health and have smashed at least one Crimson Heart or Corruption Orb. Once both requirements have been met, there is a small chance of a goblin battle arriving every morning at dawn (1 in 30 pre-hardmode, 1 in 60 hardmode)

  • 2

    After defeating the Goblin Army, find a cave and start going down it.

  • 3

    Keep on going down, until an NPC bound in ropes appears. Untie him, (by talking to him) and talk to him.

  • 4

    Select the "Rocket Boots" and buy them. (for 5 gold coins)

  • 5

    If you have made a house that is habitable by an NPC, he will spawn in, and live there at your convenience.

  • 6

    Don't worry about any bosses spawning, except the Eye of the Cthulhu. It may spawn if there are at least 3 NPCs in the world, including the Old Man, and if the Eye has not been yet defeated in that world. (This cannot happen during the day).

  • 7

    To upgrade your rocket boots even further, you may use a Tinkerer's Workshop (Also bought by the Goblin Tinkerer), to combine the Rocket Boots with either Hermes Boots, or Flurry Boots to make the Spectre Boots. Even further, you can make Lightning Boots, and even Frostspark Boots!

  • 8

    Enjoy your new Rocket Boots!

  • how to craft rocket boots in terraria ios


    Terraria Battle Standard Summon The Goblin Army Rocket Boots used to be obtainable from an Invasion, with a small chance of being dropped by all enemies.

    how to craft rocket boots in terraria ios
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