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How to craft the ascendant eternal gear

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How to craft the ascendant eternal gear
October 27, 2019 Books 2 comments

The Eternal Armor gear just isn't dropping. The drop rate is either abysmally low or not on the loot table at all. The Devs really hyped up the armor on the livestream last month, and since 4.1 (over 3 weeks) there have only been 3 reported sightings of the Eternal Armor. All 3 were in the first 10 days, we haven't seen anything since! And 2 of those drops were the same item.

On the Livestream, it was stated twice that the armor would drop from Rifts, Zone Events, Dungeon and Raid Bosses, and Warfront Caches. Now considering how many people have done crafting rifts, regular rifts, and warfronts, with 0 Eternal Armor drops, i'm pretty sure they DO NOT drop from those.

Now, considering how many people have already done the 100 Experts and 16 TD's for the Eternal Weapon, we should have seen some Eternal Armor drops. But we've seen zero.

So my question is, why hype up the Armors so much just to have them never drop at all? Why are they BOP which leaves it 100% to the RNG gods that you'd ever see one? I understand the reason behind them being rare, but they just aren't dropping at all.

This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 2.3.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Fallen empires are vestigial remnants of millennia old, extremely powerful empires that have become chronically stagnant and decadent over the ages. Unlike normal AI empires, a Fallen Empire is fully developed at the start of the game, but due to their extreme large and powerful fleets they should not be provoked until your fleet strength and technology is comparable. They always start with two fleets of around 40k-150k Fleet Power and can obtain additional fleets through events. Fallen Empires use a unique ship and station art style which is exclusive to them, which distinguishes them from ships of ordinary empires; there are visual variants of this style and different weapon and gear selections for each type of Fallen Empire, but the general number of slots is about equal.

It is impossible to vassalize a Fallen Empire in any way, and if a war breaks out, they are rarely interested in peace offers short of total surrender to all demands. When engaging in a conflict with them, it is essential that an empire be fully prepared to deal with the consequences and be prepared to follow through on any demands made. Any empire can make claims on a Fallen Empire system regardless of Ethics or their War Philosophy Policy.

There are 4 types of Fallen Empires, 5 with Synthetic Dawn, and only one of each type can exist in a game. The max number of Fallen Empires within the game depends on the galaxy size. However if a galaxy is too populated (both regular empires and fallen empires sliders have been set to max) then some Fallen Empires might not be created. This does not happen every time and depends entirely on empire placement.

A Fallen Empire's species is randomly generated, but there is a 5% chance for them to be picked from any of the pre-made species if the species in question have not already spawned on the map and have the Fallen's Empire required ethic, fanatic or not. For example, if a human pre-made empire exists and is marked with "Spawn as Fallen", it is possible for a human Fallen Empire to be generated.

In the player's Contact list, they are listed under their own section ("Fallen Empires").


Enigmatic Observers finishing a battlecruiser

All Fallen Empires begin the game in Sleeping status. Despite their immense size and power, the Fallen Empires will remain passive, staying in their borders and will not do anything unless provoked. They have the Lethargic Leadership and Empire In Decline civics, which prevents them from colonizing and conquering worlds and building new ships. However they will get new fleets yearly through an event if their Fleet Power is low and they are at peace (8 Battlecruisers and 10 Escorts). Unlike other AI empires - which require the completion of a special research project before communication is established - Fallen Empires will instantly contact empires who unwittingly enter their space, seemingly having been aware of the empire before it left its home system.

Once revealed, organic Fallen Empires are typically Dismissive towards normal empires, and will not accept trades or agreements of any kind. They always start with their borders closed, but some Fallen Empires will open them and accept trade if relations improve sufficiently to become patronizing.

Sleeping Fallen Empires have a modifier that reduces their ship upkeep and build cost by 50%. This modifier is retained when they awaken.

Sleeping Empires InteractionsEdit

Requests are one time events that have a drawback in exchange for greatly increasing a Fallen Empire's Opinion and an increased chance of receiving gifts. Accepting a request grants a decaying +100 opinion while refusing gives a decaying -50 opinion. Requests are not available if at war or the empire is genocidal.

Tasks are missions to go to war against another empire within 20 years to fulfill the goals of a Fallen Empire in exchange for greatly increased Opinion and an increased chance of receiving gifts. Fortunately only your rivals can be picked as targets. Tasks can only be given to player Empires. Fulfilling a task grants a decaying +100 opinion while refusing gives a minor -25 opinion. However failing the task by not completing it in time gives greater Opinion penalties. If the target empire is destroyed or changes policy on its own the task is canceled without any effect on Opinion. Tasks are not available if at war or if the empire is genocidal.

Demands are ultimatums from Fallen Empires if their opinion drops below -100. Submitting improves opinion by +25 but rejecting the demands will grant the Fallen Empire the Punishment Casus Belli which they will always use to start a war. If accepted the effects are usually identical to losing the war about these goals, except without war the empire's leaders are not executed and there is no danger to lose ships in a possibly futile battle. If the Fallen Empire was rivaled by the offending empire they will not make any demands at all and will just declare war immediately to impose their will from the start. AI empires always accept demands unless their Fleetpower is above 50k, in which case the demand will be accepted only 10% of the time. If a Fallen Empire has lost any of its original owned planets in a war they will stop making demands regardless of Opinion.

Gifts are sent by some Fallen Empires to empires they're either Patronizing towards or which accepted a request or completed a task and are always positive and without any drawbacks. Accepting a gift also grants a decaying +50 opinion while refusing it for any reason gives a decaying -50 opinion. To be tagged as a gift recipient the empire must have less than 100k Fleet Power and not be at war.

The gift MTTH is 100 years

  • x2 if not Patronizing Relations or Neither Enigmatic Relations and either accepted or fulfilled a task
  • x0.25 if Enigmatic Relations and accepted a Task
  • x0.1 if Enigmatic Relations and Completed a Task
  • x0.5 if Patronizing Relations and accepted a Task
  • x0.25 if Patronizing Relations and completed a Task
  • x0.75 if Opinion 75
  • x0.75 if Opinion 100
  • x0.75 if Opinion 150
  • x0.75 if Opinion 200

As a next step, the specific gift is rolled. Every gift can be granted more than once to any Empire, with the following weights:

  • 50%: 500 Energy and 1500 Minerals, increased to 1000 Energy and 3000 Minerals after the mid-game begins.
  • 20%: Precursor Data Cache empire modifier (+25% Research from Jobs for 10 years)
  • 15%: Rare Tech (gives the first missing tech from this list: Planetary Shield Generator, Synchronized Defenses, Selected Lineages, Capacity Boosters, Corps of Engineers, Gene Banks; If all are already acquired, a Precursor Data Cache is given instead)
  • 10%: 3 Escorts. If the mid-game has not yet begun, 1000 Energy and 3000 Minerals is given instead.
  • 5%: A Battlecruiser. If the mid-game has not yet begun, 1000 Energy and 3000 Minerals is given instead.
Fallen EmpireEthicTraitsArmiesColossus weaponRequests & TasksGuardiansBorder
Angered by (-200 Opinion)Demands & Wargoals
Enigmatic Observers Fanatic Xenophile +2 Extra Trait Points Gene Warrior Army Global Pacifier Send a pop to The Preserve
Force a rival to outlaw Purges
Give the brain scans from the Limbo event
Only Insults and Rivalry Outlaw Purges
Holy Guardians Fanatic Spiritualist Psionic Psionic Army Neutron Sweep Force a rival to outlaw AI Colonizing Holy Worlds Abandon Holy Worlds
Outlaw AI
Keepers of Knowledge Fanatic Materialist Cybernetic Robotic Army Global Pacifier Give one of your Level 5+ scientists Only Insults and Rivalry Humiliate
Militant Isolationists Fanatic Xenophobe Nerve Stapled (slaves)
+2 Extra Trait Points
Xenomorph Army World Cracker Owning a neighbor system Abandon neighbor systems

If sufficiently provoked, a Fallen Empire might awaken and turn into an aptly-named Awakened Empire. Awakened Empires stop being passive and make a bid to dominate the galaxy or defend it from a Crisis (based on the form of Awakening). Unlike Fallen Empires, an Awakened Empire can build new ships, colonize planets, and conquer worlds. Awakened Empires have considerable technological and starting resource advantages even compared to mid- or late-game empires, and thus their awakening can have drastic consequences for a game in progress but can also make them one of the best guardian forces in the galaxy.

Effects on the Fallen Empire and Galaxy:

  • Their Government Type is changed to Awakened Ascendancy.
  • Their Civics will be set to Revanchist Fervor (+1 Monthly Influence) and Ancient Caches of Technology (+50% Resources from Jobs). Their previous civics are removed, allowing them to expand and build ships without restrictions.
  • Their Energy, Minerals, Food and Influence storages are filled.
  • They instantly receive an additional fleet.
    • If a default empire has more than 50k Fleet Power, the event will trigger again.
    • The reinforcement Event available for Sleepers can no longer trigger for them however.

Upon awakening, a Fallen Empire's entry in the Contacts list is updated with a new name and is placed in the "Others" section instead of "Fallen Empires".


The imperious arrogance of the Awakened Fallen Empires will come to cost them, in the form of Decadence. Decadence is a mechanic affecting awakened Fallen Empires to prevent them from establishing a permanent hegemony over weaker empires, decadence gradually builds up, slowly damaging the Awakened Empire's ascendancy and makes it possible for other empires to temporarily submit to a Fallen Empire, only to rebel against and overthrow them later when their success has blinded them.

  • Decadence starts 20 years after a Fallen Empire has awakened
  • It increases monthly and accumulates faster the larger the awakened empire is and the more subjects it has
  • It also seems to not accumulate if the awakened empire is a guardian of the galaxy
  • The chance for Decadence gain is rolled monthly, with the chance scaled based on the size of the awakened empire and it's vassals (+0.5% per planet).
  • Every Time the chance is rolled, decadence increases by 2.
  • Maximum decadence is 100, which impacts the following penalties:
    • -66% Job Resource Production
    • x2 Vassal opinion penalty for having less fleet power than all of them combined
    • -25% Ship Weapon Damage, Ship HP and Shield HP (stacks with any penalties caused by resource shortages, if present)

Guardians of the GalaxyEdit

When an endgame Crisis occurs a Fallen Empire can awaken after 5 years with the declared goal of ending said crisis. If one of them has already awakened before the crisis, they will become guardians as soon as the crisis starts. Guardians have protecting the galaxy as their sole goal. If the Empire awakened before the crisis they will stop their vassalization plans and attempt to rally the galaxy instead. Only one Guardian Awakening can occur.

Guardians of the Galaxy will always agree to a Federation no matter what opinion they held before the awakening.

The chance for any Fallen Empire to awaken is rolled outside of moddable code, as such no details about the chances can be given.

Only the Enigmatic Observers, Keepers of Knowledge, and Ancient Caretakers can become Guardians. The Holy Guardians or the Militant Isolationists will never awaken as guardians and should they have awakened before the crisis, they will continue with their domination plan instead.

Once awakened, the Guardian empire goes through the full awakening effects. All player empires will be notified. All AI empires will get one of the following Opinion bonuses towards the Awakened Empire to cooperate with it (equal chances):

  • Crisis Fighter (+100 Opinion)
  • Crisis Fighter (+50 Opinion)
  • No modifier

Once the crisis has been defeated the Guardian empire will leave the current Federation and become a regular empire.

Guardian awakenings do not roll for Ancient Rival. In addition if a crisis occurs during a War in Heaven neither Awakened Empire will become Guardians.

The Ancient Caretakers will not awaken as Guardians if the Prethoryn Scourge or Extradimensional Invaders crisis occurs. However they are guaranteed to awaken if the Contingency crisis occurs and will in that case activate right after the sterilization hubs come online. This happens independently from the Guardian awakening mechanics, making it possible for another Fallen Empire to awaken as well, resulting in two guardian empires appearing.

Upstart awakeningEdit

The default type of awakening, an upstart awakening usually happens if a standard player or AI empire becomes too strong in Fleet Power or has managed to conquer Fallen Empire worlds. In this case, the Fallen Empire decides that the young empires are becoming too powerful and thus set out to impose their primacy on them.

The requirements are as following:

  • The game reaches end game year, they are not at war, and their total Fleet Power of all fleets is above 40,000
  • A default empire is getting too strong (above 50k Fleet Power with all fleets combined) or has conquered a Fallen Empire world.
  • This awakening can only happen once.
  • It cannot happen if a Guardian of the Galaxy has already awakened.
  • The event has a MTTH of 50 years modified as following:
    • x0.5 if a default empire has more the 75k Fleet Power with all fleets combined.
    • x0.1 if a default empire owns a formerly Fallen Empire-controlled world
    • If there is more than one Fallen Empire in the game, the time is multiplied by the number of Fallen Empires (it is unclear if that includes no longer existing ones). This offsets the increased chance for one of them to awaken due to higher total numbers

Note that because having a fleet power above 75k is essentially prerequisite to conquering a Fallen Empire's world(s), doing so effectively reduces the MTTH of any fallen empire awakening to 25 years.

  • If the Leviathan DLC is present and enabled, an Ancient Rival may be chosen to start a War in Heaven. The weights are:
    • 40% A Fallen Empire with the opposite Ethic is picked as rival, if existing
    • 20% A Fallen Empire with a random Ethic is picked as Rival. This can hit the opposing Ethic by coincidence
    • 40% No Rival is picked, and thus no War in Heaven can happen

Every empire near an Awakened Empire will receive a request to become a subject. Refusing the request will add -200 Opinion towards the Awakened Empire and cause them to declare war shortly afterwards.

Awakened EmpireOriginal Fallen EmpireSubjectCan become Guardians
Benevolent Interventionists Enigmatic Observers Signatory: No diplomatic autonomy, purges or slavery but the Benevolent Interventionists will join the war should subjects be attacked
Doctrinal Enforcers Holy Guardians Dominion: Pay 25% of Energy and Minerals income and ethics shift towards Fanatic Spiritualist if not Gestalt Consciousness
Watchful Regulators Keepers of Knowledge Satellite: Pay 33% of Research Production and outlaw AI
Jingoistic Reclaimers Militant Isolationists Thrall: Cannot build new starbases and must pay 25% of Energy and Minerals income but can declare wars on other Thralls

If the Doctrinal Enforcers defeat a Sleeping Empire in war, they will change the Sleeping Empire's ethics to Fanatic Spiritualist, causing them to turn into a Holy Guardians Sleeping Empire.

If an empire owns the Head of Zarqlan Relic they will have enough Opinion to refuse becoming a Dominion without risking war. Likewise, they can colonize Holy Worlds without angering the Holy Guardians

War in HeavenEdit

The War in Heaven is a special event where two Fallen Empires (usually of opposing ethics) awaken and launch a great war against one another, with the normal empires acting as satellite states in their game.

  • The normal awakening must have happened and the event must have picked this Empire as the "Old Rival". See Upstart Awakening for details.
  • They are still sleeping, not at war, and their fleet power is above 40k.
  • No other rival has awakened.
  • 50% chance to occur every 5 years.

The odds of a War in Heaven depend on the number of fallen empires in the galaxy:

2 Fallen Empires

  • 18%: War against the other Fallen Empire.
  • 82%: No war.

3 Fallen Empires

  • 26%: War against the Fallen Empire of the opposing Ethic.
  • 5%: War against a random Fallen Empire.
  • 69%: No war.

4 Fallen Empires

  • 40%: War against the Fallen Empire of the opposing Ethic.
  • 5%: War against a random Fallen Empire.
  • 55%: No war.

If a Rival is picked, it will awaken after 10 years. It receives all the bonuses of an Awakened Empire and neither empire will engage each other for two years.

Start of the War in HeavenEdit


  • 2 years elapsed since the Rival's awakening.
  • The Rival is not at war, and their fleet power is above 40k.
  • 50% chance every 5 years for the first 10 years.
  • 50% chance every 18 days after 10 years.

Once the War in Heaven starts, both Awakened Empires have the mutual Wargoal of War in Heaven, which causes a Total War. They will each spawn one additional fleet, two if any default empire has above 50k Fleet Power. Finally, all default Empires will receive the Choice event.

The choiceEdit

Each regular Empire that is not involved in a war is presented with the choice to join either side or stay neutral. There are 4 options:

  • Join the First Awakened Empire
  • Join the Second Awakened Empire
  • Pick neither side
  • Vassal empires will always follow their Overlord, as will subjects of either Awakened Empire.

Choices and AI Weighting:

  • AI empires with less than 20k Fleet Power and no Federation will side with an Awakened Empire based on their ethics
  • AI empires with more than 20k Fleet Power or that are part of a Federation with a human player will stay neutral
  • AI empires with less than 20k Fleet Power that are part of an AI Federation will pick at random
  • genocidal empires will never pick a side

Empires that side with one of the Awakened Empires will receive a free Guarantee of Independence from their patron lasting 10 years, become its subjects and join the war on the patron's side.

Once one of the Awakened Empires is defeated vassals of the winning side that contributed to the warscore will receive planets from the losing side's members unless they are too far from the borders. The League of Non-Aligned Systems will still have to fight the remaining Awakened Empire and the War in Heaven is still considered ongoing.

Leader of the League of Non-Aligned EmpiresEdit

Instead of siding with either Awakened Empire, an empire can also decide to pick neither side and stay neutral in the War In Heaven. This, however, will anger both Awakened Empires and eventually, the neutral empires will realize that they have to stand together to avoid being caught in the crossfire between both factions. In order to do this, they will form the League of Non-Aligned Empires. Sometime after the War in Heaven has begun, an event will fire iterating over all applicable empires to find the Leader for the Non-Aligned Empires. Monthly a random Non-Vassal, Non-Genocidal, Default empire who is at peace with the Awakened Empires that has not declined this round before will be offered the Presidency until all have declined or a leader is found. The event groups Empires based on fleet power: > 300k Fleet power, > 200k Fleet power, > 150k Fleet power, > 100k Fleet power, >90k (going down to >10k in 10k steps), and finally everyone that is left. The stronger empires get first chance to become the leader. The AI has a 100/101 weight to pick up the leadership position and a 001/101 weight to decline the position, making it highly likely they will take the leadership role if offered.

After the leader has been picked, all non-Vassal default Empires (including those that declined Leadership before) are offered one chance to join the "League of Non-Aligned Powers" Alliance (which is not a Federation). Afterwards joining requires the normal Alliance Diplomacy approaches.

Fanatic Purifier and Metalhead AIs will never choose becoming leader or joining the League.

If Both Fallen Empires are defeated by the League, a player president of the League acquires the respective Achievement.

Holy WarEdit

If an empire destroys a Holy World with a Colossus the Holy Guardians will always awaken and declare a war of subjugation. This type of awakening occurs completely independently of other circumstances, and can therefore take place at any time under any circumstances (such like during a War in Heaven). Aside from the war against the defiler the Awakened Holy Guardians will act like normally awakened Doctrinal Enforcers and try to dominate the galaxy.

Fallen Empires start with all standard, rare and dangerous technology options already researched, including all technologies limited by ethics, as well as with ten levels in most repeatable technology and five levels in the rest. Also they possess a unique Dark Matter Reactor and Deflector which can be reverse engineered and are the second-best deflectors and best reactor available in the game. They do not, however, have any of the special technologies that are only available through reverse engineering, from Leviathans or from special events. Also they are usually explicitly exempt for any and all of the Crisis Faction Spawn checks.

Fallen Empires have no labs on any of their planets and do not research further repeatable techs. After becoming Awakened Empires, they may build labs, and will research new technologies but do so very slowly, often taking upwards of 1000 months for even a single additional repeatable.


Fallen Empires own highly valuable systems. The planets of their capital/home systems in particular are fully developed, filled with City Districts and contain various special buildings built using ancient technology that have exceptionally high output and are otherwise unavailable - even an Awakened Empire cannot build more of these special buildings and it is implied they have actually forgotten how their own technologies work. Depending on galaxy shape and empire placement, Fallen Empires will normally spawn with a capital/home system and will also control a collection of several other minor systems which are partially built up using a mixture of regular buildings and some Fallen Empire ones. All owned worlds are of the Fallen Empire's primary race's preferred habitat (Ocean, Continental, Tropical etc.). However, should a Fallen Empire end up spawning at the tail end of a spiral arm where star systems are fewer or if the game options permit few habitable worlds, they will control fewer worlds, sometimes being limited to only having their capital/home system and one or two others. All Fallen Empire home planets are fortified with unique defense buildings, making invasions difficult.

  • The Enigmatic Observers home system contains a gas giant known as Sky Father, orbited by three fully developed Gaia moons: Cradle (20), Mother (12) and Brother (10), and a broken moon called Sister. A nearby system will contain The Preserve (20), a Gaia world containing xeno preserves and between three to five random alien species. This planet may end up preserving pops of other species in the galaxy through the requests of the Enigmatic Observers.
  • The Holy Guardians home system contains two fully developed Gaia worlds: The Celestial Throne (30), and its moon, named Sky Temple (22). There will also always be four uncolonized and unclaimed Holy Worlds spawned near the Holy Guardians called Pristine Jewel (10), Emerald Mausoleum (14), Walled Garden (18), and Prophet's Retreat (25), all of which are Gaia worlds.
  • The Keepers of Knowledge home system contains a size 20 Ecumenopolis called Font of Knowledge. A nearby system contains a developed Gaia world called The Archives (15). If MegaCorp is not installed this is one of two ways to obtain an Ecumenopolis World (the other being to discover the First League homeworld and restore it).
  • The Militant Isolationists home system also contains two fully developed Gaia worlds: The Core (25), and its moon, called Boundary (12). There are also 3 Shielded worlds that can be found inside the Militant Isolationist's borders, with an associated special project for each world to lower the shield with different possible outcomes.
  • The Ancient Caretakers home system is called Alpha Refuge and contains a ringworld with three intact sections and one ruined (but repairable) section. Two nearby systems called Beta and Gamma refuges contain completely ruined ringworlds that can be restored, along with two more systems called Delta Refuge and Central Processing (a Black Hole) that are empty but littered with debris from destroyed ringworlds (which cannot be repaired due to the black holes).


Fallen Empires do not use the standard ship types that are used by normal empires. Instead, they have Escorts, Battlecruisers and Titans. None of the values of those ship fully conform to any player buildable ships. They may also construct Colossi.

  • Escorts behave like destroyers, but their firepower and defense is as strong as cruisers. Escorts generally carry 4 Small weapons and 4 Point Defense, and a Large weapon to fight bigger ships.
  • Battlecruisers behave like battleships, but have far better firepower and durability. Battlecruisers generally carry 1 XL weapon, 2 Large weapons, 2 Hangars and 4 Medium weapons.
  • Titans are the largest ships in the Fallen Empire's navy, rivaling several battleships and even surpassing Titans built by normal empires in power. Titans carry 1 Titanic weapon, 8 Large weapons, 4 Hangars and 4 Medium weapons.
  • Outpost is their defense platform. They occupy 2 platform capacity, but are much more powerful than regular platforms. Outposts carry 2 Large weapons, 5 Medium weapons and 2 Point Defense.

The exact military power, hull points, armor and shields may vary somewhat due to different weapon systems and access to Strategic Resources. Difficulty and admiral will also affect their combat strength.

Fallen Empire's ships and starbases use a powerful and unsalvageable weapon, the terrifying Titan Lance, comparable to the Perdition Beam which can destroy most warships with a single shot. They also possess several highly advanced ship components which can be salvaged from debris: Dark Matter Reactor (Reactor T6), Dark Matter Deflector (Shield T6) and Dark Matter Thrusters (Thruster T5). Their ships also possess a built-in self-repair which regenerates 2% of their maximum armor and hull per day.

While their ships are very powerful, sleeping Fallen Empires do not build new ones even to replace ones that have been destroyed. Instead, they will receive reinforcements (2 Battlecruisers and 8 Escorts each time) from events if they're at peace. However, if a Fallen Empire awakens, they will replenish their fleets normally. Escorts have a build time of 200 days while their counterparts the Destroyers take 120 days to build. A Battlecruiser's build time is 600 days compared to the 480 days it takes to build a Battleship. Titans take 1800 days to build, like ordinary Titans.

Fallen Empires, Awakened or otherwise, never re-design their ships, so player may tailor their ship designs to hard-counter them.

Machine Intelligence

  • 1 Titan Lance
  • 4 Strike Craft T4
  • 8 Laser T5
  • 4 Disruptor T3
  • 10 Shield T6
  • 10 Armor T5
  • 3 Shield Capacitors
  • Jump Drive
  • Sensor T4
  • Thrusters T5
  • Reactor T6
  • Sapient Computer (Artillery)

  • 1 Lance T2
  • 2 Strike Craft T4
  • 2 Laser T5
  • 4 Disruptor T3
  • 4 Shield T6
  • 4 Armor T5
  • 2 Shield Capacitors
  • Jump Drive
  • Sensor T4
  • Thrusters T5
  • Reactor T6
  • Sapient Computer (Line)

  • 1 Launcher T2
  • 4 Plasma Cannon T3
  • 4 Point Defense T3
  • 3 Shield T6
  • 3 Armor T5
  • 1 Shield Capacitor
  • Jump Drive
  • Sensor T4
  • Thrusters T5
  • Reactor T6
Enigmatic Observers fleet

Alphamon: The Eternal Ascendant The giggling stopped as Tai grabbed his sister and Agumon's wrists and began to make a break for the door. on him; it looked like fighting gear, and that's just what he had planned.


  • Eternal Generator Fuel – Infinite fuel source for Eternal Generator Crafted in eternal workbench.
  • Miracle Gro – 9x growth range of Re-Fertilizer.
  • Crystals – Red Crystal, Blue Crystal, Yellow Crystal, and Green Crystal. Used to craft various things and crafting. Dropped by Elementals.
  • Dino Blood – Used for various things and crafting. Dropped by almost all non-vanilla dinos.
  • Elemental Blood – Used for Elemental To Eternal Alpha Dragon Evolution. Dropped by almost all Elemental Tier dinos.
  • Prime Blood – Used for Eternal Alpha and Prime Tier Evolutions. Dropped by almost all Prime Tier dinos.
  • Dino DNA – Used for evolving and creating AlphaMeat/PrimeMeat in the Eternal Grinder. Dropped mainly by Alphas and Primes.
  • DinoHeart – Used for evolving and creating AlphaMeat/PrimeMeat in the Eternal Grinder. Dropped mainly by Alphas and Primes.
  • LavaRock – Obtainable by killing a wild Lava Golem. Used for crafting stuff.
  • Graboid Parasite – Obtainable by killing a wild Graboid or crafting it in the Eternal Grinder. Used for crafting stuff.
  • Summon Reagent – Crafted in the Eternal Workbench from Essences. Used for evolution and various crafting.
  • Mysterious Element – Obtainable by killing the Ghost Saber, used for evolving your evolution DodoRex to Darkstar.
  • Essences – Obtainable by killing the Mysticals, used for making Summon Reagents.
  • Tokens – Obtainable by killing InDominus-tier dinos, used for evolving your Darkstar and some other crafting recipes.
  • Zombie Wyvern Brain – Obtainable by killing the Undead Zombie Wyvern, used to evolve your Alpha Wyvern into a Zombie Wyvern.(Disabled)
  • Unlockers – These items will unlock everything that’s not been blacklisted in said type. They are unlocked by killing specific Dinos. Current Types: Vanilla, Aberration, Scorched Earth,Extinction and Tek.
  • Primordial Boss -Dropped from Hard Mode Boss Summoner Dinos.Used in Evolved Darkstar Evolution Line.
  • Indominus Hide-Dropped from Indominus Rexes Used to repair the Predator armor.

Food & Kibble

  • Ancient Orb – Kill Eternals to obtain them. Used to tame Ancients.
  • Alpha Meat – Crafted in Eternal craftstation. Used to tame Alpha tier and Eternal tier dinos.
  • Alpha Kibble – Used for evolving, crafted in Eternal Craftstation. Requires Eternal Dodo Eggs.
  • Eternal Kibble – Used for evolving, crafted in Eternal Workbench. Dropped mainly by Alpha and Primes.
  • Eternal Berry – Used for taming Eternal Tier Herbivores harvested by Eternal Anky and Doed
  • InstatameFood – Can be used on all Eternal dinos that are tameable and will give you a perfect tame. Crafted in Eternal WorkBench.
  • Prime Meat – Crafted in Eternal WorkBench. Used to tame Prime tier dinos.
  • Futuristic Orb – Crafted in Eternal Workbench. Used for taming the Bionic Giga.


  • 2x Bigger Potion – Makes a dino or character 2x bigger than the original version for 1 minute.
  • 2x Smaller Potion – Makes a dino or character 2x smaller for a minute.
  • Stamina Potion – Refills character or tamed dinos stamina. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench.Can Be used from Hotbar while riding a dino or from inventory as usual.
  • Baby Potion – Turns A Dino Into A Baby.
  • Breeding Reset – Allows Players To Reset The Breeding Timer.
  • Dino MindWipe – Gives current xp and levels back. Engram learned from killing Resurrected Wyvern or InDominus DodoRex.
  • Experience Potion – Adds experience to character or tamed dinos. There are 5 different ones. Drop as loot.
  • Grinded Beef Potion – Refills character or tamed dinos food. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench. Can be used in the hotbar when riding a dino or just in the usual inventory.
  • Gestation Potion – Makes A Dino That Is Gestating Have A Baby Instantly.
  • Grow Up Potion – Makes a baby grow up instantly and fills food. Note: Does not give 100% imprinting
  • HP Potion Injector – Restores Dino HP from your toolbar, or heals you if you aren’t riding a dino. Can be used in the hotbar when riding a dino or just in the usual inventory.
  • Infernal Potion – Evolve your Prime Rex, Saber, Wyvern and the InDominus DodoRex to the Infernal tier. Crafted in Eternal Workbench.
  • Mating Potion – Makes dinos finish mating.
  • Mindflash Potion – Eternal version of the mind wipe. Mindflash Potion Engrams can be learned by killing DarkStar Boss in Summoner
  • Poison Eraser – Removes character or tamed dinos torpor. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench. Can be used in the hotbar when riding a dino or just in the usual inventory.
  • H.o.T. Potion – Refills characters or tamed dinos health. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench.Can Be Used from Hotbar while riding a dino to heal dino or from dino inventory as well.
  • Repelling Potion – Makes every Creatures ignore you for 5 minutes IF you havent attacked it yet or it hasnt attacked you.
  • Sex Change Potion – Changes Gender Of A Dino.
  • Suicide Potion – Instantly kills you or your dino. Crafted in Eternal craftstation or on your character.
  • Taming Potion – Add torpor to character or dino and depletes all food. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench.


  • Alpha Saddles – Crafted in the Eternal craftstation, works for Alphas and Primes. If a dino doesnt have an existing Alpha or Vanilla Saddle and has a saddle slot try using the Alpha Wyvern Saddle on it or the invisible Griffin armor.
  • Space Panda Saddle – Engram can be learned by killing Wild SpacePanda. Obtainable by killing Wild Space Panda or craft in the Eternal Workbench

Armor & Tools


Costumes are learnt as a regular engram and then crafted in the Eternal Workbench. Currently these are available,

  • Bone – Bronto, Carno, Giga, Quetz, Raptor, Rex, Stego, Trike,Theri,DodoRex & Wyvern.
  • MeleeStone – Gives 2x Dmg Boos when equipped.ONLY Works on Unknowns.
  • Special – ZombDodo. Works for both RaphusDodo and EternalDodo.
  • The Unknown – Made for the different kinds of Unknown Wyverns and Gorillas. 6 in total.


  • Eternal Crystal PickEternal Crystal Hatchet & Eternal Crystal Sickle – Have x4 harvest, deals 40% more dmg and can be crafted in Eternal Workbench. Also drop as loot. Crystal Sickle has extra harvesting abilities as well that are on par with eternal anky/doed from bushes.
  • Eternal Grapple – Works as the vanilla grapple, in a crossbow, but the distance you can shoot yourself is increased a lot. Getting from north to south on TheIsland have never been quicker and funnier.
  • Poison Pike – A regular pike that does poison damage. Slightly increased durability.Comes in Alpha and Prime Varieties now too.
  • Eternal Tek Rifle – Drops from EndBosses, deals alot more damage and has more durability than vanilla.
  • Elemental Tek Rifle-Uses Elemental Tek Rifle Ammo that deals various elemental damage/Torpor Crafted in the inventory of the bionic Giga.
  • Unbreakable Stone Tools-Crafted in player inventory including an early game sickle for advanced berry harvesting that is better than by hand
  • Unbreakable,Reuseable Tranq Bola-Uses Poison Arrow ini Config for Torpor, So will not effect anything above Elemental Tier for Torpor but will effect anything that can be bola’d
  • Eternal Reuseable Spear-unbreakable unequip/reequip when thrown to gain the projectile back.


  • CarbonElectricArrow – Does alot of torpor and stuns for 5 seconds. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal Workbench.
  • CrystalCarbonArrow – Does alot of torpor. Also drains hunger. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal workbench.
  • CarbonPoisonArrow – Used in Compound bow. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal workbench.
  • PoisonDart – Usable in Longneck Rifle. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal workbench.
  • PoisonArrow – Is the weakest, still stronger than vanilla tranqs. Usable in the regular bow and a crossbow. Drop as loot or crafted in Eternal workbench or your inventory.
  • Alpha Tranq Dart/Arrow-Used to Knock out up to and including Prime Tier dinos torpor is ini configged
  • Prime Tranq Dart/Arrow-Used to Knock out anything in the mod that can be KO’d.


  • Eternal Spyglass – Our Variant of Super Spyglass thanks to OrionSun for making Files Open Source. Left attack will lock spyglass on screen.
  • Silver Carrot – Used to evolve a Fertile Rabbit to a Spectral. Gotten as a 10% drop Mysticals.
  • Gold Carrot – Used to allow the Spectral Rabbit to breed. Gotten as a 10% drop from Endbosses.
  • LoadStone-Crafted in Eternal Jugbugs inventory sets speed of dino its equipped to to 0 so that you can wander craft without them moving. Uses Costume Slot.
  • Eternal Resurrection Stone– Use on a dino by riding it and hitting ctrl+X after placing it in the dinos inventory,On Death the dino will immediately respawn exactly as it was when you used the stone on it, except for name and inventory contents.


  • Eternal Predator Armor – Gain the eternal armor buff after a full set of predator armor is equipped. Drops from Indom Rexes, Indom Hide is harvestable from Indom Rexes. Crouch to gain Stealth, Un-crouch to be visible. You can not be targeted while stealthed, If you attack something they will see you and can target you. Based on riot gear.
  • Eternal Armor – Kill Mysticals to obtain them. Applies some buffs like speed, hp, carry weight etc. Based on the SE Manticore Armor.
  • Eternal Ghille Suit – Kill Endbosses to obtain them. Can also be crafted. Dont apply any buff except the vanilla stealth. But has alot of resistance and durability.
  • Eternal Tek Armor – Kill Endbosses to obtain them. Alot stronger than regular Tek armor.

[3.8] Animate Weapon Chains of Command powerful life flask Build / Tankey / 8000+ Life and Mana

how to craft the ascendant eternal gear

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How to make ninja star with craft paper
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Eso how to craft morkuldin
how to turn an empty closet into a craft room
How to have a successful craft business
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How to learn crafting styles

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Mastercraft & Ascendet Gear
Best method to "farm" them?
Tried yellow/red beacons -> mostly crap stuff (best was a journyman shotgun @[email protected])

How are Alphas? Any difference between rex,rap,carno - dropwise?
Heared about the caves...any good cave to farm the stuff (alone @[email protected])?

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Given that MIs are often about finding that specific combination that works well with your build it would be an exercise in futility to name every possible combination that turns out extra useful on specific gear pieces. What is presented below is a ranking of affixes by how often they tend to make an item worth keeping/useful.

This affix makes/nearly makes an item good on its own
This is a strong affix when paired with a decent suffix
This affix may find a use but isn’t likely to be useful
You’ll rarely if ever want this affix. Extremely niche if it’s not a nigh worthless bonus.

When it comes to MI affixes you are dealing with two and the base item to boot. In general (on whatever random ring) Light Bringer’s isn’t a stellar prefix. Scorched ends is a suffix that doesn’t do much for most builds when it shows up on a ring. However if you line up a Light Bringer’s Living Ring of Scorched Ends - that’s a really nice ring for fire builds that care about cast speed. Meanwhile the prefix incorruptible is never -bad- on a ring, it’s lots of free resistances. Of the Dranghoul is OA/DA/armor and similarly never a bad thing to see. So what these affix rankings are getting into is partly how niche is the affix with regards to rolling alongside other good affixes / right item. Short of a small handful of truly worthless affixes (I’m looking at you energy…) there’s an application to be found for some specific combination, you just might be dealing with powerball odds of seeing such an item.


[spoiler]MI rings are generally used for resistances/health, attack/cast speed, sometimes flat damage, often OA/DA. Affixes that give a lot of resistances / a good mixture of resistance/health / high amounts of AS,CS or OA/DA are naturally some of the most appealing rolls, but that’s not to speak ill of the more niche roll combinations that can come up.


Magic Affixes

MASTERY’s. Between the prefix being the more powerful part, the +1 to a skill not doing much, and the affix not having any other significant bonuses, having a single mastery prefix on a ring/neck/medal will make it trash.

Aggressive. It is a chunk of OA that could otherwise be flat damage or lots of resistances. May be useful with the right suffix on the right build but is generally not a useful roll. OA is more easily sought elsewhere and a ring prefix slot is a hefty price to be paying.

(Flatdamage). For weapon damage based builds there isn’t always an epic/legendary option that has flat damage or an assortment of stats that line up perfectly. May be useful with the right suffix, assuming it’s flat damage of a type that doesn’t have eternal BIS options, alkamos rings for cold as an example.

Energizing. max energy is never an issue, this is a trash affix.

Impenetrable. If you need a TON OF pierce res this could be just what the doctor ordered. However the large value and narrow applicability means this will be a niche application as high pierce overcaps generally aren’t needed and not many builds have this hard a time getting pierce res. This being jewelry slots there are far better things to be on the lookout for.

Impervious (Pierce/Acid). Large chunks of resistance spread out in categories that most builds can make use of is nice, but nothing amazing for a jewelry item.

Impervious (Pierce/X). Fire/Cold/Lightning resists aren’t useful rolls as elemental is so easy to get.

Insulating. It’s a singular elemental resistance and it’s such a large value that you’re sure to go way into overcap. Trash affix.

Mighty. Physique isn’t sought on items.

Mystic. Spirit, if sought on items to meet requirements, is better found elsewhere.

Negating. Singular elemental resist. Same deal as with insulating.

Nullifying. The only place skill disruption would ever get you killed is crucible and even then it’s not something people build for.

Ordered. When builds have trouble with chaos resist it tends to be a big hole that needs filling. However the existence of Incorruptible tends to leave Ordered on the sidelines for jewelry simply by giving more total resists overall.

Preserving. Vitality resistance is relatively easy to address, other affixes offer better stat density/coverage that isn’t as likely to needlessly overcap etc.

Prismatic. One of many examples of how easy it is to get heaps of elemental resistance. As there are far more powerful prefixes this affix isn’t generally that useful. In the absence of a specific double rare roll, this is a step down from some of the elemental res prefixes.

Purging. Solves acid resistance on its own, but too often is wasted beyond overcap territory. Other affixes with more even coverage are nicer to have and between Ugdenbog Leather/Sylvarria’s Essence and other affixes this is generally not useful on rings.

Resistant. See Impervious (Pierce/X)

Resolute. Rare affixes exist with reduced stun duration and other bonuses.

Restorative. % health regen is not a desirable roll on MIs.

Sheltering. Another singular elemental resist.

Shrewd. % cunning is not sought on gear.

Stalwart. Defensive ability being more important than OA in the sense of not dying, this affix may be useful to builds that desperately need DA and lack other places to seek out enough of it.

Staunching. Bleed res is easy to get elsewhere, this singular instance is often far too much, other prefixes offer more even coverage.

Subjugator’s. Pet damage for pet rings, one of the most desirable prefixes for pet rings.

Thawing. Chug a pot for freeze.

Vampiric. Dread Lord’s exists if you want an ADCTH ring, this is the poor man’s substitute.

Vigorous. There are better places to look for sources of health.

Wanderer’s. Some pet builds lack health for their pets, this helps a lot.

Warding. Large chunk of aether resistance, pales next to incorruptible and others but has niche uses on builds that desperately need aether res and have the free slot.


Aetherfire. Low resistance value, no other special benefits.

Blighted. Poison duration is noteworthy and it has a moderate chunk of resistances. Altogether nothing special.

Bloodletter’s. OA, health and a resistance, can line up with a build’s desires but it’s narrowly applicable.

Consecrated. Main things here are health and a resistance. Not a good prefix on rings.

Cutthroat’s. Amazing arrangement of bonuses for a pierce build, however there’s just no chance for it to be useful on rings outside of near perfect suffix/base item rolls because of how strong the epic and legendary options are.

Demonic. One low value resistance, life leech res doesn’t really count.

Devastating. Chaos and elemental res, low values thereof.

Dread Lord’s. Chaos res and adcth. Doesn’t make an item amazing on its own but is a supreme roll with any decent suffix.

General’s. Health, a resistance, and reduced stun duration. One of the better possible ring prefixes.

Glacial. One low resistance and that’s about it.

Harmonious. Health and lots of elemental resistance. May be desirable in niche setups.

Imposing. Lots of health but that’s about it, generally better places to look for health.

Incorruptible. Aether, chaos, poison. Three resistances that a lot of builds have trouble getting. High values make this roll widely useful on many builds to the point that most incorruptible MIs are good regardless of their suffix.

Lich’s. Low resistance values, not much else.

Light Bringer’s. One resistance and not much else. For cast speed on rings there’s Celerity suffix.

Magestorm. Two mid tier resistances at a low total, not much else.

Maniacal. One resistance, not much else.

Menacing. Chaos resistance? Incorruptible is a thing. Bleed easy to get, etc etc.

Rimefrost. Just aether res, incorruptible exists.

Runecarved. Elemental, bleed and health. A solid affix.

Stonefaced. Has reduced stun duration but not too much else.

Tempest. Elemental and bleeding and OA. Could be situationally useful.

Thunderstruck. Aether, elemental, reduced stun duration. Can easily make a ring worth using regardless of the suffix, and with a good suffix a ridiculously strong ring.

Unyielding. Physique, DA, reduced stun and pierce res. It’s very similar to General’s but overall General’s will be more preferable because of its health bonus. However some builds will appreciate the DA.

Wraithbound. It’s one of the three pet prefixes available on rings. Provides a resistance for the pet master along with OA and damage for the pets.



Of Alacrity. If you need attack speed this is one of the best places to get it.

Of Attack. OA is always nice to have in such a large quantity. One of a few preferred suffixes to pair with a good prefix like Incorruptible.

Of (+% damage). Generally not too desirable when there’s other far more potent suffixes around.

Of Celerity. If you need cast speed this is one place to shore it up, due to not as many builds using cast speed this isn’t as useful as Of Alacrity.

Of Fortitude. Attribute affixes on rings, you don’t want them.

Of Meditation. Energy regen is best addressed elsewhere, not a good suffix.

Of Mending. Health regen is not a desirable stat for survivability generally.

Of Potency. Gives health and energy, energy being next to useless this is just a downgrade vs. a flat health option.

Of Protection. Like Of Attack, this gives a nice big chunk of DA that goes nicely with a strong prefix.

Of Prowess. Attribute affix on ring.

Of Psyche. Attribute affix on ring.

Of Readiness. OA and DA, in the same boat as Attack/Protection.

Of Renewal. Regen values on rings, see mending and meditation.

Of The (animal). More attribute affixes on rings.

Of The Sea. Energy, again.

Of Vitality. HEALTH, lots of it. A very nice roll to have.

Of Wisdom. Energy, woo.


Of Albrecht’s Focus. AAR is trivial to get to 26/16. AAR builds tend to have both ring slots dedicated to epics/legendaries.

Amarasta’s Flurry. Noteworthy for giving a useful resistance. Not amazing on its own but is a nice complement to a strong prefix.

Of Anomalies. A bit of cast speed and elemental resistance.

Of Arcane Balance. It’s another case of the plentiful elemental resistance.

Of Blight. It’s a better poison damage suffix with a proc, niche (think Viloth’s Ring).

Of Butchery. It’s health and some other assorted minor bonuses, mainly health.

Of Caged Souls. Bonus to raise skeletons AND a pet bonus. Very nice for Necromancers and pet builds overall.

Of Destruction. More Elemental Resistance and +2 fire strike.

Of Dreeg’s Gaze. Two resistances on a suffix is a lot more than you usually see, but it won’t make the item on its own.

Of Fallen Skies. Small amount of pierce res and a sky shard proc. Not that useful on rings but it’s still a bit of resistance.

Of Hungering Rifts. Bleed resistance isn’t the most valuable thing to be getting here, sigil builds tends to have both ring slots dedicated, and likewise for chaos builds.

Of Incineration. Fire damage, a proc, cast speed, BWC bonus. Might lend itself towards fire forcewave, spam BWC or Flames of Ignaffar.

Of Nature’s Bounty. Health and elemental resistance. One of the stronger suffixes. Won’t make the item on its own.

Of Oleron’s Wrath. A single resistance at good value combined with +2 to a skill that is often thirsty for points.

Of Scorched Ends. Small amount of chaos resistance, proc.

Of Scorched Runes. Health, two resistances. When all other suffixes are giving a single resistance or at most two, Scorched Runes is a very high density-high value suffix. Though given that elemental and pierce aren’t as hard as aether,chaos and stunres to patch up it isn’t quite on par with Incorruptible and Thunderstruck.

Of Shadows. One resistance, other assorted bennies.

Of Shattered Reality. One resistance at low value, few other bonuses.

Of Solael’s Malice. Elemental res and +2 to a good skill.

Soulwarding. Aether res and health, a useful standout among other potential rolls.

Of Squalls. Elemental res and a proc.

Of Supremacy. Pierce res and physique(it’s a little more than nothing).

Arcane Blaze. Another case of singular resistance + proc.

Of the Basilisk. Two resistances, armor bonus and DA. Overall a nice combination of bonuses.

Of the Cabal. One resistance, some minor bonuses.

Of the Diviner. One res + cast speed, doom bolt builds tend to have both rings dedicated.

Of the Dranghoul. Similar to of Readiness, trading a bit of OA/DA for armor and health regen. Amazing with a good prefix.

Of the Gildam Arcanum. Above average amount of cast speed and a minor random CDR bonus. Somewhat desirable wherever of Celerity would be wanted but it’s rarely if ever a best option. Generally you’d rather see other things on a ring.

Of the Glacier. Flat cold damage has trouble getting recognized on rings when Alkamos Rings utterly dominate the slot with their wide spread of bonuses.

Of the Hurricane. Flat lightning has a niche on rings where a build wants resistances/other stats from a prefix because it can’t fit in a Glyph of Kelph Zoth. However this needs to be paired up in a really unlikely scenario to be desirable (double rare)

Of the Slith. Pierce res and poison duration are the main things here (Viloth Ring says hello)

Of the Untamed. Health and OA make it nice as a general roll, the pet bonuses make it desirable for pet rings.

Of the Wild. DA and elemental res make it a slightly above average general roll, pet bonuses make it good for pet rings.

Of the Winter Storm. Proc and a single res, we’ve seen a lot of this.

Of Tormented Souls. Drain essence builds tend to dedicate both ring slots and this doesn’t offer any other persuasive stats.

Of Voidfire. Proc and a single res, being bleeding res and a chaos proc this is hardly much of a benefit to most builds. Chaos builds tending to have both ring slots locked away.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Medals share much of the same affix pool with rings, the main noteworthy differences being that medals can’t roll attack/cast speed outside of a handful of rare affixes - and that medals can roll rare dual mastery prefixes with bonuses of varying impact. Shared affixes with the same degree of desirability as they are given on rings will be skipped here, only exclusive affixes and those that differ in impact are to be detailed.

Rare Mastery Prefixes. This is a very diverse grab bag of bonuses, skill bumps, sometimes resistances, sometimes other things. The main attraction here are the affixes with bonuses to skills that want to be overcapped as high as possible but don’t always have the means to do so, and the build is likely to have the medal slot open for a green.

Cutthroat’s. What’s the difference here when this can also show up on rings? Far less competition in the medal slot for pierce builds. The poster child of melee pierce being the blademaster, Direwolf Crest isn’t a supreme option with how it can dilute the WPS pool.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Similar to medals amulets have some potentially high power skill boosting prefixes while they can’t roll the attack speed / cast speed suffixes generally. If an affix isn’t listed here just refer to the rings section as it’s more or less the same degree of usefulness. For instance cutthroat’s isn’t good here either because pierce builds lack an appealing MI amulet and there are very strong legendary options available.

(SOMETHING)'s: These are higher power single mastery prefixes that offer a boost to a lone skill from the associated mastery. Given each of them have a broad pool of possible rolls it won’t be likely you see the exact one you want. Seer’s, Magi’s and Interrogator’s are noteworthy for having cooldown reduction which can make them amazing regardless of what skill bonus they rolled, but ideally you’ll want that one skill bonus a build is desperate for on whichever MI necklace best fits it.[/spoiler]

Armors (general)

[spoiler]Outside of select affixes that appear only on one or two item slots the following degrees of usefulness will hold for most armor items. OA/DA affixes being of lower power on armor while many high power rare suffixes existing tends to limit the most desired rolls on armor to HP, resistance and reduced stun duration. Belts are funny in how they can roll some armor, some jewelry affixes, so not all of these are applicable to belts. % damage rolls are typically considered empty stats because of how low they tend to roll on armor pieces and how much a suffix/prefix tends to give up for % damage compared to the leading defensive options.



Energizing. Max energy is basically an empty affix, pass.

Impenetrable. Pierce resistance and not a ton of it, better rare affixes exist with more total resistance. While it is something, you’ll pretty much never say to yourself “I want an Impenetrable X of Y”.

Impervious(Pierce/Acid). A decent amount of two useful resistances, better than a number of rare affixes but nowhere near ideal.

Impervious(Pierce/X). Single elemental resistances aren’t worth much, this doesn’t give much. Not too useful.

Insulating. Single elemental resistance, pass.

Mighty. You don’t want % attributes on armor on their lonesome.

Mystic. You don’t want % attributes on their lonesome.

Negating. Single elemental resistance.

Nullifying. Skill disruption isn’t sought after, exists with other bonuses on some affixes.

Ordered. It’s chaos res and a build just might be lacking for it, but Ancient gives about as much and has other benefits.

Preserving. Vit res is rarely an issue, there’s a rare affix that does this better.

Prismatic. Full coverage elemental resistance, but again better affixes are out there.

Purging. Large chunk of acid res, not frequently needed but it doesn’t have a comparable rare affix.

Resistant. Single elemental res + maybe something that’s useful, it just doesn’t do that much.

Sheltering. Single elemental resistance.

Shrewd. % attribute on its own.

Stalwart. It’s much more rare to see armor being used to shore up defensive ability, especially when there are a number of rare affixes that give flat DA and other survivability oriented benefits. Builds that seek out stalwart on general armor slots are an exception, not at all the norm.

Staunching. Bleed resistance. Large chunk, often much more than is needed and is rarely needed. Better affixes with better coverage, it’s a common thing.

Tough. % armor on its lonesome, you can do much better.

Vigorous. % health on its lonesome, you can do much better.

Warding. Useful for offering a lot of aether resistance whereas most rare prefixes are spread across others and aether is harder to get on some builds. Still nothing special with better affixes being out there.


Aetherfire. Modest amount of aether resistance, a dash of OA, sprinkle of energy regen, some % damage bonuses. We’ve seen this lackluster sort elsewhere and it’s still not an appealing roll for a prefix. Really, you’d want warding or a handful of others if you were looking for aether res because this affix does so little.

Ancient. Ordered+, you get % health and % armor as noteworthy stats while the chaos resistance is basically the same. Given that chaos is one of the resistances that builds tend to lack this is a good roll, but not universally godlike.

Blighted. Vit res and poison res. A moderate amount of each.

Bloodletter’s. %OA, %health and bleeding res. Note that it may be useful to some builds in an absolute minmax situation where this slips in as a prefix for boosting OA, but generally this won’t be desired because it gives so little in terms of defensive stats and players will choose res over OA in most cases.

Consecrated. Preserving+. Vitality resistances isn’t as big an issue as chaos resistance, so this is just less useful.

Demonic. Modest amount of single resistance, prefix, etc.

Devastating. Modest amount of chaos with elemental sprinkled on top isn’t terrible, but it’s not amazing either.

Dominator’s. Pet. Bonuses. And it has elemental resistance.

Formidable. A dash of elemental resistance and PHYSICAL RESISTANCE. You don’t see the latter too often on affixes.

Glacial. Moderate aether res and % armor, yawn.

Magestorm. Pierce + vitality. It’s a bit of something.

Maniacal. Moderate bleeding res, pass.

Menacing. Chaos + bleed, a bit of something.

Merciless. Poison + elemental.

Paladin’s. Health, pierce res, DA.

Rampage. Poison + Bleeding. Wishes it was stonehide.

Renegade’s. Pierce and aether.

Resonant. Aether and elemental.

Rimefrost. Almost as much aether res as warding, % physique isn’t too stellar however.

Runecarved. Elemental, bleeding AND % health.

Seraphim. Elemental, a dash of DA. Basically prismatic+ and still lackluster at that.

Stonehide. The legendary. Stonehide sets itself apart by offering such a ludicrous amount of defensively focused stats that even if some of them go to waste on excessive overcaps it still tends to outvalue other affixes with even a portion of its stat density. Pierce, poison, bleed and % armor. The average total resistance roll is 106% whereas most of the double resistance rolls you see on other affixes tend to sum to to 50-60% range. It’s simple why this is so desirable, it just does so much more than most of the other rolls.

Taskmaster’s. Pet bonuses, specifically resistances. Health and ele res for the petmaster.

Tempest. Elemental bleeding, the OA is a nice topping but nothing amazing.

Thunderstruck. Elemental aether and… REDUCED STUN DURATION. Lots of builds need at least a bit of elemental res, some overcap being welcome. Aether res tends to be lacking on a decent number of builds. Many builds need to resort to greens or oddball pieces to cap stun res. Mixing all these three together makes for a very dense package of stats that can be just as appealing to see as stonehide.



Of Attack/Readiness/Protection. These suffixes roll lower on armor than they do on jewelry, armor has stronger prefix options. Generally these are never wanted here.

Of (% damage). Strong defensive prefixes exist, the % damages are low. These are not desirable.

Of Fortification. Flat armor to one slot is pretty pitiful.

Of (Gives Attributes, DA, or other minor stuff). Generally not desired on armor.

Of Meditation. Better places to get energy regen.

Of Mending. Health regen is not a stat people build for, at least not on MIs with bad suffixes like this.

Of Potency. Wishes it was of Vitality. Still has some health.

Of Renewal. See mending and meditation.

Of the Mountain. Gives health and some armor, pity it’s flat armor that only gets applied to the item itself.

Of the Sea. Again, energy.

Of Thorns. Retal has a bunch of legendaries it goes after before MIs.

Of Vitality. Gives a ton of health.

Of Wisdom. Gives energy.


Of Amarasta’s Flurry. Middling amount of chaos res, better than nothing.

Of Arcane Balance. Elemental res.

Of Balanced Steel. Health and pierce res.

Of Blight. Poison proc, no resistances.

Of Caged Souls. Pet bonuses (including a resistance), bleeding res for summoner.

Of Destruction. Middling amount of elemental res.

Of Dreeg’s Gaze. Vitality and bleeding res, moderate amounts of both.

Of Fallen skies. Pierce res, trozan bonus, proc. Super niche.

Of Heroism. Bleed res and small assorted other bonuses don’t amount to much.

Of Incantations. Chaos res and a dash of DA.

Of Insight. Chaos res and a mana restoring proc.

Of Kings. Health, dash of DA, REDUCED STUN DURATION, and a total speed proc. It gives a lot of much needed stats and gives a good deal overall, however it’s not enough to make an item on its own. Still, this is one of the most desired suffixes to have paired with even a half decent prefix.

Of Maiven’s Wit. Elemental res.

Of Menhir’s Wall. Bleed res, armor, DA, health. Lots of goodies.

Of Nature’s Bounty. Health and elemental res.

Of Oleron’s Wrath. Pierce res pretty much.

Of Scorched Ends. Chaos res and a fire proc.

Of Scorched Runes. Pierce res, ele res, flat health.

Of Shattered Reality. Chaos res.

Of Solael’s Malice. Ele res.

Of Soulwarding. Aether res, health.

Of Squalls. Ele res, proc.

Of the Arcane Blaze. Vit res, proc.

Of the Cabal. Poison res, DA.

Of the Dranghoul. OA/DA, % armor. If you are still looking for OA/DA on armor, this is probably the affix you want to see paired to a good prefix.

Of the Flesh Hulk. Pierce res and reduced stun duration, doesn’t do quite as much as of kings to be universally useful but it is still stun res.

Of the Untamed. Pet bonuses and flat health.

Of the Void Harbinger. Chaos and elemental res.

Of the Wild. Pet bonuses, ele res and DA.

Of the Winter Storm. Cold%, cold proc, ele res.

Of Tormented Souls. Health mainly.

Of Ulzuin’s Flames. Vit res.

Of Vicious barbs. Most appealing part is the health.

Of Voidfire. The bleed res is pretty underwhelming and a chaos proc is rarely going to be desired. [/spoiler]


[spoiler]There’s nothing particularly unique about the rolls on MI pants. Just a few middling suffixes that only appear on pants.



Of Arcane Winds. Small amounts of dodge, movespeed, spirit and energy regen make this an affix you just don’t want to see on pants.

Of Dancing Shadows. Dodge, movespeed, cunning and pierce res put this a step above Arcane Winds but it remains nothing special.

Of Reptilian Resistance. Health regen, small drop of movespeed, physique and the largest chunk of poison/acid res you’ll ever see on a pants suffix. The advent of multiple sources of poison/acid res in components and augments has reduced the desirability somewhat, but it remains the largest P&A suffix on pants.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Boots are crafted, not dropped, minor technicality. They are still the most popular slot to turn green for whatever goodies you need.



Survivalist’s. Health, more health, DA and movespeed. Useful? Of course. Widely applicable? Not so much.



Of Arcane Winds. Spirit, a chunk of ele res, movespeed and slow resistance. Slow res does NOT show up with any frequency, which makes this suffix noteworthy for builds that desire slow res from their green boots.

Of Featherstep. Pierce res, stun duration, movespeed and trap res. Overall a very nice boot suffix.

Of Stonefooting. Pierce res, movespeed, % armor and physique. It’s alright, nothing special.

Of Survival. Main selling point is the 4% DA for players with a DA, er, foot, er DA foot fetish. Yeah, just rub it right on.[/spoiler]

Shoulders, Chest: Magic prefixes

[spoiler]Shoulders are an interesting case where they pull from a different set of magic single resist prefixes with higher values than seen on other armor slots (chests also get these affixes). Just the desirable ones are being noted here whose rankings have changed from the general armor.



Ordered. 54% chaos resist is a serious jump above ancient. In terms of shoulder MIs if chaos resist may be a problem for the related build this is a very potent roll for how much it can cover in a single slot.

Warding. 54% aether res, even more striking than ordered because there’s no real aether parallel to Ancient.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Chest pieces can roll all the same double mastery prefixes as medals, general range of valuation remains similar on that. Otherwise there’s just two unique suffixes that appear here.



Of Arcane Lore. Elemental resistance, flat spirit (hold on a second, it’s usefulish here) and 12% reduced attribute requirements. The main niche for this roll is caster builds that typically have to invest a large number of attribute points into spirit in order to hit the 724 spirit req for an offhand - and the build isn’t locked into a glorious BIS chestpiece till the end of time.

Of Blades. Health, % armor, some retal stuff. It has health at least.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Gloves have a variety of affixes that lend themselves to supremely niche builds that do not have anything near an acceptable option between epics and legendaries. Generally you are not going to be even thinking about keeping green gloves that drop, and given that there are no MI gloves the easiest way to get what you want for a niche build is by crafting.



Of Alacrity/Of Celerity Attack and cast speed respectively. Given the abundance of AS/CS suffixes on gloves there are better options, but more often than not this is the primary stat desired on the suffix.


Of Aether Storms. Aether and lightning already have good glove options. That being said this is still AS/CS

Of Amarasta’s Alacrity. Attack speed and pierce damage make it pretty obvious where this is aimed at. Grasp of unchained might reigns supreme on most nightblade builds, though it may be a tossup on other pierce setups that don’t use nightblade.

Of Arcane Might Not much of anything, lacks AS/CS.

Of Arcane Minds AS,CS and reduced cunning requirement for ranged weapons. Useful, but again there’s hard competition for the glove slot most of the time.

Of Battle Fury Aimed towards physical where there are already a bunch of very strong options. Stats are far from special and the proc has a ridiculously long CD.

Of Dark Intent Not every poison or chaos build has AS/CS options well tailored to its desires.

Of Rapid Reflexes AS,CS and reduced stun duration. Generally applicable and can build up to a very stat dense glove.

Of Stone Fists HP is nice, it’s not always the best, but lots of HP + DA is never a bad roll.

Of The Honor Guard HP, AS, CS. Generally applicable good stuff.[/spoiler]

how to craft the ascendant eternal gear

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how to craft the ascendant eternal gear
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