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How to craft violet flux

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How to craft violet flux
December 07, 2018 Books 1 comment

How to Get Pure Flux in Fallout 76

Fallout 76, if you haven’t already guessed, will task you with picking up all manner of different crafting materials. Here’s how to get Pure Flux in Fallout 76, including all of its different variants.

First things first, it’s important to note that Pure Flux isn’t something you can just pick up and find. It’s something you’ll need to craft in Fallout 76, but first, you’ll need to come across the different Raw variants of Flux.

Raw Flux can only be found in blast zones from nukes launched by yourself or other players. It’s not just lying around in massive chunks, though, you’ll need to get this off any flora or fauna that were within the blast zone. We’ve got a list for you down below comprising what plants give you which type of Raw Flux.

Plants Containing Raw Cobalt Flux in Fallout 76

  • Bloodleaf
  • Firecracker Berry
  • Glowing Resin
  • Silt Bean
  • Starlight Creeper
  • Wild Corn
  • Wild Mutfruit

Plants Containing Raw Crimson Flux

  • Aster
  • Blight
  • Brain Fungus
  • Cranberry
  • Firecap
  • Mothman Eggs
  • Wild Gourd Blossom

Plants Containing Raw Fluorescent Flux in Fallout 76

  • Glowing Fungus
  • Rhododendron

Plants Containing Raw Violet Flux

  • Giant Pitcher Plant
  • Ginseng
  • Mutated Fern
  • Snaptail
  • Strangler Pod
  • Wild Razorgrain
  • Wild Tarberry
  • Wild Tato Blossom

Plants Containing Raw Yellowcake Flux in Fallout 76

  • Ash Rose
  • Blackberry
  • Bleach Dogwood
  • Soot Flower
  • Wild Melon Blossom

Simply put, you’re going to need to head into a blast zone and seek out any of the above flora and fauna in Fallout 76. Simply press X on PS4, A on Xbox One, or E on PC in order to harvest the plant, and you’ll get some Raw Flux.

It’s worth noting at this point that you’ll need at least 10 Raw Flux to make Pure Flux in Fallout 76. That needs to be 10 of the same kind of Raw Flux, too. So, for example, you can’t have seven Yellowcake and three Cobalt to make one Pure.

Once you’ve managed to gather 10 Raw Flux of any kind, you’ll need to head to a Chemistry Station. Here, you should now find a new section called ‘Nuked Flora.’ Within this, you’ll now find recipes for a number of variants of Stable Flux. In order to craft Pure Flux, you’ll need the following materials at a Chemistry Station:

  • Glowing Mass
  • Hardened Mass
  • High-Radiation Fluids
  • Raw Flux (x 10)

Glowing Mass, Hardened Mass, and High-Radiation Fluids can also only be obtained from a blast zone in Fallout 76. However, rather than collecting these off the various plants and vegetation, you’ll need to pick these up off enemies.

Now that’s you’ve got all of the various items, you can now craft the different types of Stable Flux. Fear not, there’s not another step you need to take to get Pure Flux. Stable Flux is considered a Junk Item in Fallout 76, and can be used as Pure Flux in any crafting recipes for under armor or weapons that require it.

That should just about do it for what you need to know on how to get Pure Flux in Fallout 76. For more tips, tricks, and guides for your adventure across the West Virginia wastelands, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fallout 76 guide wiki.

Flux is one of the most unique and most rare items in Fallout 76 because of when are where you can get it.  Flux can only be found after there has been a nuclear strike in the game.  Players will need to go into the blast zone after the area has been burned to a crisp to find a plant that is called Flux.

Flux will be used in very rare items and has multiple variations that can be found.  Flux will be found in different color variants:  Crimson, Cobalt, Violet, Flourescent, and Yellow Cake.  Everything that the Flux can make is unknown, but it is a known ingredient in making Fusion Cores.

Once a nuclear strike has been launched in your game, you will need to go into the blast zone to recover this material.  Keep an eye out for strange looking plants and you can pick them up like every other item in Fallout 76.

Make sure you put your Flux in a safe spot, like your Stash, so when you the recipe calls for it you’ll have it ready to go.

The Sugar Violet Skinny Scarf is a beautiful, soft, and colorful scarf that is crocheted in a simple two row stitch sequence and compliments the.

Pure violet flux is a component in Fallout 76.


Flux flora is a type of mutated flora that briefly emerges in the wake of a missile detonation. The radiation and extreme conditions can fundamentally change the nature of the affected plant's tissue, showing exceptional versatility in manufacturing, as a fuel and component for advanced weapon and armor systems.[1] There are five types of flux, each of which emerges from a different kind of plant and requires stabilizing with chemical components for long-term storage and use. Inert flux is useless, except as an irradiated, but highly hydrating consumable item.[2]

Before the Great War, the military believed that the intense radiation would only produce hideous monstrosities only fit for extermination. The appearance of the flux, collected and researched by the Enclave in Appalachia, was a major surprise, along with their exceptional versatility and volatility. However, the relatively brief lifespan of the flux rendered them a historical curiosity, rather than a permanent element of wasteland survival.[3]


This type of flux is generated by mutated giant pitcher plants (irradiated pitcher plants), ginseng (nuka root), mutated ferns (flash fern), snaptails (crackletail), strangler pods (glow pod), wild razorgrain (gigagrain), wild tarberry (half-life hips), and wild tato blossoms (decay vine).

While processing it renders it impossible to consume, it does turn it into a vital crafting component, used in a variety of high level crafting recipes, including: high level BoS underarmor linings, Prime energy weapon receivers (used against the scorched), fusion cores, emergency protocols, calibrated shocks, and jet packs for power armor, as well as the Bird bones, Chameleon, Plague Walker, and Unstable Isotope serums.



  • Raw flux can be harvested from plants in nuked zones (see above) and processed into stable (or pure) flux.
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  3. ↑Automated training 4: "Due to the region's advanced missile installations, there is a high chance of a retaliatory nuclear strike touching down somewhere in Appalachia.The intense radiation released by such a blast can have devastating effects on local flora and fauna,mutating them into hideous monstrosities fit only for a quick death."
    MODUS: "To the contrary, general, our memory banks suggest quite the opposite."
    MODUS: "Our previous residents managed to acquire samples of some materials created shortly after the first bombs fell and what they found was ... illuminating, to say the least. /The material samples our previous residents collected after the initial nuclear exchange are impressive things. / We have records of the harvests our previous residents gathered from these nuked zones, and what they found was ... impressive to say the least."
    MODUS: "Materials of exceptional versatility ... and volatility. However, if you can stabilize them fast enough, a jaunt into a blast zone, it seems, could be a productive one. / Versatile ... and volatile. But with proper stabilization, their uses are many. / Materials of exceptional power and versatility. If you are feeling courageous, a jaunt into a fallout region, it would seem, can be a fruitful one."
    MODUS: "But wherever you nuke, do make sure to don power armor ... or at least a hazmat suit before popping by. Documentation related to these materials can be found in the archives.
    MODUS: "As well, the fissures that have cropped up around the region seem promising as possible sources of materials... along with some added pest control. / The map in this room contains the locations of these fissures if you're looking for a target. / The region's fissures appear particularly intriguing as targets for transformation."

Pure violet flux (Fallout 76)

how to craft violet flux

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First off I'm just making this post because i didn't see any SOLID information on why you would launch a Nuke. I've just hit soft level cap and I was looking and looking and couldn't find the purpose. Along the way to level 50 i stumbled on to multiple plans for upgrading the Under Armor used (like you vault suit, long johns, etc). And i was surprised to find that while equipped they give you permanent boost to some of your SPECIAL stats. But after a while i realized they needed some wild parts to upgrade them.


Here is an example. Vault 76 under armor the parts needed to craft and special stat buff it gives

From what i can tell you automatically know the plans to make these when you hit level requirements i assume 20/30/40/50. As you can see when crafted it gives 1 plus Strength and 2 plus Endurance, Intelligence, and Luck! An EXTREMELY powerful buff but when you factor in the fact under armors never degrade and you can wear them at any level this become even more interesting.

Here's another example. Enclave under armor (plans required)

The buffs given for this are different. Plus 2 for Strength and Endurance. This isn't the final plan for the enclave under armor as you can see if you compare photos i don't have the plan for Shielded yet. This plan can be purchased at the enclave bunker from my experience once you learn one plan the next plan unlocks and is available for purchase the next time the vendor restocks.

So far I've found plans for Raider underlay, Brotherhood under, and Casual clothing underlay. Every underlay plan and sequential plans for the same group have set SPECIAL's they increase. For example the Enclave underlay started at Treated which gave 1S 1E, Resistant which gave 2S 1E, and Protective 2S 2E. So i can assume when i get the plan for Shielded it will either grant 1 more Strength or Endurance. The Raider one gave buffs to Perception and Agility, the Casual clothes gave Buff to Charisma and Intelligence, and .Brotherhood does Strength and Endurance. You can find plans for them at their respective vendors (responders for casual)


It is as you can see Fulx is needed to craft Protective and Shielded this is constant for all the the faction underlay. Cobalt is Vault Tec. Crimson is Enclave. Violet is Brotherhood. I don't have the plan for Casual so i don't know the corresponding flux. All Flux are mutated Flora and Fauna when you launch nukes. Each Flora and Fauna in the game mutate into a specific flux. While digging around in the enclave i found the notes on all the types.

Note that while in the blast radius aver a nuke falls all nodes will transform into the corresponding flux. The Flux in blas zone are RAW! They have to be crafted into pure before you can use. These are like any other flowers in the sense they have a CND time so they rot so you have to craft them into pure form before the CND is up! Once you pick them up you will have new recipe in chem work station under NUKED FLORA.You need each of the following materials to craft they only drop in the blast zone but from enemies;

  • Glowing Mass which is in aid it has no CND
  • Hardened Mass which is a junk item so don't hit scrap all like i did (the give ultracite)
  • High radiation fluids which is in aid with no CND
  • 10 raw of corresponding flux (again DOES have CND so use fast or give to friend)

Once crafted It becomes a Stabile Flux. Its a junk item and is used as Pure when crafting

Here is a picture of the final product

In closing sorry for the long explanation also its still some mysteries.. Their are 5 type of Flux and iv'e only found 4 faction underlay so maybe its a fifth i don't know or they haven't added. Or maybe used for something else like power armor or to give weapons/armor special effects. Its also other items they ONLY drop in the nuke zone which i have no idea what they are used for like Ionized meat. Lastly i don't know what rotten flux its used for either. If anyone has anything to add or questions comment below!


EDIT: FLUX is also a requirement from some weapon mods as seen in this picture by u/Waterlater551

EDIT2: changed the links to web link sorry one XB1 and its wonky


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Variegated purple pearl pigment powder paint coating Automotive Coatings art pigment powder craft glitter pigment in paint flux for welding pigment powder.

FLUX!!! How you get it, and why you need it! (HINT: its not to make power cores)

Pure Flux is refined (crafted) from Raw Flux (plus some other catalyst materials), which is gathered from flora and fauna found in recently nuked areas in Appalachia. Once you've gathered these materials, get to crafting as soon as possible, as some of the items are in the AID category, and will spoil, and others can accidentally be scrapped (Update: a patch fixed the accidental scrapping issue a while back). Spoiled and scrapped items can no longer be used to craft stable/pure flux.

Raw Flux comes in five varieties:

  • Raw Cobalt Flux
  • Raw Crimson Flux
  • Raw Fluorescent Flux
  • Raw Violet Flux
  • Raw Yellowcake Flux

What is Pure Flux used for?

Crafting high level weapons, armor, power armor mods, and maybe other things. For example, I wanted to craft a HUD display for my power armor (highlights living targets), but to do so, I need 5 x Pure Crimson Flux.

How do you craft Pure Flux?

To craft a single unit of Pure Flux, you must have the following raw materials:

Substitute [flux type] with Cobalt, Crimson, Fluorescent, Violet, Yellowcake.
  • 10 Raw [flux type] Flux (gathered from flora in a nuke zone)
WARING: This is an Aid category item and will spoil under normal conditions. Once spoiled you can no longer use it to craft Stable/Pure Flux
  • 1 Glowing Mass (drops off of mobs in a nuke zone)
WARING: This is an Aid category item and will spoil under normal conditions. Once spoiled you can no longer use it to craft Stable/Pure Flux
  • 1 Hardened Mass (drops off of mobs in a nuke zone)
WARNING: Be careful with the "Junk All" function of any workbench, as this will convert Hardened Mass items into Ultracite, which you can no longer use to create Stable/Pure Flux.
  • 1 High-Radiation Fluid (drops off of mobs in a nuke zone)
WARING: This is an Aid category item and will spoil under normal conditions. Once spoiled you can no longer use it to craft Stable/Pure Flux

These materials are combined at a chemistry station to create 1 Stable [flux type] Flux. Stable Flux can then be "junked" to get Pure Flux.

Refer to the following diagram for an overview:

how to craft violet flux

The casual shoe has a similar design as the Northern Lights version, but this one comes dressed in a Purple and Pink colored sky on the upper.

how to craft violet flux
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