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How to fix a crash in crafting and building

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How to fix a crash in crafting and building
November 27, 2018 Books 3 comments

If your modpack is not starting up or if it’s crashing, you may be experiencing a bug with the program code of a mod. This article is a work in progress. Contact support if you need clarification.

Determine the Cause of the Crash

Check the console for an error message. Additionally, check the crash-reports folder for crash report files. You can access the crash-reports folder by clicking on Files in Command Center. In the error messages, you can usually make out the name of the mod that is causing the issue.

For example:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:-1 at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.item.ConduitItem.doRouteItem( at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.item.ConduitItem.routeItem( at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.item.ConduitItem.popStuffedItems( at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.item.ConduitItem.doOutput( at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.item.GridItem.doGridUpdate( at thermalexpansion.part.conduit.GridTickHandler.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPostServerTick( at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p( at at

In the above example, ThermalExpansion is the issue. It’s something related to conduits. Remember the name of the mod in the error messages.

It may be more difficult to figure out what mod is causing a problem. The above example, like most cases, should make it fairly obvious. If you can’t figure out what the cause of the crash is, contact support.

Remove Erroring Entities and TileEntities

Forge has a built in configuration setting to remove problems for you on the fly. For example, if you have an entity that is causing your server to crash, such as a modded creature that isn’t working properly, this setting can delete the entity when the server loads instead of crashing.

Don’t leave this setting on. It can have unforseen consequences and delete things unexpectedly. It’s only meant to fix small issues. Leaving it on could cause the server to delete anything that has an issue even if it wouldn’t have crashed the server.

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. From the server list, find the server that you wish to modify, and click the Manage button on the right.
  3. From the server you selected, click on the Files tab.
  4. Navigate to  and open it. If this file doesn’t exist, you aren’t on a Forge based server, so this won’t help you.
  5. Find and set these options to :
# Set this to true to remove any Entity that throws an error in its update method instead of closing the server and reporting a crash log. BE WARNED THIS COULD SCREW UP EVERYTHING USE SPARINGLY WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES. B:removeErroringEntities=false # Set this to true to remove any TileEntity that throws an error in its update method instead of closing the server and reporting a crash log. BE WARNED THIS COULD SCREW UP EVERYTHING USE SPARINGLY WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES. B:removeErroringTileEntities=false
  1. Save the file and restart your server.

    • Forge will only remove entities in loaded chunks. You may need to log in or travel to effected chunks.
  2. When you’re done, make sure to set both settings back to  and restart your server.

Disable and Re-enable the Problematic Mod

Disabling mods has the potential to delete their mod data from your world such as blocks, items, mobs, or anything else the mod may add to the game. Sometimes, disabling a mod can help resolve a problem, but keep this in mind. We recommend backing up your map before you do this. You can backup your map by downloading your world folder from the server FTP.

Disable the Mod

  1. Stop your server.

  2. Login to your server FTP and navigate to the folder of the affected game.

  3. Find the name of the affected mod. For example, .

  4. Drag it up one folder into the root of the game folder.

  5. Start your server and then stop it.

    • In some cases, your server will not start up again, as there are dependencies that require the mod that you just removed. In such case, check the console for the names of the mods and remove them as well. Restart each time and make sure your server starts up without error. For example, if you remove ComputerCraft, you’ll also need to remove OpenCCSensors and OpenPeriperhal.

Re-enable the Mod

  1. Drag the affected mod in the root of the game folder back into the mods folder.
  2. Start your server.
  3. Login and check. If your server no longer crashes, then you’re all set. Otherwise, move on to the next part.

Remove the Affected Items

  1. With the mod disabled, login to your server.
  2. Remove the affected blocks, items, entities, etc. Often, a crash report will have the exact coordinates of the affected items.
  3. Re-enable the mod.

Request a Map Rollback

If none of the aforementioned options work, contact support and request a map rollback. We run daily backups of your server between 2-6 AM EST. Let us know how many days you want to revert your server (Between 0-14 days), as well as the files you wish to restore.


i have an issue with the crafting recipes in the crafting menu. Whenever i start a game and progress far enought, my game is freeting when opening the crafting menu oder scolling down in the crafting menu (depends on how much posible recipes i have in the menu) now i startet a game wirth only a very few ressources so far and the game is freezing when i try to open the crafting menu. All was good, as long as i had no lether in the inventory. With the lether in the inventory, my game is freezing again. i have a sceenshot (a very bad, i know, but i reacted to slow for a better one). The screenshot shows all the materials ia had. Without the lether, i could open the crafting menu and do whatever i wanted to do. There need to be a corrupted recipe, which needs lether.

Please let me know, if you need any more Infomation about it. I realy want to get this fixed. I realy enjoy the game so far, but can't play it for long and can't realy begin to build much.

Best regards

Florian Lemmer

PS.: I had an issue with the forum here the last time and sent you and email. Sorry for that. But now i am trieing to go the right way.

Minecraft is an online game that allows players to build constructions out of but that will crash every time i try to play a game on it please fix this if it's a bug.


Has your Minecraft window suddenly disappeared only for the launcher to pop up and give you a random jumble of words and code? This thread is for you! I can help solve your problem by looking at the first few lines.

NOTE: This thread is not for screens where Forge finds a problem with your Minecraft install. Those are self-explanatory

How to use this thread

First, find your crash report in .minecraft\crash-reports\ and open it in Notepad/Notepad++. Look for the line in your crash report starting with "Description:" The words after that will also appear above spoilers in the Crashes part of this thread. If there is no "Description", look at crashes starting with "Crash to the game log" in the Crashes section. If you ever get confused (like "How do I remove my resource pack with my game crashing all the time?") then look at the Tutorials part.

So a lot of crashes I see happening follow trends. There are a lot involving bad drivers, a lot with mod incompatibilities, and a lot with missing mod dependencies. I wanted to make a master thread to solve all crashes, so here we go!

Tutorials(things that you need to know before fixing crashes. All tutorials are designed for Windows 8.):

How to find your Minecraft Data

Minecraft data can usually be located in the 1.6 launcher by going to your profile settings and clicking Open Game Dir.

On nonstandard launchers like Technic and FTB, it is usually near the top of the list of folders within the folder "%appdata%"(type that in Run or the path entry bar in Explorer)

If you are using Gameband it is in G:\minecraft or G:\minecraft\.technic

Reinstall Minecraft

Delete your game directory(.minecraft, .technic, or minecraft), backing up saves and resource packs if you want to keep them. Then delete your launcher and the runtimes folder in the same folder as the launcher if there is one. Then download a new launcher and play each version you want to use. You will need to reinstall Forge, MCPatcher and/or Liteloader(and any other modifications)

Allocate more RAM

Go to your Minecraft Profile settings in the launcher and check JVM Arguments. Replace "-Xmx1G" with "XmxXG", where X is 2 if you have a 32 bit PC and your total available RAM on a 64bit PC.

Tips to avoid crashing in the first place.

Make sure you download mods from either Minecraft Forum(here) or Planet Minecraft, always check their versions, and always make sure you meet their requirements(including the Forge version). Optifine fixes Unable to Fit Texture. Also keep mods and drivers up to date and when you update, check the update log to see if anything may make it incompatible with other mods(like a change in how something works that other mods use). Listen to anything that pops up when Forge loads. Check my Mod Conflict list to make sure you resolve all conflicts.

Get a DXDiag

Mod Conflict list(Highly WIP. Please post additions in the comments.)

Tinker's Steelworks and Cookie Core

Shaders Mod and Forge 13.4.1469+

Optifine 1.8 D3+ and Shaders Mod

Cannon Powder and Millenare(fixable with coremod:PropertyReader)

Finite Liquid and Millenare(fixable with config:forbidden_blocks=213,214,217,218,219)

Nether Craft and Millenare(fixable with coremod: ScotTools v8.0)

Premium Wood and Millenare(fixable with coremod: ScotTools v8.0)

Rope and Millenare(fixable with coremod: PropertyReader)

Zan's Minimap and Millenare

Zombe's Mods and Millenare

Buildcraft Utilities and the latest Forge

Buildcraft Utilities and Buildcraft 7.0

Orespawn and Factorization

How to lower render distance without using the game at all

Open options.txt in .minecraft and change the value after "renderDistance"

Driver update sites(A DXDiag of anyone helps expand this)


Failed to check session lock

Caused by a corrupted world or a world being used by an external program. Close all minecraft-related external programs and do not open a world while you load it into your saves folder. Otherwise, delete the world.


Usually caused by a mod conflict. To find out at least one conflicting mod, look at the detailed crash description. It should say something like "author.modname". Remove the mod or all mods by the author.

Optifine, Liteloader, and numerous coremods can cause conflicts with Forge and Minecraft Internal code.

Make sure the mods you use are up to date for the same version of Minecraft that Forge was installed for.

Can also be caused by outdated Java versions or lack of allocated RAM.

Also can be caused by outdated mods, even for the same Minecraft version

See Mod Conflicts list.

Also see Initializing Game, Rendering Block Entity, Tesselating Block Model, Rendering Item and Stitching Texture Atlas.


Corrupted world. Please remove from save files. Restore a backup if you have one.


You should be able to continue playing as normal; however, if you can't, allocate more RAM. If this does not work, your PC does not have enough RAM for Minecraft/the map you're playing.

Also see Initializing Game

Pixel format not accelerated

Uncheck JVM Arguments in your Profile Settings and/or update your drivers.

Method out of bounds

Exception generating new chunk

This is either related mod conflicts, outdated clients, or corrupted worlds.

Make sure you are using 1.8, no external programs, and check for biome ID conflicts in mods that add biomes.

MCEdit Chunk Repair will fix this in some cases.

Modifier name cannot be empty

If this happens when opening a chest, use the command /clear @p while holding a slot that is not empty.

If this does not work, the inventory data in your world is corrupted and you need to delete your world and restore a backup if you have one.

Incompatible class change error

Unable to fit texture

Remove all resource packs. To do this go to options.txt in your minecraft folder and find "resourcepacks=[]" or something like that. Replace it with "resourcepacks=[]". Sometimes this can be fixed by using Optifine.

If this does not help you, your computer is using some crappy GPU which needs an upgrade.

Since 1.8, a world or server can cause this crash. If this happens, simply don't use that world or server(remove worlds from saves folder and servers from server list)

Special characters

Change the name of your minecraft folder to "minecraft" or ".minecraft" If that doesn't work, change your username to be only numbers and letters(i.e. "Captain America 9000!?" to "CaptainAmerica9000"

Could not create game directory

Change the game directory to another area, such as C:\minecraft or delete your Minecraft folder. Make sure Minecraft is not in Program Files or Program Files(x86).

No space left on device

Delete any non-Minecraft-related content and Minecraft logs from your computer or Gameband. Ensure that you have remaining space on the device. 200MB is enough for minecraft, but with large worlds will require about 5GB.

Tesselating block model

This means that a model cannot be handled by your computer. Remove all resource packs. To do this go to options.txt in your minecraft folder and find "resourcepacks=[]" or something like that. Replace it with "resourcepacks=[]". If that doesn't work, check the detailed description to find any mods that may include complex models(specifically Block Entity Data). Figure out which mod adds that model and remove the mod.

If nothing above helps, then you are using a bad GPU and must upgrade it.

Initializing game

This usually relates to Forge's complex loading screen. Update your drivers or disable the screen in the file This can also relate to bad Minecraft installs, such as ones that are blocked by a firewall. Make sure Minecraft, Minecraft Launcher, and Java SE Binary can download software/dlls/exes and access the web. Another cause is outdated drivers.

Lower render distance via options.txt.

Make sure your mods are for the correct Minecraft version.

Sometimes a mod fills up too many entity indexes(over 128), so remove your entity mods.

Sometimes(rarely) you will need to allocate more RAM.

Otherwise, make sure you have Forge(FML is not Forge) installed when using mods and it is updated to the recommended build..

Stitching texture atlas

This is usually a conflict between Karyonix's Shaders Mod and Forge 1486+. Use Forge version 13.4.1449 rather than a recent one to fix the problem.

Crash to game log: "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine"

Uncheck JVM arguments in your profile settings.

There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

The reason I've seen it is because a mod has errored. Make sure your mods are JAR files. If a mod is not available as a JAR, make sure there is not a JAR within the ZIP or RAR file being used. If the mod is already a an Executable Jar File in Windows, then delete it. Also check if your mods are for the right Minecraft version.

Another reason for this to happen is that your render distance is too high and Minecraft fails to check. Change it with options.txt.

Make sure mods are updated to the latest version.
If a mod comes as multiple JARs, download all of them.


This happens a lot when your drivers crash, and a reason to update them. It is a memory access violation error, when Java can no longer access a file due to something outside of Java.

A driver crash can be caused by using Shaders Mod with recent Intel Driver versions, so to fix it with Shaders Mod simply don't run shaders. It can also happen completely at random due to an action performed by software.

Computers with outdated Intel chipsets can completely fail. Get a new PC if this is the case.

A software program called Display Link sometimes causes the error.

In any case, restart your computer and update drivers.

Rendering Block Entity

Can be caused by an Optifine setting: Smooth FPS with certain texture packs.

Requires Java Runtime Environment XXX

Re-download your Minecraft Launcher and/or update Java.

Registering Texture

See Unable to fit texture.

Rendering Item

An invalid item was loaded into Minecraft. Make sure your servers support 1.8 completely if the server was intended to be used on that version. Also check support for any mods it may be running.


An invalid mob was loaded into Minecraft. Check support on your servers for all mods clients may be running.

Updating Screen Events

Sometimes this problem is created when a firewall/antivirus is not giving Minecraft proper permissions. Make sure Minecraft is in %appdata%. Let it through the firewall or remove the firewall completely.

Also may be caused by an incompatible fluid mod(like Minechem)

Unexpected Error

This happens sometimes with badly coded entity adding mods. Remove them. If that doesn't work or you have no entity adding mods, lower render distance via options.txt.

If all else fails, check the stacktrace. It will say something like "at author.mod" or "at xxx.mod". Remove the mod that seems to be relevant to the info.

Exception in server tick loop

Try to resolve any ID conflicts in your mods.

Other crashes to game log

Make sure all of your mods are for the correct Minecraft versions and you have up to date drivers.

If that fails, disable antivirus or firewall.

Also possible corrupt world.

If you have a crash not mentioned on this thread or help on this thread did not work, put your crash report in a separate thread(in a spoiler) so I can see it and potentially add it to the list.

Mods, it would also be nice to have this pinned. If there is another thread like this, you can delete this thread if you want, but please pin that one. Also would be nice if it got moved to a general support FAQs forum if there is one.

I hope this helped you, everyone!

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AWKCR crashes every time I go to the "crafting" section of the settlement crafting station.  Every time without fail.  All of my other mods work just fine, but the second I install this I get the same crash.  I've disabled every other mod but AWKCR and still get the crash.  However, the second I disable it everything works fine.  I've searched and found a few other people that have the same problem but it doesnt seem like anyone has solved it.  I've followed CTD guides and crafting mod CTD guides but nothing works.


It's not some random CTD.  It's replicable every single time without fail.  I open the crafting station in a settlement, go to the last category which is "crafting", and the second I highlight it the game crashes with no message or anything.


Any help out there?


*EDIT*  I just found out that installing version 2.1.1b works fine.  It doesn't have the CTD problem.  Can I use this version or will I run into problems?

Edited by Sabiancym, 25 May 2016 - 05:57 PM.

I didn't create this guide. I took it from the minecraft forums to help anyone have problems with the game.[IMG] FIX ONE Lower Render Distance.

AWKCR Crash when going to "Crafting" section of settlement building.

Report this post

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Game crashes when scrolling to "crafting" in settlement build menu.
I thought it would be a mod i had, that adds additional workbenches that cause my game to crash, but i have removed the mod from my game and it still keeps crashing.
Perhaps there is a simple solution for this.

*edit checking file integrity has no effect, still crashes.

how to fix a crash in crafting and building


Learn how to fix Ticking Entity errors in Minecraft that cause crashes, loaded into memory so you can see it, move around in it, or build in it.

how to fix a crash in crafting and building
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