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How to make craft magic fairy wand

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How to make craft magic fairy wand
October 16, 2018 Books 1 comment

Here’s the last post from our fairy week, with two ideas for how to make a magic wand.

Make a magic wand {Waldorf Steiner play}

First up, here’s how to make a magic wand for imaginary play. We started by gathering some sticks from around the trees when we were out playing one day. At the party, we popped all the sticks in a pot, with an invitation to pick your own magic wand. Choose carefully! I told the children to hold each stick and when they felt the magic tingle, they would know that was the right wand for them.

They we used garden wire to make a special shape for the end of our wands, wrapping the ends of the wire around the stick to hold it in place. Just remind everyone to take care with the ends of the wire as you are making your wand.

We threaded on some magic beads before fixing the end of the wire in place. Some of the children wound wire and garden twine around the stick handles too. Anything goes – you can create your own magic wand just how you imagine it should be.

Edible fruit magic wands

As part of the birthday food at our fairy-themed party we made edible magic wands too. To make them you will need: wooden kebab skewers, watermelon, a star-shaped cookie cutter, strawberries and grapes.

We stamped out lots of stars from the watermelon slices – and were pleased to find they held their shapes really well.

Then I set up my girls in a production line to thread the fruits on the skewers. A nice repeating pattern: green grape, purple grape, strawberry…green grape, purple grape, star!

Ta-da! The fruit magic wands look great: they’re healthy, simple to make and full of wow! The children – and the grandparents – at the party loved them!



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DIY toys like these homemade magic wands are fun for Kids! Use our no-sew star wand craft tutorial to learn how to make this DIY fairy princess wand toy with rainbow ribbon streamers. Magic fairy wands are a great birthday party favor, costume prop, and a dress-up toy for pretend or dramatic open-ended play!

My little girl is in LOVE with fairies.

She loves to play with her fairy garden, her fairy winter wonderland, and of course, she LOVES to pretend that she IS a fairy.

Make some rainbow star wands today!

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How to Make a Rainbow Ribbon Magic Fairy Wand for Kids

The rainbow star cookies we made were so good, I suggested that we also make a rainbow ribbon magic fairy wands.

We used our star cookie cutter, ribbons in a rainbow of colors, and glimmer felt to make a magic star wand. It turned out so well we decided to make a more fairy wands as favors for my daughters birthday party.

Our rainbow ribbon star wands were a huge hit with my daughter and her friends!

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Homemade Rainbow Star Wand Materials

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Magic Fairy Princess Wand Step by Step Directions

Step 1 – Cut 2 felt stars for each magic fairy wand

Draw a star or use a disappearing ink fabric marker or fabric chalk to trace a star-shaped cookie cutter and a fabric marker with disappearing ink to trace stars onto the back of the glimmer felt. You will need two stars for each magic wand. Don’t worry, the ink will disappear in about 12-24 hours. You can also use water to remove it. Yes, it even works on white felt!

Step 2 – Cut ribbon for each star wand

Cut six 12 – 14-inch sections of ribbon in a rainbow of colors for each fairy wand. We used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple found in THIS pack.

Step 3 – Glue ribbon strips to each felt star

Use a low-temperature glue gun to attach the ribbon to the inside bottom of one side of each of the felt stars. If you are using glimmer felt, make sure the glimmer side of the felt is facing out.

Step 4 – Attach felt star to a wooden dowel for each fairy wand

Place a wooden dowel on one-half of each rainbow ribbon star and glue it in place.

Step 5 – Glue second star half to the wooden dowel to complete each magic fairy wand

Glue the felt star halves together with the wooden dowel and ribbons inside to create each rainbow ribbon magic fairy wand. Once again, make sure the glimmer side of the felt is facing out before gluing the star halves together.

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Step 6 – Attach the gold tinsel cord to the outside edge of each rainbow ribbon star wand

Use a low-temperature glue gun with glue sticks, to attach the non-stretch gold tinsel cord to the outside edge of the star on each magic fairy wand.

You will be touching the glue and getting it all over your fingers so it is VERY important that you use a low-temperature glue gun or a glue gun that has a low-temperature setting. High-temperature glue guns can cause a serious burn if you touch the glue.

Start on the back side of the star and work it around to the front.

Next, glue a small section of cord to the part of the star wand without gold tinsel cord on the back.

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Rainbow Ribbon Magic Wand DIY Toy for Kids

DIY rainbow ribbon magic fairy wands are fun for kids to use as a dress up prop for pretend or imaginative play. They also make a great birthday party favor.

Be sure to check out our Patriotic Star Wands for more photos and wand making tips!

You may also like this collection of rainbow suncatchers to brighten your windows and this fun collection of easy rainbow art projects kids love!

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We've got a special tutorial for all the wizard or fairy loving kids out there, learn how to make a magic wand! This simple tutorial will teach you.

A backyard fairy wand craft! What could be more fun?!

We love simple crafts that incorporate natural materials into them and this shimmering fairy wand craft is no exception. We explored out backyard and found the  most perfect sticks to turns into these!

This sparkly fairy craft also makes a fun pretend play prop! My daughter and the daycare kids run around for hours outside being fairies and wizards with their “magic wands.” Our dog often gets turned into a frog or a giant monster with these wands. It’s so fun to watch them play with them, their imaginations create such fun stories.

Shimmering Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

This nature craft is so simple and easy!  Just gather some sticks you are ready to start making some fairy wands! Your kids will have hours of fun with this simple craft!

Supplies needed for this fairy wand craft:

  • Stick
  • Paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sequins

Start this easy fairy wand craft by picking out your favorite colors and painting a stick from your backyard. You can use tempera or acrylic paints. When done painting set aside and let dry.

When the paint has dried, get out your sequins and glue gun. Apply a strip of hot glue to one side.

Add sequins to hot glue before it dries. We applied ours by spreading some sequins on a shallow tray and rolling our stick with the hot glue through the sequins.

Repeat on each side of your stick until one end is covered in sequins.

They are so bright and colorful! Your kids will have a so much fun making and playing with their wands!


Looking for more crafts and activities? Check out our index for 100+ plus kids activities! Find activities by theme, materials, skills, age and much more!

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DIY Magical Fairy Wands with Pottery Barn Kids

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A big THANK YOU to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring today’s post, DIY Magical Fairy Wands with Pottery Barn Kids!

<GASP!> was the first thing I heard when my computer screen opened up the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costumes page.  My daughter was so excited trying to pick her favorite one.  Naturally, being the girly girl that she is, she wanted EVERY fairy costume that she saw.  I told her that if she picked a favorite, we could make a magic wand together to go with a costume. When I asked her which one she liked best she said, “The Mermaid one! No! The butterfly fairy! No wait! THAT one!” She couldn’t decide.

Since my daughter couldn’t decide on a favorite, we marched upstairs to the craft room and raided the storage bins to get inspired to make our own DIY Halloween costume accessories. We decided on making not one, but four wands!

Here are the materials we used:

For all four wands that we made, we used these wooden dowels that I had left over.  They are sturdier than BBQ skewers. Another option is to raid your kitchen drawers and use wooden chopsticks from those nights of Chinese takeout!

First, we picked paint colors to match a few of the fairy costumes and painted the dowels with a foam paint brush.  Acrylic craft paint works well, because it dries in seconds.

Mia wanted to make a mermaid wand first. Here is the Pottery Barn kids Halloween costume that inspired us.

I made a felt flower by cutting out petal shapes and sewing them together with a needle and thread.

We picked out some ribbon in varying textures and thicknesses.  For all four wands, I cut out felt circles to glue to the back of each wand to hide the dowel and the ribbon.

We glued it all together with hot glue and embellished the front with a shell (I stole this one from some vase filler in my bathroom!).

Next we made a pink heart wand inspired by this pink unicorn costume.

We cut out two felt hearts and added iridescent curling ribbon and pearl ribbon.

We were on a roll and having so much fun we decided to make this white wand with a craft flower to go with the Swan Fairy Costume.

And finally we made this butterfly wand to go with the Butterfly Fairy costume.

Making these DIY Magical Fairy Wands was such a fun activity to do with Mia. Be sure to check out the rest of Pottery Barn Kids beautifully crafted costumes! Right now, you can also get 20% off plus free shipping on Pottery Barn Kids treat bags online.

Thanks again to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post! It was such a great opportunity to share my love of crafting with my daughter!


Package of 8 Unfinished Wood Heart Wands; Size: /4" W x 12" L; Make princess wands, magic fairy wands and imagination games; Unfinished and ready to.

Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

  • 1

    Get a wooden craft dowel and cut it down, if necessary. You want the dowel to be between 12 and 18 inches long.

  • 2

    Paint the dowel and let the paint dry. You can use acrylic paint or spray paint. It might be a good idea to stick the end of the dowel into a lump of clay and paint the top half first. Once the paint dries, flip the dowel over, and paint the bottom half.
    • You can use any color you want, but great fairy colors include: silver, gold, pearly white, and pastel colors.
  • 3

    Wrap some thin ribbon around the dowel. Place a drop of hot glue onto the top of the dowel. Press the end of your ribbon into the glue. Wrap the ribbon around the dowel. Leave spaces between the ribbon so that you can see the painted dowel underneath. It should look like a candy cane. Secure the other end of the ribbon to the bottom of the dowel with more hot glue.

  • 4

    Glue a small rhinestone or beads to the bottom of the dowel. Place a drop of hot glue onto the bottom of the dowel. Press a small rhinestone or bead into the glue. The rhinestone or bead should not be wider than the base of the dowel.

  • 5

    Find something to use as a topper. You can use anything you want as a topper for your wand, just make sure that it is not too large and not too heavy. You also don't want to use anything made from glass, just in case you drop it.
    • Find a flat, wooden shape, such as a star.
    • Find a small, round Christmas ornament and pull the metal cap off. The dowel needs to fit into the neck of the ornament.
    • Make a topper out of air-dry clay. Be sure to poke a hole into the bottom of it using your dowel.
    • For a creepy fairy, use a giant fake spider.
    • For a snow fairy, use a snowflake ornament.
  • 6

    Decorate the topper and let it dry. You can paint the topper or draw designs on it using glitter glue. You can also glue rhinestones onto it.

  • 7

    Consider adding some very thin ribbon strands to the top of your wand. This can make it even more twirly. You can use regular satin ribbon or curling ribbon (like the type you'd use on a balloon). Cut five to seven pieces of ribbon that are a little bit shorter than your dowel and glue them to the top of your dowel.

  • 8

    Glue the topper onto the top of the wand. 3-D items, such as figurines and ornaments, will be able to sit right on the tip. Flat items may have to be glued to the side of your dowel.

  • 9

    Add final touches with glitter glue and rhinestones. You can glue some rhinestones along the sides of the dowel. You can also draw a thin ring of glitter glue around the bottom and top of your dowel to hide any seams and glue.

  • 10

    Let the wand dry before playing with it. Hot glue dries quickly, but glitter glue takes a lot longer to dry. Wait a few hours to a whole day.

  • how to make craft magic fairy wand

    Package of 8 Unfinished Wood Heart Wands; Size: /4" W x 12" L; Make princess wands, magic fairy wands and imagination games; Unfinished and ready to.

    how to make craft magic fairy wand
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