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How to make waterless snow globe craft

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How to make waterless snow globe craft
October 08, 2018 Books 2 comments

Maybe since the kids are growing up and starting to plan for college, I am getting a little nostalgic, but when I pulled out my Christmas decorations this year, it wasn’t the store-bought ones that made me smile, it was the popsicle stick ornaments and pipe cleaner reindeers that seemed, well, precious {I know, cheesy.  Look away!}.

If you have little ones, believe me, you will totally remember making all of these little trinkets with your kids–and even more, when they want you to start dropping them off a block from the mall, you’ll have something real to hold onto.

These waterless snow globes are a perfect place for kids to use those trinkets, found objects, and other things that kids think are special that they’ve collected all year long {and hey, it doesn’t hurt that you will get to declutter their rooms a bit in the process, right?}  They can immortalize all of their treasures in a snow globe,  and you only have to pull it out once a year. 🙂

And the best part?   There is not water in these snowglobes so you don’t have to worry about them exploding when you pack them away.

You’ll need:

  • Glass jars
  • Trinkets to put into the jars {the kids can make foam ball snowmen, etc. if they don’t have something they want to put into the jars.  Or, choose an inexpensive Christmas ornament}
  • Artificial snow flakes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glitter spray paint {optional}


  1. If you want to, use the glitter spray paint to spray the lids and bands of your jars.  Allow them to dry.
  2. Flip over lid, and hot glue treasures onto the bottom side of the lid {the side that will be inside of the jar}
  3. Fill the jar about 1/4 full or less of snow.
  4. Place the lid on the jar {your child’s treasures will be hanging upside down in the jar} and screw on the band.  Flip the jar over and voila, it’s snowing.

Now go rest.  You did your parental duties for today.  Ha.

Happy Holidays!


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DIY Waterless Snow Glove

Are you looking for a quick and simple holiday craft? This waterless snow globe is the perfect thing to make. The supplies are inexpensive and it takes less than ten minutes to put it all together. This snow globe could be a great centerpiece, a fun gift, or a cute decoration in your home. Get creative and have fun!


  • Wide Mouth Jar with Lid
  • Small Figurines (make sure they fit inside the jar)
  • Fake Snow
  • Glue Gun

All of these supplies can be found almost anywhere that sells Christmas decorations. Small figurines are easiest to find in the Christmas village section. Dollar Tree stores have jars with lids for $1.

First, while your glue gun is heating up, wipe out the jar so there is no dust. Set the lid aside to use for later.

Decide where you want the figurines to be inside the jar. Once you’ve got your layout planned put little dollops of hot glue on the bottom of the jar and carefully place the figures. Make sure not to get glue anywhere else on the jar or else you’ll have snow in places you don’t want it.

Once the glue is completely dry you can start shoveling in the snow. To simplify things and keep snow from sticking all over the figurines tilt the jar to the side and use a spoon to get the snow all the way to the bottom of the jar.

Fill the bottom of the jar with enough snow to cover the base of the figurines and keep filling till you’re satisfied.

Once the inside of your jar looks nice it’s time to close ‘er up. Grab the jar lid and your glue gun. Line the lid with hot glue and then screw the lid on the jar. The glue will heat up the metal of the lid so be careful not to burn yourself.

Now you’re done! For variations try using jars of various sizes and filling them with things like ornaments, pinecones, or lights.

DIY Craft Idea: How To Make Winter Snow Globes DIY Snow Globes: Easy Christmas Craft Water less Snow Globes. waterless-snow-.

Having snow globes in the house with little kids is always a gamble.

They can easily be knocked over and broken, dropped or leak water on furniture – yikes!

This year we decided to get a little crafty to create a quick and easy waterless snow globe – the kids loved making them themselves and a few extra for their friends and neighbors.

Here are the supplies you’ll need and steps to follow to create your own waterless snow globes:

Supplies for Making Your Waterless Snow Globe

  • Cardboard or Thick Paper Plates which will serve as the base
  • Small Clear Plastic Cups
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Mini Ornaments or figurines from around your house (dinosaurs, plastic toys, etc.)
  • Mini Styrofoam Balls (the same kind you’d use to make your own floam)
  • Glitter – optional
  • Pen
  • Scissors

How to Create a Snow Globe Without Water

1. Using the plastic cup and cardboard/paper plate, trace a circle around the widest part of the cup and then cut the piece out with scissors.

2. Put a dollop of glue on the cardboard circle and brush it all over the entire piece.

3. Cover the base with cotton balls, gently pulling them apart and sticking them to the glue on the circle.

4. Arrange the ornaments or figurines near the center of the cotton covered circle. Use glue on each of the bases to secure them.

5. Set your plastic cup upright and pour a little of the mini styrofoam balls in the bottom. Don’t go overboard with the floam or they’ll set stuck on your ornaments or cover them when you adhere it together. You can also throw in a little glitter to the cup too if you’d like.

6. Give your base (with the ornaments) about 30 minutes to dry a little. Once they are more stable, gently place a ring of glue around the edge of the circular base. Next, you’re going to secure the top cup to the bottom of the snow globe. Keep the cup on the counter and turn over the base with the ornaments to the top ring of the cup. Gently turn both the cup and base over and place on a dry surface.

You can place something on top of the cup to add little pressure (a coffee mug for example) to make sure it’s attached tightly throughout the drying process. Let your snow globe sit overnight and then gently shake it the next day and watch the snow and glitter swirl around the waterless snow globe.

Turn It Into an Ornament

Glue a looped string to the top of the cup or punch a hole and run a hook through the top of your ornament so you can dangle these from the tree this year.


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Waterless Snow Globes {tutorial}

how to make waterless snow globe craft

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Two weeks ago I visited See Vanessa Craft with a Waterless Snow Globes Tutorial for the 20 Crafty Days of Christmas. I just love how the Waterless Snow Globes turned out, that I figured I should show them off here too. Enjoy the tutorial my friends.

Waterless Snow Globes

With Christmas and winter approaching I can’t help but think about the snow that will be arriving in no time at all. My daughters LOVE snow globes, they each own a couple of them. The only problem with snow globes is that they are heavy to carry because of the water. My girls love to carry them around to play with them but each time I’m worried they will drop them because of their weight. Since they love them so much, I decided that we would make waterless snow globes together. They will be able to carry them around as they wish.

We ended up making four waterless forest-style snow globes together:

We had so much fun creating our waterless snow globes. It’s such a quick and inexpensive project.

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How to make Waterless Snow Globes



Step 1: Take off the lids from your containers and hot glue your decorations onto the lid. Make sure you do not place your decorations too close to the sides otherwise you won’t be able to twist the lid back onto the container (it happened to Emanuelle’s snow globe and we had to pull off the moose.. which caused us to break its legs in the process.. thank goodness for superglue hehe).

Step 2: Pour some shredded snow inside the containers, as much or as little as you want.

Step 3: Twist the lid back onto the container. Now you can flip it over and enjoy your waterless snow globe!!

Easy enough right? My girls LOVE them, they have been having fun moving them around as they please. We are probably going to make some more too! They are just so fun to make!

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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Learn how to make a super cute DIY snow globe from a jelly jar. A quick, easy and inexpensive holiday craft project the kids can help with.

DIY Waterless Snow Globe

Take It On Tuesday: Make a Craft in a Jar!!! No-Water Snow Globes!

It’s TUESDAY, and you know what that means???

It’s time to TAKE IT ON! Today I take on a cute craft… a CRAFT IN A MASON JAR…


My friend sent me a Facebook message with a Take it On Tuesday seasonal idea – SNOW GLOBES.

But the water part made me nervous, so I poked around Pinterest and BAM, I found Tidy Mom’s tutorial for WATERLESS snow globes (here).

Related, and you MUST take a peek at these DIY VIntage Inspired Bell Jar Ornaments. DAR.LING!

So, the idea is not mine, but I took some creative license (also, I could find NO snowmen), and not being one who assumes any craft is truly do-able… I had to take it on and see for myself (with camera rolling!). AND YOU GUYS IT STINKING WORKED!

Here’s hows ya get it DID!

So. You need:

(Find that Frosty Snow *here.)
I also bought a figurine of 3 carolers that would usually go into a little Christmas village display. I think that was my favorite one. All that to say, be creative! Look around!


Use the Glitter Blast to paint the lid.

Um. Be careful. It’s called Glitter BLAST for a reason (you can find it on *here).

Just sayin’.

Use the spray adhesive to give your little trees a little extra bling. Spray your trees and sprinkle with white/iridescenty glitter. Whee!


– When painted lid pieces are dry, glue together.

– Decide on the display you want in the jar. Arrange it – being mindful that the jar is more narrow at the mouth. I didn’t like the bases of my trees, so I cut them off and hot glued wine corks (I cut them to the height I needed)… The corks make for a cute tree trunk… though tough to see with all the snow *wink*.

– Glue the display to the inside of the lid.

– Fill jar with snow (lots jars to choose from *here!)

– When display has had time to set from the glue… turn lid upside down into jar… screw lid (shown in video).

– Turn jar over… and shake snow into place.

– I found pieces of the snow like to stick on the sides. YAY STATIC ELECTRICITY!


Place globes on a shelf, a mantle, or in a gift bag to give to your favorite holiday hostess, or teacher, or any person you want to tickle with cute creativity!

Merry MAKING!!! And it’s an easy activity to get the kids involved in!

Originally published Dec. 4, 2012… *affiliate links

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how to make waterless snow globe craft

Make Waterless Snow Globes fast and easy to add to your Christmas and Winter days-of-christmas-ideas-crafts-printables-decorations-.

how to make waterless snow globe craft
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