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How to organize your craft supplies
March 26, 2019 Books 5 comments

Suddenly realize your crafting hobby is taking over the dining room? No worries. We have the perfect ideas to organize your craft and scrapbooking supplies so you can find what you need and eat dinner, too!

It’s time to get those craft supplies organized, ladies! If that seems like an insurmountable and extremely expensive task, just check out these easy tips for getting it all together in a creative way that’s sure to appeal to the crafty gal.


Repurpose old glass jars

For things like buttons and beads, a lot of crafters use the same toolkits carpenters and contractors use to store screws, nuts and bolts. That’s a great idea, but it’s not the only way (and let’s face it, those little plastic kits aren’t really that cute).

Instead, you can mount the lids of old clear jars of various sizes to the bottom of a cabinet or shelf using flat-head nails or screws (make sure the nail or screw isn’t so long that it goes through the top of the shelf. Then just put all your supplies in the jar and screw it into the lid, where it will stay suspended and make it easy to see what’s in each jar.

Extra small items like eyelets can easily be stored in little pillboxes (you know, the kind that show the days of the week?). Just use tiny labels for each individual container or glue one of the items in that container to the outside so you can easily identify which supplies are where.

Learn how to
turn a playroom
into a craft room!


Tins or pails for longer items

If you need a place to store pens, scissors, craft knives and other longer items, store them in a series of vintage pails or save old coffee or chip tins and wrap them with beautiful contact paper. The pails can also be hung from hooks placed on the bottom of shelves or cabinets. Alternatively, use a wine rack with clear tubing.


Think outside the craft store

Desktop stadium-style organizers are perfect for small scrapbooking decals, stickers and similar supplies and the tiered levels make it easy to see everything you have at a glance. Those plastic sleeves for photos or trading cards also work well for this purpose and can be stored in a binder with index dividers for labeling and categorizing.

Desk drawer organizers, accordion files, file carts and more can be used for a variety of purposes. But it doesn’t stop at the office. Shower caddies, glassware and bowls, closet organizers and more can be repurposed for your craft supplies.

Don’t be afraid to hang things in unusual places, either. A canvas shoe organizer can be hung on a curtain rod to do double-duty as an organizer and curtains. The possibilities are endless.

Tell us

What craft-supply organizing ideas do you have? Tell us in the comments below.

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First things first — before you can organize the supplies, you need to organize and sort them. While you’re sorting, toss anything you know you won’t need. Once you have everything sorted into different categories, you’ll have a better idea of what solution you need. Remember, your stash of supplies will likely grow, so make sure you have enough storage space to accommodate your growing collection.

Every crafter has a variety of ribbon, paper and other supplies that come on rolls. To keep it in good condition and easy to access, install rods to hang them on. You can use store-bought rods with rubber stoppers in a craft closet or insert dowel rods purchased at a hardware store in a row in a laundry basket by running the rods through parallel holes. Just make sure the rods are at least somewhat easy to remove so you can add new rolls and take off empty ones.

Who else needs some help with craft room organizing? This post is for you!

Note: This was written in August of 2013.

All summer long Garrett and my cousin Sammi (our summertime nanny) sat in my spare bedroom and got their craft on while it rained buckets outside.  They painted and colored and made bead art and polymer clay sculptures.  G loved it, but by the end of summer my happy little sanctuary looked like a bomb had gone off in a craft store.

Now that school has started back, I decided it was time to get organized with my arts and craft supplies.

Here is my new craft room update with a pretty project table and plenty of storage!

Start with Ikea Hanging Storage

Last month my mom asked me to stop by IKEA and pick up a few supplies for her scrapbooking room.  She emailed me her wish list, but since there were no photos to go by I nearly had a panic attack searching for those Swedish Grundtals and Bygels in a haystack.

Finally, a nice IKEA worker saw the crazed look in my eye and took pity on me.  He typed out a new list with the departments where each item was located, and I was on my way.

Once I saw what all she was buying for her room I decided to buy some for my room, too!

(Affiliate links ahead)

The IKEA Fintorp series of buckets and hooks turned out to be the perfect, pretty organization idea for my craft room! I really like the elongated buckets for storing bottles of paint.

You can mix and match buckets, wire baskets and hooks to create any combination of storage solutions. Plus it’s CUTE.

Paint brushes, hot glue sticks, polymer clay, washi tap, bakers twine, markers and TONS of craft paint compliments of my buddies at DecoArt.   Be sure to check back later this week to see what all I’ve been creating with all that paint!

Add some pretty lighting

Another thing I couldn’t resist when I was in IKEA was this frilly light fixture.  I’ve been needing some lighting over my craft table, but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of installing an actual light.  So, with a ceiling hook and a burlap cord cover draped over to the corner, I now have this pretty ruched light fixture that matches the curtains.  I’m still iffy on the burlap cord cover.  there is a part of me that thinks it looks like a large intestine hanging from my ceiling.

What do you think?  Love it or leave it?

Organize the Artwork

Funny thing about IKEA—you can never just buy things for yourself.  It’s kind of like a Costco run—you come out with all sorts of goodies for your mama and sister that you never really intended to buy.  When my friend Dusty heard I was going to make an IKEA run she asked me to pick her up another set of (affiliate link) Dignitet curtain rods and Riktig curtain hooks for Kate’s artwork display.  And what the heck?   A few sets also made their way into MY side of the buggy, too!

I decided to steal Dusty’s excellent idea for my own little artist’s artwork.  I haven’t seen a better way to display a whole bunch of kid’s artwork in an organized way!

Love this idea so much! Garrett has brought home a new color of the rainbow every day from school, so they are all hanging proudly across the art corner now.

Use Unique Containers

I love using wooden boxes and basket for storing my craft supplies. This little wooden divided box with a handle is perfect to hold balls of twine and string. Since all those fall projects are just around the corner I got my jute and sisal and raffia ready.  Bring on the pumpkin projects!

Keep Kraft Paper Handy

Another idea I had was to mount a curtain rod right at the top of my project table for a roll of craft paper that can be rolled out to keep the table clean when a big paint project is underway.

I am SO digging this idea! Since messy is our middle name around here, so I try to keep craft paper around to catch all the drips.  Here’s a peek at what the table looks like the other 99% of the time when it’s not all fake clean and staged for the blog.

Overall I’m super happy with the way this little corner turned out.  Now Garrett and I have a great place to sit and create together…. mess and all!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to checkout my other posts about my office and craft room makeover!

Click here for the full tutorial on how to paint horizontal stripes on a wall the easy way:

2017 Update: Also be sure to tour my new attic office/craft room/ play room at our new home!


Learn how to organize your craft room with directions, videos and advice from The Container Store's experts, and get free shipping on all purchases over $75 + .

Say goodbye to crafting clutter and hello to craft organization goals! Whether you love sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, knitting, or any other type of creative hobby, organizing craft supplies is a total breeze with over 40 inspirational ideas to conquer the mess.

This post may contain affiliate links.Read my full disclosure policy here.

When we were packing up our belongings to make the long-distance move to the Sunshine state, one of my New York friends glanced at the towering boxes in the corner of my craft area and confronted me with the cold hard truth: I was a craft supply hoarder.

What can I say? I like options when the crafty bug bites!

But this has led to a closet overflowing with a ridiculous amount of supplies. And when I say craft closet, I mean CRAFT closet. When I open the doors, it's like Hobby Lobby on a slightly smaller scale.

Here a sample of what's inside:

  • All my scrapbooking supplies from years past {even though I no longer scrapbook}
  • Stamps and card making supplies
  • Knitting supplies
  • Cross stitch supplies
  • Sewing supplies
  • Lettering and drawing books
  • Washi tape
  • Thousands of printed photos
  • My Silhouette and all it's corresponding supplies
  • Gift wrapping supplies {These are somewhat organized, thankfully!}

But as I embrace more simplicity and minimalism in my life, I find myself ready to let go of the clutter.

I don't want all that stuff.

I want only to keep the few things that are most important to me and that I can see myself actually using when I feel the urge to create.

And so without further ado, my BIG home project for 2018 is decluttering and organizing my entire craft closet.

The First Step

I'm currently in the decluttering phase, weeding through items I don't use anymore to donate or trash, but I've also been the on the hunt forinspiration so I know exactly how I want to organize what I have left.

And WOW, I found total craft organization goals!

It seemed selfish to keep all these awesome ideas to myself, so if you're ready for a craft supply refresh of your own, browse my selections here to get inspired, too.

Scrapbook Paper:






Washi Tape:

  • If you want to display your washi tape on the wall, grab some command hooks, dowel rods, and a frame to put together this DIY storage solution (1).
  • Upcycle an empty wax paper box into a washi tape box (2)! The sharp edge doubles as a DIY tape dispenser.
  • This spice rack turned washi organizer (3) is another great way to riff off a product designed for a a different purpose.
  • To store washi tape in a drawer, simple baskets (4) from Michaels or the dollar store do the trick.




Knitting and Crocheting:




Odds and Ends:

All these swoon-worthy systems make my heart go pitter-patter! I can't wait until I move onto the organization phase of my goal and can implement some of these ideas. Keep an eye out for what I end up using in a future blog post!

Now it's time for me to get to work. 🙂

Do you have any big organizing projects on your list this year?


Disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Rest assured, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Read my full disclosure policy here.

5 Tips to organize your craft supplies

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How to Organize Craft Supplies:

Hi there! Are you looking for craft room organization ideas? Or wondering how to store all of your scrapbooking products? Personally, I am always looking for practical AND cute storage solutions for my scrapbooking and craft supplies! My previous craft room tours are still some of the most highly pinned images from my site, which tells me I’m not the only one who loves the topic of scrapbook supply organization!! Here are lots of photos showing how I organize my craft supplies! (With 2019 updates and updated product links.)

The Pros and Cons of a Large Craft Room:

We’ve moved quite a bit and in our current home I am blessed with a LARGE craft room. There’s plenty of space for a computer/desk area, my scrapbooking and crafting products, fabrics, photography equipment and more! However, the blessing of a large craft room can turn into a curse because it allows for even more messes and more craft stuff! It’s definitely a constant balancing act for me so I often go through my supplies to donate things I’m not using anymore. I’m also one that likes to clean up in between projects so that helps to keep things tidy.

Craft Room Organization Ideas for Small Craft Supplies and Embellishments:

This section of my craft room is where I keep most of my small embellishments. It sits on the far wall of my room but is close to where I work so I can easily go back and forth to grab the things I need. There’s lots of different solutions for storing small craft supplies! Keep reading below for all the details on how I organize my scrapbooking embellishments.

Creative Storage Solutions for Craft Supplies:

  • Use Regular Furniture – I found this amazing pink wicker dresser at an antique store and it was already painted this lovely pink color! The instant I saw it, I knew it would be perfect in here! It provides another surface area for storing things on top while also providing the drawer space for things I don’t need to access on a daily basis. Plus it is so cute!! Currently I am storing extra products from my Crate Paper collections, paint and other random things in the drawers.
  • Store Twine in Sugar Jars – This is truly one of my favorite craft room organization ideas because it is SO cute! These Bakers Twine spools fit perfectly into sugar pourer jars and you can thread the end of the twine right through the little opening in the lid. When you need some twine, just pull on the end and cut off the amount you need. It keeps everything from getting all messy and tangled up! If you’re like me, you will need one of each color of this bakers twine! And doesn’t it look so cute displayed in a rainbow? 

More Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Craft Supplies:

  • Vintage Printer’s Drawer – On top of the dresser I have this vintage printer’s drawer that I also found at an antique store. When I got it, it was brown and really dirty so I gave it a good cleaning and then spray painted it white. I also painted the metal handle gold. I love how all of these colorful embellishments look in it now that it’s white!

  • More About Wooden Printers Trays – Vintage printer’s drawers come in lots of different sizes. I love that mine  is really big because I can fit so many things in it! I just found this printers tray online and it looks very similar to mine! If you are thinking of getting a printer’s tray, just make sure you have somewhere to keep it. For example, keeping it on a table or dresser like this works great, or on a shelf in a bookcase. If I were to move this around a lot, things would fall out and get all mixed up, which would not be a good situation!
  • Here’s one of my best craft room organization tips for you – This is not something you want to keep within reach of little hands, unless you want a million sequins and other little things scattered around your house! (TRUST me, I know from experience haha!)  – I have a large white foam board that I keep on top of this printers tray when I am not in here working. Not only does it keep Lizzy Kate from playing with everything, but it keeps the dust out as well!

What to Put in Your Wooden Printers Tray:

  • I love how each little space keeps things so organized while also keeping so many fun embellishments out and easy to access. When I get to the embellishing stage of a project I come here first to pick out a few things! I do rotate my supplies out of here once in a while but for the most part these are my must haves for scrapbooking! You can see lots of things from my Crate Paper collections, plus some of my favorite classics like resin flowers, wood veneer, mini clothespins and sequins.

More Ideas for Organizing Small Craft Supplies:

  • Next to the printer’s tray I have an old muffin tin that I use for other small supplies. Of course you could use a new one as well! I have also used these cute metal individual cupcake tins a lot! They work well on a shelf and are also a cute photography prop! Currently I like how this works for storing these smaller spools of twine. I also use muffin tins to store a variety of embellishments when doing an ongoing project like a mini album scrapbook or December Daily album. You can put it away when not using it and pull it out easily when you do!

  • Use Your Wall Space – I have two of these storage shelves from back in the day when I designed for Making Memories. They are perfect for storing more of my small scrapbook embellishments that I use a lot. In addition, they are a great way to store washi tapes. I also keep some of my favorite American Crafts ribbons and glitter tapes here.

Functional and Cute Craft Organization Ideas:

  • Also on this same wall I have these floating shelves picture ledges and they are perfect for storing paint, mists, glitter and more small jars because the shelf depth is just right. It is like a happy colorful rainbow!! And again I like that it keeps things out and within my reach (but also just out of reach from my little ones). Also here are some longer picture ledge floating shelves like I have in the second image below.

Final Thoughts on Craft Supplies Organization:

  • Having craft storage like this makes me happy because it’s not only functional but pretty at the same time. When I am crafting or scrapbooking, it’s definitely inspirational to have all of my favorite things on display like this! Then it feels kind of like shopping in my own craft room!
  • In addition, keeping my supplies out in the open where I can see them makes me 100% more likely to use them! I find when I hide things away, I don’t use them as often because I forget what I even have! Are you the same?

That wraps up this part of my craft room tour! I hope it gives you some great ideas for storing and organizing craft supplies! This is only one area of my room, so I have lots more to share still…. stay tuned for more photos and more craft supply organization tips in future blog posts!!

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Discover 4 Easy Ways to Categorize and Organize Your Craft Supplies - Totally Tiffany

Get your craft room organized with pretty but practical storage solutions from IKEA. These handy solutions solve all your craft supply.

Tips for Organizing Your Craft Space

Here are over 20 great ways to organize craft supplies. These come in handy for cleaning up your craft room or studio. Lots of budget friendly options!

My crafting area is a disaster right now. Since I’m living in a loft, I don’t have a “room,” but I do have an area . . . and I know many of you do have craft rooms. And all of us could probably use some organization.

The fact is, when you have craft supplies, you typically have a lot of them. And that means there’s a lot to keep corralled. It’s January (National Organization Month), so I’m going to focus on getting my craft area cleaned up and sorted.

If you want to organize craft supplies or your craft room this month too, I think these 21 ideas are going to help you. Just scroll down to see them – and I’m curious to know which method of organizing craft supplies is your favorite!

How to Organize Craft Supplies

Sewing Patterns

I love this method for pattern storage – and it works especially well for those PDFs print outs.

Get the how-to at Vanilla Joy

Scrapbook Paper

Use clear plastic holders and hangers to make your scrapbook papers visible and easy to access.

Learn more at Better Homes & Gardens

Shower Caddy

You can mount a shower caddy to the wall to hold everything from gift wrapping supplies to scissors to notebooks.

Learn more about the project at Better Homes & Gardens

Candy Jars

Use clear glass candy jars to store small scraps, like ribbon and fabric.

Learn more at Better Homes & Gardens

Yarn Basket

This yarn bin is easy to make, attractive, and also portable.

Get the how-to at Martha Stewart

Cutting/Craft Table

Leslie made this table utilizing two bookshelves she already had – so smart!

Find out more about the project at House on the Way

Tiered Storage

Add candlesticks to tins to make the perfect tiered storage for any loose craft supplies.

Find out how it was done at Merry & Bright

Pencil Roll

This no-sew felt roll up is perfect for keeping your pens and pencils together and in color order.

Find out how to make it at Small + Friendly

Twine Keeper

A sugar shaker works perfectly to dispense baker’s twine or ribbon.

Learn more at Whisker Graphics

Book Box

Decoupage a wood bin with patterned papers for stylish storage. Organize craft supplies, books, patterns, or other items within.

Get the how-to at Mod Podge Rocks

Spice Rack

This magnetic spice rack is perfect for holding small embellishments like buttons, paper flowers and chipboard.

Desk Organizer

Recycle chip canisters into a desk organizer that can hold brushes, pencils and more.

Learn how to do it at Shelterness

Washi Tape

This brilliant storage keeps all your washi tapes sorted and visible using dowel rods and adhesive hooks.

Find out how it was done at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Fabric Stash

I love how Cathe stores her fabric remnants in vintage luggage – all neatly wrapped and displayed.

Learn how she did it at Just Something I Made

Embroidery Floss

Keep your floss from ending up in a big wad by wrapping the colors around clothespins.

Learn more about Mrs. Jones

Glitter Shakers

This is the perfect way to store your glitter and use it without dumping out the whole container.

Learn more at Until Wednesday Calls

Paper File

This is another great way to hold scrapbook papers – an organizing bin and hanging file folders.

Wall Pegboard

A large pegboard just like Kellie’s makes it easy to hang containers and dowel rods – perfect organization for a craft room.

See how it was done at Nest of Posies

Paint Organizer

This old drawer is mounted to the wall, making your paints visible and easy to access.

Get the how-to at Happiness is Homemade

Thread Organizer

Virginia came up with this easy-to-make thread storage rack using dowel rods.

See how she made it at Fynes Designs

Scissor Caddy

An old toothbrush holder becomes a great way to hold scissors and tools.

Learn more at Sew Many Ways

Paint Storage

This paint storage looks good – who knew you could organize craft supplies with PVC pipes?

See how it was made at Today’s Creative Life

I hope you enjoyed this roundup! If you want more organization ideas, check out these articles:

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how to organize your craft supplies

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Get your craft room organized with pretty but practical storage solutions from IKEA. These handy solutions solve all your craft supply.

how to organize your craft supplies
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