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How to sew a fabric bowl craft stylish

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How to sew a fabric bowl craft stylish
January 22, 2019 Books 2 comments

When my parents visited us for Thanksgiving, my mom showed me how to make these awesome, DIY fabric covered rope baskets.  She made one for my birthday and I use it to store some of my makeup. In this post I’ll give you easy to follow instructions for how to make fabric coiled baskets. You will be able to make this satisfying project in no time at all!

This post was updated June 16th 2019

Rope baskets are perfect for storage

The coiled rope basket she made for me is such a fun storage spot. It makes me smile and think of her every time I use it.  Rope baskets are one of the most satisfyingly simple crafts you can make.

You can sew up one of these baskets together in about 3 hours or less. It’s a great project for both advanced and beginning stitchers. This rope bowl tutorial will give you everything you need, including pictures to help you make a beautiful project.

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These bowls use 3/16 clothesline rope and are such fun to make, they are addicting.  I made 4 of them in a weekend and plan on sending one to my husband’s mom for Christmas! 

If you sew or if you enjoy quilting, you likely have a ton of fabric sitting around, taking up space in your closet.  Fabric wrapped clothesline baskets are the perfect project to use up leftover scraps from quilting or other sewing projects.

Supplies for making clothesline rope baskets

  • Fabric strips
  • A sewing machine
  • A heavy-duty sewing machine needle
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • 3/16 clothesline 
  • 3-5 pre-wound bobbins of the same color for your machine. 

I used at least 1 bobbin per bowl.  Also, white thread seems to go well with most fabrics. Unless you are working with a predominantly single-colored fabric design, your best bet is to probably sew it with white thread.

You will need about 33 feet of clothesline to make one basket that measures 10x4x3.5 inches. This is similar to the oblong rainbow specks bowl you see in the picture below. 

Although cotton clothesline or rope is preferred, I used a nylon blend and it turned out very nicely.  My heavy duty needle didn’t have any problem with the nylon clothesline and I wonder if you could use larger gauge nylon rope to make bigger projects like rugs, etc.

If you want to make rope baskets about the size of those in the picture, you will need around 1 1/2 yards of fabric.  Cotton quilting fabric works the best and is so easy to use.

How to make a coiled fabric basket: Prep work

  • Cut fabric strips about 1 inch in width.  I experimented with several different widths.  The 1-inch works best for me because it has a larger wrap area.
  • It doesn’t matter if you cut diagonally on the bias, horizontally, or vertically.  Just make your strips 1-inches in width.
  • Fold the end of the strip over the end of your clothesline and tuck it into your first wrap.
  • Secure the end of your clothesline with a stitch or a clothespin/ clip to prevent it from unravelling.
  • Proceed to wrap your entire clothesline length in fabric strips of your choosing.
  • You can either start sewing and wrap as you go, like I did in this picture, or you can wrap it all at once and sew once you have everything nicely wrapped up.

Beginning to sew the rope baskets

There are many ways to start wrapping to make your fabric rope. I prefer to keep things simple. Fold about 1.5 inches over the tip of your rope.

Tuck everything in and start wrapping the clothesline in fabric, overlapping by 1/4 inch.

I overlap my fabric strips as I wrap by about 1/4 inch because this gives me enough fabric to tuck in the parts that tend to start sticking out as I wrap. 

You will notice the edges of my fabric strips are a little rough and frayed. It doesn’t matter because everything will be hidden by the coil and zig zag stitch when you sew the rope basket together. The wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect.

When wrapping the rope to make your basket, make sure you cover the clothesline well. Some people wrap as they go, while others will wrap the entire 30 feet of rope before they start sewing the rope basket. I have tried it both ways. If you aren’t alternating colors, I recommend wrapping everything at once while you are watching a movie or doing something that doesn’t require much attention.

If you are trying to achieve a specific color pattern when rope basket making, wrap as you sew so you can easily swap out colors as you desire.

If I am taking a break, I clip the end so my wrapping doesn’t fray.

Set up your sewing machine

Insert your heavy duty needle into your machine (Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Sewing Machine with 27 Stitches, 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholer, 6 Sewing Feet, Free Arm and Instructional DVD‘ rel=”noopener noreferrer”>sewing machine and it only has 1 stitch length for the zig zag.  You want your zig zag stitch to be long enough to connect both sides of your fabric wrapped rope.

I find a 3.5 to 4 mm stitch works well.  Take a look at my stitching here and you will get an idea of how wide and spread out your stitches can be.

Rope basket making: Secure the first coil

Make a tight coil for the base of your basket. Once you have 2-3 circles in your coil, secure it with a couple of pins and zig zag stitch your fabric rope to secure it in a coil shape.

When you are putting this together, you will probably miss connecting the rope layers together in some places.  That is perfectly fine.  Just go right back over that section when you are done and zig zag them together wherever you find a hole.  You do not need to rip out previous stitching.

Zig zag stitch with a 3.5 to 4mm stitch in a straight line from the top edge of your coil, intersecting the coil starting point and through to the bottom edge of your coil.

When you are done with this step, you will see a straight line of zig zag stitching that holds your rope coil together.

Remove the coil for inspection. Remove your securing pins and insert the coil back into your sewing machine so the bulk of the coil forms on the outside of the sewing machine arm.

Start from the center of the coil and stitch your clothesline, connecting to the outer coil, rotating around as you increase the size of your coil. You will see the base of your rope basket forming before your eyes.

Frayed edges are just fine and get wrapped up into the project when you sew them together.  It also gives your rope baskets a nice, textured/ organic look if you are working with really frayed fabric.

Shaping rope baskets

When you sew, think about the shape of your future bowl.  My first bowl was oblong, so I started with a 4 inch fold in my line when I made the initial coil. 

You also want to keep in mind the direction you will be sewing and make sure the growing bowl will be on the outside of your machine as you can see here in this picture.

To get your basket to start curving upwards, firmly lift your coil up off the base of the sewing machine arm for several coils to create a curve. You won’t probably notice the curve after the first pass through the coil but you should start seeing a distinctive curling up of your basket edge by the time you get the second coil sewn on your rope bowl.

Finishing the clothesline basket

When you have made the rope bowl in the size you want, you can finish it off by wrapping your fabric past where you cut your clothesline, making your wrapped area progressively smaller so you can hide the end of your rope into the edge of the bowl. 

On several of my bowls, I actually stitched up the end of my clothesline and end-wraps to make it more secure and help it blend in better with the edge of the bowl.

After you finished attaching your rope at the end, when you complete the rope basket, go over the entire top edge of it with a zig zag stitch to finish it off. 

You don’t need to have your sewing needle go through the fabric on both sides of the zig zag.  Just slide the bowl edge halfway into your machine so you sew onto the bowl edge with 1/2 of your zig zag stitch.  Let the other half sew into nothing (if you know what I mean). 

The sewing machine will loop that other half of your zig zag in with the bobbin thread from the bottom of the stitch and make a nice, secure wrap for the top of your rope basket.

The finished rope bowls: I’m loving the color!

This is such a fun and easy project to sew and after all the wrapping is done, you can whip this together in 1/2 an hour or sewing or less.  There are so many other fun ways to use this technique to create little storage baskets that coordinate with your décor. 

You can make placemats or coasters.  One blogger made an entire rug, using clothesline like I used here for these baskets.  There are so many possibilities with this sewing technique.  As you can tell, I am addicted!

Rope baskets make perfect handmade gifts

These are such a unique item and you can really personalize color, shape, and style to fit the person you are gifting your rope basket. I made the gray one shown in the tutorial for my mother in law. It was the base for a kitchen themed gift basket.

Check these other projects out for inspiration using this same technique

Here are some examples of other people who have made projects using this technique.  Check out the artistry and creativity!

Make a coiled fabric rope rug  This is beautiful!  My mom is making one right now and you could totally pull a room together by making a rug from drapery fabric scraps, or perhaps something that coordinates with your throw pillows!

You don’t have to wrap your rope in fabric strips. Try painting it before sewing with acrylic paint for a super quick craft using this same sewing technique!

If you decide to try this sewing craft, make sure you select a nice, thick heavy duty needle. They will ensure you can sew through any type of clothesline. The heavy duty needles will work with both nylon and cotton clothesline. 

If you don’t have a fancy sewing machine, never fear! My daughter’s inexpensive brother machine also worked nicely for this little craft project.

Other craft ideas you might be interested in:

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Like this:

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diy reusable beeswax bowl cover food wrap eco earth craft a few items and about 15 minutes to make these stylish no-sew beeswax bowl covers. the fabrics you like best, so the covers compliment your personal style and spark joy when.

Summer time means picnics, barbecues, and potlucks!  Many times we are invited to outdoor activities and everyone is asked to bring a dish to share.  I thought it would be fun to create a reusable fabric bowl cover so that we can tote our side dishes to these events in style.  These are also great to have at an outdoor picnic to keep the bugs off of your food when no one is eating.

These bowl covers will take you no time at all.  It will probably take you longer to decide on your fabric and coordinating bias tape than it will to actually sew them.  Make one for your favorite bowl or make a whole set for all of your serving bowls!

So, let’s get started……….

Potluck Bowl Covers

1 Fat Quarter (should be enough for a large bowl)
1 package double fold bias tape (or you can make your own)
Thin Elastic – 1/8″ or 1/4″ (the amount depends on the size of your bowl)
Safety Pin
Sewing Machine


Take the bowl that you plan on making a cover for and flip it over.  Place it on your fabric.  If you are using a directional print or something with a certain design, make sure to center your bowl over the design.

Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut a circle that is 2″ wider than your bowl.

Sew your bias tape around the entire edge of the bowl (click HERE for my bias tape tutorial).  Leave an opening in your bias tape large enough for a safety pin to fit through.

Above you can see the opening in my bias tape.

Measure towards the top of your bowl and subtract two inches – that is how much elastic you will need.  My elastic was very stretchy, so if yours isn’t, then you may need to make yours a little longer.  Stick a safety pin through the end of the elastic.  Typically I use a bodkin to thread elastic, but in this case, only a safety pin will fit through the bias tape opening.

Thread your elastic through the bias tape opening and around the circle.  Stitch the ends of elastic together and close the opening in your bias tape by top-stitching with your sewing machine.

Place your covers on top of your bowls and you are ready for your summer potluck!
You could certainly make these in a more casual fabric or even make them to coordinate with your outdoor picnic blanket or tablecloth.  These are not meant to replace foil or plastic wrap when you need a seriously tight seal, but these are just right for taking your dish to and from your summer get together!

How to Sew a Fabric Bowl - CraftStylish

how to sew a fabric bowl craft stylish

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Fabric scraps, what to do with them? Well, you’re in luck because there are over a hundred sewing projects for you to upcycle your leftover fabric. Check out these amazing ideas below:

Brilliant Ways You Can Use Leftover Fabric Scraps

1. Coasters


Making coasters is one of the most fun and easy DIY projects. With your fabric and ribbon scraps, you can sew a dozen of these coasters, place them in a box and tie it with a nice ribbon.

If you want to learn How To Make A Fabric Coaster, watch this video tutorial.

2. Fabric Scrap Key Chains

These tiny key chains look more adorable when embellished with button flowers and felt monograms! And, you can also sew whatever other designs and patterns you can think of.

3. Balm Holder


Make a little lip balm holder from fabric remnants, and clip it to your key chain. Or, add a swivel clip and hook it onto a purse buckle.

4. SD Card Holder


Sew this SD card holder for a perfect DIY gift. Your friends will appreciate it more if you insert an SD card or anything camera-related. Keep your SD card safe so you can save photos for Instagram or Twitter!

5. Mini Zipper Pouch

This is a great sewing project that uses only a tiny amount of fabric remnants.

6. Napkin Holder


Easy to make, and the perfect size for slipping into a purse, this makes for a great Mother’s Day gift. Also, school-aged children can place this in their backpacks for hygienic purposes.

7. Baby Bibs

Make use of your quality fabric remnants in creating bibs for your babies. Have fun and enjoy sewing for your little bundles of joy!

8. Key Ring Chapstick Holder


This is one of the best party gift ideas! It can hold your lipstick, lip balm, or anything else like pins, coins, and clips.

9. Small Tote Bag

If you want a bag for your essential things like your phone, keys, wallet, and cards, this is one of the best DIY ideas! Sew this bag with a couple of zipper compartments to help you organize your things better.

10. Baby Headbands

These cute hair pieces are perfect for any little girls. Just get some unused strips of fabric, and make this headband for your precious little girl!

11. Scrap Pieced Belt

Gather fabric scraps and create a one-of-a-kind belt like this. It adds vibrant color to your daughter’s outfit.

12. Summer Glasses Case


Protect your sunglasses by placing them in this case made from fabric strips. Mix n’ match your scraps of fabric for a fabulous sunglasses case.

13. Lampshade Cover


Upcycle your lamp shade by using fabric scraps as a cover! Sew life to it by using different fabric strips colors and patterns.

14. Tea Towel


Since these towel ideas are so simple to make, sew some nice embroidery to make them adorable.

15. Picture Frame

you’re looking for adorable gift ideas for your favorite couple, look no further. You can give this with their picture inside.

16. Fabric Scrap Necklace


Make use of every bit of your scraps of fabric by making this handmade fabric necklace.

17. Fabric Camera Strap Cover

This is one of the most clever sewing projects. Sew this for yourself, or for your photography-loving friend. Also, make this with cotton fabric scraps so it’s soft and hangs easily from the neck.

18. Dresden Petal Handbag


Make this bag and create your own design using fat quarters of fabric scraps. You can use this bag in January, December, summer, or spring.

19. Mason Jar Covers

First, put your jams, jellies, and other preserved dishes in these mason jars. Then, decorate the lids by putting pretty sewn fabrics on top and securing with a ribbon tie. These are also great gift ideas.

20. Fabric Bowl

Before starting on this fabric bowl, you need to learn the zigzag stitch. A zigzag stitch holds the rows together as you coil the rope around to form a bowl.

21. Fabric Bracelets

Arts ‘n crafts and fashion can go hand-in-hand! Just check out these fun, DIY bracelets made from strips of fabric. You’ll enjoy making this easy and fun sewing project.

22. Birthday Banner

Looking for birthday decoration ideas? Then look no further! This DIY birthday banner adds some much-needed color to the celebration. Gather scraps of fabric and get your sewing machine ready to sew!

23. Tutu Skirt

Another example of style and arts ‘n crafts meeting, this is one of the best sewing projects for your little girl. She’ll look adorable in this skirt, and she’ll love to play with it.

24. Christmas Stockings

These stockings made from scraps of fabric will put your home in a cheerful Christmas mood. You could enlarge the pattern and make the stockings any size you like.

25. Fabric Gift Tags

These DIY gift tags will add a lovely personal touch to your presents. Making these will also help you get rid of excess fabric remnants. You can use whatever fabric you have.

26. Sewing Kit


When you have scraps of fabric from other projects, don’t throw them away. Instead, collect your scraps and make  a mini sewing kit that you can carry with you for sewing emergencies.

27. Coffee Cozy

This sewing project is easy-to-make, and a great gift idea for your friends.

28. Fabric Bow

These fabric bows are super easy! The best part about it is that you can choose your preferred size because you’re the one creating it.

29. Cord Keeper

Use your fabric scraps to sew something useful like this handy cord keeper. Sew as many as you need to keep your cables at home neat and organized.

30. Fabric Flower

All you need are fabric scraps, thread, and a button to sew a fabric flower. This DIY project can serve as decorations in any celebration!

31. Napkin Rings


Dress your dining table with these simple-to-make napkin rings. Make this gorgeous napkin ring with scraps of fabric in multiple colors and textures to suit any occasion. Or, make a set to give as a special gift.

32. Fabric Scrap Scrunchies

Try your best to use up all your fabric scraps. Scrunchies are an easy and quick way to use up those scraps!

33. Passport Cover

To sew this, you’ll only need scraps of fabric, a sewing machine and half hour of your time.

34. Sanitizer Jacket


This sanitizer jacket is a great scrap upcycling project. A DIY jacket will also make for a great Mother’s Day gift, or a birthday gift for any friend.

35. Satin Lined Sleep Mask

This eye mask just needs a little fabric, some patterns, and some elastic. It’s also very easy to sew.

36. Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets smell fabulous. For an extra classy touch, you can make them out your favorite designer fabric.  It’s an awesome way to use up those pretty fabric scraps, too!

37. Little Lark Lavender Sachets


These are super easy to make, and will be a great birthday present.

38. Scented Mini Bunny Pillow


These Mini Bunny Pillows are fun to hand stitch and can be made with the smallest of fabric scraps. If you’d like them to scent your drawers or wardrobe, include some dried lavender to make them smell as sweet as they look.

39. Scrappy Organizer


With some fabric scraps and a sewing machine, you can definitely do this!

40. Scrappy Pot Holders

Pot holders are extremely important. Making potholders out of your fabric scraps is not only fun but will allow you to safely enjoy cooking your favorite treats.

41. Ruffle Necklace


Looks fabulous with old fabric scraps! A pretty cotton fabric would look more casual and is safe for everyday use.

42. Chic Fabric Leaf Earring


Who doesn’t love super simple DIY projects that use up fabric scraps like this? Wear these cute earrings for a Valentine’s Day dinner, or for any occasion!

43. Burp Cloths

Making burp cloths is fast and easy. Save money and make use of plain fabric scraps. You can also sew a patch on the top or decorate it with a small scrap of fabric.

44. Little Zipper Mouth Pencil Case


Zipper pouches are one of the best quick projects of all time!  They are perfect for using up scraps, storing little things, and are super easy to create. Just toss in a gift card and you are good to go!

45. CD Holder


Think of the best fabric color and style combination, then sew them together according to your design. This is such a lovely idea to use your scraps.

46. Lunch Bag

This is a very useful bag made from leftover fabrics where you can place your packed lunch.

47. Sandwich Bag

Fill these bags with sandwiches, crackers, and any other goodies! This scrap bag shows there’s a lot to do with fabric remnants!

48. Fabric Scrap Basket Tutorial

It’s time to make your things organized! A smart idea for decluttering your tiny stuff at home.

49. Fabric Garland

Craftaholics Anonymous gives us one of the best party decor ideas! Gather your extra fabric scraps, and sew them into a beautiful garland.

50. Kid’s Slippers


These slippers are so adorable, and your kids are sure to love them. Make yours like this and embellish with buttons and little fabric scraps.

51. Table Runner

Choose some fabric scraps that will best suit your dining table. Also, you’ll need some fat quarters of extra fabric for this.

52. Hairpins


You can craft these hairpins all by yourself!. Embellish them with those lovely fancy beads and pearls to make them look more attractive.

53. Scrap Fabric Apron


Create a stylish apron from those colorful fabric scraps! This is a lovely and useful idea.

54. Mug Rug

Grab your favorite drink and have this mug rug ready.

55. Bifold Wallet

If you’re unsure of what to do with your quality fabric remnants, why not sew this cute DIY wallet?

56. Headband

Even the beginner sewer can make this baby headband. You just need to safely choose the right fabric for your baby.

57. Gathered Clutch


You can sew this handy, feminine clutch for your keys, coins, and other small objects. Or, you can make a bigger version from scraps of fabric.

58. Scrappy Bedding


Look at what your fabric scraps can become! Fabulous and stylish beddings! But, you’ll need a lot of excess fat quarters for this one.

59. Cellphone Holder


Make this pretty phone wallet for yourself with small fabric scraps!

60. Fabric Letters

If you enjoy teaching your kids. you’ll also enjoy sewing these fabric letters for them. They look pretty, and they’re also great educational materials!

61. Beverage Holder

Learn to sew this beverage holder, create a lot, and use them for parties too!

62. Slouchy Sling Bag


Make a really great scrap bag from fabric scraps! Who would have thought that those tiny scraps can make a unique bag design? Learn how to do this simple quilting.

63. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

Make this tiny zippered scrap bag for your clips and other small objects. Such a lovely idea, right?

64. Throw Pillow

This is one of those perfect ideas for summer and spring! If you want to give your home some lively colors, get into your scraps of fabric and start sewing!

65. TV Cover


Don’t you love to see a television with a cover? It looks neat and more organized!

66. Pantyliner

These tiny, thin daily liners are easy to make and give you a comfortable feeling at home.

67. Fabric Scrap Wreath

If you have fabric scraps that are red, white and blue, you can sew and a wreath. Then, keep it hanging on the 4th of July. Also, use different patterns and colors to make wreaths for different occasions!

68. Diaper & Wipes Carrier


A clever sewing project for your wipes and baby’s diaper.

69. Flip Flops


Do you have an old pair of flip flops which could use a second life? Then use your extra strips of fabric to give them a touch of color. They’ll look perfect for your summer beach getaway.


If you’re a sewing beginner, this might be the project for you! Bookmarks are fun, useful, and easy-to-make.

71. Baby Blanket

Start quilting with your scrap fabrics! You can use different quilt patterns to sew wonderful, warm blanket for your baby.

72. Pencil Case

Learn how to make this pencil case and sew your own from those useful scraps of fabric! You can also use it as your makeup organizer.

73. Pillow Case


Be creative in sewing your pillow case by using this fun idea. These fabric scraps also look like scattered butterflies.

74. Skirt

Make use of your quality scrap fabrics by creating a fashionable skirt like this one. It’s fun and you’ll love it because it’s unique.

75. Pants Extension


Create something that will make your kid’s old pants look new, unique and stylish by simply sewing extensions on them.

76. Map Of the USA

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Sewing Machine Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree
  • ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS TREE: Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that orginated in the 1800s
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations
  • SEWING MACHINE ORNAMENT: Traditionally designed, hand-crafted ornaments
  • SIZE: Ornament Dimensions in Inches: 2.75 x 3.5 x 1.75
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#6 – Pet Dish

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#7 – Cat Tie

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#8 – Chair Cushion & Removable Non-Slip Cover

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#9 – Felt Fish Toy

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#10 – Catnip Pillow

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#11 – Envelope Back Pillow Case

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#12 – Menswear Mouse Toy

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#16 – Cat Jacket

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how to sew a fabric bowl craft stylish

Fabric Crafts How to Sew a Fabric Bowl – CraftStylish. by diyprojects Methods to Sew a Material Bowl – CraftStylish Material Crafts. Pinterest.

how to sew a fabric bowl craft stylish
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