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How to use the crafting table in survival craft

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How to use the crafting table in survival craft
October 02, 2018 Books 3 comments

ID 27
Is Flammable Yes
Sleep Suitability 0.5
Explosion Resilience 5
Is Fluid Blocker No
Digging Method
Digging Resilience 5


Crafting table is a piece of workshop furniture made of wood. It is a very important item, because it allows you to craft items that require more than 2x2 crafting slots. All craftable items can be made on it, provided that you have the required materials.


It is crafted with 4 Planks and can be made in the personal crafting platform. You get one table.


  • Since the 1.26 update, the crafting table now looks like a real table.
  • Before 2.0, crafting table was fluid blocker.
  • Crafting tables, chests, furnaces and dispensers all drop what they contain when broken or burned.
  • Crafting tables are neccesary to make multi state furnitures with more than four states, check this page for more details.

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Use Engram Points accessed through the inventory on level up to unlock Craftable Engrams Crafting Table | Survivalcraft Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia.

Texture Pack
Block ID: 27
Transparency: Yes
Blocks fluids: Yes

Crafting table or Workbench is an essential block in SurvivalCraft. Using a crafting table is the only way the player can access the 3x3 crafting grid. It is made of 4 planks, so they are very easy to craft even in the beginning.

Crafting tables are capable of storing in 9 item slots, even when the player closes the crafting interface. This makes them a cheap alternative to chests. They have unique side and top textures, so they are good for decoration too. However, as of the 1.26 update, the crafting table looks like an actual table and not just a block from 1.25 and older. And it was a fluid blocker until version 2.0 when it was made to not be able to block fluids anymore. It is only a fluid blocker in the first game.

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how to use the crafting table in survival craft

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How To Craft Tools In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Before you can begin mining in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you will need to craft tools. Tools are what you use to mine, so you should have tools in your inventory before you start building a mine. Use the steps below to craft useful tools in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Step 1: Make your crafting table. In Minecraft, you cannot craft out of thin air: you will need to build a crafting table first. To do so, convert pieces of wood into wooden planks. Enter the crafting menu, choose your wooden planks, and tap the material list on the right. One piece of wood will make four planks. Use four planks to build a single crafting table.

Step 2: Place the crafting table in the world. You can’t craft tools if the table is in your inventory. Select the table, aim your cursor at the ground, and tap the space. Next, tap the crafting table to open it.

Step 3: Craft a toolkit. It’s a good idea to consider crafting a basic toolkit before you start mining. You can turn some of your wooden planks into sticks in the crafting menu or at the crafting table. Use planks and sticks to make wooden pickaxes, and use the leftover sticks to make shovels, axes, or swords.

Step 4: Upgrade to stone tools later on. First, your wooden tools will help you to mine cobblestone. Once you have enough cobblestone, you can start crafting stone tools such as cobblestone pickaxes. Cobblestone tools will help you mine for coal, which you need to make torches.
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The Austring small home plan is designed as a tudor style house using of island or table Entry off kitchen to back patio/deck 2 bedrooms with walk-in.

How To Craft Tools In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Crafting Stations are usually player-made objects that will enable crafting or cooking of specific items.

Basic Crafting

See Also: Basic Crafting/Recipes

Items crafted by hand do not require a specialized crafting station. These items are usually simple but necessary for survival.


The Inventor's Table is one of the first crafting stations players will craft, it's required to make most other stations. It can be upgraded twice.

Inventor's Table

See Also: Inventor's Table/Recipes

Inventor's Table is a basic crafting station for crafting other early game crafting station.

Engineer's Table

See Also: Engineer's Table/Recipes

Engineer's Table is the second inventor's station for crafting other crafting stations.

Architect's Table

See Also: Architect's Table/Recipes

Architect's Table is the highest upgraded inventor's station for crafting other crafting stations.


The base furnace players can craft at the Inventor's Table is the Primitive Furnace, it can be upgraded twice.

Primitive Furnace

See Also: Primitive Furnace/Recipes

The primitive furnace is a crafting station for smelting basic ore into bars.

Industrial Furnace

See Also: Industrial Furnace/Recipes

Industrial furnace is the second tier furnace used to smelt ore into bars. It's required for crafting Titanium Bars.

Atomic Furnace

See Also: Atomic Furnace/Recipes

Atomic Furnace is the highest tier furnace used to smelt advanced ore into their refined versions. It's used to refine end-game/top tier ores.

Farming & Hunting

Basic farming, hunting and survival gear can be crafted at a Foraging Table. It can be upgraded into an Agricultural Station.

Foraging Table

See Also: Foraging Table/Recipes

The foraging table allows players to craft the basic tools for farming (hoe, watering can) in addition to hunting weapons (for farming monster meat and drops) and survival gear like mining lights.

Agricultural Station

See Also: Agricultural Station/Recipes

The agricultural station upgrade expands crafting recipes. for farming, hunting and survival.


Anvils are used primarily for the crafting of weapons and armor, in addition to a number of other useful supplies.


See Also: Anvil/Recipes

Anvils are crafting stations used for early ore based crafting of weapons and armor from iron and tungsten.


See Also: Forge/Recipes

Forge is the second level anvil, it enables players to craft weapons and armor from titanium


See Also: Replicator/Recipes

Replicator is the third level anvil, it enables players to craft weapons and armor from durasteel.

The replicator can be further upgraded by slotting either an Accelerator Addon, Manipulator Addon or Separator Addon on top of it.

Combat Specialization

Using the Matter Manipulator to remove an upgraded Replicator drops both the Replicator and the addon separately. This allows a player to switch between addons without losing the addon or requiring multiple Replicators.

Accelerator's Table

See Also: Accelerator's Table/Recipes

Accelerator's Table is an the used for crafting the highest level ranged combat based weapons and armor, which balance energy and defense. It's enabled by slotting an Accelerator Addon on a Replicator.

Manipulator's Table

See Also: Manipulator's Table/Recipes

Manipulator's Table is an the used for crafting the highest level staff combat based weapons and armor, which has low defense to allow very high energy. It's enabled by slotting an Manipulator Addon on a Replicator.

Separator's Table

See Also: Separator's Table/Recipes

Separator's Table is an the used for crafting the highest level melee combat based weapons and armor, which has low energy to allow very high defense. It's enabled by slotting an Separator Addon on a Replicator.

Furniture and Blocks

The Wooden Workbench allows players to craft to a number of furniture recipes, including chairs, doors, beds, and storage. It also has a number of craftable blocks recipes.

Wooden Workbench

See Also: Wooden Workbench/Recipes

Wooden Workbench is the initial furniture crafting table. Most furniture blueprints players find in biome chests will be available to craft using this station.

Industrial Workbench

See Also: Industrial Workbench/Recipes

Industrial Workbench is the highest upgraded furniture crafting table. Upgrading will unlock new furniture and block recipes for crafting.


The medical crafting stations offer players some non-food consumables, bandages and stim packs.


See Also: Apothecary/Recipes

Apothecary is the initial medical table. It allows players to craft basic healing and status effect booting consumables.

Medical Station

See Also: Medical Station/Recipes

Apothecary is the upgraded medical table. It allows players access to more advanced healing and status effect booting consumables.


Main article: Cooking


Campfires is crafting station that is used for cooking basic foods. Most foods at the campfire only require one ingredient. It also provides light in the area around where it's placed.

Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Counter is the base level cooking station for manufacturing most cooking recipes. It is the second cooking station most players will make, after campfire.


Spinning Wheel

See Also: Spinning Wheel/Recipes

The spinning wheel lets players craft a number of clothing pieces, which don't offer protection but look nice. There's also a number of materials which can be refined here to be used in more advanced armor crafting at an anvil.

Sewing Machine

See Also: Sewing Machine/Recipes

The sewing machine is the upgraded version of the spinning wheel. It allows access to advanced crafting materials and dyes.


Main article: Holiday

Toymaker's Table

See Also: Toymaker's Table/Recipes

A Toymaker's Table allows for the crafting of several Christmas vanity items by using Holiday Spirit. The table is currently inaccessible and Holiday Spirits do not currently drop from monsters.

Heart Forge

See Also: Heart Forge/Recipes

A Heart Forge allows for the crafting of several Valentine's Day vanity items using basic materials. This station is also currently disabled.



A Refinery is used to convert ore into pixels.

Pixel Compressor

See Also: Pixel Compressor/Recipes

A pixel compressor is used to compress pixels into tradable, storable, stackable items called voxels and decompress them back into pixels at the same value.

Pixel Printer

The pixel printer is a station which can replicate scanned objects. Once scanned objects will appear in the printer list, and can be printed using pixels.

Fossil Station

See Also: Fossil Station/Recipes

The fossil station is used to craft brushes and display cases for fossils.

Wiring Station

See Also: Wiring Station/Recipes

The Wiring Station is used to create various items related to wiring, allowing for the building of mechanisms and connectivity between objects.

Rail Crafting Table

See Also: Rail Crafting Table/Recipes

A Rail Crafting Table is used to craft objects and items related to rideable rails, and enable a form of quick transportation within a planet.

Pet Station

See Also: Pet Station/Recipes

The Pet Station is used to craft capture pods, which are used to tame weakened monsters. It can also be used to craft a healing station and tether for captured pets.

how to use the crafting table in survival craft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a crafting table with screenshots and In Minecraft, these are the materials you can use to craft a crafting table.

how to use the crafting table in survival craft
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