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Osrs how to turn off auto craft
January 07, 2019 Books 5 comments

70 Cooking (can be boosted)
48 Agility (cannot be boosted)
20 Firemaking
Must be able to defeat high leveled, tough monsters
175 Quest Points


Dirty blast (Must make this yourself), Eye of Newt, Rotten tomato, Greenman's ale, 2 Lemons, Orange, Pineapple, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker, Knife, Ashes, 221gp, 3 Buckets of milk, 2 Pots of flour, Egg, 2 Bowls of water, 4 Asgarnian ales, Ice gloves, Charcoal, Spice or Gnome spice, 1 Fishing bait, 2 Bread, Orange slices, any Dye other than orange, red, or yellow, 3 Bronze wires, Needle, Fishbowl, Pestle and mortar, Raw cod, Egg, Cake tin, Kitten/Cat/Wily/Lazy Cat, lots of Stews (you can buy at the Seers village pub for 20gp each), Axe, Pickaxe, Any ogre bow, Any ogre/brutal arrows, Iron spit (smith with an iron bar), Log, Tinderbox, Ogre bellows, Ball of wool, Pot of cream, Raw sweetcorn, Hatchet, Machete, Pot, Raw chicken, Dramen staff, Anti-dragon shield(or a Dragonfire shield), Weapon and Armour (recommended), Prayer potions (recommended), Rope, M'speak Amulet, 3 Greegrees (Ninja/Archer, Guard, and Zombie).

Prayer potions, Antipoison, Super Restore potions, Ring of Charos (a), Weapon and Armor.


10 Quest Points
10,000 Agility exp (King Awowogei)
28,000 Cooking exp (All Subquests give some xp)
3,500 Crafting exp (1,000 Goblins, 1,000 Pirate Pete, 1,500 Skrach)
1,000 Farming exp (Goblins)
1,000 Fishing: (Pirate Pete)
4,000 Hit Points exp (Sir Amik Varze)
2,500 Magic exp (Lumbridge Guide)
1,500 Ranging exp (Skrach)
1,000 Slayer exp (Dwarf)
1,000 Smithing exp (Pirate Pete)
1,500 Woodcutting exp (Skrach)
A Red Lamp that gives 20,000 exp to any skill over 50 of your choice (Final Battle)
Ability to make Spicy Stew (Evil Dave)
Ability to cast Teleport to Ape Atoll Spell, Ability to cook Stuffed Snake, Access to Monkey Agility Course (King Awowogei)
Access to Mogre Camp, Ability to craft Crab Claw and Crab Helmet (Pirate Pete)
Ability to hunt Jubbly birds (Skrach)
Access to Evil Chicken's Lair (Sir Amik Varze)
Access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Part 1: Helping the Cook
Sub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf
Sub-quest 2: Freeing the Goblins
Sub-quest 3: Freeing Pirate Pete
Sub-quest 4: Freeing the Lumbridge Guide
Sub-quest 5: Freeing Evil Dave
Sub-quest 6: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee
Sub-quest 7: Freeing Sir Amik Varze
Sub-quest 8: Freeing King Awowogei
Part 3: The Fights



10 Cooking, must have completed Cooks Assistant.

Eye of Newt, Rotten tomato, Greenman's ale, 2 Lemons, Orange, Pineapple, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker, Knife, and Ashes.


Ability to start the sub-quests

Lumbridge Castle Kitchen

Speak to Cook

  1. When you talk to Cook he will tell you that it wasn't actually the Duke's birthday, and that the Cooks Assistant Quest was a test of your fidelity. The 100th anniversary of a great banquet cooked by his ancestor, Franizzard Van Lumbcook, is coming up and Cook must make a banquet to prove to the world that he is also a great cook. He wants you to recreate the banquet cooked by Franizzard but doesn't have any of the ingredients for it, making it your job to get them.

  2. He will give you 100 gp and tell you to get him an Eye of Newt, a 'Dirty Blast', a Rotten tomato, and a glass of Greenman's ale. To get the Greenman's Ale, you can brew it, or purchase it at the Yanille Pub and Light House General Shop. Some players also sell it, but the price may be high. A newt's eye may be bought from the Taverley herblore store or the Port Sarim magic store. Rotten tomatoes can be made in compost bins, or bought at the duel arena or pillory sites.

  3. To make a 'Dirty Blast' you must make your own fruit blast (NOT buy one, unless a player made it), and add ashes. To make it you must use a lemon, orange, and pineapple on your cocktail shaker, and then use that with a cocktail glass. Next use a knife with a lemon to cut it into slices, and then add a lemon slice to the unfinished cocktail. Finally, add ashes to it.

    To obtain a cocktail shaker, you can start or have already completed the Blurberry Bartender mini-game (Gnome Stronghold). You can also buy one from Funch's Fine Groceries (next to the Cocktail Bar, second floor, Gnome Stronghold. You can get a glass by drinking any cocktail or buying one. Lemon and oranges may be bought from a gnome barman, and all three fruits may be bought from the supply store at the Grand Tree.

  4. Now take these items back to Cook and he will invite you to the feast.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Now go through the door to your north to enter the banquet room. After viewing the feast you can do any of the following sub-quests that you want.

As you progress through the sub-quests, you will always receive 'increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest' as a reward. The Culinaromancer's Chest is located in the Lumbridge basement, down the trapdoor in Cook's room. It works as a bank and as a shop. You can buy various gloves and weapons if you choose 'buy item', or if you choose 'buy food' you are shown a selection of foodstuffs.

When you have full access to the Culinaromancer's Chest you will be able to buy these:

The gloves are progressive from leather and bronze all the way to dragon and barrows. Although they are not given these names, it is obvious from their looks what they are. The most expensive (dragon and barrows) cost 130k gp but give great stat bonuses of +12 to all attack and defence stats except magic which is +6 and +12 strength for the barrows ones and +9 to all attack and defence stats for dragon.



Must have completed the Fishing Contest Quest.

216gp, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Egg, Bowl of water, 4 Asgarnian ales, and any Gloves (Ice gloves are best). Optional item is Ring of Charos (u).


1k Cooking and Slayer xp, Increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room.

Inspect the Dwarf.

  1. When you inspect the dwarf the gypsy will tell you to go find his Dad in the tunnel under the mountain. Go to the home of the mountain dwarves underneath White Wolf Mountain.

  2. Once you find his dad, who is called An old Dwarf, talk to him. You will explain to him what has happened to his son. Unfortunately, when you ask him to give you his secret rock cake recipe he will refuse.

  3. Go to the 'Rising Sun' pub in Falador, and ask about dwarves and ale. You will have to buy the recipe for 200 gp (or for free if you wear the Ring of charos). They will tell you to drop a gold coin into an Asgarnian ale.

  4. Buy four Asgarnian ales and a coin on each of them to get four Asgoldian Ales.
  5. Now return to An old Dwarf, now called Rohak, and give him all four beers in a row. He will eventually tell you the recipe for a price of 100gp, but only once he is completely drunk. Like before, you have to bring the ingredients. The ingredients are milk, flour, an egg, and a bowl of water.

  6. Return to him with the ingredients and he will make a Dwarven rock cake, placing it on the table. Make sure that you are wearing gloves (if the gloves you are wearing are Ice gloves then you can skip the next step) and take the cake from the table.

  7. Before you return you must cool down the rock cake, to do this go to the top of Ice Mountain and kill an Icefiend.

  8. Finally, return to the banquet hall and use the rock cake on the Dwarf.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Must have completed the Goblin Diplomacy Quest.

Charcoal, Spice or Gnome spice, 1 Fishing bait, Bucket/Jug/Bowl of water, Bread, Orange slices, and any Dye other than orange, red, or yellow.


1k Cooking, Crafting, and Farming exp, increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room.

Inspect either goblin.

  1. After inspecting a goblin the gypsy will tell you to go to the Goblin Village, which is located north of Falador.

  2. Speak to the same goblin you inspected in the banquet room and ask which food they like. They'll tell you to go away.

  3. Now go down the nearby ladder and speak to the Goblin cook. He'll tell you to get him charcoal for a new food. Give some charcoal to the chef and he will place it in his cauldron and you will get to see a hilarious cut-scene of his 'cooking'.

  4. Talk to him again and ask for help. He will ask you to get orange slices that aren't orange, spicy maggots, and bread that isn't crunchy.

  5. Use your spice with the fishing bait to make spicy maggots. Use a bucket of water with bread to make soggy bread. Use your dye with the orange slices to get dyed orange.

  6. Talk to the goblin cook again. He will make his 'slop of compromise'.

  7. Take the slop and use it on the goblin in Lumbridge castle.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Level 31 Cooking

3 Bronze wires, Needle, Fishbowl, Pestle and mortar, Raw cod, Bread, and a Knife


1k Cooking, Fishing, Smithing, and Crafting exp along with access to the Mogre Camp

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Inspect Pirate Pete

  1. Upon inspecting Pirate Pete the gypsy will tell you that only fishcakes will save him. Go to Cook who is in the room south of you and find out the recipe (you have to ask how to make all of the items in the pirate section). You will need ground cod, kelp, giant crab meat, and breadcrumbs.

  2. Use a knife on your bread to get breadcrumbs and use a pestle and mortar on your cod to get ground cod.

  3. Now go to Port Khazard and talk to Murphy twice. He will turn your fishbowl into a diving helmet and make you some diving gear. Equip these and talk to him again to take a dive, however you cannot dive if you are carrying more than 27kg or carrying any type of a cat.

  4. Start off by picking some kelp, then swim north to a crab pen guarded by Morges. Talk to Nung and he'll ask you to get 5 mudskipper skins.

    Note: If you have low level cooking make sure to take some extra kelp (and crab later in the quest), just in case you burn the fishcake.

  5. Collect 5 rocks then go to the Underwater Cavern, which is located in the north west corner of the area. Kill 5 mudskippers and collect their hides.

  6. Now return to Nung and he will tell you to get 3 bronze wires and a needle in exchange for access to the crabs.

  7. Speak to him again and give him the items. Then go through the pen door and kill a crab.

  8. Grind your kelp, raw cod, and crab meat and return to Cook. Talk to him, use all the ingredients on each other and then cook it.

  9. Finally, use the fishcake on Pete.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Level 40 Cooking
Must have completed the following quests:
Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, and Witch's House.

Egg, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Cake tin


2,500 Cooking and Magic exp, Increased access to the Culinaromancer's chest.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Inspect the Lumbridge Guide

  1. The gypsy tells you that you need to go to Traiborn the wizard.

  2. Head to the wizard's tower and speak to Traiborn on the second floor. He gives you some quiz questions. If you have done any of the other sub-quests, then cake supplies may be easily bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest.

  3. Egg: You have to identify each person that "hatched" out of an egg. Here are some you might encounter:
    • Green ghostly person - Velorina (from Port Phasmatys)
    • Lady in purple - Gertrude
    • Man in white - Ali Morrisane
    • Muscleman in purple - Unferth
    • Kingly man in white/red outfit - King Lathas
    • Man with a ponytail holding a book - Reldo
    • An elf - Islwyn
    • Witch in green robes - Hetty
    • Hooded man - Pirate Pete
    • Bald man in dark shirt and light pants - Professor Gronigen

  4. Pot of Flour: You will be shown a rectangular screen with 10 objects on it, and must answer a question about it once you close the window. I suggest you write down or screenshot what you see. You need to answer 3 correctly to move on.

    Here are some examples:

    Items: Ball, Flypaper, Potato seed, Onion seed, Cadava berries, Jangerberries, Herring, Salmon, Dwellberries, Mithril arrow
    Question: Which of the following items were NOT shown to you?
    Answer: Trout

    Items: Fire rune, Yew shortbow, Tin ore, Iron ore, Holy Book, Dwellberries, Mithril arrow, Trout, Silver ore, Chaos rune
    Question: How many types of runes were there?
    Answer: 2

    Items: Wolfbane, Bloated toad, Distillator, Cider, Dwarven stout, Chef's delight, Jade, Opal, Chaos talisman, Mind talisman
    Question: Which item began with the letter "m"?
    Answer: Mind Talisman

    Items: Air rune, Maple longbow, Magic shortbow, Tomato seed, Unholy Book, Poisonivy berries, Coconut, Water rune, Logs, Black longsword
    Question: How many weapons were you shown?
    Answer: 3

    Items: Silverlight, Druid pouch, Ghostspeak amulet, Moonlight mead, Book of Balance, Trout, Pike, Yew logs, Death Talisman, Magic logs
    Question: Which items were amongst those you were shown?
    Answer: Guthix prayer book, Magic logs, Pike

  5. Milk: You will be asked some more questions about Runescape.

    Question: A gold ring is to 5, as a holy symbol is to...
    Answer: 16 (level to craft)

    Question: If I'm going to need glass, first I will need:
    Answer: Sand, Bucket, Soda ash, Glass blowing pipe

    Question: What is the nearest guild to the Fishing Platform (as the seagull flies)?
    Answer: Legends

    Question: I'm in a bar west of Pollnivneach. Where am I?
    Answer: Bandit camp

    Question: I can hear howling in one direction and buzzing in the other - where am I?
    Answer: Catherby

    Question: What ingredients are used in a cake?
    Answer: Flour, Eggs, and Milk

    Question: What doesn't lie between Morytania and Asgarnia?
    Answer: Keep le Faye

    Question: The river salve runs from?
    Answer: North to south

    Question: How much gp does it take to bribe a guard at the toll gate to Al Kharid prior to earning their trust?
    Answer: 10

    Question: What is the defence level requirment to wear a Mystic Hat?
    Answer: 20

    Question: Which tower is closest to the Crafting guild?
    Answer: Dark wizards

    Question: The combat level of goblins near Lumbridge is...
    Answer: 2

    Question: A glass vial is to 33, as a glass orb is to...
    Answer: 46

    Question: Take the number of Fire runes to cast Fire Strike, and multiply be the number of Air runes used to cast Wind Strike before adding the number of Earth runes used to cast Earth Wave. What do you get?
    Answer: 10

  6. Once they are all enchanted, use them on a cake tin and bake the cake on a range.

  7. Use the completed cake on the Lumbridge Guide.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Level 25 Cooking
Must have completed the following quests:
Gertrude's Cat and Shadow of the Storm.

Kitten/Cat/Wily/Lazy Cat, and lots of Stews (you can buy at the Seers' Village pub for 20 gp each or at the Warriors' guild from Lidio for 24 gp each with 10 in stock). You are not recommended to take a kitten down there, it is better to take a Cat or Wily Cat.


7k Cooking exp, ability to make spicy stew, own a hell-cat, and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Inspect Evil Dave

  1. The gypsy will tell you that in order to free Evil Dave you must make a stew, but that it also must be seasoned in a very particular way.

  2. Go to Edgeville and west of the bank speak with Evil Dave's mother, Doris. Ask if Dave is in and she will tell you he is down in the basement (Make sure you agree to being evil). Open the trapdoor, and continue down into the basement.

  3. Once downstairs, talk to Evil Dave and make him give you the recipe. Dave tells you the stew was like the one his mom makes, so go speak to Doris. She tells you that you need to gather certain spices to make this stew.

  4. Go downstairs and use your cat to catch hell rats. Most times it catches a rat, a spice is dropped. Spices will be Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown. In addition, it'll be a quantity of 1 to 4. Gather a few of these spices (no more than 6 doses of each color will be needed). To find out the amount of spice needed for the Evil Stew, do the following: Start with RED spices, add 1 red spice to stew then talk to Dave. He'll drink it then say it's nothing like his stew or one of the spices is right (once it's right, go onto the next color). If it's wrong, just add 2 doses to the next stew. If two spices is wrong then you know that 3 spices is the right amount. Once you figure out RED, then move onto YELLOW, then ORANGE, then finally BROWN. Finally, using all the correct doses of all colors, make the Evil Stew for Dave to taste which he says is "Totally Evil". The worst case scenario using this process is you'll need 6 doses of each color and 9 bowls of stew (2 of each color spice in the stew, and the final one).

    Note: Your cat will automatically turn into a hell-cat once you have killed a certain amount of hell-rats, the amount varies. Feeding your hell-cat normal milk will turn it into a normal cat. Also note that the spices are untradable.

  5. Once you have the correct quantities of each spice in the stew give it to Dave, who should verify that is the correct one.

  6. Go back to the banquet hall and use the stew with Dave.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Level 41 Cooking
Level 20 Firemaking
Must have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.

Axe, Pickaxe, Any ogre bow, Any ogre/brutal arrows, Iron spit (smith with an iron bar), Log, Tinderbox, Ogre bellows, and Ball of wool.


1,500 Cooking, Woodcutting, Ranging, and Crafting exp, Increased access to the Culinaromancer's chest.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Inspect Skrach Uglogwee

  1. NOTE: The gypsy will tell you that in order to free Skrach Uglogwee you must cook a Jubbly bird, and to talk to Rantz about how to hunt them.

    Speak to Rantz in the Feldip Hills about saving Skrach. He will tell you to speak to him again just southeast at the water's edge.

  2. Head over there and tell him that you will need a boat to get to Karamja, which is where he points to. He will kick over a tree for you, so use your hatchet on it twice to make a crude boat. Tell him the boat is ready, and he will then shoot an arrow to a tree on Karamja and tell you to cook a chompy there for good luck.

  3. Now kill a chompy bird and get a raw chompy. For more information on chompy hunting, see the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest Guide.

  4. Next, go over to the beach southwest of the Tai Bwo Wannai general store to find the tree with the arrow in it. Make a fire and roast your chompy using your iron spit. Rantz's children will come with the boat to bring you back.

  5. Ride on the boat back to Rantz and speak to him again. He will tell you that you need to make toad balloons to bait the Jubbly birds.

  6. Go north of the swamp where you fill up your bellows to the little mining area. Mine a rock.

  7. Now fill up your bellows and catch three swamp toads, then fill up your bellows again. Move to a clear area (south of Rantz's patch is a good place) to hunt your Jubbly.

  8. Use your bellows on the bloated toads and they will inflate more to make toad balloons. Drop them on the ground and move a fair distance away. When a Jubbly bird comes, range it with your ogre bow and pluck the carcass, and then pick up the raw jubbly.

  9. Cook the raw jubbly on Rantz's spit, as yours is too small.

  10. Finally, bring the cooked Jubbly back to Skrach Uglogwee.



Must have completed the Lost City Quest
Must have started the Legends Quest to the point of entering the K. ( If you have completed the Legends Quest instead of only partially completing it, you will not need the Radimus Notes for Sir Amiraks sub-quest.)
Must be able to defeat a level 227 monster

Bucket of milk, Pot of cream, Raw sweetcorn, Hatchet, Machete, Pot, Raw chicken, Dramen staff, Pestle and mortar, Ice gloves or Anti-dragonbreath shield or anti-dragon potion (recommended), Weapon and Armour (recommended), Radimus notes, Prayer potions (recommended).


4k Cooking and Hitpoints exp, Increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Inspect Sir Amik Varze

  1. Talk to the gypsy and then to the Cook about how to make Sir Amik's creme brulee.

  2. Use the milk with the cream to make a milky mixture.

  3. Head to a mill, such as in Lumbridge or Zanaris, and use your sweetcorn in the hopper to make cornflour. Use this with the milky mixture to make a cornflour mixture.

  4. Go to the Khazari Jungle, south of Shilo Village. Pick a vanilla plant, found south of the pool of water on the south beach of the jungle, and add it to your mixture.

    Note: To enter the Khazari Jungle, you must have entered it previously, in the Legends Quest. You must keep your Radimus notes for this step, until you complete the Legends Quest. After completion of the quest, you will no longer require the notes for this step.

  5. Store all of your armour and weapons in the bank, but make sure you still have your pestle and mortar and your mixture. Some teleport runes and food would also be helpful for the next step.

  6. Head to Entrana and get a branch off of the Dramen Tree, as done in the Lost City quest. Grind it into cinnamon and then make your way back to the Draynor bank.

  7. Speak to the Wise Old Man near the Draynor bank. Ask him about strange beasts and then select Evil Chicken. Listen to his story. Then make your way to Zanaris.

  8. You will need a raw chicken, dramen staff, your mixture, anti-dragonbreath shield, armour, weapons, and prayer potions for the next few steps. Head to the shed in the Lumbridge swamp and equip your Dramen staff (or Lunar staff). Enter the shed and you will be in Zanaris.

  9. Equip your weapon, armour, and anti-dragonbreath shield. Use your raw chicken with the chicken shrine right behind you to be teleported into the Evil Chicken's lair.

    The Evil Chickens lair is instanced! If you die you will lose everything!

  10. Turn on protect from melee (if you have it) and run past the Black dragons to the evil chicken in the back. Switch to protect from magic and kill the chicken. Take his egg and add it to the mixture. Note: if you, for whatever reason, should die down here after you have defeated the Evil chicken, you will not be able to fight it again. Instead, search it's nest for an egg and use it for the mixture.

  11. Turn on protect from melee and kill a Black dragon. Pick up the token it drops and leave the chicken's cave through the portal located south of the dragons.

  12. Equip either Ice gloves (no damage), Anti-dragon shield or Anti-fire potion (some damage), or an Anti-dragon shield and Anti-fire potion (no damage), and withdraw the cinnamon. Use the cinnamon on the Brulee and then rub the token to make a fairy dragon appear. Ask him to flambe your creme brulee. He will breathe on it and the dish will be complete. If you did not use any of the items listed above, you will take very high damage from the dragon's breath.

  13. Go back to the Banquet and use the Creme Brulee on Sir Amik Varze.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



Level 70 Cooking (can be boosted)
Level 48 Agility (cannot be boosted)
Must have completed the Monkey Madness Quest.

Knife, Pestle and Mortar, Rope, M'speak Amulet, 3 Greegrees (Ninja/Archer, Guard, and Zombie), a weapon, and 5gp. Antipoison is recommended.

Note: During this sub-quest, do not teleport anywhere if you have a Greegree equipped while you also happen to have no space in your inventory, or else you will lose your Greegree.


10k Cooking and Agility exp as well as the ability to use the Ape Atoll teleport spell.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room.

Inspect Awowogei.

  1. When you inspect Awowogei the gypsy will tell you that she doesn't know what food to give him, so you must go to Ape Atoll and talk to him in his monkey form there.

  2. Go to Ape Atoll and ask Awowogei about his favorite food. He is in a building on the eastern part of the island, south of the building with the place you can recharge your prayer. He will not tell you but he mentions the Three Monkeys. They are located in the northwest corner of the temple just north of you.

  3. Go to these monkeys and talk to one of them, the others will join in. They will tell you that King Awowogei's favorite food is Roasted giant snake stuffed with sliced banana and monkey nut paste. You will need a giant snake corpse, a banana, and some monkey nuts. All but the snake corpse are purchasable on Ape Atoll.

    Note: It is highly recommended to buy/collect multiples of each of the following items as it is possible to burn the snake when you attempt to cook it. Plus, you must take more than two red bananas or tchiki nuts or else when you return to the three monkeys, they'll ask you to get both items again.

  4. Buy the banana and monkey nuts then head back to Lumdo who will take you to Crash Island.

  5. Once you are on Crash Island, head east and go down the pit. Kill a big snake (level 84) and pick up its corpse. I recommend using protect from melee as it is a multi-combat area and there are a few of them down there.

  6. Now return to the Three Monkeys and they will tell you that your banana and nuts are of the wrong type. What you need is a Red Banana and some Tchiki Nuts. (You have to talk to them twice to get them to say this). Transform into a guard monkey and go to the western part of the island and located the banana tree. Use a rope with the tree and pick a red banana. Drop that banana and pick another one so you have two.

  7. Transform into a ninja monkey and go south of town to the agility arena. Follow through the course and at the end there is a hole. Go down the hole and pick some tchiki nuts from the bush. Again, gather two tchiki nuts the same way you did with the red banana. Climb up the vine and return to the Three Monkeys.

  8. Slice your banana with a knife and grind the nuts with the pestle and mortar. Then use them both on the snake.

  9. Transform into a zombie monkey and go down the trapdoor in the eastern part of the temple. Once there, go down the stairs and enter the 'exit' between the two flights of stairs. Walk over the lava and use the raw stuffed snake with the rock in the room.

    Note: It is possible that you may burn the snake during the process, and will need to gather all the resources to reattempt cooking it successfully.

  10. Finally, return to the banquet hall and use the snake on Awowogei.

    Congratulations! Sub-quest Complete!



175 QP
Must have completed the following quests: Desert Treasure and Horror From The Deep.
Must be able to defeat tough high leveled monsters.

Fighting equipment (recommended items mentioned in guide), lots of food, and some super restore potions.


Full access to the Culinaromancer's Chest and an experience lamp granting 20k exp to your chosen skill that is above level 50.

Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room

Complete all sub-quests

Once you have completed all of the sub-quests you will watch a cut-scene, after this there will be a portal that you can go through to fight the Culinaromancer and his minions.

Your prayers will not work here and if you die you will lose all but the 3 rarest items you are carrying, unless you are skulled which would make you lose all of them. Remember, there is no way to retrieve what you lose!

All of the following are our recommendations, although many people may find other ways that suit them better.

The first monster you will face is Agrith-Na-Na, a level 146. It is weak to stab and ranged attacks.

Meleers should take:
A good platebody
A good pair of platelegs
A Dragon dagger (preferrably super poisoned)
A Regular or Super potion set
Fill the rest with food (lobsters or better)

Rangers should take:
Good range armour
A good bow
A Ranging potion (if you think you need one)
Rune arrows/Bolt racks (depending on what bow - none if crystal)
Fill the rest with food (lobsters or better)

Drink your potions before you go through the portal, and then enter and unleash all of your specials on him. He is rather easy and you get a banana for beating him. After you have defeated him, exit the portal and go bank to prepare for the next stage.

The second monster you will come up against is Flambeed, a level 149 made out of hot cakes. This thing hits pretty often in close combat but is particularly weak to range.

Note: It is recommended to not tank this boss but to kite as Flambeed hits hard and often!

You should take:
Good range armour
A good bow
A Ranging potion (if you think you need one)
Rune arrows/Bolt racks (depending on what bow - none if crystal)
A Dragon halberd (optional)
A Super potion set and Stamina potions
You MUST wear Ice gloves
Fill the rest with food (lobsters or better)

As with Agrith-Na-Na, drink your potions before going through the portal. When you get in, unleash three hally specials on him, if you brought a hally, and then change to your ranged weapon. Try to avoid letting him get near you by simply running along the side, unleashing 2 shots at him, and then running again. It will drop some cakes.

You can also trap him behind the portal and range him.

This time you are pitted against Karamel, who is the Kamil of this quest in that she uses stat reducing, freezing magic. She is level 136 and is very resistant to range so it's recommended using magic against her.

You should take:
A good Magic bonus Armour set
A good Staff (preferred to the element you are casting) Runes to your highest level magic skill that you can cast
A Regular or Super potion set
2 Super Restore potions
Fill the rest with food (lobsters or better)

Run up to her as quickly as you can, as once you are in close combat with her she can't hurt you. She will drain your special attack bar, your stats, and will freeze you with her spells. Try to always keep your attack above your regular level by drinking super restore when necessary. Eventually she will die and drop a choc ice.

In this battle you face Dessourt. This is a level 129 skeleton-like thing that uses magic and melee. The magic hits rapid 5's each time though, so keep an eye on your health. He seems weak to most melee attacks.

You should take:
A good platebody
A good pair of platelegs
A Dragon scimitar, Dragon longsword, or Abyssal whip
A Regular or Super potion set
Fill the rest with food (lobsters or better)

Drink your potions before going into the portal. Unleash any specials you have straight away and kill him.

The penultimate battle is against the Gelatinnoth Mother, which is a level 130 version of the Dagganoth Mother. It goes through a cycle of colours allowing attacks of certain style and elements to damage it. It starts out white, then changes color to blue, orange, brown, red, and green, then repeats the cycle.

You should take:
Full rune armor
An Air staff, Air battlestaff, or Mystic air staff
Enough runes to cast 50 air, water, earth and fire blasts or waves
A good shield
A good melee weapon
A good bow
Rune arrows/Bolt racks (Nothing if using a crystal bow)
A Regular or Super potion set

When you fight it, cast spells using your menu instead of setting it to auto cast. The weaknesses for each colour are as follows:

White - Air spells
Blue - Water spells
Orange - Melee attacks
Brown - Earth spells
Red - Fire spells
Green - Range attacks

Kill it using the attacks from the above list, but remember to watch your health as it is very easy to get carried away here and die.

Finally, you are but one enemy away from completing the longest quest in Runescape. You have to fight the Culinaromancer, although he is only level 75 and one of the easiest of the lot. He is like a pure with low defence stats but high offence. Dispose of him however you want, he is really quite simple to defeat.

Congratulations! You have completed the 100th quest of RuneScape!

  • 1

    Walk to the mine South-East of Varrock and mine a full inventory of copper ore.

  • 2

    Walk into Varrock and bank your inventory load of ore.

  • 3

    Repeat the previous step, except mine tin instead of copper.

  • 4

    Keep doing this until you have at least 100 of both tin and copper.

  • 5

    Walk down to Al Kharid and withdraw from the bank 14 copper ore and 14 tin ore.

  • 6

    Smelt these on the furnace in Al Kharid into bronze bars.

  • 7

    Bank the bronze bars and repeat the previous step until you have smelted all of your ores.

  • 8

    Go to the Varrock East bank and withdraw an inventory of bronze bars.

  • 9

    Go over the road to the anvil and smith them into the highest level item you can.

  • 10

    Repeat this until you have used all of your bronze bars up.

  • 11

    Sell what you can of the items to the Varrock sword and Armour shops, you can sell what's left over to the general store.

  • 12

    By now you should be able to make full bronze, if not then keep repeating the steps.

  • This comes with a full, % Old School RuneScape replicate of the Chambers of Xeric, with every detail nitpicked . All supplies necessary to make potions are accessible inside the chambers. .. Added a tanner on the second floor of Crafting guild. . Automatic resizing for the GE offers viewer. .. Playing::help | osrs.c.

    Quests: None.

    Items: A certain number and type of ore (Mining level 1-29: 6x Tin Ore; Mining level 30-54: 7x Coal; Mining level 55+: 5 Mithril), Armour, 1x Catspeak Amulet, Food, 1x One-click Teleport, 3-4x Prayer Potion, 1x Super Set, Weapon

    Getting Started


    To start this quest head for Rellekka and its northern dock.


    Find Mord and Maria Gunnars. Speak to Mord, he will address you with your given Fremennik name, and relate to you the story of how the King of Jatiszo needs your help.

    The Fremennik Isles - Mord Gunnars

    Apparently there has been a blood feud raging for some time between the descendants of two Fremennik brothers, and it has lasted to this day. The islands of Jatiszo and Neitiznot have been at loggerheads for four generations. Though an interesting story, that would take nine days to relate, Mord will give you an abbreviated form. Interrupted frequently by Maria this will take some time none the less. When he has finished his story ask him to ferry you to Jatiszo, and you will end up on a jetty not far from town.



    Wanted: One double-oh-seven-wannabe


    Follow the road north and enter the town, passing two guards aptly named Leftie and Rightie though this naming obviously creates some confusion between the two. Find the King's residence, the first building on your left, and enter. Engage the King in a conversation. Be sure to wield your Amulet of Catspeak, that way you will be able to follow the conversation with HRH Hrafn.

    The Fremennik Isles - King Sorvott

    And once again interruptions are there, this time from HRH Hrafn, a regal cat with a resemblance to Asterix. Until you feed this feline nothing will come from the conversation with the King.

    The Fremennik Isles - Hrafn

    Use your raw Tuna with this fluffy character and you can continue your audience with the supreme ruler. Should you have forgotten to bring or bank this Tuna the King will gladly offer some advice as where to obtain this delicacy.

    The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

    Enter stage left another distraction in the guise of Thorkel Silkbeard. Apparently the Kingdom of Jatiszo earn their living by selling their ores to none other than old acquaintances: Traders from Kelda, better known as Keldagrim to us mere mortals. Traders from Red Axe…

    The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

    As a helpful minion you, of course, offer your assistance since you are handy with a pick axe.

    The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel

    The ores needed can differ from player to player, though most frequent seems to be six mithril ore. Should you not have this in your bank you can mine it in the near-by mine. The other option is to visit Keldagrim and buy it at the Blast Furnace. Hand over the ores to the King and you will be rewarded for it.

    The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel hands you 5000 coins

    Back to the conversation with the king and you will hear he needs the help of a bard. Your reputation as a bard has spread this far, though the king has less confidence in the noble craft of entertaining people.

    The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

    King Sorvott IV apparently has an undercover agent somewhere on this neighboring island. Sadly, while entertaining the islanders, he has had an accident. Still on the island and working to the best of his abilities, you are the chosen one to take his place. To be truly undercover you need to wear a disguise. Take these cover-alls from the chest behind the throne.


    Clearly an outfit that will turn no heads at all, you are now the proud owner of a fools costume: A 4-piece Jester outfit.

    The Fremennik Isles - A jester suit!

    As a last warning the King will has one more piece of information: A code phrase to convince our spy master you are truly the one you say you are. "Free stuff please" this time is not a nuisance phrase, but one that will actually help you in this quest.

    The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

    Time to head back to the jetty and ask Mord to ferry you back to Rellekka.


    Let the undercover operations commence


    Back in Rellekka you will disembark and find yourself on the jetty you departed from. Luckily this is also the place where you can embark again and arrange transport to the island of Neitiznot. Right-click Maria and choose ferry-Neitiznot and you will find yourself on the idyllic and less industrialized counterpart of Yes-it-is-so, ehm, Jatiszo.


    The Spy-master has a tendency to wander about but you are almost sure to find him behind the bank/general store, which is the first building on your left as you enter town. Apparently inconspicuous in his jester outfit, close to everyone walks around looking like a fool, right, you will need to contact him by relaying the magic phrase: "Free stuff please".


    Put on your jester outfit and be sure to have nothing in your hands. If you do Slug Hemligssen (that is his actual name) will not talk to you. In this conversation you will be informed of some "things nice to know", or trivial knowledge at its best. One can only wonder who this Panther character is. Osman?

    The Fremennik Isles - Slug

    Some small talk and you will be informed of what to do: Infiltrate Burgher Burowgar's hall and find out what you can. To do this you will need to entertain the Burgher and his men, and at the same time listen to what is being said.

    The Fremennik Isles - Slug

    Now off you go to the Long Hall cum Clothes Shop, which is just across the street. Present yourself to Mawnis Burowgar and he will see you as a fool, jester that is. Get ready to entertain and you will enter a cut-scene. The interface is pretty straight forward and explains itself.

    The Fremennik Isles - Jester Controls

    You will need to do two things at the time: Execute the emotes Mawnis Burowgar asks of you, and take note of what his guards are telling.

    The Fremennik Isles - Doing emotes for Mawnis

    Once you have finished this part of your undercover operation head back to Slug Hemligssen and relay your findings to him. He will ‘interrogate' you and ask a few questions. These are the answers to them:


    They Will Be Ready In Two Days

    Seventeen Are Trained

    Two Bridges Need Repairing

    Now it is time to really gain the Burhgers trust and you are sent back again. This to find out when Neitiznot is going to repair its bridges. Be sure to take off your jesters outfit: No need to betray your secondary status just yet.

    The Fremennik Isles - Slug

    Now gaining Mawnis Burowgar's trust is not an easy matter, your Fremennik name is not enough for that.

    The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

    You will be given a few tasks in succession and the first starts with the gathering of 8 ropes.

    The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

    This can be done two ways: The easy route and the hard route. The easy way out is to head across the street and open your bank. Take out 8 ropes and go back to Thakkrad Sigmundson.

    The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

    The hard way is more fun however. Go outside and into the enclosure just outside the entrance to town, populated by level 22 Yak. Kill eight of them and pick up the hair they drop, might as well take the hides too: You will need these later on. Now head for the house with the spinning wheel in the south-east corner of town. Use the hair with it and you will end up with a rope in your inventory, it will even give you 25 crafting xp for every rope made.

    The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

    Go to the bank across the street and take out your trusty hatchet. Head out of the village and you will see a few Arctic Pine Trees. Cut eight logs and head back to the center of the village. You will find ‘Woodcutting stumps' there.

    The Fremennik Isles - Stump

    Use your logs with them and you can choose from two options. At this point only the second one, Arctic pine split log, will work.

    The Fremennik Isles - What would you like to make?

    Back to the Burgher again and you will be given your last assignment: Repair two bridges out of commission. For this you will need a knife, eight ropes and eight split logs. It would be wise to fill some spots of your inventory with food, as you will encounter a few nasty Trolls along the way. Refer to the map to locate the bridges in question. Right click on the bridge and choose the Repair option. The bridge to a resource rich area cannot be repaired.


    Now head back to the Burgher and he will reveal the plans of the Neitiznotians. Apparently Trolls have invaded and your repairing the bridges means they now can prepare for an assault on the Troll caves. Much to the chagrin of Mawnis Browgar the last few generations have been neglecting the Trolls. Instead they have been fighting their neighbors on Jatizso.


    To prevent their society from going under the foul Troll King needs to be defeated. Since you have proven your loyalty you are offered the honor of leading their hired forces into battle.


    From double-oh to double agent


    The Burgher suspects King Sorvott IV might have some inkling of the actions the Neitiznotians are planning. And he asks your help to find out if this is true. It wouldn't do to be caught unaware.

    The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

    So again you make the journey to Rellekka and from there to Jatiszo. Once again speak with the King and true to his nature he will prepare for battle. However, the bottom of coffers of the Kingdom are in sight and you are ordered to collect a number of taxes on behalf of the King. Starting with a window tax.

    The Fremennik Isles - King Sorvott IV

    Though not sitting well with you, you end up agreeing to collect this tax. Go to the various shops and count the windows. Then multiply by 1000 gp and that is the amount the shopkeepers need to pay: Here is the list. Talk to the following people and type the number when asked


    Hring Hring, Weapon shop, 8000

    Keepa Kettilon, General Store, 5000

    Vanligga Gastfrihet, Big Hall, 5000

    Skuli Myrka, Armourer, 6000

    The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel hands you an empty money bag

    Return to the King and, alas, the amount raked in is not enough. But there is a solution to that as well: Again a new tax, this time taxing the males who have an abundance of facial hair, or simply put: Let's tax the beards.

    The Fremennik Isles - So now you want me to collect money from anyone that has a beard

    Again you need to visit some people to collect 1000 gp for every beard in sight. Talk to the the following people:


    Ketta Kettilon, General Store

    Flossi Dalksson, General Store

    Raum Urda-Stein, Weapon Shop

    Hring Hring, Weapon Shop

    Skuli Myrka, Armourer

    And back you go to the King who will send you back to our intrepid Spymaster. Be sure to wear your Jester outfit again. Once again you will need to entertain the Burgher and remember the answers to the questions Slug Hemligssen will ask:


    They are in a secluded bay, near Etceteria

    They Will Be Given Some Potions

    I have been helping them

    Now take your Jester outfit off again.


    You now need to travel once again to Jatiszo and speak with the King once more.


    And you are about to blow your top…

    The Fremennik Isles - You do not have to dress in a jester's costume to act the fool

    Finally being able to scold a King for his stupidity your transformation into a spy for the other side is now complete. Your outburst at the King obviously has no effect and his paranoid behavior is only intensified.

    The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

    The King however, has one more thing for you to do: Deliver his decree to the Burgher. Gladly you accept.

    The Fremennik Isles - Fine. I give up,

    Back on Neitiznot you once again have a meeting with Mawnis Burowgar and you relate to him the information you have learned. Realizing there is no time to lose the Burgher asks Friedlief to guide you through the Fremennik traditions so you can lead the raiding party.


    Thakkrad Sigmundson takes over and he will instruct you on how to make traditional Neitiznot armour. You will need to kill three Yaks, or take three of the hides you banked earlier. Bring them and 15 gp back to Thakkrad, make sure you have thread and a needle in your inventory. When the hides are cured use your needle with the hides and craft both items of the armour.

    The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

    Once you have done this return to the Long Hall and you will be told to make a Round Shield. For this you will need two arctic pine logs, one rope, one bronze nail and a hammer. If you skip this part of the conversation and try to make the shield you won't be able to, since you haven't been taught how to craft it. Head for the Woodcutting stumps and make your shield.

    The Fremennik Isles - Stump

    Since you now have gone through the rituals of the Neitiznotians, Mawnis Burowgar, going through the final motions of initiation, proclaims you Champion of Neitiznot and asks you to lead the militia against the Troll King.


    Demise of a Troll King at the hands of.....


    Time to prepare for battle. Best advise is to wield the armour you just made, it seems to have the best defense. Against the Trolls you are about to meet. Prepare wisely, both the route to the dungeon and the fight with the Troll King are not at all easy.


    Stock up on high healing food, prayer potions, a super set and your most important thing: A halberd. Bringing a Poisoned Dagger is of great advantage. Take a close look at the map of the islands and make sure you have your bearings.


    Turn off Auto Retaliate.


    When you cross the bridge you repaired turn on Protect from Range and RUN, don't walk, to the eastern most dungeon. You will take damage from the occasional melee hit but it are the ranged attacks from the Trolls that can do the most damage.


    Climb down and you will find the militia waiting for you.

    The Fremennik Isles - The militia

    You will be greeted by Bjork Sigmundson, and told you need to kill ten Trolls. This is not as hard as it sounds, the militia will make your task easier. Choose which Troll to attack wisely: those who already took some damage are easier to kill. Try to stay out of range from the Throwing Trolls if you use protect from melee.


    Tip: You only need to hit a troll once in order for it to count as a kill when it dies. So you could hit one when it's just about dead, or just attack ten different trolls and wait for them to die. Of course, the trolls actually need to die, so it may be better to kill them yourself.


    The Fremennik Isles - Fighting

    There are three basic strategies to kill the 10 Trolls needed. The range and mage method is fairly simple: Stay close to the entrance and shoot your arrows or cast your spells until you are told you can go and kill the Troll King (your kill count is kept up-to-date in your quest journal).


    There are two melee strategies that work equally well: Use Protect from Melee and stay out of the way of the ranging Trolls, or the other way around. Use Protect from Range and stay away from the melee Trolls. Once you are done you can resupply at Bjork Sigmundson. He will give you three 3-dose prayer potions, three 3-dose strength potions and up to six tuna.

    The Fremennik Isles - Bjork's shop

    Should you need to leave this massacre your kill count will be kept at the level it was. This also means you can leave and stock up for the final battle.


    The Fremennik Isles - Kings headGetting the King's head is the next order of business. Though there are various ways to kill the King this next section will explain the easiest and safest way to do so.


    Run south toward the bridge and cross it. Your ‘screen' will start to shake and enter the King. He will attack with Range, Mage (ice barrage) and Melee when you are within reach. His melee attacks are the most dangerous: He can hit up to 21 and throw you away which will hit 9. A maximum hit of 30. Range and Mage attacks are limited to 9.


    Run toward the King but stay one square away. He will NOT walk toward you but only use range and mage attacks.

    The Fremennik Isles - Fighting the king

    Whip out your Halberd and start hacking away at the unfortunate victim.

    The Fremennik Isles - Fighting the king

    Once you have killed the King all you need to do to decapitate him is to left-click him.

    The Fremennik Isles - The king is dead!

    Finished, you can now leave and return to Mawnis Burowgar and present the Troll King's Head.

    The Fremennik Isles - I offer the beast's head as proof...

    You will be offered the Burghers helmet and you will need to choose in what two skills you want 10,000 xp. You can choose between Attack, Strength, Defense, or Hitpoints.

    The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

    Once done: Quest complete!


    The Fremennik Isles - Congratulations, Fremennik Isles Quest complete!

    Can't Disable "Auto-Add to Craft Bag"

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    How to craft lime terracotta
    "Lamp" redirects here. For the other light source, see Lantern.

    Redstone lamps came to Minecraft in 2012 in update 1.2.1 - which also added iron golems, ocelots, chiseled stone bricks and jungle biomes. They give off a light level of 15 - the same as fire and glowstone - but only when powered by redstone. In fact, that’s how they’re made - by surrounding a glowstone block with four lumps of redstone dust in a crafting table.

    Duncan Geere[1]

    A redstone lamp is a block that produces light when activated with a redstone signal.


    A redstone lamp can be mined by hand or with any tool, dropping itself as an item.



    A redstone lamp can be used to produce switchable light.

    Redstone lamps are redstone mechanisms and can be activated by:

    • An adjacent active power component, including above or below: for example, a redstone torch (except that a redstone torch does not activate a redstone lamp it is attached to), a block of redstone, a daylight sensor, etc.
    • An adjacent powered block (for example, an opaque block with an active redstone torch under it), including above or below
    • A powered redstone comparator or redstone repeater facing the redstone lamp
    • Adjacent powered redstone dust configured to point at the redstone lamp (or on top of it) or directionless; a redstone lamp is not activated by adjacent powered redstone dust that is configured to point away from it.

    A redstone lamp activates instantly, but takes 2 redstone ticks to turn off (4 game ticks, or 0.2 seconds barring lag).

    An active redstone lamp produces block light 15. An inactive redstone lamp produces no light.

    Although a redstone lamp acts like an opaque block in most ways (torches and levers can be attached to it, redstone dust can be placed on it, etc.), an active redstone lamp is "translucent" to sky light, reducing the sky light level by 1.

    Data values[edit]


    Java Edition:

    Bedrock Edition:

    Block Namespaced IDNumeric ID
    Redstone Lamp 123
    Lit Redstone Lamp 124

    Block states[edit]

    Java Edition:

    NameDefault valueAllowed valuesDescription
    If the redstone lamp is lit.




    Issues relating to "Redstone Lamp" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


    • Multiple tiled redstone lamps produce a pattern that resembles the truncated square tiling t{4,4}.
    • Redstone lamps are transparent on maps.


    • A redstone lamp shown during the day that is switched off.

    • A redstone lamp shown during the day that is switched on.

    • A redstone lamp shown during the evening that is switched off.

    • A redstone lamp shown during the evening that is switched on.

    • Demonstrating how wire powers redstone lamps.

    • Demonstrating how repeaters power redstone lamps.

    • Demonstrating how a solid block powers redstone lamps.

    Note that lamps themselves are solid blocks, so they power other lamps. This causes the cross-shaped patterns that you see.

    • Floor torch with no lamp above it.

    • Floor torch with a lamp above it.

    • Wall torch with no lamp above it.

    • Wall torch with a lamp above it.

    A glowing roof is easy to do - just lay wire across the blocks, or line the top of the lamps with redstone blocks. Floors and walls are also do-able. For a floor, just use the "knight's move" shape underneath the floor with torches. For a wall, use wall-mounted torches that power blocks above them.


    I want to gain good xp a hour and either make a small profit or stay even. What can i smith . See im a lvl 3, but im planning on getting gaunts eventually. it costed 70m? Then make them into gold bracelets, and get 99 crafting also? That's all profit cannonballs with auto smelter pro all day! I did that for.

    Redstone Lamp

    Runecrafting Guide OSRS

    Now, with no doubt, the most difficult skill to train is Runecrafting OSRS. Especially if you want to get that 99. It takes time, it takes dedication, it takes a lot of OSRS gold – the more efficient you want to be, the more gold you’re going to need. Lucky for you, here you can buy as much cheap OSRS gold as you need!

    If you’re one of the tough players and decided to get on with the adventure that is getting 99 Runecrafting, you’ve come to the right place because you’re going to need this highly efficient Runescrafting guide OSRS to get to your final goal ASAP. It might be good to know that while training Runecrafting is time-consuming and difficult, it has some really sweet benefits to it – for example, it’s highly profitable. It’s also very beneficial for players who use a lot of Magic – plus, let’s face the truth, if anything shows dedication and proficiency in OSRS, it’s getting a 99 on Runecrafting!

    First things first, if you’re going to follow our OSRS Runecrafting guide, you’re going to need to maximise your xp and profit by using OSRS Runecrafting pouches.

    OSRS Runecrafting pouches

    Pouches are basically small bags that can hold different amounts of rune essence or pure essence. They are very important for anyone who wants to train Runecrafting efficiently, because they allow you to craft more runes and take larger loads when you’re runecrafting or mining pure essence. 

    After you complete the Enter the Abyss quest, OSRS Runecrafting pouches are dropped by monsters in the Abyss and the Abyssal Area. However, they decay with use and have to be repaired – you can do that in the Abyss by talking to the Dark Mage in the inner ring or via  NPC Contact by using the Lunar spellbook to contact the Dark Mage. The small pouch doesn’t decay but it doesn’t carry much rune/pure essence. If you don’t repair your pouches, they eventually vanish and you’re going to have to find new ones.

    There are four available OSRS Runecrafting pouches sizes:

    • small pouch (3 additional essence, can used at level 1 Runecrafting)

    • medium pouch (6 additional essence, can be used at level 25 Runecrafting)

    • large pouch (9 additional essence, can be used at level 50 Runecrafting)

    • giant pouch (12 additional essence, can be used at level 75 Runecrafting)

    OSRS Runecrafting pouches tip: If you haven’t enabled tha function yet, go to the far right tab in your options, the wrench icon, and click the Shift key icon which must turn from grey to red and read “shift click to drop items”. Now when you hold the Shift key when you click on the full pouch this will empty it and put the essence in your inventory, so you don’t have to right-click it and select “empty”.

    How to ease the grind

    Here are a few tips that make OSRS Runecrafting an easier skill to train:

    • You’re going to have to run. A lot. So the higher your Agility level is, the better for you. If you’re aiming for max, it’s best to get a 99 on Agility first – or at least a fairly high level. 

    • Combat skills are a great idea too because most of the decent methods for training OSRS Runecrafting have hostile mobs – f.e. the abyss, so high Defence and Hitpoints level will definitely benefit you. It also helps in getting the OSRS Runecrafting pouches you need!

    • As for the gear, just put on something weight reducing so your run energy drains slower.

    • Clearly, you need pure/rune essence for the higher-level runes so either mine plenty before you start training Runecrafting or stack up on cheap OSRS gold and buy some off the Grand Exchange. 

    • You will need stamina pots in order to make runs as fast as possible.

    • Now about the quests: in order to start training, you have to complete the Rune Mysteries quest. If you enter the Enter the Abyss miniquest right after talking to Wizard Sedridor about the Rune Mysteries, you get a 1,000 Runecrafting XP reward that moves you directly to level 9 Runecrafting. Another way to skip levels via quest is by completing The Eyes of Glouphrie which grants you 6,000 xp and gets you right to level 23. You need to have 46 Magic, 5 Construction and to complete the Grand Tree quest in order to start it though. The completing of the quest takes about an hour. 

    1-99 OSRS Runecrafting guide

    • Air runes (level 1-9)

    In case you don’t want to do the quests and skip the first few levels, the only way to start training Runecrafting is by crafting air runes. This way you gain 5 xp for eached used pure/rune essence which means a total of 140 xp for an inventory of 28. You can find the air altar just south of Falador and there is a bank near by. In order to reach level 9 by crafting air runes, you need 194 pure essence and 7 inventory fill ups.

    • Earth runes (level 9-14)

    At level 9, it’s best to move on to the earth altar just northeast of Varrock. You get 6.5 xp per pure/rune essence and the bank is not far away, so the xp gain is fast. An alternative is to carry a pickaxe and teleport through Aubury to the pure essence mine, then leave one space empty where the earth runes can stack and go back and forth between the mine for rune essence and the earth altar. Another option is to teleport right to the earth altar by using the Lumberyard teleport scroll and using ring of dueling to go to Castle wars for the bank. You need about 6 inventories of pure essence to reach level 14 and move on to fire runes.

    • Fire runes (level 14-23)

    Crafting fire runes grant 7 xp per rune/pure essence. The fire altar is west of the Duel Arena and you can use a ring of dueling to teleport to Castle wars and withdraw essence from the bank there, then teleport with the ring right back. You need 20 inventories of 30 essence to reach your goal.

    • Lava runes (level 23-44(99?))

    Lava runes are known to be the fastest way to train Runecrafting OSRS. You can gain up to 72,000 xp/h with perfect clicks before you reach 99 Runecrafting – after that, you can gain up to 79,000 xp/h. It’s very click intensive though, so usually if you’re not completely focused, it’s more likely that your rate will be closer to 65,000-70,000 xp/h. 

    To make optimal xp/h, you need level 82 Magic and to complete Lunar Diplomacy, so you can cast Magic Imbue – this negates the need for a talisman in combination runecrafting. Use ring of dueling and binding necklase so you can teleport near the fire altar and make sure the lava runes are always crafted. Use the largest rune pouches that you have available because this save time. Also stamina pots are your best friends. 

    The best equipment for this method includes a fire tiara, the best available weight-reducing gear, mist battlestaff, tome of fire, and of course a rune pouch with law, cosmic and astral in order to repair your pouches with NPC Contact spell. With the mist battlestaff you can have unlimited water and air runes, while the tome of fire offers as many fire runes as you want. 

    Abyss Runecrafting OSRS

    Now if you don’t care so much for the ratio between spent time and gained profit and you don’t mind taking it slow as long as you get some decent amount of OSRS gold out of it, you may try Abyss Runecrafting. This is known to be the slowest but usually most profitable way to train Runecrafting to max level. 

    First, you need to complete the Enter the Abyss miniquest. It’s best to maximise your Defence against the creatures there but still weigh 0 kg and to have high Agility and Mining level. If you’re playing optimally, you might make 50 runs/h through the Abyss. 

    The best gear to wear is amulet of glory, Spottier cape, Black pickaxe, ring of dueling, boots of lightness and the graceful legs. You might want to add something for extra Defence but if you have 60+ Defence, there’s no need to worry about it and you can just wear the graceful outfit. Another alternative is to bring jugs of wine with you but drink them while filling your OSRS Runecrafting pouches.

    • Single nature runes (level 44-54)

    Nature runes grant you 9 xp/ess which is not as fast as crafting Lava runes but it’s more profitable. So if you don’t care so much about how much money you spend, it’s best to keep up with the Lava runes. However, if you want to make a profit and gain xp, nature runes can be quickly sold for a decent amount of money. The nature altar is in Karamja and unless you have someone running to bring you pure essence right outside the altar, you won’t gain xp fast. 

    • Law runes (level 54-59)

    Law runes grant you 9.5 xp/ess so it’s a bit more efficient than crafting nature runes. You can use the abyss system and teleport to Edgeville via amulet of glory, or use the balloon transport system from Castle wars to Entrana. After you craft the runes, teleport back to Castle wars with the ring of dueling. The law altar is on Entrana so make sure you don’t have anything equipped when you use the altar, else you won’t be allowed through the portal. You can use a bronze pickaxe and then drop it before you enter, then pick it back up. If you’re using balloon transport, click straight north when you arrive from Entrana because that way the pathfinder will generate a path to run around the island. It can be canceled after you cross the bridge to get to the law altar.

    Double cosmis runes (level 59-82)

    You can craft two cosmic runes for one pure essence which gives you a decent profit and xp/h rate. You can use the quest point cape to teleport to a fairy ring and get fast to the altar. It takes a little less than a minute like this if you’re using an amulet of glory to bank at Edgeville. If you have 66 Agility, you can increase your profit by using the best shortcut. 

    • Double astral runes (level 82-91)

    You can craft two astral runes per one pure essence. You should use all 4 OSRS Runecrafting pouches and be on the Lunar spellbook. The best way to go about it is by using Tele Group Moonclan and running south, then you click over the river and the pathfinder will find your way to the bridge. From there you run east to the altar to craft the runes and bank at Castle wars by using a ring of dueling. 

    It’s best to use a dust battlestaff with law, cosmic and astral runes to negate the need for taking out runes for the Tele Group Moonclan/NPC Contact spells. You might wear also an amulet of fury and some tank shield like the dragonfire shield because the Suqah can hit players who have no armour on. If instead of ring of dueling, you’re using a Crafting cape for the banking, you can wear a regen bracelet with it to outheal the Suqah damage.

    • Double nature runes (level 91-95/99)

    Now here come some real money. If you craft two nature runes per one pure essence, you will make from level 91 to 99 1,584,800 nature runes which can be sold for a great amount of GP. Get some good defensive gear with weight reducing bonuses and remember to use OSRS Runecrafting pouches because every extra rune gives you OSRS gold. You also need a pickaxe for mining through the rocks in the Abyss and it’s best if you have a higher Mining level, as well as Agility in order to move through the obstacles faster.

    • Double law runes (level 95-99)

    Another option is to start crafting two law runes per pure essence at level 95, because this gives 513 per run as compared to double nature runes which give 486 xp/run. However, you must complete Troll Stronghold to do this.

    So, this is pretty much all there is to the 1-99 Runecrafting guide OSRS! It’s not one of the easiest skills to train because it takes a lot of time and is very click-intensive, but it pays off and provides great profit. If you follow our Runecrafting guide OSRS, you will get to level 99 as fast and efficient as possible!

    osrs how to turn off auto craft

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Crafting Red Topaz For Huge PROFIT/XP (OSRS)

    use it on a spinning wheel, theres one right next to wayns chains in fally, Jagex could make it part of the Crafting range of useless things to do.

    osrs how to turn off auto craft
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