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Pocket mortys how to craft a meseeks box

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Pocket mortys how to craft a meseeks box
October 02, 2018 Books 1 comment

Pocket Mortys has a strong first act. The minute I begin to play, I’m drawn in by the faithful visual design and writing that mirror the quirks of the hilarious Adult Swim animated series. But it plays its hand very early on, and once I’d burned through the first few hours, it was disappointing to find Pocket Mortys is little more than a diluted Pokémon imitator.

Drawing heavily from the episode where the eponymous duo meets several alternate-dimension versions of themselves, Pocket Mortys cleverly turns the concept into a game about collecting Mortys separated from their Ricks, which means we see dozens of goofy variations on Morty’s individual design. Some Mortys have three eyes while others have none, some sport beards and hippie garb, and others are horrible test subjects or Cronenbergian nightmares. It keeps you guessing.

Each Morty plays practically identically.
However, once you catch Morty variations and use them battle, their similar move sets and a limited number of different base types cause each Morty to practically play identically, despite different names for their abilities. A strong attack might be called Brand when used by a sandwich board-wearing Morty, whereas a near-feral Scruffy Morty would use Slam, but the animations remain the same for attacks and statistic modifiers, robbing them of recognizable personality.


Attempting to ape the Pokémon elemental types, Mortys are also assigned a rock, paper, or scissors “type” with weaknesses and strengths. It’s competent, but disappointingly shallow in its lack of options and strategy - it’s more of a parody of the classic game mechanic than an interesting implementation of it.

Most of the animated series’ in-jokes and references show up in the inventory items, where supplies like a Poke Ball or HP potion are replaced with a Turbulent Juice tube, Plutonium and Serum injections, and specialized items like the instant-win Mr. Meeseeks Box and stat-boosting Mega Seeds. Many characters have cameos and recurring appearances, including Birdperson and the Council of Ricks. Dialogue between characters largely captures the tone of the show, with Rick’s flippant and dismissive cynicism playing against Morty’s unbridled anxiety and supporting characters maintaining their own identities.

In its best moments, Pocket Mortys has a similar feel and tone to its source material.
The larger issue, however, is one often found in licensed mobile games: there’s very little connective tissue between everything happening, leaving the entire game feeling more like a best-of highlight reel of callback gags and references to the events of the show, rather than a unique and original experience. In its best moments, Pocket Mortys has a similar feel and tone to its source material, but these are too thinly dispersed between disconnected jokes to give it any sort of lasting effect.This often left me wondering who exactly Pocket Mortys is for. It references the jokes and teases its own flair on occasion throughout, but everything found within is essentially a re-hash of jokes and situations already covered in the Adult Swim show. The use of different Mortys spread across dimensions was clever at first, but quickly becomes about as interesting as stumbling across a Rattata or Magikarp. It borrows from the Pokémon games in virtually every conceivable way, from the art design down to the use of “Pathetic!” in place of “It’s not very effective…” in battle, but none of its Pokémon-inspired aspects are as deep or well-developed as that of Nintendo’s classic franchise. It’s one prolonged joke remaining competent enough to be mildly enjoyable throughout, but loses powerful momentum early on.

Mr. Meeseeks Box

The Mr. Meeseeks Box is a gadget that creates a Mr. Meeseeks for the purpose of completing one given objective. 


It was introduced in the episode "Meeseeks and Destroy." It is a gadget which creates a Mr. Meeseeks for the purpose of completing one objective. Once it completes the objective, Mr. Meeseeks vanished.

Fleeseeks Box

At the end of "Meeseeks and Destroy" Rick mentioned that he had a "Fleeseeks Box," which was met with staunch rejection from the other characters after witnessing the negative repercussions of the Meeseeks Box. Rick then jokingly reveals that it is just a mop and some floor wax.

Pocket Mortys

Mr. Meeseeks Box


Yes (5 badges)

Instantly defeats another Morty.
—In-game description

A Mr. Meeseeks Box is an item in the game Pocket Mortys. It can be used in battle to instantly defeat another Morty.


Season 1

Season 3

Other Media


  • The Mr. Meeseeks Box serves as the package design for the May 2015 Loot Crate exclusive puzzle.[1]
  • It appears in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality. When throwing the Meeseeks ball inside of it, it can activate as a clone of you. Pretend you're taking off your helmet to "destroy" Meeseeks.
  • The Mr. Meeseeks has cameo in The ABC's of Beth in the box where the crayon to Froopyland.
  • On August 3, 2016, Cryptozoic Entertainment released Mr. Meeseeks' Box O' Fun (Game), a game combining elements of dice games and truth or dare featuring the popular Mr. Meeseeks character from the first-season episode "Meeseeks and Destroy"


  1. ↑Rick and Morty 300 Piece Puzzle – Lootcrate Exclusive

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Rick And Morty Mr Meeseeks Box O Fun - Open up Mr Meeseeks' Box o' Fun and play this fantastic Rick and Morty dice and dares game - HawkinsBazaar.

So you’ve got a handle on the basics of Pocket Mortys, huh? Well that’s all well and good, but you’re also going to need to make use of the crafting system if you want to get more of an edge. Plus it helps with quest completion. Gamezebo’s Pocket Mortys Crafting Guide will tell you every recipe you need to know to cobble together all sorts of weird and occasionally useful items, as well as give you some general tips if you’d rather try to figure everything out for yourself.

General Tips

  • Try to have as many different types of items on-hand whenever you want to experiment with different combinations. A larger variety of components means you’re more likely to find a new recipe.
  • Most of the crafting recipes you’ll discover use only crafting materials, not useable items. This means that you won’t have to worry about trying to mix serums or plutonic rocks most of the time.
  • With the exception of stat-boosting seeds, prize tickets, and the Mr Meeseeks Box, you can craft every other kind of useable item – including Morty Manipulator chips!
  • You can only carry a maximum of 10 of each item, so if you find yourself running out of room consider crafting serums, batteries, motherboards, etc to free up some space.
  • Crafting recipes are listed in the same order they appear in your inventory. This seems inconsequential but it’s actually a really good way to tell what items you’re missing.
  • There’s kind of a pattern to the combinations. Many of the recipes use the same base items (for example, a Supercharged Battery + a Motherboard + ???), so once you figure out the basics you can just plug in that extra item and see what you get.
  • The order in which you add items doesn’t matter. A Battery plus a Fleeb works exactly the same way as a Fleeb plus a Battery.
  • Fleebs, Batteries, and Turbulent Juice Tubes are the most widely used crafting items. If you see them, grab them!

Crafting Recipes

Recipe list numbers are included between [] for convenient cross-referencing.

    1. Morty Manipulator Chip – Supercharged Battery [12] + Circuit Board + Tin Can
    2. Serum – Battery [11] + Fleeb
    3. Great Serum – Battery [11] + Purified Fleeb [14]
    4. Sensational Serum – Supercharged Battery [12] + Serum [2]
    5. Pure Serum – Supercharged Battery [12] + Great Serum [3]
    6. Plutonic Rock – Battery [11] + Bacteria Cell
    7. Pure Plutonic Rock – Battery [11] + Mutant Bacteria Cell [15]
    8. Halzinger – Battery [11] + Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
    9. Pure Halzinger – Battery [11] + Purified Fleeb + Mutant Bacteria Cell [15]
    10. Level Up Mega Seed – Attack Mega Seed + Defense Mega Seed + Speed Mega Seed
    11. Battery – Tin Can + Cable + Fleeb
    12. Supercharged Battery – Battery [11] + Turbulent Tube Juice
    13. Microverse Battery – Supercharged Battery [12] + Motherboard [18] + Dark Matter Ball [17]
    14. Purified Fleeb – Fleeb + Turbulent Tube Juice
    15. Mutant Bacteria Cell – Bacteria Cell + Turbulent Tube Juice
    16. Dark Energy Ball – Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
    17. Dark Matter Ball – Dark Energy Ball [16] + Turbulent Tube Juice
    18. Motherboard – Battery [11] + Circuit Board + Cable
    19. Dog Collar – Cable + Tin Can
    20. Love Potion – Purified Fleeb [14] + Mutant Bacteria Cell [15]
    21. Robot – Supercharged Battery [12] + Motherboard [18]
    22. Butter Robot – Robot [21] + Tin Can
    23. Gwendolyn Doll – Robot [21] + Love Potion
    24. Time Crystal – Purified Fleeb [14]+ Dark Energy Ball [16]
    25. Time Stabilising Collar – Time Crystal [24] + Dog Collar [19]
    26. Interdimensional Cable Box – Supercharged Battery [12] + Motherboard [18] + Time Crystal [24]
    27. Neutrino Bomb – Supercharged Battery [12] + Motherboard [18] + Dark Energy Ball [16]
    28. Interdimensional Goggles – Supercharged Battery [12] + Time Crystal [24] + Tin Can
    29. IQ Enhancing Helmet – Supercharged Battery [12] + Motherboard [18] + Turbulent Tube Juice
    30. Roy VR Headset – Interdimensional Goggles [28] + IQ Enhancing Helmet [29]

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pocket mortys how to craft a meseeks box

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Ultimate Amazing Pocket Morty Guide Tips & Cheats Tricks: Looking for easy tricks and tips to level up in Pocket Mortys game? If yes, then this is the amazing guide you must read.

When new rick and Morty game arrived you might find it that now it is out of practice you are having difficulties in capturing mortys in battling. But in this Pocket Morty Guide you can maximize your fun through defeating other ricks and catching mortys. If you are a true fan of this game, then you might be want to become a master of Montymon. So this pocket morty crafting guide it will show you how you can become the master of this game in no time. If you are looking for Pocket Morty Tips, then you are at right place. In this guide, you will get to know full information about Pocket Mortys Cheats and Tips. So let’s start with the basic.

Pocket Morty Guide Tips & Tricks Cheats


Let’s start this Pocket Morty Guide with battles. Battles are simple, and this term does not need much explanation. Different mortys have different power. Certain mortys are stronger than other mortys. When talking about the battle system in pocket morty game, there is a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system.

In the above picture, you can see that Greaser Morty is one level higher than Off The Grid Morty. Off The Grid, Morty is of paper type and has a higher advantage of winning the battles against Rock-type which is Greaser morty. If you want to know that Morty’s battle type then you can look at the icon next to Morty’s name, here, you will find Morty’s battle type. As soon as you level up your  Morty’s then you can unlock new attacks that relate to your Morty’s battle type, and you will get more advantage in your future battles.

So first you should identify what is the type of battle. Once you defeat any morty, then you will get to know in advance that which morty is coming up next. But in the early stage of the game, it becomes a bit difficult to know which morty are you going to face until you see the morty. You may be in a disadvantage sometimes because of this.

When it comes to battle with wild mortys, you can catch them instead of knocking them down.  You can collect or buy or craft Morty and use these bad boys to catch some mortys.

When the health status of other morty is in red status, then you can catch that morty guaranteed.  Also if the health status of other morty is in yellow status then also there is a very high catch rate. But sometimes the chip will blow up, and you have to make morty weak to catch it. We all know catching morty is fun but don’t catch all the mortys until you have taken out all the six members of the Council of ricks.

If you want to get the advantage of Rick battles, then you have to catch the multiple Morty’s of the same type as early as possible in the game. You can also combine certain mortys in the Citadel of Ricks. By doing this, your morty will evolve, and the power level is up for sure. You should do this from the starting of the game so that you will get more advantage during the important battles.


You can see there are three icons in the above picture in the left corner. The first icon represents the loot box. Second icon exclamation mark represents every single trainer battle in that dimension. On the last icon, you can see the badge of the Rick battle of that dimension. You don’t have to complete all these minor dimensions, and if you do so, you will not earn anything.

Pocket  Marty Tips, Tricks, Cheats

In the game, there are lots of battles, and you can collect a badge each time when you transport Rick and Morty pocket morty to another dimension. All the dimensions are randomly generated. You will never have an idea of which wild Morty’s, Ricks or Trainer ’s you will be facing when you enter each battle. In case if you want to avoid battling the Council of Ricks until your morty is very strong then it is better than you earn about 50 badges. If you succeed in collecting over 50 badges, then you have an advantage over Council of Ricks. If you want to be in the game for a long period, then it is better than you battle each Council member Rick whenever possible.

How can you earn badges? If you want to earn badges, then you have to Rick who is located on the platform of each dimension. Sometimes you will not get any difficulties and its too easy that you just have to go to Rick, beat his Mortys and earn the badge. But it’s not easy as this always because without facing the trainers in the battle you cannot head towards Rick. The disadvantage of facing the trainers before fighting the Rick of whatever dimension it is transported is that Morty’s will become weaker and there are no healing stations available outside the Citadel of Ricks. So it would be better if you avoid any trainer’s battles that you find. By doing so, you can save health, time and items too.

If your HP, AP is finishing then you can restore them. There are lots of items which will help you to restore Hp, AP. Also, there are many items which can revive a dazed morty, increase Morty’s level and even knock down Morty in a blow.

All these items can be brought from Salesman rick Store located in Citadel of Ricks.

You will earn some Schmeckles as you proceed further in the game in the battle. Also, you can earn Schmeckles by watching ads; there is an option of that. Also, there are a lot of easy methods to earn Schmeckles; you just have to look over there.
Also, you can earn items by finding the loot box in each dimension.  Lootboxes contains Schmeckles, basic items, and craft items. Just like battling Ricks, loot boxes can be either easily obtained or will be very difficult. Also, there are chances that you might get coupons so that you can use them at Chitz and Blips.
You may get many difficulties to come across the loot boxes, but by completing the special quest and winning the special battles, you will win these coupons. You will get access to Blips and Chitz vending machine by Blips and Chitz coupon. And by this, you will get a chance to get some special items and a Random Morty.
You can also buy Blips, and Chitz coupons and one coupon will cost you $0.99, and a 40 bundle coupon will cost you $19.99.


You will face many battles while playing the game, so it’s better to be prepared. In all dimension, you will find all the items scattered all over the place, and most of the items will be very useful in the battle. In the pocket mortys game, you can craft recipes. There is a crafting station which you can find in the Citadel of Ricks. Here we are providing 30 Pocket Mortys Recipes.







There will be Ricks, Trainers and Jerry ’s in the Citadel of Ricks that you ask to create certain things. Also, you will find 19 pocket mortys quests, and you will be rewarded for completing each quest.

In the whole game, there are around 101 mortys to catch around.  Once you have completed the game, you will be rewarded by giving wardrobe change and a Rick portal’s gun. You will be able to leave dimensions without battling Ricks if you have this gun.

A majority of Morty’s can frequently be seen wardrobe change and a Rick portal’s gun. You will hatch Egg morty in one of the earlier quest rewards. Pocket mortys Egg morty is that morty who has no physical attacks. And also they can take a while to gain EXP to level up in battle. If you want to level up Egg morty, then there is the quickest way that is Level Up Mega Seeds. If you managed to level up Egg morty to level 20, then it will evolve into pocket morty one true mortyThere is some Plush suit Mortyslocated in Citadel of Ricks which looks like Mascot Morty. And it can’t be caught.


  1. From the starting craft items as often as possible because you never know when you will need to heal or revive an injured Morty.
  2. Keep in mind to heal your morty. Healing your Mortys after returning to the will help you conserve your items when you need them.
  3. If you are not trying to level up your morty, then avoid unnecessary battles. By doing so, you will save health and status items for important battles.
  4. .If you think you might accidentally knock out a Morty you want to catch then run away. The Morty will still be there, and he will regain full health.
  5. Use Meeseeks box during harder battles for a guarenteed win. They should not be wasted.
  6. If you get more badges from Ricks, then you will face stronger Ricks coming from other dimensions.
  7. You can boost Morty’s level further even though morty’s maximum level is 100. Attack, Defense and Speed Mega Seeds and watch your Morty’s status rise to insane levels.
  8. If you need Schmeckles, then this is the quickest way that Rick battles go way past 100 badges.

So this is the ultimate Pocket Morty Guide in which we have provided a full game guide along with pocket morty cheats and tricks, tips. You can follow this guide to enhance your gaming skills and finish this game fastly. You can ask us in comment section if you face any difficulties in pocket mortys guide, we will try our best to help you.

How do I get Morty number 82 in Pocket Mortys? The quickest way to hatch the egg is to use as many Level Up Mega Seeds as possible (make sure you Bring him out in battle and use a mr. meeseeks box to instantly defeat your opponent. Easiest way is to use a level up mega seed or use a cnmcblog.coms box during a.

Pocket Mortys Egg Morty Guide: What Is It & How to Use It?

While the wait for season 3 of Rick and Morty continues to drag out, let’s stop and look at a fan creation of the Meeseeks Box from the first season.

Created by maker Tamara Smith, this single print box can be made in two ways. If you have a shiny blue arcade button, you can slot it into the top and if you don’t the files come with a button that can be printed instead.

The files to do so are free from MyMiniFactoryand you’ll need to do some finishing and painting to make it look as good as it does in the gallery below, where it is displayed for scale next to a laptop, a flask and, of course, a jar of mayonnaise.

Right now this is just a paperweight, but the hollow insides of the box are primed to be filled with electronics. The most obvious mod would be Mr. Meeseeks’ lines from the show spouted out when you press the button, but we’re sure someone can come up with a better application.

And if that’s not to your liking, there are many more items from Rick and Morty that you can 3D print. The butter passing robot, a USB  Plumbus and Rick’s portal gun can all be had too.

Previous 3D Prints of the Day:

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pocket mortys how to craft a meseeks box

This mobile Pokemon clone is slathered in liquefied Rick & Morty gags. items like the instant-win Mr. Meeseeks Box and stat-boosting Mega Seeds. world don't make up for mechanics that're a pale shadow of Pokémon.

pocket mortys how to craft a meseeks box
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