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Archeage how to start crafting
May 12, 2019 Carefree Crafting 3 comments

How do I start crafting?

All you need to do is decide which craft you want to start. Open up your Folio by pressing "O" or through the Vocation button on the bottom right. Once you're in your Folio, select a craft and select something you want to create. If you see in the requirements a red number such as one indicating a Proficiency requirement, you will need to pick a different item that you have Proficiency for. Once you have an item you are able to craft, you will need to gather the required materials. Some materials can be crafted while others can be gathered. Once you have your materials, locate a crafting station. Any crafting and housing zone will have the basic crafting stations you can use.

Are there any crafting quests?

There will be many low level quests available for the Blue Salt Brotherhood which can be found in Lilyut Hills on Nuia and Tigerspine Mountains on Haranya. At 50,000 Proficiency in a production profession, you will receive a quest from the Union Manager in this area to craft higher level items to receive a title for your craft. There will also be a questline from the Blue Salt Brotherhood for Trade Packs that will give you a scarecrow garden, donkey and scarecrow farm.

What are Vocation Badges and what are they used for?

Vocation Badges are used as currency at Blue Salt Representative merchants. You can earn them through crafting, farming, gathering, logging, husbandry, mining, or fishing. These badges can be used to purchase items for crafting, gathering and fishing.

How do I raise my Proficiency?

To raise your Proficiency, all you have to do is craft. The more you craft, the more your Proficiency will raise. The higher tiered Proficiency, the lower your Labor costs will be and the more items you will be able to craft.

I've hit 10,000 Proficiency in my craft, why am I not gaining any more Proficiency?

Every 10,000 Proficiency, there is a cap to go to the next tier. When you hit the 10k mark, you will receive a pop-up informing you that you have hit the cap. To go higher, you will need to open your Skills by pressing "K" or the Skills button on the bottom right menu and select Proficiency. To the right of your Proficiency level, you will see an up arrow and a down arrow. Press the up arrow to upgrade your Proficiency. When you are in this window, you will see that it says "rank specializations remaining:" Each 10,000 Proficiency has its own ranking and you will only be able to have a certain amount of Vocation skills at these higher rankings. You can locate how many of each specialization of each rank you have left by mousing over the "?" on the bottom left of the Proficiency window. You can increase the amount of specializations you can have by pressing the "Increase" on the bottom right. This costs a Specialization Snowflake, which can be found at the General Merchant or in the Marketplace.

How do I find out what items can be crafted by a skill?

While in-game you can hit the 'O' key to bring up the crafting folio, which you can see all available recipes by profession or can search for a specific recipe in the top-left corner.

ArcheAge is famous for it's vast and interesting crafting system. If you are tired of battles, sieges and dungeons, the game offers you the chance to relax by building houses or crafting items. You can create a lot of beneficial items which aid you throughout the game. Want to build a ship? Not a problem, just get the resources.

The general difference between crafting in ArcheAge and crafting in other MMO games is that AA allows players to not only gather resources but also generate them. For instance, players can plant a tree and gather apples from it later. Which is amazing.

In most MMO games crafting is only about creating new gear and potions. In ArcheAge you can not only create small items but also build houses, castles, walls, big and small ships and so on. The greatest thing is that these objects are really useful in the game. For example, a ship allows you to travel the seas with your friends and explore underwater territory!


Each crafting action – mining, gathering, manufacturing and so on - requires Labor Points. The cost of an action depends on the difficulty. If the action you want to perform is easy you will spend few points, but if the action is difficult you will most likely spend a lot of Labor.

When your character has no labor he loses his ability to craft, gather and produce items (You can see your Labor bar above the experience bar.). The labor Power pool is limited and can be restored, all you need to do is wait. Non-premium players recover 5 point every 5 minutes (1440 per day). Premium accounts allow players to get 10 points every 5 minutes when online, and 5 points when offline (max 2880 per day).



Alchemy is required to create potions that restore HP/Mana or add buffs, dyes, Lunadrops, Lunastones, Archeum Dust, and talismans.


Allows you to craft different types of food that give temporary buffs or stat bonuses.


Allows you to create jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings), chests for clothes, musical instruments for bards, parts for racing cars and other items.


Livestock related: butchering, milking, plucking, mount breeding.


Allows you to grow of crops and water them, also allows you to create shrubs for planting. Vegetables and cereals created by farmers can be used in Cooking.


Gathering allows you to gather different types of herbs and flowers for Alchemists.


Machining allows you to create different devices (tanks, gliders, tractors, parts for racing cars and tractors, submarines). This profession also allows you to upgrade machines.


Metalworking is required to smelt different types of ore into ingots. It also allows you to craft heavy armor sets (plate armor) and diving suits.


Printing allows you to create books and different scrolls for gear improvements.


Masonry is necessary for producing different types of bricks out of stone. Also allows players to craft Teleport Stones that enable you to travel from one location within the island to another.


Used to craft cloth and cloth armor from various textiles.


Allows you to create leather armor out of leather.


Weaponry allows you to craft metal weapons (swords, daggers, axes etc), shields and explosives out of Ingots.


Logging allows you to gather logs for use in Carpentry.


Carpentry allows you to craft bows, staffs and furniture out of logs.


Mining is used to gather different ore and stone from nodes for Metalworking. Also used in the gathering of crystals (gems).


This skill allows you to create trade packs (commercial boxes) and sell the packs.

Professions without Crafting

You may notice that some of the professions are better to level together than others. For example, if you are going to focus on Metalworking, you may want to level up Mining in order to have enough ore for ingots. An alchemist may want to benefit from Farming and so on. Anyway it’s difficult to get all you need for your professions without trading with other players. Especially when crafting high level items.

Leveling Professions

Each profession has 5 ranks (levels) defined in points. The maximum number of points is 50 000 for each profession. You earn points for every action of a definite profession. Here is a list of ranks:

Novice0 - 10 000
Apprentice10 000 - 20 000
Journeyman20 000 - 30 000
Expert30 000 - 40 000
Master40 000 - 50 000

When you reach the required amount of points, to advance to the next level, you will see up and down arrows next to the name of the profession. The “Up” arrows allow you to advance to the next rank if you wish. NOTE: you can’t level all professions in ArcheAge to Master. There are restrictions. There are 21 professions right now and each player can advance up to 5 of them to Apprentice rank, from which 4 can be Journeyman rank, 3 can be Expert rank, leaving only 2 which can be leveled to Master.

So the crafting cap for one character is: 2 Master rank professions, 1 Expert, 1 Journeyman and 1 Apprentice (5 in total). As you see a character will have to set focus on limited number of professions and can become Master only in 2 of them.

Benefits from Leveling

  • When you level up a profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions within that profession.
  • It’s a great way to spend less labor power.
  • Sometimes new ranks will give you new possibilities / recipes. For example you may be allowed to collect higher level resources or to use higher level items for crafting.

Crafting in ArcheAge - Full Guide

By: Abyzz

Crafting is the bread and butter of ArcheAge and if you're not down with the idea of crafting then, really, ArcheAge is going to lose a lot of its.

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so how do you gear up without swiping the credit, ie. is there dungeons / raids? do you quest? do you pvp? how do you obtain better gear? i've never played archeage so just looking for some ideas on how things work before I start.

How To Crafting Your Archeage Weapon And Armor (Cloth / Leather / Plate) For Beginners

archeage how to start crafting

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When a new MMO update is called Maelstrom, you can safely assume a big shake-up is coming. For ArcheAge, that means revamped crafting, open-world raid finding, and more flexibility in equipment than ever before.

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But of course, this being the pirate MMO, there’s no reason why that maelstrom can’t be literal either – as in the stormy 20-player ship battles of Bloodsalt Bay, ArcheAge’s first ever PvP naval arena.

Welcome to Bloodsalt Bay

ArcheAge has always been at its flag-billowing finest in PvP, and the Bay brings a whole new format to 20-player battles. This evocatively named setting is no holiday destination, but a nightmarish section of churning seas battered by terrible storms. The real struggle, though, is with the dangers below the surface – creatures of the deep with more teeth than they know what to do with.

You’ll have a kraken time (so sorry) at the helm of your own ship, guiding a crew of five to face off against the monsters. Meanwhile, three other crews fight to take the treasures too, making these very busy seas indeed.

The ships you take out into the Bay are purpose-built, meaning there’s no advantage to be found in character skills and abilities – instead, only the steeliest navigators and commanders will come out on top in PvP. You’ll need to work closely with your crew, firing cannons, dropping the anchor, and raising masts, all in aid of rescuing the most souls over a 12 minute match.

Perhaps there’s something else out there as well: is that the wail of the wind, or the undead?

The magic of Obsidian

Obsidian is the most magical material in PC gaming – the stuff of which great RPGs are made, and a coveted, volcanic block in Minecraft. In ArcheAge, Obsidian gear is stuff worth upgrading – and Trion Worlds have made that process far more freeform.

When upgrading any Obsidian gear up to tier five or six, you can use a Spellshift Orb to turn that item into a component for the next tier recipe. That component then becomes an unequippable crafting material and – bear with me – after crafting the next tier, transforms into a cloaked item.

Cloaking is ArcheAge’s way of giving you a choice in how your item turns out. When you uncloak your item, you get to pick one of two paths for it to go down. The idea is that you can more easily change your focus, or craft gear to suit a particular buyer. And in the process, get richer. Which is what being a pirate is all about.

Precious stones and fancy swords

Show me a pirate who doesn’t like jewels and I’ll show you a liar in a fancy dress costume. Lunagems go down particularly well among ArcheAge’s seafaring classes, because they can be slotted into gear for boosts to their stats. But the process has previously had a percentage chance of failing, breaking the gems and upsetting privateers everywhere.

With Maelstrom, the risk has been taken out of gem socketing – allowing you to slot a stone into a weapon without fear of an expensive explosion. Lunagems are colour coded for ease of use, too: red ones for offense, and so on. Now you just pick a colour, uncloak the gem, and choose your stat increase. No more Break Gems at Tiffany’s (really, really sorry).

Eat, sleep, raid, repeat

Who said the village notice board was dead in the age of the internet? Trion Worlds have installed a Raid Recruitment Board in their MMO. If you are looking for suitable allies to help weather a particularly gruelling mission, you can simply post an advertisement – a little like the newspaper ads that bands were formed around in your dad’s day, only for pirates.

You can set the time you are intended to set sail, the number of sailors needed, and the target you are going after – maybe the Red Dragon or Thunderwing Titan raids; perhaps the faction war in ancient Mistmerrow. Applicants can be reviewed before accepting, just in case you don’t like the cut of their jib or shape of their beard. And it’s possible to chat about respective roles beforehand, to avoid any confusion about who’s manning whose crow’s nest.

Sometimes, though, you find a raid requires more manpower than expected. Rather than pressing some more of the king’s men into service, real-life pirate style, you can simply use the new co-raid system to sync up two raid groups. Each raid keeps their own leader, but one becomes the Commander, and the other the Admiral. It’s tough to get upset about either of those titles.

Maelstrom is now live. Visit the ArcheAge site to sign up for free and discover Bloodsalt Bay for yourself.

A Crafting Request can't be made when the Request button is inactive. Open the Folio (O) and select any Crafting item. You can make a Crafting Request by.

Crafting in ArcheAge - Full Guide

Overview[edit | edit source]

As a game with strong sandbox influence, the majority of the content in game is generated by players. ArcheAge features 22 different crafting professions that help to fill the world with everything from Food, Potions, Contraptions, Armor, Weapons, etc.

Labor Points

Almost every craft based, non quest action costs labor points to perform. The cost can be as small as 1-2 points for small things such as picking flowers and as large as several dozen for more advanced actions like building.

Labor Points are refilled over time. A non-premium user will gain 5 points per 5 minutes of play and 0 points per 5 minutes while offline. A premium member will gain 10 points every 5 minutes and 10 (As of the latest patch 1.7) points every 5 minutes while offline.

A non-premium user's Labor Point cap is 2,000, whereas for a premium member (Patron), has a cap of 5,000.

Skill Tiers[edit | edit source]

Each profession has 10 different levels of mastery- Novice, Veteran, Expert, Master, Authority and Champion, Adept, Herald, Virtuoso, and Maestro Lv1.

  • Amateur is maxed at level 10,000. Any number of skills may be leveled to this point.
  • Novice is maxed at level 20,000. Only 7 skills may be upgraded from Amateur to Novice.
  • Veteran is maxed at level 30,000. Only 6 skills can be upgraded from Novice to Veteran.
Gives 5% Labor Points reduce and 5% Crafting time reduce.
  • Expert is maxed at level 40,000. Only 5 skills can be upgraded from Veteran to Expert.
Gives 10% Labor Points reduce and 10% Crafting time reduce.
  • Master is maxed at level 50,000. Only 4 skills can be upgraded from Expert to Master.
Gives 15% Labor Points reduce and 15% Crafting time reduce.
  • Authority is maxed at level 70,000. Only 3 skills can be upgraded from Master to Authority.
Gives 20% Labor Points reduce and 20% Crafting time reduce.
  • Champion is maxed at level 90,000. Only 2 skills can be upgraded from Authority to Champion.
Gives 23% Labor Points reduce and 23% Crafting time reduce.

The total available specializations can be increased by using Specialization Snowflakes. Increasing the level of mastery in a skill offers benefits such as increased action speed, decreased labor costs, and mass production of items in addition to the regular increase on craftable items.

Professions[edit | edit source]

Here's a closer look at the 22 professions.

References[edit | edit source]

archeage how to start crafting

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Archeage 101 (2019 Edition) - Proficiency System Part II: Crafting Requests

Thanks to this chapter, you will learn all of the most important information about crafting in ArcheAge. You will learn about its mechanics and how to start crafting.

archeage how to start crafting
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