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Diy crafts for home decor how to make
July 05, 2019 Carefree Crafting 3 comments

Make extra-special decorations a focal point by adorning them on a staircase banister, draping your favorites on doorknobs, or hanging them on the backs of your dinner table chairs.

Spread Joy: Paint wooden letters J and Y with red acrylic paint. Wrap a wooden letter O with green yarn; use hot glue to secure ends and attach a small bow and gems. To attach letters, arrange them facedown, then hot-glue small card stock strips from one letter to the next. To hang, hot-glue a loop of baker's twine to the back of the O.

Old St. Nick: Use our free template to cut a hat from felt; hot-glue to a 4" wood circle and add a pompom on top. Hot-glue two black-bead eyes, a 1/2" wooden circle nose, and wooden teardrop ears. From white faux craft fur, cut and hot-glue semicircle beard and two teardrops as a mustache. To hang, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the back.

Festive Llama: Use our templates to make a green saddle, brown eyes, white hair, and a white nose from felt. Cut the body, back legs, and snout from white felt, then again from card stock. Mount each felt piece on top of a card stock piece for structure. Hot-glue the back legs behind the body, then glue the snout, hair, and eyes in place. Add white felt dots as eye highlights. Hot-glue on saddle and red pompom trim, followed by more pompom trim around the neck and ankles. To hang, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the back.

Everyone wants to try their hand at DIY these days. Why not you too? Maybe you’re looking for a new project for your blog. Maybe you want to impress other crafty friends. Maybe you have time and the desire to upgrade your interiors but no money to follow through. Maybe you’re just bored and eager to try something new.

33 Exciting DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas You Can Accomplish Cheaply and Easily

Regardless why you’re on the hunt for a new DIY project, we think the low-cost concepts are the best. Nothing could be more fun than creating something awesome in a few hours and with only a few dollars. Lucky for you, you’ve found this fun list of the newest and best DIY Dollar Store home decor ideas.

All the money in the world can’t replace the charm of a handmade piece of décor. That’s why we’re so excited to show you our awesome gallery of 33 DIY dollar store home decor ideas. You don’t need a ton of money or experience for any of them. They’re all totally beginner and budget friendly. Best of all, the finished products are surprisingly professional.

1. $5 DIY Mail Sorting Baskets

DIY Project Details:

2. Custom Spindle and China Jewelry Fountain

DIY Project Details:

3. Bespoke Blue Milk Paint and Polka Dot Mirror

DIY Project Details:

4. Weave Your Own Rope Basket

DIY Project Details:

6. DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas with Trays

DIY Project Details:

7. Elegant Potted Topiaries on the Cheap

DIY Project Details:

8. From Plastic Laundry Basket to Rustic Burlap Bin

DIY Project Details:

9. Mid-Century Modern Inspired Pocket Mirror Creation

DIY Project Details:

10. Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Mercury Vase Makeover

DIY Project Details:

11. This Gold Sequin Ampersand Sign Is Everything

DIY Project Details:

12. Get a Bottle Glass Mirror for Less

DIY Project Details:

13. Build a Terrarium with Frames and Glue

DIY Project Details:

14. Wine Tumbler and Candlestick Cloche

DIY Project Details:

15. Glass Gem Bejeweled Votive Holders

DIY Project Details:

16. From Cheap Elephant Toy to Chic Decor

DIY Project Details:

17. Add Copper Accents to a Pillar Vase

DIY Project Details:

19. Clever Upcycled Cookie Sheet Organizer Craft

DIY Project Details:

20. Upscale Cottage Monogram Wall Art

DIY Project Details:

21. Crystal Look Pedestal Jewelry Tray

DIY Project Details:

22. Boho Mod Metallic Leaf Dishes

DIY Project Details:

23. Big Impact Wall Display for Small Budgets

DIY Project Details:

24. Backlit Picture Frame Cube Candleholder

DIY Project Details:

25. Super Glam Girl’s Room Initial Accent

DIY Project Details:

26. DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas with Candles

DIY Project Details:

27. Gilt Polka Dot Jewelry Organizers

DIY Project Details:

29. Low Cost Homemade Tablet Holder

DIY Project Details:

30. Trio of Stone and Succulent Fairy Gardens

DIY Project Details:

31. Cookie Cutter Christmas Candle Craft

DIY Project Details:

33. Make Easy Word Art with Thumb Tacks

DIY Project Details:

Add a unique touch to your decor with these 40+ DIY home decor ideas. For a simple option, we've created printables for you to frame and add.

Home Decor Ideas & Projects

Looking for home decor ideas? Whether it's wall art, centerpieces, room decorations, or any other DIY home decor project, we have plenty of ideas. Coastal home decor, farmhouse, vintage and more.

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Hanging Mason Jars

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diy crafts for home decor how to make

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Rustic décor is so “in” right now. Whether you live in the country or your home is in the city, you can still have beautiful rustic decor and you can do it all yourself.

We have collected a list of 40 of the best DIY projects to give your home that rustic look. You can find everything from headboards and picture frames to cabinets and shelves made from wooden pallets.

Whatever your dream for a rustic look, you are sure to find something in this collection that will help you along. Many of these projects are so easy to do and you can complete them in less than a day.

Some make wonderful gifts as well so if you know someone else who just loves the country, rustic look, make them something to brighten their own decor. The projects use all sorts of materials, many of which are really inexpensive or even cheap in some cases.

Rustic Headboard

If you need a new headboard and you want to give your bedroom a great country look, you can create a rustic headboard from that looks like an old barn door.

This project can be done with just about any material you want but if you really want the rustic look, you can use pallet boards and old barn wood.
Source – Oldworldgardenfarms

Twine Wrapped Cabinet Handles

Twine is so inexpensive and you can do so much with it. If you are looking to update your cabinets, why not just wrap the handles in twine? It gives your kitchen a great rustic look and this is one of the easiest projects ever. You just need twine, glue and paint and you will have these great Anthropologie inspired cabinet pulls.
Source – Ilovethatjunk

Pallet Shelves

Old pallets are relatively easy to come by and they are really cheap. The great thing about them is you can do so much with them – like these quick and easy pallet shelves. You only need about three hours per shelf and a few supplies and you can stain them in whatever color you want to make them match your existing décor.
Source – Thenest

Wood Pallet Bench

If you have wood pallets just lying around the yard, put them to use by turning them into a great mud room bench. This bench would look fabulous on the deck or just inside the door, wherever you want to put it.

When you finish putting it all together, just sand and stain it whatever color you want and you have a beautiful bench that cost you very little to create.
Source – Mysophiaryan

Rustic Photo Frames

Old wooden photo frames can be turned into beautiful rustic décor with just a bit of work. You can use burlap for the matting and then add black and white photos, cardboard Monogram cutouts or anything you want. You can even add small satin ribbons to decorate them a bit if you wish. These are easy to do and look so beautiful in any room.
Source – Pinterest Originals

Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

If you really want to spruce up the kitchen or dining room, turn an old wooden pallet into a fabulous wine rack. This is another really easy project that looks beautiful when finished. You’ll need to make the shelf to hold your wine bottles and then use a drill to create a hanging section for wine glasses at the bottom.
Available on – Etsy Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Rope Frame

An old plastic picture frame can be instantly turned into rustic décor using just twine rope and a hot glue gun. You just have to glue the rope to the frame, making sure that you cover the original frame completely. This is a great gift idea or would look perfect in any little cowboy’s bedroom.
Source – Celebrations

Twine Lamp

Any old lamp can instantly be transformed into a rustic piece with just a little work. Rope works beautifully for the base and you just have to wrap it completely, ensuring that you hot glue it down as you go. Add a rustic new lamp shade and you have a beautiful new lamp that costs you very little if anything at all.
Source – Amyallender

Rustic Coffee Table

A few slats of wood – and they don’t have to all be the same shade or color – can be put together to create a stunning coffee table. Just pattern the pieces and stick them together with wood glue and small nails. Then you just have to add legs of some sort and you have a very expensive looking coffee table that is a lot cheaper than it looks.
Source – Brooklyntowest

Wooden Picture Frame

You can convert any picture frame to rustic décor by simply adding small slices of wood. If you don’t already have a few on hand, just cut up the slices from branches that you can find in your yard. Then just use a hot glue gun to secure them to a plastic frame and you have a lovely rustic frame that is perfect for any picture.
Source – Gingerflair

Great Rustic Father’s Day Gift

Kids love DIY projects, especially when they get to give those projects away as gifts. You can help your little ones to make a great picture frame for Father’s Day with just a few twigs and a hot glue gun. Just glue the twigs to the frame and let the kids decorate however they want. Use burlap for the matting and add a special message with a Sharpie.
Source – Hgtv

Stone Kitchen Island

Ok, so this project may take a little more cash and a lot more time, but it is definitely worth it. If you have a kitchen island or if you have always wanted one, make it from bricks or stones. This gives your entire kitchen a beautiful rustic look and the project is actually a lot easier than you may think.
Source – Lizzyandmewesterndecor

Wooden Backsplash

Wood pieces put together make a beautiful backsplash that definitely makes a statement in any room. If you have a wall available, you can create this lovely setting by simply adhering wood pieces to the wall. You can also build a small wall to create a division wherever you need it.
Source – Houzz

Wooden Clock

You can buy clock kits at any hobby store and most home improvement stores. Once you have a clock kit in hand, just find a great piece of wood, varnish and stain it and then add the clock to create a beautiful wooden clock. This is a great piece for rustic living rooms or you can use it in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms as well.
Source – Houzz

Twig Candle Holders

Ok, so if your yard is filled with twigs and small branches, put them to use. You can hot glue those small twigs to glass or plastic candle holders to create beautifully rustic décor. Once you have them all in place and secured with hot glue, tie a burlap or satin bow around to really make them special.
Source – Pinterest Originals

Wooden Mail Sorter

Add a little rustic décor to your walls by building a wooden mail sorter. Not only does this give you beautiful rustic décor, it also serves a very handy function by keeping mail neatly organized. You just need a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks at the bottom to hang your keys. Stain it in any color you want and you have a very functional and very beautiful sorter.
Source – Vintagenewsjunkie , Foxhollowcottage

Wood Planked Wall

Even if you don’t live in a rustic log cabin, you can give your home a great cabin look by simply planking one or more walls. This is a relatively easy project that will add beauty and value to any home. Just choose the wall that you want to change, and add wooden planks which you can pick up at most home improvement stores for very little. Then stain if you want and you have a lovely cabin type wall
Source – Thriftydecorchick

Rustic Entryway Bench

For around $15, you can build a beautiful bench for your entryway that will instantly add rustic charm to your home. You just need a couple of 2X4s and a couple of 2X6s and you have everything ready to create this lovely bench. Just assemble, sand and then stain to whatever color you want.
Source – Shanty-2-chic

Rustic Porch Bench

This great bench takes very little time to create and you can make it for around $20. You just have to purchase the wood needed and then assemble everything together. It is a great porch bench and you can stain or paint it whatever color you need to match your existing décor. The “X” legs make it the perfect rustic piece for any home.
Source – Sawdustgirl

Wooden fireplace Mantel

If you really want a rustic look, replace that old stone fireplace mantel with wood. This is a relatively easy project and will change the look of your room instantly. If you are planning to have a new fireplace installed, consider using the wooden mantel instead of rock or stone. It’s a great look and it’s relatively inexpensive to create.
Source – Remodelaholic

Ironing Board Welcome Sign

If you can find an old wooden ironing board at a flea market or yard sale, grab it. You can turn that old ironing board into a great welcome sign for the front porch. Just stain and sand to give it that great rustic look and add your welcome message using stencils and paint. What a great way to welcome people to your rustic home.
Source – Therusticpig

Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

An old piece of wood and a few hooks will help you to create a beautiful hanger for your favorite coffee cups. Just add the hangers, stain the wood and then hang it on the wall. This is a project that takes little time and will cost very little if you already have the wood on hand. You just have to purchase the hangers which are relatively inexpensive.
Source – Scoutmob

Wooden Towel Organizer

A couple of pieces of wood and some cute hangers will give you a great rustic towel rack for the bathroom. You just have to nail the pieces of wood together and then add the hangers. The top serves as a great place for rolled towels and the hangers work for towels or robes.
Source – Ryobitools

Driftwood Coat Rack

Just a strip of wood, a few coat hangers and some driftwood will allow you to create a stunning coat rack that is sure to be a conversation starter. Incidentally, you can also use deer antlers or something similar if you can’t find driftwood. Just attach your wood or antlers to the shelf and then add hangers for coats or keys.
Available on – Etsy Driftwood Coat Rack

Wooden Bench on Industrial Casters

Building a wooden bench and then putting that bench on industrial sized casters will give you a beautiful piece for your rustic home. Just build the bench from old pallets or strips of wood and then attach the casters. Add a rustic looking cushion of some sort and you have a beautiful sitting area that is rustic and interesting.
Source – Welke

Mason Jar Sconces

You can do so much with Mason jars. Take this sconce idea for instance. With a few jars, you can create beautiful and rustic lighting for your home or deck. You just have to run the lighting wires and then add bulbs to the lid. The jar itself works as a sconce and gives you a lovely look for little money.
Available on – Etsy (Currently Sold out)

Wooden Stick Headboard

A small collection of medium sized sticks is all you need to create a great rustic headboard. You just have to attach the sticks to each other and you can hot glue them to a sheet of plywood or something similar to hold them secure. Then just sit them at the head of your board for a great country looking bed.
Source – Busydoor

Tree Trunk Coffee Tables

You really don’t have to do anything to get a great set of coffee tables. Well, you do have to gather a few tree trunks or stumps. Just sand them down a bit, and cut them off to make them flat. You can have a collection of different sizes sitting around the room and in different shapes. Stain them if you want but you can leave them natural for a really rustic look.
Source – Myearthship

Make Pom Poms from Coffee Filters

These are without a doubt the most adorable things ever. The fact that you make them with coffee filters and they are cheap does not cloud my judgment, either. They are really easy to make though and so creative. These coffee filter pom poms would look so adorable hanging in a little girl’s bedroom or just anywhere that you want a bit of decoration. You can use them to decorate the deck for summer parties or make really large Christmas ornaments from them. Either way, you just need disposable coffee filters, some hot glue, sturdy cardboard and string and you can find the tutorial over at Bored & Crafty.
Source – boredandcrafty

Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

Old steel pipe and a strip of wood work together beautifully to create a rustic toilet paper holder that is sure to be the hit of your bathroom. You just have to drill a hole in the wood to place the pipe and then secure the two pieces together. This is an easy and very interesting project that is sure to have people loving your rustic bathroom.
Source – Scoutmob

Barn Wood Mirror

In the bedroom, bathroom or even the hallway, this great rustic full length mirror is sure to be a hit. You just need old barn wood or other pieces of wood. Just affix them together around a cheap full length mirror. You can do the same thing with smaller mirrors and hang them all over the house for a really rustic look.
Source – BarnWood Mirror

Tree Branch Chandelier

A tree branch and a few clear Christmas lights will give you everything you need to create a stunning chandelier that will look great in any dining room. Just hang the lights around the branch and then run the cord to plug it in. This is a really easy project and would also look great on the deck for barbecues during the warmer months.
Source – Houzz

Tree Branch Privacy Screen

Whether you really need your privacy or you just want to add a bit of rustic charm to your home, this tree branch privacy screen is a great DIY project. It sort of looks like a bamboo shade and is really easy to make. You just need a few strips of thin wood and as many sticks or branches as you want to add. Hang it wherever you feel you need a bit of extra privacy.
Source – Lynneknowlton

Wooden Slab Mud Room Bench

A large wooden slab would make a wonderful bench for your mud room. You can either add legs to the bench or just attach it to the wall, making sure that you have it perfectly secure. This is a great farmhouse look for your mud room or entryway and is really easy and inexpensive to create.
Source – Houzz

Rustic Herringbone Dresser

You can create a dramatic focal point in any room by simply painting an old dresser in a rustic herringbone design. If you don’t have an old wooden dresser, you can usually get them pretty cheap at flea markets and yard sales. Then just add the paint design and stain if you want to get the specific color combination that you need.
Source – Howdy-honey

Wooden Jewelry Hanger

With a few branches or pieces of driftwood, you can create a beautiful jewelry holder for necklaces and bracelets. Just attach the pieces of wood together using screws or a hot glue gun and then stick the base in a wooden candle holder. This is a great piece that is really easy to make and will give your bedroom real rustic charm.
Source – Etsy: Driftwood jewelry tree stand

Oversized Wood Slice Coffee Table

Two or three large wood slices put together will make a stunning coffee table. You just have to cut the slices (or have them cut for you) a couple of inches thick and then stack them at alternating angles to give it a really unique look. Add a few wooden blocks to the bottom for legs and be sure to varnish it so that spills will clean up easily.
Source – Morestudio

Birch Log Coffee Table

You can create a beautiful coffee table by simple stacking logs together. Line the logs end up and create a circle whatever size you need. Then just tie them all together with rope or twine to keep your coffee table secure. You do need to make sure that the logs are the same height and you may want to sand the tops down just a bit to make them smooth.
Source – Homedsgn

Rustic Photo Ladder

A few branches and some wooden picture frames will allow you to create a beautiful photo ladder that adds rustic charm to your home. You will need two longer branches and a few shorter ones to create the ladder. Just nail the branches together and then add rustic wooden picture frames to create the photo ladder.
Source – Creative-ambitions

Wood Slice Bathroom Wall Décor

Steely blue walls and a few intricately placed wood slices will give your bathroom a great rustic look. You will need several wood slices to go all the way around the room and then just place them in geometric patterns or however you want. Thin wood slices will affix to the walls easily with wallpaper glue or you can use a hot glue gun if you prefer.
Source – Mindifrengdesigns

Redone Rustic Cabinet

If you have an old cabinet or dresser that you can redo, consider taking out the drawers and just adding rustic wooden planks. This gives the entire cabinet a great rustic look and it is really easy to do. This is a great project for those old dressers that have broken or missing drawers. You can attach the wood pieces together and fix them so that they pull out for easy access to the dresser contents.
Source – Flaxandtwine

These DIY decor hacks​ will make your life so much easier, you'll wonder how you They're cheap, easy, and will solve all your home gripes.

Home Diy Blog

Save money with these cozy rustic home decor ideas! From furniture to home accents and storage ideas, there are over a hundred projects to choose from. Not only are these DIY ideas are easy on the wallet, they are also easy to make. You can complete most of these projects in less than a day.

For most of these DIY projects, you will need basic tools and equipment such as:

I won’t re-list these items below to save space, but you will need some of these tools and supplies for all of these projects. If you are just planning on doing one or two projects, you can rent the more expensive tools (e.g. saws and sander) at a Home Depot or Lowes to save money or borrow from friends, family or neighbors.

You can get most of the items required for these projects at places like thrift stores or habitat for humanity. Also, you can get pallet wood for free on Craigslist..

Bathroom Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf 
bronze toilet paper holder + scrap wood + wood stain & polyurethane + corner brackets and screws

Rope Towel Holder (Source Unknown)
rope + 2 eye hooks + wood board + wood stain

Rustic Towel Holder
2 wood planks + dark wood stain (and sealer)+ antique iron door handle + screws

DIY Side Vanity Storage Unit
wood boards + Kreg jig + screws + wood stain + furniture legs

Mason Jar Pallet Organizer
hose clamps + wood stain + mason jars

Bathroom Towel Holder
I couldn’t find a tutorial for this project, but it looks pretty simple. There is a similar project here that might help:

Crate Towel Storage
wood crate + baskets + wood stain

Cardboard Box Basket
jute twine + cardboard + white fabric + glue gun

Rope Bathroom Organizer
bathroom tumbler + rope + glue gun

Rope Trash Can
wire mesh trash can (Dollar Tree) + rope + hot glue gun

Toilet Paper Holder
seagrass basket + wood dowel + craft knife

Pallet Bathroom Art
pallet wood + stencils + acrylic paint + rope

Over the Sink Shelf
This is just a wood cd rack mounted horizontally to the wall.
You can find one at the thrift store for cheap
or you could easily build one out of pallet wood.

Rustic Bath Caddy
reclaimed wood board + saw  + sandpaper + wood screws + drill + waterproofer

Flush Sign
–halk paint + wax + wood + metal letters + sanding block

Framed Wood Bathroom Mirror
wood + saw + staple gun & staples  + wood glue

Rustic Bathroom Signs
pallet wood + wood stain + white acrylic paint + stencils + twine + white paint marker (for arrow)

Kitchen Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Pallet Pantry Sign
pipe fittings + paint + stencil brush + stencils + various hooks

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet 
wood pallet (free on craigslist)+ decorative hooks + jars with metal lids + screws

Coffee Plank Sign
fence planks + coffee and letter stencils + black acrylic paint  + s hooks + hinges

Coffee Rack
hooks + wood boards + stain (optional) + hanging hardware (anchors & screws)

Vintage Pantry Labels
mason jars + free printables

Rustic Menu Board
vinyl letter stickers + wood board + wood stain + hinge clips + index cards

Kitchen Utensil Holder
mason jars + wood box + twine + stencils + craft paints in various colors

Rustic Wall Rack for Knives
wood board +  round ceramic magnets + gel adhesive + wall mounting screws

Wine Rack (Source Unknown)

Wine Glass Holder
reclaimed wood board + nails + wine glasses

Pallet Wine Rack
paint or stain + heavy duty hooks

Kitchen Utensil Holder (Source Unknown)
wood knobs or hooks + wood stain + stencils + white acrylic paint

Kitchen Utensil Holder
small hooks + old rake + wood board + wood stain

Twine Cabinet Handles
All you need is jute twine, which you can get at Dollar Tree

Rope Placement (or coaster)
jute rope + hot glue gun

Rope Serving Platter
rope  + foam board + glue gun

Natural Branch Coasters
branches + hand saw + sandpaper + clear varnish

Furniture Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic Wooden Headboard
six 6′ long boards (rough-milled pine).+ dark walnut wood stain + matte finish clear coat

Pallet Coffee Table
sandpaper + glaze + caster wheels + carriage bolts/wood bolts

$15 Rustic Nightstand 
2 crates + stain or paint  + wood glue + screws

Pallet End Table
just need the basic tools listed above to make this project and some wood stain, but thats optional

DIY Rustic Bench for the Entryway
2×4’s +  2×6’s + Kreg Jig + dark walnut wood stain

Pallet Bench (No tutorial)
black gate hinges  + sander + pallets + dark walnut stain + padded felt

Small Rustic Stool
wood round + copper soft refrigeration coil + pipe Cutter + steel hanger tape + black spray paint + stain

Rustic Wood Stump Table
wood stump + Minwax stain + sander

Storage & Organization Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic Crate Corner Shelf Unit (Source Unknown)
wood crates + wood stain

DIY Crate Bookshelf
wood crates + sandpaper + stain + L bracket

Simple Ledge Shelf 
wood boards + wood screws + stain or paint

Ladder Storage (Source Unknown)
ladder + wood stain + baskets + fabric (for basket lining)

DIY Floating Shelves
wood + nail gun & nails + wood glue + stain

Rustic Shadow Box Shelves 
wood boards + nails + hammer

Floating Corner Shelves (Source Unknown)
plywood + wood stain + putty + wood screws + nails
Here is a tutorial for a similar project

Rustic Shelves
wood post + keyhole hanger and screws (Source Unknown)

Rolling Wood Crate 
wood crate + wood stain + burlap fabric + caster wheels

Wood Mail Sorter
whitewood board + whitewood strips + 3 coat hooks + 1 sawtooth hook

Rustic Mail Holder
pallet wood + hooks + wood stain + sander

Wire Basket Organizer
3 baskets + wooden panel + screws. + 3M Command Damage-Free Picture Hanging Strips

Rustic Ladder Shelf
wood boards + stain and sealant + wood screws + rope + wall hook

Magazine Holder Basket
peach basket + round cork mat + twine + glue gun + wood screws + chicken wire + paint sticks + wire snips

Pallet Floating Bookshelf

Wood Jewelry Holder
flat board + knobs

DIY Hanging Storage 
wood shelves + wood dowels + drill + hook +  brackets + wood stain + polyurethane

Small Crate Bookcase
2 wood crates + wood stain + wood screws + bracket

DIY Rustic Rack
pallet + hooks

Branch Coat Rack
wood plank  + wood stain + branches  + small finishing nails + furniture wax

Bathroom Shelf (Original Source unknown)

Lighting Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns
wood + plant hanger hooks + wood stain smalltooth + steel hangers + candles + river rocks  + mason jar + twine
The last 4 items you can get at Dollar Tree

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Scones
mason jar + leather strap + reclaimed wood

Rustic Rope Lamp
rope + hot glue gun + thrift store lamp

Rustic Twig Lamp
twigs + twine + thrift store lamp + glue gun

DIY Corbel Sconce Light
pendant light + light cage+  2×4 stud + wood chisel  + wood stain

DIY Wood Lantern
various sized wood boards + screws  + wood glue + stain/paint + mitre saw

DIY Chalk Paint Candlesticks
spindles + wood pieces (craft store) + wood screws + chalk paint + candles

Mason Jar Candle Scone (Source Unknown)
white acrylic paint + small chain + hook + mason jars + votive candles

Twine Lanterns
balloons + twine + white glue  + petroleum jelly + clear, fast-drying spray paint + lantern lights

Pallet Lantern (Source Unknown)
natural stain + hook + lantern + tealight candles

Candle Wall Shelf (Source Unknown)
All you need is various sized pillar candles

Twig Candle
twigs + candle holder + small pillar candle + glue gun
You can get the candleholder and pillar candle at Dollar Tree

Clothespin Candles
clothespins + mason jar lid + glue gun + twine + buttons + pillar candle

Birch Wood Candle Holders
drill + 1 1/2″ bit + large C clap

Pallet Wood Candle Sconces
saw + pallet wood + stain + polyurethane + pillar candles

 Rustic Art and Mirror Ideas

Wood Slice Mirror
round mirror + plywood + cleat + tree branches  + primer & paint + liquid nails

Wood Framed Mirror 
Mirror (thrift store) + fence picket boards + flooring underlayment + stain and wax + nails + wood glue + cutting equipment

Rustic Laundry Wall Signs (Source Unknown)
wood planks + wood stain + letter stencils + white acrylic paint

Rustic Laundry Wall Decor
large stencils + white paint + wood stains + various-sized wood boards +
mason jar  + clothespins + twine + glue gun + wall hanging hardware

Keep The Change Sign
small wood board + stain + stencils + acrylic paint + mason jar + hose clamp + screws

Wood Photo Clipboard
6 foot 1 x 12 inch board + dark walnut wood stain + finishing wax + sander + mini clips + nails

Wood Block Picture Frame
wood block + dark walnut stain + twine + chevron burlap ribbon + photo + glue

Twig Picture Frame
wood frame + twigs + glue gun + photo mat + photo + Sharpie

Stick Letter Art
printed letter + photo frame + clear craft glue + sticks + pruner

DIY Wooden Arrows

Reclaimed Wood Rope Sign
reclaimed wood + heavy twine + chalk + sketching paper + glue gun

Pallet Photo Frames
mod lodge + printed picture (from laser printer)

Pallet Wall Clock (Source Unknown)
clock parts (take apart a thrift store clock) + numbers + white paint

Flowers & Planters Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Hanging Wire Baskets
wood + d ring + wire baskets ($1.50 each at Walmart) + greenery

DIY Twig Vase
vase + paper bag + twigs + gardening shears + glue gun + raffia
You can get the vase, paper bags and raffla at Dollar Tree

Rustic Succulent Pots
terra cotta pots + white and aqua acrylic paint + twine + succulents + potting soil

Paint Stick Basket
square dowel + paint stir sticks + staples and staple gun

Home Sweet Home Sign
small wood board + wood stain + stencils + acrylic paint + mason jar +  twine + rope + flowers

Rustic Mason Jar Flowers
mason jars + twine + flowers
You can get the first two items at Dollar Tree

Rustic Wood Planter
wood + L brackets & screws + potting soil + flowers+ coco liners

Other Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Welcome Sign 
chalk + white paint pen + iron board + wood stain + burlap ribbon

DIY Rustic Corbel
2×4’s + wood screws + wood stain + vaseline  + latex paint (optional) + wood putty

DIY Rustic Pet Bed
1x4x8 furring strips + 1x2x8 furring strips + 2x4x10 pine board + wood stain + chalkboard + chalk

Twine Light Bulb Pears
light bulbs +  twine  + glue gun + small twig
You can get the first 2 items at Dollar Tree

DIY Rustic Sailboat
twig + glue gun + fabric + eyelet screws + branch

Rustic Note Board 
wood board + dark walnut stain + twine + wall hook + staple and glue gun

DIY Wood Curtains
wood brackets + 1 1/4″ wood dowel  + 1 1/2 to 2″ hole saw +  wire brush + Minwax + chalk paint


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