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June 28, 2019 Carefree Crafting 2 comments

Crafting in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is covered on this page. Players can use Items the acquire through out the game to create Grenades, Arrows, Food, Potions, Weapons and Armor that can help them in their journey. See below for more information.

Recipes in Divinity Original Sin 2 are listed here. There are many different categories of Recipes, and they are broken down here by type for convenience as there are so many. This list is a work in progress and will be updated as the game launches


Divinity Original Sin 2 Recipes

Note that Barrels (of Oil/Ooze/Water) can be used indefinitely. When a recipe requires one of these liquids, barrels may be used, though other alternatives exist (like the Bucket of Water, which may be refilled after use).

Tools may also be re-used indefinitely, such as the Repair Hammer, Shiv (knife) or Mortar and Pestle.

Please click the individual tags to see more recipes.


Potions in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are useful for all manner of things and can be crafted by players using Materials gathered throughout the game. Below is a list of all Potions and their Recipes.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Potions

Final Product


Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

  Minor Healing Potion
Heals 30 Vitality Empty Potion Bottle Penny Bun Mushroom
 Medium Healing PotionHeals 120 Vitality Minor Healing Potion

 Minor Healing Potion


Augmentor (Any Quality)

Healing PotionHeals 290 Vitality Medium Healing Potion

 Medium Healing Potion


Augmentor (Any Quality)

 Huge Healing PotionHeals 650 Vitality Healing Potion

Healing Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate)

Giant Healing PotionHeals 1220 Vitality Huge Healing Potion

 Huge Healing Potion


 Augmentor (Ultimate)

Healing ElixirHeals +80 Vitality. Removes certain status effects (negative and positive), Set Healing Elixir Empty Potion Bottle Yarrow Flower
Physical Armor Potion26 Physical Armor (+5% per Geomancer level), 5 Turn Duration Empty Potion Bottle Amadouvier
Medium Physical Armor Potion92 Physical Armor (+5% per Geomancer level), 5 Turn DurationPhysical Armor Potion

Physical Armor Potion


Augmentor (Any Quality)

Large Physical Armor Potion221 Physical Armor (+5% per Geomancer level), 5 Turn DurationMedium Physical Armor Potion

Medium Physical Armor Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality) 
Huge Physical Armour Potion431 Physical Armour (+5% per Geomancer level), 5 Turn DurationN/A


Small Magic Armor Potion26 Magic Armor (+5% per Hydrosophist level), 5 Turn DurationEmpty Potion BottleWhisperwood
Medium Magic Armor Potion92 Magic Armor (+5% per Hydrosophist level), 5 Turn DurationSmall Magic Armor Potion

Small Magic Armor Potion


Augmentor (Any Quality)

Large Magic Armor Potion221 Magic Armor (+5% per Hydrosophist level), 5 Turn DurationMedium Magic Armor Potion

Medium Magic Armor Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Huge Magic Armour Potion431 Magic Armour (+5% per Hydrosophist level), 5 Turn DurationN/A


 Fire Resistance Potion15% Fire Resistance for 3 turns Empty Potion BottleGuepinia Mushroom
Medium Fire Resistance Potion50% Fire Resistance for 3 turns Fire Resistance Potion

Fire Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Large Fire Resistance Potion75% Fire Resistance for 2 turnsMedium Fire Resistance Potion

Medium Fire Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Huge Fire Resistance Potion90% Fire Resistance for 2 turnsLarge Fire Resistance Potion

Large Fire Resistance Potion


Augmentor (Ultimate)

Air Resistance Potion15% Air Resistance for 3 turns Empty Potion BottleJellyroom
Medium Air Resistance Potion50% Air Resistance for 3 turnsSmall Air Resistance PotionSmall Air Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Large Air Resistance Potion75% Air Resistance for 2 turnsMedium Air Resistance Potion

Medium Air Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Huge Air Resistance Potion90% Air Resistance for 2 turns Large Air Resistance Potion

Large Air Resistance Potion 


Augmentor (Ultimate)

Earth Resistance Potion15% Earth Resistance for 3 turns Empty Potion BottleEarth Tongue Mushroom
Medium Earth Resistance Potion 50% Earth Resistance for 3 turnsEarth Resistance Potion

Earth Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Large Earth Resistance Potion75% Earth Resistance for 2 turnsMedium Earth Resistance Potion

Medium Earth Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Huge Earth Resistance Potion 90% Earth Resistance for 2 turnsLarge Earth Resistance Potion

Large Earth Resistance Potion


Augmentor (Ultimate)

Water Resistance Potion15% Water Resistance for 3 turnsEmpty Potion BottleBluegill Mushroom
Medium Water Resistance Potion50% Water Resistance for 3 turnsWater Resistance Potion

 Water Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Large Water Resistance Potion75% Water Resistance for 2 turnsMedium Water Resistance Potion

Medium Water Resistance Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Huge Water Resistance Potion 90% Water Resistance for 2 turnsLarge Water Resistance Potion

Large Water Resistance Potion


Augmentor (Ultimate)

Poison Resistance Potion15% Poison Resistance for 3 turnsN/AN/A
Medium Poison Resistance Potion50% Poison Resistance for 3 turnsN/AN/A
Large Poison Resistance Potion75% Poison Resistance for 2 turnsN/AN/A
Huge Poison Resistance Potion90% Poison Resistance for 2 turnsN/AN/A
Minor Resist All Potion 15% resistance to all elements for 3 turnsEmpty Potion BottleTrumpet Of Death
Medium Resist All Potion 50% resistance to all elements for 3 turnsMinor Resist All Potion

Minor Resist All Potion


Augmentor (High/Ultimate Quality)

Large Resist All Potion 75% resistance to all elements for 3 turnsMedium Resist All Potion

Medium Resist All Potion


Augmentor (Ultimate)

Invisibility Potion Set Invisible for 5 turnsEmpty Potion BottleChanterelle
Medium Invisibility PotionSet Invisible for 10 turnsN/AN/A
Potion of Nimble Tumble50% Dodging for 2 turnsEmpty Potion Bottleany Water Essence
Potion of Strong Will

Immunity to Charmed

Immunity to Terrified

Immunity to Silenced

Immunity to Blinded

Immunity to Cursed

Immunity to Taunted

Immunity to Sleeping

Duration 4 turn(s)

Empty Potion Bottleany Fire Essence
Stoneskin Potion

184 Physical Armour (+5% per Geomancer level)

-50% Movement Speed

Immunity to Burning

Immunity to Stunned

Immunity to Poisoned

Immunity to Bleeding

Immunity to Petrified

Immunity to Shocked

Duration 2 turn(s)


Empty Potion Bottleany Earth Essence
Potion of Jellyfish Skin

Reflect 20% of melee damage taken as air damage.

Inflict Stunned on contact

Duration 3 turn(s)

Empty Potion Bottleany Air Essence
Attar of the Blood Rose

1 Strength

1 Finesse

1 Intelligence

1 Constitution

1 Memory

1 Wits

Duration: Until Death

Empty Potion BottleBlood Rose
Minor Strength Potion1 Strength for 3 turnsEmpty Potion BottleAmethyst Deceiver
 Medium Strength Potion3 Strength for 3 turnsN/AN/A
Large Strength Potion11 Strength for 3 turnsN/AN/A
Minor Intelligence Potion1 Intelligence for 3 turnsEmpty Potion BottleCalocera
Medium Intelligence Potion3 Intelligence for 3 turns

Crafting & Blacksmithing[edit]

Crafting and Blacksmithing are two helpful but optional Abilities characters can take. Characters can upgrade, repair, or outright create their own items, weapons, armor, spell scrolls, and more. Because money is hard to come by early, this can save you a lot of gold and keep your party well-outfitted for those difficulty early battles.

Once you unlock the Hall of Heroes in the Homestead (generally in Part 2 of the Walkthrough), you'll be able to hire additional heroes to journey with you. Therefore, one possible strategy is to not put points into Crafting or Blacksmithing with either of your Source Hunters. Let your Source Hunters spend all their Ability Points in their weapon, magic, or defenses as applicable. Instead, once you can hire additional heroes, put all of their points into Crafting or Blacksmithing (or both!), and just keep them inactive unless you need them.

The downside is that your characters won't be able to craft or repair in the field, which is an immensely helpful skill. Simple repairs to your gear only require a character to carry a repair hammer, so if one of your normal party members takes Blacksmithing and carries a Repair Hammer at all times, he will be able to repair gear for free even in the middle of a deep dungeon. Just keep an eye on your gear durability!

Creating a piece of gear from scratch requires ore, which can be smelted by dragging metal onto a blacksmith's forge. Forges are not portable, but there are many around; the first one you can find is out in the open behind the abandoned house in Cyseal. Repairing gear, or crafting normal items such as potions, do not need additional items to be crafted.

To craft most items, you only need to drag one ingredient on top of another. For example, to craft a simple Minor Healing Potion, you need a Penny Bun Mushroom and an Empty Potion Bottle. To craft it, simply drag either item onto the other. Assuming your Crafting level is high enough, the item will be created. If your level is not high enough, you will be informed as such. Blacksmithing, including repairing gear, works the same way.

Some recipes require combining two of the same item. For example, to create a Medium Healing Potion, you must combine two Minor Healing Potions. If you have multiple Minor Healing Potions, they are likely stacked on each other. In order to combine them, you'll need to split the stack. To do this, hold SHIFT, then click-drag the Minor Healing Potions into an empty inventory slot. You'll be asked how many you want to put in the new slot. Then, combine the two stacks, and you'll prompted to either combine the stacks or craft something better, assuming your level is high enough.

Around the world, you may find recipe books. Double-clicking a book will spawn a “Recipe Unlocked!” message, and the recipe is copied to your journal. You can then sell the book, and the recipe will be retained. Further readings bring no benefit.

That said, most recipe books are not required to craft. As long as your respective level is high enough, you will succeed in the crafting. Failure is only possible if your level isn't high enough, and even if it's not, your ingredients are not lost.

Note that some incredibly high-level items will need recipe books.

We'll do some of the heavy lifting for you here. On the next few pages are several recipes sorted by crafting level. If we missed any, please add them to the wiki!

Crafting Recipes Table of Contents[edit]

Blacksmithing Recipes Table of Contents[edit]

Crafting & Blacksmithing

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On one screen we had DOS2 as it exists now, played on a gaming laptop; and you can send multiple items to a companion at once, saving a lot of time if Incidentally, you can already see the game running in 4K and HDR on Xbox . UI (including crafting and trading) can really, really frustrate at times.

Corpse Harvest Edit

To start harvesting materials from corpses, you will need to craft a Corpse Harvester (item)

Image RESULT Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Comment
Corpse HarvesterGold Bar Metal Scraps Sharp Piece of Metal

Use Corpse Harvester on fallen creatures and characters. Make sure they are not incinerated or killed with elemental attacks or their precious parts will be spoiled and cannot be harvested.


Craftable items Edit

Below is a list of items that can be crafted from the above harvested materials.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of my favourite RPGs, a sprawling world full of intricate questlines and mind-bending combat. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be even better with a few clever tweaks. With that in mind, I’ve picked out some of the best Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods out there, ready and waiting to enhance your adventures - read on for blood-spewing vampires, bright blue dwarves, magic cheating elves, and more. 

How to install Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods

It’s incredibly easy to install and try out Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods for yourself. If you own the game on Steam, just head into the Steam Workshop from the game’s page in your library, and click ‘Subscribe’ on the mods you want. 

If you purchased the game from GOG, or you’re on Steam but want to use a mod that’s not available on the Workshop, it’s a slightly more fiddly process, but still shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. You’ll want to head to Nexus Mods, download the ones you want, and extract them using a RAR or ZIP extraction tool. You’ll then need to drag the ‘Data’ folder to the right location - the mod's description should tell you where it needs to go.

Once your mods are downloaded and installed, load up the game and click on ‘Mods’ in the menu. Here you can select which mods you want active, and choose which order they load up in - important if, for example, one of your mods needs another to be running in order to function. 

And that’s it - you’re ready to go! So without further ado, here are the best of the best Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods.

Look fabulous

Mods: Character Creation Plus, More Character Colours

By default, the character creator doesn’t have a huge amount of options - especially if you decide to make a non-human character - which is why one of our favourite Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods is Character Creation Plus. It adds a huge selection of new faces, hairstyles, masks, and accessories to customise your look, allowing you to craft a far more distinctive character. You’ll also want to grab More Character Colours, which… well, it does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a host of new hues for your hair and skin. Want to play through the game as a bright blue, demonic dwarf wearing a wolf’s head as a hat? With these two handy Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods, you can.

Unleash new abilities

Mods: Spectre Class, Vampire Class

One of the coolest things mods can add to the game is whole new classes. These can really make your latest playthrough feel fresh, by introducing a suite of custom spells, abilities, and mechanics to either dedicate your character to, or mix and match with other builds.

One of our favourites is the Spectre, a soul-draining wizard who cripples foes with dark curses and damage-over-time effects. If you fancy a walk on the dark side, it’s the perfect pick - when your main source of damage is stacking ‘Agony’ on foes, you know you’re not one of the goodies. And it even introduces a new weapon type to the game, scythes, for the complete Grim Reaper experience. Just make sure you grab OdinCore - Mod Services too and set it to load first - this package is required to run the Spectre, as well as creator Odinblade’s many other excellent class mods. 

And if that’s not sinister enough for you, why not try the Vampire? This class’s gorily creative spells will turn you into a walking horror movie, letting you summon swarms of bats, hypnotise foes, vomit up torrents of cursed blood, and more. Weirdly, you can even impale your enemies with wooden stakes, which must feel pretty cathartic for your average bloodsucker. Again, for this one to work, you’ll need to install another mod too - in this case, Helaene - Shared Library, which is required to run all of creator Helaene’s class mods.

Add atmosphere

Mod: Sim’s Day & Night Cycle

There’s loads to find in Divinity: Original Sin 2’s world, but at times it does feel a little static. That’s where Sim’s Day & Night Cycle comes in – as you’d expect, it adds a dynamic day/night cycle, but it also includes random weather effects, allowing spontaneous rain and fog to add life to your adventures. You’ll even find fireflies buzzing around on dark nights. The changes may seem subtle, but it’s amazing how much more atmospheric they make the game feel. 

Expand your crafting

Mod: Crafting Overhaul

The base game’s crafting system, though versatile, more often than not feels like a bit too much effort for too little reward. If you’re keen to have more reasons to get your blacksmith on, Crafting Overhaul is the mod for you, both refining the existing mechanics and hugely expanding on them. With extra recipes across every category, armour dyeing for the fashion-conscious, unique new gear, and more unusual additions such as skillbooks that allow you to befriend animal companions, and a shrine that levels up your favourite items in exchange for gold bars, you’ll find yourself spending hours at your crafting stations tweaking your inventory. This is one of those Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods that isn’t for everybody, but if you love a bit of DIY in your RPGs, it’s essential.

Boost your talents

Mods: Enhanced Talents, Free Pet Pal

The Enhanced Talents mod is great for giving some of the game’s weedier talents a much needed boost. While some are simply number tweaks, buffing the talent’s existing effects, others add whole new bonuses to give your combats more variety. Leech, for example, now grants a chance to steal buffs from your enemies, while Parry Master makes you immune to being flanked. 

I’d recommend pairing this one with Free Pet Pal. Any series fan will know Pet Pal is practically an essential talent, opening up loads of hilarious dialogues and side-quests by allowing you to talk to animals. This mod unlocks it automatically on all of your characters, freeing up precious points for more combat-oriented perks. 

Cheat your way to victory

Mod: The Cheat Commander

While cheat codes in games may be a thing of the past these days, mods can help fill the void. The Cheat Commander is a brilliant all-purpose tool, allowing you to give your character pretty much whatever you want at the click of a mouse. It works by dropping a magical elf into your game who’s happy to bend reality to your whim whenever you chat to him. Whether you’re after more gold, high level items, bonus XP, skill books, attribute points, or really anything else you can think of, your new best friend has got it, making this the perfect mod for anyone who wants to try out new builds, tweak the game’s difficulty, or, y’know, just enjoy beating the final boss in one punch. No judgement here. 

Skip ahead

Mods: Skip Tutorial, Joyless Beginnings - Skip Act 1

A lot of these Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods are going to require you to start a new save, and chances are you don’t want to have to play through the tutorial every time. The straightforwardly-named Skip Tutorial is your friend, allowing you to start your game on the beach after the shipwreck, with all the XP, recipes, and gold you would’ve gotten. With Joyless Beginnings you can jump even further, skipping the entire first act - perfect for if you’ve had enough of prison escapes and Source-suppressing collars.

Get around faster

Mod: Toggle Sprint

With how big the game world is, and how much backtracking you’re likely to do through it looking for quests and treasures you might have missed, the default walking speed can feel a little slow. Toggle Sprint adds some much needed pep to your step with a toggleable speed boost. Thanks to its customisable options, it’s up to you how quick you want to be, and you can also choose how fast enemies move too - crank their speed up, and you’ll find there’s far less waiting around in battles, saving you even more time. Time you can spend downloading even more Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods… 

Hungry for more mods? Check out the best No Man's Sky mods for making the game look, and play, even better or the 36 best Skyrim mods you should download on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Find Item in New Container _Cheat CheatBooksSkillcrafting CheatSkillbooksCrafting.

The best Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods to level up your adventure

One our most anticipated RPGs of the year is finally heading out of Early Access and into full-blown release. As would be expected from the previous entry in this beloved role playing franchise, there are a whole lot of replayability elements to be found in Divinity: Original Sin 2, including a robust crafting system.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 includes some big changes to the series in terms of races, classes, spells, and stats. While some of the recipes will look familiar to those who played the first game, others have been tweaked considerably throughout Early Access. In this guide, we've broken out each and every recipe and its base ingredients from arrows to grenades to weapons.

All Divinity: Original Sin 2 Crafting Recipes

Note that many of the recipes included below are interconnected, and a player will be rewarded for trying out new combinations. For instance, you need to be manufacturing certain types of potions if you want to reliably produce elemental arrows.

Arrow Recipes

Although frequently lacking the area affect possibilities of grenades (well, unless you place something flammable on the ground first), many of the elemental and magical arrow effects can be just as useful, with knockdown and charming arrows in particular offering plenty of tactical options.

Note that you actually have to combine the base arrow shaft with the head for each type of arrow to get the final product (such as arrow shaft + slowdown arrowhead for a functional slowdown arrow).

Crafting ItemIngredients
Arrow Arrow Shaft
Poisoned ArrowheadArrowhead
Ooze Barrel (or) Intestines
Slowdown ArrowheadArrowhead
Oil Barrel
Explosive ArrowheadArrowhead
Fire Resistance Potion
Steamcloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Water Resistance Potion
Static Cloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Small Air Resistance Potion
Stunning ArrowheadTooth
Knockdown Arrowhead Shiv
Charming ArrowheadArrowhead
Freezing ArrowheadArrowhead
Water Essence
Poison Cloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Earth Essence
Necro Fire ArrowheadFire Arrowhead
Source Orb
Blessed Water ArrowheadWater Arrowhead
Source Orb


Armor Recipes

These are all pretty basic armor recipes, and not too many have been discovered -- so it seems like a good bet there will be more of these to find through trial and error.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Handmade LeatherThreaded Needle
Leather Scraps
Handmade ClothNeedle & Thread
Cloth Scraps
Handmade Mage ArmorNeedle & Thread
Cloth Scraps
Pixie Dust
Handmade Chain ArmorNeedle & Thread
Metal Scraps
Handmade Scale ArmorAnvil
Scale Scraps
Handmade Plate ArmorAnvil
Plate Scraps
Winter BootsNails
Armor Shoes


Cooking and Food Recipes

I can't stop laughing about making tomato sauce with a tomato and a hammer. But hey -- I guess when you don't have an immersion blender or a food processor, that's one way to get the job done. Note that some items, such as the pies, require the mobile kitchen to be properly cookedafter the ingredients are combined.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Boiling Pot Cooking Pot
Mortar & Pestle
Ingred Dough Flour
Ingred Dough PizzaIngred Dough
Tomato Sauce
Ingred Dough Cheese BreadIngred Dough 
Water BottleEmpty Bottle
Water Barrel
Tomato SauceTomato
Honey JarJar
Cup of Milk
Potato PorridgePotato
Cup of Milk
Fries RivellonCold Fries
Boiling Pot
Boiled PotatoPotato
Boiling Pot
Apple JuiceEmpty Mug
Orange Juice Empty Cup
Fish PieDough
Apple Pie Dough
Mobile KitchenCooking Pot
Grenade Recipes

You usually want a steady supply of these on hand, both for straight damage and for causing effects on the ground, and they are cheaper to make than to buy.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Love GrenadeEmpty Perfume Bottle
Pixie Dust (or) Honey
Tremor Grenade Empty Cannister
Earth essence
Thunderbolt Grenade Empty Cannister
Air Essence
Terror GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Tormented Soul
Razzle Dazzle GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Air Resistance Potion
Chemical Warfare GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Rotten Eggs
Cluster Grenade Empty Grenade
Fire Essence
Nailbomb Grenade Empty Grenade
Frost GrenadeEmpty Grenade
Water Essence
Armor Piercing Grenade Empty Grenade
Broken Bottle
Mustard Gas GrenadeEmpty Grenade
Molotov GrenadeBottle With Oil
Water BalloonIntestines
Oil Flask Empty Flask
Oil Barrel


Rune Recipes

Each type of rune can be used to enchant weapons or armor to add various effects. Keep in mind that each type of rune can also be upgraded by combining them together (such as two small thunder runes becoming a medium thunder rune, two medium thunder runes becoming a large thunder rune, and so on).

How to actually enchant is super clear from the inventory. You have to switch to the crafting screen, then tab over to the Enchant section. Not all items are able to be enchanted either, as you need equipment with rune sockets, which don't become available until later in the game.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Small Flame RuneWood
Pixie Dust
Small Thunder RuneWater
Pixie Dust
Small Frost RuneWater
Pixie Dust
Small Rock Rune Rock
Pixie Dust
Small Venom RuneBone
Pixie Dust
Small Masterwork RuneLivewood
Pixie Dust


Potion Recipes

As with the runes, remember that you can get the next grade up of a potion by combining two of the previous types. For a medium healing potion, combine two minor healing potions, and so on.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Minor Healing PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Penny Bun Mushroom
Healing ElixirAny Healing Potion Type
Yarrow Flower
Small Magic Armor PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Small Physical Armor Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Minor Constitution PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Strength Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Amethyst Deceiver
Small Fire Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Guepinia Mushroom
Small Air Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Small Earth Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Earth Tongue Mushroom
Small Poison Resistance PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Small Water Resistance PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Bluegill Mushroom
Minor Speed PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Wizard's Hat Agaric
Minor Finesse PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Perception PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Intelligence Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Altar Of The Black RoseEmpty Potion Bottle
Blood Rose
Invisibility Potion Empty Potion Bottle


Scroll Recipes

Yep, you can craft your own scrolls to cast spells, just like in the previous game. Here's all the scroll formulas we've found so far, but there's bound to be more added in the near future!

Crafting ItemIngredients
Searing DaggersPaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Infectious FlamePaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Sharp Tooth
FireballPaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Sharp Claw
HastePaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Claw (or) Antler
RainPaper Sheet
Essence Water
Hail Strike Paper Sheet
Essence Water
Unknown Fish Type
ResurrectPaper Sheet
Essence Water
Essence Life
Healing Ritual Paper Sheet
Essence Water
Fish Star
Steam LancePaper Sheet
Essence Water
Source Orb
FortifyPaper Sheet
Essence Earth
Herb Whisperwood
Fossil StrikePaper Sheet
Essence Earth
Piece of Rock
Impalement Paper Sheet
Essence Earth
Metal Shard
TeleportationPaper Sheet
Essence Air
Shocking Touch Paper Sheet
Essence Air
Blinding Radiance Paper Sheet
Essence Air
TornadoPaper Sheet
Essence Air
Chain LightningPaper Sheet
Source Orb
Dimensional BoltPaper Sheet
Tormented Soul
Storm EtherealPaper Sheet
Source Orb
Chicken ClawPaper Sheet
Essence Life
Chicken Foot
Tentacle LashPaper Sheet
Essence Life
Rat Tail
Tools and Miscellaneous Recipes

From lock picks to pixie dust, these are all the random items you need that don't quite fit it any category but are essential throughout the game.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Lockpicks (4)Nails
Repair Hammer
Lockpick (single)Soap
Needle & ThreadThread
Pixie DustStardust
Bonedust (or) Moondust
Voodoo Doll Wooden Figurine


Weapon Recipes

Need an extra weapon but nowhere near a merchant? You can make some on your own, with stats tied to the level of the character performing the crafting.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Sharp Piece of Metal
Shank Leather Scraps
Sharp Piece Of Metal
Big Tongs Roped TogetherLeather Scraps
Twig With a StringWooden Stick
Toy CrossbowWooden Stick
Wooden Stick
CrossbowWooden Branch
Wooden Stick
Improvised StaffWooden Branch
Sharp Stone on a StickWooden Branch
Sharp Stone
ClubWooden Branch
Cloth Scrap
WandWooden Stick


Those are all the Divinity Original Sin 2 recipes we've discovered so far! Have you found any others, or noticed any changes to the ingredients post-launch from their Early Access counterparts? Let us know in the comments section below!

Need help with the rest of the game? Check out our other guides here:

dos2 how to find items crafting

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Crafting Overhaul - Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition

profession and origin story will determine which tags your character has and how . be able to combine ingredients in crafting: Players will come across items.

dos2 how to find items crafting
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