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How many snake skins are needed in order to craft 44 boots 29 vambraces

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How many snake skins are needed in order to craft 44 boots 29 vambraces
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Updated savegame editing guide
1. Savegames can be found in your profile folder which is a subfoder of your document folder (typically %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Eador\profiles\[name]\saves ).
2. You'll need to unpack the files before you can change them. An unpacker can be found at (simply drag the save onto the exe file. It should become 8-10 times as big).
3. You'll also need a hexeditor, e.g. Hey-Editor MX.

Okay, once you got your save decrypted, load it into an hex editor. Now, Eador saves all the data as strings for some arcane reason.
What this means is that you'll always be searching for text. And that you have to keep some things in mind when changing the length of the text.

Let's start with a simple example: changing our gold from 1106 to 991106. That should last for at least one map. ;)

First, we need to search for the text. In Hex-Editor MX that is done by opening the search dialog (CTRL+F), clicking on the "Text" tab, and then entering "gold=1106" (without the "") into the search box.
Now, you should be taken to the location where your gold is. Let's look at the hex data here (the bunch of numbers and letters to the left). You'll see that when you mark the four dots before the "gold=1106" and the dot after, it'll select the following numbers:
The "09" is the length of the string. When you count all the letters, numbers, and the equal sign, you'll find that "gold=1106" has 9 characters. Nifty.
Now, first we'll change the length of the string to be eleven characters long. To do that, we change the 09 at the beginning into 0B (read for more information).
Next, we click between the "=" and the "1", select "Edit" and then "Insert" and put two nines in there.
This will change the string on the right to "" or 0B000000676F6C643D39393131303603 in hexadecimal. What's important here is to insert the characters, not edit them! If you edit them (edited numbers are yellow), the game won't load.
Hopefully that was understandable because the same principle applies to everything in the game. Once you understand how to change the length of the strings, all doors open.

Now, here's some more things you can change about your player:
gem = Gems.
krm = Karma.
cib = Amount of buildings you can construct in your citadel this turn.
cob = Amount of buildings you can construct in your other provinces this turn.
ch = Amount of guards you can hire this turn.
cc = Amount of rituals you can cast this turn.

Next comes a number of game statistics. I haven't played around with these either.

After that come the ressources. Since we can simply change the amount of gold we have, there's not much use to changing anything here.
Next up is your treasury. I haven't played around much with that, mostly due to the huge number of items the game has.
Then comes a bit that shows what of the map you have explored, I think. Again, haven't done much with it.

A bit later you'll see your hero. Here things get interesting again.
lvl = Level
lead = Leadership
hlth = Health (not HP)
mag = Magic
exp = Experience Points
cl1/cl2 = Hero class 1 and 2 (in theory you can change your hero class with this, but that also affects a number of other things. I'd leave these alone.)
Then comes some more stuff like the hero name, the portrait, etc. Nothing overly interesting until we hit the Units part.

Now, the first unit will always be your hero.
UnitID determines the type of unit. I'll post a list after this post.
BattleX and BattleY determine the starting position of your unit.
Level is again the level.
Exp are again the experience points.
IsHero determines whether the current unit is a hero or a regular one. Best leave this one alone.
CurLife and CurMorale determine current HP and morale. Can be used to heal your unit if you absolutely have to.

SlotRank and SlotIndex determine the slot the unit is in. The important part here is that no units share the same slot and that none are in locked slots. Everything else doesn't matter (you can put dragons into your level 1 slots if you want to).

FCurLife is the amount of HP the unit has in the next battle. If you dream of immortal heroes/units, dream on - it's good for one fight only.

Next comes the upgrades you gain on level up. Five dots after the upgrades text comes the amount you have.
E.g. 5570677261646573010000000022 . The 22 means the unit in question has 34 upgrades. I'm not sure whether adding upgrades does anything as it seems to ignore the ones beyond the ones you can have at your current level. After that comes a list of upgrades with the IDs determining which one it is. A list of the updates will follow.

Next comes the medals. Again, first is the number of medals the unit earned, then the types. List is to follow.

After the heroes units, comes the list of spells. Again, the number is given in the fifth dot after the Spells text and again a list of IDs is to follow.

At another place in the save is your campaign status.
Interesting here are:
energy = Amount of astral energy. (Search for energypenalty to make your life easier - thanks to JohnTheRunningMan for the tip.)
arrbuils = Unlocked buildings.


Pottery making is a great way to begin crafting because it gives a nice amount of experience and it's fairly straightforward. Its main purpose is to help you with cooking, since the things you make with it are used to hold ingredients.

Getting Started

First, mine some Clay from the west Varrock mine, and buy a jug from any local General Store. Fill it with water from a sink or fountain, and use it with the clay to create some Soft Clay. Head to the Barbarian Village, and use the soft clay with a Pottery Wheel inside one of the houses. Now use the pottery with the Pottery Oven to bake it into a useable item.


Another good way to work on crafting is to make different kinds of armor from leather. If you have a few GP to spare, you can make a small profit from leather items.

Getting Started

Start by killing some Cows near Lumbridge, gathering their cow hides. You'll also need some money, including 10gp to cross the toll gate, if you haven't done the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Depending on your level (and what you want to make) Soft Leather costs 1gp, and Hard Leather costs 3gp each. You'll also need a Needle (1gp) and some Thread (1gp), which lasts 4 leather items.

After you have your cow hides, visit a Crafting Shop and buy a needle and thread. There is a shop in the eastern side of Al Kharid, and another in the southwest corner of Rimmington. You'll probably want to use the shop in Al Kharid since it's close to the cow pen, and there's a tanner nearby. Here are the locations of the crafting shops:

The Tanner can be found in the west part of Al Kharid, so speak to him and choose the type and number of leather you wish him to make from the graphical menu.

Now use your needle with the leather and choose the item you wish to craft.


  • Studded Leather - Can be worn on the free world, but can only be made in the Member's land. First craft either a Leather Body or some Chaps. Smith some studs from a steel bar, and then use those studs with the leather item.

Snakeskin Leather

If you're a Member, you'll have the ability to wear Snakeskin Armor, which is slightly stronger than regular leather.

Crafting this type of armor is just like making regular leather, and you'll need some Thread and a Needle. Head to the village of Tai Bwo Wannai, located on the island of Karamja and kill some Bush Snakes to obtain their snakeskins. They must then be tanned by a Tanner for 15gp each, and then you can craft them into armor.

Dragonhide Leather

Dragonhide Leather is available only to Members, but it is much stronger than regular Leather items. It's made from the hide of Dragons, and there are 4 different kinds of Dragonhide:

  • Green - Level 79 Green Dragons in level 38 Wilderness.
  • Blue - Level 111 Blue Dragons in the Hero's Guild and the Taverley Dungeon.
  • Red - Level 156 Red Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon and around level 42 Wilderness.
  • Black - Level 227 Black Dragons in the Taverley Dungeon and King Black Dragon Dungeon.

Making Dragonhide Leather items is much like making regular Leather. You first need to kill some Dragons of the color you need and pick up their Dragonhide. Once you have all of the hides you need, bring them back to the Tanner in Al Kharid so that he can make them into Dragonhide Leather. Then just use a Needle and Thread as you normally would to make an item.

Vambraces require 1 Dragonhide, Chaps require 2 pieces, and Bodies require 3.


After getting a bit more advanced at the art of crafting, it's about time to move onto jewelry. You can get a huge profit from crafting jewelry, and many of the things you can make give lots of experience.

For each kind of jewelry you make, you will need several things to get started with crafting it. Your local crafting shops in Al Kharid and Rimmington will have many of the tools you need to get going.


You'll need to smelt bars of either Silver or Gold in a furnace, depending on what you want to make. Silver Bars are used to make Holy Symbols and Unholy Symbols, while Gold is used to make Rings, Necklaces and Amulets.


After making your metal bars, use the bar with the furnace to smelt it and fill the mould.

Other Tools

A Chisel can be used to cut gems so that they can be placed in your jewelry.

To start making jewelry, use a bar of either silver or gold (depending on what you wish to make) with the furnace. A graphical screen will come up with choices of what you can make. Objects that you can craft will be colored in, while things you can't make will be gray.


After getting a little better at crafting you will have a chance to put gems in your jewelry, which enhances possible abilities and makes it more valuable, on top of giving more experience. You first need to cut the gem and have it in your inventory when you make jewelry. Then just select the kind of jewelry you want to craft. Gems can be sold to either the gem trader in Al Kharid or Falador.

Crushed Gems

Opals, Jades, and Red Topaz can become a Crushed Gemstone if you fail to cut them. You will still receive a small amount of experience. You can also crush them using a Hammer.


Rings can be enchanted by members to make them more powerful and add some interesting effects when used. Both regular and enchanted rings can be worn on your hand, and un-enchanted ones can be sold to the Jeweler in Port Sarim. Check the Magic guide for more info about Enchanting.

  • Ring of Slaying: Before you can craft this ring, you must purchase the knowledge to do so for 300 Slayer Points from any Slayer Master. This ring requires a Gold bar and an Enchanted Gem (purchased from a Slayer Master).


Necklaces generally have no purpose other than to look expensive, except for the Burthorpe Games Room Necklace and Necklace of Binding, explained in the Magic guide. They can also be sold to the Jeweller in Port Sarim.


Bracelets are similar to other jewelry in the way that they can be enchanted using a magic Enchant spell to give them special effects when worn. These can be equipped and are worn in the gloves spot. Please see the Enchantment section in the Magic guide for further information on the different effects of bracelets.


One of the most valuable items that you can craft are amulets. They give lots of experience, their value is greater, and they can be enchanted. Check the Magic guide for more info about Enchanting.

Silver Items

Silver items require a mould for the object, as well as a Silver Bar. Just use a Silver Bar with a Furnace while carrying the mould and you'll be able to choose what you wish to make from a list of items.

Holy Symbols

These necklaces are powerful icons, crafted to honor the God Saradomin. You'll need a Holy Symbol Mould to craft one. When it's blessed and equipped it will add +8 to your Prayer equipment bonus, resulting in a slower drain rate for your prayers.

Unholy Symbols

These items will give the same bonus to your prayer as a Holy Symbol, but they are Members-Only. To make one, you'll need an Unholy Mould which can be obtained from the Spirit of Scorpius in the graveyard north of the Observatory after completing the Observatory Quest.

Silver Sickles

These items are used in the Nature Spirit quest and are Members-Only. They require a Sickle Mould. For more info about blessing Holy and Unholy Symbols, check the Prayer Guide.


These items are used in Runecrafting and require a Tiara Mould. Just craft the Tiara as you would make any other Silver item, and then bring it to the Runecrafting Altar of your choice, along with the same type of Talisman. Then just use the Tiara on the Talisman to enchant it into that type of Talisman. You can now wear it and have access to that Temple! Check out the Runecrafting guide for more info.

Stringing Objects

There are several things you'll need to string before you can use them, including Amulets, Holy & Unholy Symbols, as well as bows.


To string Amulets and Symbols, buy a pair of Shears from your local General Store. Use these on a sheep to get wool, and then spin the wool on a Spinning Wheel to get a ball of wool. Spinning wheels can be found in Lumbridge Castle, the Barbarian Village, Falador and Seer's Village, to name a few places. Use the ball of wool with the Amulet or Symbol to string it.


To string a bow, you'll need to pick some Flax from around Camelot Castle and spin it on a Spinning Wheel to make a Bow String. This can then be used with an unstrung bow to make it into a useable bow.


To string a Crossbow, you must already have the Crossbow Limbs and Stock attached to each other. Now, cook some Bear Meat (or Beef) over a fire, and choose to make it into Sinew rather than regular, edible meat). Spin the Sinew on a Spinning Wheel, and then attach the Crossbow String to your Crossbow (u) to finish it.

Tree Roots

You are able to spin player-grown Magic Tree Roots into Magic Strings for use on a Nature Amulet. To do this, just chop down a Magic Tree and use a Spade on the stump. You will dig out the roots, which can be spun on a spinning wheel into Magic String which can be used to string Nature Amulets (used in Farming to check on your crops).


Players have the option of using a Loom to weave certain materials into items such as containers and clothing. There are two Looms available for use in RuneScape, including:

  1. Sarah's Farmhouse, located south of Falador.
  2. Elf Camp, located in the northwest corner of Tirannwn.

To use a Loom to weave an item, use one of the required materials on the Loom and select the item you wish to make.

PictureItemCrafting LevelCrafting ExperienceMaterials
Strip of Cloth10124 Balls of Wool
Empty Sack21384 Jute Fibres
Basket36566 Willow Branches
Seaweed Net52835 Flax, 1 Bronze Wire
  • Vegetable Sacks hold ten pieces of produce, while Fruit Baskets hold five.
  • Seaweed Nets are used to collect Seaweed. Each net can hold up to ten pieces of Seaweed. When a player picks up a piece of Seaweed up from the ground, it goes directly into the net. Players can also left-click the net to fill it up with Seaweed from their inventory.
  • The Strip of Cloth is used during the Regicide quest.

Milestone Capes

Milestone Capes are special capes which can be weaved on a Loom. these capes are purely cosmetic items, and do not offer any equipment bonuses or effects. There are nine different Milestone Capes available, and each cape becomes available to wear once a player reaches a certain level in all his or her skills. For example, to wear Milestone Cape (30), all of a player's skill levels must be at least 30. Players only need to have the required Crafting level to weave a Milestone Cape. The Player-Owned House cape rack can store one of each Milestone Cape.

PictureItemCrafting LevelCrafting ExperienceMaterials
Milestone Cape (10)10101 Ball of Wool
Milestone Cape (20)20202 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (30)30303 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (40)40404 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (50)50505 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (60)60606 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (70)70707 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (80)80808 Balls of Wool
Milestone Cape (90)90909 Balls of Wool


Members have the ability to make glass items from sand. It's a great way to build your experience, since everything you need to get started can be found on the island and you don't need to travel from place to place to find the things you need. But first we should make a quick shopping list.

Required Materials

  • Bucket of Sand - One bucket makes 1 glass item.
  • Glassblowing Pipe - This makes the object.
  • Seaweed - You need one seaweed per bucket of sand.

Making Glass

Firstly, just put all of your weapons and armor into the bank since you can't bring them to Entrana. Buy a bucket or 2 from the General store to hold your sand. If you don't want to wait for seaweed to wash up on the beach of Entrana, you can fish for some with a Big Net in Catherby. There is also a respawn on the northern side of the river that runs through Shilo Village.

  1. Go to Port Sarim and catch the boat to Entrana by talking to the monks.
  2. Get off the boat and go into the house to the north, across from the furnace. Inside will be a glassblowing pipe on top of the dresser. Grab it. Also notice the stove.
  3. If you need to, head over to the beach on the far north-west side of the island and pick up some seaweed.
  4. Go back to the house where you found the glass-blowing pipe and cook the seaweed over the range to get some soda ash.
  5. Fill your bucket of sand up from the sand pit located conveniently near the range and furnace. It's just south of the range and south-west of the furnace.
  6. Use the bucket of sand with the furnace to get some molten glass.
  7. Now use your glassblowing pipe with the glass to bring up a menu of things to make!

Tip: You can also buy up to 80 Seaweed per day from Arhein in Catherby for 2gp each. If you've completed Part 4 of Recipe for Disaster, you can also dive for Kelp in the area you discovered during the quest. This can be cooked on a range just like Seaweed to make Soda Ash.


  • Crafting Experience includes 20xp for melting Glass.
  • Lanterns are used to see into dark places and they are crafted like normal glass items. For info about lighting them, see the Firemaking guide.
  • A good way to get your sand is by completing the Hand in the Sand quest. This way you can get 84 buckets of sand directly in your bank daily. Furthermore, if you do the Lunar Diplomacy quest, you can use your magics to talk to Bert for easier access to the sand.
  • For more information about how to get seaweed to make your glass with see the Seaweed section of the Crafting Help Guide
  • Oil Lantern: make an Oil Lamp and then Smith an Oil Lantern Frame. Use it with the lamp to make a lantern.
  • Bullseye Lantern: make a Bullseye Lens and Smith a Bullseye Lantern. Use the Lens with the Lantern to complete it.


Battlestaffs are useful weapons in RuneScape because once equipped, it takes the place of an elemental Rune. If you enchant one, its power and attack will increase and it will become stronger.

Required Materials

  • A regular Battlestaff available from the Varrock Staff Shop or Yanille Magic Guild for 7,000gp.
  • A Glass Orb which is craftable.
  • Cosmic and Elemental Runes for casting the spell.
  • At least 54 Crafting and 56 Magic.

Once you've got everything together, you're about ready to start making a Battle Staff. Decide what kind you want, but remember that at level 56 you can only make a Battle Staff of Water. Take the staff and orb to the correct Obelisk and cast the charge spell on it, which will charge the orb.

Obelisk Locations

  • Air - In the Edgeville Dungeon, go into the Wilderness part and head north of the Black Demons until you see the demon, Chronozon.
  • Water - In the dungeon near Taverley, go right through, past the Blue Dragons, the Black Demons and Black Dragon. Head northwest and up the ladder.
  • Earth - In the Edgeville Dungeon, venture into the Wilderness part and go south past the Black Demons and climb up the ladder.
  • Fire - In the Taverley dungeon, just past the Black Dragons.

Once you've charged the orb for your Battle Staff, it's time to craft it onto the staff itself by using the orb with the staff. You can have it enchanted by Thormac the Sorcerer, provided you have already done the Scorpion Catcher Quest. To have him enchant it, you need to pay a nominal fee of just 40,000gp.

For maps and other info specific to making and enchanting Battle Staffs, see the Battle Staff guide.

Other Uses for Crafting

Besides crafting jewelry and making Battle Staffs, there are several other things that you are able to make with your Crafting Skill.

Coloured Capes

If you have a Cape of any color, you have the ability to dye it another color. Capes are occasionally dropped by Goblins and Highway Men. To dye a cape, you'll need to buy some Dye from Aggie in Draynor Village, and then use the Dye with the Cape to change the color. Prices for dyes include 5gp and:

  • Red - 3 sets of Red Berries
  • Yellow - 2 Onions
  • Blue - 2 Woad Leaves

You can also mix these basic color dyes into other colors, such as purple or green.


Snail Shell Helms, or Snelms, can be crafted by Members after they have finished the Priest in Peril Quest. Snails can be found in the Mort Myre Swamp, and once you kill one pick up its shell and use a Chisel with it. You need at least 15 Crafting to cut the shell, and you'll get 32.5xp for cutting each shell. For more info about Snelms, check out the Snail Shell Helm Guide.

Mort'ton Temple

During the Shades of Mort'ton Quest, Members need to rebuild the nearby temple using Limestone Bricks (among other materials). You can cut Limestone into Bricks by using a Chisel, and you'll receive 6xp. Limestone can be mined from the Limestone Mine northeast of Varrock, or bought in the Shop in Mort'ton. For repairing the temple, you'll get 5 Crafting experience each time you repair a part of it. Check out the Shades of Mort'ton Quest guide for more info.

Lunar Ceremonial Outfit

During the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, you'll be able to make the Lunar Ceremonial Outfit. Each piece requires one Suqah Hide, and you'll need level 61 crafting to make the full set.

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They can make new PvP and PvE armor for both leather and mail New to Patch , Leatherworkers can craft ilvl PvP and ilvl (Spell #): Permanently enchant your bracers to increase Contender's Leather Boots, 15x Exotic Leather, , +3 skill .. Us Leatherworkers need a mount!.

Crafting Guide

Guide Links
Gems and Jewellery
Spinning and Weaving
Glass and Pottery
Harmonium Harps
Player Owned Ports
Miscellaneous Items
Skill Boosts
Request Assistance
Crafting Cape

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Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up


Crafting is rumoured to be a slow, useless and boring skill, but once you get into it there's lots to do! You can make everything from pots for collecting flour to dragonhide armour for rangers. Crafting can be found all over the RuneScape world: the amulets people wear, the vials used in Herblore and the mystic staves used by magicians in battle. These items are all made by crafting. Please note that items shown shaded in light blue (in tables below) are free to play items.

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Leather Armour
Dragonhide Armours
Yak Hide Armour
Snake Skin Armour
Crab Armour
Polypore Armour
Batwing Armour
Imphide Armour
Spidersilk Armour
Sirenic Armour
Carapace Armour


You can get crafting exp from dyeing capes. You can get dyes from Aggie in Draynor Village. Go there and ask her about the colour you need. She will tell you what items are required and her fee. When you have the dye you need, use it on a black cape (get these from killing Highwaymen), or on a red cape which you can get from the clothes shop in Varrock. Members can also go to Ali the dyer in the north-east corner of Pollnivneach, or purchase ready-made dyes from Oronwen in Lletya.

Red2.5To make red dye, you will need 3 redberries. These can be collected south-east of Varrock: there is a bush that can be picked. These can also be grown using the Farming skill.
Yellow2.5To make yellow dye, you will need 2 onions. These can be found in a patch just west of the Rimmington mines, or behind Farmer Seth's house south of the Lumbridge mill. They can also be grown using the Farming skill.
Blue2.5To make blue dye, you will need 2 woad leaves. Woad leaves are available from Wyson the gardener, who can be found in the park north of the Eastern Falador Bank. If you offer him 20 gp for one, he will give you two for your generosity, otherwise you will have to pay 15 gp apiece. Woad leaves can also be grown using the Farming skill.
Pink2.5After completing The Hand in the Sand quest, pink dye can be bought from Betty in Port Sarim.
Orange2.5To make orange dye, simply use red dye with yellow dye.
Purple2.5To make purple dye, simply use red dye with blue dye. Members can also pick up purple dye from the spawn north- west of the Clock Tower in Ardougne.
Green2.5To make green dye, simply use blue dye with yellow dye.
Black2.5To make black mushroom ink use a black mushroom (found during The Golem quest) with a pestle and mortar while carrying an empty vial.
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Leather Armour

There are 2 types of leather: normal leather and hard leather. The normal leather is useful to get through the earlier levels of crafting. Hard leather can't be made into armour until a slightly higher level. To make leather you will need cowhides, which you can either buy or get by killing Cows. The best places to do this are either in Lumbridge or next to the Crafting guild. Once you have all the hides you want, go to a Tanner to have your hides made into pieces of leather. Tanners can be found in:

However, they will charge for their services:

  • Normal leather is free to get tanned (except in Canifis, where it costs 2 GP).
  • Hard leather costs 3 Gp (5 Gp in Canifis) per hide to be tanned.

Once you have your leather, go to a Crafting shop (in Rimmington, Burthorpe and Al-Kharid) to buy thread, or purchase from other players. Click on the leather and the crafting window will pop up. Click on the needle symbol and then select the item you wish to craft to make it. If you want to make studded leather you'll have to get steel studs and use them on the soft leather armour or chaps you have made.

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Dragonhide Armour

To make dragonhide armour, first you'll need to slay some dragons (or buy some hides). There are five different kinds of these; green, blue, red, black, and royal. The table below shows the primary monsters that drop these dragonhides. Click on the monster names to see their entries in our Bestiary for more information, especially different locations.

The normal chromatic dragons all drop one hide each when you kill them. Royal dragonhide is always received after killing the Queen Black Dragon, and is also obtainable as an uncommon drop from higher level grotworms. When you have the hides, go to a tanner (in Al-Kharid, Crafting Guild, Varrock, Range Guild, Burthorpe, and Canifis) and get them tanned into dragon leather. This will cost you 20gp per hide (Canifis costs more).

Once you have the dragon leather, go get your needle and thread. Just like normal leather crafting, use the needle or thread on the dragon leather and select what you want to make. If you do not need the armour and don't want to merchant it, using the high alchemy magic spell is a good way to recover the value of the dragonhides used. See the table below for details:

Check our Ranging Guide for more info on the armour including stats.

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Yak Hide Armour

To make Yak-hide armour, you'll need to kill some yaks found at Neitiznot on the Fremennik Isles. When you have the hides, take them to Thakkrad Sigmundson near Neitiznot's Burgher and choose the option 'craft-goods' by right-clicking him. It will cost you 5gp per hide cured. When you have your cured yak-hides, click on them to access the crafting interface.

Check our Ranging Guide for more info on the armour including stats.

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Snake Skin Armour

Snakeskin ranging armour looks like camouflage, but otherwise isn't remarkable (level 30 to wear, and requires a large number of snakeskins to be made). However, the boots offer players an affordable alternative to Ranging boots obtainable from Treasure Trails.

Snakeskins are obtained by killing bush snakes in the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up minigame, by killing snakes on Mos' Le Harmless island, or by skinning swamp snake corpses in the Temple Trekking minigame. To make the new snakeskin armour, the snakeskins must be tanned in Al Kharid, the Crafting Guild, the Ranged Guild, Burthorpe or in Canifis. The cost is normally 15 gp each (Canifis 25 gp), but the giant Temple Trekking snakeskins cost a bit more (20-30gp).

Please refer to our Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up Guide or our Ranged Guide for more info on the armour including stats.

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Crab Armour

To get fresh crab shells and claws you must have begun the Pirate Pete section of the Recipe for Disaster quest, and thereby gained access to the underwater Mogre cave. Once you've had Murphy make your helmet, he will provide you with equipment every time you dive. After gaining access to the fenced crab area the first time, you only need to pick up 5 rocks to get weighted down enough to enter (the other quest steps with Nung are not required). The crabs in the pen drop fresh crab shells and fresh crab claws. Level 15 crafters can use a chisel on these to make crab helmets and crab claws (worn in the gloves slot). Armour stat effects are listed in the Combat Guide. Crafting these earns 32.5 xp, but it is possible to ruin them and earn no xp.

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Polypore Armour

Polypore armour is a type of mage armour created by sewing flakes onto mycelium webs. The webs are sold at the Polypore Dungeon Supplies shop as visors, leggings, and ponchos. You may slay the monsters in the Polypore Dungeon for the flakes, or purchase them from other players. There are three types of flakes: fungal, grifolic, and ganodermic. These can be removed by cleaning the armour; however, doing so will only return half of the remaining flakes (rounded down). The armour degrades over time, and can be recharged by sewing on more flakes.

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Batwing Armour

Batwing armour is a mage armour made from batwing, and unlike other kinds of animal hide armour, you do not need to tan these in order to create the armour. You can collect batwing from most types of bats, although it is not a 100% drop.

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Imphide Armour

Imphide armour is a mage armour made from imphide, and unlike other kinds of animal hide armour, you do not need to tan them in order to create the armour. You can collect imphide from Imps.

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Spider Silk Armour

Spider Silk armour is a mage armour made from spider silk, and unlike other kinds of animal hide armour, you do not need to tan them in order to create the armour. You can collect spider silk from most spiders.

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Sirenic Armour

Sirenic armour is a range armour made from sirenic scales, you do not need to tan them in order to create the armour. You can collect sirenic scales by killing high level slayer monsters.

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Carapace Armour

Carapace armour is a range armour made from carapace, and unlike other kinds of animal hide armour, you do not need to tan them in order to create the armour. You can collect carapace from most cockroaches, found in the Stronghold of Player Safety.

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Gems and Jewellery

Gold Jewellery
Shilo Village Gems
Dwarven Army Axe

Gold Jewellery

There are four types of items you can craft with gold to make jewellery:

  • Rings - which members can enchant with magic to give them special powers.
  • Necklaces - which can be worn around your neck. Members can even enchant some of them!
  • Bracelets - which members can enchant for special powers and wear in the gloves spot.
  • Amulets - which can also be enchanted for special powers.

These items can be made from gold alone, but a gem is usually included (and the gold-only items cannot be enchanted). Gems can be obtained from rocks or as monster drops. Check our Mining guide for more information. Use a chisel (buyable from General Stores) on your gem to receive a cut gem that's ready for use in jewellery. Then get some gold bars and you're all set to make jewellery!

Go to the crafting shop in Rimmington or Al-Kharid and buy a 'mould'. If you're going to make a ring, you'll need to buy a ring mould, if it's a necklace, buy a necklace mould and so on. You can also get the moulds from the Grand exchange (obviously), and in the Crafting Guild if you have a crafting level of 40 crafting or higher. Once you have the mould you want, go to the furnace and use your gold bar on it. A menu will come up with the different items you can choose to make. You can also use the Pyrelord familiar, with the use of it's scroll it can be used to craft jewellery instead of a furnace!

Note: You can also craft gold jewellery without gems in them, however, this will gain very little experience and the regular gold jewellery are decorative only. Crafting silver would be a better alternative if you don't wish to use gems.

  • The members only Dragonstone gem is obtainable from (amongst other places) creature drops, and the Crystal chest in Taverley. This chest is located in the house south of the main road (south of the witch's house). To open this chest you must have the Crystal key. This key is combined from the 'teeth half' and the 'loop half' keys, which are both rare drops from many monsters. You can also obtain Dragonstones as rare drops from monsters, see our Bestiary for more info.
  • The members only Onyx gem is obtained by collecting 2,700,000 Tokkul and buying it in the Tzhaar Gem and Ore shop, or rarely during the Fight Cauldron mini-game.
  • The members only Hydrix gem is obtained by combining an incomplete hydrix with a cut onyx gem. The incomplete hydrix is obtained from the Soul Reaper activity.
  • If desired, members can use a chisel on a cut gem to make bolt tips, earning a small amount of fletching xp. These tips can then be attached to crossbow bolts using the Fletching skill. If you use a chisel on a cut dragonstone or onyx, a warning message will pop up to ask if you're sure.
  • Members who have 75 crafting and have been taught the ability for 300 slayer points can craft a slayer ring out of a gold bar and an enchanted gem (the one that you can buy from slayer masters). This grants 15 xp and the ring can be used to teleport to four slayer locations. The ring has eight charges. Visit our Slayer Guide to learn more.

You can enchant jewellery to give it special powers. Note that amulets need to be 'strung' with a ball of wool before they can be enchanted or wielded. Refer to our Magic Guide for more information on the levels and rune requirements for the relevant spells. To enchant jewellery, click on the spell and then on the item you wish to enchant. Note jewellery of different types of jewellery have different spells: level 1 jewellery for sapphires, level 2 for emeralds, etcetera.

Sapphire ringRing of recoil7Casts 10% of the damage done on the wearer back on the attacker. Used up after 400 damage is casted back.
Emerald ringRing of duelling27Teleports you to the Duelling Arena, Castle Wars, Mobilizing Armies, and Fist of Guthix. 8 uses per enchant.
Ruby ringRing of forging49100% success rate when smelting iron ores. 140 uses.
Diamond ringRing of life57If the wearer falls below 10% in life points, you're automatically teleported back to your respawn spot. Won't protect wearer if enemy can hit more than 10% of life points! 1 use.
Dragonstone ringRing of wealth68Improves monster drops and rewards from various minigames. See here for more details. It can be charged - a charged ring of wealth allows you to teleport to Miscellania and the Grand Exchange.
Onyx ringRing of stone87Turns the wearer into a rock that resembles a mineable rock with no ore in it. This item is purely cosmetic. It does not protect you from any damage, and you are still visible on the minimap.
Hydrix ringRing of death87Has a 2.5% chance of giving the wearer 2.5% of their killed target's lifepoints. After 10 hours of use it degrades to nothing.
Sapphire necklaceGames necklace7Teleports you to the Troll Invasion D&D, outside the Barbarian Assault minigame, the Corporeal Beast lair or the Gamers' Grotto. 8 uses.
Emerald necklaceBinding necklace27Allows you a 100% success rate when combining runes. 15 uses.
Ruby necklaceDigsite pendant49Teleports you to the north side of the dig site. 5 uses. The knowledge to enchant this is gained during the Varrock Museum minigame.
Diamond necklacePhoenix necklace57Restores your LP by 30% of its maximum when you fall under 20% of your maximum LP. 1 use.
Dragonstone necklaceSkills necklace68Teleports you to the Cooking Guild, Crafting Guild, Fishing Guild, or Mining Guild and increases the chance of getting caskets while big net fishing.
Onyx necklaceBerserker necklace87+3 Prayer Bonus, +3.9% Melee Crit
Hydrix necklaceReaper necklace87Critical hits give a 1% bonus to attack, ranged and magic for 10 seconds up to a maximum of 3 buffs at once. After 10 hours of use it degrades to nothing.
Sapphire braceletBracelet of clay7Clay mined while wearing will be soft clay instead of regular clay. 28 uses, or more when used with Varrock Armour.
Emerald braceletCastle wars bracelet27Increases damage done to an enemy with your team's flag by 20%. Increases bandages' healing by 50%. 3 uses
Ruby braceletInoculation brace49Protects against damage taken from disease. Breaks after 500 damage is prevented.
Diamond braceletForinthry bracelet57Prevents becoming skulled when entering the abyss. 5 uses (one charge used as you enter abyss). If skulled while entering abyss, prevents time until un-skulled from being reset (uses no charges). Also makes Revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon non-aggressive for an hour and gives you temporary immunity from them.
Dragon braceletCombat bracelet68Teleports you to the Warriors Guild, Champions Guild, Ranging Guild, or the Monastery. Also updates Slayer total every tenth kill while wearing.
Onyx braceletRegen bracelet87Doubles LP Gain when restoring LP naturally.
Hydrix braceletDeathtouch bracelet87Has a chance of reflecting between 25-50% of damage taken back onto the opponent. After 10 hours of use it degrades to nothing.
Sapphire amuletAmulet of magic7+3.2% Magic Crit
Emerald amuletAmulet of defence27+2.6% Melee Crit, +2.6% Ranged Crit, +2.6% Magic Crit
Emerald amuletAmulet of nature27Made by stringing an emerald amulet with a spun magic root. Can be bound to a farming patch to notify if a patch has become diseased or fully grown.
Ruby amuletAmulet of strength49+3.2% Melee Crit
Diamond amuletAmulet of power57+1 Prayer Bonus, +3.0% Melee Crit, +3.0% Ranged Crit, +3.0% Magic Crit
Dragonstone amuletAmulet of glory68+2 Prayer Bonus, +3.9% Melee Crit, +3.9% Ranged Crit, +3.9% Magic Crit
Onyx amuletAmulet of fury87+3 Prayer Bonus, +4.2% Melee Crit, +4.2% Ranged Crit, +4.2% Magic Crit
Hydrix amuletAmulet of souls87Has a chance of causing Soul Split to heal 25-50% more. After 10 hours of use it degrades to nothing.
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Shilo Gems (Members only)

To get the Shilo gems you must have completed the Shilo Village quest, and thereby gain access to Shilo Village. Gem rocks can be found in the north-west corner of Shilo village. There you'll be able to mine all the normal gems (sapphire through diamond), and three special Shilo Village gems. Additional gem rocks are available in the underground mine on Lunar Isle (see Lunar Diplomacy quest guide.) These gems can also be obtained from H.A.M. members.

Cut them with a chisel for crafting experience (see table below). Unlike regular gems, these gems will sometimes shatter when cut. The result is a crushed gemstone (you still receive a few XP if it crushes). All successfully cut gems can optionally be cut again to make bolt tips for a small amount of Fletching xp. These tips can then be attached to crossbow bolts using the Fletching skill.

*These gems can also be mined in the Lunar Isle Mines

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Silver is considered to be very fast experience, and therefore silver ores and bars are valuable. Moulds are required to craft silver. Most moulds (holy, sickle, tiara, and bolt) can be purchased at Dommik's crafting shop in Al Kharid or Rommik's crafting shop in Rimmington. Some also spawn in the Crafting Guild.

You can make several different items from silver, some related to quests. Only holy symbols and tiaras (for runecrafting or just looks) are F2P. Members can also make unholy symbols (Observatory quest); sickles (Nature Spirit quest), bolts (for Fletching), lightning rods (Creature of Fenkenstrain quest), demonic sigils (Shadow of the Storm quest), or silvthrill rods (In Aid of the Myreque quest).

To get the mould for the unholy symbol, just complete the Observatory quest and talk with the Spirit of Scorpius north of the Observatory at the little graveyard. You can also get the mould as a drop from Chaos Druids and Chaos Druid Warriors. You will need to string symbols with balls of wool to wear or enchant them. The process goes like this:

  • Mine your Silver Ore.
  • Smelt it in a furnace to receive a Silver Bar (earns smithing experience).
  • Use your bar with the furnace, while holding your mould in your inventory, to make your item.
  • If you made a symbol, you might want to string it (use a ball of wool on it).

* Silvthrill rod requires a mithril bar and cut sapphire in addition to a silver bar.

You can get your strung symbols blessed so that they give you bonuses shown in the table below. To bless the holy symbols, you'll need to go to a monk of Saradomin - Brother Jered who is located upstairs in the Monastery (you need level 31 prayer to enter). Ask him what a young adventurer like you can do to help himself. For the Unholy Symbol of Zamorak, you have to ask the Spirit of Scorpius. He is located in the little graveyard north of the observatory. Tell him you have come to seek his blessing, and he will bless your unholy symbol. Other enchantment instructions are listed in the table below.

Alternatively, players with level 50 Prayer can use 'Prayer Books' to bless symbols. Guthix and Saradomin Prayer books can enchant Holy Symbols. Guthix and Zamorak Prayer books can enchant Unholy Symbols. See our Prayer guide for more info on these books.

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Dwarven Army Axe (Members only)

The Dwarven army axe serves as a chisel, a needle, and a host of other tools. It also grants a player access to a new item - the Lapis lazuli brooch. To obtain this brooch, a player must use the Dwarven army axe to chop down normal trees until they receive a Wooden knot, and to mine copper or tin ore until they find an Uncut lapis lazuli. Use a chisel or the Dwarven army axe on both the uncut gem and the knot, and then combine the Lapis lazuli gem with the Unfinished wooden brooch to create a Lapis lazuli brooch. Combining these two items grants 30 Crafting experience.

Lapis lazuli gem20Use a chisel or the Dwarven army axe on the Uncut lapis lazuli to obtain a Lapis lazuli gem.
Unfinished wooden brooch20Use a chisel or the Dwarven army axe on the Wooden knot to obtain an Unfinished wooden brooch.
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Spinning and Weaving



Wool is the only F2P spinning item. You will notice the 'spinning wheel' icon on the world map. These are locations where you can use a spinning wheel. Locations include: Barbarian Village (F2P), Crafting Guild (F2P), Falador (F2P), Gnome Stronghold, Lletya, Lumbridge Castle (F2P), Neitiznot, Rellekka, Seers' Village, Sophanem, and Witchaven. This table shows the items you can spin.

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Weaving is a useful part of the Crafting skill. Cloth, sacks, baskets and seaweed nets can be woven. (Be aware that woven cloth cannot be used for Construction.) Looms can be found in the Farm house south of Falador (north-west of Draynor). Another loom can be found in the Elven camp in the north-west area of Tirannwn; this camp is also known as Lord Iowerth's camp.

Base materials for weaving may be balls of wool (see the Spinning section of this guide), jute fibres, willow branches, or flax. Jute fibres are farmed in hops patches, willow branches are trimmed (using secateurs) from farmed willow trees (both using the Farming skill), and flax is picked from a flax field. Note that bronze wire (level 4 smithing) is required to complete the seaweed net.

Mists of Pandaria: Leatherworking Overview

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Treasures, formerly known as Treasure Chests, are Tool items that can be purchased from the Store, received as an item drop, or obtained by successfully unlocking a charm. They were originally introduced with the opening of the Store on May 31st, 2012. Treasures are modelled after a theme, be it a specific hero, or an event. When opened, the player will be rewarded with one of the items listed in the chest's description. Some treasures may drop multiple items.

Treasure System[edit]

  • Treasures have a Standard drop list and a Very rare drop list.
  • Many treasures also have an Extremely rare drop, which is usually a Courier with Unusual particle effects. These drops occur at approximately 1-2% chance.
  • You are guaranteed not to get duplicates of items in the Standard drop list - items that have been unboxed before will not drop again until all items in the list have been dropped once.
  • Item rarity still affects the drop chance - this means that rare items may not drop until the common items have been unboxed.
  • Items unboxed from treasures are not tradable or marketable for 1 week, but may be gifted to a friend. Extremely rare items are not subject to this restriction.


  • When first released, Treasures were known as Treasure Chests. These had a chance of dropping after a game.
  • Chests had to be unlocked by purchasing a Treasure Key from the Store. Some themed chests required a special themed key to open.
  • On April 29th 2014, Valve released the first chest that could be purchased directly from the store and did not require a key to open.
  • On June 6th 2014, all chests requiring special keys were tagged as Expired and removed. Those keys were converted into unlocked chests.
  • On August 14th 2014, as part of the final stages of moving to a keyless economy, all remaining chests were tagged as Expired and removed. Players could redeem keys to get active unlocked treasure.

As of the October 30, 2014 Patch, many treasures were removed from the store but also added to the drop list.

Treasure of the Venerable One
Treasure of the Emerald Revival
Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2017
Dotakin Emoticon Treasure
Immortal Treasure III 2017
Golden Immortal Treasure Chest 2017
Immortal Treasure II 2017
The International 2017 Collector's Cache
Rarities of the Benefactor 2017
Trust of the Benefactor 2017
Treasure of the Glacial Abyss
Pre-Purchase Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World
Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World
Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2016
Trust of the Benefactor 2016
Immortal Treasure III 2016
Immortal Treasure II 2016
The International 2016 Collector's Cache
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This is the regular Crafting guide, the guide for ironman / hardcore ironman players can be found here.

Crafting enables players to produce items such as jewellery and armours. Crafting is often hated when it comes to training as it is one of the more click intensive skills. However, this guide will show you the most efficient ways to get 99 crafting.

Where to Craft

You can start crafting at South Neitiznot.

Once you are there, a NPC named Rommik will be the one selling all the materials necessary for the process.

What can be Crafted

Jewellery and Gems

The process of cutting gems is by far the best way to train up Crafting. To do so, all you need to do is buy a chisel from Rommik and use it with uncut gems. With these gems you can make 3 types of Jewellery. These are:

To make each type of Jewellery you need to bring the type of mould for the Jewellery you are making, a gold bar, and a cut gem of your choice (The gem is not required for the ordinary gold items) to a furnace, then use the gold bar on the furnace and make the item you are after.

You can also cut the gems again into bolt tips which offer even more Crafting experience.

Gold Jewellery


Item Name Level required Experience gained
Cutting Opal 1 300
Opal Bolt Tips 11 500


Item Name Level required Experience gained
Cutting Jade 13 500
Jade Bolt Tips 26 1,000

Red Topaz

Item Name Level required Experience gained
Cutting Red Topaz 16 625
Topaz Bolt Tips 48 2,000

Sapphire Jewellery

Emerald Jewellery

Ruby Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Dragonstone Jewellery

Onyx Jewellery

Ring of Slaying

You need to learn how to make a ring before you are able to do this, more can be found here.

The items listed on the table below are the items you need to use on the furnace to create the Ring of Slaying.

Enchanted Gem Gold Bar Ring Mould

Silver Items

Silver items work similar to gold items as all you need to do to craft these is bring a Silver Bar and the mould you require to a furnace, and then choose the item you need to make.

Item Name Level required Experience gained
Silver Sickle 18 750
Tiara 23 795

Leather Armour

To Craft leather armour you will need to buy the following items:

  • Hide of your choice
  • Needle
  • Thread

And then you will want to talk to Tanner, who is located near the Geyser. Select the type of leather that you need tanned, and then use your needle on that leather.


  • The only difference between the two Snakeskins is the price, so choose the cheaper option.

Cow Hide


Green Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Experience gained Hides required
Green D'hide Vambraces 57 930 1
Green D'hide Chaps 60 1,860 2
Green D'hide Body 63 2,790 3

Blue Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Experience gained Hides required
Blue D'hide Vambraces 66 1,050 1
Blue D'hide Chaps 68 2,100 2
Blue D'hide Body 71 3,150 3

Red Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Experience gained Hides required
Red D'hide Vambraces 73 1,170 1
Red D'hide Chaps 75 2,340 2
Red D'hide Body 77 3,510 3

Black Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Experience gained Hides required
Black D'hide Vambraces 79 1,290 1
Black D'hide Chaps 82 2,580 2
Black D'hide Body 84 3,870 3

1-99 Walkthrough


For levels 1-20 there are two ways to train crafting:

  • You can just be making soft leather equipment.
  • You can craft the uncut jades/opals/topaz you get from the gem thieving stall at ::ge.

The best method is to cut uncut opals from the thieving stall and then cut those gems into bolt tips.


For levels 20-99, the best method is to cut uncut gems, and then cut those gems into bolt tips.

Although cutting Onyx's and then turning them into bolts tips would be the best experience, they are simply too rare, that obtaining enough of them to train with would be almost impossible.

In order to get 200 million experience in crafting, you would need to cut around 47,184 Dragonstones and turn them into bolt tips from level 99.

Useful Items and Boosts

Picture Item/Boost Effect How to Obtain
Knowledge Effect All experience gained will be increased by:
  • 75% for 10 minutes for normal donators
  • 100% for 20 minutes for super donators
  • 110% for 40 minutes for extreme donators
Go to the Donator Zone, in the building to the west of the bank and click on the Defence Totem (Knowledge effect).
Bonus Experience All experience gained will be multiplied by 3 until the bonus experience runs out.
  • Logging in every day grants 200k Bonus Exp.
  • Every 10th vote streak rewards you with 500k Bonus Exp.
  • Purchase 1m Bonus Exp for 5k premium points.
N/A Monthly Bonus All experience gained is multiplied by 1.25 Play during the 1st to the 5th of every month.

The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99 in Crafting, you can talk to the Wise Old Man at home to obtain the Skill cape. He is located at home, in the building north of the bank.

The skillcape costs 30 million coins and comes with a matching hood. Both the Crafting cape and hood give +9 bonus to all defense stats.

If you reach 200m experience in the Crafting skill you will also unlock the ability to buy the Master Crafting Cape. It is exactly the same as the normal Skill cape. However, you can adjust the trim colour to whatever you like. This master skillcape costs 80 million coins.

how many snake skins are needed in order to craft 44 boots 29 vambraces

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It[Pg xi] is perhaps necessary to caution the student of brasses against many existing twentieth century boots, and vambraces covering parts of his coudières. . We will take the different weapons in the order of their importance, premising that .. helmet to the neck-guard, and[Pg 29] the upper portion spreading like a fan.

how many snake skins are needed in order to craft 44 boots 29 vambraces
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