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How to change oil correct craft martinique
June 19, 2019 Carefree Crafting 5 comments

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    Posted: September-02-2013 at 12:30pm
I only put approx 40 hours on my 98 GT 40 SN engine this summer. It has been sitting for the past month and the oil looks clean -not black at all. Should I change it?
The lake is very low and i have joined at a private club hence not using my boat.
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I use synthetic for 2 years. Whats wrong with 40 hours on oil? You should've seen my relatives boat. 5+ years on the oil, pitch black. Changed this spring with Mobil-1 10w-30...
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Keuka Lake,
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If it were me I'd change it too. I'm pretty sure hours is only half the indicator for an oil change. The other half is time. I would recommend changing your oil once a year at the bare minimum.
'92 Correctcraft Ski Nautique
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Don, your profile doesn't say where you are located (unless I missed it), but it sounds like your boating season is coming to an end for the year (i.e. you're not planning to take the boat out a few more times). Anyway, if it were my boat, I would change the oil and filter to remove any corrosive used oil.

Read this thread.

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I don't see a need to change it if you are going to start using it again. But if winterizing, yes change it.
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If you're gonna use it more this summer, I would just wait. I'd rather have fresh oil in before you winterize. You've got 10 more hours to ski on it!
'02 Ski Nautique 196 w/ 5.7 Apex bowtie - Sold
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I already changed the oil so there's no arguement here, but I do have some questions for future years.

I only use my 1970 for about 6 days a year, and it MAYBE get's about 6hrs of use on it. I'd say it more likely will get about 4hrs of use on the engine.

Should I really be changing engine oil on just 4 hrs of use? ***************er takes 7 quarts.
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turningpoint84 wrote:

I already changed the oil so there's no arguement here, but I do have some questions for future years.

I only use my 1970 for about 6 days a year, and it MAYBE get's about 6hrs of use on it. I'd say it more likely will get about 4hrs of use on the engine.

Should I really be changing engine oil on just 4 hrs of use? ***************er takes 7 quarts.

So here is my take, your 1970 is a classic, you only use it 4 to 6 hours a year so you probably baby it, keep it all shined up and probably want to keep it in good shape. I would factor in the annual oil change as just part of the cost and effort to keep your boat in good running order. Yeah, you could probably go two years (or 12 hours) on one oil change, but it is pretty well documented that used oil becomes acidic and eats at the internal engine parts. Andy (Waterdog) by the way is an oil analysis expert, its what he does for a living, so he has VERY high credibility in my book. So I would say factor in the oil change (time and dollars) as part of the expense of owning your 1970. At the end of the day its at most $50 in parts and 2 hours of time. Pretty cheap insurance IMHO...
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BTW, we don't even put that much time on Dad's '63 anymore and I still change the oil at the end of the year. Best chainsaw bar oil I ever get is the waste oil from Dads boat!   
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Season is done, I am in drought stricken Ca. the ski course has all but dried up. I have joined a private lake and been skiing on a 00 SN.   I will plan to change it. This boat is a mint 98 Ski with 240 hours. Next year due to being in the club I will likely only put 10 hours on my boat and have it for a life time!
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We had a big thread a while back on which was best practice. The reason for the change is the by products of combustion mixed with oil will make it slightly acidic. The only thing this will damage is the soft faces of the bearing surface.

I deviate from standards and usually don't change it in the fall. My oil change comes at odd times and I usually only have 25 or 30 hours on the 2nd or 3rd oil change of the season depending on usage. Looks like this year I will probably be right at the 50 mark so I will probably change it during winterization.

If I only did one oil change per season I would just go ahead and do it in the fall.
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This may be a valid time to compare conventional oil to synthetic. Has anyone drained old (time wise) c oil out in comparison to syn?
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synthetic lasts so much longer. I have driven 10k miles on synthetic, still had lubrication to it. Our 2007 Suburban is almost to 8k on mobil 1 and the oil life is about 5%, right on par. Synthetic doesnt break down like conventional, also, they put extra low numbers for oil changes so you buy more oil! More oil = more money. I am very comfortable going 2 years on synthetic...

Plus, its like $32 at advacned all the time with good filters...
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Keuka Lake,
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Just wanted to point out that option, thanks for confirming
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I just laid up my Tique for the winter this last weekend. With the new job and very little available vacation, I didn't use it much this summer. My wife was up for the summer but said she maybe only put 5 hours on so I did not change the oil. It looked great and did not have any burnt smell.
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I don't believe the acidity of the oil is much of a concern unless you have really used the oil to the end of its limits IE. 50+ hours.
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For thousands of years men have felt the irresistible urge to go to sea, and many of them died. Things got better after they invented boats.
1987 Ski Nautique

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Don't know if it is "recommended"???   

I have been running waste oil as bar oil for over 20 years in my Stihl, no issues, never have had to replace any bar or chain related parts. However, maybe that's why the inside of my case is always full of oil...
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50 hours is a lot for oil??? Where on earth did you get that??? Cant imagine how many hours it takes to put 3k miles on oil, let alone 8k miles...

You guys really should have seen the oil out of my relative 89 CC. Pitchest black oil I've ever seen. Extremely chalky feeling to it. And even after putting 1 hour on the new Mobil 1 10W-30, the synthetic is already very dark, might have to give it yet another oil change...
Current Boats:

1992 Supra Comp-TS6M PCM 351w HO Pro Boss Pro-Tec Ignition - Full Composite (no wood stingers!)

1989 (3rd Gen) Correct Craft Martinique B/R PCM 351w Power Plus

1984 E-Scow

Keuka Lake,
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89Martinique wrote:

50 hours is a lot for oil??? Where on earth did you get that??? Cant imagine how many hours it takes to put 3k miles on oil, let alone 8k miles...

I think almost every Correct Craft manual I have looked at says oil change interval is 50 hours, even in 1963 on my Dad's Ski Nautique.

Engine load on a boat is very different then in a car.
Dan in CT

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I have always been told that oil needs to be changed due to condensation in the engine/pan. I have a Dodge with an oil pan that is being held together with POR 15. Dan
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This product is a oil replacement tool to replace brake fluid/oil in main pump or sub pump of cars,
which usually requires two people to work together: one person steps on the brake and another person collects the waste oil.
It is a time-consuming and exhausting process. Besides, if two people did not coordinate well,
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With the help of our tool, one person can finish the replacing work without dirty oil stained on the floor.

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4.Suitable for cars, trucks and engineering vehicle.(A small number of the model can be slow to draw the emptying screws)

MaterialMetal + plastic
Product tube length80CM
Product work pressure8 kg(appr.)
Product capacityNearly half a liter
Size15 x 6cm /5.91" x  2.36"(appr.)

How to use:
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The little boat mostly needs a lot of TLC, replace old original rotted. Correct Craft Martinique 18, Chris Craft Commander 27 . When I removed the oil filter adapter from the block, I noticed a LOT of red RTV on all.

$10,895.00   3 months ago

1997 sport Nautique air nautique correct craft - $10895 (La grange)

1997 sport Nautique only 510 hours includes tower, Bimini, board racks, speakers. This is the one of the most coveted wakeboard hulls made. Great clean and smaller wake to teach kids to ski and wakeboard, as you add weight this wake gets large and clean.This boat starts right up and runs strong with only 510 hours. These boats were used by ski schools around the country and were know to have 5000

3 months ago

Modesto, CA


$9,000.00   3 months ago

Correct Craft Sport Nautique Open Bow - $9000 (Cedar Falls)

1992 Sport Nautique Inboard Ski/Wakeboard boat with open bow, custom trailer with brand new tires. Boat is in very good condition and runs like a brand new boat. Open bow, 285 HP, 460 engine hours. Engine completely rebuilt at 390 hours. Hull in excellent condition (9/10)with no chips or major scratches...just minor fading of gel coat... but no issues. Interior is nice (7.5/10), with some minor we

3 months ago

Waterloo, IA


$36,500.00   3 months ago

2005 Correct Craft Air Nautique SV211 - $36500

2005 Air Nautique SV211. Boat is in EXCELLENT condition and has a new factory engine installed by the local dealer. Boat only has 259 hours. New GM engine has approx. 30 hours - Excalibur 330 by PCM. Tandem axle trailer (new boards and carpet) with good tires. Custom fit Nautique trailerable cover (black). Awesome sound system - Clarion Bluetooth stereo, Kicker Amps/Polk Sub and spea

3 months ago

Tuscaloosa, AL


$7,000.00   3 months ago

1993 correct craft ski nautique - $7000

1993 ski nautique. 19 feet in length. Closed bow. 677 hours. Sits on a ski nautique trailer with good tires and all the lights work. Powered by a 5.8 liter pcm engine. Recent oil change. New plugs, new bilge pump, impeller and gaskets. New circulation pump gaskets. Carb was just rebuilt. New battery, new Bluetooth radio with 2 new speakers. Muffler was just refiberglassed. Needs a ne

3 months ago

Birmingham, AL


$3,995.00   3 months ago

1969 Correct Craft Mustang - $3995 (Atlanta, Indiana)

16' two tone blue/white, Chrysler Marine 210 h.p., low hour engine,775 total hours,excellent interior,Sunbrella top,swim platform,with trailer and cover,must sell,Call or

3 months ago

Indianapolis, IN


$4,000.00   3 months ago

1987 Correct Craft Martinique - $4000 (Battle Ground)

We’re upgrading to a Tritoon, so this boat has to go. The boat has 830hrs on it. Maintenance has been completed every year. We just spent the last three days on Lake Monroe and the boat ran great.- ford 351 (5.8L) 240hp- will include fly high ski pole for full price- new spare prop- rebuilt carb last summer - bemini top- trailer has new tires, led lights and brakes- new spare tire as well- front

3 months ago

Tippecanoe, IN


$3,000.00   3 months ago

1978 correct craft ski tique - $3000

Fast boat!! Ford 302 4 barrel Holley! New 12 by 9 Christ high performance propeller! Reverse not working properly 1:1 transmission I was told is easy to work on. Has minimal parts I just have no time runs and drives just fine without. Trailer has very good tires one side has new wheel bearing will prolly replace other side. Test drive is no problem I’m motivated to sell make offer! 3000 ob

3 months ago

Rocky Mountains, CO


$42,995.00   3 months ago

2006 Correct Craft Super Air 210

2006 Craft Super Air 210 SALE PENDING 2006   SUPER AIR 210 VS Marine located in Atascadero, California. Selling New and used wakeboard Boats, Wake surf Boats, water ski Boats, Tow Boats and Pontoon Boats daily across the United States. Including Malibu Boats, AXIS Boats, Bennington Pontoon Boats Tige, Calabria, Bayliner, Four Winns, Sweetwarer, Aqua Patio Pontoon Boats, S

3 months ago

Santa Maria, CA


$8,500.00   3 months ago

(restored) 1980 correct craft martinique - $8500

1980 martinique boat was restored by myself over the last year some finishing touches needed all structural ribbing and flooring is all new with marine grade ply west sytem and new glass along with stringers new interior and carpet fresh 1/1 velvet drive trans and rebuild 351w .060 overbore all edlebrock top end pistons from total seal molley rings decked line was checked all bearing

3 months ago

Worcester, MA


$8,500.00   3 months ago

PRICE REDUCED! *1984 Correct Craft * - $8500 (Pelican Marina)

**1984 ** --LOW HOURS! only 479 hours, very low for its age. Boat still looks and runs "like new"1984 Trailer with spare tire and carrier. All original and in very good condition. We are selling this boat for a retired tournament skier that can no longer use the boat. Includes:Fenders (boat bumpers)Life jacketsropesSki mirrorBoat coverExtra prop (new 13 x 13 OJ in kit with prop puller

3 months ago

Klamath Falls, OR


$12,000.00   3 months ago

1990 correct craft Ski Nautique - $12000 (Paso Robles)

I am selling my Closed Bow Ski Nautique. The only reason I am selling it is our family has out grown the boat. I have already found the replacmemt open bow boat. This boat is the joy to drive on the water as it is clean, fast, quite, and smooth. The list of everything I have done to the boat is extensive in the last year. The interior is completely new with seadeck flooring though out the boat. Ha

3 months ago

San Luis Obispo, CA


$950.00   3 months ago

1969 Correct Craft Barracuda SS - $950 (Templeton)

1969 Barracuda SSThis is a restoration project! Needs new gel coat (or paint), and an engine.Upholstery is fair.Good trailer with storage box, great tires.No engine, but includes Velvet Drive transmission.Includes rear boarding ladder, optional swim step.$950 Scott

3 months ago

San Luis Obispo, CA


$17,000.00   3 months ago

1996 Ski Nautique Correct Craft - $17000 (Aloha)

1996 Ski Nautique $17,000. Beautiful boat with 759.7 hours. Brand new brake system on the 1996 Ryan Trailer. Winterized through Superior inboards in Lake Oswego every year. I have maintenance records. Has Black cover and a Black and Blue travel cover.

3 months ago

Portland, OR


$6,500.00   3 months ago

1987 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001 - $6500 (Wilbraham)

1987 Ski Nautique for sale. Great shape considering age. Trailer, cover & sweet 80’s mix cd included, miniature captain in pictures is not. We love this boat, is great for anyone looking for a no-nonsense workhorse ski boat. With young kids we aren’t getting out on the water enough.

3 months ago

Westernmass, MA


$13,000.00   3 months ago

1997 correct craft air nautique - $13000 (Lancaster sc)

1997 air nautique 5.8 (351 ford) gt 40 engine 2011 dual axel trailer with new tires boats got new steering cable, new shift cable, new starter, rebuilt alternator, new plugs and wires new fuel injectors all new fluids and filters four 8” tower speakers and four kicker audio speakers around the boat run and rides great comes with 9 life jackets, air horn, anchor, and tube with ropes

3 months ago

Charlotte, NC


$6,500.00   3 months ago

1991 Correct Craft Sport Nautique Ski Nautique - $6500 (Sanford NC)

1991 ski Nautique super sport open bow boat is water ready 351 Windsor rebuilt last year Very strong and fastBoat needs a lil TLC inside but iv see worse on here for way moreThe trailer needs work....iv had it in the water all summer It is mechanically sound and ready to go boat is registered till next yearRebuilt engine last year6500.00 OBO

3 months ago

Fayetteville, NC


$19,499.00   3 months ago



3 months ago

Orlando, FL


$14,000.00   3 months ago

1998 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196 - $14000 (Martindale)

Great running 1998 Ski Nautique with fresh new upholstery. This is the sought after bubble back. Paired with the GT-40 and upgraded Perfect Pass Digital Pro, makes for a great all around boat. Also has hot water shower for the those cool days. Only selling because I'm a serious jumper and need a boat with Zero Off (pulling a GT-40 just didn't seem right). This boat runs/drive great and looks amazi

3 months ago

San Marcos, TX


$3,000.00   3 months ago

1966 correct Craft barracuda original 318 Polly hemi wedge motor. - $3000 (Rogersville)

This is my 1969 fiberglass barracuda ski / pleasure boat . Boat hull VIN number is b a r r 1 3 1 9.Boat is in great shape for being 53 years old. 810 hours on boat original v8 318 Polly hemi wedge. Direct-drive transmission.Boat runs like new. 3000 cash.423 eight eight 8 21 nine six

3 months ago

Tri-Cities, TN


$2,000.00   3 months ago

1974 correct craft mustang 17 - $2000 (Midway park)

Good solid boat. I’ve had a lot of fun on it but I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a bigger boat to accommodate my growing family. Please feel free to give me a call. I have the title for the boat and trailerMy number is

3 months ago

Jacksonville, NC


$14,000.00   3 months ago

1998 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196 - $14000 (Martindale)

Great running 1998 Ski Nautique with fresh new upholstery. This is the sought after bubble back. Paired with the GT-40 and upgraded Perfect Pass Digital Pro, makes for a great all around boat. Also has hot water shower for the those cool days. Only selling because I'm a serious jumper and need a boat with Zero Off (pulling a GT-40 just didn't seem right). This boat runs/drive great and looks amazi

3 months ago

San Antonio, TX


$3,800.00   3 months ago

1978 correct craft, ski nautique Trade - $3800 (Swantonnice inside and out)

18' , Nice boat inside and out. has been stored in my sons barn for the last 2 years and not used, 351ci, Ford, runs great Sell or Trade I need a boat with tilt, looking for a 18-20' pontoon, or 16-18' deck boat, 15-16'center console, Or may be a car or harley

3 months ago

Toledo, OH


$13,900.00   3 months ago

1995 Ski Nautique 196- Correct Craft - $13900 (N. Tampa/ Carrollwood)

1995 Ski Nautique 196Mint condition. Covered and kept under roof since new. I am 2nd owner- the original owner is/was a lifelong friend and next door neighbor who bought it new in 1995 where we enjoyed many many days/ years of wakeboarding and lake fun. He is a meticulous individual who kept the boat perfect and didnt even like the hull touching the beach when coming to shore. I am just as meticul

3 months ago

Tampa, FL


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This is an original unmolested, un-restored, 1968 Correct Craft Mustang, with a 289 c.i. 210 HP Ford engine (approx. 310 hrs), all Correct Craft and Mustand emblems in place and in good condition. Boat has glass windshield (I understand some had Plexiglass, which is not as good as glass). Original owner had boat for 37 years. Boat never sat a year without being used (never in prolonged storage).

The boat was purchased in the fall of 1969 in Connecticut. Boat spent entire life in upstate New York, and registered for the first time in the spring of 1970. The boat led a pampered life, never left in water overnight, and kept in garage when not being used on the water.

The boat still has the ORIGINAL moring cover (actually it’s still in pretty good shape). Oil has been changed every season, it’s recently been tuned up, new battery, new impeller, oil change, shaft aligned, and stuffing box packed. Has galvanized Hylander trailer that goes also, boat and trailer tow fantastic. Boats that have been used in New England and Upstate NY, i.e. cooler climates, get used very little. As opposed to boats being from FL, where it’s humid, and etc. Most older boats from FL or the South have stringer or floor rot. No issues regarding stringers or floor with this boat. Believed to be original prop, strut, and rudder.

I’m selling because I thought I wanted another boat to play with, my wife went nuts, as I already own a 2011 Correct Craft Ski Nautique, a 1977 Correct Craft Martinique, along with 12 motorcycles, a motorhome and numerous other toys. Too much stuff.

Call 407-617-3417 if any questions etc.. I have boat advertised locally, and reserve the right to end auction early.

hrs), all Correct Craft and Mustand emblems in place and in good condition. new impeller, oil change, shaft aligned, and stuffing box packed. own a Correct Craft Ski Nautique, a Correct Craft Martinique.

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2005 Chaparral 180 ssi blower shorting  
Hi, when in try to use the blower in my Chaparral 180 ssi 2005, it repeatedly blows the 10amp fuses, and was working fine only a few weeks ago? Is it shorting, …

1971 starfire boat 
I have a 1971 starfire 24' boat with v8 motor and a 270 penta out drive and when you are putting power to the motor it acts like it is slipping loss of …

1993 omc 115 outboard 
my name is james,we just bought a boat with the 1993 omc 115 on the back, i rebuilt both carbrators changed the plugs and changed out all four corals …

sunbird sizzler 1994 owners manual 
I can not find an owners manual for this boat. the service manual is not doing me any good. I just acquired this boat. After sitting for 2 years it …

Battery Cross connected 
I have a 1997 Four Winns Horizon 220. I accidentally connected positive to negative. Tried starting it 3x before I realized the issue. The boat will …

1990 lund tyee 
I have just purchased a used a 1990 Lund tyee. It has a drain hole about 1 1/4 inch, on the port side under the livewell. What is its function in relation …

no power to ignition switch. 
I was removing the alternator on my mercruiser 502efi and had the battery switch on and listining to the radio. I touched the back of the alternator with …

220 crusader won't go over 2300 rpm 
I have a pair of 220 hp Crusaders in a 32' Chris Craft express. Starboard engine fine, port engine won't go over 2300 rpm and then knocks like bad gas …

1976 sea ray 6 celender inboard chevy moters 
the belt that runs the water pump broke so how do i put it back on when the moter mount is in the way

starter does not engage properly  
starter does not engage properly and very sluggish remove the spark plugs and it spins perfect....55hp johnson 1980...motor not been used for 4 years.... …

Ddec3 actuator low voltage error 
My alarm code 302 actuator low voltage is flashing, what could be causing this!

my 1996 150 mercury offshore outboard 
why is it after running for about ten minutes my mercury ofshore outboard just dies down to about 8 seems to foul the plugs. what can be the problem …

Ran out of gas now won't start 
I was cruising around as a second day owner of a 2005 sea ray with 5.0 mph mercruiser I/O and ran out of gas lucking drifted into the boat launch. The …

motor shuts down after about 20 minutes 
replaced both motors 228 mercrusier one runs fine one shuts down after about 20 minutes replaced carbs and fuel pumps and the motor that shuts down is …

2005 Sylvan w/ 90 hp mercury alarm 
When I start boat alarm goes off and will not stop. I don't know what to check, any ideas where to start?

sudden partial loss of power and loud clacking noise 
My mercuiser 3.0 had a sudden partial loss of power and started making a clacking noise.

Honda BF150 switch panel harness diodes and resistors gone bad 
Trouble shoot switch panel wire harness that connects to main engine wiring harness (14P) and control panel wiring harness. It appears there are two in-line …

1985 carver. All of a sudden both engines won't start, after running fine all season 
Engines ran fine all season. All other systems on boat receiving 12 volt power. One morning engines won't start.

boat shut down in low idle 
i have a 28 ft bayliner 350 5.7 liter runs good at hi speed but when i go about 5 miles out and slow down to trolling it shuts down and wont start back …

stalls out at full throttle 
2001 75 hp merc/mariner 4 stroke. starts up with no issues and will idle with no issues. gets up on plane and runs good for about 30 seconds then it starts …

350 mag 5.7l mis sing. And backfire  
2006 rinker 350mag 5.7l change water séparateur -plugs- cap and rotor-coil-TPS and still miss and backfire ta 2100 rpm to 3200 rpm .....

1979 mercruiser impellar installation 
i changed impellar on 1979 mercruiser and after it works fine on water hose but in the water it seems to be pumping water into the engine compartment and …

stalled, won't start 
I have an optimax 115 dfi 3 cyl 2004 with 177hrs. It has been faultless in the 3 years I have owned it. A few weeks ago I took it out and it had a good …

Motor won't run at throttle 
I have a 1987 Glastron with a 2.5l GM inline 4 cylinder. The motor is hard to start and once it does start it idles ok. When you try to give it more throttle …

my 86 Merc 3.0 wont charge good...altenantors fine?? 
I have 86 merc cruiser 3.0 ...the altenantor is fine... when positve cable is hook up to battery it barely put out 12 volts... when positive cable is disconnected …

2008 mercury 4 stroke with 187 hrs on it. 
I take off and hammer down and dont get very far and the a solid alarm goes off and then it spits and spudders for a while then it will run again and do …

57 Evinrude 7.5 outboard pull cord slips one notch when pulled 
I pull the cord and it slips one notch. So I pull the cord a little then it catches. This is annoying. Any ideas of what it might be?

Power trim problems 
I own a 1997 stratos if u put it in reverse and give it any throttle the motor will come up about 4inches when I let off it falls back down the same thing …

seaswirl 190 volvo penta 4.3 litre 
I have a 190 seaswirl bowrider with a 4.3 litre volvo or merc. Volvo leg.. the fuel gauge is stuck at half. Ive read the wires rot out and sometimes the …

New battery but no power please help 
I just got a 1977 glastron sporster with a 85 hp motor I put in a new battery and it won't crank and I have no lights. Can someone pint in the right direction …

115 hp Mercury stalls while driving 
I have an 1988 115 HP mercury motor that runs fine when I get it cranked up, which takes a few times to crank. When I am traving across the water at about …

motor locks up at 60 lbs. compression 
I bought a 1986 Bayliner conquest from a guy for a fairly decent price I drove it from Seattle to Everett on one engine on the port side assuming that …

Glastron Merc 4.3 
When I turn off the boat after the motor is hot, it will not restart. I put in a new starter and a neutral relay that's on top of the motor, but am still …

45 HP 4 CYL Mercury Serial # 0C132444 leaky top carb 
I am posting here because I don't know where else to turn. I have a Mercury outboard serial # 0C132444 with a leaky top carburetor. My problem is that …

2007 larson 186 4.3 litre inboiard/outboard 
Has had a tune up, plugs ,wires,rotor, cap, oil/gas filter, but has no power and can't get up on plane

97' glastron 175 se volvo 3.0 issues 
Hopefully some one can help me with this issue i am having. I have a 1997 Glastron 175 SE with a volvo penta 3.0 in it. the other day i had a hard …

4.3 Tahoe starter won't ingage and fuel doesn't prime when trying to start the boat 
I'm helping a friend work on his 215 Tahoe boat it won't turn over when we try to start it. My boat with the same engine when you turn the switch on you …

2001 mercury 4 stroke 25 hp, not giving me full power in forward? 
I purchased this motor on my boat. 2001 Mercury 25hp Big Food 4 stroke when in idle it sounds like its getting gas when in forward, pushing a load and …

Mercruiser - why wont it stay running? 
Help! I bought a 1974 mericruiser 4cyl. inboard boat and it runs great until you are on the water for about thirty minutes. It then starts cutting out …

boat trim problem 
I have a 1990, 20' Sting Ray, 175hp Merc., inboard/outboard. My trim motor hums but does not move the prop. It seems to be stuck in the down position. …

Pontoon motor runs and goes in forward and reverse but will not go faster when engine revs up. Why??? 
We have a 24' 1987 Funtoon Pontoon. It has a 25 horse Mariner motor. The boat refuses to speed up in forward or reverse even though the motor revs up …

hard to steer 
I just bought a used 2000 glastron sx 175, starts and runs great, problem is the steering. is extremely difficult to turn in either direction. does nor …

mercruiser 5.0 has power on hose but no power in water 
My 5.0 mercruiser will run fine on a hose but on water no power and won't go over 10 miles an hour

5.7 chevy mercruiser starts but wont stay running  
i changed carberators and it still wont stay running or idle ,cant figure out. cant find vacuum leaks either

alpha one mercruiser - water leak 
I have a 1994 crestliner sportfisher with a 3.0 litre lx alpha one mercruiser. at 2700 rpms water starts pouring out of the steering gear box behind the …

60 HP Chrysler 1974 
Model 609HA. Boat ran great when first purchased but got hot. After changing out impeller, fuel diaphragm, and cleaning out carbs....runs great at idle …

3 out of 4 coils arnt firing 
hi I have a 1974 135 Johnson outboard and 3 cylenders arnt firing anyone have any ideas ?

1993 Johnson 150 HP Jerks and won't get on plane. 
Tonight coming back from fishing I was running 50 mph and almost back when my engine began to lost power and it began to jerk on me. I stop and it runs …

Mercruiser 5.0 is not charging battery. alternator is good 
I recently purchased a 1995 Chapparral boat with a Mercruiser 5.0 in it. It doesn't appear to be charging. Pulled alternator and had it tested. It is …

1988 evinrude v6 150 hp 
I have a 1988 evinrude v6 150hp and the water wasn't circulating out of the motor just put new water pump on and still no water coming out . I suck a water …

motor will only run while choked 
90 hp tracker will start and run for few seconds and then die unless you engage and disengage the choke repeatedly

1990 mericruiser 4.3l 
engine cranks has spark and fuel sprays into carb. but still doesn't start

4.3 merc 175hp wont go over 25mph 
have a 1987 merc 175 hp and it wont go over 25 mph. i put new fuel filter in and still wont go. I went from a 19 pitch to 21 pitch prop but dont think …

how many people can you safely carry on 15 foot bass boat 
1986 vip bass boat 40 hp mariner

Original selling prices 
Where would I find the original selling price or MSRP for a 1999 Horizon 70' yacht? Thank you

Boat won't die after being started 
I finally got my boat to running and running well. But I went to turn the key off and the boat kept running. What do you think could be my problem?

boat wont start 
boat hasn't been started for some time. batteries are charged up, everything works but will not try to start. why???????

1992 Chaparral Prop Stopped turning 
We took the boat out for the first time this summer and we were doing about 35-40 mph and suddenly the boat slowed down and the engine sounded like it …

my tilt suddenly went to full up sitting in the yard and the tilt motor would not stop running. If I lowered it using the switch on the engine it would …

85 hp mercury starts right up but dies when you let off the key 
I took my boat out on Saturday it ran great i started it 10 or 15 times threw out the day when i put it in the water Sunday it wouldnt stay running, it …

Won't start with new battery and new ignition switch 
I have a 1997 Four Winns 200 Horizon I bought new and owned for 17 years. It is well maintained and has been an awesome boat. The problem started when …

1987 merc crusier 4 liter 
found small round cup like brass fitting on bottom of boat, after oil change started boat water coming from right hand lower side where we asome part went. …

1996 Honda 50 hp 4 stroke don't turn, any suggestions? 
I just de winterized and engine start but wheel don't turn and the water don't come out from engine

1987 Four Winns with 4.3 Merc. Engine Clacking 
The motor purrs beautifully when running at lower rpms. but as soon as you plane out putting a load on the engine,it starts to clack, as though one lifter …

Johnson 60hp Can't get started after a complete overhaul 
Took boat to shop in March for an overhaul. It will start at shop but when we get it on lake it won't start. Take it back and the guy replaces something …

Engine get high Rpm in neural. But in gear dies 
1987 four winns v6 inboard engine Can get to high rpm but when put to forward or reverse it dies. Any one know whats the problem or suggestion .

150 HP Yamaha OB will turn over but won't start. Kill Switch issue? 
My 2001 Yamaha Ox66 OB turns over but doesn't fire off. I can mess around with the ignition switch wire terminals and the kill switch wiring terminals …

My 1969 292 gm 6 cylinder -- the starter keeps engaging after the key returns to the run position. I have replaced the keyed switch, pulled the starter …

1991 Johnson 200 starting problem 
I have replace the starter switch and starter solenoid on my 1991 Johnson 200 gt. All gauges work and the tilt and trim work. The solenoid does not click …

30hp Mariner running too fast 
After rebuilding the carb. on Mariner 30hp, the engine now races as if it's going to blow up. Fuel getting to carb ok. Any ideas? Thanks

change steering cable on 1986 searay seville 
I need to replace my steering cable on my 1986 sea ray Seville 19.5 foot boat with 140 HP mercruiser

Starter won't engage 
We are trying to start our glastron 1990s boat. It hasn't been started in 2 years. The battery is fresh the gas and oil are new and the connection between …

mercury 340 inboard stays running with key off 
1990 cruisers twin340s start fine when you turn key off engines stay running. If you turn key off and back on they shut off replaced both ign switchs disconected …

I have a 1983 25 hp sea horse and it. Cranks up and when I give it the gas it Boggs choke it comes alive and pull the primer then at about 3/4 throttle …

120 Force Outboard by Mercury 
So I just bought this boat from a buddy and it has a 1996 120 HP Force. The problem is to get it to idle while it is in the lake... It will idle all day …

Warning Alarm on 1999 Mercury 125 2 Stroke 
A constant beep goes off when the key is in the on position. . .motor starts up fine. hard stream of water, oil resevoir is full.

40 hp outboard yamaha wont pee very well 
When I first bought this yamaha motor 12 years ago it peed a steady 45 degree stream. For the last few years now it barely pees. A very weak stream. I …

40 hp mercury force slow cranking while plugs are in. 
I have a 40 hp 1996 mercury force outboard that will hardly turn over. If I take out the plugs she spins like mad. I have checked and cleaned all connections …

Mariner 50 boat engine no petrol to carburator 
Good day, I have not started my boat for a few months, now it wont start at all. Its a 3 cylinder engine. I have checked spark on the plugs and …

2006 Johnson 30hp misfiring, water in bottom cylinder. 
I have had this boat only one week! Prior to purchase, I ran the engine pup with muffs attached. All seemed ok. When I first took it out, it would run …

Outboard motor runs but won't plane 
2003 Trophy 2302 with 200 HP EFI Mercury saltwater outboard -- running along today at 32 mph on Puget Sound when boat suddenly lost power (kept running, …

water in the oil 
I am looking at buying a 1989 vip boat with a omc 4.3 cobra inboard engine.but it has water in the oil.What is the most likely cause?

Boat Revs and Bounces 
So I just bought a used boat and having some issues that nobody seems to know how to fix. When I hit the accelerator the boat starts out fine. Once it …

1979 20 hp chrysler o.b wont shut off 
when engine starts and runs when u turn key off engine will still run and wont stop running

1994 ranger 374v 175 mercury 2.5l xri losing prime 
my ranger runs fine,but everytime i turn it off i have to use the primer bulb to start it then it takes off and does has new fuel pump,primer bulb …

1989 Tracker transom separating from splashwell 
I have a '89 Tracker DV which has developed about a 1/4" separation of the transom to splashwell & a slight "bow" to the transom. What is the recommended …

Low rpms in starboard engine 
I have a 2000 Sea Ray Sundancer 340. My starboard engine, a Mercruiser EFI V8, 260 HP has lost rpms. Will only go up to 3200 RPMs at full throttle. …

honda 40 hp No full throttle response 
I have an 02 honda 40 hp, It will not go full throttle unless I pull the choke out half way, it also sputters at idle. Any ideas how or what to do to cure …

Boat Will Not Start and/or Stay Running 
1990 Four Winns, 195 Freedom, 4.3 V6 Chevy engine, have changed fuel pump, water seperator filter, hose from gas tank to filter but there is not any gas …

Propeller pitch 
I bought a 18 ft javelin renegade fish and ski it has a 1999 Johnson 115 horse 2stroke I took it to dealer to have it prepared for winter he told me …

Crown line trim stuck in up position 
2002 crownline 29 Cr currently dry docked , power trim is stuck in the up position , Would love to nw get her in the water this weekend. does anyone …

voltage drop when accessories are turned on 2007 mercruiser 5.0 mpi 
when engine is running, any accessory turned on causes voltage drop. (blower,lights,stereo amp,bilge pump) drop is from 14 volts down to 12.5 to 13. I …

Need wiring diagram for a 2004 Lund Pro V 18ft - -where can I find one? 
My electical power to my dash an other places in the boat are not working. Its dificult to track anything as to where it goes. Can anyone send me a diagram …

Rewiring 1995 Suntrcker Pontoon /Merc 90hp 
Ihave to rewire pontoon boat as I am installing new swats and wiruing is a mess. I have all ordered exc ept wiring harness from moter to console. I …

1989 Tracker Magna 17 
looking for the fuel capacity of the below deck gas tank of my 1989 bass tracker magna deep-v 17

My boat try's to turn over when the key is not in it 
I tried to start boat for the year and it wouldn't turn over. Then again but now it won't stop trying to turn over. I disconnected the positive wire just …

Ranger Z520 Electrical Short 
It appears I have a short somewhere in the system. I have no interior lights or horn. When I push the button to turn on the interior lights, the LED indicator …

94 25hp evinrude outboard 
has a miss and to keep it running you have to keep working the choke in and out then when i put it in gear it usually quits then have to choke it again …

Throttle power trim switch not working 
The power trim switch on the throttle handle is not working. It works fine at the outboard motor, just not at the throttle. What should be checked out …


Yamaha Outboard Motors 
I have a 2007 yamaha 50 horses outboard it will start will rav fine in neutral and in gear out of the water but when in the water and in gear it won't …

Boat electrical problems 
I have this bayliner mentioned above. After running hard for 20 or so minutes (full throttle), all and I mean ALL electrical system shuts off, radio, radar, …

Boat autopilot problems 
I have had 3 Raymarine Type 300 autopilots electronics destroyed in 3 years. With the help of Raymarine I have determined thatit is possible that the electronics …

boat not starting after sitting all winter...battery is fully charged 
I have a 1995 maxum 3.0L that doesn't want to start. Battery is fully charged...what other things do I need to look at...I'm a new boat owner as of last …

evinrude etec 40hp squealing noise  
my 2009 evinrude 40hp makes squealing noise much like loose fan belt when acelerating out of the hole, once it stops you can let off or acelerate without …

Boat starts well when first started. Take half hour ride shut it down to have breakfast when restart cannot get the rpm's over 1800 or it stalls out. …

Water temp gauge on 1979 29' Columbia/engine water 
My buddy has a 1979 29' Columbia sailboat, and the water temp gauge is still exceeding 180 degrees after running the motor for only about 5 minutes. Still …

Hook up dual batteriesl 
How to hook up dual batteries on pontoon boat with 150 evinrude

1999 5.7 EFI electrical problem won't start 
1999 Mercruiser 5.7 EFI won't start. Have had this problem multiple times. One time it will be the distributor module, one time the distributor pickup …

boat wont start with key? 
took the boat out to the lake turned key wouldnt start. turned key to run and pulled the rope on motor and it starts right up. the trolling motor works …

Bass tracker pro team 170 2007 Fuel gauge stop working 
Bass tracker pro team 170 2007 fuel gauge stop working

black wire from ignition getting hot 
We have 88 model Glass Stream and we are trying to replace the igition switch that was broken, but the black wire in the switch is getting very hot.

can't get nose of boat out of the water 
have a 1990 15' Fisher Marine V Hull WITH A 1990 15 HP Mercury stick steer . 9"diameter X 9" pitch. I can not get the nose of the boat up out of the water …

No forward only reverse on 3.0 mercruiser i/o  Not rated yet
Just bought a used 2003 maxum has a 3.0 mercruiser in it. Launched it for the first time went up to park my trailer came back reversed out of the dock …

No flywheel rotation when pulling cord Not rated yet
I have a 9.9hp mercury force that i was trying to start. The flywheel was turning, but after about 10 pulls it quit spinning while pulling the cord? I …

Yamaha 150 HPDI Not rated yet
With engine off the shifter works smoothly but when it is running it is difficult to go to neutral from either foreward or reverse could this be from idle …

Battery location  Not rated yet
New boat owner. Got boat back from storage. Paid and receipt showed battery charged etc. Got home and found batteries dead. Thought well I can charge them. …

Buzzing from control box with key on Not rated yet
Was going good gave it gas and started buzzing from control box even with motor off and key on 2002 oil injection Mercury

1986 Yamaha outboard box mated to a 1996 Yamaha outboard Not rated yet
I have a 1986 40hp Yamaha that needs attention. I came acrossed a 1996 50hp Yamaha and am wondering if the throttle box, cables and such use the same mounting …

Neutral interrupt switch Not rated yet
I have an older Stingray, 1985 model with a 3 Liter Mercruiser. It starts fine, & runs well, but Dies when put into reverse. Any thoughts on what the …

2000 90hp mariner alarm sounds off when tilted down then stops when on plane and motor is trimmed up? Not rated yet
2000 90hp Mariner 2 stroke oil injected. The alarm goes off (steady) when tilted down (in take off position). When tilted up after boat planes off the …

Triton bassboat motor 2005 won't lower due to battery is dead Not rated yet
I cannot get to my battery box to charge it because electric lowering device will not work. I'm just trying to charge the battery

Starter engages after turning key several times. Is it the key switch or other problem Not rated yet
Trying to start mercury 250 pro xs. Have to actuate key several times to get starter to engage. Not so bad after motor warms up but still have the problem …

Modor cranks but doesnt stay on. 200 suzuki 4 stroke Not rated yet
Won't crank over. I have 4 batteries one for the engine and it won't click over. It beeps and cranks up but then does not hold and just dies. Full of …

Boat motor turning Not rated yet
I use a 15hp motor to troll with. Every time I let go of the handle it wants to keep turning, usually to the left. Is there anything on the motor that …

Wiring problems nothing works Not rated yet
I just got a 1986 phantom lightning ski boat with a 3.0 in it and i dont know anything about boats this is my first one i hooked a battery up today for …

1994 Basscat Not rated yet
My Basscat shuts down while running down the lake. First I start out it does fine, when go to move to another spot it shut down like I turned the key off. …

Tilt and Trim Not rated yet
Tilt makes noise when you try to lift it but it doesn't lift.1997 mercury force 90hp elpt

Boat engine Not rated yet
Will a 1992 55hp yamaha 2 stroke bolt onto my 1995 star craft? The motor that is on the the star craft is a 50hp Johnson 2 stroke. And I'm trying to buy …

1992 60 HP Evinrude appears flooded after sitting in dock for a week Not rated yet
The boat is docked in the water. Intermittently after a week or so sitting, the engine appears to be locked up. Removed a spark plug and water or gas …

Losing power Not rated yet
Hello Derek here my 40 hp oil injection 2 stroke mariner all of a sund en just dropped to half the speed I used to get I can get the proper speed in reverse …

150 johnson fast strike wont plane out,bulb wont stay primed Not rated yet
Went out today , The motor idels fine runs fine on idle speed,but when I try to open it up it sputters,also top port carb is leaking,and bulb won't stay …

1985 Galaxy 209 with mercruiser 140 ???s Not rated yet
My kids and I ran across this boat a few weeks ago so we got it as a family project. The interior is in rough shape and was told the engine ran but had …

1985 evinrude 30 hp outboard over revves and and wont go when in water Not rated yet
I just bought a boat with a 1985 evinrude 30 hp which runs pretty good but when I took it out and ran for a while about half speed then throttled up engine …

Squealing belts on start up 1995 4.3 LCD Not rated yet
I have a 1995 sea ray 180 it has a 4.3 Lx mercruiser engine the belts started squealing for a few minutes when I start it. Any ideas?

Overheated on the garden hose  Not rated yet
I overheated my 120hp last night on the garden hose. I am a new boater/owner. The loud alarm went off but I ran it for at least 2 more minutes. I Shut …

5.7 murcruicer oil usage  Not rated yet
Iv got a 1988 wellcraft aruba 25' with a 5.7 murcruicer. I took it out and it fired up with about 25psi oil pressure drove about 10 minutes it wouldn't …

Reinel. 1999 185. Trim / balance problem Not rated yet
4.3 Mercruiser. Bow wants to dig into water (broach) when decelerating. Also is very hard to balance with passengers on board. It's my 5th boat and …

Transom mount trolling plate Not rated yet
I want to use my 87 Bayliner capri as a trolling boat. There is a weird angle on the transom of the port side so I can't just mount my trolling bracket. …

1977 ranger monitor panel Not rated yet
I have a 1977 ranger bass boat and I am in the process of rewiring it. The only trouble is I have no idea what the front monitor panel is suppose to include …

2012 Hurricane deck boat Not rated yet
My deck boat has a 115 Yamaha engine and has no light or buzzer for overheating or low oil? I purchased it used a month ago, the only think i can tell …

1982 Sea Sprit "Throttle Only" Switch Does Not Work Not rated yet
Hello everyone. I own a 1982 Sea Sprite and the "Throttle Only" button on the throttle lever does not seem to work - therefore the boat will not start. …

chysler bass runner pulls to one side Not rated yet
I have a older Chrysler bass runner boat, with a 25 hp engine. It pulls hard to one side. Tried to adjust trim tab. Checked to make sure engine was centered. …

How hard is it to change from a 318 with a Volvo Penta outlive to something newer Not rated yet
I have a 1973 fiber form 23 ft hardtop and would like to know if I can remove the 318 with the out drive and put something newer into the boat? Thanks, …

1987 Force 50 HP coil pack has hole in back, What can cause this Not rated yet
I picked up a 1987 Bayliner 14 foot with 50 hp four Force outboard motor on it. The person that sold it to me could not get it to start I found that he …

Motor wont start 1994 60hp mercury 2stroke Not rated yet
I have a 1994 60hp merc 2stroke the motor turns over fine but the only way to get it started is by putting the motors throttle in gear going forward as …

1996 115hp evinrude backfire won't start Not rated yet
Last time I took the boat out the motor killed while riding wide open a few times. We were out all day so... Well, today motor started rev'd up real …

Is 2014 tracker pro 16 ignition wire grey? Not rated yet
Attempting to install a Minn Kota MK-1-DC on board DC charger. It says connect grey wire to ignition wire. My question is what color is the ignition …

Merc outboard spits green oil Not rated yet
I saw this boat for sale today. It's a Merc 6 cyl, 175hp. When the owner starts the engine green oil spits out if the exhaust. I don't know if the engine …

1989 johnson 150 fuel or lower unit  Not rated yet
1989 johnson 150 I go to take off no power push choke in finally feels like it jerks has all kind of power any help

Owners Manual Not rated yet
I have a 1976 Fiberform Cuddy 24 and I am looking for the original owners manual for it....

low motor rpm Not rated yet
My 2007 Yamaha 70 outboard only turns 2400 rpm at full speed. Coming out of the hole it is a dog. I've had a new prop installed and the carbs adjusted, …

2017 bass tracker boat Not rated yet
can I use pivot bar on my trailer on 2017 tracker instead of the bunks.. an if so the the weight of the boat pose any problem from the pivot bars to the …

Starter wont engage  Not rated yet
I am considering purchasing a 1989 Renken Seamaster 2488 WA Cuddy equipped with a 175hp 5.0 Yamaha closed cooling system sterndrive. The owner states the …

Oil leak from where lower unit meet upper unit and a small hole in lower unit Not rated yet
Looks like I have a very slow and small oil leak but it looks the boat engine oil. It's slowly coming out from a small hole in lower unit and also looks …

Warning buzzer intermittent Not rated yet
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fault. Recently I had my carburettors serviced on my Yamaha115C saltwater series oil injected 2 stroke. …

Switched out impellar, boat wont start.  Not rated yet
I have and outboard 1986 fisher bass boat with a 1986 50 horse mercury motor. I recently switched out the impellar then I raised the lower unit back into …

What are the pros and cons of being able to start you boat in gear when surf launching Not rated yet
My boat motors were idling to low when I did a surf launch...when I a gaged into gear the motors cut out. I want know if I took the neutral switch out …

rust popping thru deck on shallowsport Not rated yet
rust popping thru floor deck of shallowsport. is this a sign of saturation below deck or the fact the boat is an 03 model?

yamaha 25 20 jet motor 2 stroke Not rated yet
Last friday I was out on the river duck hunting. had no problems with the motor, ran like a top. on Saturday I went back out and started to cruise up river …

Locating the Balast Resistor on a 2001 Reinell Bowrider  Not rated yet
My name is Steve and I'm having trouble with a 2001 Reinell Bowrider with a 4.7 V8. I've left it for ages and finally got around to running it. I've got …

my 75 hp mercury keeps blowing the fuse when we stop the motor where can i look please Not rated yet
hi i have a 75 hp mercury and when we are going on the plain we stop and it has blown the fuse please help

Dead place half throttle Not rated yet
I have a 50 hp evinrude around 1985 -at about half throttle it cuts out push the throttle more and it picks up again.

Will start on either not run on gas. Not rated yet
1999 mercury 30hp 30elo New fuel pump kit, new electric seloned. getting no choke activity when pushing key in. motor low hrs runs like a top then …

Winter problem 1998 pro 18 jet bass tracker Not rated yet
I ran seafoam 50 50 through my fuel lines the other night to fix a possible clog the next morning I went out to test it out but now my steering seems locked …

15hp yamaha  Not rated yet
i have a 15hp yamaha i went to run it today it was pumping water perfectly fine in neutral and reverse but when i put it in forward gear it would stop …

low compression 2 cylinders after rebuild Not rated yet
Bought a 2000 Searay sundancer. marine dealer sales sheet stated "New/Rebuilt motors very low hours" I took that to mean 1 new and 1 rebuilt motor, both …

9.9 chysler dropping one cylinder Not rated yet
I have 1982 9.9 Chrysler outboard. The motor starts up good and idles great but after a while on the seams to drop one cylinder. Out a new carb …

Top pin on hydrolic ram on 90 HP Mercury Optimax Not rated yet
I would like to know what is the procedure for installing the top pin on the hydrolic ram on a 90 hp Mercury Optimax trim unit.

Help with tilt and trim switch wiring Not rated yet
I have a 1995 40hp force engine. The tilt and trim is mounted on the center console and it works great. But due to traveling alot and after paying a couple …

Ignition  Not rated yet
I have a 1985 115 hp Suzuki , lost power, discovered that 1 coil was not firing. I swapped coils and found that the problem is not the coil. Any ideas? …

Searanger 6000 Not rated yet
can anyone tell me how to solder three prong plug on back of the radio to a three wire plug...the two left side show neg- and the one show pos + can …

2003 5.0 MPI won't start and then backfires Not rated yet
Hi I have a mercruiser 5.0 MPI that suddenly won't start. It's always been very good and starts immediately. It will turn over, and over and over, but …

horse power rating Not rated yet
My motor blowed up on my 2001 skeeter with a 225 Yamaha vmax and I want to put a 250 yamaha sho on it but the coast guard sticker only approves it for …

turning circle Not rated yet
I have a mercury 115 brown band outboard on a belmont hull I am have trouble with turning circle in one direction

Need help we got sold a dud Not rated yet
Hi there we brought a bayliner capri of a guy who said it was the bees knees it did run well for about the 30 min we tried it. Then xmas eve we put it …

engine quits Not rated yet
The engine runs extremely well 99% of the time. The other 1% it will intermittently cut out and die but will always start back up instantly. This happens …

Picking Right size Outboard for 1997 Sundance f 16 Not rated yet
Hi from Ny, need to know where to start when choosing a used outboard for my skiff, it's main purpose will be putting around South Shore bay areas. 30hp, …

Boat turns it self off and tone comes from console Not rated yet
Got a rebuilt outboard mercury 2009 never been ran since the rebuild tried to get it running. Replaced injectors and lower end pump propeller but every …

Boat turns it self off and tone comes from console Not rated yet
Got a rebuilt outboard mercury 2009 never been ran since the rebuild tried to get it running. Replaced injectors and lower end pump propeller but every …

replacing the power pack on 1992 evinrude Not rated yet
how do you get the upper shroud apart? took the 3 bolts out and can't get it to come apart

Need someone near Rochester, NY to creat custom mount for trolling motor on my Stingray 195.  Not rated yet
Need someone who can design a stainless steel mount to support a Minn Kota Terrova 80 with 60 inch shaft. boat is fiberglass.

Voltage Reading Not rated yet
I have a 2005 Mercury 115 EFI Four Stroke outboard. With the wire harness going to the engine unplugged, the positive cable removed from the battery and …

Electric fuel as back up Not rated yet
This sounds like a stupid question, so here goes. I have a 1978 Wellcraft Cuddy with a Johnson 140 and the VRO has been removed. Ok so why ask this question …

240 Seary 2001 model sports cruiser Not rated yet
I had my boat at marine mechanics, they just replaced sea water pump, replaced distributor cap and rota tor button all leads and spark plugs, replaced …

40 hp 2 stroke tohatsu prop Not rated yet
I have a 2003 two-stroke Tohatsu mounted on a 16 foot 48 inch flatbottom aluminum boat With a jack plate would like to know what the best prop size …

Back fire and pops above 2000 RPM Not rated yet
Bought a 1988 Sea Ray Weekender to try my water camping experience. Had the Manifolds, Risers, One head, Water Pump and all oils replaced when purchased. …

2009 150 hp on 21' striper boat Not rated yet
I have a 1994 21' Striper boat with a 2 stroke 115 hp motor on it. Motor burned up and I have found a 2009 Honda bf150a that I would like to replace it …

Engine height for23 ft prolin sport cc 250 suzuki outboard  Not rated yet
Just bought proline 23 ft cc sport with 250hp zuzuki outboard need help with prop . Have 16x18.5 5500rpm max shuld be 6100 rpm.khaos

2005 chapparal 256ssi Not rated yet
Iam the new owner of 2005 Chapparal.I have a couple of questions, I hope you can help. First the engine compartment only opens about a foot. Is this normal. …

Hour meter Not rated yet
I have a fairly new boat. About 4 months old. I just installed a digital hour meter wired to the ignition. My question is, if I just have the ignition …

Power to coil but no output Not rated yet
Replace complet ignition system from distributer forward. 1989 Bayliner Capri with GM 305 OMC I/O. Engine started great after the work. Boat sat for …

no fire at high rpms Not rated yet
I have a 1987 1.6 liter omc sea drive that runs good till about 2500 - 3000 rpms then I loose fire on 2 cylenders on one side. thanks for any help don't …

Concern about exhaust misting oil. Not rated yet
1990 60 hp Evinrude with the VRO not used for oil, but mixed manually. Hit something a few days ago taking a chunk out of the propeller. Replaced the …

1996 Evinrude 88hp 2 stroke outboard motor Not rated yet
Looking to buy a boat with this motor. Owner says original engine. Only starts when power trim puts it out of water. When put back down, works okay! Problem? …

Outboard motor change Not rated yet
I have a 1988 Ranger 373 and would like remove the 1988 yamaha 150 pro version and replace it with a 1988 mercury black max 150 that I have. Will the steering …

boat won't fire Not rated yet
Just bought a 2007 Carolina skiff boat with a 50 hp suzuki 4 stroke. It has been sitting for 5 years. Cleaned out fuel system and got it right but now …

4.3l mercruiser Not rated yet
Just wondering how many hours on average you can get out of a 4.3l mercruiser 2006 model before needing a rebuild??

O4, Johnson115 saltwater series Not rated yet
When motor running on water it bogs down like it going turn off but in quick short spurts then it runs fine after while it does it again. It won't turn …

Seadoo challanger Overheat alarm Not rated yet
First time post, I live in Brisbane Australia. I have a Seadoo Challanger mercury 210hp M2 Jet. Launched boat at low tide and and started motor in to …

transom 1992 sportscraft Not rated yet
i would like to buy this boat im worried about its a 2552 sportscraft hardtop should i have a servey done the owner said it is very good shape

flywheel up and down movement Not rated yet
When i started the engine it sounded deep wasnt a normal sound for a engine idling. flywheel has a up and down movement. is it the bearing and which one? …

Oil 4.3 GXi G volvo penta Not rated yet
I have put in both my stern drive and engine Quaker State 5 W 20 synthetic oil. I realize that I should have put in 90 W75. It looks like I should …

Need of guidance  Not rated yet
I recently bought a 91' Glastron 1700 (17") from a buddy of mine. Boat is in great condition but in need of a new engine since the current one has a cracked …

1995 120 hp force hums with ignition off. Not rated yet
I was fishing with the trolling motor and heard humming from the Force 120 hp engine. When I tried to start it the battery was too low to turn it over. …

lund 1999 fishing boat? Not rated yet
Trying to figure out what the forward compartment is, in the floor deck. Was told it was a live well but specs say only 1 live well for this boat. Possible …

2003 Mercury 150 carbed saltwater series will not carge Not rated yet
The motor will not charge, but will run while battery is disconnected. Hook up amp meter probes to disconnected cables and shows no voltage??? What can …

2016 Tracker Targa - no power Not rated yet
Hooked up the boat, packed up the gear and went to place the motor in transport position using the trim adjust on the 2015 Yamaha 150 4-stroke motor. …

Replacing shift cable on 2002 larson cabrio 254 Not rated yet
I have recently bought this boat.My mechanic can't get into the lower end to replace it. By the looks of it, this has been an issue for other mechanics …

Rpm varies while cruising. Not rated yet
My name is Randy. I have a 2008 Mercury, 50 hp, 2 cycle outboard on a pontoon. While cruising along at 3,000 rpm, the motor will at times (not always) …

Blue water switch Not rated yet
New to my 1993 29' Baja cruiser. In the engine compartment between the motors is a switch that is white about an inch and a half by 3 to 4 inches long …

1980 chrysler 85 hp outboard won't start Not rated yet
Hi, need some advice. I have a 1980 85hp chrysler outboard that won't start. It turns over but won't start. I'm getting spark and I changed fuel filter,I'm …

Starts good but dies Not rated yet
I have a 1998 Nissan outboard, it starts real good after it warms and you start to depress the warming handle on the remote control it will die. I have …

Trailer up button on shifter works down not up Not rated yet
I replaced the trim tab switch with a new one. In the process the drill bit I was using to enlarge the hole, came out of the drill. It fell down inside …

No idle mercruiser 5.7  Not rated yet
I have a 1986 sea ray 230 with a 5.7 mercruiser. It doesn't want to run at idle at all. If you let it warm up a lot it will allow you to shift to drive. …

04 240 Sundeck SeaRay Head Operation Not rated yet

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