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How to craft radaway in fallout 76
September 13, 2019 Carefree Crafting 3 comments

Early on in Fallout 76 you're handed stimpaks like it's painkiller Christmas, and it's easy to think you'll never have to worry about them ever again. A few hours later you'll feel differently. The robots, ghouls, and weird folklore creatures of West Virginia don't carry a lot of healing items for you to loot and the recipe you need before you can craft your own stimpaks is hard to find. This isn't the kind of game where you finish a boss fight and still have a backpack full of health potions you've been hoarding since level one. 

Here's how to keep your battered body in one piece in Fallout 76.

Use the drug-sniffing perk, Pharma Farma

Pharma Farma does not sound as exciting as other perks, like the ones that increase damage with one-handed weapons or let you target body parts with VATS, but this low-level Luck perk is actually essential. It gives you a 40% bonus to find more medicinal chems whenever you search a first aid container or a chem box. Since you'll be scrounging for every stimpak you can, that's a huge bonus. Thing is, you have to remember to actually activate Pharma Farma. It's not a passive bonus, so remember to hit the space bar (Y-button on a 360 controller) on every chem-containing object you find to actively dig around in the bottom and find that bonus stimpak. Because otherwise you would somehow have missed it in a container the size of a loaf of bread.

Pharma Farma can be ranked up when combined with a second and third matching perk card, going from a 40% chance to find extra chems to a 60% and finally 80% chance. There are a couple other useful perks when it comes to healing too: First Aid increases the amount of health stimpaks restore by 15% (increasing to 30% and 45%), and Traveling Pharmacy reduces the weight of all chems in your inventory by 30% (going up to 60% and then 90%). 

Get crafty

The recipe for making your own stimpaks is easy: one part antiseptic, one part steel, and one blood pack. Finding that recipe is not easy. Some players have reported stumbling across it in loot, but for a less random chance at learning the recipe you'll need to join the Enclave and gain access to the medical vendor in their bunker. That's a pretty involved questline you won't even be able to begin until you're high-level enough to kill deathclaws, however.

In the meantime, you can craft healing salves instead. They don't give back as many hit points (only 20% of your maximum), but the recipe's one you know at the start of the game and its ingredients can all be found in the starting area. Boiled water's easy to come by and so are soot flowers—they're the ones with blue-and-purple petals. Only the third ingredient, bloodleaf, is likely to cause trouble. It grows on red-leafed bushes that appear in shallow water, often near purifiers, and is much less common.

Dilute your stimpaks

Another option worth pursuing is dilution. Mix purified water with one stimpak at a crafting station to make two diluted stimpaks, which are obviously less effective (and add more weight) but also less wasteful: there's no point in using a full stimpak if you're only mildly injured. Other chems like RadAway can be diluted too.

Eat, drink, and sleep

Most food and drink restores between 5 and 15% of your hit points, so it's worth holding off on a meal if your health bar is full. Save that ribeye steak for when you're hurting. Sleep obviously restores health as well, though being a multiplayer game Fallout 76 won't conveniently fast-forward time while you're napping. You'll have to watch your Vault dweller heroically lie down and have a snooze for a few minutes while your health bar tops itself up ever so slowly, and keep your fingers crossed that super mutant doesn't stumble across you. 

The other risk of sleeping is that if you bed down on a random mattress or sleeping bag on the ground there's a good chance you'll catch a disease. Either build a proper bed at your C.A.M.P. or find one in a relatively secure location—for instance, the top room of the control tower at Morgantown Airport has a bed in it, and one that's only accessible via a single entrance.

Jody Macgregor

Jody is that guy who will try to convince you to play some indie game you've never heard of with a name like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game.

Recipe: RadAway is a chems recipe in Fallout 76.


  • Random reward for completing One of Us, Event: Heart of the Swamp, Event: Always Vigilant, Event: Irrational Fear, Event: It's a Trap, Daily: Queen of the Hunt, Daily: Idle Explosives, Daily: Waste Not, Daily: Play Time.
  • Random reward for completing Event: Census Violence, Event: Monster Mash, Daily: Cop a Squatter, Event: Line in the Sand, Event: Distant Thunder, Event: Surface to Air, Event: AWOL Armaments.
  • Random reward for completing Personal Matters and Earth Mover, Event: Lode Baring, Event: Breach and Clear, Event: A Mine of Her Own, Event: Battle Bot.
  • Random reward for completing Daily: Someone To Talk To, Event: The Messenger, Event: Uranium Fever, Event: Distinguished Guests, Event: Violent Night, Event: Guided Meditation. Also low chance for receiving it during Daily: Mistaken Identity, Novice of Mysteries, Hunter/Hunted PVP, or any of the Powering Up quests.


The above template is generated from Template:F76 co chem Radaway. For corrections, edit the target template.

In this Fallout 76 Mutations Guide, we'll list every Mutation we've found in . for any reason, then just use Radaway to bring your Rads down.

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I usually just craft my own Radaway at the chem station. The ingredients aren't that rare.

But if you're scrounging for it then be on the lookout for small blue containers with an open top. They'll often sit on ledges or or in corners and you'll have to walk up to them and manually peer inside.

There is also a certain meat that when you cook it , it remove radiation.

Cooking Radroach meat removes the radiation penalty from the meat. If you eat Radroach meat raw it gives you radiation. Cooking it prevents this, it doesn't become a Radaway alternative that sucks existing radiation out of your body.

No, there is a certain meat that gives -50 radiation when eaten, cant recall name atm unfortunatly.

There is a mirelurk recipe in the cooking station to cure rads. There is also a ghoul doctor to the left of ArcJet Systems, she cures rads and sells stimpaks.

Fallout 76 How to Cure Radiation

how to craft radaway in fallout 76

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Having trouble trying to understand Workbenches or stations? Having trouble learning how to cook, or what to cook? Having trouble making weapons, armors, and other cool stuff that someone is selling to you for extremely high price? This Fallout 76 Crafting Guide will definitely help you become your own man. Follow it and you might become a useful person of the society!

Fallout 76 Crafting Guide

This crafting guide has been crafted for your better experience. Fallout 76 is a massive game and has a great deal of items that can be crafted. To craft items in Fallout 76, you need different platforms.

They include stations, Workbenches or even C.A.M.Ps. These are located on various areas on the map, but C.A.M.P can be implemented on the map in any of the locations you like.

Of course, you can skip crafting items and directly buy items from robots and other players for Caps, but you’ll see yourself running out of Caps pretty fast. The most efficient way in Fallout 76 is to craft items. Without further ado, let us begin:

Cooking Station

The cooking station can be used to cook up different kinds of food or drinks. They can even be used to make herbal potions. Cooking Stations are located all around the grand world of Appalachia.

After taking out water from the Water Pump, you can boil it here to make it healthy enough for use. If you’re in the wild, though, you can craft a Cooking Station in a C.A.M.P.

Do note that eating most of the food cooking from a cooking station may still give you a little bit of radiation. Use a RadAway if you’re reaching your limit.

Perk NameCan be Used on
Green ThumbYourself, to cure diseases
ChemistYourself, to cure diseases

Some of the items you can craft in this Workbench includes: All drinks, all food, Salves, meat, plants, prepared food and drinks, and some utility for crafting.

Recipe NameEffectRequirements to UnlockCrafting Requirement
Boiled WaterRestore HP by 10, Restore Thirst by +15%, Increase Rads Resist by 5Available from the startDirty Water x2, Wood x1
Purified WaterRestore HP by 25, Restore Thirst by +25%Available from the startDirty Water x1, Water Filter x1
Blood PackRestore HP by 50, Increase Rads Resist by 10Obtain Tick BloodAntiseptic x1, Tick Blood x2
Glowing Blood PackRestore HP by 40, Increase Rads Resist by +75, Increase Rads Resist by 10Obtain Blood PackAntiseptic x1, Blood Pack x1 Glowing Blood x1
Stimpak: DilutedRestore HP by 12%, Restore HP by 23%Available from the startPurified Water x2, Stimpak x1
Healing SalveRestore HP by 20%Find RecipeBloodleaf x1, Boiled Water x1, Soot Flower x1
Awesome Opossum BaconRestore HP by 45, Increase LCK by 2, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Opossum MeatOpossum Meat x1, Wood x1
Blackberry JuiceRestore HP by 10, Increase AP Regen by 2, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain BlackberryBoiled Water x1, Wild Blackberry x1, Wood x1
Carrot Flower NectarRestore HP by 10, PER 1, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain Carrot FlowerBoiled Water x1, Carrot Flower x1, Wood x1
Carrot SoupRestore HP by 12, PER 2, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain CarrotBoiled Water x1, Carrot x1, Wood x1
Cat Meat SteakRestore HP by 45, AGI 2, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Cat MeatCat Meat x1, Wood x1
Corn SoupRestore HP by 12, Increase AP Regen by 3, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain CornBoiled Water x1, Corn x1, Wood x1
Crispy Squirrel BitsRestore HP by 25, AGI 2, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Hunger +10%Obtain Squirrel BitsSquirrel Bits x1, Wood x1
Firecap SoupRestore HP by 10, Energy Resist by 25, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain FirecapBoiled Water x1, Firecap x1, Wood x1
Glowing Fungus SoupRestore HP by 12, Rad Resist by 20, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain Glowing FungusBoiled Water x1, Glowing Fungus x1, Wood x1
Grilled RadroachRestore HP by 25, END 1, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +10%Obtain Radroach MeatRadroach Meat x1, Wood x1
Grilled RadstagRestore HP by 60, Carry Weight 20, Increase Rads Resist by 10, Hunger +20%Obtain Radstag MeatRadstag Meat x1, Wood x1
Mole Rat ChunksRestore HP by 25, STR 1, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +10%Obtain Mole Rat MeatMole Rat Meat x1, Wood x1
Mutfruit JuiceRestore HP by 10, AGI 1, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain MutfruitBoiled Water x1, Mutfruit x1, Wood x1
Mutt ChopsRestore HP by 45, END 2, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Mongrel Dog MeatMongrel Dog Meat x1, Wood x1
Pumpkin SoupRestore HP by 30, PER 2, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain PumpkinBoiled Water x1, Pumpkin x1 Wood x1
Razorgrain SoupRestore HP by 30, Disease Resist by 10, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain RazorgrainBoiled Water x1, Razorgrain x1, Wood x1
Ribeye SteakRestore HP by 45, Carry Weight 20, Hunger +15%Flatwoods QuestBrahmin Meat x1, Wood x1
Simple Bloodleaf TeaRestore HP by 10, Disease Resist by 5, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain BloodleafBoiled Water x1, Bloodleaf x1, Wood x1
Simple Fern Flower TeaRestore HP by 10, STR 1, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain Mutated Fern FlowerBoiled Water x1, Mutated Fern Flower x1, Wood x1
Soot Flower Herb PasteRestore HP by 12, Increase Rads Resist by 20, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Restore Thirst by +8%, Hunger +15%Obtain Toxic Soot FlowerBoiled Water x1, Toxic Soot Flower x1, Wood x1
Starlight Berry CobblerRestore HP by 25, END 1, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Hunger +10%Obtain Starlight BerriesStarlight Berries x1, Wood x1
Tarberry JuiceRestore HP by 10, Increase AP by 120, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain TarberryBoiled Water x1, Tarberry x1, Wood x1
Tato JuiceRestore HP by 10, Max Increase AP by 10, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Obtain TatoBoiled Water x1, Tato x1, Wood x1
Vegetable Medley SoupRestore HP by 60, DMG Resist by 20, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +20%Eat found soupBoiled Water x2, Carrot x2, Salt x1, Tato x2, Wood x1Cranberry Jam
Iguana SoupRestore HP by 60, Increase LCK by 3, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +20%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Silt Bean x2, Spices x1 Squirrel Bits x2, Wood x1
Infused Bloodleaf TeaRestore HP by 25, Disease Resist 25, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +25%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Bloodleaf x2, Ginseng Root x1, Tato x2, Wood x1
Mud Cookie (From Delbert’s Mud Cookie Recipe)Restore HP by 25, Increase AP by 180, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Hunger +10%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBlackwater Brew x1, Mirelurk Egg x1, Razorgrain x2, Wood x1
Silt Bean PureeRestore HP by 60, DMG Resist by 15, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%, Hunger +10%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Silt Bean x2, Spices x1, Tato x2, Wood x1
Steeped Aster TeaRestore HP by 10, INT 1, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +15%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Aster x2, Firecracker Berry x2, Sugar x1 Wood x1
Steeped Thistle TeaRestore HP by 25, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Restore Thirst by +25%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Thistle x2, Sugar x1, Wood x1
Sweet Blackberry TeaRestore HP by 25, Increase AP by 200, Increase Rads Resist by 1, Restore Thirst by +25%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Starlight Berry x2, Sugar x1, Wild Blackberry x2, Wood x1
Sweet Tato StewN/AN/AN/A
Tasty Radscorpion Egg OmeletteRestore HP by 45, Increase Rads Resist by 1, Hunger +15%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardPepper x2, Radscorpion Egg x2, Tato x2, Wood x1
Tasty Squirrel StewRestore HP by 60, Increase Rads Resist by 2, Bonus XP 10, Hunger +20%, Restore Thirst by +15%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Salt x1, Squirrel Bits x2, Tato x2, Wood x1
Radscorpion FilletRestore HP by 90, Increase Rads Resist by 5, Resist Energy attacks b 35, Restore Hunger by +25%Finding the recipe in the world/bought from robot/random quest rewardBoiled Water x2, Pepper x2, Radscorpion Egg x2, Radscorpion Meat x2, Wood x1

Armor Workbench

The Armor Workbench, as its name symbolizes, can be used to make armor. Various protective armor pieces can be crafted, including limbs, torso, and head.

The more you level up as a player, the better the armor will unlock in workbenches, and the better will be the quality of the same item.

For example: If you’re a level 20 and make a torso of protective armor (17), if you try that same torso armor when you’re a leve 30, the armor stat will increase from (17) to let’s say (20).

The Armor Workbench can also be used to repair or modify armors. Additionally, costumes can also be stitched here. In Fallout 76, you can make a living as a smith, or a tailor. The possibilities, and bugs, are infinite!

Some of the items you can find in the Armor Workbench include: Clothing, Heavy Armor, Headwear, Light Armor, Sturdy Armor, and protection beneath Armor.

Armor NameDMG ResistElemental ResistWeightCrafting Requirement
Leather ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece410 (Energy)4
Left Arm / Right Arm12 (Energy)2
Left Leg / Right Leg12 (Energy)2.25
Wood ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece
Left Arm / Right Arm
Left Leg / Right Leg21 (Energy)1.80
Raider ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece104 (Energy)4.50
Left Arm / Right Arm52 (Energy)2.25
Left Leg / Right Leg52 (Energy)2.50
Metal ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece
Left Arm / Right Arm
Left Leg / Right Leg
Combat ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece
Left Arm / Right Arm
Left Leg / Right Leg
Robot ArmorTotal:
Chest Piece
Left Arm / Right Arm
Left Leg / Right Leg

Chemistry Station

Basically a link between the Cooking Station and the Tinker’s Station, the Chemistry Station provides construction for chems that can be used in food and potions, fuel and gunpoweder for weapons’ ammo, and smelted ore for metal scrapping and constructing armor.

The Chemistry Station is your go-to for higher level of crafting things. You can also scrap items in Chemistry Station. Recipes are required for item crafting though.

Some of the perks exclusive to a Chemistry Station are:

Perk NameCan be Used on
Chemist Antibiotics and on yourself, for curing of diseases
Pharmacist Yourself, for curing of diseases, and for filtering water

Some of the items that can be found in a Chemistry Station include: All drinks,simple ammo, energy ammo, drugs, grenades, salves and RadAway/Stimpaks, mutation serums, nuked flora, smelted ores, and other utility items.

Weapons Workbench

Weapons can be crafted at the Weapons Workbench. There are a ton of weapons available here, and quite possibly, every weapon can be crafted. Of course, nothing’ll be free. You’ll need a lot of parts to construct a weapon.

Additionally, there are a tons of mods you can apply to each weapon, leading to an infinite amount of guns, blades, launchers, bats, rifles and other weapons that can damage things.

There are some perks exclusive to a Weapons Workbench:

Perk NameCan be Used on
Gladiator Some One-Handed Melee Weapons
Heavy Gunner Some Heavy Guns
Iron Fist Some Fists and One-Handed Melee Weapons
Shotgunner Some Shotguns
Slugger Some Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Commando Some Automatic Rifles
Exotic Weapon All Exotic-graded weapons
Rifleman Some Non-Automatic Rifles
Science Some Energy Weapons and Energy Heavy Guns
Action Boy/Girl Some Repairs
Guerrilla Some Automatic Pistols
Gunslinger Some Non-Automatic Pistols

Some of the types of weapons that can be crafted in a Weapons Workbench include:

Blunt (Melee), Edged (Melee), Energy Guns, Exotic Weapons, Heavy Guns, Launchers, Pipe Guns, Throwing Weapons, and Ultracite Weapons.


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeightCrafting Requirements
Pipe Pistol126084554
Pipe Revolver27584623
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol40396633
10mm Pistol1643120633.3
Snubnosed .44 Pistol40684735.2
Single Action Revolver
Flare Gun53147752
Black Powder Pistol1152204663
Laser Pistol


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeightCrafting Requirements
Pipe Pistol126084554
Pipe Revolver27584623
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol40396633
10mm Pistol1643120633.3
Snubnosed .44 Pistol40684735.2
Single Action Revolver
Flare Gun53147752
Black Powder Pistol1152204663
Laser Pistol


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeightCrafting Requirements
Pump Action Shotgun55536247.7
Double-barrel Shotgun

Heavy Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeightCrafting Requirements
Missile Launcher
Fat Man

Melee Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGSpeedWeightCrafting Requirements
Combat Knife9Fast1
Bowie Knife11Fast1
Lead Pipe15Medium3
Pipe Wrench16Medium2
Ski Sword44Medium3
Guitar Sword
Chinese Officer’s Sword
Commie Whacker6Medium2
Boxing Glove
Baseball Bat
Walking Cane23
Golf Club25Slow3
Pool Cue37Slow1
Multi-Purpose Axe27Slow4
Fire Axe

Throwing Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGRangeWeightCrafting Requirements
Throwing Knives75120.25
Molotov Cocktail50 (8 Burning)940.50
Baseball Grenade12594`
Fragmentation Grenade150940.50
Plasma Grenade200, 200 (Energy)940.50
Fragmentation Mine150940.50
Pulse Mine175, 175 (Energy)940.50

Tinker’s Workbench

Tired of ratting around in trash cans and sewers for ammunition? Now you can construct your own ammunition, exclusively on the Tinker’s Workbench. This workbench also offers you to build grenades, miens and much more.

In addition to crafting simple ammo, you’ll also be prompted to make special kinds of ammo. Though there might be a level requirement. Some of the items that can be crafted on the Tinker’s Workbench are given below:

Some perks are exclusive to the Tinker’s workbench.

Perk NameCan be Used on
Demolition Expert Some Grenades and Mines
Science Some Grenades and Mines
Home Defense Some Traps

Some types of ammo that can be crafted in this workbench include: Simple Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Energy Ammo, Buff, Grenades, and Mines.

Water Pump
The Water Pump is a tool that can be used to dig relatively clean water out of ground. You can find pumps in most towns. But if you don’t want that, you can also craft a Water Pump in a C.A.M.P. if you have a plan.

Workshop Workbench

The Workshop workbench is basically a placeholder for a Public Workshop that can be used to building huge defense parts or to mine rare resources nearby each workshop. The Workshop Workbench has to be claimed before use.

You can either pay for your claim, in caps, or fight others over it. Its either brains or brawn. Your choice.

The Stations are used to assemble things up. Some of the stations include:

Power Armor Station

The Power Armor Station can be used to mod different parts on a Power Armor. Occasionally, you may also find some complete Power Armor sets hanging on these stations. You can also scrap the many items here for Power Armor scrap part ingredients.

There might be a level requirement to equip some parts of a Power Armor, so don’t expect much at lower levels. You can find out more on the Power Armor locations in our guide. Additionally, you can also build a Power Armor Station using C.A.M.P. if you have a plan. There are 2 variants.

As you level up and find different type of plans and raw materials, you’ll unlock different items for your power armor. Generally, they are:

Enclave, Excavator, Raider, T-45, T-51B, T-60, Ultracite, and X-01.

Types of Items

There are different types of items in Fallout 76, that can be used in workbenches or stations. The game automatically categorizes them into three main types. Lets discuss them below:

This includes all sort of consumables, chems, and ammo that will inevitably be used up by the player upon an action. You can find Recipes spread out across the world in the locations your common sense is telling you to look into.

You have a better chance of finding ammo in shooting camps, or in cafes (don’t ask). Similarly, chems are pretty common in hospitals and other sites of medical expertise. You can also obtain recipes by scrapping a specific item. Recipes may also come as a bonus for picking up an item.

You’ll need to read a specific Recipe before it can be unlocked in your workbench.

Plans include armored clothing, weapons, and construction items. Plans are used in Armor Workbench, Weapons Workbench, Power Armor Workbench, and C.A.M.P. workbench. They can be found all around the world.

You might have run into a few of these yourself too. As discussed above, the specific power level of a crafted item can change depending on your level, and your expertise.

This is why it’s better to invest into crafting early on in the game. The more you craft, the better you get at it.

These are enhancements that can be used on your clothing, and weapons. Mods provide special enhancements on your mods and can be applied through Armor Workbench, Weapons Workbench, and Power Armor Workbench.

You can find Mods in special wooden boxes with a cog insignia printed on top of it. They’re scattered all around the world. You can find out more information on Mods through the Inventory Guide.

Junk Items
These are items that you can use to crafting everything. They are available in abundance all over Appalachia. They are also regenerated after each successful day.

Pick up literally everything you see in the world. You can break it down into basic components for use later. For example, you can break down the Blast Radius Board Game into Nuclear Material, that can be used in many other materials.

Do not worry about the inventory space too. You’ll not run out very soon.

There are a lot of different types of junk items. Heck, even a soap is a junk item. You can scrap it into oil, and that’ll become useful in your crafting world. As your mind grows, you’ll become more accustomed to picking up specific junk. One thing to note is that you may not need to scrap all your junk.

You can make items from workbenches and the workbench will automatically scrap the required junk. Scrap junk only if you need space.

Non-Junk Items
There are a ton of non-junk items that can be scrapped up, but shouldn’t be. These include weapons and other stuff that can be used temporarily but might become useless later. You should keep all your old weapons and turn them into scrap later when you do not have a use for them.

Some other items can also be scrapped into component items. You can find non-junk items in containers, corpses and crops. Another type of non-junk items include resources. You can find resources in several deposits on the map, and in veins of ores. You can manually dig these out, or you can construct a resource generator to mine them out automatically.

Magazines are special items in Fallout 76 that grant you unique buffs temporarily. The buff from a magazine can last several hours when activated. These are basically in-game boosters, but free.

You can also use Luck perk Curator to increase the time a specific Magazine can provide a buff by 2/3/4 times, depending on the perk’s level. You can find out more on Magazines through this guide. Some of the magazines are discussed below, in this guide:

Magazine NameDescription
Backwoodsman 1Collect extra meat when you search dead animals
Backwoodsman 3Crafting weapons costs fewer materials
Backwoodsman 4Gain a 50% chance for double yield when harvesting plants
Backwoodsman 6Gain a 50% chance for double yield when harvesting plants
Backwoodsman 7Receive 50% more healing from cooked food
Backwoodsman 8You are 50% less likely to become diseased from food and drink
Grognak the Barbarian 6You are 30% more satisfied by eating and drinking
Grognak the Barbarian 7Melee weapons lose condition 50% more slowly
Grognak the Barbarian 9Gain 10 Carry Capacity
Guns and Bullets 5Gain 50% more components when scrapping weapons
Live and Love 3Heal 50% more from eating vegetables and fruits
Scout’s Life 1Suffer 30% less radiation from eating and drinking
Scout’s Life 3Gain 10 Carry Capacity
Scout’s Life 6You become hungry and thirsty 30% more slowly
Scout’s Life 10Equipped items lose condition 30% more slowly
Tesla Science 4Your Power Armor consumes Fusion Cores 15% more slowly
Tesla Science 5Your heavy guns consume ammo 20% more slowly

r/fo Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout I didn't see any option to craft radaway at a chemistry station, so I guess we have to find it?.

How to find and craft stimpaks in Fallout 76

Early in Fallout 76, finding a steady supply of aid items should be your first priority. Later on, you’ll be so overloaded with stimpacks, you’ll just have to start dumping the things on the ground like trash. There’s a better way to manage your stockpile of healing items, one that doesn’t involve wasting those valuable supplies — and no, unfortunately selling extras (usually) isn’t worth the effort.

You can make your stash more efficient with these simple healing item tips and tricks — whether you’re diluting stimpacks to multiply your supplies, or grabbing junk to craft healing on-the-fly, there’s more than one way to stay alive in the West Virginia wasteland.

If you’re really feeling like you’re overburdened with aid items, try taking on a legendary cryptid, or explore an area that’s way higher level than you. That’s a good way to waste those aid items and earn a bunch of XP. When you’re running low on aid items again, or just want to know tricks you can use to stay stocked-up indefinitely, here’s a few tricks you can use.

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How To Never Run Out Of Healing | Aid Items Tips & Tricks

If you follow the main series of Fallout 76 quests, you’ll be swimming in stimpacks. Some quests straight-up give you 20+ stimpacks. They’re rare at the start, but completing quests will give you way more than just searching the wasteland. The problem is, stimpacks weigh you down. You’ll find it harder and harder to carry all those stimpacks around. You can drop stimpacks into your stash for later, or you can use a few simple tricks to lower the amount of stimpacks you’re carrying, and get way more uses out of them.

  • NOTE: Make sure to complete the first Responders faction quests. You can return to this area / switch servers to collect lots of extra items. Find the Responders at Flatwoods, south of Vault 76.

Stimpacks heal instantly. Food only lets you recover slowly over time, so you don’t want to eat food during combat. There’s another item you can get early-on that is easy to craft, and will heal you instantly.

  • Healing Salve: Restores 20% health. No animation on use. Heals instantly.
    • Recipe available at most vendors.
    • Requires: x1 Boiled Water, x1 Soot Flower, x1 Bloodleaf

Get the Green Thumb Perk to collect double ingredients when foraging. You’ll find plenty of water and Bloodleaf on the river bank outside Flatwoods. Travel far west of Flatwoods to Hillfolk Hotdogs for everything you need — there’s a ton of Bloodleaf, Soot Flower, and water. There’s a cooking station here, too.

To make life at your CAMP easier, you can purchase a purifier schematic for an unlimited supply of non-toxic water. Water is very easy to find in Appalachia, and liquids heal the player faster than other non-stimpack aid items.

  • Purifier: Purifies water. Aid items that you drink (purified water) heal much faster than food items.
    • Purchase the Purifier Schematic at any vendor. Sold for 200-300 caps.

Finally, you can multiply your healing item supply by diluting Stimpacks — and unlocking the valuable Chemist perk.

  • Diluted Stimpack: Heals half as much as a standard stimpack. Also weights half as much. Requires a Stimpack to craft x2 Diluted Stimpacks — essentially, you split a single stimpack into two.
    • Unlock the Chemist Perk to create x4 Diluted Stimpacks.
    • With the Chemist Perk unlocked, you can craft x2 Stimpacks -> then craft x8 Diluted Stimpacks.
    • You’ve just used the same amount of resources to craft a single stimpack, and essentially crafted x4 Stimpacks.

If you’re extremely lucky, you can also unlock / equip the Travelling Pharmacy perk. This lowers the weight of all stimpacks in your inventory.

Finally, let’s talk about Cannibalism. Get the Lead Belly Perk to lower the amount of rads you’ll get from eating / drinking irradiated aid items if you want to cannibalize. Take flesh off monsters you kill, and then cook it at a crafting station. With Cannibalism, you can eat ghoul flesh. But, there is an overabundance of animal meat you can acquire — and animal meat slowly goes bad in your inventory, unlike over aid items.

Cannibalism and Lead Belly are only useful early in the game. Later on, you’ll have plenty of options for aid items, and enough RadAway to deal with any poisoning you might have.


how to craft radaway in fallout 76

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how to craft radaway in fallout 76
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