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How to craft the scavanger axe darwin
April 27, 2019 Carefree Crafting 3 comments

Scavenger Axe
Recover your health when looting dead inmate or robotic deer. The circle of life, or something.
Type: Axe
Crafting Cost: 1 Wood and 1 Leather
Crafting Time: 3 seconds
Stats: Heals from looting inmate or deer: +25

Craft speed: +10%

Max Level: 5

Scavenger Axe is one of the available upgrades for the Axe. It increases your Craft Speed by 10% per level, up to 50% extra craft speed at max level, and grants you +25 healing from lootin dead Inmates or deer, up to 125 extra healing at max level.

Level Heal from looting Craft Speed
LevelBonus HealExtra Craft Speed PercentageArrow Craft TimeTool/Fire Craft TimeArmor/Perk Craft TimePower Craft Time

Note: Craft times have been tested in-game

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The in game description is wrong - while it says that the crafting speed percentage should increase by 10% per level, it actually increases by around 7% per level - meaning that at max level, the crafting speed is slower by ~15% than it should be.
  • Crafting speed bonus affects all Crafting Wheel items, including Armor, Fire and Scavenger Axe levels.
  • The healing bonus does not affect any other sources of Healing. The healing value from lethal blows on players, or Medkit healing is unaffected.

The alpha is launching alongside a first developer diary video (below) that explains what helps the game stand out from the pack. Darwin Project places a strong emphasis on tracking, which reduces some of the downtime you see in games like PUBG. You have to craft fires to avoid freezing to death, but those give away your position -- it won't take long before someone knows where you are. Footprints can reveal your path, too. Combine that with up-close weaponry (you have a bow and axe to defend yourself) and a strong emphasis on spectating and it promises to be tense whether or not you're playing.

The game isn't due to launch until spring 2018, when it should arrive for both PCs and Xbox One. It probably won't usurp PUBG's crown (Bluehole's title has already sold over 20 million copies before it's even finished), but it could offer a refreshing twist on an increasingly well-worn formula.

So, you can imagine how I felt after seeing Scavengers Studio's The drops players into a snow-covered arena with just their wits, an axe, and bow. To survive the cold, they'll need to build fires and/or craft warmer gear.

The eponymous Darwin Project puts ten jumpsuit-wearing prisoners together in an icy environment and has them fight to the death in a Battle Royale experience that follows in the footsteps of PUBG and its growing collection of peers. However, Scavengers Studio hasn't followed the script as closely as other games have in recent months, and the results are surprisingly refreshing, even if the experience as a whole is proving a little divisive. More on that later.

Darwin Project takes the basic last man standing premise and mixes things up with a couple of ideas that we've not seen in this growing sub-genre before. Most immediately obvious is the focus on crafting. As the player explores their surroundings they'll find a limited number of resources - trees, abandoned furniture, that sort of thing - that must be gathered and used in crafting. The icy environment means that your character's body temp will drop steadily throughout, and building fires is an important part of keeping the cold at bay. You can also craft a number of additional items, for example, the first thing we would do is get the materials to build a snuggly winter coat, thus keeping us warmer for longer.

The more you gather and craft, the more advantages you'll have later in the game, and this ends up making Darwin Project feel a little bit like a MOBA as each new game has defined character progression. This is reinforced by the lower player count; you're not given a throwaway character, rather you have to nurture them and grow in strength as you play, crafting upgrades to weapons and armour as you progress. Players are dropped into an area by themselves at the start of the game and are free to take their time at first, finding resources and exploring their immediate area. It won't take long before you bump into someone else though, and when that happens things quickly get violent.

The combat isn't the most nuanced or complicated, especially when compared to the competition, although perhaps we should add the caveat that we only played with one character. We were able to choose between two bows and two melee weapons, but that was the extent of it from our experience. The combat is as simplistic as the weapon options, but given the complexity elsewhere we're not sure that's a bad thing. You can swing your weapon (in our case we mainly went with the axe over the shovel) in a wide arc, smashing anyone that gets in your way. Likewise, if you've got arrows you can fire them at your opponent, and if you score a hit either up close or at range, your opponent will be knocked back and away from you, making it hard to get a succession of quick hits in at best, or letting your opponent escape at worst. It's an interesting design choice, and it feels very arcadey, but we thought it worked. Whether using the bow or something more up close and personal, the action felt fast and fluid.

While the combat may be straightforward, the evolution of each match is most certainly not, and this is because of Darwin Project's innovative and divisive key feature, the show director. While there might be ten players freezing out in the snow, fighting for survival, there's actually an eleventh player who assumes the role of director and, from their omnipotent position in the clouds, directs the action in a number of ways. If you've seen West World or The Truman Show, you'll understand the concept of someone overseeing the action, tinkering with events to create a more entertaining narrative, but as with so much in life, with great power comes great responsibility.

We saw the good and bad side of the feature. On one occasion, for example, we were sneaking up on another player who was warming their hands at a fire, when the director told him we were coming and he took off into the woods. Very frustrating. On the other hand, however, we played as the director and had a great time. We took the role seriously and tried to keep the game balanced and engaging for those taking part, and we were given a number of tools to help us achieve this. That said, we can see why some people aren't enamoured with the design choice and are calling for it to be removed or for there to be a mode without a player-controlled director, because it's easy to abuse the considerable power you're given in the game, should you so wish.

We opted for balance and equality, favouring no particular player, and trying to push them together and create moments of action. You can shut down different areas so players have to move on, and you can subtly funnel them towards each other if you're careful and time it right. There are other, more aggressive ways you can shake things up, and we even managed to end one player's game by dropping a nuke on the sector they were investigating (they had plenty of time to get out, they just tried to cut down one too many trees on their way out). Other tricks include giving players temporary speed and health boosts, and even invincibility. Clearly a director has the ability to unbalance a match, but careful consideration and clever use of the abilities you have (there are a limited number of action points available at any one time, so you can't make everyone Speedy Gonzales, for example) can empower players to take risks they might otherwise not have contemplated, driving them into an area where other players are exploring.

One interesting design choice was the decision to have open comms as standard, and we'd been chatting away to someone while playing without realising our conversation was being broadcast until we were sat in the next lobby waiting to start and another player told us to shut up. Fair enough, we were chatting a load of nonsense, but the open comms was still the only thing we didn't really like. For the director it opens up too many opportunities for unhelpful meddling, and we'd prefer that all players were anonymous to everyone else involved, ensuring that the key directorial role was dispassionately executed. Calls for a mode without are worth considering, but actually we rather enjoyed this aspect and want to see it evolved and refined, rather than left on the cutting room floor. We also look forward to playing in a pair, another mode that wasn't available during the beta. Still, Darwin Project certainly caught our attention thanks to some innovative ideas stitched into what is becoming an increasingly well-worn concept. There's plenty for the devs to think about as they move closer to full release on PC and Xbox One, but we enjoyed our brief introduction and look forward to playing more when the time comes.

Darwin Project - Beta Impressions

how to craft the scavanger axe darwin

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Darwin Project - Build Guide (Wheels)

Written by Teej got Rekt   /   Mar 12, 2018    

My Favourite Wheels all for different types of game types!

Use These Wheels to Your Advantage!

Use these wheels to your advantage since the game is a new game that's just come out and very many players are just getting use to it, you should be able to get a few wins.

Defensive Wheel

Lets Start with the Defensive Wheel which i like to use when i feel like i'm not playing well and may need to run from a fight.

The Arrow

  • Now i use the Berserker Arrow For the reason, if you're being chased you can turn around hit the target or try and you get unlimited stamina for 10 seconds which gives you a good chance to sprint for them 10 seconds and make a get away.

The Tools

  • The Tools i use are Cage Trap, Smoke Bomb And Snowball, I use these because with the Cage trap you are able to trap your target and run or even damage them and use the unlimited stamina to run, I use the Smoke bomb because if you're in trouble and need to escape the fight quickly you are able to use this and get away, And the snowball because, firstly it takes nothing to craft these apart from a second in game and you are able to throw these at enemys and push them back if they're charging you, you could be getting chased turn around throw one of these puppies and hit a player and gain a bit more distance between you both. 

The Electronics

  • The Electronics I use are going to be, Camo, Teleport And Energy Shield Or Power Leap, you can use either of these. I use camo because if you spot an enemy that you think is good or you just want to get out of that area without him seeing you, you're able to activate camo and run, same with Teleport you think he's going to be able to kill you? Pop teleport and you can teleport anywhere up to 100 Meters Away, With Power Leap you are able to go about 150 meters! I use energy shield becaues if someone is beating me I can just pop a Shield and i have 10 seconds of hits that aren't going to damage me and honestly if you need to pop it and let the enemy hit you once and you're gonna go really far so after he's hit you, you're gonna want to Teleport & or Power leap straight out of that situation. 

The Gear

  • The Gear i use in this Wheel is basically everything to keep players as far away as possible such as Evader Boots, And Ghost Cloak, i use the Scavenger Axe in this wheel so if im low on health i can kill a deer and get a 25+ Heal, or even more if my axe is upgraded fully! I use the Ghost Cloak for the Less Tracking time the opponent gets on me, and I use the Evader boots for the ability to ruin quicker and get further away if im being tracked, this can be very helpful in many situations.

High Kill Wheel

For This Section We will talk about the High Kill Wheel.

The Arrow

  • Here i use the Hunters Arrow because of the 10 second tracking it gives you on the player, This is a very good advantage to keep eyes on your opponent and almost be able to track where they're going and be able to hit them before they get the chance to hit you, if they're trying to hide you have basically / almost wall-hacks. 

The Tools

  • Here i use The Bear Trap, SmokeBomb And Trip Wire, I use these because they're all advantages in fights The bear trap causes the Player to be stuck in a trap and you can get 2 axe hits or a very easy bow hit here with the bear trap thats 150 - 200 + 100 damage, thats almost half the players health gone, The Smoke bomb is very usefull if you have already hit the player or have been tracking them, you will be able to see them in the smoke and can hit them without them seeing you, The trip wire is good because it stuns the target for a few seconds and lets you get a very easy hit off on the opponent. 

The Electronics

  • The Electronics i use here are Camo,Teleport And Radar or Turret. I use these since they all give you an advantage over the player and can give you a very high chance to beat the opponent. You can use Camo to get hits or your player without them being able to see you, you can use Teleport to trap your opponent when they're running or teleport right on top of them when you're close, You can use Radar to see your opponent when they're close again this is just like Tracking your opponent and getting the advantage, I would also sometimes use the turret because im sure this is a guranteed hit if they're in the open! 

The Gear

  • The Gear i use here Are Sharpened Axe, Runner Cloak And Speed Boots, for reasons such as The Extra damage when the axe is upgraded is very useful for fights when you feel like your axe is your only option the Runner cloak since it keeps you the warm and you can run the furthuest with this also you won't have to worry about getting too cold half way through a fight which will give you less vision and could get you killed, and then i use speed boots just because the extra speed you have in a fight is the better, you can easily catch your opponent and get an extra hit on them if they're attempting a getaway.

Game:   Darwin Project

Written by Teej got Rekt.

Scavengers Studio's Darwin Project -- which just made its way to Steam else and braining them a few times with your axe (or shovel), there's a much Electronics will allow you to craft items needed for abilities (and these.

Darwin Project Beginner's Guide: How to Beat the Odds

In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where the world is stuck on the brink of another ice age, a new project -- half science experiment, half live entertainment -- is launched: the Darwin Project. Forcing participants to survive the cold and a fight to the death, surviving the cold will be the least of your worries. 

Scavengers Studio's Darwin Project -- which just made its way to Steam Early Access last week -- is an ambitiously fun take on the Battle Royale formula. Equal parts Tomb Raider and Fortnite, this rendition is liberally spiked with lively Twitch streamer commentary. 

While the ability to play in doubles still remains locked, you are given the option to jump into quick matches as a combatant (normal play), or once you've got a handful of matches under your belt, as a game director. 

With a much smaller map and a limited number of players, games are quick, and the chance of making it into the top three much higher. This guide to the Darwin Project will tell you the things you'll want to know to ensure your place in the top spot. 

Trust me, there's more than chance and skill at work here!

Optimize Your Gear and Gather Items to Survive

While you might get lucky and get a kill right at the get-go by spawning close enough to someone else and braining them a few times with your axe (or shovel), there's a much greater likelihood that you're going to want to gain the upper hand on your opponents -- and largely without relying on the fickle whims of your (occasionally) all-seeing Show Director. 

With this in mind, be aware that everyone has their own basic play style. Take these suggestions as you will!

Customize Your Crafting Wheel

All players should customize their crafting wheel while still in the main menu. This way you won't be under serious time constraints while trying to figure out what gear you want to make.

Specialize Your Arrows

Take a look through some of the specialized arrows (I am a fan of the Hunter arrows myself). Be aware that if you do choose these, you won't spawn with any and you'll need the materials to craft them. 

Use Traps Liberally

Your traps are all about gaining the upper hand on your opponents -- try and ensure that you can see them but that they can't see you. To that effect, smoke bombs are a good bet which allow you to hide from their radar (yes, this still counts as a trap). I also recommend the tripwire and bear trap for showing up on radar (to everyone) and immobilizing them for a few free shots.

Pick Up Electronics

Push for electronics hard and early. These will give you the biggest advantages on all other players, but be warned that if you want them, other players certainly will too! Electronics will allow you to craft items needed for abilities (and these are permanent once you've made them). I like pushing for Teleport first (mobility is key, particularly early on, when any edge is of enormous consequence), Radar (obvious), and Energy Shield (invincibility while it's active, so excellent for one-on-one scrambles).

More Health, Less Dying

Push formore health, always. You could rely on the Director to spend their Health ability on you, but what are the chances, really? Killing other players will give you back some Health, but be aware that you can also find medkits in loot boxes and by harvesting deer (there are lots of them).

Wood is Your Backup Plan

Contingencies! Try to keep at least one block of wood at the ready for a quick fire in a pinch. Warmth goes up super quick, and there's nothing like freezing to death in the middle of a fight or right at the edge of a zone close. 

Search Cabins

Look through the cabins -- lots of these will have hidden radars in the corners that allow you to track the movements of all the players on the map. (You'll often find stuff to harvest materials from too.) 

Stop Jumping Around

Juke on land, not in the air. Jumping around might feel like you're dodging around more, but you move a lot slower while jumping, which makes it a lot easier for the other person to track you with their arrows.

Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

Other gear (boots and cloak, for example) should be specialized per your play style, whether you want to get away with being less noticeable with a Fur Cloak (less need for fire) or a Runner Cloak (good for escaping out of closing zones, racing for electronics, etc.). 

Work Around the Black Screen Glitch

New as it is, the game has been running fairly well for most people ... barring a few issues on startup. As has been reported, many users are seeing a black screen after the initial loading screen disappears. 

Some users reported that it was the fact the game was installed on and running off of a separate hard drive that caused the extra long load times during this black screen (sometimes to the tune of 5-7 minutes!). For these users, it would eventually load, but the best option was (if possible) to re-install the game off the OS drive

I experienced this bug as well, and being the impatient person I am, abandoned the waiting game after about two minutes of looking at nothing. My personal go-to is always to make sure that my graphics drivers are up to date. That done, I keep a close eye on my antivirus/malware program in case it tries to block any suspicious (read: any) new startup item. 

Whether the one, the other, or a combination of the two, my game booted up just fine and in less than 30 seconds. Before making the jump to reinstall, give this a try!

Be as Charming as You Know How to Be

... It feels weird just writing the above. And yet know this: Your voice is on, and someone is/may be listening to you. I may or may not have inadvertently found this out while talking dirty on a Skype call and then realizing some random was calling me out on it. Whoops.

This is not exactly how I would suggest setting out to charm your audience.

But be aware that you have one, and if the Director starts talking to you, talk back. If you're engaged in a fight, you can talk to the other player as well. Keep things interesting. This streamer-type engagement is what elevates the mostly solo task of playing into something that's, in most cases, highly entertaining if not out and out hilarious. 

People being what they are and the job description of the Director being what it is, this can come out in the form of extra hints on other enemy locations or power-ups (e.g., a shot of health, speed boost, warmth, invincibility, etc.), or on the flip side, the Director can also declare a manhunt on you. This means extra loot for all the other players if they kill you, plus they can see where you are. Note that in this situation, you do gain more arrows and resources to try and outlive the chaos. 

This Goes for Directors Too!

As the Director, you are able to affect the Darwin Project (closing off zones, dropping nukes, causing gravity storms) and the players (through the power-ups mentioned above). In order to perform one of these actions, you have to wait until you gain an Ability Point. Don't play favorites too hard -- make this an interesting game for everyone, and try to be a little fair in how hard you troll each of your little puppets. Make 'em dance!

(There is no real dance button. You could manage to finagle them into singing you a song.)

At player death, others have the opportunity to rate you as a Director. The more engaging you are, the likelier they are to score you higher (or at all). 

Be aware that if your Director rating falls below a certain point, you'll be limited in your Director abilities to those that affect the game only. 


Do you have any other tips for Darwin Project that should make the list? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Darwin Project tips and information!

how to craft the scavanger axe darwin

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Diablo 2 Single Player Crafting Blood Axes

Axes are one of two weapons used in Darwin Project. The axe is a melee Scavenger Axe - Gain a 25% health bonus when looting a dead player or a deer.

how to craft the scavanger axe darwin
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