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How to craft the slime crown
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Terraria - The Ultimate Guide

Written by MinnieEddie   /   May 28, 2019    

A walkthrough for new players!

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Before starting this guide, here is an introduction to our guide. This guide is meant for new players so that you can learn how to play the game. If you have played through Terraria at least once, this guide might be not for you. Terraria is my favorite game, with around 1600 hours clocked into it. If you have not played it yet, please play it! Now, it is time to start your Terraria experience.

Starting Out

Before we start this guide, we need to open up the game and look at the controls. After you open the game, you should see this image. Select "Settings", and then select "Controls", and then go into 'Keybinds". I suggest that you take some time looking at these, and then test them out in a practice world. Now that we have that over with, it is time to start. If you are playing by yourself, go into "Singleplayer" And create a character. There are many customization options that you do not have to touch, but are quite self-explanatory. Name your character whatever you want. I will name mine "Gary the Guide", as you can see in the right. Now that you have a character, find their avatar and double-click it. This will select the character you are playing as. Now, it is time to create a new world. Click "New", and you will be presented with options for your world. You can choose whatever you want, but as a sample world here are the options I picked: Large, Normal Mode, and Corruption. I named my world a somewhat unoriginal "Earth". It will take a while to load, but you can select it when you are finished. Now, finally we are ready to start playing.

Once you are in the world, there is something that will be useful for reading this while playing, the pause function. Press escape, go to "Settings" and look in the bottom left hand quarter of the box that shows up. Select "Autopause" and turn it on. This way, whenever you are in your inventory (opened and closed by pressing escape), the game will pause. This way, you can open into a different window and read this without exiting out of the game. It can be turned off at any time if you do not like it, though. Now, time to start with the playing! The first thing that you should do is use your mouse scroll wheel or press 3 to select your axe, and then start chopping down trees. There are two ways of doing it. The control key toggles automatic breaking of things,all you have to do is hold down left click, and the game will chop down any tree in range. Another way is to align your cursor with the trunk of the tree, and hold left click, which will work if the tree is in range.

Next. replanting the tree may be a good idea. If the tree dropped acorns, select one and click just above the ground where you cut down the tree. If you did it right, there should be a small sapling there now. Usually I gather 200 wood, however you do not have to. While you are doing this, you may encounter a slime. Slimes are not hard to beat. A few tips: Do not use your copper shortsword. It may do more damage, but it's stabbing animation does not protect you from attacks. However, if you use your axe or pickaxe, you get a swinging animation, which attacks in an arc in front of you. This causes you to be able to: a. get more knockback to keep it a safe distance away (in the case of the axe), and b. hit it mid-jump, cancelling it's jump with the knockback, which will prevent it from getting hits on you, as slimes can only bounce. Generally, I wait to build a shelter until later in the game, but I will now show you two possible first-night shelter solutions.

In order to build a first house, first we need to craft what we need. Open your inventory/ and look in the bottom right of your screen. That is your crafting menu. Use your mouse wheel to scroll through possible crafting options. If you have gel from a slime and wood, you will be able to find a torch in the menu. Right click on it, and then put your cursor over the inventory slot you want to put it in and left click. Use this to craft a workbench. Then place the workbench down. The way do do that is to click on the workbench in your inventory, and then bring your cursor down so that it is adjacent to a block. In this case, it must be in the space above two solid blocks. Once it is placed, when you stand near it, there are new crafting selections. In order to replace your copper shortsword, grab a wooden sword. This has a swinging animation that is usable, so you will not have to use your axe anymore for combat. Crafting a bow is optional, but if you do also grab some arrows (you will need stone). For the house building, let's just craft a hammer. And also grab a furnace for once you get ore. Now, it is time to start building! The first option (On the bottom left corner of the picture of bases) is to simply make a base in a hole. Dig straight down until you are about 12 or so blocks underground, then craft wooden platforms. Place them above you in the hole. You can jump through them, or go down them by pressing S. Make sure that you can enter and exit the hole, and then hollow out a 3 block-tall hole in front of you. Go as far as you want, but try to keep it around room-length. Now hollow out the room. Expand the passageway you made upwards so that you have a rectangular room. Move the workbench in there. You may notice that the backdrop of the room is dirt. This is where the hammer comes in. Use it to break the walls. Start at the surface, and break all the dirt walls, starting at the top of your entry hole and going down. Once you reach the doorway, press the control button and hold down the mouse to break all walls within range. Not all of the walls might be in range, so if you need to reach something, place wooden platforms on top of each other until you reach it. Once you have gotten rid of the dirt background walls, it is time to make the interior. This is not required, but if you want to keep the shape of the room interesting, a small detail can make a bit more variety. You can place a block of dirt or stone to make it blend in with the rest of the ground around the block in the top right and left corners of your room.

Then, hit them with the hammer until they both slope upward, making a bit of an arch shape with the ceiling. Now it is time to furnish your house. Place your workbench inside, and then craft a chair. Place it facing the workbench, and put all other furniture that you crafted in. Finally, it is time for the background walls. Craft around 100 at the workbench,(Requiring around 25 wood) and press control inside the room near the walls to start building background walls. Now, it is time for the finishing touches. Craft and place a door in the entryway to the room, and place a torch on the wall. That is the first design. The second (middle of picture) is also an option. First, even out the land. You want a flat surface. Next, make the floor. You should just be able to place wood on top of the blocks of the flat surface that you want your house to be built on. Now, you can build the walls. Just place wood into wall shapes on the edges of the floor. Make them around 6-7 blocks tall, and make an opening that is 3 blocks high so that you can walk in and out of the house, hopefully on floor level. Now, it is time to make a ceiling. Just place wood to complete the rectangle shape. Now, let's make everything 2 blocks thick. This way, it will look a bit better. The ceiling is a bit special. Make most of the ceiling two blocks thick, except the two outermost blocks to the left and right of the ceiling. Then, hammer the outermost left and right blocks on the first and second levels into a slope. This will make it look more like a roof.

Now, it is time to put in the doors. Craft doors and put them on the outer layers of the wall in the entry/exit holes. Craft around 100 wood walls, and click the control key to place the walls until all of the house is filled in with background walls. Move your workbench in and craft and place a chair facing it, and also put in anything else that you want. Put a torch on the wall to finish off the house. Congratulations! You built your first house, whether it is a hole in the ground, or a little house above the ground, it should protect you for the night. Speaking of which, in the time that it took you to build that, it is probably either nighttime, or close to it. Some more dangerous monsters come out at night. I will go over them. First off, we have the zombie. If you are playing in expert mode (which I would not recommend if it is your first playthrough), the zombies may have swords. In that case, you usually want to use a ranged weapon, such as a bow and arrow, because the sword can two-shot you in close combat. However, if you have a melee weapon with more range than their sword (like a spear) feel free to get closer in, just not too close. If you are in normal mode, you should be able to just use a bow and some arrows or go in with a wooden sword, and they should go down pretty easily. However, there are a few things to note about zombies: 1.Sometimes they jump, which can be a problem if you are fighting them with a sword. Usually, if they jump, you will have to make some sort of evasive movement in order to not get hit, like moving out of the way and making jumps of your own.

Do not try to cancel it using the knockback of your sword, as although it works sometimes, it is not something that can be counted on like the knockback with slimes. 2. A lot of zombies spawn. And when I say a lot, I mean it. You will usually constantly have at least one zombie on your screen at all times, up to around ten depending on where you are. Do not expect more than 6 in the forest biome though. Because there are a few of them, a group can come from one direction, and another from another direction. Do not try to fend them both off at once, as that will usually get you killed. However, usually there is space between the zombies that are walking, so if you can jump in those safe spaces, the zombie you just jumped over will be forced to go into the same direction as the rest, causing you to only have zombies coming in one direction. Against zombies, hiding in your house works well, as well as using doorways as chokepoints, which forces them all to come in through there only. Second, we have Demon Eyes. These guys are pretty easy to beat on their own, however their patterns can make zombies or other Demon Eyes harder to dodge. Here is how to beat them: when hit, they change their course completely, and bounce away. So, if one is flying towards you, jump up and hit it with your sword. This should set it off course, where you could shoot it with a ranged weapon, chase it, or just run. Those are the common nighttime enemies covered, so it is time to begin the second part of this guide!

Gearing Up

Now that we have survived our first night and built a basic shelter, it is time to start getting improved weapons, armor, and prepare for building a better-looking base. First thing we need to do is find a cave. Explore to the left and right of your spawn point. Once you find a hill, look around on it. There should be an opening like the one above. This is where we will get a lot of our resources. Once you are in the cave, mine up pretty much anything that looks shiny as a rule. Keep an eye out for things that look like the picture on the left. The chests in them contain good loot.

Try to explore as much as possible. Monsters are usually too strong to fight head-on, so building things like walls to block off creatures is essential. Try to mine up all of the ore you can get. Whenever you get the chance, craft bars of metal at a furnace. Bringing 5 iron bars to a workbench makes an anvil, where you can craft yourself metal gear if you have enough bars, among other things. Luckily, I got two teleportation potions, so I got to explore the underground jungle and spider caves, two biomes you may run into as well at this point. Because of this variety of places, I was able to gear up quickly. If you find a gravitation potion, hold on to it. It will be important. At this point, just go and get a lot of metal of all kinds (also gems), and then come back to the guide when you are finished. Here is the types of pre-hardmode ores that can be mined with a copper pickaxe from weakest to strongest: Copper/tin, iron/lead, silver/tungsten, and gold/platinum. Alright. Now that we have gotten ourselves some good loot, it is time to return to the surface. If you have any life crystals, use them if you have not already. Use an item by clicking on it, bringing your cursor out of your inventory, and left clicking. if you have the gravitation potion, drink it, and press W. This will reverse your gravity. Press it again to revert it. Using the right timing, this lets you essentially fly, going up and down so that you do not move in a vertical direction. If you do this high in the air, you may be able to find a floating island. On floating islands, you can find many good things, such as a Starfury or Lucky Horseshoe. Congratulations on getting your new gear! You are ready to build a permanent house and fight bosses now!

Boss Time!

Now that we have gear that will help us fight bosses, we should build permanent shelter. But first, let us fight the Eye of Cthulu. This is a relatively easy boss, so the only preparation that you need is a platinum/gold bow and around 200-400 arrows, although you can use other weapons with decent range as well. Technically, you could kill the Eye Of Cthulu with a melee weapon like a sword, but it would be difficult. If you are playing expert mode, The Eye of Cthulu is extremely hard, so skip this step until after Eater of Worlds (believe me it makes the game so much easier) . You should have found a Suspicious Looking Eye from chests underground gathering the armor. Use this at night to summon the Eye Of Cthulu. It has two stages: Eye and Mouth. In Expert Mode, there is an extra phase where the Eye starts using a dash attack and charging all over the place. Here is how to beat them: in the first stage, use a sword to get the miniature eyes, and shoot the Eye itself with your ranged weapon (your bow usually). In order to dodge it's attacks, stay away from the eye mostly, but when it catches up to you, wait for it to go below or above your level, and then run through the gap before it comes back down. The second phase is basically that but faster, with less predictable movement. In Expert mode there is not much you can do except randomly shoot and run to dodge the fast attacks until eventually it ends. Here are some screenshots of the fight:

Now that we have beaten our first boss, it is time to set up a house. This is a multiple step process. Make sure that you have: iron, wood, stone, sand, clay and a few gemstones. Once you have gathered this, it is time to start! Step 1: Select the space that you want to build your house on. Flatten it out and put a wooden floor on the bottom, getting rid of background walls. Make sure to make it long so that you can make a nice big house for your NPCs. Next, craft a Heavy Workbench at an anvil and place it on your floor. Here, you can craft stone slabs out of the stone you brought.

Make (non background) walls going up as shown out of the stone slabs. Next, make staircases out of wood up until they even out into a flat plane as shown. This will become our roof. This is your chance to make sure that the walls are not lopsided heights! Now hammer the roof into a slope.

Hammer the blocks below into a slope so that the two sloped sides face in opposite directions. This should make a nice feel to the roof. Now, let us make the floors and rooms! We want three floors, so we need two layers made out of wood. Grab some wood platforms, and make a system so that you can climb up most of the interior of the house. Choose the wooden platforms that you want your next floor to be at, and make an extension of wooden blocks placed at the same level as the wood platforms. Do this twice, until you have three good floors. We want nine rooms, so we need to put three rooms on each floor. Make two dividers per floor by extending an amount of wood and one stone slab at the end down from the ceiling where you want the divider to be. Leave three blocks of space undder each one to fit the doors between rooms. I accidentally made my house four stories tall. This makes no real difference except having three more rooms. Once this is done like shown, we can move on to the next step. This will continue in the next section.

Boss Time #2

Now, let's make windows! Find a room that you want windows in, and put a wooden platform across the room. This will become your windowsill. Now, at a workbench and furnace, craft some glass. Craft 20 gemspark blocks, and turn both them and the leftover glass into walls. Now, place the gemspark walls 3-5 blocks thick on the left and right sides. The rest, fill in with glass. Now, craft clay pots at a furnace, and place them somewhere on the wooden platform. Now leave it. Clean up any excess walls, and you have your window! Now, using your remaining stone slabs, craft walls. You should need about 1000 (250 stone slabs).

If you do not have this, gather it up. If not, fill in your house with walls. The end result of this step should look a bit like this: If it does not, you may have made the curtains a weird width. If you don't like the way they look, feel free to fix it! Now, it is time for furniture! Count up how many rooms you have. For every room, you need a chair and table. for every three rooms, you need two doors. For every room, you need a torch. Craft the neccesary furniture, and now we can finish up and put it all in! This is what my finished house looks like.

Now, we can finally get to the point of this section: Bosses! We defeated the Eye Of Cthulu, and now it is time for the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulu. For both bosses, you will want penetrating weapons such as jester arrows to go with your bow, crafted from fallen stars and arrows. Now let's go find the boss! First, let's go to the corruption/crimson. It is your world's "Evil Biome".

In order to find it, travel to either the left or right until you reach somewhere where there is either purple stone/grass or red stone/grass. here is a pic of the Corruption. Now, if you are in the corruption, go down a chasm safely, and if in the crimson biome go down a cave in a hill. Make sure to bring bombs, as your pickaxe cannot mine the rock. Craft sticky bombs out of the ones that youu already have, so that you can stick your bombs to walls. Throw them by clicking so that you burrow your way to one of the glowing orbs. If you can't see any, make sure you are underground and just keep going deeper through caves that are already there. The orbs drop items, so you should grab them before going on your way. Once you break three orbs, The Eater Of Worlds or Brain Of Cthulu will spawn. We will fight them in the next section.

Boss Time #3

Ok. So, now that you have spawned the boss, whichever one it was, the strategy is generally the same: this boss is easy if you can destroy the mini-enemies without much trouble. This is why we grabbed Jester Arrows. For the brain, just shoot at all the tisssue samples flying around the place. They are pretty easy to avoid, and as they travel in clumps, the jester arrows will shred through them. You can also use a melee weapon to just take damage and deal damage to the clumps. If you are fighting Eater of Worlds, just swinging a melee weapon can do the trick sometimes, but shooting jester arrows into the segmentss can help. Just split it up into a bunch of different parts ussing this, and just finish off the rest with a sword. There is no second phase. Here is a pic of my Eater of Worlds fight.

If you destroy all of the mini-enemies from the brain, it will open up, and will be damagable. In expert mode, it will duplicate itself, and you will have to hit the right one. Now, shoot it, and make sure to stay away, especially every time it teleports. Eventuallly, you will win! Congratulations! You have defeated another boss! Gather up either shadow scales and demonite, or crimtane and tissue samples. Now, if you bring them back home, smelt the demonite or crimtane into bars, and then craft them into a Deathbringer or Nightmare pickaxe, and craft whatever you want for the rest. You should get a decent upgrade. Now, our next stop is the dungeon! Go to the right or left in your world until you either come to a beach or the structure shown. Next, wait until night.

You may want to place down layers of wooden planks for better mobility, which would be our arena. Once it is night, right-click on the Old Man, and press "Curse". I would recommend having at least 200 hp to give room for error, as Skeletron is a hard boss. In order to win, try to stay away from the head, and jump over the arms when swung. Only the hands deal damage. If you dodge most of the arms by going either over or under the hands, you should be good to not take damage. Constantly shoot at the head while doing this, and eventually, you will win. A few things to note about this boss is that in Expert Mode, defeat the hands before the head, and also the head will fire skulls as projectiles. In morning, Skeletron will instantly kill you, so be careful. Also, melee weapons are very ineffective against Skeletron. With that said, and Skeletron defeated (do not worry if it takes a few tries), let's enter the dungeon in Boss Time 4!

Boss Time #4

Now that you have beaten Skeletron, it is time to enter the dungeon! Go into the large room in the dungeon, and drop through the wooden platform there. Keep heading down, and you will find monsters and locked chests. Just go around while fighting the monsters, and if you find a golden key, use it to open one of the locked chests that is gold (the other colored ones will come into play later.) Basically, just go on a looting spree. Here is a pic of the inside of the dungeon.

Personally, I got Necro Armor, made out of 150 bones and around 150 cobwebs. This is the only ranged set before hardmode, so I will be ussing this until we defeat Wall Of Flesh. Now that we have successfully looted the dungeon, it is time to do another fight, against the Queen Bee. First, go to the jungle, which is pretty self explanatory when you reach it, and you have probably already seen it. Find any opening in the ground that allows you to reach underground caves in the Jungle, called the Underground Jungle.

You may need to mine a bit to find a structure that looks like this: Mine into it, and make wooden platforms going across the hive forming layers. Now, it is time to hit the thing that is on a platform in the hive. This should summon the Queen Bee, which is a pretty hard boss. If it charges at you (the sound it makes is a roar if it will do that) Just move vertically out of the way, and it can not follow you. You should be able to land one shot when it does that, but do not count on making it. Once it is done charging, it should activate another attack. For this attack, it stays out of range behind solid blocks. It will slowly come down, and once you can hit it, focus on that. Just strafe left and right, and you will do well, while shooting at it. It will either shoot out stingers or bees. If you do not kill the bees, swing at them with a sword when they reach you.

By repeating this process over and over again, eventually you should kill it. here is a picture from my fight. Congratulations! You have beaten all of the major bosses before the last one of Pre-hardmode! Now, in Boss Time 5, we will summon and defeat King Slime, and begin our preperations for Hardmode.

Boss Time #5

Welcome to the final chapter of our guide that is titled Boss Time! Now that we have defeated Queen Bee, we have no more major challenges until we fight the Wall Of Flesh. Now, if it hasn't already summoned itself from slime rain, it is time to quickly get King Slime's loot. Return to your evil biome, and go down to where you fought the boss of your evil biome. Remember those glowing things that are not orbs? You should be able to craft the Slime Crown here, using 20 gel and a crown, made from gold/platinum and a ruby. Now, return to the surface, and drag it out of your inventory. Then, left click. This will summon King Slime. Just throw everything you have at it while running away, and it should go down quickly. Now that you have beaten almost all of the pre-hardmode bosses, it is time to start preparing for what will happen to the world after you beat the next boss. First, your evil biomes will begin to spread. In order to stop it, you will want to make holes to stop their spread. First, buy a lot of bombs from the Demolitionist.

If you do not have a demolitionist, get a bomb and hold it in your inventory with an extra room available. Eventually, you should get him. Now, find a place that you want to protect. Now, find the edges of it, and add some buffer space. Now, throw the bombs down, and keep throwing them into the hole until you reach the Underworld. You will know it when you see it. Do this in as many places as you want. now, it is time for some more preparations! Go to the merchant, and buy a bug net. Now, it is time to catch everything that can be used as bait. You will want a lot of bait. Next, go to an anvil with crimtane or demonite bars. Craft a fishing pole. Now, go all the way to the left or right of your world. Once you come to an ocean, come up to the water, drag your fishing pole out of your inventory, and click on the water. Once there is a bob, click again. Repeat this until you have many crates of all kinds and a Reaver Shark. here is a pic of me fishing.

Now that you have got a few crates, store them somewhere in your base. Now that you have some resources for hardmode, it is time to make a Hellevator. In order to do this, just find a spot near your base that you want it in, and just dig straight down. Do this until you reach the Underworld, which I will show a picture of.

Now, it is time to build a bridge across using any material as shown. As you go, try to find a furnace in some of the buildings. It is a Hellforge, and will come in handy later.

This will be your arena for the Wall Of Flesh. Read the next section for the Wall Of Flesh fight and transitioning into Hardmode.

Starting Hardmode!

Now that you have done all of your preparations, it is time to fight the last boss of Pre-hardmode. I recommend getting a Minishark and a few thousand bullets from the Arms Dealer, a Demon Scythe from Demons, a Phoenix blaster from a handgun combined with hellstone bars, mined in the Underworld, or a Hellwing Bow from Shadow Chests in the Underworld. While you are building your bridge, look for Voodoo Demons. They drop Guide Voodoo dolls. Drop a guide Voodoo doll into lava once you are ready to fight the Wall Of Flesh. The bridge will be essential to this fight, as it prevents you from having to contend with the environment of the Underworld while fighting. Once you have summoned it, run away while shooting it. There are enemies that will probably block your shots, so at first you want to use a piercing weapon that can go through multiple enemies to get rid of enemies faster and damage the boss. Once they are gone, use your main weapon (if you were not using it already) and starting on the mouth and eyes.

The rest of the Wall Of Flesh is invulnerable. The eyes are better to shoot at than the mouth, as they take much more damage, but if neither eyes are available, the mouth will do. Try to keep it on your screen as you run, and dodge these things: lasers shot from the eyes, which can be dodged by only using vertical movement. Then, there are the leeches. Just get out of the way as they come, and you should be able to switch to a sword for them. If a Hungry detaches (or a lot of them) try to use a ranged weapon on them before they reach you. In Expert Mode, the Wall Of Flesh will speed up, and also overall just become more powerful. Continue until you win! Congratulations! You have just entered Hardmode! Now, you have unlocked a lot of content! Go back home, and it is time to start gearing up! Open your crates up, and then go to your furnace and anvil. Smelt any ore that you have, except for titanium/adamantite. Those, you can not smelt without a furnace made from 30 of either ore and a hellforge. Then, go to your anvil. If you can, craft a mythril or orichalcium anvil, and then go to it, and basically craft whatever you want!

If you did not get enough for decent gear, go to the corruption. Make sure that you have your Pwnhammer, as it can break demon altars. Remember those things in the chasms of the corruption that I will show? Those are demon altars. Breaking one will spawn ores into your world, but also spread the corruption/crimson. Note that wraiths will spawn after you break one, so you should be safe. The ores that can spawn go in an order> To organize the ores, I made some tiers of ores obtained from Demon Altars. Tier 1: Cobalt/Palladium. Tier 2: Mythril/Orichalcium, and Tier 3 is Titanium and Adamantite. Here is a picture of a cave with some demon altars.. Now, it is time to mine! Mine up everything you can, and then craft the next tier's pickaxe, but you only need to go up to Tier 2. Then, just gather up materials and craft armor and weapons, which we will need in the next chapter, Preparations for The Mech Bosses!

Preparing for Mech Bosses!

Now that you have a set of Hardmode armor (and maybe weapons), it is time to really start in on the preparations for your first Hardmode bosses. First off, we should start preparations for The Destroyer, the easiest Mech Boss. Here are some weapons that can be effective against the destroyer for each class: For ranged players, a Daedalus Stormbow is recommended. This can be obtained from Hallowed Mimics. There are two ways to fight a Hallowed Mimic: find one naturally spawning in the Underground Hallow (not recommended) or fight one aboveground. here is a Hallowed Mimic in their natural habitat: In order to fight a Hallowed Mimic, you need to go to the Underground Hallow. To find that, dig under the Hallow (the biome that was created when you started Hardmode), and eventually you should find it. Here is a picture of the Underground Hallow:

In the Underground Hallow, all monsters have a chance to drop Souls Of Light. Gather 15 or more of those, and go to the surface with them. At a workbench, you should be able to craft them into a Key Of Light. Next, craft a chest. If you put the a Key Of Light into an empty chest and leave it, it will become a Hallowed Mimic. Fight it, and if you win, it will drop one of it's possible drops, one of which is the Daedalus Stormbow. Here is a pic of a Daedalus Stormbow in it's natural habitat.

Don't worry if you don't get it on your first try, as sometimes it takes some grinding. For a good mage weapon to use against the Destroyer, use the Nimbus Rod. This drops from Angry Nimbuses, who will spawn when it is raining. This will do good damage, and is pretty simple to get. For the rest of the weapon list, and more, read on in Preparing for Mech Bosses Part 2!

Preparing For Mech Bosses (Part #2)

A good melee weapon to use against The Destroyer is either one that fires a piercing projectile, or one that fires projectiles that stay in the air for a while, such as the Ice Scythe, dropped from enemies in the Underground Ice Biome. Many Hardmode summoning weapons could work with some time against The Destroyer. Other classes don't quite have a definitive weapon, but that does not mean that they cannot win. Also, now is the time to choose your class. You can change it with changes of weapons and armor. It is generally based on the type of damage that your weapons do (you can check by mousing over them in your inventory), and the headgear of your armor set. Personally, I will be Ranged. If you are using a Daedalus Stormbow, I recommend using Holy Arrows(made from arrows, pixie dust, and unicorn horns obtained from the Hallow). Now, make long wooden platforms above each other for extra mobility during fights. This will be your arena. Now, make a rope going upwards about 100 blocks above your arena, and then build a box up there. As long as you have room in it, you can make your arena however you want. Then, get six Souls Of Night from the Underground Corruption, and also get Rotten Chunks and Iron. Then, go to your Mythril Anvil to craft the Mechanical Worm.

Use the Mechanical Worm at night to summon the Destroyer. Use your weapon of choice to rain down on the Destroyer. Use another weapon to fight off the Probes, and with the Destroyer being unable to reach you, you should win in a few minutes. Now, if you are ranged, take the Souls Of Might, Illegal Gun Parts (sold by Arms Dealer at night), and shark fins (dropped from sharks), and use them to craft a Megashark. Other items can be crafted from Souls Of Might that will help as well, but the Megashark is a must-have if you are ranged. Next, it is time to get wings. Go up to a high place in your world near Space, and Wyverns and Harpies might spawn. Wyverns drop Souls of Flight (notice how they all rhyme?), which you should bring to the guide. There are many different types of wing, but here here are a few types of wings: Flame Wings (Fire feather dropped from Red Devils in the Underworld) Ice Wings (Ice Feather dropped from Ice Golems in the snow when it is raining), Harpy Wings (using giant feathers from Harpies.), Angel Wings, and Demon Wings. Once you have your wings and your weapons, it is time to tackle some more Mech Bosses. But first, we will need some more housing. Build whatever you want to get housing for your NPCs. This may have to be done multiple times during the playthrough, but is important and fun. For instance, I built an extension to my house as shown.

Mech Boss Time!

Now that you have wings and an extension to your house, you should be able to fight the Twins. Craft the Mechanical Eye out of lens, souls of light, and iron, and use it at night. Once you have summoned the twins, immediately focus the eye named Spazmatism first. Try to keep your distance once it has spun and transformed into it's second form, as it has an extremely dangerous flamethrower attack. Once you only have Retanizer, their lasers should not be an issue as you shred through it. Once you are done, you have officially defeated The Twins! Good job!

Finally, it is time to finish off the Mech Bosses! Craft a Mechanical Skull out of Iron, Bones, Souls of Light, and Souls of Night to summon Skeletron Prime at night. Once you have summoned Skeletron Prime, try to stay between the arms and the head most of the time, while always attacking the head. Using the mobility you have with the wings, try to dodge all of the attacks, but if you get hit, do not worry. It is a longer fight, so you should be able to heal multiple times during the fight. I have no other advice for this boss, as it is harder to find a definitive strategy. If you fail, just try again until you have beaten it. Once you have finished, you have defeated all of the Mech Bosses! Now, it is time to enter the post Mech-Boss jungle! Make sure to take all of the souls from the mech bosses and the hallowed bars and craft a Pickaxe Axe. Then, in the Jungle, go down under the ground and look for a plant that looks like the picture on the left. Those are Life Fruit. Break one and consume it to get 5 more max life.

Also, look for the plant that is shown on the right. Those are Plantera Bulbs. Break them, and they will summon Plantera. Do not do this yet. Once you find a Plantera Bulb, hallow out the area around it and lay wooden platforms across it, making a bunch of layers that you can drop through. See that green ore below? That is Chlorophyte.

Gather a lot of it, and you can craft things with it like armor. If you are ranged, save at least 54 bars. If you are melee, get the Turtle Armor (although it would work for other classes as well), and otherwise just get plain Chlorophyte Armor. If you are using a Megashark I also reccomentd around 700 Chlorophyte Bullets.

Preparing for the Endgame!

Try to get at least all of this stuff just to be safe: 1. Chlorophyte Armor 2. Your weapon of choice for Mech Bosses or new weapon 3. Chlorophyte Bullets/ any other preparation like potions. 4. Around a thousand square blocks of space. 5.Save Chlorophyte bars for later armor. Once you are ready with your gear and arena, it is time to summon Plantera. Break the bulb to summon Plantera. Give it time to come to you. Once it has reached your arena, circle it while attacking it. It shoots Seed projectiles from the front of it's bulb, so circling it will prevent not only it itself from reaching you, but a lot of it's attacks will also miss. The one thing that you have to watch out for in this phase is the spiky balls that will go all over the place, but otherwise you are set until phase 2. Here is a pic of Plantera in Phase 1: Now, at 15,000 HP, it will convert into it's second form. Tight circles will not work any more, although there are no more projectiles. Just running while attacking and going over it as it reaches you with plenty of room should create a large circle around Plantera, until you eventually win.

Congratulations! You have beaten Plantera! Now, if you are ranged, make a long platform made of mud and build a house on it. Then, get Glowing Mushroom Seeds from the Underground Glowing Mushroom Biome. Plant them in the mud, and them leave them to grow. Try to collect as many Glowing Mushrooms as possible, and if a Truffle is in the house that you made, buy an Autohammer from them. Use the Glowing Mushrooms and the 54 Chlorophyte bars to create 54 Shroomite Bars. Taking these to the anvil will allow you to make a set of Shroomite. Now, it is time to enter he Post-Plantera Dungeon! Go into the dungeon, and try to find Ectoplasm (dropped by Lost Souls dropped by enemies in the Dungeon) and other rare drops. I suggest that you spend some time doing this. There are a few drops that you may want from the dungeon. Mages, try to get a lot of Ectoplasm, as this will make you Spectre armor, which will help with being a mage. There are drops such as The Paladin's Hammer/Shield or a Rocket Launcher that you can get, but how much you grind it is really up to you. Now, on to (in my opinion) the easiest fight in the game! Go back into the Underground Jungle, and explore until you come to something that looks like this: Once you are in, move on to our next section exploring our start of the endgame!

The Beginning of the End

Once you are in the Jungle Temple (the building in the last section), try to descend until you come to a structure with a glowing star above it. Light up the area around it, and take a Lihzard Power Cell to the structure to summon Golem. This is a picture of golem: Try to stay as high as possible, and use horizontal movement to dodge the projectiles when they are coming at you. While doing this, shoot at it. Focus on the body, not the fists, and once the body is dead, the head will come off. Keep attacking in the same way, but now try to stay strafing on the ground and going over Golem to dodge the lasers and fists. The fight is easy, so you do not need much instruction on how to win. Once you have won, grab a Picksaw and all other drops! Congratulations! You have started the endgame! Now, head down to the dungeon.

When you find the cultists there, attack them when you are ready, and then the Lunatic Cultist will spawn. At first, they have an array of different attacks. I will walk you over them. First off, there is one that I call "Fire Squares". For this one, you will have 3 squares coming towards you. There is generally space between them, so go through the little space, and you should be through it. The second, which I just call "Lightning" is an orb that shoots lightning bolts at you. This can be avoided by going around the orb faster than the lightning goes around it, which is easy as the rotation is slow. Simply moving to the side could also work on it. The next attack I call "Blizzard Ball". In this attack, the Cultist shoots out a spiked ball made out of ice. This attack fires out smaller projectiles. The projectiles move slow enough for you to dodge the first one, and then alternate into the area that was last shot at and back for every projectile. These are all of the attacks that will be cycled through at the start of the fight.

In addition to that, every so often the Lunatic Cultist will stop, and create a circle of fake Lunatic Cultists as well as themselves. This is a ritual that can be interrupted by hitting the real Lunatic Cultist. The real Lunatic Cultist has pointed eyes rather than rounded eyes, and emits light. On the left is a picture of the real Lunatic Cultist. If you either hit a fake Cultist or do not interrupt the ritual, a Wyvern-like Phantasmal Dragon will appear. You can fight and dodge it like a regular Wyvern, except more difficult. Any more will summon an Ancient Vision. Once the Cultist is at low life, they will use an attack called Ancient Light. This attack is breakable using weapons, so juse use a non-homing attack towards it while moving away to dodge it. Eventually, when you have won, you have started the Endgame and Celestial Events! Grab the Ancient Manipulator it drops and run! In our next section, we will prepare ourselves for the final boss of Terraria!

The Ending

After you defeated the Lunatic Cultist, you may have noticed that some pillars have showed up around your world. These pillars correspond to different classes. There are the Solar Pillar (melee), Stardust Pillar (summoning), Nebula Pillar (mage), and Vortex Pillar (ranged). Try to do the one that corresponds to your class. Each pillar has it's own enemies with special abilities. I will list the special abilities soon, but first I have to say how all of the pillars are destroyed. For every pillar, you have to fight the enemies that spawn until the shield on the pillar fades and breaks. Attack the pillar until you win! Collect the fragments, and you are free to go onto the next pillar! Some of the enemies that have special abilities are the Selenian, which can deflect all projectiles except explosives. The Alien Hornet will grow into an Alien Queen if given enough time. Alien Queens will drop Alien Larva upon death, which will grow into Alien Hornets. Brain Sucklers will latch onto your head, inflicting the Darkness Debuff while hurting you. At the Stardust Pillar, Flow Invaders will fire out projectiles on death. Make sure to not destroy the last pillar until you want to fight the Moon Lord. You will need an extremely big arena, and some great gear. I recommend getting the Cosmic Car Keys, and read on before you destroy the last pillar left. Once you have initiated impending Doom, you have one minute to prepare for the fight. Try to heal up before the fight, drink any potions you want, and just wait.

Soon, the Moon Lord will appear. An effective, although cheap, strategy to defeat the Moon Lord is to have the Nurse nearby and heal a lot during the fight. The fight does not have a definitive strategy, but the way to win is to destroy all of the eyes and the core. Shoot at them as they open, but try to destroy them all at once, not attacking eyes that were already lower than other ones. When the top eye opens, attack it. It will fire a Phantasmal Death Ray, which moves slowly and requires circular movement ahead of the Death Ray's movement. Once you have destroyed all of the eyes, attack the Core of the Moon Lord and destroy it as quickly as possible. Try to dodge as much as possible, and eventually you will win! Congratulations! You have beaten Terraria! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Time to do some work in the Post-Game! Before you start your next Terraria game, let's finish the world by purifying it. Having a perfect world will make it nicer to look back on. Go to the Steampunker and buy a Clentaminator and Green Solution. Then, go around your entire world and purify it all as a finale to your journey.

Game:   Terraria

Written by MinnieEddie.

Enchanted Lands

Ages 4 - 6

Enter a world of princesses, princes and magical unicorns, where royal guests will make a unicorn headband, a colorful canvas, a magic wand and an adorable treat bag.

Sea Treasures

Ages 4 - 6

Ahoy, matey! Little pirates, mermaids and mermen will craft a flag, a pirate hat or mer-crown, an eye patch or bracelet, and a bag for all their treasures!

Monster Bash

Ages 4 - 6

The kiddos will get a kick out of making googly-eyed headbands, monster face T-shirts, and bags for their goodies. They’ll also sculpt their own little monsters out of Crayola® Model Magic®.

Robot Squad

Ages 7 - 10

Who wants to build a robot?! Young makers will have a blast making one! They’ll also make robot masks for playing pretend, create little robots out of Perler Beads® and decorate treat bags.

Under the Sea

Ages 7 - 10

Young guests will love making treasures from adventures under the sea! The kids will make a crown and seashell necklace to feel just like a mermaid (or merman!). They’ll also make a photo frame to hold their favorite memories and decorate a sweet mermaid canvas.

Unicorn Fantasy

Ages 7 - 10

Creative kids will love decorating clay pots with darling unicorn faces, making a jar of unicorn slime and creating a unicorn mask to wear home.

Slime Time!

Ages 7 - 10

It’s gonna be a gooey good time! Guests will make slime and a delightful birthday cake jar to keep it in, and they’ll decorate adorable slime-face T-shirts.

Epic Emoji Party

Ages 7 - 10

Smile! Kids will bring emoji to life by making popsicle stick masks, an emoji book, bright emoji slime and a tote to carry their swag!

A Whole Llama Love

Ages 10+

A llama and a cactus may look like a prickly pair, but they’re actually a whole lotta fun! Tweens will make a cactus canvas, create llama and cactus keychains using Perler Beads®, and decorate a fab tote bag.

Unicorn Whimsy

Ages 10+

Let out your inner unicorn! Tweens will have a ball making some totally charming projects, including decorating a tote, making a unicorn headband and creating a magical banner.

How to craft a Slime Crown Nothing happens, the crown is now slimy, why'd you do this? Terraria fan-art: Queen Slime by Jon-Smitten.

  • For issues you find with the Switch and Console releases, please follow this link and give as much detail as possible. This is the speediest way to get info to Pipeworks and get a hotfix in the works.
  • For issues you find with the Mobile 1.3 update, please follow this link and give as much detail as possible. This is the speediest way to get info to DR Studios to look at your issue. Also, some troubleshooting hints here.
Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.
I was use all my gold to farm king slime trophy once and end up disappointed because he keep going underground and despawn.

You should make him spawn above ground 5 blocks to prevent this from happening. and...
reduce gold bar cost from 30 to 10 (or 15) because 30 is too expensive for consumable item.
Why not just stay on the edge of the world with a water candle and wait for him to spawn naturally? Its a heck of alot easier.

But yeah I think the recipe needs to be reduced or changed. Its not worth it currently. But maybe thats the point? You can either choose to wait for him to spawn naturally or sacrifice materials to summon him instantly?
King Slime is available in Pre Hard Mode, but only becomes useful in Hard Mode. Really, who is going to cough up that gold in Pre Hard Mode?
King Slime is available in Pre Hard Mode, but only becomes useful in Hard Mode. Really, who is going to cough up that gold in Pre Hard Mode?
Should be able to use hallowed bars to craft summoning crown. Makes it a whole load more economical.
i would make the crafting recipe require 6 gold bars instead of a crown. that way, the vanity crown would be unaffected.
Crowns should be cheaper. I'm guessing changes like this to the King Slime are already planned, because I'm pretty sure that Royal Gel is going to be used for a pre-bee set of summoner gear.
Good idea, but maybe you shouldn't make the text so big in future posts.
It would be good if the rate of a King Slime spawning naturally greatly increased when the world enters hardmode, even better yet make it a normal enemy with a 1/80 chance to spawn anywhere on the surface near the 2/3rds of the edges of the map.
Didn't realize crowns took that much... I'd say 10 gold bars is fine. Support, because I love king slime but he is so hard to summon normally... Not self promoting my own thread here, but I made a thread yesterday about making the king slime's ninja set useful and lowering gel requirement in the slime crown (which I now realize was not issue at all) the way you went about it was much better.
Why not just stay on the edge of the world with a water candle and wait for him to spawn naturally? Its a heck of alot easier.

But yeah I think the recipe needs to be reduced or changed. Its not worth it currently. But maybe thats the point? You can either choose to wait for him to spawn naturally or sacrifice materials to summon him instantly?
Because waiting sucks.
He's really not though....Just go stand on the outer 1/3rd of the world in the effect of a water candle and he spawns pretty frequently.
But you have to just sit and wait... And the time you should be fighting him for the first time your not even close to the dungeon.
But you have to just sit and wait... And the time you should be fighting him for the first time your not even close to the dungeon.
King Slime isn't in the progression line though so there isn't a time you "should" fight him at all. But whats wrong with sitting and waiting? People use autofarms all the time. Its the same thing.
He's really not though....Just go stand on the outer 1/3rd of the world in the effect of a water candle and he spawns pretty frequently.
I did that. I ended up spending hours waiting, and it took so long that I ran a server to play on and wait for him while I went to do something else. And after all that time, he didn't spawn at all! Not even once! Because of that I support this and other ideas like it 100%. (Also, if the king slime is spawned manually he should fall from above like the golem.)
So the king slime got fixed. What should I do to this thread then?
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Terraria - The Ultimate Guide

how to craft the slime crown

how to assign soldiers to craft xcom apocalypse
How to craft a formal letter
how to make christmas crafts out of paper
Ars magicka 2 how to connect obelisk to crafting altar ars
how to know when arts and crafts fairs are happening near you
How to make jewelry displays for craft shows
how to become a vendor at craft shows
How to use mr beer craft beer

Terraria: Bosses

List of Summoning Items and Crafting Recipes

This is a comprehensive list of all boss summoning items and how to craft them, and it's intended to be used as a reference. The list includes simple instructions on where to get each ingredient. Some bosses have linked strategy guides in order to help players prepare for the fight. For more detailed info on bosses, see the main Bosses of Terraria Guide.

Most summoning items need to be used at night, which starts at 7:30PM. Day begins at 4:30AM, when many bosses will despawn. The few exceptions are noted below. It is possible to summon more than one boss at once, but not the same boss.

Boss: King Slime

Summoning Item: Slime Crown
Materials to Craft the Slime Crown:

  • Gold or Platinum Crown x1 - Requires 5 Gold or Platinum Bars and 1 Ruby
  • Gel x20

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. May also spawn randomly or when you kill 150 slimes during the randomly-occurring Slime Rain event. May be used at any time of day.

Boss: Eye of Cthulhu (Guide)

Summoning Item: Suspicious Looking Eye
Materials to Craft the Suspicious Looking Eye:

  • Lens x6 - Kill Demon or Wandering Eyes at night.

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar, use at night. May also spawn randomly once you reach 200 health/10 defense and a few NPCs live in your town. This eye may be found randomly in chests while exploring.

Boss: Eater of Worlds - Corruption (Guide)

Summoning Item: Worm Food
Materials to Craft Worm Food:

  • Vile Powder x30 - Use 6 Vile Mushrooms at a Placed Bottle/Alchemy stand. Found growing on grass in Corruption.
  • Rotten Chunk x15 - Kill Corruption Enemies, commonly dropped.

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. Must be used in the Corruption. Also summoned when the player breaks 3 corrupt orbs using a hammer. Every 3 will summon Eater of Worlds again.

Boss: Brain of Cthulhu - Crimson (Guide)

Summoning Item: Bloody Spine
Materials to Craft Bloody Spine:

  • Vicious Powder x30 - Use 6 Vicious Mushrooms at a Placed Bottle/Alchemy stand. Found growing on grass in Crimson.
  • Vertebrae x15 - Kill Crimson Enemies, commonly dropped.
  • x

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. Must be used in the Crimson. Also summoned when the player breaks 3 crimson hearts using a hammer. Every 3 will summon Brain of Cthulhu again.

Boss: Queen Bee (Guide)

Summoning Item: Abeemination
Materials to Craft Abeemination:

  • Honey Block x5 - make water come into contact with honey using a bucket or diverting the water by digging.
  • Stinger x1 - Kill Hornets and Spiked Slimes in the Jungle.
  • Hive x5 - mine from beehives.
  • Bottled Honey x1 - Craft with a bottle while near honey.
  • (Mobile/Console Only) - Crispy Honey and Obsidian Blocks - needs crispy honey blocks and obsidian, requiring honey and water to come into contact with lava. You need a few of each.

Notes: Craft by hand (PC) or at Demon/Crimson Altar (Console/Mobile). Use anywhere in the Jungle to summon Queen Bee.

Boss: Skeletron (Guide)

Summoning Item: Clothier Voodoo Doll
Required to re-Summon Skeletron:

  • Clothier Voodoo Doll x1 - Drops by enemies in the Dungeon, low chance.

Notes: Must have defeated Skeletron previously to gain access to the Dungeon. Do this by talking to the Old Man at night outside the Dungeon and inquiring about his 'curse'. While you have the Clothier Voodoo Doll, you can kill the Clothier NPC and Skeletron will be summoned.

Boss: Wall of Flesh (Guide)

Summoning Item: Guide Voodoo Doll
Required to Summon Wall of Flesh:

  • Guide Voodoo Doll x1 - Drop in lava, or kill a Voodoo Demon while over lava. Guide must be alive.

Notes: Underworld - the Guide must presently be alive, and will be killed. The Wall of Flesh will spawn on the side of the map you're closest to. Repeated farming of him is possible, although you must wait for the Guide to respawn.

Hard Mode Bosses

Boss: Destroyer (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Worm
Materials to Craft Mechanical Worm:

  • Rotten Chunk/Vertebrae x6 - Kill Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Soul of Night x6 Kill Underground Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: The Twins (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Eye
Materials to Craft Mechanical Eye:

  • Lenx x3 - Kill Demon/Wandering Eyes outside at night.
  • Soul of Light x6 - Kill Underground Hallow enemies.
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: Skeletron Prime (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Skull
Materials to Craft Mechanical Skull:

  • Bone x30 - Kill skeletal enemies in the Dungeon.
  • Soul of Light x3 - Kill enemies in the Underground Hallow
  • Soul of Night x3 - Kill enemies in the Underground Corruption/Crimson
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of Skeletron Prime it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: Plantera (Guide)

Summoning Item: Plantera's Bulb

Notes: All three Mechanical Bosses must have been defeated. Plantera's Bulbs will regularly re-grow in the Jungle. Break it with a pickaxe to start the fight at any time. This allows access to the Jungle Temple, and Golem.

Boss: Golem (Guide)

Summoning Item: Lihzahrd Power Cell
How to get the Power Cell:

  • Drops from monsters in the Jungle Temple randomly, sometimes found in chests in the temple
  • Mobile Crafting x Only mobile may craft the Lihzahrd Power Cell. It requires a work bench, Glass x10, Fallen Star x 25, and 10 Adamantite Bars.

Notes: Farming monsters in the Jungle Temple is a good way to get many of these. You use the Power Cell by right-clicking the Altar. You can relocate the Altar using a Picksaw or better Pickaxe. You can then summon Golem anywhere.

Boss: Ocram (Console/Mobile Only)

Summoning Item: Suspicious Looking Skull
How to Craft the Suspicious Skull:

  • Mechanical Skull x1 - See Skeletron Prime
  • Mechanical Eye x2 - See The Twins
  • Soul of Light x5 - Kill Underground Hallow Enemies
  • Soul of Night x5 - Kill Underground Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Adamantite Bar x10

Notes: Evidently you may need another world if you did not get Adamantite in your current one, at least until the next Console/Mobile Terraria patch. Ocram drops Souls of Blight that are used in Console/Mobile exclusive gear.

Boss: Duke Fishron (PC-only)

Summoning Item: Truffle Worm
How to get Truffle Worm:

  • Underground Mushroom Biome - the Truffle Worm will spawn randomly, at a very low chance. Look to youtube for videos on farming masses of these. Use a Bug Net bought from the Merchant. Monsters only spawn off-screen, so stand next to the biome and kill other monsters as they come. Watch for the worm, then nab it with your net!

Notes: Use this as bait while fishing in the Ocean Biome on either side of the map. Make sure it's the bait that comes first in your inventory (top-left to bottom right). Cast your fishing pole, and Fishron will be summoned. Good luck, and don't leave the Ocean biome!

Boss: Lunatic Cultist (PC-only)

Summoning Item: None

Notes: Lunatic Cultist begins spawning after Golem is defeated. He spawns each day if the Lunar Event is not active. Kill him to initiate the Lunar Events and collect Solar/Vortex/Nebula/Stardust Fragments. When all 4 pillars are defeated, Moon Lord will spawn on top of the player. Be prepared for a fight, the Cultist is a genuine boss and challenging to newcomers.

Boss: Moon Lord (PC-Only)

Summoning Item: Celestial Sigil
Materials to Craft:

  • Nebula Fragment x20 - Destroy Nebula Pillar during Lunar Event.
  • Solar Fragment x20 - Destroy Solar Pillar.
  • Stardust Fragment x20 - Destroy Stardust Pillar.
  • Vortex Fragment x20 - Destroy Vortex Pillar.

Notes: Craft at Ancient Manipulator (100% dropped by Lunatic Cultist). The Moon Lord can be summoned at any time. At first, it's better to summon him by doing the event, as you need those Fragments.

Hard Mode Invasion Event Summoning

Invasions have mini-bosses of sorts, so these are worth listing here despite them not being bosses in the strictest sense. Here are what you need to start the game's Invasion Events.

Event: Pirate Invasion (Flying Dutchman)

Summoning Item: Pirate Map

Notes: These can be dropped by any monster in the Ocean Biome during Hard Mode. 1% chance, so set up to farm! The Pirate Invasion is worth farming as the pirates may drop the discount card and lucky coin, both of which have an impact on you financially - making monsters drop more coins, while also reducing prices by 20%.

Event: Martian Madness (Martian Saucer)

Summoning Item: None
Materials to Craft:

Notes: Head to the outer third of your world. If you build uptward toward space, it's very likely one will spawn. Hang in the area and move about until you meet a probe, which will scan you. Let it live (do don't have any summon minions out), and the Martian Madness will ensue!

Event: Pumpkin Moon (Mourning Wood/Pumpking)

Summoning Item: Pumpkin Moon Medallion
Materials to Craft Pumpkin Moon Medallion:

  • Pumpkin x30 - buy Pumpkin seeds from the Dryad. Fully grown Pumpkins may yield 10+, so you do not need hundreds of Pumpkins. Plant them on normal grass.
  • Ectoplasm x5 - dropped by high-health enemies in the Dungeon after the defeat of Plantera.
  • Hallowed Bar x10 - dropped by the three Mechanical Bosses (Twins, Skeletron Prime, Destroyer).

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. You have from 7:30PM (when it can be used) until 4:30AM.

Event: Frost Moon (Santa-NK1/Ice Queen)

Summoning Item: Naughty Present
Materials to Craft Naughty Present:

  • Soul of Fright x5 - Dropped by Skeletron Prime
  • Ectoplasm x5 - dropped by high-health enemies in the Dungeon after the defeat of Plantera
  • Silk x20 - Find cobwebs in spider dens in the Underground/Cavern layers. Turn 140 cobwebs into 20 silk by using the loom, which requires a work bench then sawmill to make (hint: you need chains to make a sawmill).

Notes: Craft at Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil. You have from 7:30PM (when it can be used) until 4:30AM.

Event: Lunar Events (Nebula/Stardust/Vortex/Solar Pillars)

Summoning Item: None

Notes: Kill the Lunatic Cultist after having defeated Golem on PC. The event can be restarted the following morning if Moon Lord kills you, as the Cultists will respawn. You can summon Moon Lord directly once you've saved up Solar/Nebula fragments etc. after having done this event a few times.


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I'll activate the crown, hear the evil laugh, the music starts playing, and that's it. the music ends and I've just wasted 30 gold bars, a ruby, and 99 slime balls.

How To Craft The Slime Crown

The slime crown is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series, based on the crown worn by king slimes and related slime family. It's gold-brimmed with green-purple fabric. While it can be worn as a helmet, it is an ingredient of many powerful items when combined with other alchemy ingredients, especially Orichalcum and Gold Bar.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In the Nintendo 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII, the Slime crown is reward upon the first completion of the DLC TabletThe Test of Slime by defeating Hammer.

The Slime crown has a defence bonus of +31, as well as style bonus of +24, and can be equipped by anyone.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

A slime crown can be found inside the well in Hilltop Hut and inside a barrel in Tryan Gully. It can be also dropped by King Slime (Rare drop, 1/256) and Metal King Slime (Common Drop, 1/128), but not King Cureslime. As an alchemy ingredient, it is used in recipes to make Metal King Armour, Liquid Metal Sword, and King Axe.

In the Nintendo 3DS Version, a second and third crown are found in a chest in the room following Argon Lizard in Memoriam in Memories Lane and from completing the the Killing Machine Card of Cameron's Codex, respectively.

The Slime crown itself has a defence bonus of +20. It can only be worn by Yangus.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

A slime crown may be found in the ruins of Gerzuun. When the DQVC was still running, slime crowns were purchasable, particularly during the Slime Sale and Metal Slime Time weeks. They are useful for ultimately upgrading the metal slime equipment into metal king equipment, as well as other kingly-themed pieces of equipment.

Commonly dropped or stolen from Metal king slimes.
Rarely dropped or stolen from King slimes or King cureslimes.
Received as a reward for completing Quest #165 more than once.
All Vocations
A crown worn by a king slime.
Upgrades into Metal king sword, Metal king spear, Kaiser axe, King axe, Metal king shield,
Emperor's attire, Metal king armour, Metal king helm, Metal king slime boots or Metal king slime gloves.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The slime crown loses its status as a piece of equipment, but is still used in various recipes for the Fun-Size Forge.

how to craft the slime crown

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In order to obtain the materials necessary to craft many of the . Slime Crown: You should get plenty of these from quest rewards, drops, and.

how to craft the slime crown
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