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How to craft waterskin the forest
June 25, 2019 Carefree Crafting No comments

The Forest VR somehow manages to be both a clumsy VR port and a brilliant example of how virtual reality can improve a game. It does some things much better than the non-VR version: I want its clever watch-based HUD in every VR game, and playing with a headset is far scarier and more atmospheric. But it also feels like Endnight Games couldn’t break free of the constraints of the base game, and lots of its VR elements end up feeling like afterthoughts. The parts that do work—and even the ones that don't—exemplify just how much changes when you make a game for virtual reality.

VR wasn't an afterthought for The Forest, but the VR version that exists now was retrofit to the base game. Creative director Ben Falcone tells me that the team started testing The Forest VR way back in 2013, before the open-world survival game even entered Early Access. But it was a struggle—everyone on the team would get motion sickness from playing, which made both developing and testing for VR systems difficult and time-consuming.

Initially, they intended to put the game’s regular animations into VR, using headsets to make players feel more present in the world, but when they tried out touch controls for chopping a tree the right choice was obvious. "We knew we needed to convert all the weapons to this system," he says. And chopping a tree, along with other basic interactions, certainly feels more fun in VR. As you chop, the tree splinters based on the angle of your swing, and I like being able to crouch down to where I’ve started chopping, circle round the tree to find where the wood remains attached and take out the last chunk.

I love the way your stats are displayed, too. Everything useful is tracked in your watch, including hunger, thirst and energy. Your hunger is shown by a big meter shaped like a stomach that gradually empties, and it’s all big and bright and easy to read at a glance. 

It’s a small thing, but it’s an example of how The Forest VR always keeps you grounded in its world. The base game already did that by putting its menus in-game: your inventory is just all your items laid on a mat in front of you, and the crafting menu is a book you pull out of your backpack. But being surrounded by the world on all sides in VR makes it more believable. "You’re instantly in the game and playing in VR from the first moment you turn it on, there are no tutorials, no forced missions," says Falcone. "In our minds this makes it the perfect type of game for VR."

The lighting looks excellent in VR, especially at night. Forests feel dense and unknowable, and the way the shadows flicker in the firelight is creepy. VR games are, in general, more scary than non-VR games because it feels like there’s no escape, and that holds true for The Forest: it’s terrifying with a headset. I’ve mainly been playing in peaceful mode, which removes enemies, because the first time I saw a cannibal in the distance I yelped aloud, ran back to my base and cowered in the corner. I’m always looking over my shoulder, and catching sight of something moving in my peripheral vision gives me the chills every time—something that doesn’t happen when I'm not wearing a VR headset.

It surprised the development team just how scary the VR version was, Falcone says. "Everyone on the team was pretty desensitized to the horror elements of the game by the time the VR version was in its testing stages, [but] we all had some jump scare moments seeing the enemies at actual scale, and actually feeling present in the world." Caves are especially spooky, and when you walk through one it feels like you’re being squeezed by rock on all sides. When the monsters start gurgling, I can’t help but panic.

But some of that atmosphere is undermined by clumsy mechanics, and the touch controls aren’t as slick as I’d hoped. You can’t squeeze your fist on demand, for example, or transfer objects from one hand to the other. You pick your preferred weapon hand in a menu, and all the other one can do most of the time is hold a lighter and open your inventory.  

And when I’m forced to fight those enemies that I was so afraid of, the VR controls make it way too easy. The game doesn’t seem to care whether you’ve swung your weapon with any weight—it just cares about whether you’re making contact, so you can basically flail your weapon back and forth in front of you and deal tonnes of damage, constantly staggering the monsters you’re up against. 

While I haven’t tested many of the late-game item interactions, the early game stuff often feels janky. When you chop down a tree, it splits into logs as it falls to the ground. You can load a couple of logs at a time onto your shoulder to carry them around—and apparently that doesn’t require you to use your hands at all. The logs just sit on your shoulder and swing around when you move your head, as if they weigh nothing. It’s floaty and awkward. The crafting menu is a nightmare because the only way to select anything is to point with your hand: you can’t scroll through its near infinite pages by squeezing triggers, which seems like a no-brainer. 

The Forest VR also regularly switches viewpoint to the third-person, which is jarring. I like building treehouses, which you reach by climbing a rope. When you interact with that rope in VR, the camera pulls back slightly from your body so you see your character’s back, and you have to press the control stick to climb up. The camera then flicks to halfway up the rope, pauses for a bit, and then rejoins your character’s eyes when they’re in the house. All of these little things show how easy it is to break immersion in a VR game, and how many things need to be changed when adapting from one format to the other.

But despite the clumsiness of some of the VR elements, it’s still the version of the game I prefer. I haven’t played it multiplayer, but from the many playthroughs I’ve watched it looks brilliant—a mix of slapstick VR fun and a genuine sense that you’re relying on your teammates. "Seeing a player wave at you or dance around a fire is one of the coolest parts of the experience in multiplayer," Falcone says. "We think this was one of the most successful parts of the conversion to VR."

And besides, I never played the base game for the purity of its mechanics—I played it for the feeling of being lost in, and battling against, a hostile world. Wearing a headset makes me feel more lost in that world than ever, and I’m willing to put up with some awkward controls for that extra dose of atmosphere. Just don’t ask me to delve into any more caves, please.

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    Jar of water is gone after using it to cook, would like to keep that empty glass jar

    hey, what do you think after experiencing the new update, I would prefer to keep the glass jar once the water inside it has been used for cooking.

  2. Scavenger
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    Last edited by Cyjack; 04-04-2016 at 10:12 AM.
    Realistic, but bad for player motivation. It's a gameplay conceit to keep you hungry (or thirsty) for loot and resources. I doubt it'll change.

  3. Survivor
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    After cooking something in the jar it will be dirty. Since the sinks no longer work you can not wash the jar. Who wants to reuse a dirty jar? Yeck.

  4. Colony Founder
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    In my Mod True Survival I have removed the ability to craft Glass Jars and I have made every item that uses a Glass Jar in the recipe and has a use function (Eat/Drink/Use) return a Empty Jar. This way Containers for food are important loot.

  5. Colony Founder
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    Jars are abundant.

    You get jars all the time.

    The recipe is so easy it's a joke.

  6. Ranger
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    Admittedly jars are not a huge issue given that forges are no longer so strongly gated behind RNG and sand can be found while mining even in forest biomes; however it does bug me because the main cost of recipes that involve water jars is creating the purified water, not the jar. I expect having the jar consumed is more to do with a limitation of the crafting system having only one output. A workaround is having a 'food-item-in-jar' item produced, that is then consumed leaving the jar - however the ubiquitous texture limit may well be the reason why this won't happen.

  7. Tracker
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    I pour the water from the jar to the cooking pot. I then smash the jar and grind the glass down for seasoning. That is why I lose the jar when I cook.

    But stuffed to know what to do with all these jar lids lying about my cabin ....

  8. Scavenger
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    Last edited by original; 04-05-2016 at 08:27 AM.
    Is it really impossible to spawn a jar after crafting something that requires it?

    Or maybe change the jar of water into an empty jar, rather than spawn a new one.

    That's how Ark does it. If something requires a waterskin of water, the waterskin will just turn into an empty one.

  9. Hunter
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    You can edit the .xml files to return the jar after you eat or drink the item.

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Crafting items | Resources and equipment The Forest Guide The inventory screen is also used to craft and upgrade items. - Crafting items | . Water Skin.

Crafting guide for all the craftables in the forest.

Crafting is a gameplay feature where new items can be created by combining crafting materials. To craft an item, place the item’s necessary components in the middle of the inventory by right-clicking each item individually. When done with the right items, a gear will appear below the items in the inventory. Right-clicking this gear will create the desired item, which can be put into the inventory by right-clicking it again.

For example, to craft a Molotov, place cloth and booze on the crafting mat in the center of the inventory. When the gear appears (It will appear instantly if done correctly), right-click it, and then right-click the Molotov that appears in place of the Cloth and Booze.

All Crafting Recipes

A full list of all the available crafting materials that are in the game so far can be found here.

Armor Crafting

Lizard Skin Armor

The most basic armor in the game that can be acquired by killing lizards – you just need to equip it on the character. A total of 6 pieces of this armor can be worn by the character.


  • Raccoon Skin + 4x Boar Skin + 6x Deer Skin + Rabbit Fur + 2x Cloth + 2x Rope

A complete suit that serves the purpose of an armor, but also protects from the cold.

Stealth Armor

An armor with the same defensive capabilities as the one acquired from the lizards, but giving an additional bonus to stealth. Enemies will have a lower chance of locating you when standing in the bushes. A total of 6 pieces of this armor can be worn by the character.

Bone Armor

Provides twice the amount of armor than the Lizard Skin Armor. A total of 6 pieces of this armor can be worn by the character.


Shoes that are used to move on the snow – they allow the character to move faster on that terrain. They cannot be worn together with Rabbit Fur Shoes.

Rabbit Fur Boots

Shoes crafted from rabbit fur, providing protection from cold and a bonus to stealth. They cannot be worn together with Snowshoes.

Containers Crafting


Allows the character to store berries and mushrooms so that they can be consumed and/or used later (without it the character consumes them once collected).

Stick Bag

  • Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope + 3x Cloth

Allows the character to carry 20 Sticks (instead of 10).

Rock Bag

  • Boar Skin + 3x Rope + Cloth

Allows the character to carry 10 Stones (instead of 5).

Throwable Rock Bag

Allows the character to carry 25 Throwable Rocks (instead of 10).


Allows the character to carry 20 more arrows.

Spear Bag

  • 2x Boar Skin + 2x Deer Skin + 2x Cloth + 3x Rope

Allows the character to carry 5 Spears (instead of 1).

Water Skin

Allows the character to store and transport water (normally it is consumed once collected).

Weapons, projectiles and bomb

Crafted Axe

Basic axe, used in combat and to chop down trees.


  • Stick + Cloth + Electrical Tape

A basic and easy to craft ranged weapon, using small rocks as ammunition.

Crafted Bow

Basic bow that can be used to fight cannibals and hunt from a distance.

Upgraded Stick

Upgraded version of the Stick, dealing slightly higher damage.

Upgraded Rock

Upgraded version of the Rock, with which the player is able to deal considerable amount of damage.

Weak Spear

Basic spear that can be used in combat and in fishing.

Upgraded Spear

  • Weak Spear + 2x Cloth + 3x Bone

Upgraded version of the Spear, extremely effective when dealing with lone cannibals.

Incendiary Spear

  • Upgraded Spear + Cloth + Booze

An upgrade to the Upgraded Spear that allows you to set enemies on fire with attacks.

Arrow (5x)

A pack of basic arrow that can be used as ammunition for the Crafted Bow.

Bone Arrow (5x)

  • Stick + 5x Feather + 5x Bone

A pack of bone arrows, 40% more powerful than the regular arrows.

Poison Arrow (5x)

  • 5x Arrow + 4x Twin Berries
  • 5x Arrow + 4x Snow Berries
  • 5x Arrow + Amanita Mushroom
  • 5x Arrow + Jack Mushroom

A pack of poisoned arrows – when struck, the enemy will have decreased attack and movement speed for several seconds.

Fire Arrow (5x)

Incendiary arrows that can set enemies on fire.

Molotov Cocktail

An explosive known to everyone, an improvised bomb with alcohol inside. Capable of setting all enemies in the range on fire. Note: You need to light (with a Lighter) the “fuse” of the cocktail for the bottle to explode!


  • Booze + Circuit Board + Coins + Wrist Watch + Electrical Tape

The basic bomb that can be crafted. The weakest of all of the explosives in the game, but still strong enough to kill most enemies in a single explosion.

Head Bomb

An upgraded version of the Bomb, the most powerful explosive in the game. Capable of killing almost all enemies in a single explosion.

Sticky Bomb

A sticky bomb that can, quite obviously, stick to the first target it reaches. Extremely effective against cannibals and mutants.

Upgrading Items Crafting

Damage Upgrade

Increases the damage of the weapon by 0.1 points, while decreasing the attack speed by 0.05. The upgrade can be applied to the weapon numerous times.

Damage Upgrade+

Increases the damage of the weapon by 0.2 points, while decreasing the attack speed by 0.1. The upgrade can be applied to the weapon numerous times.

Speed Upgrade

Increases the attack speed of the weapon by 0.1, while decreasing damage by 0.05. The upgrade can be applied to the weapon numerous times.

Poison Upgrade

  • 4x Twin berries + weapon
  • 4x Snow Berries + weapon
  • 1x Amanita Mushroom + weapon
  • 1x Jack Mushroom + weapon

An upgrade applying poison to the weapon. The weapon will deal additional damage over time, slowing the attack and movement speed of the enemy at the same time.

Fire Upgrade

An upgrade allowing the weapon to set enemies on fire.

Fire+ Upgrade

The enhanced version of the upgrade described above.

Flashlight Upgrade

  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Chainsaw
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Modern Bow
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Crafted Bow
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Flintock Pistol

An upgrade allowing the player to attach a Flashlight to the weapon. Thanks to that, you will be able to light up the surrounding area while still holding a weapon in your hands.

Other Items Crafting


Allows you to craft Rope.

Blue Paint

Allows you to craft Blue Paint.

Orange Paint

Allows you to craft Orange Paint.

Blue Painted Weapon

  • Blue Paint + Plane Axe
  • Blue Paint + Upgraded Rock
  • Blue Paint + Upgraded Stick

Allows you to paint one of the three weapons blue. It does not give any additional benefits.

Orange Painted Weapon

  • Orange Paint + Plane Axe
  • Orange Paint + Upgraded Rock
  • Orange Paint + Upgraded Stick

Allows you to paint one of the three weapons orange. It does not give any additional benefits.

Repair Tool

  • 2x Stick + Rock + 2x Cloth + 10x Sap

Allows you to create a tool that can be used to repair damaged buildings.

Energy Mix

An energy drink that works exactly the same as Soda, restoring energy.

Energy Mix+

  • Chicory + Coneflower + Aloe Vera

An upgraded version of the energy drink, capable of restoring the entire energy bar.

Herbal Medicine

Restores a portion of lost health.

Herbal Medicine+

  • Aloe Vera + Marigold + Coneflower

Completely restores the health points of the character.

Upgrades can be applied to the following weapons: Plane Axe, Crafted Axe, Rusty Axe, Modern Axe, Club, Crafted Club and Upgraded Stick.

More of this sort of thing:

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As anticipated, there has been some resistance to the idea of thirst being implemented in Wayward; however, I think most of this stems from the complication of distilling sea water into a drinkable form. It’s definitely not a perfect system yet and I wanted to do a blog post to discuss the following:

  1. Provide hints on stopping dehydration and staying alive in beta 1.4.
  2. Announce some changes coming up in beta 1.5 and beyond.

Hydrate Yourself! (Spoiler Alert)

There’s two new environmental items for water distillation including:

Stone Water Still

  • Large Rock x3
  • Sharpened Item
  • String
  • Pole-like
  • Waterskin
  • Fuel-like

With this one, you have to pour unpurified water into it (right click), light it on fire, and wait until it burns out to grab the now distilled water.

Solar Still

  • Sheet of Glass (Tongs, Refined Sand x3, Limestone Powder, Furnace)
  • Waterskin

With a solar still, you have the pour unpurified water into it, then wait a couple hundred turns. This will only work during the day. After it’s done, you can grab the distilled water.

You can also use a direct recipe method:

A Purified Filled Waterskin

  • Flask (Clay Blow Pipe, Refined Sand x2, Limestone Powder, Furnace)
  • An Unpurified Filled Waterskin
  • Campfire

Using a flask, you can distill water directly from your craft menu.

There’s some other thirst-reducing foods as well including:

  • A Pile of Snow
  • Pineapple
  • Nopal
  • Coconut

Planned Changes

  • Fresh water sources (from caves, oasis, and ponds). With fresh water, you can just boil to use (although not as pure as desalinated water). Perhaps later on, there will even be filtration as an option for fresh water to get even cleaner, healthier water.
  • There will be two water containers: Waterskins and Glass Bottles. In addition to this, both of them will be find-able via loot instead of just crafting.
  • Provide better descriptions and messages regarding the distilling and boiling process.
  • Make thirst and hunger reduce a bit slower still.

Most of this will appear in beta 1.5, so stay tuned!

Categories Wayward

He guards the cedars so well that when the wild heifer stirs in the forest, . in the evening dig a well, and let there always be pure water in your water-skin.

Full Waterskin


  • Air Canister: Found scattered across the island, in campsites, in caves, and on the yacht. The air canister completely refills the air in the rebreather.
  • Aloe: Found scattered throughout the island. Aloe can be consumed for direct healing or used to craft herbal medicine (1 aloe, 1 marigold).
  • Arm: Dismembered from dead cannibals. Can be used as a weapon, cooked for food, or burned to produce a bone.
  • Arrow: AWeapon used with the bow. Crafted by using one stick and five feathers. Can be ignited with the lighter by pressing the "L" key while equipped with the bow.
  • Bible: Found in caves and scattered across the island. Players can not hold them in their inventory or added to their notes but they can be examined.
  • Batteries: Used for crafting and recharging the flashlight and walkie talkie. batteries are found in campsites, in suitcases, or in caves. When used they completely replenish the battery life of the item selected.
  • Berries: Found scattered around the island, can be eaten for food and thirst. Blueberries are safe to eat, white and black (snow and twinberries) are toxic. All berries can be collected and stored in a player made pouch. Blueberries are used in crafting blue paint (3 blueberries, 1 tree sap).
  • Blue Paint: Used to decorate items and buildings. Crafted with 2 blueberries and 1 tree sap. Blue paint is water proof and will not wear off of an item.
  • Bomb: Used as Weapon and to clear specific rocks. Crafted with 1 booze, 1 wrist watch, 1 circuit board, and 5 coins. Up to 5 bombs can be carried in the inventory at once.
  • Bone: Weapon produced after cooking cannibal arms or legs. The bone is also used to upgrade the weak spear. 5 bones can be carried in the inventory at once
  • Bow: Weapon crafted with 1 stick, 1 cloth, and 1 rope. Up to 12 can be held in the inventory at at time. Their damage can be upgraded, and bows can be set ablaze when using the lighter on them, "L" key, while equipped.
  • Booze: Crafting item found scattered around the island, in suitcases, and in the plane. Booze fills a portion of the thirst meter, but lowers energy. Booze is also used for crafting Molotov's (1 booze, 1 cloth) and bombs (1 booze, 1 circuit board, 1 wrist watch, 5 coins). 7 can be held in the inventory at one time.
  • Cassette Player: Found with cassette number 1 either on the yacht, or in a side tunnel of the cave where the toy piece head is found. Cassette 2 is near one of the exits of the toy cave. Cassette 4 is found in a red shipping container on the beach or near a grave by the north-eastern mountains. Cassette 5 is found in the cave with the two "cowmen", or in a side tunnel of the Diamond Mine. The cassette player can be attached to a tree by pressing "E" next to one while it is equipped.
  • Chicory: Purple flowers scattered around the forest floor. It can be eaten directly to restore energy or crafted with cone flowers to produce an energy mix (1 chicory, 1 cone flower).
  • Circuit Board: Found by smashing laptops, inside the cockpit of the plane (3), in caves, and in cannibal villages. The Circuit Board is used in crafting a bomb (1 booze, 1 circuit board, 1 wrist watch, 5 coins).
  • Cloth: Found scattered throughout the forest, in suitcases, in cannibal villages, in caves, on cannibal effigies, and on the beach. The Cloth is combined with weapons to set them on fire. It is also used to make the Molotov (1cloth, 1 booze), and rope (7 cloth).
  • Club: Created Club: Player crafted and used as a weapon (1 stick, 1 skull). Cannibals Club: Dropped by cannibals using it upon dying. It is faster and more decorated than the Created Club.
  • Coins: Found near suitcases and by the plane crash, on the beach, and in caves. Coins are used to craft bombs (5 coins,1 booze, 1 wrist watch, 1 circuit board).
  • Compass: Found on dead miner in cave where the player is brought after their first death. Used for directions.
  • Cone flower: Found scattered throughout the forest can be eaten directly to restore health or combined with chicory to create an energy mix (1 cone flower, 1 chicory).
  • Cross:Found in caves. Can not be held in the inventory, it can only be examined by the player.
  • Deer Skin: Dropped by a deer when killed. Deer skins can be used to decorate structures or as armor. 5 can be carried in the inventory at one time.
  • Dollar Bills: Are used as a substitute for leaves. All bills found are $100 bills and are only used to keep fires burning. They can be found in suitcases, around campsites, on the beach, in cannibal villages, and in caves.
  • Dynamite: Is an explosive found in groups of 5 in crates located in cannibal villages.
  • Energy Mix: Is a craftable medicine that completely restores the energy bar when consumed. It can be crafted by combining 1 cone flower and 1 chicory.
  • Feather: Dropped by birds when they land or are killed. Feathers are used to craft arrows (5 feathers, 1 stick), and to increase a weapon's speed (feathers, tree saps, weapon).
  • Fish: Found in bodies of water. Can be caught by pressing the "E" with the weak or upgraded spear. The inventory can hold up to 3 and they can be cooked on a fire or a drying rack.
  • Flare: Glows red and used as a source of light and ammo for the flare gun. Flares can be thrown and can distract the cannibals. Thrown flairs can not be picked up. Flares can be found in the yacht, caves, and near campsites. Flares burn much brighter than the lighter and last around 1 minute.
  • Flare Gun: The flair gun shoots flares as a weapon and a distraction tool against the cannibals. Projectiles can set plants, animals, and cannibals on fire. It is super effective against the cannibals and illuminates any room for a short period of time.
  • Generic Meat:ropped from turtles, raccoon's, and deer's when killed. It can be either cooked or dried on a rack then eaten to restore health. Each generic meat restores about 1/3 of the health bar. 4 generic meats can be stored in the inventory at once.
  • Head: Obtained by chopping off a cannibal's head. It is used to build effigies. Heads can be used as a weapon and cooked to produce skulls. only one head can be stored in the inventory at a time.
  • Head Bomb: Crafted item by combining a cannibal head with a bomb. The head bomb is a thrown explosive and does as much damage as the normal bomb.
  • Herbal Medicine: Are a craftable medicine created by combining 1 aloe and 1 marigold. Herbal medicine fully restores the health bar upon consumption. Up to 8 can be held in the inventory at one time.
  • Leaves: Are used for building various structures. They are automatically placed in the inventory when a player chops down a small trees or bushes. Leaves can be used to keep a fire burning or to make stealth armor (15 leaves 1 lizard skin).
  • Leg: Obtained from chopping off a cannibals leg. Legs can be used as a weapon, to build effigies, and cooked or dried on a rack to eat. A burned leg on a fire produces a bone.
  • Lighter: Thethe most basic and only light source the player starts out with. The lighter has many uses including starting fires, lighting up dark areas, igniting weapons combined with cloth, and lighting effigies. The lighter is always held in the player's left hand and is used by pressing the "L" key. While the lighter will occasionally flicker off the player automatically relights it. The logo on the lighter, CIB, is a easter egg referencing the popular lighter company BIC.
  • Lizard Meat: Obtained by killing lizards. 1 lizard meat is dropped for each lizard killed. It can be cooked on a fire or dried on a rack. There are three leaves of quality fresh, edible, and spoiled. When lizard meat is consumed it restores a large portion of health and energy. Being burned while wearing armor does reduce it. It is best to wear armor only when prepared to fight enemies in order to increase its effectiveness.
  • Lizard Skin: Is obtained by pressing "E" on a dead lizard's corpse. Lizard skin can be worn by the player as a form of armor by left-clicking on it in the inventory. One lizard skin fills around 2/11th of the armor bar and takes 5 to become completely filled. After the bar is filled 5 more additional skins can be worn to further increase the players armor regardless of the bar being full. Catching on fire decrease armor, while falling and being poisoned bypass armor and affect health directly. It is advised to only wear armor when combat is expected to maximise the effectiveness of it. A maximum of 5 can be held in the inventory at one time. Combining 15 leaves with 1 lizard skin produces 1 stealth armor.
  • Log: A primary building material that is obtained by chopping down large trees. When a large tree is chopped down 4-5 logs are produced from it. Logs do not fit in the inventory, only 2 may be carried by the player at one time. Logs are heavily affected by the game physics and my be sent flying into the air based on the object they collide with when they hit the ground. A log holder and a log sled can both hold up to 7 logs.
  • Marigold: A orange flower found scattered throughout the forest. It can not be eaten directly and is used to craft herbal medicine (1 marigold, 1 aloe).
  • Map Pieces: There are 4 pieces total, each found in separate caves on the island. Each map piece reveals a small portion of the island and it's caves. By collecting all 4 pieces a full map of the island is revealed.
  • Medicine: A healing item that fully restores health when consumed. They are found in suitcases, in caves, in the main plane, in cannibal villages, and scattered across the islands beach. Up to 8 meds can be held in the inventory at one time. There is a chance when a cannibal is killed they they will drop medicine.
  • Modern Axe: The modern axe is a weapon found lodged in a tree in the middle of one the cannibal villages. The axe does slightly more damage than the plane axe and cuts down trees in only 9 hits while the plane axe takes 17. This weapon can be upgraded with teeth, feathers, glass shards, and cloth.
  • Molotov: A weapon that when thrown sets the target on fire. It is crafted with 1 cloth and 1 booze, then thrown by holding and releasing the left-click. The molotov is extremely effective in killing mutants as they are set on fire when hit, then die within seconds. The Molotov can also be used as a torch and is significantly brighter than the lighter.
  • Old Pot: Is used to collect drinking water. The pot can collect rain water (clean), lake and pond water (polluted), or from a water collector (clean). Dirty water collected in the pot can be cleaned by cooking it on a fire. The old pot is emptied after 1 use, if a filled pot is selected from the inventory the player will drink the contents before holding it.
  • Oysters: Are a source of food that is found near ocean reefs. They have a short shelf life and must be eaten quickly. They restore a portion of the hunger bar when eaten.
  • Pedometer: Is used to count the amount of steps taken and track the outside temperature. The Pedometer is located by the tennis player corpses in the forest and is held in the left hand when equipped
  • Photos: Photos and magazines are found in the yacht, by the grave site on the beach, and in caves. When collected they are added to the notes section of the survival guide and help piece together the story line. The magazines are about yachts and waterfalls while the photos are of the mutants and the yacht dated June 82'.
  • Plane Axe: The first weapon found in the game. It is found at the front of the plane lodged into a flight attendant's stomach. It can be picked up by pressing "E" on it, or walking over it. It is equipped, as every weapon is,by pressing "I" then swung by left-clicking and blocks by right-clicking. The plane axe can also cut down large trees, small trees, and bushes to collect logs, sticks , and leaves. Large trees take 17 hits and small trees take two hits to knock them down, bushes and ferns taking only one. Suitcases can be broken into by hitting them with the axe. The plane axe's speed and power can be upgraded using feathers, teeth, glass shards, and cloth.
  • Pouch: A craftable tool used to hold berries. The pouch can be crafted by combining two rabbit furs together. Berries collected are not placed in the pouch, they are stored in the player's inventory instead allowing them to collect unlimited berries.
  • Rabbit Fur: Is collected from dead rabbits. Rabbit fur can not be worn, although it is used for making a pouch by combining 2 rabbit furs together.
  • Rabbit Meat: Used as a source of food to restore health, hunger, and energy. Rabbit meat must be cooked in order for the player to be able to eat it. There are three levels of quality ranging from fresh, edible, and spoiled. The longer rabbit meat stays in the player's inventory the less fresh it becomes. Rabbit meat can either be cooked on a fire or dried on a drying rack.
  • Rebreather: A tool that extends the amount of time the player can spend underwater. When equipped, by selecting it from the inventory,the HUD is changed to show the diving mask on the player's face. The rebreather spawns in multiple locations around the island and can be refuelled with air canisters.
  • Rock: A limited natural resource the is found all across the floor of the island and caves. Up to five rocks can be carried in the player's inventory. Rocks can be used as a weapon, but swinging it significantly reduces energy compared to using a actual weapon. Sneaking behind a cannibal and striking it with a rock has a chance to instantly kill it. Rocks are also used to construct a multitude of shelters, fires, and traps found in the survival manual.
  • Rope: Is a critical construction item for the bow, stone axe, raft, and house boat. Ropes can be crafted by combining 5 cloths. They are found in caves, on the yacht, and in cannibal villages.
  • Rusty Axe: A mele weapon found in a cave. The rusty axe swings slower than the plane axe but causes more damage and can knock enemies down. This weapon can be upgraded with feathers, glass shards, cloth, and teeth.
  • Seeds: Are obtained by picking up plants and flowers on the island. Seeds can be planted in gardens to grow various plants including aloe, berries, and flowers.
  • Stealth Armor: Is crafted by combining 15 leaves with 1 lizard skin. Stealth armor is waterproof and reduces the player's visibility to other enemies and creatures on the island. When worn the player is covered in both lizard skin and leaves. Stealth armor is affected if the player is on fire.
  • Skull: Are found in caves and dropped when effigies with heads on them are destroyed. Skulls can also be obtained by burning heads on a fire. When combined with a stick a club is crafted.
  • Snack: A directly consumable food that restores energy and hunger. Snacks are found inside suitcases, scattered around campsites, in the main plane, and inside caves. Snacks are extremely convenient when travelling since they can be directly consumed. They have a limited availability so it is best to use them tactically. When a cannibal is killed there is also a chance that they will drop a snack.
  • Soda: A directly consumable item that fully restores the energy bar when drank. Sodas are non-craftable and found inside the main plane, inside suitcases, inside crates (4-5 each) in cannibal villages, and there is a 30+ cache in the bottom of a pit in side one of the caves. When a cannibal is killed there is a chance that they will drop a soda. 10 sodas can be held in the inventory at once.
  • Sticky Bomb: Is a upgrade to the regular bomb. When thrown the sticky bomb sticks to the target instead of bouncing or sliding. To craft the sticky bomb 1 bomb and 1 tree sap need to be combined.
  • Survival Guide: The survival guide is primarily used to selected and build structures in the game. The guide shows how much material is needed to build each structure as well. Players start with the survival guide in their inventory and it is broken up into different sections including; a basics of survival tutorial (shelters, fires, berries), construction, fires, shelters, storage, custom building, furniture, traps, food and water, boats, effigies, a DIY crafting guide, and notes.
  • Stick: A primary building resource that can be found in abundance around the island and in caves. Sticks are needed to build shelters, storage units, traps, and tools. They can also be obtained from chopping down small trees with an axe. 10 sticks can be held in the inventory at a time. Sticks can be used as a basic weapon and poking the ground with one can occasionally dig up coins or stones.
  • Stone: Similar to the rock, but smaller in size and are located on the forest floor and in caves. Stones can not be placed in the inventory and can only be held one at a time by the player. They can also be thrown, like the tennis balls, to distract enemies.
  • Stone Axe: A weapon that can only be used by crafting it. The create the stone axe can be crafted by combining 2 stick, 1 rope, and 1 rock. The stone axe swings slower than the plane axe but consumes significantly less stamina. Enemies will also be knocked down more frequently while using the crafted axed instead of the plane axe.
  • Talkie-Walkie: A item that the player starts with and is used in multi-player to communicate to other players using their own voice. It is held in the left hand and reduces the swing speed of any mele weapon while held.
  • Target: Is a custom building that can be selected from the custom building section of the survival guide. The wood target allows the player to practice their bow and arrow skills. It requires 4 sticks, 1 log, and 1 blue paint to craft it. Any arrows that hit the target can be collected and reused, unlike when they hit any other surface.
  • Tennis Ball: Is very similar to the stone, and can be found in suitcases scattered around the island and in caves. The tennis ball can not be stored in the inventory but can be thrown to distract enemies. Only one tennis ball can be held at a time.
  • Tree Sap: Tree sap is used to upgrade weapons and to create paints. Tree sap is automatically collected when chopping down large trees with an axe. The sap can also be used to repair certain structures that have become damaged.
  • Tooth: Used to upgrade the damage of weapons using 1 tooth and 1 tree sap. They can only be applied to mele weapons. Teeth are dropped from cannibals when hit with a weapon or killed. Burning cannibals is the most effective way to collect teeth as they die slowly and drop the teeth in the process.
  • Toy Parts: Are broken into different pieces and scattered in the deepest parts of various caves on the island. Toy parts can be put back together using tree sap. These pieces are from the toy the child had sitting next to the player on the plane and are most likely connected to the game's stroyline.
  • Turtle Shell: A craftable item picked up from dead turtles found around the shores of the island. One turtle shell can be stored in the inventory at a time and it is used to craft a water collector (1 shell, 4 sticks).
  • Upgraded Spear: The upgraded spear is an upgraded version of the weak spear and it created by combing 3 bones and 2 cloths. The upgraded spear has a significantly higher attack speed and damage than the weak spear and cannot be upgraded using teeth, glass shards, cloth, or feathers. It is extremely effective in hunting, fishing, and even killing cannibals as they are stunned with each successful hit of the spear. The upgraded spear does not use any stamina.
  • Water Skin: A craftable item and portable water source. The water skin is crafted by combining deer skins and 1 rope. The water skin can collect both clean and polluted water from lakes (polluted), ponds (polluted), or a full water collector (clean). The water skin fully restores the thirst meter and is completely drained after each use.
  • Weak Spear: A mele weapon that is found around bodies of water, primarily near fishing ponds. This is the only weapon/method available to collect raw fish. While the spear can be thrown it can not be used while fishing, making it more difficult to collect fish. The spear is the most effective weapon in hunting as it can be used while moving. It can also be upgraded by adding 3 bones and 2 cloth. The weak spear does not use any stamina.
  • Wrist Watch: Is used to craft the bomb (1 wrist watch, 1 booze, 1 circuit board, 5 coins). Wrist watches can be found on dead passengers, in caves, and in suitcases. The inventory can hold up to 5 at a time.


Plane Axe: Found in flight attendant on the main plane

Climbing Axe: Found in cave, used to climb up rocks

Stone Axe: Crafted with one stick, one rope, and one rock

Modern Axe: Found on beach inside a rock

Flare Gun: Found in the nose of plane in dead pilots hand

Timed Bomb: Crafted with 1 booze, 5 coins, 1 circuit board, and 1 wrist watch 

Molotov: Crafted with 1 cloth and one booze

Cannibal Leg and Arm: Dismember cannibal after death

Bow: Used with arrows, crafted with one stick, one cloth, and one ropeBone: Produced after burning a cannibal arm or leg

Arrows: Used with bow, crafted with one stick and 5 feathers

Cannibal Club: Dropped by cannibal carrying one

Stick: Found throughout the forest or by cutting down small trees

Skull Club: Crafted with one skull and one stick

Katana: Found in victim in the woods

Weak Spear: Found bodies of water

Upgraded Spear: Crafted with 3 bones and 2 cloth


-Weapons can be upgraded with feathers (+speed), teeth (+damage), bottles (+damage), and cloth to add fire (press L while holding to light on fire)

-Crafting Recipie for weapon upgrades: 1 tree sap, (feather, tooth, glass, cloth) + Weapon    


  • Lizard Skin: Dropped from dead lizards
  • Stealth Armor: Crafted with 15 leaves and one lizard skin
  • Deer armor: Dropped by dead deer

- All falling and poison damage bypasses armor and causes direct damage to the player 

Items and Weapons

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how to craft waterskin the forest

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: The Forest - How to make a waterskin

Welcome to The Forest! Unlike other open world crafting games The Forest actually has an interesting .. Waterskin (2 Deer Skin, 1 Rope).

how to craft waterskin the forest
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