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How to do arts and crafts with paper
January 24, 2019 Carefree Crafting 5 comments

Looking for cool art projects to keep your little kids busy and creatively engaged? Then we have the perfect collection of paper crafts for kids that will be an absolute hit at home! Try these paper crafts and deck your walls with colourful art. These are engaging activities that will put an end to excessive screen time for kids. So let’s begin with crafty fun!


Dancing Paper Pinwheel

Are you planning to take a trip to the beach anytime soon? Then you should probably take a paper pinwheel along with you! Your child can dance to the tunes of the wind with this super quick and engaging paper craft activity. If you don’t live by the sea, you can go to your upstairs and enjoy a breezy evening with the dancing paper pinwheel.


3D Indian Flag

It is essential to teach children about patriotism and make them feel proud of themselves to be a part of India. So, it’s time to make them feel proud about Mother India by helping them create a 3D version of our iconic tricolour flag. Let’s get our national flag up in the sky


Kite Paper Craft

With the International Kite Festival Celebrations right around the corner, why don’t you let your child create their very own version of a paper kite? Kite flying is perhaps what our childhood comprised—carefully crafting the kites, learning the knack of cutting the neighbour’s kites, and understanding the force of the wind! Time to teach your little one about the art of flying kites with this fun kite paper craft activity!


Monsoon Holiday

With Children’s Day around the corner, we’re going to take you for a nostalgic trip! Remember how when we were in school, we would get all excited on seeing dark clouds looming at the distance singing “rain rain, don’t go away!”?Remember how we’d watch the news with bated breath to see if they’d declare holidays for schools? Remember how we’d put on our rain-coats, hide beneath big umbrellas and splash water on each other? Can you recall how many paper boats you set sail to during your good ol’ school days? Well, this one’s a children’s day monsoon holiday special! So sit along with your little one, tell him/her stories from the past, and have a blast!


Postage Stamp

Children’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got an activity that will take you for a trip down memory lane. Remember the good ol’ letter writing days when we’d walk to the local store to buy postage stamps? Well, we’ve come up with our own version of a postage stamp that depicts childhood for us. Are you ready to begin Children’s Day special postage stamp?


Dandia Sticks

Navratri is a time which is filled with happiness and celebrations. After the prayers along with the variety of sweets and snacks, it all culminates with the celebratory dance by everyone in the family with dandia sticks. And to make sure that everyone in the family gets them, we bring to you the navratri special dandia sticks paper craft activity.


Paper Craft Butterflies

Aren’t butterflies one of the most colourful creatures in a garden? Fluttering about here and there, all around. Imagine how wonderful it would be to make butterflies out of paper? Recycle those coloured papers and make these winged wonders along with your toddler! Check out our paper craft butterflies activity to know how.


Handmade Rakhi

With the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood in the air, it’s time to celebrate raksha bandhan. Here we have an interesting paper craft to celebrate this special occassion. Is your child ready for a raksha bandhan special handmade rakhi? Let’s get started


Handmade Roses

Now who doesn’t love Roses! Why not teach your child to make some pretty paper craft handmade roses. Not only does your child get to engage in some creative play, but will also be able to cherish his/her creative output forever or at-least until he/she grows a little older!


Paper Craft Piggy Bank

Ever thought of teaching your child about ‘Savings’? How about giving him/her a piggy bank of his/her own? Well not the porcelain one that the kid (usually) ends up breaking (dramatically) in the movies. Why not make a paper craft piggy bank with your child?


Paper Craft Geometric Gift Wrap

Want your child to learn about shapes and simultaneously  create something that can be utilised? How about adding a splash of colours and shapes on paper and turning it into a gift wrapper? This way your child will learn shapes and also get creative! And with the festive season just around the corner, gift wrapping papers will come in handy! Are you ready for paper craft geometric gift wrap activity?


Paper Craft 3D Cubes

Looking for unique ways to teach your child about different shapes? How about 3D cubes with paper craft? You can be rest assured that your child will enjoy doing this activity that will also strengthen his/her hand-eye coordination. Ready for paper craft 3D cubes?


Geometric Owl

Hoot Hoot! Ever seen a flamingo-coloured owl at night? We’ve made one completely with geometric shapes and vibrant colours! This way, your child will get a hands-on understanding of shapes while enhancing his/her creative skills. If you’re ready, let’s begin paper craft geometric owl activity!


Geometric City

Calling little architects! How about building and designing a mini city with different shapes? Grab your craft papers and get ready to roll, cut, and shape a city with paper craft geometric city! This one has triangular roofs, cylindrical homes, square windows and rectangular doors!

Want more paper crafts to engage your child at home? Try these! >>


Geometric Headband

Time to put on a tribal attire! Today we’re going to make a headgear with colourful little shapes. Your child can then wear the geometric headband and will also simultaneously learn about them! Squares, rectangles, or triangles? Begin with your favourite!


Paper Craft Flower Bunch

Engage in a creative paper craft today! Let’s create a bunch of colourful paper flowers. Paper craft flower bunch is simple, beautiful and everlasting! Not the type that dries up! You can make a bunch of these in different colours and hand them over as a thank-you token when you feel like!


Birds Door Decor

Here’s a cute paper craft that every kid will love! An endearing activity where a mama bird feeds her baby bird! Once your child completes it, you can put it on your wall. Ready to chirp along with the little birds and begin paper craft birds door decor?


Hot Air Balloon

Ever wanted to fly high up in the air and look down at the world below? For the time being, we hope this hot air balloon activity will suffice! Cut colourful strips of paper to create a fascinating three dimensional craft! We’ve used all the colours of a rainbow so this will work as a great way to teach kids about this meteorological wonder! Are you ready to soar in the air with rainbow hot air balloon?


Colourful Caterpillar

Time to enhance your kid’s fine motor skills! We’ve got a colourful paper craft activity in store. Does your child know the life cycle of a butterfly? What did it look like before it became one? Does he/she know about the crawling caterpillar? Well, this paper craft colourful caterpillar activity will help!


Origami Paper Camera

Before the foray of smartphones and digital cameras, the age-old film camera is what we used to store memories—and very selectively as well! How about using the art of origami to craft a toy camera with your child? It even goes klachak every time you click! Get ready for this fun origami paper camera activity!


Origami Gift Box

Have a small gift to give to someone? How about a unique box to wrap it in? Here’s an interesting origami activity for your kid to engage with and gift a near and dear one! Make an origami paper gift box!

How this activity will help your child:


Christmas Decoration Craft

Spruce up your walls this Christmas with this creative activity of fun hanging decorations and get your house ready for Santa’s visit! Try this interesting Christmas decoration craft activity with your little one!

How this activity will help your child:


Christmas Decoration Hat

It’s the season of fa-la-la-la-la and jingles all the way! How about engaging your little one with a creative Christmas activity to ring in the season? As this is the season of sharing, don’t forget to make some Santa hats for your friends! Easy Christmas decoration Santa hat activity for your little ones!


Paper Craft Leaf Art Portrait

“Why are leaves green in colour,” “Are they always green in colour,” or “Are all leaves of same shape?” Has your child asked you such questions about leaves? There are no easy answers, just yet. Well, science behind leaves is for later. Instead, engage your child in this simple activity to create a branch with leaves of different shapes and colours! In this DIY activity, the child’s creativity are engaged, besides his/her fine motor and sensory skills.


Rocket Launcher

Paper crafts are always fun and can even teach your kids a thing or two about science! Like this amazing paper craft rocket launcher. We assure you, this activity will hardly take a couple of minutes for you to create! And once you do, your child won’t stop having fun with this rocket launcher! All you need is paper, a pair of scissors and a straw!


Japanese Paper Folding Fan

Here’s a really cool art project that you must try — the Japanese paper folding fan! Paper pleating is something kids thoroughly enjoy! Strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and make the Japanese fan as colourful as possible! The fan is sure to come in handy during summer.


Kite Festival

We’re sure this activity will take you for a trip down memory lane.

Tell your kids stories about kite flying and the kite competitions you took part in during your childhood.

Make this colour paper kite and have a blast with fun storytelling! You can also create the same by recycling plastic bags!


Pleated Peacock

Here’s a really enthralling way to introduce your child to India’s National Bird – the Peacock! Do the rain dance and engage with fine paper pleating. A wonderful and magical paper craft activity that will be educative for kids and boost his/her artistic skills.


Circular Paper Spinner

All you need is yarn, paper and sketch pens for this creative paper craft idea! Design colourful concentric patterns and spin it to watch a magical show! Watch as colours burst out from the spinner! Your kids will love this — and so will adults!


Pleated Mini Umbrella

Use the cool art of paper folding to pleat a miniature umbrella to take for a mini monsoon trip! This fine motor activity will enhance your child’s out-of-the-box thinking. All you need for this activity is coloured craft paper and toothpicks!


Magic Wallet

Here’s an excellent April Fool’s or everyday trick that your child can play on his/her near and dear ones. Surprise the participant with a magic wallet. Make money appear and disappear upon command! It’s a simple and easy paper craft that will totally trigger your little one’s curiosity!


Bunny Puppet

A super fun and creative finger puppet idea for your child. Especially fun during the month of Easter, this bunny puppet can even be used to boost pretend-play and imaginative skills. Your child can tell a story and at the same time learn about the life of bunny rabbits!

Bee Colony

A lovely art work to create and great add-on to your living room wall! In this activity, your child will engage with fine motor paper rolling and even create a fantastic projecting bee hive. This bee colony activity will also introduce your child to bees and give him/her a better understanding of their lifestyles.


3D Ladybug

Here’s a super cool art project that kids can create with paper crafts. Your child makes a 3D artwork using paper folding.

He/she also gets to understand about the famous beetle bug.

This will also look great on a greeting card and will introduce your child to different dimensions.


3D Parachute

Make a colourful parachute using paper cutouts. Teach your child about the flying machines – parachutes! Hot air balloons are always fun to look at. Make this with your child and hand it in front of his/her window. Watch as it sways along with the breeze!


Paper Spinning Top

An activity that will make you reminisce for a while! Remember the old spinning top we played with as kids? How about creating one from scratch with your child? This spinning top will test your little science kids. A super useful paper craft to keep kids engaged for hours. With this activity, your child will also understand basic balance dynamics.


Roll An Elephant

The jumbo animals are flapping their mighty ears to grab your attention! How about having a little safari fun with paper crafts today? Roll out an interesting elephant craft using paper rolls! This way, your child will also get to learn about shapes and animals! You can further your child’s animal knowledge by creating other animals as well!


4-Step Geometric Giraffes

The previous activity was elephant themed! This one, let’s add to the African flavour with conical giraffes! With four simple steps, your child will be able to create giraffes of different sizes and even make a little safari corner in his/her room! Isn’t this a fun way to learn about shapes?


Monster Bookmark

Make reading a quirky experience with colourful and not-so-scary monster corner bookmarks! All it takes is paper folding, fine cutting and creative artwork. The monster corner bookmarks will act as friendly reminders and make the reading a whole lot jollier. Your little ardent readers will be super fond of this.


Paper Lantern

Any festive occasion coming up? How about creating bright and vibrant paper lanterns? You can make them all the more attractive with serial lights! Use textured or handmade paper for a better effect. Your child can beautify his/her room with lights and lanterns!


4 Fold Gummy Bear

Here’s another fun origami craft that will test your child’s motor and creativity skills. Make a cute gummy bear in just four simple folds. Origami is a great paper folding technique to keep kids engaged physically and mentally. You can also put this up in your child’s study table or safari corner!


King Of The Jungle

Did you know you could create a lion with 3 paper hearts of different sizes? We have with us a not-so-fearsome yet mighty looking lion created with some snips and snaps of a pair of scissors! Experiment with the scissors and create the majestic king of the jungle with a majestic mane.


Weave A Fish

Here’s a superb and ultra-colourful paper weaving activity to fine-tune your little artist’s fine motor skills. Weave in a magical looking fish with colourful paper strands. This activity will also introduce your child to underwater aquatic life! It’s loads of fun and we’re sure it will look great on your wall!


Straw Missile

An engaging activity that will tickle your little scientist’s thinking! Make way for the non-destructive straw missile! It will hardly take a couple of minutes, but we’re sure that the engagement with this activity will be never-ending. This will trigger your child’s understanding of balance and projection like no other.


Craft A Bird

Who knew that paper crafts could be this fun? Let’s involve with some aviary fun! Try this bird craft activity with simple shapes and paper folds. It’s a lot of fun and will teach your kids the vastness of paper craft ideas. Don’t forget to add the tail!


Tweety Bird

Unlock your child’s artistry skills with this creative Tweety bird. Remember the old Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries? We’re making our very own Tweety with just paper! Pique your little one’s interest in birds with this fun paper craft activity. Ready to begin?


Go Fish Project!

Ready to go fishing? Because we’re creating a fishing setup with different coloured sheets of paper. Add a dash of creativity to your child’s room with this art project. You can teach your kids about the art of fishing with this engaging activity. Add paper craft fish, stones and aquatic plants to make it more magical!

Flower Pot Greeting Card

Teach your child to create a colourful and unique greeting card for an upcoming family occasion! Your child can surprise his/her loved ones with this greeting card. There really is nothing as beautiful and loving as a handmade gift, is there? Your child can also personalize it with his/her favourite things!


Strawberry Notebook Cover

Here’s a super duper back-to-school paper crafts activity for your little ones! Cover your child’s notebooks with layers of fruit designs. You can also add a name label as well as a pen-holder. We’ve done a strawberry themed notebook cover. You can make one with your child’s favourite fruit! They’re sure to love it. (This may also get them to eat healthy!)


Forest of Fir Trees

Recycle an old cardboard box to create a mini forest setup. Cut strips of different shades of green paper to make fir trees. You can also prop it on a paper plate and add a snowy effect to it. You can also add on to the magical fir tree forest by adding giraffes, elephants or even hippos!


Storage Station

Paper crafts that are useful? Yep! This one is! Recycle an old cardboard box and transform it into a useful storage station! Cut strips of coloured paper to make it more creative and colourful. Small boxes can be used as stationery holders and large ones can be to stack magazines. This will not only be useful, but will also look absolutely great!


Carrot Container

Does your child like eating healthy food? What about carrots? Well, this activity will come in handy! Make a delicious and crunchy carrot shaped stationery holder with your little one. Try carrot container paper crafts of different shapes to store different items! It’s useful and loads of fun to create!


Spiral Snake

A really quick activity to end the paper crafts list! Say hello to a spiral snake. It’s twisty, friendly and not poisonous! It’s extremely easy to create and will improve your child’s coordination skills in a jiffy. Make these snake decorations – but make sure you don’t scare your loved ones with it!



Wasn’t that fun? Paper crafts are easy to make and can be created anytime and anywhere. There are less restrictions to creativity and no limits to fun! Do share your favourite paper crafts in the comments section of this post!

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Arts and crafts are a fun way to exercise your creativity. There are crafts that call for almost every type of material imaginable, but some of the best ideas make use of simple supplies like paper, glue, fabric, and paint. If you’re new to the world of arts and crafts, give finger painting, origami folding, basic stitching, or other popular projects a shot, or experiment with materials like paint and clay that will allow you to use your imagination to the fullest.



Making Paper Projects

  1. 1

    Create a constellation of 3D paper stars. Take a 12 in (30 cm) square of patterned scrapbook paper and fold it diagonally both ways to crease it. Unfold the paper and fold both sets of straight edges together, then unfold it again. Use a pair of scissors to cut about 2.5 in (6.4 cm) inward from each straight edge and fold the flaps together into triangles. Glue the edges of the flaps together and watch the paper transform into a multi-dimensional star![1]
    • Use lots of different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper to build your own dazzling paper solar system.
    • If you want to hang your completed stars, glue 2 stars together on their backsides to make a single star with 8 evenly-spaced points, then attach a string to one of the points and suspend them from the ceiling.
  2. 2

    Teach yourself how to fold origami. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes. To try your hand at origami, you’ll need a thin square of paper and a basic template to follow, which you can find online or in art books dedicated to the art. The finished product will have a beautiful, delicate appearance.[2]
    • Books on origami often come with paper that you can use to make the designs described in the instructions.
    • If it's your first time experimenting with origami, start with something simple, like a box, frog, turtle, or heart.

    Tip: You can create almost anything with origami, from animals to household objects to elaborate shapes.[3]

  3. 3

    Cut newspaper into one-of-a-kind snowflakes. Take a single square sheet of newspaper and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle, then fold the triangle in half again 1-2 more times. Use a pair of scissors to snip small circles, squares, and triangles out of the creased edge. When you're done, unfold the paper and marvel at the result![4]
    • The more times you fold the paper, the smaller and more intricate your snowflake's pattern will become.[5]
    • You can also try cutting your designs into glossy wrapping paper to add some sparkle to your snowflakes.
  4. 4

    Make poseable cardboard animal stand-ups. Draw various animals on a large piece of cardboard, using separate outlines for the body and legs. Cut out the shapes carefully. Use paint to fill in each animal’s features, including details like stripes and spots. Cut small slits at the bottom of each and slide in the leg pieces to make your animals stand up on their own.[6]
    • Incorporate other types of materials by sticking on googly-eyes and using pipe cleaners for things like tails and horns.
    • When you’re finished, arrange your stand-ups into different scenes, such as barnyards, watering holes, or zoo exhibits.
  5. 5

    Turn cardboard tubes into racing rockets. Decorate an old toilet paper or paper towel tube with paint, glitter, sequins, or patterned paper. To fashion a nose cone for your rocket, cut a 4–5 in (10–13 cm) circle out of a piece of construction paper, cut a straight line halfway across, and overlap and glue the edges into a cone shape. Complete your rocket by gluing fringed paper, tissue paper, or string to the inside of the bottom part of the tube to mimic flames.[7]
    • Hang each rocket from a length of string to freeze it in flight, or stake them into the ground at an angle with wooden skewers covered with striped paper drinking straws to make them look like they’re blasting off.


Crafting with Fabric and Yarn

  1. 1

    Assemble your own sock puppet cast of characters. Adorn plain tube socks with fabric paint to add splashes of color. Glue buttons onto the top of the toe section for eyes and use yarn and scraps of felt to make hair, facial features, clothing, and other accents. When you’re done, pull on your finished puppet and use hand movements to bring it to life.[8]
    • Fuzzy socks and pom-poms with googly eyes stuck on are perfect for making plush animal puppets.[9]
    • Slip a puppet onto each hand to become a one-person show!
  2. 2

    Embroider a beaded paper plate dreamcatcher. Cut out the center of a paper plate and use a hole punch to open holes every 12–1 inch (1.3–2.5 cm) around the inner edge. Thread a long strand of yarn through one of the holes at the top and tape the loose end to the backside of the frame. Weave the yarn in and out of the holes in all different directions and slide colored beads onto each section to put your own unique spin on a traditional Native American dreamcatcher.[10]
    • When you’ve used up all the holes or you’re satisfied with the design you’ve created, snip the yarn and tape it to the back of the frame out of sight.
    • Mix up the colors of your plates and yarn to play around with different themes. Your dreamcatcher might be inspired by suns, flowers, fruits, or even holiday images.[11]

    Tip: Leave one of the holes around the edge of the plate empty in case you want to hang your dreamcatcher later.

  3. 3

    Learn to sew by making simple yet lovely fabric flowers. Cut a single piece of fabric into a strip that's about 12 in (30 cm) long and 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide, with 8-10 rounded edges on one side. Thread a needle and sew a straight stitch along the straight edge of the fabric, pulling the thread tight so that the material bunches up in the middle and forms a flower shape. When you’re done, snip and tie off the thread.[12]
    • Complete your fabric flowers by stitching a decorative button onto the center of each blossom.[13]
    • Use fabrics in solid colors to mock sunflowers or tulips, or look for patterned styles to give your flowers more of a vibrant, dreamy look.
  4. 4

    Convert one of your favorite t-shirts into personalized pillow. If you have an old shirt that you don’t wear anymore but still want to show off, stretch it out flat on a tabletop and cut out the main design in a square or rectangular shape. Cut an identical piece from the back of the shirt and pin the edges of both pieces together. Stitch up 3 sides of the pillow, then pause to stuff it full of cotton before sewing the 4th side shut.[14]
    • Another option is to sew overlapping flaps of leftover fabric to the backside of the design on the top, bottom, and outer edge to make a pillowcase that you can slip over a small throw pillow.
    • Ask a parent or teacher for help if you’ve never used a needle and thread before.
  5. 5

    Embellish mason jars, flower pots, or vases with colorful yarn. Brush the outside of your container with craft glue using a sponge brush. Grab a ball of yarn in your favorite color and begin carefully winding it around the container from the bottom up, making sure you hold the container by its mouth. After the glue dries, you'll have a chic, useful accessory that will introduce a splash of color to any part of your home.[15]
    • Wrap the yarn just tight enough to take the slack out of each "row." If you pull it too tight, it could crack fragile containers.
    • Try using multiple colors to give your container a rainbow effect. When you want to change colors, just cut the yarn on the opposite side of the container that you started on, then begin a new strand.[16]


Working with Other Assorted Materials

  1. 1

    Finger paint your masterpiece. Finger painting is one of the simplest forms of art there is, but also one of the most expressive. Just place a large sheet of heavy paper on a tabletop or easel, dip your fingers into a tray of washable paint, and let your imagination run wild![17]
    • If you don’t have any paints on hand, you can also try cooking up your own homemade finger paints using flour, water, and food coloring or liquid watercolors.[18]

    Warning: Finger painting can get pretty messy, so it may be a good idea to cover your crafting area with a few pieces of plastic sheeting or newspaper before you get started.

  2. 2

    Make a relaxing rain stick from a cardboard tube. Cover one end of the tube with aluminum foil, then secure it with heavy-duty tape. Funnel in a few large handfuls of plastic beads, gravel, or uncooked rice or beans and seal the opposite end of the tube. When you turn your rain stick over, you’ll be treated to the sound of a gentle downpour.[19]
    • To make sure your rain stick holds up to hours of use, opt for a thick, durable type of tubing, like the kind that comes inside a roll of plastic wrap.[20]
    • Use paint or patterned paper to add some flair to the outside of your rain stick.
    • If you want your rain stick to make even more noise, insert a rolled-up piece of aluminum foil into the tube before sealing it up.
  3. 3

    Sculpt with modeling clay. With a single lump of clay, you can create almost anything you can dream up. A simple hand mold or pinch pot can make a great first project, but you might also put together miniature models of you and your family or give shape to simple animals like snakes, caterpillars, and butterflies.[21]
    • Make sure you use air-dry or polymer clay, which doesn't need to be fired in a kiln in order to harden to its finished form.
    • Use acrylic paint to add even more color and detail to your sculptures.[22]
  4. 4

    Paint rocks to look like ladybugs. Gather a few flat, circular stones and paint each one a different solid color using acrylic paint. Once the colored paint has dried, cover the stone with black spots and paint a big black circle at one end to serve as the head. For eyes, brush 2 small white circles inside the big black circle, then dot them with black paint.[23]
    • Hand-painted ladybug rocks can make great decorations for gardens, flower beds, and outdoor walkways.
    • If you plan on displaying your ladybugs outside, consider brushing them with a coat of water-based sealant to protect the paint from the elements.
  5. 5

    String together dyed pasta into jewelry. Place 1-2 handfuls of pasta into a disposable food storage container. Mix 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) of vinegar with a few drops of food coloring and pour it over the pasta. Cover the container and shake it for 30 seconds to a minute, or until the pasta is evenly colored. After drying the pasta on a cookie sheet, slide the multicolored pieces onto sections of string cut to different lengths to make necklaces and bracelets.[24]
    • You’ll need to mix up a new batch of dye and use a separate container for each individual color you want to add to your craft jewelry.
    • Be sure to use a hollow variety of pasta like macaroni, penne, or ditalini that will easily fit over the string.

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  • Use the materials listed here and others to come up with your own original craft projects. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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If you’ve ever handed a toddler some finger paint, a blank sheet of paper and watched him go wild, then you know the endless amount of fun crafts can bring. But art activities get little minds going in more ways than one. As your toddler's tiny hands experiment with mixing colors and creating swirls on the page, he won't just be entertained — he's also flexing important developmental skills, exploring his imagination and gaining a sense of independence by creating something of his very own.

Why arts and crafts are beneficial for toddlers

According to Christina Johns, M.D., a pediatrician and senior medical advisor for PM Pediatrics Urgent Care, toddler crafts benefit kids in ways big and small, starting with how they help refine both gross and fine motor coordination. Even if little ones aren’t quite sure what they’re making or are unable to follow all the steps without assistance, that’s okay: They’re still getting a lot more out of art projects than you might think.

"Working with their hands and practicing repetitive motions and activities also helps with focus and discipline,” says Dr. Johns. For example, picking up objects helps refine their pincer grasp, she says.

Arts and crafts also give toddlers a sense of spatial orientation, a cognitive skill that can help with flexibility, dexterity and more. "Carrying supplies and cleaning up helps gross motor transferring skills,” says Dr. Johns, adding that crafts also help young children make decisions and learn from their mistakes.

In other words: Encouraging any kind of creative play with toddler crafts can be beneficial, even if your little one isn’t ready to do much yet. Just take things slow, and don’t expect him to be making some elaborate paper mache masterpiece any time soon.

“Encourage your child to speak their mind and tell you, in their own words and way, what they are thinking and planning as they make decisions about arts and crafts — which colors to use, what to put where, etc.,” says Dr. Johns. “This encourages verbal development and sentence formation.”

Perhaps most importantly, toddler crafts give little ones a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-esteem.

“Gaining confidence and feeling good about oneself is important for children at this age,” says Dr. Johns, “so patience, praise and a positive attitude go a long way in making these activities go well.”

The best crafts for toddlers

Not sure what makes an art project appropriate for toddlers? Think simple, says Dr. Johns.

“Toddlers should be focused on simple activities that aren’t too complex or above their developmental level,” she notes, explaining that choosing activities with just a few steps is best, since complex crafts might make little ones feel frustrated or cause them to lose interest. She also suggests using crafting elements that aren’t too small or difficult to manipulate.

“Working with beads or buttons (while supervised) can help with counting skills, [while] gluing objects or painting (like color by number) can help with naming items, color selection, numbers and vocabulary,” she says.

Above all else, make sure toddler art projects are fun — but also keep a close watch. You may have to jump in on a few tasks that involve steps like cutting to ensure your little one doesn't hurt herself or ingest anything while working with the materials.

Ready to dive in? Scroll on for fun and easy crafts for toddlers that you and your little one will love.

Homemade Stamps Craft


Toddlers love dipping stamps into ink pads or paint and leaving their mark all over the page. Jackie from Happy Hooligans suggests using common household items to make your own stamps, such as wine corks, bottle caps and toy blocks, which are easy for little hands to grab (and are likely laying around your house, anyway). 

What you’ll need:

  • Large bottle caps, wine corks or other small items with a flat surface

  • Foam shapes

  • Glue gun

  • Blank paper

  • Paint, ink or markers to dip the stamps into

Get the the instructions: 

Paper Plate Sun Craft

Here comes the sun! This fun and simple paper plate craft will definitely work on those fine motor skills, as little ones carefully glue each of the sun’s “rays” on (AKA yellow pipe cleaners). You can also practice counting with your tot as she crafts to work on those math skills. 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 small yellow paper plate (or a white one your toddler can paint yellow)

  • 1 single hole punch

  • Yellow pipe cleaners

  • Yellow straws

  • Scissors

  • Yellow tissue paper squares

  • Liquid glue

  • Sequins or jewels (optional)

Get the instructions:

Painted Pasta Necklace Craft

Encourage little ones to make their very own wearable art with nothing more than some pasta noodles, paint and string. You’ll probably have to give your toddler a hand stringing each noodle, but chances are she'll love wearing the finished product.

What you’ll need: 

  • Craft paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Pasta noodles 

  • Yarn

  • Tape 

  • Scissors

  • Scrap paper

  • Wax paper 

  • Cup for water

  • Disposable plate or palette to hold paint

  • Painter’s tape (optional)

Get the instructions:

Leaf Painting Craft

Nature-inspired art teaches toddlers to learn about the world around them in a whole new way. Before getting started on this craft, take a walk with your little one and encourage him to pick out different leaves that catch his eye. After, watch as he paints each one in a pretty color and creates leaf impressions across the blank page. 

What you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint

  • White cardstock

  • Leaves from the outdoors

 Get the instructions:

Paper Cup Flowers Craft  

This pretty flower craft makes for a fun afternoon activity, and it's also a great gift for Mom or Grandma. It involves painting a simple white paper cup with a small stone and then cutting the sides into strips to create the petals — though for toddlers, you’ll need to step in with that part. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Small round stone

  • White paper cups

  • Paint

  • Paper plate

Get the instructions:

Caterpillar Suncatcher Craft


This caterpillar suncatcher offers toddlers a fun indoor activity. Using the colorful tops of extra Play-Doh lids, you can help guide your little one as he sticks them to the window, forming a happy little caterpillar. Then show him where to glue on the tiny caterpillar legs, ears and eyes to complete the friendly face. 

What you’ll need:

  • Play-Doh lids (5 small and 1 large)

  • Glue dots

  • 2 small wiggly eyes

  • Black permanent marker

  • 2 black pipe cleaners

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Get the instructions:

Under the Sea Preschool Plate Craft 

In this craft, toddlers can turn an ordinary paper plate into a pretty blue fish bowl, complete with a friendly yellow fish that lives inside. Using tissue paper to make the seaweed and white beans for the sandy bottom will also create more of a sensory experience.

What you’ll need: 

  • Paint (preferably blues and greens)

  • Paint brushes or sponge

  • Paper plate

  • Piece of white card stock

  • Green and yellow tissue paper

  • White beans

  • Fish template

  • Glue

  • One set of googly eyes

Get the instructions:

Rainbow Tree Craft

Ana from Babble Dabble Do is a big fan of nature crafts that inspire kids to look differently at the world around them. But here’s an added bonus: These types of art activities are also low-cost and sometimes even free. This craft is no exception — it involves taking a large downed branch from your yard or a nearby wooded area, “planting” it in a bucket filled with sand and then letting little ones paint it however they wish.

What you’ll need:

  • Tree branch

  • Bucket

  • Sand

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

Get the instructions: 

Felt Board Tree Craft

Introduce the concept of seasons to your kiddo by letting her play with felt to create a tree and naturescape that reflects the season you’re in. You’ll have to do a little prep work when it comes to the cutting, but then you can encourage her to place flowers and leaves within the scene wherever she likes.

What you’ll need:

  • 8×10 piece of cardboard

  • 1 sheet light blue felt

  • 1 sheet green felt

  • 1 sheet white felt

  • 1/2 sheet brown felt

  • Various colors of felt (scrap pieces work, too)

  • Scissors

  • White craft glue 

Get the instructions:

Scented Homemade Play Dough Craft


If you’re looking for a toddler art project that’s more of a sensory play activity, scented play dough is kind of perfect. Your tot can assist in helping you whip up different batches of the colorful dough by pouring the ingredients into a bowl before you mix them. After it's ready, watch as he has a blast kneading the dough and creating fun shapes and creatures.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour

  • 1/2 cup salt

  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar

  • 1 cup filtered water or cooled tea (for flavors)

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil

  • Food coloring

  • Essential oils, flavor extracts and/or spices (optional)

Get the instructions:

Foam Sticker Roller Craft 

Get ready to get messy! This simple craft lets toddlers mix colors, make patterns and have fun using the rolling pin to create a true work of art. This isn’t exactly one of those crafts that’ll come out looking Pinterest-perfect, but it doesn’t matter — it’ll be fun, and kids will work on motor skills as they move the rolling pin about the page.

What you’ll need: 

  • Large sheets of paper

  • Poster paints in a variety of colors

  • Plastic plate to put the paint on

  • Glitter (optional)

  • Rolling pin

  • Foam stickers (whatever design you prefer)

Get the instructions:

Handprint Calendar Craft


The best art projects are the ones that double as great gifts — and this toddler craft is no exception. You and your tot can work on this project all in one day, or incrementally over a couple of weeks to compile the finished product: A one-of-a-kind handprint calendar for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa… you name it!

What you’ll need: 

  • Smocks

  • Several size paint brushes

  • Several colored paints

  • Construction paper

  • Markers

  • Sharpies

  • Glue

  • Glitter

  • Newspaper to place beneath your painting area

Get the instructions:

Rainbow Cereal Craft 


Good luck not getting hungry while making this one! Using marshmallows and strategically placed pieces of rainbow cereal, your toddler can create a colorful rainbow while practicing her counting skills and color recognition. 

What you’ll need:

  • Fruit cereal

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Paper plates

  • Blue crayon

  • Glue

Get the instructions:

Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath Craft

The good news? There’s no wrong way to make this Valentine’s Day-themed wreath, which offers little learners a fun and tactile activity. Once you cut out the center of the paper plate, toddlers will have fun gluing each piece of colorful tissue paper to the wreath, and will be super proud when you hang their work of art from the front door.

What you’ll need:

  • Tissue paper squares in red, pink and white

  • Paper plate with the center cut out

  • School glue or glue sticks

  • Cellophane paper with hearts (optional)

  • Red, pink or white pipe cleaner

Get the instructions:

Yarn Stamping Craft


Creating patterns and prints with stamps is always fun for toddlers, and these DIY yarn stamps help teach kids about different textures and materials. You can use play toy blocks to wrap the yarn around, or even cut up floral foam, like Shaunna from Fantastic Fun and Learning did for this craft. Kids will love the bold, interesting patterns they create once dipped in paint and pressed against a sheet of paper.

What you’ll need:

  • Washable tempura paint

  • 3 different colors of string

  • 3 blocks (or floral foam cut into blocks) 

  • Scissors

  • White paper

  • Paint tray

Get the instructions:

Apple Print Craft 

Here’s another fun paint stamping craft that involves something you likely already have at home: apples! Simply cut them down the middle and let your toddler use the halves as makeshift stamps to press against the stark white paper. You can even use different kinds of apples to teach your little one about the various colors and varieties while you’re at it. 

What you’ll need:

  • Several apples (one kind, or a variety)

  • White paper

  • Washable paints

Get the instructions:

Written by Kaitlin Stanford

Kaitlin Stanford is a freelance writer and editor living in Hoboken, New Jersey, where she can usually be found watching Real Housewives on her couch with a glass of wine or hitting up her happy place: Trader Joe’s. Her writing has appeared on Yahoo, Bustle, Woman's Day, Apartment Therapy and more, where she's covered everything from the best IKEA hacks to all the pregnancy sex questions you were too shy to ask. Prior to writing for What to Expect, she's worked as a parenting and news editor for Babble, Romper and The Bump — so it's safe to say she's more than prepared for this parenthood thing (whenever the time comes!).

Discover the latest supplies and inspiration in arts and crafts. Shop online with How to Make Paper Umbrellas - Easy Peasy and Fun Paper Craft For Kids, Fun.

Easy Paper Crafts for Kids and Adults

There are so many crafts for teens and tweens out there on the internet. One could get lost on Pinterest for days. I want to make it easy for you. These fifteen ideas are simple, use few supplies, and use mostly recycled materials. Cheap and easy!

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

When I first started my blog, I had one tween and the other two were still little. I geared my art projects more towards the little ones. A lot of process art and very few crafts. But now that they are 17, 15, and 11, I have found that they really do love to make something. They still love process art (my 11-year old son would love to splatter paint on a daily basis), but they really get into crafts now, too. Especially with their friends.

Teens are very social, so all of these ideas are really fun to do with a friend or with a group of friends. Teens also love to decorate their rooms, so most of these arts and crafts are things you could hang on your wall or prop op on a shelf.

Yarn Crafts for Teens and Tweens:

1. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

Although this yarn craft is really quite good for all ages, teens and tweens will love to make these letters to decorate their rooms. Make three and turn it into an artsy monogram!

2. God’s Eyes

This is such an old-school craft, I remember making these with popsicle sticks when I was little. Here we use real twigs to make them more authentic. Older kids can make pom-poms for the ends. This craft can be made by kids as young as five, all the way up through adults. The most fun part is picking out the color combos!

Here is a link to my favorite neon pink yarn. Sometimes they sell out so check back if it’s out of stock.

Paper Crafts for Teens and Tweens:

3. Melted Crayon Butterflies

Save old crayons for this craft. Make lot of butterflies and hang on the wall as an art installation. I include butterfly printables in this post. As always, adult supervision recommended with a hot iron.

4. Painted Paper Pinwheels

This has been one of my most popular paper crafts. I make them for birthday parties where the tweens carefully paint each fold, then embellish with gold paint. Collect lots and hang them on a wall.

5. Paper Bag Stars

These paper bag stars are SO easy and fun to make. We make them all the time, and have embellished them several different ways. We have painted them, we have used chalk markers, and sometimes we’ve used a hole punch do add a luminary quality.

You can use brown bags or white bags. Read this tutorial on how to turn ordinary paper lunch bags into these beautiful stars.

Supplies needed for Paper Bag Stars:

~ Brown lunch bags or white lunch bags

~ Glue sticks

~ Scissors

~ Fluorescent tempera cakes

~ White chalk markers

~ Hole punch

Garland & Paper Chain Crafts for Teens and Tweens:

6. Paint Chip Name Garland

Paint chips have to be one of the best free materials around. My daughter made this years ago and it’s still hanging in her room.

7. Hearts Paper Chain

Making these heart paper chains is addictive. Once the kids figure out the system, they don’t want to ever stop! Here we painted the paper first, but you can also use colored paper.

Painting and Drawing Ideas for Teens and Tweens:

8. XOXO Watercolor Painting

This painting project is such a great color study idea. It also is really cute to frame and hang on your wall.

9. Cereal Box Heart Paintings

Get your teens and tweens to start mixing acrylics and making their own colors. These hearts turn the humble cereal box into rich, beautiful little pieces of art.

10. Chalk Marker Leaves

There as many ways to embellish leaves as there are leaves to collect! Here we used one simple material, a white chalk pen.

11. Kandinsky Inspired Circle Paintings

Each painting is more beautiful than the next, it’s a lesson in both abstract art and working with watercolors.

Slime and Soap Making for Teens and Tweens:

12. Fluffy Bubblegum Slime

My teen daughter’s favorite slime recipe using a special “fluffy” ingredient.

13. Make Scented Rainbow Soap

I made these soaps with my art camp students who were in kindergarten. Then my teen daughters made them with their friends. They were a huge hit!! So much fun to make, and even more fun to slice 🙂

Jewelry Crafts for Teens and Tweens:

14. Washer Necklaces

Inexpensive hardware store washers are the main material in these “boho chic” necklaces. Painted with nail polish, they are a huge hit with teens and tweens.

15. Friendship Bracelets

My girls and their friends make friendship bracelets all the time. You can tie the ends to cardboard and take them anywhere!  I love this old-time classic craft because there are so many different patterns and color combos to choose from. It literally never gets old.

Here is a wonderful tutorial on how to make simple friendship bracelets. And if you want something more challenging, these heart ones are adorable!

Supplies needed for friendship bracelets:

~ Embroidery floss

~ A safety pin or tape

~ Good scissors

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I think this is a good list to get your teens and tweens started with some crafts. You can try one a month! The supply lists are short and many use mostly recycled materials.

I know many teens and tweens are also into selling their crafts and art, so I am going to work on a free, downloadable business card idea next.

xo, Bar

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how to do arts and crafts with paper

Check out the best crafts for toddlers, including easy and fun art activities. Using tissue paper to make the seaweed and white beans for the.

how to do arts and crafts with paper
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