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How to increase crafting in stardew valley
January 02, 2019 Carefree Crafting 5 comments


[ Daft Punk's Technologic starts playing in the distance ]

Watering your crops is a huge portion of your day when you first start out. Those first few sprinklers are a blessing. Let's review the types of sprinklers.


The basic sprinkler waters the four adjacent squares.

Quality Sprinkler

The quality sprinkler waters the 8 surrounding squares.

Iridium Sprinkler

The iridium sprinkler waters the 24 surrounding squares.

The game doesn't offer placement markers for sprinklers so you need keep the above diagram in mind when laying out your fields.

Where To Get Sprinklers


Sprinkler TypeCrafting RecipeLevel Requirements
Sprinkler1 Copper Bar and 1 Iron BarFarming Level 2
Quality Sprinkler1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Refined QuartzFarming Level 6
Iridium Sprinkler1 Gold Bar, 1 Iridium Bar, 1 Battery PackFarming Level 9

Other Sources

Sprinkler TypeSources
SprinklerCrafting Only
Quality SprinklerCrafting, Summer Crops Bundle, or Purchase from Traveling Cart
Iridium SprinklerCrafting, Purchase from Krobus on Friday

Sprinklers and Giant Crops

If you want giant crops with sprinklers, you need at least a 2 by 2 arrangement of Iridium Sprinkler.

Quality Sprinkler LayoutIridium Sprinkler Layout

Enjoy using all that free time you have on your hands to, well, be busy doing other things!

This is a rework of a post from "Winewood Farms," my old Stardew Valley blog. I hope to bring the rest of the posts over, too. Stay tuned!

Catching Fish

Fishing on Stardew Valley is an art. Some people excel at it very easily, others… not so much. Fortunately for all in the latter category, we’re here to help! First off, we need to find a location to fish. If you’re not looking to catch anything specific, you can go to any body of water and have at it. If you’re looking for a certain type of fish, consult the above map and specific fish type below to find the proper location.

Once you’re set, cast out your rod into the water. For the most part, the farther you cast, the better chance you have for higher quality fish. These will sell for much more money, especially with perks from your Fishing skill. When you get a bite, you’ll see the bobber go under and receive a small (!) mark above your head. As soon as you see this, click immediately!

Now you’ll see the fishing minigame appear on your screen. The goal here is to keep the green bar lined up with the fish icon that is constantly moving up and down. This can be tricky to pull off, especially when attempting to catch more lucrative fish. It’s best to try a few different strategies here. I personally find that clicking and holding the button moves the bar too fast, and prefer to tap the mouse button rapidly instead.

Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You'll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams. Improve your skills .

Stardew Valley Walkthrough

There are five skills you can level up in as a farmer in Stardew Valley. They are farming, mining, foraging, fishing and combat. Each skill has ten levels of proficiency. The fastest way to level up is by practicing tasks related to that skill. If you want to level up combat then go out and fight some monsters. If you want to level up farming then start planting and watering crops.


Farming is one of the main parts of the game and the reason why so many people love Stardew Valley. Looking after your crops is something you’ll be doing each day. This involves clearing the land, tilling the soil, planting crops, watering and harvesting. As you do these things you’ll level up your farming skill over time although you only gain experience for harvesting crop. As you do you’ll become more proficient and be able to craft new things.

Farming Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft fertilizer, Craft Scarecrow, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Sprinkler, Craft Stone Fence, Craft Mayonnaise Machine, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 3: Cook Farmer’s Lunch, Craft Speed Gro, Craft Bee House, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 4: Craft Basic Retaining Soil, Craft Iron Fence, Craft Preserves Jar, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 5: At level 5 you get to choose a profession, either a Tiller or a Rancher. If you become a Tiller you will receive an extra 10% for your crops. If you become a Rancher you’ll receive an extra 10% for animal products.

Level 6: Craft Cheese Press, Craft Quality Sprinkler, Craft Hardwood Fence, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 7: Craft Loom, Craft Quality Retaining Soil, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Keg, Craft Deluxe Speed-Gro, Craft Oil Maker, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Quality Fertilizer, Craft Iridium Sprinkler, Craft Seed Maker, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 10: At level 10 you can further specialize your profession. If you are a Tiller you can become an Artisan (Atrisanal Goods are worth 50% more) or an Agriculturalist (Crops will grow 10% faster). If you are a Rancher you can become a Coopmaster (Cuts incubation time in half and befriend coop animals quicker) or a Shepherd (Sheep produce wool faster and you can befriend barn animals quicker).


Mining is also an integral part of Stardew Valley and allows you to gather the resources you need to craft many items. The main activity that will level you up is breaking rocks and ores with your pickaxe.

Mining Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Cherry Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Staircase, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 3: Cook Miner’s Treat, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 4: Transmute (Fe), +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 5: At level 5 you get to choose a profession, either a Geologist or a Miner. A Geologist has the chance to find Gems in pairs and a Miner will recieve +1 Ore per vein.

Level 6: Craft Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 7: Transmute (Au), +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Mega Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Crystalarium, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 10: Further specialize in your profession. If you are a Geologist you can become a Gemologist for +20% to the value of Gems or an Excavator which doubles the amount of Geodes found. If you are a Miner you can become a Blacksmith which makes the Bars worth 25% more or a Prospector which doubles the amount of Coal found.


Foraging is all about going into the wilderness and collecting items. Chopping down trees will help level up this skill. You’ll gain extra recipes as you level up and at level 5 be able to pick a profession.

Foraging Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Field Snack, Craft Wild Seeds (Spring), Trees may drop seeds, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 2: Cook Survival Burger, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 3: Craft Tapper, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 4: Craft Wild Seeds (Summer), Craft Charcoal Kiln, +1 Wild Berry Harvesting, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 5: Pick a profession. Either a Forester which makes the wood worth 50% more or a Gatherer which gives you a chance to double the amount of your harvested items.

Level 6: Craft Warp Totem: Beach, Craft Wild Seeds (Fall), +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 7: Craft Wild Seeds (Winter), Craft Warp Totem: Mountains, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 8: Craft Warp Totem: Farm, +1 Wild Berry Harvesting, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 9: Craft Rain Totem, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 10: Specialize your profession. The Forester can become a Lumberjack (Normal trees can drop hardwood) or a Tapper (Syrup is worth 25% more). The Gatherer can become a Botanist (Foraged items are always gold quality) or a Tracker (Reveals the location of foragable items).


Practice fishing and you will gain experience, eventually leveling up and become more proficient. Here’s the skills and recipes you can gain through fishing.

Fishing Proficiencies

Level 1: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Bait, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 3: Craft Crab Pot, Cook Dish O’ The Sea, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 4: Craft Recycling Machine, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 5: Choose a profession (Trapper or Fisher). The Trapper reduces the number of resources required to craft Crab Pots and the Fisher increases the value of Fish by 25%.

Level 6: Craft Spinner, Craft Trap Bobber, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 7: Craft Cork Bobber, Craft Treasure Hunter, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Worm Bin, Craft Barbed Hook, Craft Dressed Spinner, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Magnet, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 10: Further specialize your profession. The Trapper can become an Angler (Fish worth 50% more) or a Pirate (Chance to find treasure is doubled). The Fisher can become a Luremaster (Crab Pots don’t need to be baited) or a Mariner (Crab Pots never catch trash).


Combat is all about killing monsters. Leveling up your combat skill will increase your health points and give you new crafting recipes.

Combat Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Sturdy Ring, +5 HP.

Level 2: Craft Life Elixir, +5 HP.

Level 3: Cook Roots Platter, +5 HP.

Level 4: Craft Warrior Ring, +5 HP.

Level 5: Choose a profession. The Fighter deals 10% more damage and has an extra 15 HP. The Scout has an increased Critical Strike of 50%.

Level 6: Craft Slime Egg Press, Craft Oil of Garlic, +5 HP.

Level 7: Craft Ring of Yoba, +5 HP.

Level 8: Craft Slime Incubator, Craft Explosive Ammo, +5 HP.

Level 9: Craft Iridium Band, +5 HP.

Level 10: Specialize your profession. The Fighter can become a Brute (Damage increased an extra 15%) or a Defender (HP increased by 25). The Scout can become an Acrobat (For reduced cool down on special moves by half) or a Desperado (Critical hits are now deadly).

Stardew Valley tips and tricks: Best crops, how to transfer PC save to mobile, and more

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It’s time to get agricultural on Android! Stardew Valley is now available for Android phone and tablets (and supported Chromebooks) via the Google Play Store for the one-off price of $7.99.

With the exception of the multiplayer co-op mode, the smash hit indie farming sim for PC and console is an almost identical game on mobile devices. You can read our in-depth thoughts on the mobile version in our Stardew Valley review!

In this guide we’ll talk about how to play Stardew Valley, while also sharing the best Stardew Valley tips and tricks to help you and your farm thrive.

How to transfer Stardew Valley save file from PC/Mac to Android

Returning players from PC/Mac can easily transfer save games to mobile with just a few simple steps.

First off you’ll need to find your existing save file.

  • On PC open File Explorer and type the following into the address bar: %AppData%\StardewValley\Saves
  • On Mac open Finder > Go > Go to folder and then type the following: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves

What you’ll find on either platform is a folder (or multiple if you have various saves) with your Stardew Valley character’s name and a bunch of numbers. Make a copy of this folder and all of its contents. Plug your Android device into your computer via a compatible USB cable and change the MTP USB notification status to Transfer files.

Access your phone’s internal storage in Devices and drives on PC or by using the Android File Transfer app on Mac. You’ll then want to copy and paste your duplicate save folder into the folder marked “StardewValley” which will be in the root menu of your phone/tablet’s storage. If this folder doesn’t appear you can fix this by quickly starting and quitting a new game on the mobile version.

Now when you next boot up the game you should see your PC/Mac save game on your mobile device!

Choose the best crops

While there are plenty of ways to make money in Stardew Valley your primary source of income for most of the game will be crops. Knowing which seeds to plant to get the largest returns in gold usually takes some trial and error, but we’ve got a cheat sheet to help you out.

The best crops in Stardew Valley change between seasons and there’s no point planting summer seeds in spring as they just won’t grow at all. Eventually you’ll want to make sure you’re using preserves jars and kegs to create jellies and juices out of your produce to make even more money, but if you’re selling them raw here are the best crops to plant in each season:

  • Best Spring crops — Strawberry (seeds only available during Egg Festival), Cauliflower, Potato, Rhubarb (bought from Oasis shop)
  • Best Summer crops — Blueberry, Starfruit (Oasis shop), Melon, Hops, Red Cabbage (second year only)
  • Best Fall crops — Rare Seed (bought from Gypsy Wagon), Cranberry, Pumpkin, Grape

Plan out each season (and the years ahead)

If you want to maximize your profits in Stardew Valley you can’t just plant seeds recklessly.

Each season lasts 28 days in-game and once the weather changes any crops you have will wither and die immediately. As some crops take not just days but weeks to grow and harvest, there’s no point planting a seed that’ll take two weeks to bear fruit if you’ve only got a couple of days until the next season arrives.

Instead, you’re much better off saving those seeds for the following year. One major example, as noted above, is Strawberry seeds.

Strawberries are far and away the best Spring crop, but you can only buy them at the Egg Festival. Because this falls later in the season you’ll only have time to plant and harvest one strawberry crop. However, if you have some spare cash you can stockpile strawberry seeds for year two for an absolute windfall of gold.

How to restore the Community Center

Rebuilding the Community Center is essentially your main goal in Stardew Valley (don’t sell out to Joja Mart, it’s really not worth it!). To do so you’ll need to complete Bundles requested by the game’s tiny bug things, the Junimos, to refurbish individual rooms.

Completing every Bundle is a long road, but you’ll want to prioritize certain rooms and Bundles as not all of the rewards are made equal.

The most important one initially is the Boiler Room repair to get the mine cart back up and running, which lets you fast travel between the Mines, Bus Stop, Quarry, and the right side of the town. Time is precious and skipping between areas leaves you more hours in the day to get other things done.

The Greenhouse can be obtained by completing the Pantry Bundle and this is the best reward in the long-term. Any crops you plant in here will grow no matter what season it is (including Winter!).

The Bus Repair (Vault Bundle) is another key reward as it gives you access to the Oasis where you can buy exclusive seeds.

Talk to your pals and give gifts

Don’t become too obsessed with maintaining your farm. There’s a whole town out there to explore and a bunch of weird and wonderful residents to befriend. You can even start a romance with some characters and, if you’re really into them, get married and start a family.

Aside from the story aspect, getting to know the neighborhood will also net you rewards when you reach higher friendship levels that are delivered straight to your mailbox.

Friendship is measured on a scale represented by hearts, with each villager having 10 hearts in total. If you do decide to get married your spouse will have two extra hearts and filling all 12 nets you a Stardrop which permanently expands your Energy meter.

Increasing the number of hearts with each villager is as easy as talking to them and giving them gifts — just be sure to give them gifts that they actually like (the ever-helpful Stardew Valley Wiki has a full gift guide). You’ll also get bonus Friendship points if you give a villager a gift on their birthday which you can check on the calendar outside Pierre’s Store.

Go to bed on time

Don’t stay up past your bedtime! It may be tempting to burn the midnight oil (especially when you’re making good progress in the Mines), but if you don’t hit the hay at an appropriate time your energy recovery for the following day will take a huge hit.

As long as you get to bed before 12PM you’ll wake up with a full energy bar, but beyond that you’ll be penalized. If you don’t go to sleep by 2AM you’ll pass out completely and wake up with only half your usual energy.

Choose your Professions wisely

Stardew Valley has a few RPG-lite elements, including a leveling system for your avatar’s five skills — Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat.

Each skill will reward new items and improve your abilities at each level up to a max of level 10. At level 5 and level 10 you’ll also have to choose one of two professions which provide significant passive boosts.

You should choose your Profession perks based on what suits your play-style. For example, at level 5 Fishing you can pick between a 25 percent increase in sale costs for fish or a reduction in materials needed to craft crab pots. If you’re not interested in setting up crab pots then opt for the Fisher profession, or vice versa.

If you end up changing your mind later you can switch professions by visiting the Statue of Uncertainty once you’ve gained access to the Sewers. This costs a whopping 10,000g, however, and you can only reset one profession each day.

Watch the TV

What’s the most important thing to do when you wake up in Stardew Valley? No, it’s not brushing your teeth or having a wash, it’s turning on the TV to see what’s on!

As weird as this sounds, the TV is incredibly useful. As well as foraging tips and cooking recipes, the TV also lets you know what your Luck will be for the day. This impacts all kinds of things in Stardew Valley, including the chance to double harvests, get treasure while fishing, and find rare items in the Mines.

The TV will also let you know what the weather will be on the following day. It’s helpful to know when rain is due so you can plan ahead accordingly, especially if you’re thinking of handing in your watering can to be upgraded.

Only upgrade your tools when appropriate

Speaking of upgrading your tools, don’t give one to the blacksmith unless you’re absolutely sure you’re not going to need it. If it’s going to rain then that’s a great time to give your watering can a boost, but if you’re in for a dry spell your crops won’t thank you if you can’t water them.

You should also prioritize the pickaxe, axe, and watering can over your other tools as you’ll be using these the most in the first year or so.

Surviving the mines

Stardew Valley is a mostly peaceful experience, but that can’t be said of the Mines. The Mines are a series of randomly generated dungeons full of precious ore and gems. Unfortunately, they’re also teeming with monsters that will attack you on sight.

Your descent through the Mines will take you from the top floor all the way down to the very bottom at floor 120. You will reach the next floor by finding a ladder which is usually hidden under a rock somewhere. The further you get the better the rewards, but the enemies will get much stronger as you go.

Time is against you as you’ll still need to make it out and get back home to bed before the day is over. If you pass out in the Mines you’ll also lose most or all of the valuables you’ve gained and if you’re unlucky a key tool. Progressing through the Mines will take many trips as after every five floors you’ll unlock a shortcut via the elevator at the top.

Combat in Stardew Valley is a fairly basic slash-until-dead affair, but on mobile this becomes a little more tricky. The default controls will cause you to auto-attack when near a foe, but you can and should experiment with different control schemes for combat. Auto-attack works fine against low level beasties, but tougher enemies require more finesse.

You should always bring food with you when plotting a trip to the Mines. Having a spare meal on hand to replenish your health or energy can be the difference between reaching another milestone or having to cut a hasty retreat.

You can also make use of your crafting menu in the Mines. Bombs are great a clearing an area of rocks if you’re struggling to find a ladder. If you have 100 stone on hand you can even build a one-off ladder as a last resort to reach the next level.

That’s it for our Stardew Valley tips and tricks! Do you have other advice to share with your fellow farmers? Let us know in the comments.

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Your complete Stardew Valley fishing resource. Fish locations Recycling Machine crafting recipe; Permanent casting distance increase. Level 6. Spinner.

Stardew Valley: How to Craft Items and What They Do

Stardew Valley's friendly and earnest approach to farming and town life exploded in popularity when it released in 2016. The last three years have brought slow but substantial updates to farm life in Pelican Town starting with the addition of four new farm maps and eventually Stardew Valley's multiplayer farming. 

Stardew Valley is still being updated by developer Concerned Ape, and it looks like Stardew Valley's latest update, 1.4, could come before the end of 2019. Below we've cataloged the patch notes for Stardew's 1.3 update and all the following bug fix patches. On the second page is a running history of all prior major updates and patches.

Check back in the coming months to get all the patch notes for Stardew Valley 1.4 when it arrives!

Stardew Valley update 1.4: What to expect

Concerned Ape has kept updates coming in Stardew Valley 1.4 relatively quiet, though there are a few clues we've gathered. 

One thing we know for sure is a new map called Four Corners teased in a tweet by Concerned Ape. Though the image shared (above) doesn't show much of the map, it would make sense that this farm separates co-op farmers for a bit more independence. It looks like the greenhouse may be at the center of all four player corners. A related feature, the much-asked-for ability to have separate gold balances from co-op partners, is also confirmed. Concerned Ape says replies in this Twitter thread that players can visit Mayor Lewis' house any time to separate or re-join their gold balances.

The most recent tweet from Concerned Ape above confirms a feature we hadn't seen coming: fish ponds.

The Stardew Valley community Tumblr page also posted a few minor changes expected based on conversations with Concerned Ape in the Stardew Valley Discord. Among them are six new hairstyles (though the only pictured is a bald style), hover-over indication on items needed for the Community Center bundles, and Quality of Life changes like stackable signs and chests. 

Stardew Valley multiplayer update 1.3 - August 1, 2018

Stardew Valley's 1.3 update brings the highly-anticipated addition of multiplayer farming which was previously only achievable with mods. Multiplayer support is a big update alone, but 1.3 brought a bushel of other changes, additions, and bug fixes.

The Night Market

For three days in winter, a traveling festival visits Pelican Town. Unlike a normal festival, farmers can come and go as they please, and the location isn’t “locked out” at any point (there’s no setup). Pelican Town is different for a few days, and most of the townspeople’s schedules change to reflect that. The festival offers farmers a once-a-year chance to acquire unique items, purchase an original work of art from the famous Lupini, enjoy some live entertainment, and more.

Secret Notes

During the Winter season, a player can unlock the Secret Notes collection by walking to the Bus Stop from their farm between 6am and 4pm. A short cutscene plays where a "Shadow Guy" is startled and runs away, which triggers the "A Winter Mystery" quest in the player journal.

Community Upgrade (Buy Pam a house)

After fully upgrading the Farmhouse and completing the Community Center (or purchasing a JojaMart membership), players can purchase the "Community Upgrade" at the Carpenter's Shop for 500,000g and 950 Wood. Robin will then build a new house for Pam.

A romantic intervention

Players who are unmarried and have obtained max heart level with all the bachelors or bachelorettes (and seen all heart level cutscenes) in town are rewarded with a special event. After meeting these conditions, entering the Stardrop Saloon (for the bachelors) or Emily and Haley's house (for the bachelorettes) will trigger the event.

If the player has a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, the cutscene will consist of a gossip session about Mayor Lewis and Marnie's relationship.

If the player does not have a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, all bachelor(ette)s will express anger about the player dating them all at one time. Regardless of the player's dialogue choice(s), all bachelor(ette)s will decide to give the player the "cold shoulder" for about a week after the event. After about a week, all bachelor(ette)s will forgive the player, and dialogues return to normal.

Changing professions

Inside the sewer, the Statue of Uncertainty will allow the player to change profession selections for a single profession. After donating 10,000g to the statue, the following night the player will choose the level 5 and level 10 professions for the given skill line.

Other Content Additions

  • Added buildable shipping bins to Carpenter's Shop.
  • Added Abigail encounter at level 20 in the mines.
  • Added new heart events for Jas, Linus, Pam, Vincent, and Willy.
  • Added rare treasure chest rooms in Skull Cavern.
  • Added new monsters in the Skull Cavern: Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, and Iridium Crab.
  • Added new items: Auto-Grabber, Cactus Seeds, Garden Pot, Wood Sign and Stone Sign, Solid Gold Lewis statue, Pearl, Wedding Ring, new paintings, and decorative items sold at shops and festivals throughout the year.
  • Added Bear's Knowledge, Special Charm, Spring Onion Mastery.
  • Added different stationery for letters from Sandy and the Wizard.
  • Added horse hats.

Multiplayer farms

Check out our guide to getting started with Stardew Valley multiplayer.

Stardew Valley now supports up to 4 player co-op. Co-op is nearly identical to single-player, but with 1-3 other friends playing together with you to achieve a common goal. Any single player game can be “converted” to a co-op game by having Robin build one or more cabins on your farm.

One player serves as the host, and the other 1-3 players connect to the host in order to play. Therefore, the host must be in-game at all times when the group wants to play.

The new update adds a Co-op button to the title screen. Clicking the button will bring you to the co-op menu, from which you can:

  • Host a new co-op game
  • Re-host an existing co-op game
  • Join a new farm (provided that any of your friends are hosting and have a cabin available for you)
  • Re-join a farm (provided that the host is in-game)
  • Join a LAN game (by entering the IP address of the host)
  • Enter an invite code (generated by the host) to join a game (this allows for Steam/GOG crossplay)

When hosting a new game, you’ll have some new options available to you:

  • “Starting Cabins” gives you the choice to start a new game with 1-3 cabins pre-positioned on the farm. If you decide to go this route, you’ll have two “Cabin Layouts” to choose from: “Nearby”, which places the cabins close to one another, encouraging a communal farming style, and “Separate”, which places the cabins far apart and allows for more independence. Alternatively, you can start with no pre-positioned cabins and instead build them yourself (via Robin).
  • “Profit Margin” adjusts the profit margin of goods that you sell. You can choose between “Normal” (the original Stardew Valley amount), “75%”, “50%”, and “25%”. This is, in effect, a way to increase the difficulty of the game. For larger groups of experienced players, it might be desired. However, keep in mind that there already is some “scaling” of difficulty built into the game, since each player will need to upgrade their own tools, upgrade their own houses, buy bigger packs, etc.

Other multiplayer notes:

  • In co-op, all players share the same pool of money, and are working together on the same farm. The state of the game world, including the main storyline, is shared between all players. However, each player has their own private inventory,  skills, achievements, collections, relationships, quests, and crafting/cooking recipes.
  • In general, it’s assumed that co-op games are only being played with people you trust. The game maintains no real concept of “ownership”, since all players are working communally on a shared farm.
  • When it’s time to go to bed, all players must enter their beds. Only then will the day end.
  • Players can marry each other by crafting a “wedding ring” (An old Zuzu City tradition), and offering it to another player. If the other player accepts the ring, the couple is now engaged.
  • The chat box allows you to communicate with each other with the help of nearly 200 custom Stardew Valley emojis!

Balance Changes

  • Increased purchase price of wood, stone, ores, and coal in the year 2+. The gold received for selling them is unchanged.
  • Reduced price of Tub o' Flowers from 1000g to 250g, and recipe from 2000g to 1000g.
  • Breaking small tree stumps now provides +1 foraging XP.

Once the player reaches the mine bottom:

  • prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;
  • some monsters will be stronger.

Other changes

  • Once the player reaches the mine bottom, the Dwarf will attend weddings.
  • Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love (instead of universal hate).
  • Tweaked several seed packet sprites.
  • Tweaked Mr. Qi dialogue portrait.
  • You can now add Mayor Lewis' shorts to the Luau soup.
  • You can now put Fire Quartz in the Furnace to produce Refined Quartz.
  • You can now refill a Watering Can at the kitchen sink.
  • Fireplaces are now furniture, so you can move them around and buy different fireplaces.
  • Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the Greenhouse border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.
  • Replaced gold display on player menu from "g" to "金" in Chinese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP.
  • Fixed bee houses always giving wild honey when used on custom farms.
  • Fixed seeds planted out of season disappearing.
  • Fixed player collapse being cancelled when they open the journal.
  • Fixed animal mood & happiness bugs.
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit.
  • Fixed furniture being usable to complete bundles.
  • Fixed some recipes allowing Milk, but not Large Milk.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay.
  • Fixed staircase being spawned on mine level 120 when a placed object is destroyed.
  • Several grammar/spelling fixes.
  • Fixed Wheat Seeds and Bok Choy Seeds descriptions in Brazilian-Portugese.
  • Fixed spring sign on bathhouse in Chinese.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.36 - March 1, 2019


  • Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish language support
  • Added a new Credits menu to replace the "About" menu on the title screen, and removed the /credits chat command.
  • Removed unneeded tilesheet files under Content.
  • Removed translated map files under Content/Maps (translated tilesheets are now loaded automatically).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where music doesn't correctly play in the morning.
  • Fixed bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession.
  • Fixed furniture rotation bug for "stools".
  • Fixed Junimos not disappearing after the final goodbye.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.33 - January 8, 2019


  • Improved performance in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).
  • Improved performance on farms with lots of animals.
  • Tweaked new "H" health icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiplayer visual glitch when another player uses a tool and then starts moving in a new direction.
  • Fixed "fishing stance" visual glitches in multiplayer.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.32 - November 19, 2018


  • Optimised network performance.
  • Added more ways for the host to unpause the server (by pressing ESC, B, Back).
  • Added alternative way to show the chat box (press right stick button on a controller).
  • Added internal changes for modders (should have no effect on vanilla gameplay).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed slimes not pouncing correctly.
  • Fixed items-crafted stat being 0 after loading a file until you craft something again.
  • Fixed rabbit's foot not affecting the breakup scene in non-English language modes.
  • Fixed some rare tool-related crashes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an audio-related crash often caused when using bombs.
  • Fixed Junimos dropping crops on the floor instead of collecting them.
  • Fixed NPCs walking through the saloon doors.
  • Fixed a few rare-ish crashes that can occur when connecting to another player's game.
  • Fixed eye color being reset to brown after reloading.
  • Fixed inability to use rod / slingshot in festival minigames.
  • Fixed the title menu back button being hidden behind submenus.
  • Fixed inability to move after receiving a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Fixed crash when saving after the game adds Lewis's shorts to Marnie's house.
  • Fixed crash viewing the map when another player is in certain events.
  • Fixed "double sound" when using singing stone.
  • Fixed a Geneva Convention violation (by replacing red crosses in graphics).
  • Fixed clicks on the chatbox not being registered when the game is paused.
  • Fixed players sometimes walking off in a straight line through all terrain when they get disconnected.
  • Fixed babies sometimes spawning in houses that don't belong to the parents.
  • Fixed the potential for overnight events to cancel or skip a wedding event.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur if a player tried to get into the casino after a different player has removed the bouncer.
  • Fixed players able to simultaneously build overlapping farm buildings.
  • Fixed only one player being able to get the dark talisman.
  • Fixed the inability to place donated items on the bottom two rows of the museum.
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to pick up items they dropped in festivals.
  • Fixed Pam's upgraded house interior event not happening.
  • Fixed visual glitches caused by triggering a shared event simultaneously with the return scepter.
  • Fixed softlock caused by mistaken ability to use daggers during events.
  • Fixed players all receiving the same personal overnight events on the same day (e.g., spouse asking if you want a baby).
  • Fixed attempting to demolish cabins of abnormally disconnected farmhands causing the cabin to be destroyed after you leave the buildings menu.
  • Fixed farmers getting stuck in the fishing casting animation after picking up someone else's rod.
  • Fixed host sometimes appearing stuck using tool in shared events.
  • Fixed softlock when you play the Journey of the Prairie King past 2am.
  • Fixed glitched chest lid appearing when you destroy a cabin.
  • Fixed duplicate songs in the jukebox.
  • Fixed only one player's glow ring working at a time.
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to see each others' bundle changes.
  • Fixed bug causing some players to become married to two other players in 3-4 player farms.
  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in bed after another player got in and then back got out.

Stardew Valley 1.2.33/1.2.32 updates - July 10, 2017.


  • Fixed Linux/Mac builds distributing with MonoGame-built content instead of XNA-built content (which made modding more difficult).
  • Fixed Linux install failing due to broken symlink in 1.2.31.
  • Fixed save files potentially getting overwritten if you start a new file after using exit to title.

Stardew Valley 1.2.31 update - July 7, 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes related to use of slot machines.
  • Fixed some potential sources of unnecessarily increased memory usage.
  • Fixed some options in dialogue not being usable with a controller.

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed the 'loading...' message on loading screens wrapping incorrectly in some languages.
  • English: fixed grammar in Luau community soup text.
  • Portuguese: fixed some dialogue options in Linus's 0 heart event being missing.
  • Portuguese: fixed the cut-off 'level up' title.
  • Russian: added more space for the '(single)' text on the social page.

Stardew Valley 1.2.30/1.2.29 updates - May 12 / May 2, 2017.


  • The window mode preference is now shared between all save files.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when the game switches window mode while loading a save.
  • Fixed crashes while loading save files.
  • Fixed crashes when going fullscreen.
  • Fixed crashes while saving due to slay-monster quest.

Stardew Valley 1.2.26 update - April 24, 2017


  • Translations for German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • When using a controller, the cursor will snap between menu buttons by default. If you disable that, the cursor will instead accelerate while moving.
  • When using a controller, pressing the back button will skip events that are skippable.
  • "Show sharper digits" on Options menu removed.
  • Exit to Title has returned.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lighting shader not covering the whole screen on Mac and Linux.
  • Switching from “Windowed Borderless” to “Fullscreen” should now go straight to fullscreen instead of Windowed mode.
  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code. This should fix infrequent crashes that require the player to delete startup_preferences.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there’s no space for it.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game.
  • Fixed a typo of the word ‘pronounce’ in the marriage event.
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn’s event.
  • Farming level now affects crop yield prior to level 10.

Stardew Valley 1.11 update - October 6, 2016

Minor Changes

  • All the new farms now provide some kind of fishing opportunity, although the Riverlands farm is still superior.
  • The Riverlands farm now has the potential to spawn splashing fish nodes and ore panning nodes.
  • You can place buildings on most grass areas.
  • On the riverlands and forest maps, some bushes can be destroyed with an upgraded axe.
  • Digging spots now appear on The Farm, although less frequent as elsewhere. The hill-top quarry also has a chance of spawning them.
  • The forage berry bushes are now affected by the Botanist perk.
  • Slime Egg prices increased
  • Placing a Wicked Statue in a slime hutch prevents the witch from visiting it.
  • On the forest map, forage items have a chance to spawn on any grassy area, not just in the west.
  • Spouses will now speak to you when they come home on Friday nights.

Bug Fixes

  • Price of Galaxy Dagger has been corrected to 35,000 (it was at 350,000).
  • The Artisan Perk description has been corrected to reflect the actual bonus (it's 40% now, but the description still says 50%).
  • Weeds in the Mutant Bug Lair no longer change with the season (and no longer turn to battery packs in the winter).
  • Mutant Bug Lair now replenishes itself a bit each day.
  • Monsters in the mutant bug lair will now always be mutant... not revert to the standard grub/fly after saving and reloading.
  • Meteorites can no longer land on top of stumps or boulders
  • You can once again place buildings in the little-shaded strip right below cliffs.
  • Fixed some tiles on the farm maps
  • Fixed problem with forage spawning under stumps
  • Spring Onions can be iridium quality with the botanist perk
  • Truffles should no longer spawn in the water
  • Pets should no longer be able to walk down the cellar stairs into the void.
  • The Outlaw boss in Journey of the Prairie King will warp back to the center of the map if he happens to run too far off screen in either direction
  • Coop animals can now actually produce higher quality produce like they were supposed to
  • Can no longer fill your watering can at a well that isn't fully constructed or in construction.
  • Trees can no longer spread off the map into the void, causing the game to start getting slower with each day. The new patch will retroactively remove these problem trees as well.
  • You should now properly see the final Joja cutscene, even if you switched to JojaMart after completing most of the Community Center
  • Forage items shouldn't spawn in inaccessible places anymore.
  • Fixed issue where lightning that struck an object on the farm would cause that object to "pop" into the current map when the current map was not the farm.
  • When you reach level 5 or 10 in a skill, but haven't slept yet, it no longer shows your new profession as "Desperado"
  • Minor convenience adjustments and bug fixes.

Stardew Valley update 1.1 - October 3, 2016

Farm Maps

There are now five farm maps to choose from when starting a new game. The basic map that exists currently, as well as a new map themed around each "skill". Each special map has a feature that makes it a little different, and each map also comes with unique decorations inside the players house.

  • Riverlands: lots of water on this map limiting your farm space. Looks nice. Fishing is actually viable on this farm. In fact, players can catch the same fish that are available in town.
  • Forest: the forest encroaches on the land, limiting farming space. However, there are renewable stumps on the east edge of the map, and seasonal forage items spawn there as well. Also, there is a new type of "weed" that spawns on the farm, which looks unique and will always drop mixed seeds when cut.
  • Hill-Top: lots of cliffs and there is a special mining area in the southwest where ore will spawn, as well as unique geode-bearing stones.
  • Wilderness: lots of space to farm, looks a little more interesting than the basic farm with a large lake in the southwest corner, and a cliff along the east and south. On this map, bats and golems will come out at night. There is a new monster called a Wilderness Golem which is unique to this map. It behaves just like the stone golem, but has different drops. Its stats scale with player combat level.

Marriage Candidates

  • Marriage candidates now have an outdoor area on the farm that is unique for most spouses, and sometimes spend time out there, usually doing a unique behavior.
  • Shane can be married and has new dialogue, scheduling and heart events. There's a new door for Shane in Marnie's shop which is locked. Shane's "spouse room" is a mess, with a mini-fridge and a muddy path of footprints leading up to it.
  • Emily can be married and has new dialogue, scheduling and heart events.


Robin has a few new buildings available for sale.

  • Shed: an empty room which players can do whatever they like with. They can decorate it the same way as their house.
  • Mill: lets players place wheat in it to make flour, or beets to make sugar. One wheat makes one flour. One beet makes 3 sugars. When they place wheat or beets inside, the flour or sugar will be ready the next morning. The little box on the right side of the mill acts like a chest and it will contain any product that has been milled the previous day.

The wizard now offers new farm buildings after completing a quest line. These buildings are very expensive and intended for end-game. They'll appear instantly after purchase, unlike Robin's buildings which require construction.

  • Junimo Hut: Junimos will come out to harvest any mature crops within a certain distance of the hut. The junimos will place the crops they harvest in the hut for players to grab at their leisure.

how to increase crafting in stardew valley

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Stardew Valley Part 7 - Extremely... basic crafting

There are 93 total items to craft. You'll get most of the recipes for leveling up your skills. Some of them can only be purchased, however. The vendors are Pierre.

how to increase crafting in stardew valley
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