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How to unmorph in crazy craft
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Some data and images contained on this website are copyrighted by NCsoft Corporation.

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Features of Dawn of Time

It is now several weeks we work hard to provide a quality server.

We managed to realise a part of our wishes, and now we are the most resulted server of every french private servers.

After many monthes of rewriting many parts of the server, we have been able to get and maintain an incredible stability that other servers are not even close to obtain.

Even the biggest servers are today full of bugs, which makes you be used to boring gameplay. Yes, we still have some minors bugs but we are working on it.

We are inviting you to come and see by yourself the quality of our work !

Now that we have reached our first goal, which is a good quality server, it is time to pursue our main goal which is the wish to have a PvP/Fun server where people have fun.

We also want to remind you that you won't find any system giving advantages to a group of players on Dawn of Time. No VIP accounts, no Pay2Win, no restrictions.

Though you can earn voting points which allow you to buy some skins on our ItemShop.

Concerning feature, every 4.6.2 systems are also present (Dredgion, Feathers, Tempering Solutions, Package, ...), as well as much of the content 4.7.1 and 4.7.5.

With no more waitings, below are some settings we will be doing on the next maintenance of Dawn of Time.

Craft :
  • 7 "Master" jobs
  • 7 "Expert" job
  • 75% critical rate
  • 60% combinated rate
PvP - Medal earning :
  • 1 Platinum Medal every 25 kills
  • 1 Mithril Medal every 35 kills
  • 1 Ceranium Medal every 50 kills
PvP System :
  • FFA (Free for All)
  • BG (Battle Ground)
    • Death Match (3 to 12 players).
    • 1 vs 1 (command .vs).
    • Team vs Team (3 to 6 players).
    • Team vs Team (2 to 4 players).
  • Map dedicated to duels (teleporters in Sanctum and Pandaemonium).
  • Dredgions.
  • Arena.
  • Agents.
In both above systems you can win rewards each time you kill an opponent. These rewards are automatically increased depending on the amount of kills you made. When you die, counters are back to 0 though.

Every players with no exception will be the same. They will have the same skin, weapon, appearence, abyssal rank, level and name.

PvP et PvE rewards :
  • PvP Shop (command .pc) :
    When you kill other players, your group as well as yourself, receive a coin for each death that allows you to buy in the PvP shop.
  • PvE Shop (command .pve) :
    When you kill some bosses in some instances, your group as well as yourself, receive a few coins with each death of a boss that allows you to buy in the PvE shop.
System - Loot multiplicator :

In order to help players who loves crafting, we multiplicated on purpose the luck to loot some items :
  • Recipes
  • GodStones
  • Balic Materials + (random quantity between 1 & 3)
  • Animas + (random quantity between 1 & 4)
In order to make the game more attracting for players who love PvE, every monsters below have a +3 additional bonus to the server rates :
  • Dark Poeta :
    • Spiritmaster Atmach
    • Marabata of Strength
    • Marabata of Aether
    • Marabata of Poisoning
    • Noah's furious shade
    • Spectral elim elder
    • Spaller Dhatra
    • Spaller Echtra
    • Spaller Rakanatra
    • Telepathy Controller
    • Main Power Generator
    • Auxiliary Power Generator
    • Emergency Generator
    • Brigade General Anuhart
    • Vanuka Infernus
    • Calindi Flamelord
    • Tahabata Pyrelord
  • Beshmundir Temple :
    • Flarestorm
    • Taros Lifebane
    • Isbariya the Resolute
    • Dorakiki the Bold
    • The Great Virhana
    • Shadowshift
    • Thurzon the Undying
    • Manadar
    • Vehala the Cursed
    • Captain Lakhara
    • Stormwing
    • The Plaguebearer
    • Macunbello
    • Ahbana the Wicked
  • Katalam Undergrounds :
    • Executioner Penemon
    • Queen Serusia
    • Promion the Undying
    • Roaring Kamara
    • Bloodcrazed Grigol
    • Captain Lata
    • Slavir
Concerning some quests, every rewards offering coins and symbols are also included in the system. You will have a +2 bonus rate for the following rewards :
  • Silver coins
  • Gold coins
  • Mithril coins
  • Platinum coins
  • Bronze coins
  • Iron coins
  • Shaper's Token
  • Wright's Token
System - Enchanting :

Crimping is functional as on the official and new L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 enchanting stones are absorbable in new areas.

The enchantment of the jewels is up to +5 and the feather +10.

System - Extraction :

Bonus on the earning of enchanting stones received for an extraction.

System - Sockets :

No more loss of your manastone when your socketing fails (System available on NCSoft Aion 4.7).

System - Environment :

Complete and functionnal Geodata for 4.6.2 and some new areas.

System - in game Shop :
  • More than 2400 items available (mounts, skins, dyes, ...).
  • Ability to offer gifts from ItemShop to other players.
System - Accounts :
  • You can have 8 characters on every counts, and we do not forbid players from having an account in both factions.
  • Though you can't interract between those accounts.
Our Rates :

To begin, we have a modular rates system, which means, the lower level you are, the higher your rates are.

Modular rates are available for the loot rate as well as the kinah earning. About leveling, this is more than fast.
  • Kinah :
    • From lvl 1 to 24 : x11
    • From lvl 25 to 34 : x9
    • From lvl 35 to 44 : x7
    • From lvl 45 to 54 : x5
    • From lvl 55 to 64 : x3
    • From lvl 65 : x1
  • Loot :
    • From lvl 1 to 24 : x18
    • From lvl 25 to 34 : x16
    • From lvl 35 to 44 : x14
    • From lvl 45 to 54 : x12
    • From lvl 55 to 64 : x10
    • From lvl 65 : x8
  • Experience :
    • From lvl 1 to 24 : x18
    • From lvl 25 to 34 : x16
    • From lvl 35 to 44 : x14
    • From lvl 45 to 54 : x12
    • From lvl 55 to 64 : x10
    • From lvl 65 : x8
  • Experience at level 65 :
    • Solo x8
    • Party x9
    • Quests x8
    • Gathering x8
    • Jobs x8
    • PvP x4
  • Abyssal Points :
    • PvP win x2
    • PvP loss x2
    • Npc x1
    • Arena of Discipline x2
    • Arena of Chaos x2
    • Arena of Armony x2
    • Arena of Glory x2
Every weekends, a +1 bonus is added on every rates (From saturday 0am to sunday 12pm).

Chat Commands :
  • .5 : You speak with your faction.
  • .all : You speak with all players averaging a payment.
  • .ffa : You enter in FFA.
  • .vs : You enter in 1vs1.
Commands :
  • .world : Display online players.
  • .noexp : Enable/disable gain of experience.
  • .noap : Enable/disable AP gain.
  • .nogp : Enable/disable GP gain.
  • .clitem [id] : Delete an item from your inventory.
  • .dropinfo [target/id] : Display the list of drops of a monster.
  • .givemissingskills : Give to your character the missing skills.
  • .gmlist : Display the list of staff members.
  • .info : Display target information.
  • .dps : Display damage information on a target.
  • .rates : Display the server's rates.
  • .qrep : Repair all quests/missions.
  • .qres [quest id] : Reset a quest/mission.
  • .remodel [item id] : Allow you to modify the skin of an object.
  • .view [item id] : Visualize the skin of an object.
  • .viewc [color] : View an object color.
  • .views [color] : Visualize a skin color.
  • .suicide : You kill.
  • .color [color] : Change the color of the equipped objects.
  • .dispo [id] : Tell you if an object exists in game.
  • .razap [ap] : Remove your AP.
  • .razgp [gp] : Remove your GP.
  • .stats : Display the statistics of your character.
  • .delkisk : Delete a kisk belonging to your faction.
  • .go : Start a countdown for your fights.
  • .blague : Tell a joke.
  • .crazy : You go crazy.
  • .colorskin [color] : Change the color of your skin.
  • .transfer [character] : Transfer your character to the targeted player's account.
  • .pc : Display the PvP shop.
  • .pve : Display the PvE shop.
  • .arc : You change your color in a loop.
  • .unmorph : Remove a transformation.
  • .debug : Enable the debug mode.
  • .stuff : Macro of stuff.
  • .hardcore : Hardcore mode.
  • .gm : tell a GM.

This page contains content or features that are a Work In Progress.

Although available in the game, this feature may have serious bugs, cause unintended problems and may be subject to change. Use at own risk.

The Morph mod allows the Player to take the form (morph) of any mob or Player, obtained by slaying the target mob, hence acquiring the mob's abilities.


After the Player kills a mob for the first time, it's entity will be absorbed. To morph into that mob, use the left and right square brackets ([ ], default) to open and navigate the morph selection screen. Hold Shift to go between different types of the same mob. When the desired mob is selected, hit enter to begin the morph.

At the morph menu you can add to favorite, go to the mob you like and press ~, hold to open the favorite menu.


By default when morphed, the Player will gain any ability that mob possessed, good and bad. There are currently 14 different abilities. "Raw Name" references to the name that has to be used in the Morph configuration file.

Icon Ability Description Obtained by killing Raw Name
Climb Hold forward to climb straight up a vertical wall. Spider, Cave Spider climb
Fly Double-tap jump to enter creative flight. Off until the Player has entered the nether by default. Blaze, Ghast, Bat, Wither fly
Float Slowly float downward like a chicken. Chicken float
Fire Immunity No damage from fire or lava. All Nether Mobs fireImmunity
Hostile Hostile mobs won't target the Player. This is off by default. It can be enabled in the properties file. hostile
Swim Can breath underwater. Can't breath above water. Increase swim speed. Squid,Iron golem swim
Sunburn Burns in the sun. Zombie, Skeleton sunburn
Water Allergy Takes damage when in contact with water. Blaze, Enderman, Snow Golem waterAllergy
Step Increases the stepping height. Can now step 1 block up without jumping. Horse step
Poison Resistance Take less damage from poison. Cave Spider poisonResistance
Wither Resistance Take less damage from wither poisoning. Wither Skeleton witherResistance
Negate Fall No fall damage. Ocelot, Magma Cubes,Iron golem fallNegate
Fear Villagers run away from you. Zombie, Wolf, Ocelot fear
Sink Fall in the water. Slime, Magma Cube, Iron Golem sink
Potion Effect Inflict a potion effect when punching an enemy without a weapon. Cave Spider, Wither Skeleton potion-effect

Future Plans

iChun posted to reddit on Jan. 18, 2014 about the future of the mod. The post was divided into two sections: Morph Skill and Balancing.

Morph Skill

  • Having the mod installed will not mean you can morph.
  • A meteorite will randomly crash near a non-afk Player, leaving a trail of destruction. There will be noticeable SFX so the Player does not miss it.
  • Only one meteorite should fall in the overworld.
  • There will be a config option to disable meteorite griefing and is enabled by default.
  • May do block disruption instead of destruction.
  • A special mob and entity will spawn with the meteorite. These will be required to Morph. They will be chunk-loaded.
  • The entity provides basic morph skill.
    • Killing a mob still unlocks its morph.
    • Morphs are limited and can eventually run out.
    • Can morph into items, but it is only a one-time use.
  • Mob is a Boss named The Thing. It will avoid the Player until it is ready.
    • Spawns when the meteorite explodes.
    • Will hunt other mobs and acquire their morphs. The more mobs it kills, the harder it is to kill.
    • When it gets stronger, it will attack the Player. If it kills the Player, it will obtain their warp and pick up his/her items. When its health is low, it flees by sprinting, flying, or any other means.
    • Difficulty will be scaled by the number of people online.
    • When killed, it drops an item to be used to upgrade the entity mentioned earlier. The entity is used to unlock morphs.
    • If the item is destroyed, a new Thing is spawned.


  • Abilities
    • Abilities will need to be learned.
    • They're learned by using the morph with the ability.
    • Some abilities will be unlocked by default.
  • Allergies
    • Negative effects during some morphs.
    • Higher chance of allergies as the Player acquires more morphs. (Maybe)
    • The Player's body will eventually fight off the allergy and expel it. This creates an entity of the morph that caused it.

Known Bug

  • With MC 1.7.10, when the Player is any height taller than 2, the position of the Player's hand is not updated right. The Player's hand appears to be where it should be, but when clicked it it will act like your cursor is much higher.

, Frozen Plasma - Crazy. , On Air - BLACK . , E-Craft - Electrocution. , Noisuf-X - Fucking , Unmorph - Nuances. , Taker

TuTorials Craft a plant in flower This realistic plant was created using Cinema 4D’s hair system, with the flowers made using C4D’s MoGraph toolset 3D WorlD June 2017 52

TuTorials Craft a plant in flower CINEMA 4D craft a plant in flower using cinema 4d tools Cinema 4D’s versatile hair system does more than just locks. Joseph Herman shares how it can be used to make a plant auTHor Joseph Herman a custom-designed leaf object. Joseph Herman is an In addition, we’ll use the built-in animator, filmmaker and dynamics system to control the visual effects artist and realistic drooping of the leaves, production specialist from the way they react to gravity New York City. He operates and their springiness. his own New York studio, Legend Animation. It is well known that one of Cinema 4D’s greatest features is its MoGraph cloner-based c inema 4D’s versatile and toolset. MoGraph is a staple of powerful hair system many broadcast designers and is useful for all kinds of motion graphics artists, but it things besides hair and fur. One is also very useful for a whole of the things that makes it so host of modelling tasks, such as powerful is its ability to generate rails, towers, cities and much, instances of any object in place much more. In this tutorial, we’ll of hair. You can therefore replace also see how to use it to create hair with feathers, armour, buds, and duplicate the petals for the tassles, or even entire forests. plant’s flowers. Like Cinema 4D’s These are just some of the hair system, there are unlimited virtually unlimited things that ways to use Mograph. Almost the hair system is capable of. Of every project – whether it’s course, if you are looking to give motion graphics, visual effects or your character a stylish hairdo or character animation – is likely to a distinguished beard, it’s great benefit from using it. for that too, but we’ll leave that capability for another day. DownloaD your resourCes For all the tutorial assets head to: In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to use C4D’s hair system to create an leafy plant with tropical flowers by using an instance of 3D WorlD June 2017 53

TuTorials Craft a plant in flower 01CreaTe THe soil surfaCe 02 aDD Hair I begin by creating the surface upon which I will Open the file Plant-Start.c4d. Inside the flower pot is the curved soil use the hair system to grow the long green leaves of surface we previously created from the oil tank. To the left of it is a leaf- the plant. Although any curved, round surface will like polygonal object that we’ll use to replace the hairs that the hair system do, I decide to create one from the top of an Oil Tank generates. Note the gradient material applied to the leaf object (dark green primitive, after making it editable and deleting its on the edges, yellowish green in the centre). Select the Soil object and from bottoms and sides. the Simulate menu, in the Hair Objects submenu, choose Add Hair. The hair guides should appear immediately. Control leaves I used the Hair Material to control the shape of the leaves and vary their size, but there’s a lot more to play with, such as frizz, length, clump and curl. 03 swiTCH froM Hair To leaves 04CHanGe THe look of THe leaves To replace the hairs with the leaf object, in the When the Hair Object was created, so was a Hair Hair Object’s Attributes, Generate tab, uncheck Render Material – and this can be used to control many of the Hairs. In the Type list, select Instance. Under Instance, leaves’ attributes. Double-click on the Hair Material in drag the Leaf object into the Object field and check Keep the Materials Panel and click on the Thickness channel. Textures. There are too many leaves being generated. Make the root and tip 25cm. Change Variation to 10cm Change Count to 100 and Segments to 12 in the Hairs so that the leaves are all slightly different thicknesses. To tab. Make the leaves longer by changing the length to make the leaves wider in the middle and pointed at the 200 in Guides. Then hide the original leaf from view. end, modify the Thickness Curve (as shown in image). 05fix THe DynaMiCs Increase the length of the scene from 90 to 500 frames and drag the right side of the Visibility bar to the right. Press Play to see the leaves react to gravity – the leaves are too droopy. Rewind to the beginning. Go to the Dynamics tab of the Hair Object and in Advanced, check Custom and change the Segments from 8 to 6. Press Play again and stop playback where the leaves look good. Right-click on the Hair object and select Make Editable to convert the leaves to geometry, so they are no longer controlled by the hair system. 3D WorlD June 2017 54

TuTorials Craft a plant in flower 06aDD THe flowers 07BenD THe PeTal The flowers have already been added to the scene as X-refs (embedded I need to bend back the flower’s petals and can external C4D files). Unhide them by turning on the Flowers object in the do this easily with a Bend deformer. Select the Flower Object Manager. The flowers are unfinished. Let’s look at how I created them. polygon object (child of the Subdivision Surface Click on the first Flowers X-Ref object (expand the Flowers Null if you can’t object), hold down [Shift] and from the pop-up menu of see it). In the Attributes panel, in the Object tab, click on Open for Edit. A new deformers, select the Bend deformer. The newly created C4D file containing the flower then opens for edit with a single petal visible. Bend deformer should be a child of the Flower object and be the right size. In the deformer’s Attribute panel, in Object, increase Strength to 112° and Angle to 90°. Convert to polygons Don’t forget to convert the leaves generated by the hair system to polygons after you achieve the exact look that you want. This is described in Step 05. 08 Clone THe PeTals wiTH MoGraPH 09uPDaTe THe flowers In the MoGraph menu, select Cloner to make a new Go back to the original plant file and click each Mograph Cloner and parent the Subdivision Surface of of the Flower X-Refs and in the Attributes Panel, in the the petal to it. Click on the Cloner and in its Attributes Object tab, click on Reload. This will load each finished panel, in the Object tab, make the Mode Radial, set the flower created (in place of the single petal). You may wish Count to 5, the Radius 1.4 cm and the Plane XZ. Choose to go back to the Flower file and hide the unsightly Bend the Flower object and rotate its H setting to 30° to twist deformers (don’t forget to reload them when you’re each petal slightly. Then, click on the Stamen in the finished). Next, unhide the flower stems by clicking on Object Manager, make it visible and save the Flower file. the Stems object and turning on its visibility. 10final aDJusTMenTs anD renDerinG Since you converted the leaves to geometry in Step 05, you are free to adjust each leaf manually if you spot any intersections, or wish to make other adjustments. L ook through the Camera and rotate the pot and flowers for the best view. Unhide the Environment object to show the parquet floor and brick walls. Turn on the Lights and adjust them if desired. Turn on Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion in the Render Settings for better lighting effects when rendering. 3D WorlD June 2017 55

the trickster Yanal’s character is inspired by the Tricksters from the Final Fantasy games

TuTorials Sculpt a character in Blender Follow The video if you see the Play icon, use the link Blender | PhoToshoP speed sculpt characters in blender Yanal Sosak shares his process for creating playful character concepts in Blender, and at speed author t his tutorial will cover how to demonstrate the tools that can be sculpt a Trickster character used to sculpt your character. yanal sosak in Blender, from original Yanal is a self- concept to finished render. I sculpt with Blender for many employed character reasons. If you think out of the artist living in I will talk about the process I box and use all the modelling France. He posts go through, including what goes tools and modifiers to aid you with daily art such as through my mind as I work and your sculpts, it becomes quite the character sketches, why I choose one process over powerful tool. Also, Blender has sculpts and more on another. I will talk about creating dynamic topology, which makes his various social the concept, and then move on sculpting very fun, intuitive and media profiles. to sculpting, lighting, materials, allows you work fast. I hope you Check out his rendering and compositing. enjoy my tips and tricks for using YouTube tutorials. Blender to create a complex and I have always wanted to create cheeky Trickster character. yanalsosak a Trickster. Ever since I played Final Fantasy 9 when I was a kid, DownloaD your resources the jesters Zorn and Thorn have For all the assets you need go to been burnt into my memory. I thought this tutorial would be the perfect opportunity to create one, since the Trickster has a lot of different forms, allowing me to 3D WorlD June 2017 57

TuTorials Sculpt a character in Blender how to improve your artwork Being consistent and dedicated to my work turned my life around, and could well change yours too! click to play ViDeo 02 shaDe or paint your sketch This step is completely optional, but shading or painting your sketch helps to give an idea of how the 01sketch the boDy character will look in 3D form (which a simple sketch I usually sketch or use a 2D program to get an idea might fail to do). I like to do this step for practice, as well. of what kind of character I will be creating. My sketches However, sometimes I just start sculpting after doing a are sometimes simple and other times more complete. quick sketch, and you can do this if you want to save time. For this project, I knew that I wanted to create a Trickster, so I looked at Pinterest and other sites for inspiration and to get an idea of anatomical references. 03 setting up the scene 04 place spheres Start by setting up the scene in Blender and adding the concept art that Place spheres to represent the character. I also I created in a small box screen in the top right corner. In this case, I also add place spheres in the areas where the joints will go. This the concept as a background image to help me maintain the proportions. Do gives me a starting point for the proportions early on, this by grabbing an image file and dropping it on the screen, or by accessing which will help later on in the process. the Background Images option in Properties 5309. brush up on your 05Fleshing out drawing skills the sculpt Even as a 3D artist, Once the spheres are I can’t stress how placed, enter Sculpt Mode important it is to learn and flesh out the character how to draw. Don’t be with the Grab brush [G]. discouraged if you’re no Note that the Grab brush good at first, I started in Blender by default is drawing late and a bit too strong for these I sucked at first. purposes, so decrease the strength to 0.17. The Sculpt menu is in the Tool Shelf [T]. 3D WorlD June 2017 58

TuTorials Sculpt a character in Blender 06 start sculpting My goal is to keep the details of my Trickster fairly low, but make Now to the exciting part. Activate Dyntopo [Ctrl] + [D], the character readable. Jumping into too many details early on is which allows Blender to add details when sculpting. I usually start something I like to steer away from. Another thing I like to do is with 8px Detail Size, then step down to 6, and then 4 for the finer keep all the character parts at the same level of detail – this is my details. By default, Blender is set so that the closer you are when personal preference, as opposed to a rule, but I think it helps get sculpting, the more subdivisions will occur. You can change this in the feel of the character right. Another advantage is that it makes the Dyntopo Menu. Make sure the Symmetry is set to the X-axis. rigging/posing the character a lot simpler. 07Make the eyes 08 hair base Mesh Create eyes by adding a sphere (click [Shift] + [A] I like to experiment with new ways of working and, in this case, I know and then Mesh>UV Sphere). Next, move that sphere that I will use Curves to create the hair later in the game. So for now, I create away from the origin point in Edit mode and add a Mirror some spheres and flesh them out to get the general feel of the hair. Modifier. After that, place the eyes in the eye socket. Then add the flesh around the eyeballs using Dyntopo. 09create hat, shoes anD tail 10MoDel carDs anD Dice Looking at the form I designed in the concept, use Use simple modeling tools in Blender to quickly model the cards and Curve ([Shift] + [A] and then Curve) to create the hat, dice. For the cards, start with a plane then add a Solidify Modifier to give it shoes and tail. I use a Path Curve for the main shapes, some thickness. Then create the dice by creating a cube, subdivide it a few then create another Path Curve to define the Taper of the times and then do some quick extrusion. main one, and a Nurbs Circle to define the bevel. You can apply them in the Curve options. 3D WorlD June 2017 59

TuTorials 11easy posing Make sure to keep Sculpt a character in Blender some elements of the character separate to help Diversify your pose the character with artistic skills ease. I simply grab the objects I want and move Software can only get them around to get the you so far, focus on pose that I am looking for. your artistic skills. Study and practise An efficient way to pose anything that can the objects is to change improve your abilities. the pivot point from For example, you could Individual Origin to 3D try photography for Cursor and to use the left composition; lighting mouse button by default and colours for to serve as a pivot point. rendering; anatomy for That option can be found drawing and sculpting. right next to where you change Object Mode to Sculpt Mode. 12 Make the clothes extruding the vertices with the Snap Tool activated on Faces (which For the skirt, create the base mesh with simple box modelling is how retopology is done in Blender). followed by some sculpting. For the top, duplicate the body and remove the unnecessary parts with a Boolean Modifier. After, create the heart shape: select and fill the vertices [F], then To create the heart shape, create a plane and merge all the add a Solidify Modifier for some thickness. The next step is to take vertices to get one vertex. Then create a heart shape on the top by her top and use the Boolean Modifier to cut out a heart-shaped hole using the heart you’ve just modelled. share your work Social media is a powerful thing: learn how to use it and start early in your career. It will bring amazing, global opportunities that you would never have imagined. 13 sculpt little DeVils 14 Merge the liMbs To make the devils that sit on my character’s When you are happy with the pose, it is time to shoulders, create a simple sphere and sculpt it to get the merge the limbs to get a smoother look. You can merge desired shapes. Then duplicate the hat Curve from the objects in Blender using the Boolean Modifier. Once Trickster to create the horns. merged, smooth out the parts to get an even more harmonious look for your Trickster. 3D WorlD June 2017 60

TuTorials Sculpt a character in Blender 15create nails 16 Make hair Making the nails is a pretty straightforward process. Create them from To create the hair, use the same method as for the a simple plane, and then add a Solidify Modifier. Then duplicate the modifier hat (with Curves). The only difference is that for the Bevel and place the nails where they should be. object, instead of using a Circle Curve, I use a Path Curve and shape it in a triangular form to get the hair shape I am going for. I place big curves of the hair to get the main shapes down, then add the smaller strands later. look after yourself! Don’t neglect your health by getting too immersed in a project, I see artists do this all the time. Pick a sport as a hobby, work out and go out. It will make you a better artist, I promise. 17Finishing up 18 lighting This is the final stage of sculpting, where I make For my sculpts, I already have a Blender file where sure I merge all the parts that need to be merged. This I have created a set of lighting set-ups that work for my is also where you can go crazy and have fun refining your characters. It isn’t anything fancy – to create the same, work until you are satisfied, or until the deadline is around start with a three-point light set-up and a head light. the corner (whichever comes first). I like to add more Then add more lights if needed. In a different layer, add details at this stage, and further improve the character some sunlights for the rim light. Put these behind the with elements such as my Trickster’s realistic navel. character, but note that you will have to use a different kind of light if there is a floor in your scene. 19Make Materials 20 Final coMposition For my materials, I have previously created a After rendering the image, make an initial composition using the procedural shader that works for all my sculpts. In short, Blender compositor. This is to add the Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Chromatic it is a mix of a Diffuse and Glossy shaders with procedural Aberration and other effects. Once you are done, go through a final pass using textures. Find out how I created this on my YouTube Photoshop to enhance the image further, if needed. channel if you are interested in mimicking my results. 3D WorlD June 2017 61

Artist q&A ARTIST Q&AYourCGproblemssolved Practical tips and tutorials from pro artists to improve your CG skills Rob Redman Cinema 4d’s Hair tools can be used to Rob is a 3D artist and create hair, fur, grass and feathers, creative director working and enables control of many aspects across TV, film and print. He also presents of the hair, including length at events such as Siggraph and FMX. sOFTWarE: CINEma 4d Jason Knight HoW can I control Jason is a freelance digital varIable HaIr lengtH artist with over 33 years’ usIng cInema 4D? experience. He enjoys the flexibility of working with various styles and mediums. Umi Chi, China Rob Redman replies Francis-Xavier Martins Francis-Xavier is a character As Joseph outlined on page using the Hair Material, using a percentage artist and CG generalist 52, Cinema 4D has an excellent value in the Length sub section, where based in Brighton, with over a decade of hair engine, capable of doing short fur, there is also a control for adding Variation experience in video games, media and TV. long flowing hair, grass and even feathers. (something I would still recommend for It’s one of the most controllable engines almost every use of hair, as it looks more available, but choosing the right method natural with some organic variation). Pietro Chiovaro can be tricky, so I’m going to focus on Pietro is an Italian 3D artist. one of the simplest and most useful ways, While this method is useful, and can who creates 3D assets and concentrating on hair length. work for some situations, there are many environments, and is currently working At first, it looks like the best option times when you just have to have ultimate on an open-source game. might be to simply set the overall control over your fibre length, sometimes maximum Hair Length using the Hair with gradual falloffs from long to short, or Object’s Attributes. You set the Guides where you need clumps of bushier, thicker Syawish A Rehman Length and that’s it. You can fine-tune this or longer hair, and the Material controls A motion graphics and VFX don’t offer enough definition. artist from Pakistan with nine years’ experience, Syawish loves motion graphics and making video tutorials. GET IN TOUCH EmaIl yOUr qUEsTIONs TO [email protected] 3D WorlD June 2017 62

FOllOW Artist q&A THE vIdEO Your CG problems solved If you see the Play icon, use the link EXPERt tiP BRuSh ContRol When using the Brush tool, if you middle button and click left and right, you change the Tip Size. Middle click and drag up and down to change the Opacity. This is useful for staying efficient, but also means you don’t need to leave your workspace, so you stay focused on being creative, not worrying about Settings and Attributes. StEP By StEP THe CIneMA 4D HAIR enGIne CliCK to PlAy VidEo 02 Run thE wizARd You don’t need any UV skills for this. All you do is run the Wizard for the 01SEt uP thE gEoMEtRy geometry, and choose a Channel to paint To start with, you’ll need the on. This is temporary, so it’s easiest to use geometry that the hair/grass will be the Color Channel, as it’s clearest in the grown on. I’ve used a simple plane, which viewport. You can replace the colour once is completely flat, so that you can see you’re done. In the Color swatch for the the length changes more easily in the Color Channel in the Wizard, give it a screenshots. Once you are happy with the mid-grey, which will become 50 per cent mesh, add a simple 3-point light set-up, of the total hair length. as C4D’s hair won’t look its best relying on a single light or GI. When you’re ready, switch to your BP-3d Paint workspace. This is where you can use some of the 03 StARt PAinting 04 Plug in thE tEXtuRES BodyPaint tools to help you. This does Now it’s time to paint. Choose the Now all that’s left is to open up the require an unwrapped mesh, but if you Brush tool and, using varying shades of Hair Material and move to the Length tab. aren’t a fan of UVs, use the Wizard. All you grey, paint your map, using brighter areas Plug the newly painted texture into the need is to have one of the channels active. for longer grass and darker for shorter. Keep texture slot (clear it from the colour of the I use Color, as it’s the easiest to visualise as in mind that black will produce 0% length, underlying mesh and you’re good to go). you work. In essence, all you need to do is so this can be a quick way to control growth The viewport won’’t show you anything, paint a greyscale map, with black defining as well. I’ve kept mine very simple so it’s so try turning on the Interactive Render the shortest hair (at 0% length) and white clear in the grabs, but be as detailed and Region to see changes. If you need longer the maximum hair length (100% of the complex as you like. Save the file and say overall hair, then use the Hair Object’s Guide Length). The benefits of working ‘Yes’ when prompted to save the texture. Guide Length to do so. this way are that you can clearly see what you are doing with the painting and can even take the texture file elsewhere for refining – so a trip to Photoshop is easy, should you prefer its tools. All that’s left is to plug the painted map into the Hair Material to see controlled results. Many of the Hair Material’s channels can be driven by maps this way, so the grass in this example has some variation added by plugging in a map to the roots section of the Color channel. The rest is all done with procedural control, except the Length, which we will tackle now. 3D WorlD June 2017 63

Artist q&A Post-work was very important in the creation of this image, Your CG problems solved which is Jason’s take on the often underappreciated Ginny Weasley and FOllOW her first pet, a purple Pygmy Puff THE vIdEO CliCK to PlAy VidEo If you see the Play icon, use the link sOFTWarE: PHOTOsHOP HoW can I enHance my 3D renDers? Gary Young, Australia Jason Knight replies In issue 214, I talked about image. I believe post-work should be an how I became hooked on 3D asset in every 3D artist’s tool bag. When after landing a free copy of Bryce 2.0 back it comes to creating 3D images, the level in the ’90s. Back then, I thought the goal of post-work that is right for your image is with every render was to get it as close entirely up to you. It can be as dramatic or to perfect as possible to avoid doing any as subtle as you want. post-work. This meant that many of my renders ended up in the recycle bin. It Those 3D purists I mentioned earlier seemed that post-work was frowned upon, may hate me for saying this, but sometimes and I even remember seeing images online you just need to paint in things like lights, being ridiculed for ‘obvious’ post-work. shadows, imperfections, and fine details, This happened even when the image rather than spend hours trying to perfect was great art and when the artist was them in the render. forthcoming about their methods. I think the 3D purists (apparently, there are such This image is my take on the often people) felt like post-work was cheating under appreciated Ginny Weasley and or cutting corners. I found myself avoiding her first pet, a purple Pygmy Puff named post-work, but when it was necessary, I was Arnold. Many of the elements in this image ashamed and kept it secret. It was hard to are painted in post-work, such as her be a digital artist back then! freckles, extra fine hairs for her and Arnold, It was only a few years later, while I was the sparks from her wand, and many of the researching an article I was writing for threads on her sweater. Renderosity magazine, that I discovered that post-work was no longer a big deal, The raw render for this image came and even seemed to be encouraged. out dull and needed some major contrast When did that change? Darn it! If only and brightness adjustments in Photoshop. I could go back and recover all those I tweaked up the Brightness by 20, the images that ended up in the recycle bin Contrast by 40, and the Vibrance by 50. due to poor contrast or brightness issues. These changes helped everything come In today’s world, post-work is one of together to create the final image. the vital steps to creating that perfect When used correctly, post-work can drastically speed up your workflow and take your 3D renders to the next level. Don’t be afraid to use it. EXPERt tiP uSE A SElECtion SEt For me, one of the most important render element you have in 3D software (aside from the actual render) is a Selection Set. This goes by many names: Object Buffers (Compositing Tag), MultiMatte, ObjectID, or Render Mask, for example. This will help you make super-fast selections for editing or creating alphas in post. 3D WorlD June 2017 64

ARTIST Q&A Your CG problems solved FOllOW THE vIdEO If you see the Play icon, use the link Francis-Xavier shares how to check how zbrush models, such as this chameleon, look in a real-time engine marmoset Toolbag CliCK to PlAy VidEo EXPERt tiP MAKE CoPiES A good habit to get into is to always make a copy of the original model before decimating, so you can easily make changes and re-project them to the decimated model. This extends to all the subtools – it’s easier to experiment on a duplicate rather than undoing the original. sOFTWarE: zbrUsH | marmOsET TOOlbaG HoW can I cHeck my ZbrusH moDel In a real-tIme engIne? Joe Venables, USA Francis-Xavier Martins replies Sometimes, you might be Polypaint option is on. I then Decimate no need for textures as Marmoset is using creating a mesh for a game Current, normally 10% is enough to keep the vertex colour of the ZBrush model. engine with the aim of retopologising the sculpt details and retain the colour. and baking afterwards. When you’ve If I have multiple subtools, I’ll repeat the Now, I check that the lighting finished the sculpt and want to see what process for all of them. Once I’ve exported complements the scene and the other it will look like with PBR shaders on, the all the subtools, I’ll fire up Marmoset shaders work well together. Because normal process is to export the model Toolbag and import the objs. Marmoset works in real time, you get for retopology, re-import, re-project the immediate feedback from the viewport. textures and export them along with any In this example, I’m using a chameleon normals you’ve baked and curvature maps. model I made in ZBrush. All the subtools You can use environment lighting However, for quick look development, are named properly and decimated before (HDRI) to illuminate the scene and I like to use Marmoset Toolbag. Once I’m bringing them into Marmoset. Once the complement it with omni or spotlights. done with my sculpt and I have Polypainted subtools are in, I assign a shader to each If the ZBrush model you started with the mesh, I head over to the ZPlugin menu tool and make sure they have the correct has UVs, you can preserve them while and use the Decimation Master to first properties. Under the diffuse setting I decimating and export different variations Pre-process Current, making sure the Keep change Lambertian to Skin and make sure based on the Polypaint. Project it onto the the vertex colour box is checked. There’s decimated subtool and export the textures from ZBrush, utilising them in Marmoset. 3D WorlD June 2017 66

FOllOW Artist q&A THE vIdEO Your CG problems solved If you see the Play icon, use the link EXPERt tiP don’t BE SCAREd to EXPERiMEnt In the Blender Node Editor panel, you can create new materials and new effects, adding other shaders and setting different values. sOFTWarE: blENdEr CliCK to PlAy VidEo HoW can I create a car PaInt materIal? In the Compositing panel, you can define the rendered image, fixing the color, the contrast and other parameters Colin Little, UK Pietro Chiovaro replies The key element that helps to Once you’ve done this, you can go in fix is the Fresnel IOR. Be sure to set a value achieve realism in your renders the Node Editor panel and add these of 1.450 – this is the default. is the correct creation of the materials. elements: the input Fresnel, two shaders So, when I start a new project, I create the Glossy BSDF, a Mix Shader and, of course, Next, you need to set a Roughness model and then I create all the different the Material Output. value between 0.250 and 0.300 in the first materials that constitute it, studying all the Glossy BSDF Shader; and a value between different properties that my object has in After that, you can start to connect all of 0.001 and 0.010 in the second Glossy BSDF the real world, for example, roughness, these elements together. First of all, Shader. You are of course free to change transparency and reflectivity, and trying to you have to connect the input Fresnel any or all of these values as you like, to recreate these features in the 3D world. to the Mix Shader, then connect the two achieve new and experimental effects. Today, I will show you how to create Glossy BSDF shaders to the same Mix the car paint material that you can see in Shader, and finally, connect the Mix Shader These are the main elements of this this render, using few nodes and without to the Material Output. material, but if you want to achieve a more textures or other external elements. realistic result, you can add dirt, scratches First of all, select the object in which Once you’ve finished connecting and other imperfections using textures. you want to assign the material (the car). everything that needs connecting, the next step is to fix all the different values of the The final step is to continue to set the material. The first element that you need to scene, the lights and the other elements in order to complete your project. 3D WorlD June 2017 67

ARTIST Q&A Your CG problems solved FOllOW THE vIdEO If you see the Play icon, use the link sOFTWarE: maya Is tHere a Way to ranDomIse attrIbutes of an object anD make DoZens of coPIes WItH InDIvIDual values? Georgia Price, USA Syawish A Rehman replies You can use expressions to included, don’t really like programming. The good news is that you don’t have to do do this. An expression is a line I personally think programming relies on a course in programming to become fluent of code that is used to get an application logic and planning ahead, which is not in expressions, there’s a ton of help online to perform certain functions. All 3D something many artists like. Most artists I concerning expressions that do different application packages that I’ve used have know like doing things spontaneously and things. You can ask around and with time some sort of expression system built-in. without thinking too much. However, a lot and patience will be sure to manage I don’t know any that don’t. Expressions of the time, expressions are the smarter exactly what it is you want to create. can be as simple as setting a value to a approach to this problem. For instance, in single attribute, say the Y-axis translation the case of this tutorial, I could’ve manually Remember that different software works of an object, or they can be as complex assigned a Random Rotation and Scale using different languages. Maya uses MEL as setting up a series of if/else conditions, value to over 600 objects, which would’ve and Python, while Adobe After Effects where your application will make decisions taken me ages to achieve. Instead, I used uses one called ActionScript. You don’t based on these conditions and perform a two expressions and created a single really have to learn them all since the logic selected few lines of code according to the object, and then I just duplicated it until stays the same across all the languages, instructions. A number of artists, myself my computer started to slow down. and the syntax of most languages used in 3D applications is similar – with the 3D WorlD June 2017 68

Artist q&A Your CG problems solved EXPERt tiP duPliCAting All thE inPut nodES Make sure you duplicate all the input nodes, because otherwise, the result from the expression will be baked into the object and you won’t get individual values anymore. A good way to do this is to use the Duplication Special feature in Maya. StEP By StEP RAnDoMISATIon In MAYA CliCK to PlAy VidEo 02 oCRF EhAEiingghtRAndoMiSAtion In order to randomise the height of my 01FSiERtSttinogBuJEPCytouR shape, I apply an expression on the Y-Scale of the cube. Go to Window>Animation The first thing I do is create a poly cube. Editors>Expression Editor. It’ll show the Then, set the Height to 10 and the Width attributes of the currently selected object. and Depth to 1. I usually work with inches, So, go to scaleY attribute and put in this so keep that in mind. If there are any expression: “[name of the object].scaleY = changes that you want to make to the rand([minimum value] , [maximum value])”. geometry, make them now. You can’t For example, “pcube1.scaleY = rand(.8, really manipulate the geometry once it’s 1.4)” (without the quotations). baked and it’s a good idea to bake it to avoid too heavy a workload. you don’t need to learn programming to be able to create expressions in 3d software. This simple tutorial will show you how... exception of tiny little things such as the 03RthAEndRootMAitSiAotnion oF 04 duPliCAtion placement of a semicolon. (Although do Go to Edit, and where you’d usually bear in mind that these little differences In order to randomize the orientation of select Duplicate, Select Duplicate Special can prove hellish when you confuse them the cube, I apply an expression on the and click the rectangle next to it to select across two languages.) Rotation-X and Rotation-Z of the cube. Go more options. There, reset all the options to Window>Animation Editors>Expression to make sure no errors occur. Find the In the case of this tutorial, I’ll be using Editor. Then go to the rotateZ attribute option Duplicate input graph and click Maya, and using its language MEL to and put in this expression: “pcube1. Duplicate Special. Now, you can duplicate create the expression. All programming rotateZ = rand(.8, 1.4)” (without the with the expressions intact and the languages have a bunch of tiny programs quotations). Do the same with Rotate-X. software will generate a new random value in there called Functions, all you have to do Go to the rotateX attribute and put in this for each individual clone of the object. is call one and it’ll perform its given action expression: “pcube1.rotateX = rand(.8, and give you the result. Some Functions 1.4)” (again, without the quotations). can also take values called Parameters and use those values to influence their output. Without further ado, let’s get started. 3D WorlD June 2017 69

industry insightIndustryinsight News and views from around the international CG community There are now more and more events focusing on how the VFX industry can celebrate diversity and become more open to a wider range of people 3D WorlD June 2017 70

insight Diversity IndusTry InsIghT DiVerSiTy in The VFX inDUSTry Just how crucial is having a diverse workforce to the success of the visual effects industry? Kerrie Hughes investigates... he fact that certain groups up with great new ideas all the time. And you can’t do that without different perspectives,” T are under-represented in the says head of learning and development at workplace is an ongoing issue VFX studio The Mill, Simon Devereux. – particularly, it would seem, If you can see it, you can be it for the UK’s VFX industry. And While there are nine protected while the sector is booming, for characteristics when it comes to diversity, one of the most debated and discussed it to continue to thrive and create products is gender equality. A report published by Animation Women UK in 2015 (www. that reach and engage a broad audience, a stated that of the diverse workforce is essential. “We’re a truly creative business, we live and die by innovation and aim to push things forward, invest in new technology and come 3D WorlD June 2017 71

insight Diversity right: Women in the Cg/ VFX industry at Be Bold for Change Below: The Mill’s Marta Carbonell Amela and Claire Anderson on the Be Bold for Change VFX Panel Below right: Panel on diversity in the Industry with Jennifer Bryne (somesuch) and Louise hussey (AWuK) 260 women in the UK working across Women UK (AWUK) and executive VFX way. And then find themselves, 20 years animation and VFX surveyed, 55 per cent producer at Double negative. “Promoting down the line, wondering why everyone they had experienced issues at some point in their senior women and making them more visible work with looks the same,” he adds. careers. These included barriers caused is something the VFX industry is very bad by having children, not being treated as a at,” she adds. “if women don’t have female Louise concurs that a lack of diversity serious professional, and having to work role models, if they don’t regularly see may be non-deliberate: “i don’t believe harder than male colleagues to achieve women as CG or VFX supervisors, out on that anyone is ever vindictive,” she says. promotion and/or regard. set, controlling a team, then maybe in some “it’s just one of those things that because unconscious way they don’t see that as a job a certain sector of the population have “Leadership around our industry is they can do – and that’s an issue.” been in the controlling seat, they hire predominantly male. The Sara Bennetts of people that look like them and may not the world are very few and far between,” says Simon, referring to Sara of Milk VFX, who promotING seNIor womeN aND makING them more vIsIble became the first woman VFX supervisor to Is somethING the vfx INDustry Is very baD at win an Oscar last year (for her work on sci-fi movie ex Machina). But while Sara may have Louise Hussey, Animated Women UK and executive VFX producer, Double Negative been alone flying the flag for women in VFX at the Academy Awards, the significance Another hurdle is the industry’s history. even realise that’s what they’re doing.” But of her win was huge, inspiring women “A lot of VFX companies, when you hear this attitude could be damaging to various everywhere and reaffirming that senior roles about how they started, were created by groups. “This will apply to ethic minorities, are truly within their grasp. maybe five or six male friends, all from the people with disabilities and socioeconomic same background,” Simon comments. “i disadvantages, which are all other big areas “A big catchphrase from the Geena Davies think that by some strange osmosis, people that the visual effects industry can be bad institute is ‘if you see it, you can be it,’ and have often ended up recruiting in the same at reaching out to,” she explains. i think that applies to young women in the industry,” says Louise hussey of Animated 3D WorlD June 2017 72

Left: Founder of Flock insight global, Emma sexton, on a panel discussing diversity in Diversity the Industry during national Inclusion Week Below: Allison Brownmoore, design director and co-founder of Blue spill addresses the audience at Be Bold for Change on International Women’s day 2017 (presented by The Mill: driving creative excellence to host the Be Bold For Change Panel in women build a strong group of female peers support of international Women’s Day this they can draw on for advice and inspiration. With these, and the many other, issues year, and are set to run national inclusion “networking is really important at every surrounding diversity in mind, there are Week again in September, an annual stage of your career,” comments Louise. a number of companies and organisations campaign organised by inclusive employers. “having a strong group of people around being incredibly proactive. Their work “We know there’s an issue around being you can make all the difference.” includes raising awareness of the importance more inclusive and more diverse,” says of workplace inclusion, as well as promoting Simon. “These events are a brilliant way to gaining momentum the business benefits to having a diverse and stand up as an industry and say ‘look, we actively included workforce. need to tackle this,’ so we’re trying to get as There’s a clear momentum growing within many people involved as possible.” Leading VFX studio The Mill, for the industry as more and more companies example, is running various events to try and non-profit limited company AWUK is recruit and maintain a diverse workforce to also working tirelessly to overcome issues of work towards raising awareness and tackling continue to drive creativity and stay ahead gender equality within the industry, having of the game. The team has recently launched recently completed its first mentoring career the diversity-related issues the VFX industry a fully inclusive, multifaceted mentoring development program, Achieve, which program, with 80 mentors signed up across mentored 24 women of mixed levels of ability faces. And while there’s still a long way to go, its four offices, connecting people of different and experience across animation and VFX. ages, perspectives and backgrounds. The Creative Skillset was also heavily involved things definitely seem to be going in the right team at The Mill organised Open Doors with Achieve, which was backed by some of with Creative Skillset, a series of events the world’s top creative studios, including direction. “The reason we’re doing this is for connecting creatives with the fastest Disney, The Mill and escape Studios. growing creative companies, and providing creative excellence and commercial success,” opportunities to network with people in the AWUK also hosts approximately five industry. They also collaborated with AWUK or six networking events each year to help Simon says. “As employers, you’ve got to be bold and make sure that everyone is involved in the conversation. it’s all about inspiring careers and creating an environment where talent can thrive, and everyone can come in and feel they are represented.” FYI For more information on AWUK, visit 3D WorlD June 2017 73

InsIght Escape Studios promotional fEaturE LEARN VFX FRoM THE CG MASTERS Escape Studios partners with industry professionals to offer VFX training and mentoring hether you want to kick- will fit into and work in a studio environment. Recruiters are also looking for someone with W start your VFX career or a range of experience dealing with the latest hone your skills, Escape technologies and pipelines. Studios can provide you with As an Escape Studios student, you’ll be the environment and vital introduced to an industry network, enabling you to develop a portfolio, demonstrate your competencies you need to succeed in the expertise, and form your own collaborations with industry professionals. industry. Escape Studios, which was founded vocational courSES 14 years ago, has been part of Pearson College Escape Studios offers full-time short and London since 2013, helping over 4,000 artists postgraduate courses in visual effects (VFX), game art, animation, as well as part-time to realise successful careers. courses in motion graphics, Houdini and The key to the studios’ success is its close realtionship with the VFX industry: Escape Studios works with professional tutors, ready to pass on their practical industry experience. All of its full-time short courses i chose to study at escape studios because of its relationship You’ll learn vital skills for with animation and production studios like mpc and sony computer using the latest and greatest entertainment. it is not your traditional classroom experience. software in the industry classes are taught in a way that mimics post-production studios Escape Studios’ Ayo Okusi-Daniels, Maya Core VFX (Escape Studios Alumni) state-of-the-art facilities have are mentored, giving students unparalleled more. So whether you’re a student starting everything you industry insight from inside some of CG’s need to hone leading companies, including Framestore, out on your VFX career, or are looking to your skillset The Mill, MPC, Cinesite, BlueBolt, Double Negative, Creative Assembly, Milk VFX, take your skills to the next level, explore the Blue Zoo and Jellyfish. The expertise that collaborations with such well-known possibilities with Escape Studios. and respected companies offer ensures that courses are designed, developed and All the courses are vocational, and have delivered by professionals to a very high standard. You know you’ll benefit from been specifically designed to give students up-to-the-minute knowledge and experience with Escape Studios. professional studio experience. Following In today’s industry, it’s not good enough an Escape Studios’ course, you’ll be able to to just apply yourself to learning Maya or 3ds Max. Employers do want you to have hit the ground running, armed with all the these technical skills, but also require you demonstrate that you understand how you skills you need to launch or take the next step in your career. The courses offer real- world career advice, so that you can better understand what the industry is looking for. And as if that wasn’t enough, a full package of career development support is also on offer for a whole year after your course ends. FYI Find out more at mentoredcourses 3D WorlD June 2017 74

InsIght Escape Studios the 4,000+ image courtesy of framestore © marvel Studios WhY ESCApE StuDIOS? alumni (dubbed ‘Escapees’) image courtesy of mpc © Walt Disney • You’ll work in an have worked industry-style studio from on high-budget day one, so you’ll get a movies from taste of what it’s like to Star Wars: the work in the field in real life force awakens, Ex machina, • Escape Studios is Spectre, Doctor connected to the Strange, the industry via partnerships, oscar-winning networking events and the Jungle inspirational tutors, Book, and more who all have a wealth of professional experience 3D WorlD June 2017 75 • Escape Studios industry partners help to design, develop and deliver the courses, and they influence everything the studio does • You’ll study in London, the VFX capital, in state-of-the-art facilities that are the perfect place to kick-start your VFX career MAkE YOur ESCApE Escape Studios’ mission is to help people start an exciting career in VFX, and support and further train those already in the industry. So, if you have raw talent and big aspirations – and you’re willing to put in the time, passion and hard work necessary – Escape Studios is the perfect place for you to get highly vocational, industry-focused training experience, giving you all the skills you need to graduate job-ready, or to learn the latest, cutting- edge techniques used by leading VFX firms to up your VFX skills.

InsIght Industry insight induStry inSight INSIDE ThE VFX OF IBOy Kulsoom Middleton talks to Outpost VFX’s Dave Sadler-Coppard about the challenges of creating complex effects in just under seven weeks utpost, a UK-based VFX studio, websites, and so on. The final compositing work, which is predominantly in the opening work was done in NukeX. title sequence. “We used houdini to sim a O is gaining a reputation for glitchy, distorted shockwave, which was its exacting and fast VFX “The team built several gizmos that used for iBoy’s final superpower, as well as work; it was the sole provider generated basic iBoy shot template ‘looks’, generating a library of procedural data, tech which could then be customised,” explains and hacking elements to help flesh out more of the effects for the new VFX supervisor Dave Sadler-Coppard. “This basic motion graphics and add a layer of helped save time on hand animation and realistic polish to everything,” says Dave. Wigwam Films/Netflix project, iBoy, ensured a unified look across the whole job.” Due to iBoy being a very creative and directed by Adam Randall and based on Shocking shots director-led project, the team had to build in a previz stage for most of the shots, which Kevin Brooks’ novel of the same name. Some of the more complex motion graphic had to be approved before proper comp segments were designed and animated in work was started. “This helped ensure that The film follows the story of 16-year-old After Effects – first as basic 2D elements, sequences had nice continuity and any hero which were later composited in Nuke. story elements were clear, before we added Tom, who wakes from a coma to discover our layer of ‘iVision treatment on top.” Outpost used Maya, Redshift, Maya’s that fragments from his broken smartphone built-in plug-in Mash and Mari for all the 3D have embedded in his brain, and have turned him into an actualised app with incredible superhuman powers. Outpost was responsible for all 150 VFX shots, which included everything from concept and storyboarding, to creating particle effects. And then there was the the team built several gizmos that generated basic iboy shot template ‘looks’, which could then be customised creative and complex title sequence. Dave Sadler, VFX supervisor, iBoy All of the concept work was carried out in Photoshop, as were the hero iBoy shot elements, such as maps, phone screens, 3D WorlD June 2017 76

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The Morph Mod allows you to take on the shape and abilities of various mobs throughout the game. Once you kill a mob you’ll absorb its “essence” and instantly become it!

Each mob has special abilities that you will yield once you’ve transformed. Being a chicken, for example, will allow you to float gently to the ground instead of to your death.

Spider will allow you to climb walls.

And swimming can be accomplished by being a squid.

But with the good there is inevitably some bad effects with certain mobs. If you wanted to be a zombie or skeleton, you may be stuck to staying indoors or going out only at night.

And Enderman are a bit sensitive to water.

You can even morph into previous mobs that you’ve already turned in to with the easy to use GUI. That way you can keep the mobs you’d like to morph into in your back pocket whenever you need it. All you need to do is tap either the left “[” or right “]” bracket keys to cycle through your options. Then hit enter to morph.

This mod does require the iChun API to be installed as well, found (here).

DownloadForumInstall Guide

The Morph mod in Attack of the B-Team enables you to morph or transform into Use the [ and ] keys to open the Morph GUI and scroll between mobs (you can.


-fixed gold/platinum dagger staffs not working
-started messing with new fortress generation (not finished yet)

-added Launchpad it will launch players that step on it

The fortress will be remodeled!
Rooms have been made but they aren't generated in the fortress yet...
-Use one of the following commads to place rooms
-- /generateTinyRoom (size 20x10) 5 rooms currently
-- /generateSmallRoom (size 40x20) 1 room currently
-- /generateMediumRoom (size 60x30) 1 room currently
-- /generateLargeRoom (size 80x40) 1 room currently
-- /generateAltarRoom (size 100x50) 1 room currently

Builders Wanted!!
If you want to make some rooms for the new fortress visit the discord server for more information!
(You don't need to code anything)

-fixed lighting on some fortress furniture
-added Caelite puls trap (sprite by SUS)

-added a new enemey young tile
-Enchanted tiles have a chance of spawning upside down
-Enchanted tiles have a chance of 0-2 young tiles spawning near them

-added enchanted fortress brick
-Hydra has its own theme and music box now! (thanks turquoise)

-added Dnas, It's like sand but it falls up! and you can walk... on the bottom of it!
-added Dnas painted fortress brick it has the walk on bottom of it effect as Dnas but it won't fall up. (crafted from fortress brick and dnas)
-added Dnas Transmutator which turns sand into Dnas (crafted from fortress brick and shining cores)
-added Dnas lantern, when placed it will reverse the gravity of all players nearby (crafted from fortress brick, dnas, and shining cores)

-fixed fortress candle and candelabra not emitting light
-Emerald Eye accesory is now craftable (I forgot last update)
-Reverse arrows are now crafted with Dnas instead of chaos fish and sprite changed slightly

-slowed down the divine light's fire rate a little (from 1.5 sec to 2 sec)
-fixed the sky boun spiral staff not working sometimes
-added Fortress furniture (thanks Kerdo for spriting)
-added clay armor the first shapeshifter armor set
-fixed gold/platinum dagger staffs not working
-started messing with new fortress generation (not finished yet)

-added Launchpad it will launch players that step on it

The fortress will be remodeled!
Rooms have been made but they aren't generated in the fortress yet...
-Use one of the following commads to place rooms
-- /generateTinyRoom (size 20x10) 5 rooms currently
-- /generateSmallRoom (size 40x20) 1 room currently
-- /generateMediumRoom (size 60x30) 1 room currently
-- /generateLargeRoom (size 80x40) 1 room currently
-- /generateAltarRoom (size 100x50) 1 room currently

Builders Wanted!!
If you want to make some rooms for the new fortress visit the discord server for more information!
(You don't need to code anything)

-fixed lighting on some fortress furniture
-added Caelite puls trap (sprite by SUS)

-added a new enemey young tile
-Enchanted tiles have a chance of spawning upside down
-Enchanted tiles have a chance of 0-2 young tiles spawning near them

-added enchanted fortress brick
-Hydra has its own theme and music box now! (thanks turquoise)

-added Dnas, It's like sand but it falls up! and you can walk... on the bottom of it!
-added Dnas painted fortress brick it has the walk on bottom of it effect as Dnas but it won't fall up. (crafted from fortress brick and dnas)
-added Dnas Transmutator which turns sand into Dnas (crafted from fortress brick and shining cores)
-added Dnas lantern, when placed it will reverse the gravity of all players nearby (crafted from fortress brick, dnas, and shining cores)

-fixed fortress candle and candelabra not emitting light
-Emerald Eye accesory is now craftable (I forgot last update)
-Reverse arrows are now crafted with Dnas instead of chaos fish and sprite changed slightly

-slowed down the divine light's fire rate a little (from 1.5 sec to 2 sec)
-fixed the sky boun spiral staff not working sometimes
-added Fortress furniture (thanks Kerdo for spriting)
-added clay armor the first shapeshifter armor set

-New sprites for Ancient Items (thanks Phobostar)
-fix some layer drawing issues with caelite and gale armor
-renamed the runic minion staff to leech rune staff and changed the sprite
-fixed penguin club doing ranged damage instead of melee damage

-added Shape Shift: Tank! (sold by arms dealer after Ancient Machine is defeated) (sprites by Raz)
-added frostburn staff (sprite by Kerdo)

-Sneaking ghost won't spawn until plantera is defeated
-The Divine Light's deflected projectile now do a max of 50/(100 in expert) damamge
-fixed bug where there was a small chance of getting two of the same item from Ancient machine on expert mode
-new sprite for Shape Shift: Cthulu's stare (thanks WhoAmI)

-fixed sky fotress not generating high enough on calamity's heightened worlds
-added music box for Imperious's theme (Thank GamingWithZack for spriting)
-new sprite for Cobalt Shuriken
-cobalt Shuriken has smalle hitbox (should make the collision with tiles look less off)

-fixed decorative plant dropping 6 copies of itslef when destroyed
-added banners (sprited by Kerdo)
-added Gore to O.L.O.R.D.
-some fortress enemies can now be confused
-Imperious now has its own theme "Blade of a God" (Thanks Turquiose)
-divine light now has a chance to drop a light pet
-new enemy added to the fortress (sprited by SUS)

-fixed bug where Ancient machine didn't drop weapons in normal (non expert) mode
-I'm suprised no one reported this I guess no one plays normal mode

-new sprite for runic sniper, Icicle(Cold front projectile), Sanstorm (the sand gun upgrade), Dino bone (thanks Kerdo)
-More russian translations! (thanks Kerdo)
-added a decorative plant (sprite by Kerdo)
-added dev item for Kerdo

-added Russian translations for most item names (thanks Kerdo)
-new sprites for Rush potion, Dragon Fire, Bloddy/blessed Medalion, book of minion tactics (thanks Kerdo)
-added dodge potion (sprite by Kerdo)
-added throw reduction potion (sprite by Kerdo)
-Luneshine now works during the day

-0.16.0 O.L.O.R.D. an O.L.O.R.D. reboot! (part 1 the fight)
-new sprite for lune staff (thanks raz)
-Completely redid O.L.O.R.D.'s AI it is now much more optimised and stable
--now randomly cycles through his 4 attacks instead of having the same order over and over
--transition between attacks is faster
--all attacks have the same length and have the eye expsed for the same legth
-slight tweaks to each attack
--Turret beams look better
--added dusts
--removed the parts where OLORD would disapear and have you fight his minion (I never like how basic the minion was and people said OLORD was harder than moonlord which is why I removed it)
-Works in multiplayer!

how to unmorph in crazy craft

The crowd went crazy. Jerry had nothing else to . to find cover. The Confederacy landing craft settled .. unmorph-(v). to lose one's shape (Chucky. Menon '17).

how to unmorph in crazy craft
Written by Braktilar
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