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Star craft 2 how to make a custom match
October 10, 2019 Carefree Crafting 5 comments

Twitch Rivals, an esports event series geared towards dedicated Twitch streamers and viewers, will soon turn its attention to StarCraft II.

Tomorrow, the series is putting on a $10,000 StarCraft II tournament featuring 24 popular streamers from North America and Europe in the Twitch Rivals: StarCraft 2 Arcade Showdown.

Although the lineup of tomorrow’s event has not yet been released, a look at the lineup for the January Twitch Rivals StarCraft II event gives some indication of the streamers who may make an appearance.

Evan “Winter” Ballnik, the most popularStarCraft II streamer in the world, will likely make his bid for the first prize, and European StarCraft fans may see their region represented by streamers such as Olivia “Livibee” Seeto and Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker.

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As a StarCraft II Arcade event, tomorrow’s Twitch Rivals stream will eschew standard StarCraft rules in favor of custom game types and maps. According to the event’s page, participants “will engage in a pantheon of StarCraft 2 Custom games that range from a slight twist on a competitive game of StarCraft to the all-out frenzy of tower defense madness.

If the stream follows a similar schedule to the January event, the North America and Europe groups will be split into two separate time blocks, each with thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs.

Catch all the action tomorrow on the Twitch Rivals stream—or catch each individual player’s perspective on their personal streams.

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It's unlikely you'll lose in Starcraft 2 because you have a rubbish micro or To win matches more often, you'll need to know the build orders for all three in this situation; resume and compare the pro's response to your own.

StarCraft 2 launched in July, and since most of the developers' efforts since then have gone into tweaking balance issues, fixing bugs and further developing integration, the second part of the trilogy is still quite a ways off. So, in lieu of announcements about Heart of the Swarm, the devs are using Blizzcon to showcase the map-editing tools and encourage the community to get more involved with custom maps and game types. Using the map editor, they created internally four custom games for StarCraft 2, which they’ll soon be releasing over for free alongside three fan creations that won a recent contest. Read on for more details.

The first of the Blizzard-made maps is a humorous creation called Aiur Chef, an eight-player free-for-all in which players collect “ingredients” from around the map that are required for recipes, which each grant various rewards, such as points, items, and special powers. You compete against an opponent for a high score, and while you can’t kill each other, you are able to hinder the collection of ingredients through effects like stuns and slowing effects. Each of the three rounds has a “theme ingredient,” and you can see units running around carrying pots and drumsticks and rolling pins. There’s a new UI window showing which ingredients you have left to collect.

Another custom game, titled Left 2 Die, is based on one of the missions in the single-player campaign where players were swarmed by hordes of zombies every night, using daylight hours to rebuild and go on the offensive. Blizzard received enough positive feedback about that particular mission that they decided to go ahead and make a standalone version (tipping their hat to Valve's Left 4 Dead in the process). It's a co-op game, and as you mow down zombies you collect Zerg Biomass to buy upgrades for your army (upgrades that are shared, so you don’t have to worry about competing with your partner). There are new zombie units to contend with, inspired by those in Left 4 Dead, but adapted so they make sense in an RTS.

Next is a game called Starjeweled, which sections off half of the UI into Blizzard’s interpretation of the popular Bejeweled puzzle game. When you match a group of similar symbols, they disappear and grant you resources to spend on units, which then go out and try to attack an enemy base.

Perhaps the most notable of Blizzard's custom games is what they call Blizzard DOTA, based on the hugely popular Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients. In teams of five, players will control Heroes that can buy items, gain experience and level up, while the map constantly spawns waves of monsters from both bases. The heroes will be a collection of notable Blizzard characters from various games.

During the panel about the map tools, the Starcraft 2 team was very focused on introducing map makers to the basics of development. They talked about the necessity of making the first few minutes of a custom game easy to understand for new players, since getting massacred while being utterly confused is not an experience most players will want to repeat. They also encouraged map makers to take a more active role in soliciting and responding to feedback. Blizzard relies heavily on iteration, and they think the community would benefit from doing so as well.

Blizzard was insistent that the custom maps they will be releasing are part of an ongoing process to keep making new maps and custom games for players. One of their big goals for the immediate future is to keep demonstrating what their map editor is capable of and getting assets in the hands of players to facilitate building. To that end, the custom games they’re building will be unlocked, so the community will be able to look at the internals and modify whatever they see fit. (And speaking of security, they're working on better safeguards to keep people from copying others' maps, should the creators wish to keep them private.) Another reason they built the maps was to see in what areas the editing tools were lacking, so they could continue to add and streamline functionality.

StarCraft 2

star craft 2 how to make a custom match

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DeepMind, a Google-backed AI project, has already used advanced neural networks to learn how to play the millennia-old game Go and dominate human champions. Now, DeepMind is taking on a more modern challenge in gaming.

At 1PM EST today, Blizzard livestreamed DeepMind’s AI, called AlphaStar, playing StarCraft II.

Complicated strategy games like Starcraft II and Dota 2 are hard for AI to master. OpenAI beat human Dota 2 opponents in August, but did so with significant handicaps. Tencent developed AI that can take down StarCraft II’s own bots at the highest difficulty, but human players have still consistently beaten AIs at StarCraft II. Today, DeepMind prevailed.

AlphaStar took on Dario “TLO” Wünsch and Grzegorz “LiquidMaNa” Komincz in a series of ten matches. Each pro took on the AI in five one-on-one matches. The games were close, but the AlphaStar won every single match.

The DeepMind team trained its AlphaStar by making it watch StarCraft II match replays for three days straight. The team then broke the AlphaStar AI into several different distinct instances of itself and forced them to compete in tournaments against each other for seven days.

AlphaStar did have some guardrails during the game. StarCraft II has three different races—Zerg, Terran, and Protoss—and AlphaStar only learned how to play, and play against, Protoss. Wünsch doesn’t normally play Protoss, but Kominczdoes. Again, the games were close, but the AI won every time.

“It was very hard to judge what AlphaStar was doing,” Komincz said on a livestream that showed some of the matches. “It was an incredible experience.”

“Even though I was defeated, I’m confident that, if I had more time playing Protoss, I could win a significant amount of the matches…if I had another week to train Protoss, I could have defeated these agents,” Wünsch said.

Replays of all ten matches will be available on the DeepMind website.

As the MIT Technology Review pointed out in a recent article, StarCraft II requires players to use their memory, strategize, and plan ahead simultaneously, making it difficult for AI—but perhaps not insurmountable.

In 2016, Blizzard released StarCraft II’s API along with a pack of 65,000 match replays, which DeepMind used to train the AI. Soon after, the AI had learned some sly StarCraft II tactics like the tower rush—when an opponent sends a worker to build a defensive tower inside your base early in the game. While this was surprisingly effective, it was clear that the AI had a long way to go to truly master the game.

“Once it started to grasp the basic rules of the game, it started exhibiting amusing behavior such as immediately worker rushing its opponent, which actually had a success rate of 50% against the 'Insane' difficulty standard StarCraft II AI,” Blizzard said of DeepMind at Blizzcon in November.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Blizzard noted that DeepMind has gotten a lot better at StarCraft II since Blizzcon. In a little over two months, the AI has apparently learned to defend against cheesy tactics as well as deploy them, according to the blog post.

Update: This post has been updated with results from the match.

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Do you have what it takes to become the galaxy's greatest commander? Each of StarCraft II's three races has its own fascinating personality and playstyle, with .

Watch DeepMind's AI Tackle 'Starcraft 2'

StarCraft Casting Tool

StarCraft Casting Tool (SCC Tool) is a free to use open source program that makes casting StarCraft 2 simple while increasing the production value substantially by providing a match grabber, predefined custom formats, and various sets of animated icons and browser sources to be presented to the viewer.


Feature List

  • Match Grabber for Alpha Team League, Russian StarCraft 2 League and Chobo Team League
  • Custom Match Format: Bo1-Bo15, All-Kill format, 1vs1 - including predefined formats for Koprulu, WardiTV, and PSISTORM Gaming Team League.
  • Two sets of Map Icons: Box and Landscape in
  • Scoreboard including team icons in
  • Animated Player Intros in including Text-to-Speech, player name & race via SC2-Client, team with logo via SCC Tool
  • Map Preview with Statistics from Liquipedia in
  • Aligulac Browser Source that predicts the outcome of a 1vs1 match in
  • Map Vetoes Browser Source in
  • Countdown Browser Source in
  • TXT-files with match infos in
  • Twitch & Nightbot Integration: Update your stream title or bot commands via a single click or automatically
  • Automatic Score Detection via SC2-Client
  • Interaction with SC2-Observer-UI: Automatically toggle Production Tab and set Score at the start of a Game
  • Nearly unlimited Customization via Skins and CSS
  • French, German, and Russian language support

Discord Server

If you need support, have questions, want to be up-to-date on, or like to contribute to this project in any way, join our Discord Server.


Video Tutorial | Changelog | Discord Server

General Information

The tool generates various browser sources (and text-files): Amongst others, two complete sets of corresponding Map Icons (including map, players, races, and score), a Score Icon (including the score, team names, and logos), GSL-like Intros (including player, race and team), and Map Statistics.

StarCraft Casting Tool can monitor your SC2-Client to detect the score, update it automatically, and provide corresponding player Intros. On Windows, the tool can additionally and automatically set and toggle the score in your SC2-Observer UI and toggle the production tab at the start of a game.

This tool should run on any operating system that supports Python 3, e.g., Windows, MacOS, and Linux, but the interaction with the SC2-Observer-UI is currently only supported on Windows.


Executable with Updater

Only Windows (64-bit): Download the latest executable, place it in a preferable empty folder folder with sufficient write-privileges and execute it. After the first start a subfolder structure is generated and all additional data is downloaded - do not move or alter this data structure relative to the executable. Do not rename the executable.

Alternativ: Python Script

Windows, MacOS, Linux: Download the Source Code as Archive and exctract StarCraft Casting Tool, download the latest version of Python 3.6 at This tool requires the additional Python Packages, to install these packages execute .

Instructions for Use

Video Tutorial


Run StarCraft Casting Tool via (or ). Search for an Alpha-TL match or enter the Match-URL of an AlphaTL or RSL match in the Match Grabber tab, e.g., , and press Load Data from URL (For Chobo Team League one has to enter a link to an article with the match ups – for the most recent matches is sufficient). Alternatively one can create a match in the Custom Match tab. Edit the data if necessary. The sliders control the score of each map. The top slider is to select your team. Once selected the border of the Map Icons turn (by default) green or red depending on the result. To select your team automatically you can add it to Favorite Teams list under Settings: Misc. Similarly you can enter your players’ nicknames into Favorite Players for auto completion.

Data for Streaming

All data (placed in or ) can be found in the respective profile folder at that can be accessed conveniently by via SCCT’s menu Profile: Open current folder.

Raw data for streaming can be found in the directory and be included into OBS (or any similar streaming tool) via Text read from local file. If you want to include the team logos and the match banner (of AlphaTL), it is recommended to include them as browser source from local file via the HTML files given in the directory (Score Icon size: 1280x100px, Logo sizes: 300x300px, Intro size: Your screen resolution, Map Stats: 1700x800px). The Map Icons can be found in the directory and have to be included via browser source from local file as well. There are two type of icons: box icons in and landscape icons in . A single icons has the following dimensions - box size: 275x275px, landscape size: 1005x105px, but the chosen dimension of the browser source determines the arrangement of the icons. Note that you can scale the browser source(s) down/up if you want to make the icons smaller/larger. All browser sources refresh automatically - you should have to refresh the cache of this browser sources only if a new update has been applied. A simple method to add the browser source in OBS studio is drop drag and drop the files into your desired scene.

If the tool is missing a map, you can add them in the Map Manager that can be found in Settings: Misc.

Local network URL

Instead of including browser sources from local file, one can include them via a local network URL , e.g., . The is a unique number for each profile (displayed when hovering over the LEDs in the status bar at the bottom). Adding to is optional. You can open or copy these URL’s by navigating the Browser Sources menu. Moreover the txt-files in can be accessed via as well ( optional).

The disadvantage is that the browser source that are included via a local network URL are only available when StarCraft Casting Tool is running, whereas the browser sources from local file will display the last data even if the tool is not running.

You can use this to serve browser sources to another PC in the network () or to a different person via the internet () given that you enable port forwarding on your PC (and router) for the specific port (TCP) that StarCraft Casting Tool is using.

Twitch & Nightbot

To update your Twitch title (and set your game to StarCraft 2) or Nightbot command via click on Update Twitch Title or Update Nightbot you have to set your Twitch Channel and/or generate an corresponding access token. This can be done via Settings: Connections. Note that you can also change the title of Twitch channels that do not belong to the user you have generated the access token with as long as this user is registered as an editor of corresponding channel. The format of your new title can be customized via the Title Template with the use of placeholders (hover over the input field to get a list of all available placeholders) and specified under Settings: Connections.

Background Tasks

Automatic Score Detection

To active the automatic detection of the score via the SC2-Client-API check the box Auto Score Update of the Background Tasks. This score detection does only work if you either play or observe a decided game (game length > 60 seconds) with a pair of players that were specified on one of sets. If there are multiple sets eligible, the score is entered for the first undecided set.

Set Ingame Score

Some Observer Interfaces like GameHeart have a toogle-able score, that can be toogled by pressing . When using other Oberserver-UI like WCS that have no toggle-able score and don’t have assigned this hot-key combination SC2 will be interpret it as and typically disable your sound. Therefore, SCC-Tool does not press to toggle the score in the Observer-UI by default at start of a game. To enable this feature, you have to set the checkbox under Settings: Misc: AlphaTL & Ingame Score - similiar additional options can be found there as well.

Frequently the order of players given by the SC2-Client-API differs from the order in the Observer-UI resulting in a swapped match score when using Set Ingame Score. To correct this you can activate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) once you have to downloaded and installed Tesseract-OCR. On a dual monitor setup OCR will currently only work if SC2 is displayed on the primary monitor.

Player Intros

Include the Player Intro as browser sources (using the full height and width of your display). The data will be updated when a game or replay is started in the StarCraft 2 client. You have to assign hotkeys to trigger the intros in Settings: Browser Sources: Intros. The first player is always corresponding to the player your observer camera is centered on at start of a game. The sound volume of the intros as well as the duration of the intros can be adjusted in Settings: Browser Sources: Intros. Additionally you can activate Text-to-Speech to include an automatic annoucements of the player’s team and name. There are currently three different animations with an unique sound, e.g., Fanfare - see for an review of Fanfare.

You have the option to have the player announced with Google-Cloud Text-to-Speech featuring high quality voices that you can test at


Some basic options for customization can be found under Settings: Styles, for example, alternative styles/skins for the Map Icons, Score Icon, Intro and option to specify colors. For additional nearly unlimited customization of the Icons you can make your own custom skins via CSS by creating new alternative CSS-files and placing them into . If you do so, please share your custom skins with this project. If you want help implementing your own icon skin with CSS or just want to share an idea for a skin join the Discord Server.

Help, Bug-Report, Suggestions & Contribution

If you need help, have bugs to report, have suggestions to make, or want to contribute to this project in any way join the Discord Server of this project via and/or message me (pres.sure#5247) on Discord.

In the case of a bug report please provide the log-file (after closing StarCraft Casting Tool) that can be found in the directory or navigated to via the menu.

You can support StarCraft Casting Tool via Patreon or Paypal.

star craft 2 how to make a custom match

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Starcraft 2 Map Editor - Getting Started

Some custom games are impressive pieces of editing, featuring fancy Here we have the StarCraft 2 version of the famous “Defense of the.

star craft 2 how to make a custom match
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