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Tf2 how to craft freedom staff
May 09, 2019 Carefree Crafting 2 comments

Show only blueprints available in Free to Play accounts




Fabricate Class Weapons (Scout, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Scout, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Scout, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Sniper, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Sniper, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Sniper, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Soldier, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Soldier, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Soldier, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Demoman, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Demoman, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Demoman, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Heavy, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Heavy, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Heavy, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Medic, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Medic, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Medic, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Pyro, Primary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Pyro, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Pyro, Melee)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Spy, Secondary)



Fabricate Class Weapons (Spy, Melee)




This page contains spoilers — important plot secrets and/or conclusions may be revealed. For example,

Team Fortress 2 (often abbreviated as TF2) is a class based, war-themed, hat and dress-up simulator for the PC, Linux, consoles and Mac. Originally, it was a faithful recreation of the original Quake and Half-Life mod, Team Fortress Classic, but has since evolved from its original design into a pointless virtual collect-a-thon, where players now must hoard every cosmetic item they can, by any means necessary, in order to inflate their egos and show off their E-peen. The "skill" term that was present around this game before hats arrived, was transformed into a substandard concept by the majority of delusional idiots who do not only believe "skill" now defines the volume of your virtual wardrobe and not your concrete in-game talent but actually consider that any and all skilled players are "hackers" who should be "reported" and/or voted off the server. The original point of the game revolved around cookie-cutter first-person shooter gimmicks, such as capture the flag (aka intelligence), pushing a bomb to the enemy base, deathmatch (Arena, now defunct) and capturing control points (by Scout rushing every map). Now all this is nothing more than a small minigame to pass the time with, while players wait for more weapons and "rare" items to magically drop into their inventory. Players lost interest in playing the actual game and they spend most of their time doing fuck all on dilapidated and modified web-hosted servers. It was once played and cherished by many gamers; however, the game has changed drastically since it became free-to-play on June 23rd, 2011. Nowadays, the game is only played by the biggest faggots that you could possibly imagine, and 13 year olds. Unlike other Source games, Team Fortress 2 failed to be an eSport, simply because Valve never really cared about it in the first place, the community is brain dead and the game itself is a heap of shit.


No matter how you play the game, you're bound to piss someone off.











The Scout claims to have come from Boston, and while growing up, lived in a rough neighborhood. For some reason, he looks like Vince Offer. He is the youngest of eight children, which not only means that his mom is a whore, but that he has an inferiority complex. The solution to avoid getting raped by his clearly superior siblings was to do what any bitch would do, and run away from his problems. Due to an addiction to Bonk Soda, he has developed a bad case of Tourette's which forces him to call out "boink" and "bonk" all the goddamn time. Scout also has an irrational fear of rainbows, an obvious metaphor for his closeted homosexuality. He can also capture Control Points twice as fast as other classes.

Your average Scout

  • Tries to shoot at someone, misses, runs away.
  • Will use the Scattergun or the Fag-A-Nature, but can't aim for shit because they run and double-jump non-stop.
  • Will use the Pistol when his main weapon is out of ammo and spam it without effect, while running backwards and getting stuck in walls.
  • Will run straight in your face while spamming the left and right keys and missing every shot, because that's what they saw in a frag video.
  • Will use the Bonk! Atomic punch, because without it they'd never be able to reach the Control Point/Intelligence.
  • Will use the Sandman, because they think they'll be able to hit anyone with the baseball.
  • Will run past a Spy about to backstab an enemy Heavy-Medic combo and alternate hitting each of them with the bat, killing himself and giving away the location of the Spy trying to do something productive.
  • Will always taunt after every kill (99℅ of the time its the shaudenfreide taunt)


The Soldier, AKA "Jane Doe", is the only class with rocket launchers, and often blows off his feet with them in his failed attempts at trying to fly. He wanted to fight in WW2, but the Gov'ment told him he was too batshit insane. He went apeshit and instead spent the next few years mass killing Nazis until someone decided to tell him the war was over 4 years ago, which makes him a terrorist. He claims to be a good soldier as proven by the many medals he has made for himself.

Your average Soldier

  • Will use the Direct Shit simply because it does more damage. They'll sometimes resort to the standard Rocket Launcher if they can't aim for shit, or even the Cockmongler 5000 to spam the charge attack and hope it hits.
  • Will have the Buff Banner equipped but never live long enough to use it.
  • Will use the Equalizer because they think the higher-damage-at-less-health thing has any use outside of melee-only duels.
  • Will chase a Dead-Ringer Spy into a corner and blow themselves up trying to kill him instead of using the shotgun.


A trap/robot in a gas mask who takes a fuckton of hallucinogens, to the point where he believes he lives in a wondrous land of magic, candy, bright colours, pixies, and all things wonderful. Therefore he is totally not a bloodthirsty murderer, and you're a retarded cunt if you say otherwise.

Your average Pyro

  • Will use the Backburner and Axtinguisher together, because the conceited cunts think they're skilled enough to switch weapons at the right time.
  • Will use the Flare Gun to pick off enemies weak enough. If you actually die at the hands of one of these, you're doing it wrong.
  • Never utilizes the airblast. Also will use the Phlogistinator.
  • Will use the Phlogistinator.
  • Will never extinguish teammates with the airblast and wonder why people are running around him calling for a Medic or for help.
  • Will just rush into a crowd of enemies with the Flamethrower and hope for the best.
  • Will stay at the spawn point doing nothing but Spy-checking. In and around the spawn.


You were good son, REAL good. Maybe even the best. - RIP Demoman, 2007-2014

Tavish Degroot, or the Demoman, is the alcoholicScottish nigger of Team Fortress 2 with a love for all things explosive. The story behind how he lost his left eye remained a mystery until the release of the 2011 Halloween event. As the title suggests, the Demoman's main job is to destroy buildings built by Engineers and ruin everybody's day, but instead he's the first choice of newfags and noobs alike to get easy Dominations by spawncamping the hell out of the enemy with sticky bombs and spamming grenades. Not only that, but the Demoman has the widest variety of melee weapons out of all the classes and has shields intended for use with them. You can make other players and SPUFs butthurt when you say "The Demoman is underpowered". Like IRLScotsmen, nobody likes him.

It has been revealed in concept art that the Demoman was originally envisioned as an Arab suicide bomber who would rush towards the enemy team and blow himself and everyone around him to kingdom come. This was later changed to be more politically correct.

Your average Demoman

  • Will use the standard Grenade Launcher to spam grenades everywhere and hope for the best.
  • Will use the Stickybomb Launcher or the Scottish Resistance to place sticky bombs at poor strategic places or the enemy's spawn point.
  • Will equip the Frying Pan because of Demopan, but will likely never use it.


The Heavy, or Mikhail, is an obeseRussian who really, really hates babies. He talks to his food, has a close relationship with his guns, and has an almost homoerotic relationship with the Medic. The Scout notes that the Heavy is a like a "Big shaved bear that hates people".

Your average Heavy

  • Will use the Brass Beast because of the extra damage, but may use the Minigun instead if they get constantly headshotted/backstabbed.
  • Will use the Sandvich for healing - while being healed by a Medic - instead of healing the Medic while they return the favour.
  • Will use the Killing Gloves of Boxing because they think the crit-boost really helps, despite only being able to kill anything with them if they get lucky.
  • Will often camp near Dispensers.
  • Will not move into enemy territory unless there's a Medic or two sucking their dick.
  • Will not protect said Medic doing the dick-sucking and whine when they die and didn't protect their medic.


The Engineer, or Dell Conagher, is essentially Bob the Builder, except he's from Texas, has a Robot hand, builds machines that kill people, builds machines that don't fucking talk, and can somehow still play his acoustic guitar perfectly while wearing a thick yellow glove.

Your average Engineer

  • Will use the Frontier Justice because they won't bother to repair their Sentry, or it'll get destroyed frequently because it'd been placed poorly or spam-Sapped by the same Spy.
  • Will use the Lugermorph because reskins = e-peen, or the Wrangler to spam bullets and rockets from their Sentry themselves because they can't use their own weapons.
  • Will use the Gunslinger when playing Red.
  • Will always camp near his sentry.
  • Will always camp at last point doing jack shit and not helping the team at all only to have his sentry destroyed by a Demoman or Soldier.
  • Will make little sentry nests with other Engineers instead of spreading out to strategic locations.
  • Will randomly hit everyone with their Wrench to make sure they aren't Spies.
  • Will get buttmad if another Engineer nicks his Dispenser's metal instead of using their own.
  • Will sit back in his chair drinking beer while constantly being healed by Medics who could be helping the team win.
Someones about to erect one hell of a dispenser


An unlicensed Doctor/closet-Nazi that clearly doesn't like the Hippocratic Oath. Secretly addicted to heroin and has a close relationship with the Heavy. He owns a flock of doves and blood gives him a hardon.

Your average Medic

  • Will use the Blutsauger because they think they can aim well enough to heal more damage than they take. Will often resort to the standard Syringe Gun if they realise they can't aim for shit.
  • Will never live long enough to Ubercharge.
  • Will use the Ubersaw because they think they'll hit something with it to increase Uber.
  • Will heal nothing but Heavies.
  • Will never heal Snipers.
  • Will never heal Spies.
  • Will heal enemy Spies.
  • Will always be the main of some faggot with USI and several unusuals.


"Mr. Mundy", more affectionately known as the Snoipah, is a piss-throwing Australian-wannabe wanker born in New Zealand according to an official TF2 Comic who lives in a camper van and prefers to be on his own. His adopted parents are highly against his way of life and believe him to be a crazed gunman. His real parents are from the underwater country of lanky shits called New Zealand who differ greatly from the macho buff Moustachioed Australians by being gangly brainy people. That explains why the sniper doesn't have a moustache, natch.

Your average Sniper

  • Will use the Sniper Rifle or its reskin, the AWPer Hand, to attempt (and often fail) to farm kills from miles away. Will resort to the Cuntsman spamming arrows if they get bored of standing in one spot getting backstabbed by the same Spy over and over again.
  • Will use the SMG (as a main weapon), the Razorback, or a jar of piss.
  • Will have the Tribalman's Shiv. but never use it.
  • Will camp near the spawn.
  • Will try to kill an enemy one mile away with the SMG.
  • Will attempt to play Spy after being shot to death after using the Razorback as a last resort.
  • Is 1 of 4 common classes that F2Ps will pick.
  • Will make P2Ps butthurt in any Trade server.


The Spy can disguise as other players and is a Frenchie. He fucks Scout's momfor a living and always smokes after sex. In fact, he smokes after everything, breathing included.

Your average Spy

  • Will use the Ambassador because they think they can get a headshot with it.
  • Will use the Invisiwatch and crouch to try to "sneak" by, since every other player in the game is a Metal Gear Solid guard.
  • Will use the Cloak and Dagger because they'll never move from one spot.
  • Will always disguise as an enemy Spy because they don't realize their disguise and cloaking animations are team-colored.
  • Will always leave the spawn point disguised as an enemy in front of the enemy.
  • Will always use the Deadringer if they realize they suck at spy.
  • Will stand in one place with their gun to try and kill an enemy.
  • Will disguise as the enemy Engineer and place an Electro Sapper on all the actual enemy Engineers sentry's, teleporters and dispensers.
  • Will use Your Eternal Reward because they think they can keep a disguise when backstabbing someone for more than 10 minutes.
  • Will use a Strange Dead Ringer if they can get one, because they don't seem to realize that all they're doing is tracking how many times they fuck up.
  • Will camp with a cloak and dagger

Weapons used by all classes

Sometime last Thursday, Valve decided it would be fun to introduce a small collection of melee weapons which functioned in the exact same way as the default melee weapons, essentially making them nothing more than expensive cosmetic reskins. The Spy and the Engineer can't use these reskins except the Saxxy for some reason.

  • Saxxy: A Gold trophy depicting TF2's very own Australian Chuck Norris, Saxton Hale. It turns killed enemies into Australium statues. It shines/glows in the dark so it makes for easy target practice for snipers.
  • Frying Pan: Originally only used by the Demoman and the Soldier. The only reason you'd want to use it is because the Scout can swing it faster than every other class, which results in MAXIMUMEARRAPE! In a recent update, they added Strange Bacon Grease, which turns unique pans into strange pans.
  • Conscientious Objector: A wooden road sign used by Christfags and hippies alike to hit people over the head with when others don't agree with them. The sign can be painted with randomimages using the Decal Tool.
  • Freedom Staff: A staff with a golden eagle on the top. Yet another promotional weapon awarded for buying the "Total War Master Collection", a selection of shit games you won't play.
  • Bat Outta Hell: A skull attached to a backbone. You can only get it if you get it by chance from a Mann Co. crate or buying it from the Mann Co. Store. Either way you have to fork out real jewgolds for it.
  • Memory Maker: A fucking camera. Awarded to the sad cunts who submitted their entries to the Second Annual Saxxy Awards and made it to the finals.
  • Ham Shank: A joint of meat which you hold by the bone. Awarded in Genuine quality for buying a game nobody cares about.
  • Golden Frying Pan: The ultimate coda to TF2's trading craze. Introduced in the November 28 Two Shitties update, only available if you earn it after completing the Tour, even then you have a 0.000000000001% chance of earning it. It now takes the cake for the rarest weapon in the game. A guy sold it for $5400.


Just because they thought TF2 wasn't that gay yet, Valve announced that they would release items that would be given out at random during play, to force no-lifes and children to spend even more time on this fucked up game. After much masturbating by the TF2 community, many were pissed that they couldn't get the new unlocks and cried whenever they saw a player with the new item. Realizing how much jew golds can they earn, Valve started releasing shitload of pay-to-get hats, which players would happily spend money on instead of buying drugs or sex. For a full list of these hats, go here.

These are some of the more notable hats in the game which are now "Retired"; unavailable by crafting, random drops, via the Mann Co. store or "Unusual" crafting:

  • Batter Helmet: Scout's baseball cap because he's a wanna-be Babe Ruth.
  • Soldier's Stash: A 'Nam style helmet with an Ace of Spades and blunts for Soldier to smoke.
  • Pyro's Beanie: This name supports Pyro's latin background theory. Pissed off profags who thought the fan on top of the bean hat could spin.
  • Demoman's Fro: Demoman removes his suburban skull cap to reveal his stereotypical Blaxploitation afro.
  • Football Helmet: Heavy, being the American loving Eastern European he is, has a team-colored football helmet since he was too overweight to be a good football player.
  • Mining Light: Engineer straps a light to his work hat. Whoop-de-doo.
  • Prussian Pickelhaube: Fun fact, this medic hat is not a Nazi hat it was an imperial German one.
  • Trophy Belt: Literally Sniper's default fedora with crocodile teeth. Lame.
  • Fancy Fedora: And by fedora it's a trilby as Valve was too dumb to differentiate this Spy hat.

Non-player characters

As TF2 progressed down its path to becoming complete shit, a number of non-playable characters appeared. Really, Valve doesn't give a shit about any of them except for Saxton Hale, who is basically an Australian version of Chuck Norris who is slightly less unfunny but far more forced. One noteworthy fact about Saxton is that his name is an anagram for hot anal sex. The only other character even worth mentioning is The Announcer/Administrator, who is a bitchy chain-smoking hag that sits in a chair and yells about how much you suck at the game.

  • Ms. Pauling: The Administrator's assisstant and a cock tease of Scout's.
  • Heavy's Family: Heavy has a small Russian lady whose Heavy's mom and three younger sisters who, being brawny Eastern European women, are all about the same size as the gigantic heavy. Also the youngest sister, Zhanna, keeps fucking the RED soldier.
  • The Horseless Headless Horsemann: An instakilling faggot with a fuckload of health, who appears during halloween events, but can be spawned and killed on player-servers to get the achievement at any time of the year anyway and used only on fun servers by server admins to troll. If you assisted in killing it for the first time and not die when it's been killed, you get an achievement and get "haunted metal" to craft one of the two halloween-themed shitty hats or HHH's axe. One of hats is a skull and the other is a round hat with a load of Voodoo shit on it. They're both fuck ugly, nobody likes them and those who do have one, or both of these hats, bought them from the Mann Co. store and used their Haunted Metal for the axe. But don't get too excited, because the axe is just a reskin of the Eyelander, a shitty weapon nobody uses because it's useless. You would only craft one for e-peen.
  • Merasmus: A 9000 year old wizard from Hogwarts who's now RED Soldier's butt buddy after getting his ass kicked by the RED team.
  • Monoculus: A shitty Halloween-themed arena boss. It's basically a giant brown eyeball that floats around, raping anyone or anything that gets in the way by shooting out fireballs. This boss isn't as fucking difficult to beat as Mersamus or the Horseless Headless Horsemann, however it can choose to "leave" or "return" to or from the game with a message popping up every fucking time it happens. It has been said that this eyeball is the Demoman's missing eye, but of course, this is just some bullshit theory made up by the less-than-intelligent TF2 community, with Valve having yet to respond to this claim. If you manage to beat this boss, you get a free shitty hat via the random drop system.
  • Redmond Mann: One of Zepheniah Mann's sons who hired a bunch of mercenaries to take down his brother, Blutarch Mann to claim territory and total dominance over him. He is the leader of Reliable Excavation Demolition.
  • Blutarch Mann: Zepheniah's second son who leads Builder's League United, and like Redmond, has only one primary goal: to eliminate his brother's army and claim his territory. The BLU team is often the underdog, hence getting their ass kicked all the time by the RED team. Valve even shows their bias for the RED team in their "meet the team" videos.
  • Gray Mann: The third son of Zepheniah Mann, however, unlike his brothers, he did not hire a fuckload of mercenaries to take down his arch rival brothers. At least 100 years ago, Gray was kidnapped by an eagle who had mistaken him for food and his two brothers haven't seen him in ages. When he returned, he realized how much he'd missed over the years of being kidnapped, and realized that his brothers were engaged in an ongoing war for land and money. Gray, also wanting to have this land and money that his brothers were fighting over, built an army of robots filled with money and sent them to destroy Blutarch and Redmond and their armies, marking the birthdate of co-op mode.



Some time ago a weapon called "Jarate" was added to the Sniper's arsenal. Jarate is basically a jar full of Australian piss. It supposedly started out as an April Fool's joke, until Valve decided to make it an official unlockable for the Sniper. The TF2 forums were immediately filled with over 9000 threads crying about Jarate being gross and immature, and demanding the rolling back of the item through a petition. Their petition failed and nothing of value was lost.

I spent hours on a psp refreshing and on the forums and all i get is a jar of piss as a weapon!!! - Darksider Look piss isn't funny, and valve this better be a joke. I love sniper, and if you're going to give him a jar of piss to defend from spies then you just ruined him. He already has the shield to defend from spies, and I don't understand why he would need two anti spy weapons. How about you give us a REAL weapon, and not some stupid joke that went too far.


—Just a Gigolo




—NanoSquid, who never forgives and never forgets

I WANTED to thank Valve. Everything in this update was downright awesome.

...until Jarate. That concept is filled with more fail than the combined win of every other part of this update. Ruined the entire thing for me.

Fortress Forever? Yesplz.



Not because a jar of urine is disgusting (which it is ofcourse), but because its uninspired, stupid, etc. I mean what the hell Valve? You can think up all these great things, but for the sniper inspiration runs out and you can't even consider a boomerang (since he's australian) over Jarate?

You are babies, people with the mind of 5 - who still laugh about pee, poo, etc.



Fail petition thread is fail! CRY SOME MOAR!

/pisses in your mouth


—slingblade123, resident urophiliac

This is disgusting, and an embarrassment to tf2 and the community. Somehow you all think throwing jars of pee is mature? You're immaturity is telling. It's not funny unless you're in fifth grade or a monkey. I'd be embarrassed to have anyone I know seeing me play a game with a jar of pee as a weapon. It's stupid, juvenile, and immature, and anyone who doesn't see that is one of those three things, or so insecure that they want others to think they are one of those three things. I certainly hope valve removes this from the game- or this will be the first update that I am not anxiously waiting to play come Thursday. Valve really really sucked the life out of the update with this unlock.



—Mitthrawn, because TF2 is serious business

Its just stupid and they could have done way way better. All it makes me think is.........So the target audience is 12? Then you got the idiots that defend it. Grow up and have a sense of there come back. Its not what it is, its that it could have been something more fitting then just some lame joke.

/quits moves onto something else.


—Hektik133, who believes someone actually gives a shit

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TF2 memes

  • Mentlegen: a shitty image macro of the spy. Terribly unfunny.
  • Nope.avi:Nothing but the engineer saying Nope. Do you want to read about it?
  • Spy Crabs: shortly after the game's release, it was discovered that holding out your Disguise Kit, looking straight up, crouching, and then moving around resulted in the Spy walking in a wonky manner not unlike a crab. This became an overused meme among unfunny /b/tards. It's not uncommon to see a couple of wannabe-funny tards crabbing around for entire matches while onlookers point fingers and/or guns at them. Many a YouTube video documenting their shenanigans has been posted. The phenomenon has also spawned a "Save the Endangered Spy Crabs" campaign, perhaps to counter the tendency for players who decide to kill Spy Crabs, or to parody the various campaigns employed by ecoterrorists to prevent the gathering of vital natural resources. Whatever the case, often medics participating in the campaign will use their ubers on the Spy Crabs to keep them alive as long as possible. In an update, the Spy gained another taunt for the kit that puts the spy in the spy crab pose and he'll click his kit open and closed like a crab.
  • Bonk! Songs: another popular fad on the internets was to make covers of well-known songs using nothing but the scout's "Bonk!" and "Boink!" sound effects, in a manner not unlike the utilization of PINGAS. The original Bonk Song was of that theme that plays during NFL games. The Bonk Song, as well as some other unfunny TF2 shit, became extremely popular on YouTube and gained more than 100,000 views back when that meant something. Nowadays people have thankfully forgotten about this rejection of human advancement.
  • Viral Faggotry: valve decided to make different videos of classes comparing cock sizes. They decided to name them the "Meet the Team" videos. Every video is a documentary of a different class and their particular quirks. One of them is about a fucking sandwich.

Friendly players

I'm going to play the game by not playing the game!


—Some retard who sucks at Team Fortress 2

A friendly player or more commonly referred to as "a friendly" are TF2 players who have realized that they are far too severely autistic to comprehend a simple FPS game and are completely useless to the rest of their team so they resort to wandering around the map like lost man-children getting into pointless antics with people from the enemy team that are also "friendlies". They are usually insecure attention whores that spout annoying shit in chat or obsessively spam their mic to try and be funny but just end up looking like full blown retards instead. Friendlies have recently become quite popular in TF2 games which is a sure sign that people don't really give a fuck about the actual gameplay and are more concerned with making other people pay attention to their unfunny in-game faggotry.

An easy way to tell that you're in a game with a friendly is by looking at the chat to see if any tards are flooding it with "DO NOT KILL ME I AM FRIENDLY" or "LETS CONGA IN THE CENTER OF MAP DO NOT KILL". Or if they're communicating via mic you may hear the faint wheezing of an obese neckbeard behind the ear shattering mic spam of some shitty brony song followed by some dipshit Heavy jumping around aimlessly somewhere on the map (probably wearing a lot of cosmetics). Two things could happen at this point: The rest of the team realizes that there is no chance they are going to win this round of capture the flag with a large percent of their teammates playing around like little kids in special ed class so they succumb to the friendlies and you are left with a huge orgy of autists masturbating over their microphones while thinking about how funny and witty they are for playing the game "their" way. Or they try to ignore the friendlies and actually play the game which will just lead to the friendlies getting more and more desperate for attention until they somehow get it.

If at any point you dare kill a "friendly player" you will be overcome by a wave of both little kids and full grown men alike all going into autistic fits about how you only killed them because you're a troll and a hater. You are now considered an "unfriendly" AKA someone who is actually trying to play the game. Almost everyone in the game will harass you until you either grow tired and leave or get votekicked out. This is why most people try to avoid killing them but if you do decide to kill one you should try to target them over and over because it is a very effective way of trolling TF2's community of basement dwelling ogres.

Some things a friendly might try to say to defend themselves include:

"Um excuse me you is interrupting our furry scat RP pls do gay ass video game somewhere else ^.^"

"you're a dick you didn't even have to kill me im not doing anything to you"

"I'm playing the game how I want! How do you know this isn't how the game is intended to be played!?"

"lol u must suck at the game if you have to kill friendlies"

"Go play CoD faggot TF2 isn't mature enough for you"


If you want to find a friendly in game they are usually located in capture the flag maps and orange/party maps. You can easily find them sitting in the sewer systems of Two Fort moping around like snobby little children who didn't get their way, most likely showing off some stupid taunt or hat that they bought with their jew parent's credit card.




—Fetus Russian warden cunt

Jailbreak is a boring as fuck custom gamemode in, not only Team Fortress 2, but a lot of other games as well. You either play as the prisoners, wanting to kill yourself every second you play, or play as the guards, feeling like a fucking god among the other players.

The prisoners are the warden's bitch, so have fun playing as a prisoner you cunt. The prisoners have to do every single fucking thing that the warden says, even if it's fucking insane or against the rules. Don't complain though, because the warden will go on a diaper tantrum and call you a cunt and say you shouldn't be playing jailbreak. As a prisoner, there are multiple boring as fuck minigames that you can play.

  • Deathrun - A boring game that most child Russian wardens force you to play.
  • Fall game - A game that could be fun if the warden knew how to disable collisions.
  • Crush game - Same as fall game.
  • Russian roulette - A broken game that should be removed but they won't because they're lazy cunts.

An easy way to troll people on this gamemode is to go on guards and start killing all the prisoners. This will get all the players pissed off at you 100% of the time, screaming in chat that you're a freekiller and shit like that. Some faggots might even call an admin, but they won't join because they're lazy cunts who are too busy sucking Valve's dick to get more unusuals for a bigger E-peen. The entire server will be against you, and you might even have a thread made all about you in some Steam discussions.

Major updates



Ditto (Part two)

Moar griefing

No one cares about you.

Even moar griefing

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An average game of Team Fortress 2.

Every class is different

She's not real.

The death of Team Fortress 2.

What happens when you join allow idiots to re-develop a re-developed game.

TF2 Theatre: Rocky IV

Typical TF2 player.

Thor strikes again!

Your typical TF2 player explaining typical things.

Average jailbreak gameplay.

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Consensus among the player base regarding TF2's hats.

Team Fortress 2About missing Pics

  • Spy checking is essential to winning.

  • The medic tending to his Scout. Are you seeing a trend here?

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Welcome everyone to the first edition of a weekly Team Fortress 2 item wrap-up that I am calling “The Drop Reset Report.” I am BobbyDigi and I am addicted to TF2 and collecting items therein. I follow the news, rumors and conversation that revolves around new and updated items and plan to fill you in each Thursday after the drop system resets. Now, on with this week’s news.

October 9, 2012 Patch

Sit down collectors—if it didn’t already hit your radar, this one is going to knock you flat. Along with two new Mann Vs. Machine tours and badges to go with them, the update on Tuesday introduced four new sets of Botkiller Weapons! Thirty-six new guns have entered the fray. Before now, there were only two sets of Botkillers; Regular, which have now been renamed Silver, and Gold. By completing the Operation Steel Trap tour, players are awarded a trophy in the form of a Silver Botkiller Weapon, with a small chance that a Gold version is granted. Now both the new tours have new guaranteed trophies and a new rare versions as well. By completing Operation Oil Spill—the new intermediate tour—players are guaranteed a Rusty Botkiller Weapon with a chance at a rare Blood version. The new expert tour—Operation Gear Grinder—promises a Carbonado Botkiller Weapon with a chance at a Diamond version. This totals 54 Botkiller weapons for players to collect. As with the original sets, all Botkillers continue to be Strange quality.

The Rusty and Carbonado Botkillers will probably end up pretty easy to get a hold of. The Silver Botkillers fetch one to three keys currently, with the Scattergun being the more popular/expensive weapon and the Stickybomb Launcher being the least. It will be interesting to watch the Blood and Diamond weapons as they seem like they will be high demand items due to their looks. The Gold Botkillers have steadily gone down in price, from more than twenty keys during the week of release to less than ten recently, but they have had a constant flow of supply. Not everyone is going to play the new tours as much as Steel Trap, causing the supply to not be as big and with Gear Grinder being as difficult as it is, the demand to trade for the Diamond weapons will be high. That is a recipe for some expensive trophy guns.

The Current Botkiller Weapon Heads and Tour Badges

Preorder Deliciousness

Five new items in Genuine quality were available until Tuesday. The two games that introduced the new Genuine promo items became available on Steam, cutting off the ability to grab those items in Genuine quality.

Those who preordered XCOM: Enemy Unknown received three genuine items.

  • Area 451 – An alien head for Pyro. The name being a nod to both Area 51—rumored alien crash site—and Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 and its burning books.
  • Crafty Hair – A flattop hairdo based on the soldiers in the original X-COM. It’s tall and yellow by default. Want your Scout or Soldier to look like Guile from Street Fighter? This is the hat for you.
  • Vigilant Pin – A generic looking pin with some stars on it.

Anyone that ponied up the $60 for a Dishonored pre-order received two Genuine items.

  • Lacking Moral Fiber Mask – A spy gas mask modeled after the mask worn by Corvo Attano, a disgraced bodyguard in the game.
  • Whale Bone Charm – Yet another pin. This one is styled after the whale bone charms in Dishonored.

The XCom items seem to have a bad rep already, with quite a few players writing them off as ugly. In the past this has lead to some rare items as players who are not interested in the game do not buy it and less of the item make it into the Mannconomy. The Lacking Moral Fiber Mask, on the other hand, seems well received but is still rare due to the $60 price tag on the game to get it. My sources show around 2500 of each of the XCom items made it into player’s backpacks while less than 1700 of the two Dishonored items are out there. That makes The Lacking Moral Fiber Mask the rarest Genuine hat to date.

Total War Items

On the weekend ending September 30th, Steam held a sale revolving around the Total War game series. Those who already owned or purchased the games were granted items in Genuine quality in TF2 based on the specific games. If a player either purchased the Total War Master Collection or owned all the games in the collection they were granted a new all-class melee weapon: The Freedom Staff. The Genuine versions became tradable and all seven of the items were added to the Mann Co Store and became craftable on Tuesday.

More than 10,000 of each of the Genuine hats and miscellaneous items were given out during the sale but only less than 4,500 people ended up with all the games or purchased the collection. This makes the Genuine Freedom Staff the third rarest Genuine weapon, only shadowed by The Genuine Maul and Genuine Robo-Sandvich. Due to the fact that The Freedom Staff became craftable by any class melee recipe (only costing eight weapons), it took less than an hour for the craft number on  to be in the hundreds. One lucky player, Reddit user MagicalKillaCow, crafted #1, 2 and 3 Freedom Staff. He reports that a collector has since purchased #1 from him for $250.

Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #49

Crate 49 started dropping on Tuesday, holding three Strange weapons, three new Strange parts, and two not-so-new hats. The Strange Scattergun is available once again, and alongside it are two never-before-Strange weapons, The Strange Shovel and The Strange Homewrecker. The Strange parts are; Engineers killed, Low Health Kills and Robots Destroyed. The Surgeon’s Stahlhelm for the Medic and the Furious Fukaamigasa for the Soldier are #49’s available hats.

The Strange Scattergun has held its value around three keys since it stopped being available when crate series #23 stopped dropping over a year ago. It being in a current crate will make the value plummet. Many a soldier has waited patiently for The Strange Shovel, and helpful Pyros should revel in the combination of The Strange Homewrecker and the Sappers Destroyed Strange Part that is still available in series #47 crates. The Robots Destroyed Strange Part will probably be popular on the Botkiller Weapons. Players can finally tally how many of those motherless bastards they have killed.

Small Change

  • The Champ Stamp, King of Scotland Cape, Stovepipe Sniper Shako, and Freedom Staff received updates to their materials/models.
  • The “Sappers Removed” strange part can now be attached to The Gunslinger.
  • Crate Series #44 will not drop anymore.
  • Eight new Mysterious Promo bundles were added to the game files.

Wrap it up

In terms of TF2 items, Tuesday was huge. Thirty-nine new weapons, three new hats and some items that have not been available for a while are available again. Be sure to share your thoughts on the new items in the comments below. This is Digi signing off. Keep on grabbing those items and I’ll see you next week right here on The Drop Reset Report.


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Buy Now - $ / £ / € The Freedom Staff is a community-created promotional melee weapon for all classes with the exception of the Engineer and . Yes, you can craft it like most other weapons. It doesn't have it's own blueprint, but you can still make it using Fabricate Class Weapons, which. Yes, you can craft it like most other weapons. It doesn't have it's own blueprint, but you can still make it using Fabricate Class Weapons, which takes one Scrap.

Craft these together and get lucky for a freedom staff. permalink; embed Yeah, you have to do the melee and class token thing. But, im pretty. Prices and stats for The Freedom Staff, an item in Team Fortress 2. Buy as many as you want, item overpay is accepted. ref. # Unique Freedom . The Freedom Staff is a promotional melee weapon for all classes, with the exception of the Engineer and Spy. It is an aquila with a splintered end. Topping the.

Freedom Staff item icon Edit Freedom Staff. The Freedom Staff is a promotional melee weapon for all classes, with the exception of the. is serving gamers since Team Fortress 2 skins with quick delivery for all TF2 classes. Buy TF2 Meleeskins including Genuine Freedom Staff.

Craft these together and get lucky for a freedom staff. permalink; embed Yeah, you have to do the melee and class token thing. But, im pretty. Prices and stats for .

Team Fortress 2

The eagle has landed! On my head!

The Soldier being bludgeoned by eagle-topped sticks

The Freedom Staff is a community-createdpromotionalmelee weapon for all classes with the exception of the Engineer and the Spy. It is an aquila with a splintered end. Topping the staff is a golden depiction of an eagle.

This weapon functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon.

It was awarded in Genuinequality to players who purchased the Total War Master Collection. Owning all of the games in the collection also granted the Freedom Staff.

The Freedom Staff was later contributed to the Steam Workshop, at Valve's request.

Damage and function times


See also: Damage

Identical to:Bat

Damage and function times
Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee damage? Melee
Base damage 100% 35
Critical 105
Mini-crit 47
Function times
Attack interval 0.5 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

See also: Damage

Identical to:Bonesaw, Bottle, Fire Axe, Fists, Kukri, Shovel

Damage and function times
Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee damage? Melee
Base damage 100% 65
Critical 195
Mini-crit 88
Function times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.



See also: Crafting


Related achievements



Kill 6 people with your axe in one life.
Kill 3 people with your axe in one life.



Communist Mani-Fisto
Kill an enemy with a critical punch.



Update history

September 27, 2012 Patch

  • The Freedom Staff was added to the game.

October 9, 2012 Patch

  • Updated materials/models for the Freedom Staff.
  • [Undocumented] The Freedom Staff is now tradable, craftable and added to the Mann Co. Store.

October 31, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed broken melee animations for some all-class weapons.

November 10, 2014 Patch

  • Updated the Freedom Staff so Halloween Spells can be applied to it.


  • The golden eagle at the top of the staff does not glow when crit boosted.


  • The Freedom Staff's description references Kofi Annan, a former Secretary-General of the United Nations.
  • The Freedom Staff was originally created as a promotional item for Rome: Total War and exclusive to the Soldier. [1]
  • The weapon description states that the staff tip is made of gold. However, most Roman staff tips were made of bronze and silver, not gold. [2]


tf2 how to craft freedom staff

Craft these together and get lucky for a freedom staff. permalink; embed Yeah, you have to do the melee and class token thing. But, im pretty. Prices and stats for .

tf2 how to craft freedom staff
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