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Ark how to craft narcotic arrows

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Ark how to craft narcotic arrows
June 17, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 4 comments

Welcome to the world of Gaia! Gaia is an exciting overhaul mod that adds a ton of content to your Ark experience. So far Gaia adds 297 dinos across 19 unique tiers, 33 custom structures, and 266 items/resources/equipment. Plus a lot more to come!

So join us in this amazing experience and try Gaia out for yourself! I mean who wouldn’t want a badass Tomahawk that has special abilities?! Or reusable items?! Nothing like having your grappling line snap when trying to ninja yourself out of the jaws of a hungry Rex… or running out of bolas trying to keep a speedy Heavenly Tapejara at bay. We even provide you with tranq-bolas.

If that’s not your style, then you can always use frost arrows that explode upon impact and slow your enemies down by 75%. After all that excitement and running about it’s annoying having to constantly find a water source to refill your limited slot canteen…but not with the Gaia Canteen that stores 10x the water! If that runs out, you can use a magical well that you don’t need a water vein for and can be placed anywhere to provide irrigation.
There are many unique tiers of dinosaurs & items that you can tame/craft to help you progress throughout the game, and help achieve your goals. The possibilities are endless.

Currently within Gaia there are 18 dino classes, not counting all custom and tribute creatures with special properties. The Banished provide essential materials in return for an offering, So for example if you leave rotten meat in the WolfDen they will provide you with Dreaded Rabies. These you can use to summon creatures within the Gaia Portal. All classes are colour coded and have different abilities, such as you’d often start with taming Divines as a first choice since they’re mostly Docile apart from a select few. Then you’d move on to Dreadfuls and start climbing the ladder of stronger, more efficient dinosaurs. Although beware survivors, some dinos possess special attacks! Such as life draining fires and stunning bites…

Gaia is ideal for all servers, you don’t have to have it load in first. It can be run on any map that uses vanilla spawners. PvP? PvE? We cater for both styles. Gaia is balanced and can be paired with most mods. And if you think it’s too easy/hard we’ve provided our users with the ability to customize your Gaia creature stats in your .ini settings (for more info check out the Gaia website). Bear in mind that Gaia is balanced around vanilla gameplay and the target audience is mature adults. To reach endgame tiers for items, there will be grinding involved. If you want to reach endgame content in a couple days, you are better off with other overhaul mods. With that said, Gaia can be completely customized to your liking, but expect some work to tweak it.

So what are you waiting for? Download and start playing! The world of Gaia is waiting for YOU!
Drop us a thumbs up if you enjoy this mod, and join our Discord for upcoming features/spoilers of content to come.

Download Gaia mod from Steam Workshop

SA Companion is the only companion app for ARK: Survival Evolved you'll ever need. It contains everything for your survival on the island; from a taming-, resource- or raid calculator to creature comparisons, explorer notes and even admin commands (a must have for Xbox One and PS4 players)!

**** Help translate the app to your language: *****

Current features:

Taming calculator, including:
- Custom levels up to 9999, including custom multipliers (can be found under settings)
- How much time and food you need to tame the creature
- Torpor calculations
- Knockout calculations, including all items and torpor inducing dinosaurs (even the Arthropluera and Compound Bow) + now including kill chance!!
- Kibble and saddle overviews for the creature
- Starve & Narcotic timer
- Breeding information, including multipliers
- Creature stats calculator
- Additional creature information, including a link to the corresponding wiki page.
- Kibble flowchart

Breeding calculator:
- Find out how much time and food you'll need to raise your precious baby

Admin commands, must have for PS4 and Xbox One:
- Overview and generator of item commands (both id and blueprint)
- Overview and generator of dino spawn commands (both summon and spawnDino)
- Overview and generator of dino color commands (including regions per creature)
- Primitive Plus / Primitive + Commands!
- other commands will be added in the upcoming version(s)

Resource calculator and crafting calculator:
- Search for any item you want and see what resources you will need
- Includes a breakdown option to only show raw resources

Creature stats:
- Calculate the stat distribution of your tame
- See stat values of a specified creature, including speed values and experience
- Compare stats of multiple different creatures in an easy overview

Raid calculator:
- Find out how many C4, grenades or RPGs you need to take down your enemy

Explorer Notes:
- Full list of coordinates for each of the Explorer Notes that you can collect on the Island and in Scorched Earth

- An overview of all achievements that are currently available for the game, including those for PS4 / Xbox One

Diseases & Cures:
- Find out all about the new disease and cure system in ARK: Survival Evolved

Flyer Pickups:
- A useful overview of the different creatures that can be picked up by which of the flying dinosaurs

- Overviews of all the dishes, kibble recipes and dyes that are available

- Forgot which key will set your tamed dino to neutral? Well, not any longer! In this overview you find all the useful keys available in ARK: Survival Evolved

Supply Drops:
- Information on the different supply drops that are available in ARK.

ARK Maps:
- Simple overview maps for both the Island and the Center, includes caves and other useful spawn locations.

Development Resources:
- Dev Tracker: Stalk the devs wherever they go with the built-in developer track (ark devtracker)
- Patch Notes: Stay up to date with development, as you can easily access the patch notes from within the app (including PC, Xbox and SotF)
- Official resources: Want to know the official forums, youtube stream or get official support? All those things (and more) are included as links. Click on them and get directly send to the right website where you need to be!

Most of the data used is synchronized with the Survive-ARK website. This means that whenever something changes (or a new creature is released) the app will update itself and always contain the latest information! In order to achieve this, an internet connection is required when opening the app.

DISCLAIMER: This is a FAN-MADE app that includes tools and information for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. Images used are copyright Studio Wildcard and used with permission.

ARK: Survival Evolved introduced a fishing mechanic with the release of PC This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft an Arrow of Poison () with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. .. Crafted in Cooking Pot ×72 Narcotics.

The Mortar and Pestle is a very handy tool that players will use quite a bit as they explore and survive the dangerous world of ARK: Survival Evolved, newly released for the Nintendo Switch. Not only is this item useful for making ingredients in cooking recipes, but you’ll also need the Mortar and Pestle to make items like Narcotics and Sparkpowder, which are both highly useful items you’ll need on your adventure.

How to Use the Mortar and Pestle

Once you unlock the Mortar and Pestle at Level 6, you can start crafting things like Narcotics and Sparkpowder, both of which will be extremely useful during your time on The Island. To use the Mortar and Pestle, you’ll first need to craft it by gathering 65 Stone and 15 Hide. With the item crafted, place it down on a player-made structure, such as a ceiling, table, or foundation.

When the Mortar and Pestle has been placed, you can access its inventory and place items inside of it. This will allow you to craft recipes that you have unlocked like Narcotics, Sparkpowder, and eventually Gunpower and Stimulant. All these items will prove useful in some way throughout your adventure, and you’ll want to have a good grasp of how they work early on.

To craft Narcotics, you’ll need to gather up several Narcoberries and several pieces of Spoiled Meat. For every one Spoiled Meat and five Narcoberries, you can craft one Narcotic. With several Narcotics crafted, you can combine them with arrows or ammunition to craft Tranq Arrows or Tranq Darts, both of which are useful for taking down larger dinosaurs so you can tame them more easily.

To craft Sparkpowder, which is used in Gunpowder, you will need to acquire two Flint and one Stone for each Sparkpowder.

Of course, there are other recipes you can unlock through your Engrams that you’ll want to learn how to make, like Gunpowder. The nice thing about crafting in the Mortar and Pestle is that it won’t slow you down at all. You can begin crafting items and then walk away to continue your adventure while they craft. You’ll still receive the experience for the items, and they’ll be safely stored inside the Mortar and Pestle’s inventory when you return.

Now that you know how to use this extremely useful item, you can continue your adventure. As you level up, you’ll also unlock the Chemistry Bench, which allows you to craft the same items a Mortar and Pestle would, as well as some additional, more advanced items. ARK: Survival Evolved  is available now on Nintendo Switch, so grab your trusty console and head out on a new adventure today.

How to Properly Tame Live Dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved

ark how to craft narcotic arrows

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This looks really nice, you running on high??

Yup, Anti-aliasing set to medium though and view distance set to epic. Everything else is on high, getting around 35 FPS.


To all you high level people, please share your wisdom!!I’m currently lv14, with about 40 engram points, and currently 0 tamed Dino’s. Currently looking for a raptor to tame.

What should I spend engram points on? I’m waiting for lv15 to spend 'em on bow and arrow, but I’ll have spare, so what’s the best thing to spend it on?

Depends, are you playing alone or with friends?

I’m running a private server over hamachi with some friends so we are splitting up what we learn. I’m learning the weapons and armor for example while another friend learns how to build structures. Personally if you get the bow and arrow, I’d also grab all the armor recipes as well narcotics, they are very handy for taming larger dinos.


What’s the fastest way to level up?

Killing things and crafting things. Most items give you 1 XP and something I grind out when I need XP is cloth helmets. 10 Fiber (which if you are constantly gathering berries you will have hundreds of fiber) and you can grind out a fair bit of “bonus” XP with just crafting unused resources and then dropping them.


What’s the best way to tame raptors? Currently chucking 1 spear, then fisting them 'till they’re out cold. Then its raw meat and narco berries.

This is where narcotics are handy. It takes 5 narcoberries and 1 spoiled meat to make 1 narcotic. Narcoberries create around 7 torpor while 1 narcotic adds about 40. So you get about 5 extra torpor from using the crafted version. It has the bonus of NOT reducing your taming efficiency (which narcoberries do) so when you start feeding it, the bar goes up faster.

Be sure to let the animal mostly starve, it fills up the bar incredibly fast if it’s hungry before you put it’s food in the inventory.

Haven’t tamed a raptor yet but that’s what I did for my trike and dilos, etc.


Which herbivores is it worth taming, and what? And what’s the best way to knock them out?

Trikes are awesome, parasaurs are great as horses imo (lots of space, reasonably fast). I used the slingshot for both.

Parasaurs you want to try to get them to run into some tall rocks or cliffs so they get stuck and you just hit them with the slingshot (I suppose you could punch them too though).

Trike I found a high rock it couldn’t get up and shot at it so it couldn’t kill me. Again just used the slingshot. Level 20 you unlock tranq arrows which require 1 arrow and 1 narcotic. Just crafted some myself, haven’t tested yet.

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"ARK: Survival Evolved" just released on mobile, and we have some tips it's possible to make Tranquilizer Arrows that use the Narcotics you.


You’ve just bought your game, spawned on the beach, wandered around a little bit and figured out you have no actual idea How to Play ARK Survival Evolved. This quick and short guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to beat and survive through the early levels of ARK: Survival Evolved.

PvE or PvP?

ARK: Survival Evolved features both the PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) servers. Obviously, things get heated and hostile much more and often on PvP than on PvE servers. Unless you really crave some violent human interaction, it’s best to start out on PvE. While players can still troll and grief on PvE to some extent, it tends to draw in a much more docile crowd.

Fresh Spawn

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to pick The Island as your starting ARK: Survival Evolved map. Scorched Earth and Aberration don’t even sound newbie-friendly, so it’s best to avoid them for a while. You will spawn on the beach. It’s best to stick to the shorelines for a while, as they are generally safer than inland in terms of carnivore population.

You should start by immediately collecting stones lying around, and punching trees to get wood and thatch. These materials are what you need to craft your stone pick. The pick is used to gather flint from nearby rocks. With flint, you’ll be able to craft the stone hatchet.

These two tools are the backbone of low-level play. Each one is better suited for its own set of activities (i.e. hatchet for woodcutting, pick for rock mining), but for the moment, don’t even worry about this. You will figure this out very quickly on your own as you play the game.

Bushes and Dodo Slaying

With all the necessary tools in hands, it’s time to go foraging. Everywhere you look around in-game, you will see green bushes. These contain various types of berries and fiber.

Fiber, together with flint and wood, is used to craft your stone spear. Use it for defense and to kill wandering dodos and other harmless animals. With your hatchet, harvest the slain critters to get hide. Make sure you keep all harvested meet, you will need it later.

Hide and fiber is the most important early game resource you can get. You will need them to craft your full cloth armor set, which will provide a much-needed protection from heat and cold.

Another important thing to craft are sleeping bags. They can be used as consumable spawn points, as well as fast-travel locations, saving time during re-spawn, travel and exploration.

Base Building

When you’re just starting out, it’s good to have a base of operations as soon as possible. Don’t spend too much time designing grandiose quarters though.

Early on, you will only be able to use wood as your construction material. Wood Tier is easily destructible, so try to hide your base as best as you can. Later on, when you unlock Stone Tier (level 20), upgrade your base immediately for added protection.

Put down a Bed (permanent spawn point), couple Forges (smelting metal), a Smithy (crafting better items) and a couple of Mortar and Pestles (Narcotics for Tranq Arrows and taming) as you level up.

Character Progression

Obviously, as you level up, you will unlock more crafting options. However, what’s even more important, you will be able to upgrade your character. Each new level grants you a skill point you can use to increase various character attributes.

At the beginning, it’s best to invest these into Weight, to be able to carry more, and Melee Damage, which increases the amount of resources you harvest and damage you inflict. Other than that, Movement Speed is always good. You can also increase your Health a bit, but don’t overdo it.

One way to level up quickly is via so-called Explorer Notes, which give you a temporary boost to XP gain. You can then go out and harvest materials to craft Storage Boxes and Wooden Rafts, as they give substantial amounts of XP. The Island has the highest density of Explorer Notes, which is another good reason to start there.

Make sure you craft your bow and arrows as soon as you reach level 10 – it’s much easier kiting hostiles from the distance than risking going in melee every time.

Once you reach level 15, you will be able to craft a bola, which can be used to immobilize both humans and smaller dinos in place. You will also be able to craft Hide Armor. It provides better cold and damage protection but makes you a bit more susceptible to heat, so be careful while wearing it.


Level 20 means Tranq Arrows. They allow you to take down and tame pretty much anything. Once you have enough of these, go out and find a low-level (faster tame) Triceratops, known as a Trike. This is one of the best early game harvesting tames. Try to aim for the head as Trikes get more damage from Tranq Arrows when hit in the head. Once it’s down, put Mejoberies and Narcotics on it to keep it unconscious and speed up the taming process. Don’t forget to craft a Trike Saddle to be able to ride on it once it’s tame.

Raptors are another good early-game tames to have. Make sure you catch and tame a couple of these as they’re very fast and enable you to preserve your own stamina.

Got It! What Now?

Once you reach and go past level 20 in ARK: Survival Evolved, it’s time to start exploring further inland. Also, you don’t want to spend too much time in Stone Tier. You’ll want to reach Metal Tier as soon as possible, so keep leveling up. But, more importantly, it’s time to start looking for a tribe. If you’re lucky and find one very early on, you’ll learn and progress at a much faster rate than going solo.

Tribes offer a much-needed protection and support, especially on PvP servers. After all, ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer survival game, so you can’t avoid the social aspect even if you wanted to. Unless you’re the only person playing on the server, someone will always find you. It’s better to have some backup when that happens.

Read another related article here: Here’s What We Know About ARK Survival Evolved DLC Aberration

Tips N4G

ark how to craft narcotic arrows

Have the engram learned, but they just don't show up in the crafting menu. could just be a drag narcotic onto the arrow, if it is a crafting engram then try dying.

ark how to craft narcotic arrows
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