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Bdo how to get workers to craft
September 12, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 3 comments

Until recently my experience with crafting in Black Desert Online had been limited to cooking, alchemy and processing as described here. Processing is as simple as it gets, and while considerable preparation can be necessary for cooking and alchemy the crafting process itself is also very straightforward.

Crafting more complex products like tools, weapons, armor, merchant wagons or boats is quite a different beast. Those things aren’t actually crafted by players themselves. The correct type of workshop has to be rented with contribution points and a worker has to manufacture the item.

Every village and town has lots of properties that can be rented for a range of purposes. Almost every one can be rented as a residence (the actual ‘housing’), more storage space or worker lodging (so you can hire more workers). Only some can be used as a workshop, and not all workshops are available in every town.

Since I started doing gathering dailies in Olvia regularly I wear out a lot of gathering tools, so I figured making my own would be a good start. There are six types of gathering tools, which are all produced in a (surprise) Tool Workshop and need mostly the same resources. Because it’s very slow to gather with level 1 tools I aimed for level 2 tools from the start.

The main materials for all of those are Steel and Black Stone Powder. The former is made out of Coal and Melted Iron Shards in a workshop called Mineral Workbech, the latter needs Rough Stone and is crafted in a Refinery. Some tools also need Maple Timber, and the butchering and tanning knives need Hard Hide on top of that.

Luckily I have followed this video guide from Morrolan about lucrative worker nodes for quite a while now, so I already had a lot of resources lying around.

Melted Iron Shards are an intermediate material made by processing Iron Ore.

I also had a lot of Coal and Maple Timber already in stock. After gathering Rough Stone by hand for about an hour I was all set for the other intermediate products.

I rented a Mineral Workbench and a Refinery and set two workers on making Steel and Black Stone Powder respectively.

Now I had to wait for a while. Had I logged off all workers would have finished their current task once and then stopped, so I stayed ingame and spent some time aquiring the last needed resource, Hard Hide. This is made by drying hides from lizards and such, so I rode into the wild and decimated the population of triangle head lizards by probably dangerous amounts.

When I returned with over a hundred Hard Hides in my backpack (it’s a large backpack!) the first batches of Steel and Powder were finished. I rented a Tool Workshop, upgraded it to level 2 and sent a worker to make my very first gathering tool.

I went for tanning knives and fluid collectors first because those were the ones I’d need replacements for soon.

I didn’t want just any knife or collector though. When crafting a gathering tool there’s a chance to get a ‘lucky’ version of it. These have a pretty important bonus which increases the chance for rare drops. Hence I don’t actually intend to use every tool I make. I’ll only keep the lucky versions and sell the others on the market.

The first ones, which took about 20 minutes each to manufacture, turned out to be normal ones however. With the fourth or fifth try I got lucky.

The normal versions sell pretty quickly on the marketplace, so there’s obviously a demand for them. Hence I’ll keep manufacturing as quickly as I can procure the resources, keep all lucky ones and sell the rest.

I’d actually earn more silver by selling the resources or the intermediate products, but by exclusively gathering with lucky tools the additional rare drops should more than make up for that. Besides, I’m having fun crafting them, which is always more important to me than my bottom line.

I’ve simultaneously started to let some workers gather materials for the various life skill costumes, which give speed and XP bonuses for their respective activity. Crafting these will be my next project. Although I might upgrade my gathering tool empire to level 3 first, if the needed resources aren’t too hard to come by.

Maybe I should start thinking about a brand name.

Like this:



It’s a confusing system, but mastering nodes and workers is key to earning money in Black Desert Online. We’re here to help.

Black Desert Online: how to use nodes and workers

Investing in Nodes and then having Workers do their thing within those Nodes is a vital way of making money and other resources in Black Desert Online – but it can be a slightly obtuse system to newcomers. How do you get workers? How do you invest in nodes? Here’s what you need to know:

Investing in Nodes

Nodes are essentially spheres of influence that you can ‘invest’ in with Contribution Points. Doing so will open up options within that node such as buying houses, crafting, gathering, and setting up trade routes. Almost all of these things can be used as a route to better equipment and a better character, or at the very least a lot of money that you can spend.

There’s no cap on how early you can start getting into the node game – as soon as you reach the first major city, you’re able to begin if you’re so inclined. The rewards are small to begin with, but grow significantly larger as time passes.

In order to get your hands on a node you’ll need to find the nearest city on your map, and then find the node. Right click the node on the map, and then auto-run there. It’ll lead you to an NPC – that person is in charge of the node-related shenanigans for that city. Ask that NPC about investing, and you’ll pay to do so in contribution points. This NPC is also used to level up nodes.

Connecting Nodes

Nodes only cover the space around their city, and though they can be upgraded to widen their (and therefore your) sphere of influence by spending energy, the ultimate goal is to be involved with multiple nodes and then connect them. You must work out from your first node, sequentially connecting them.

All of this can be easily seen on the world map. Nodes that are connected are lit up in yellow, and nodes that are not connected are white. Nodes that are too far from your current node empire are represented with no line at all – simple.

Once Nodes are connected, you can trade between them, buying and selling items and resources, as detailed in our guide on how to make some fast money. However, you don’t have to do this alone…

Hiring Workers

Once you have nodes, the next step to maximize your money-making potential is to bring on some workers to do some of the hard work in your stead. Capitalism! I love it.

Hiring a worker costs 5 energy and around 3000 silver – if you need tips on how to get hold of those, check our EXP guide and money guide.

In order to start hiring, you’ll need to find the Worker Supervisor in that node. While in the city, use the ‘Find NPC’ button, and hit the Worker button – it’ll lead you right to them. The Supervisor will allow you to pull a random person – and then you can hire them.

There are three types of worker – Goblins, Giants, and Humans. Goblins work fast, but have low stamina. Giants are the reverse, slow but long-lasting. Humans are between the two. There’s also special boosted workers – ‘Skilful’ or ‘Artisan’ workers – that appear at random. If one of these crops up, hire them immediately.

The more workers you hire, the more space you’ll need to lodge them – houses can be purchased within cities for yourself, then set as ‘lodging’ in order to house your workers.

Getting to Work

Once you’ve got workers, you can set them to work by heading to the Node Manager for the area you’re in – the same person you used to set up the node – to instruct them to focus on certain areas. This’ll cost contribution points.

Workers can do a number of things for you – they can Craft, Gather and Trade – and they do everything automated while you’re out in the world doing what you need to do to feel a hero. As such, workers are a great way to make money – and if you keep expanding with more lodging and food in order to hire more workers, you’ll have a trade empire in no time at all.

Back to Black Desert Online guide.

You need food to make your workers do their jobs, get useful buffs, and to make used in Black Desert Online and are relatively easy to craft.

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What amount of Cp do i need to start making $?
Hey, been lookin for guides for making money but i am curious how much CP i should have before making a worker empire?. Also what would be the best way for a beginner to make money? im just level 24, just bought the game xD
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Worker beer farm

bdo how to get workers to craft

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In Black Desert, you can hire Workers to help gather materials for you from nodes you have connected.

Hiring and Firing[edit]

Workers are shared across your family, rather than character-specific. At a larger city's work supervisor you can spend 5 energy to see a random available worker varying in race and quality. Refreshing the random selection costs 5 energy each time.

Once you have found a worker you wish to hire, you spend a sum of silver ranging from 1,500 silver to 90,000 silver to hire the worker for use out of the city your purchased it in. The worker can lodge anywhere in the region the city is in.

As long as there is a node connection you can assign workers to work in other regions - but cannot move a worker's lodging to another region. That means his work efficiency will drop if he has to travel far between the place of his lodging and work place.

Certain NPC's can sell higher tier workers if you have gained enough Amity with them.

The map has on the bottom right a button to open your worker management screen. It lists all workers belonging for the region selected on the map (so switch between the maps regions to manage workers in different regions!). You can fire workers through that menu if you chose so.

Assigning Jobs[edit]

Workers can be assigned to resource nodes, workshops or banking.

To assign a worker to gather a resource and bring it back to the regions storage you need to unlock all connecting nodes between the work location and the worker's city of origin by spending contribution points. You must also have spent contribution points on both the final location node and the resource node belonging to it.

If you assign workers to a workshop they will take resources from storage, process it and put the resulting good back into storage - provided there are empty slots. Worker can craft a wide array of items but which item depends on the type of workshop you assign them to. Once again all nodes between the lodging of a worker and the workshop have to be connected and they will only access the regional storage. So having good A in storage at region X will not be accessible if the worker lives in region Y.

The third option of jobs workers can perform is to send them to investment nodes with gold bullions in your storage in hopes that they bring back interest. With this method, you will always be guaranteed that your investment will be returned in the least. This option is the longest single action for workers to perform in Black Desert.

Action Points[edit]

Worker consume Action Points from a limited pool they have. When a worker runs out of Action Points, you can either use a food item to restore their points, or let them sit idle for a long period of time to recover. Conversely, you can fire the worker and just hire a new one.

Worker Management[edit]

The worker management is located at the bottom right of the world map, or through the mining pick button located beneath your experience bars. Via the worker management, you can check their job progress, restore their Action Points, send them through an upgrade test, cancel their remaining work order, or fire them.

Upgrade Tests[edit]

Upgrade tests are available to a worker once every 10 levels, with the chance to go up in quality by one level. They take 24 hours to complete, and you can only have one worker in a test at a time. Upgrade tests continue to progress even while logged out.

Workers Exchange[edit]

You can use a work supervisor NPC to buy and sell workers to other players, allowing you to directly profit from a developed worker. Multiple factors effect the price of the worker, such as quality(color), abilities, and level. Using the market, you may discover a worker tailored to a specific task you perform.


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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: (UPDATED) BDO 2017: Top 10 Worker Nodes for Passive Income [Black Desert Online]

If you are planning to get serious about any of the life skills in BDO (training, so it's much easier and faster to get a worker to gather it for you at a node like.

Workers Guide

If you intend to create a worker empire in BDO you should learn how to make beer or some other type of worker food, with beer being the easiest to make. While you can buy worker food it from the market, it is a harsh mistress to rely on as the market can dry up causing your workers to run out of energy and stop working.

Making beer requires a few steps which are: gathering the raw materials, getting a residence, purchasing and installing a cooking utensil at your residence and finally cooking the beer. But before all that you need to know the beer recipe.

The BDO Beer Recipe

Your character does not need to learn the recipe as in most MMO games. In Black Desert Online it is enough to know what combination of materials will give you the desired product. In the case of beer the beer recipe is simply:

  • 5 Grains (oat, barley, corn, wheat, potato)
  • 1 Sugar
  • 2 Leavening Agent
  • 6 Water

Of these four materials, the only one you need to gather yourself are the grains, such as wheat, corn, and potato. The other materials can be purchased from a Tavern vendor which are found near or inside the taverns in all the major cities.

How to Gather the Grains

While you can gather the grain yourself from farming and gathering it is very time-consuming. It is much better to have a few workers gather the grain for you. Very early in the game, you will come across Toscani Farm. This farm has two corn nodes which can supply you with enough grain for beer making for a long time. You just need to get a couple of workers in Velia and have them work those nodes. You can read my workers guide if you are unsure of how workers work (no pun intended)

Later, as your worker empire expands, you might need more grain nodes at which point you will have a few to choose from, such as the potatoes at Bartali farm or the wheat and barley at the Northern Wheat Plantation.

Finding a Residence for Cooking Beer

When you have the required materials to craft at least a single batch of beer you need to get yourself a residence. The only way to make beer is by using a cooking utensil inside your own residence. There are residences all over Black Desert, so just choose one that is in a place that suits you. The investment cost ranges from a single contribution point to a few points depending on the size of the residence. In the image below you see the location of a residence in Velia you can get for a single contribution point.

Cooking Utensils Available in BDO

After you have the residence you need to buy a cooking utensil. There are a few different cooking utensils in the game which give different bonuses. The easiest to get is the Basic Cooking Utensil and the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil as they can be bought from a Tavern vendor.

The basic utensil has no bonuses and 100 durability points, while the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil has 500 durability points, but it gets a penalty of increased cooking time for +5 seconds each batch. The Balenos Utensil is, therefore, best used while AFK cooking. The other utensils have both reduced cooking time and increased durability.

When you have bought a cooking utensil you need to place it inside your residence. While inside your residence, press the P button to access placement mode. Then just choose the cooking utensil and place it in your house wherever you wish.

Cooking the Beer Itself

Finally, you can cook your beer. To do so you need to activate the cooking utensil by pressing R while standing next to it. This opens the screen you see below.

You now need to place the exact amount of each material for a single batch of beer into the windows as seen below. If you place less, the batch will fail and if you place more the extra will be wasted. So be sure to place the correct amount.

You can now choose to run a single batch or go for continuous production. If you want to run multiple batches you can press “Continuous Production” and then max. Doing that will keep your character cooking until he runs out of materials.

As an example, to run 500 beer production batches you would need 2500 grains of the same sort, 500 sugars, 1000 leavening agents and 3000 water in your inventory. You would then place 5 grains, 1 sugar, 2 leavening agents and 6 water into the windows as seen above. Press “Continuous Production” and then press maximum quantity.  It should show 500 runs and when you press “OK” your character will start cooking 500 batches of beer.

Note that as your cooking skills go up you will start getting more beer out of each batch in addition to a blue version of beer which gives 50% more energy. You will also get extra dishes which give rewards, such as contribution points and silver if turned in to certain NPC’s

Useful Cooking Clothes While Making Beer in BDO.

There are a couple of clothing types which speed up cooking and increase the experienced earned while making beer in bdo. These are the Canape costume set and the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes.

The Canape costume set is a Pearl Store Item sold for 2.900 pearls. It gives you +15% cooking experience and reduces the cooking time of each batch by 2 seconds. Those 2 seconds don’t seem a lot but for a batch of 500 that reduces the time by 1000 seconds, which is just under 17 minutes.

The Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes also increase the experience earned and reduce the cooking time. This is however dependent on the enhancement level ranging from just a time reduction of -1 second for non-enhanced clothes, up to +30% increase to experience and -7 second time reduction for +5 enhanced clothes.

So, there you have it, by following this guide you should be able to make beer for your entire workforce in no time at all. Now if you liked this guide then please share it with your friends and allies and feel free to check out my general cooking guide and my other Black Desert Online guides.

Like this:


bdo how to get workers to craft

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Getting Workers for New Players in Black Desert Online BDO

Check this guide out to learn how to craft gear in Black Desert Online. Like materials, you want to hire workers in the city you are crafting in.

bdo how to get workers to craft
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