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Fallout 76 how to craft pocket armor
October 29, 2018 Entertainment and Movies 5 comments

I gotta say, so far, the community has been the most unexpectedly good part of this game. Here's my best experience thus far.

Yesterday, after finally hitting level 15 and doing a happy dance, I wandered up to random rail station and found plans for pocketed raider armor and the pocketed raider limbs for sale and the vendor bot. The plans were 575 caps each and, in my noob like mind, seemed like the best thing to buy since i just hit 15 and i would, since my armors had reciveced new leveled versions of themselves at 5 and 10, need to make a new set of armor since I'm level 15. With great gusto I spent, literally, every cap that I had been collecting since I started on these two awesome sets of armor recipes.

I then ran outside to someone conveniently placed campsite, since I had 0 caps and couldn't afford to move my own, and tried to make the super-duper-awesome raider armor. It was at this point that I realized that, instead of teaching me how to make raider armor with pockets in it, the recipes that I spent, literally, all of my money on only taught me how to put pockets on raider armor. Raider armor that I don't have the base plans for. I also notice that, unlike at levels 5 and 10, I've got no new armors to craft at level 15.

Major bummer.

So I pull some bulk materials out of my stash and go sell stuff until i have the 12 caps necessary to call my camp to me so that I can surrender to my frustrations and log off for the night. After selling my stuff I step outside to i notice 2 level 100 plus player standing at the other guys camp, waving me over.

Fully expecting a violent death to top off the experience that I was having at the time, I wander their way to find a loot sacks sitting on the ground in front of each player. Inside one bag sits dozens and dozens of plans, from chairs to shelves to, literally, every plan needed to make a full suit of combat armor. In the other bag sits hundreds of rounds of ammunition, missiles, plasma cells and even a mini-nuke.

I never noticed the names of either of those high level people, as I was too busy trying to figure out what all those plans even went too, but I hope that this message makes it to their attention.

Thank you, kind souls, for making my most depressing experience in this game also my favorite!

And thank you FO76 community for fostering such a wonderous playerbase.

I'm sure I'll get murdered and chain t-bagged by someone now, since I'm bragging on you all right now, but I am sure that that moment wont be nearly enough to make me forget that good that I've seen so far.


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Best Armor and Power Armor You Can Get in Fallout 76

Appalachia is filled with plenty of treacherous obstacles and enemies in Fallout 76, so you’ll want to head into the wastes fully prepared. While weapons will certainly be a must, armor is going to be vital to staying alive in this post-apocalyptic West Virginia. Here is everything you need to know about the best armor and power armor in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 offers an array of different armor and power armor to make sure you defeat the powerful beasts that roam the land. Below, we’ve laid out the best pieces of each that we have found in the game, along with more information as to why they are the best.

Best Armor in Fallout 76

  • Urban Scout Armor
  • Forest Scout Armor
  • Marine Armor

Urban Scout Armor

This medium armor set is the perfect combination of light and efficient. Unlockable at level 45, the Urban Scout armor only adds up to 17.5 weight with each piece equipped.

Resistance wise, this armor provides 121 damage and 115 energy. These stats rival most heavy pieces of armor, bringing along the added benefits of not adding a lot to encumberment.

Forest Scout Armor

Forest Scout Armor can be found and fully upgraded after purchasing the pieces at Whitesprings Vendors.

Become one with the forest with this heavy armor set, stacking formidable damage resistance once you reach level 45. In total, it’ll net 145 damage and 108 energy.

Marine Armor

The few. The proud. The Marine Armor. This combat armor is easily the most badass looking in the game, carrying over from Fallout 4.

Working as a smaller form of power armor, this US military suit has 121 damage resistance and 88 energy resistance. The chest piece even throws in some radiation resistance as well, adding 18 in total.

To find this level 45 and up armor, you can shop around at multiple vendors in order to gather all the parts. High-level enemies, like scorchbeasts, also drop this gear if you’re lucky.

Best Power Armor in Fallout 76

  • Ultracite Power Armor
  • Prototype X-01 Power Armor
  • Excavator Power Armor

Ultracite Power Armor

Ultracite Power Armor is one of the easier pieces of power armor to get on this list, all the while still bringing a pretty substantial damage resistance to the table.

In order to get it, all you have to do is complete the Brotherhood of Steel quest. Plans for Ultracite Power Armor are also dropped during the Scorchbeast Queen raid boss.

Once you do get it, 450 damage resistance and 393 energy and radiation resistance will now be available to your character.

Prototype X-01 Power Armor

A Fallout classic, the X-01 Power Armor had to be on this list! While it may not have been created by scientists at Nuka-World, this prototype still brings 450 damage resistance, 453 energy and radiation resistance once upgraded all the way to level 50.

These stats offer the best combination of high damage and energy, making fights against Scorchbeasts a lot easier, as well as allowing you to explore high radiation areas, like ones that have been nuked.

Excavator Power Armor

The newest piece of armor introduced to the Fallout universe is also the coolest one. Created by Garrahan Miners in the Ash Heap region, Excavator Power Armor can be crafted after completing the “Miner Miracles Quest” side quest.

Note that you’ll still have to gather the necessary materials and be at least Level 25 to even craft this set.

Once you do everything above, a fully upgraded piece of Excavator Power Armor grants around 286 physical resistance, 260 energy resistance, and 400 radiation resistance. While those stats aren’t as great as the others, it comes with the perks of increased max weight by 100, increased mining speed, and improved damage and disease resistance from airborne and waterborne hazards.

That is everything you need to know about the best armor and power armor in Fallout 76. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fallout 76 guide wiki.

To get you started, we’ve put together a few other guides you might find helpful below.

Fill Your Pockets: We've increased the maximum number of Caps each to craft unique new Vault Armor sets, which grant special bonuses to.

Leather armor is a set of armor in Fallout 76.


One of the many, many variants of leather armor finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide. The basic variant consists of two axillary and shoulder protectors. A bandoleer with three pockets holds up a midriff carry belt and a waist utility belt with a carry pouch, five spare bullets, and three more ammunition pouches on the back. It also has a set of protective knee and elbow pads and guards for the forearms and shins.


Leather armor consists of five different pieces, one for each limb, and a Chest. They can be worn over clothing with ease and can be modified . All in all, it's a highly modifiable suit of armor that offers a balanced level of protection.

Type Piece Level Protection Weight Value




Regular Chest 1 4 10 0 4 32
5 6 15
10 8 25
20 10 30
30 12 35
40 14 40
50 16 45
Limbs 1 1 2 0 2 19
5 2 4
10 3 5
20 5 9
30 7 13
40 9 17
50 11 21
Sturdy Chest 1 5 13 0 4.2 41
5 8 20
10 11 32
20 13 39
30 16 45
40 18 52
50 21 59
Limbs 1 2 4 0
5 3 7
10 5 11
20 8 17
30 11 24
40 14 30
50 17 36
Heavy Chest 1 7 17 0
5 11 26
10 15 41
20 17 50
30 21 58
40 24 67
50 28 76
Limbs 1 3 6 0
5 4 9
10 7 14
20 11 22
30 15 31
40 19 39
50 22 47


Cheat sheet
Cloth Leather Steel Ballistic Fiber Cloth Leather Steel Ballistic Fiber Cloth Leather Steel Ballistic Fiber
Level 1 Chest 3 3 6 0 Arm 1 1 2 0 Leg 1 2 4 0
Level 5 3 3 6 0 1 1 2 0 1 2 4 0
Level 10 5 4 8 0 3 2 4 0 3 3 6 0
Level 20 6 5 9 0 4 3 5 0 4 4 7 0
Level 30 8 6 11 0 6 4 7 0 6 5 9 0
Level 40 9 8 12 0 7 6 8 0 7 7 10 0
Level 50 11 9 14 3 9 7 10 3 9 8 12 3



Misc (Limbs)

Miscellaneous (Torso)


All cosmetic skins are available exclusively through the Atomic Shop.



How to get Fallout 76's best armour

fallout 76 how to craft pocket armor

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How to build the best Fallout 76 CAMP is a skill, and while there's a level of personal taste, there's a few technical things that can make life easier. Locations to find, plans to learn, resources to gather and those all important defences - because something will always pop up and have a go at your walls. Here's where we cover all the essentials on how to build the best Fallout 76 CAMP.

Probably the biggest thing to think about when building a home in Fallout 76 is what you want from it. Are you building a statement to show other players how important you are? Or just a place to store crap and repair things? That's really the first question you have to ask yourself. Once you've got your dream base fixed in you mind, read on to discover the best ways to build the best Fallout 76 CAMP

1. Budget, budget, budget!

Since Fallout 76 is multiplayer, Bethesda have implemented a couple of ways to keep the number of objects and items on each server down. One of these is the CAMP budget. There’s no quantifiable version of the budget, it is simply a bar visible in your HUD when you’re in building mode. The more objects you place, the further your budget will fill until you’re no longer able to place anything else down. The game doesn’t tell you which objects and building pieces cost more to your budget or how many more you can place till it fills up, you just have to keep an eye on it and work out when you’re going to hit the limit. Turrets seem to take up the most from what we can tell though.

2. Build smarter, not harder

Due to the often infuriatingly small budget, building a moderately sized house with all of your workbenches, generators and defences isn’t really possible. This is why rather than building bigger and wider, you need to build smarter. Condense everything you build and place things as close together as possible so there’s no unused space inside your humble abode. After all, what’s the point of having to cross a huge open room to get from your Stash to your workbenches, just because it may look a little better?

3. Bungalows are the way forward

On a similar note, strongly consider not bothering with any staircases. Or if you do, keep everything you’ll be frequently using on one floor and anything unimportant either upstairs or downstairs. You can only traipse up your stairs and down again to go from your Weapon Workbench to your Stash to your Armor Workbench so many times. Keep everything important near each other so you can just swivel round or take a couple of steps to the side to keep your thought process going. Those few seconds saved each time means more time exploring Appalachia, right?

4. Give your turrets the high ground

“It’s over, Feral Ghouls! We have the high ground!” is what your turrets would be shouting if they had the capability to express their thoughts and form words. Just like in Star Wars, high ground is key for your automated defences in Fallout 76 because otherwise, they’ll swiftly get swarmed and you’ll spend countless resources repairing your turrets after every attack. Instead, place your turrets on the roof of your home and let them go to town on all hostiles from a distance. Trust us, we learned this the hard way.

5. Build against a wall where possible

If you’re building on mountainous terrain or there’s just some high ground near you that enemies wouldn’t be able to get on top of like a fence, build against it. This way, you don’t need to spend resources on making the rear of your base look pretty because nobody is going to see it anyway. It also means that you have one less direction to be wary of if there are enemies nearby, and you can focus all of your turrets on the more open areas. Just make sure enemies can’t get on the high ground, otherwise they’ll jump onto your roof and the previous point about never having to repair your turrets becomes moot.

6. Pick the necessary perk cards to enrich your CAMP

If you are putting effort into making your CAMP an attractive place to live, you’re going to want the right perk cards. Home Defence is a must; it enables the ability to build Heavy Machinegun Turrets which are considerably more powerful than the basic ones, then upgrading it further will unlock Missile and Shotgun Turrets. Contractor makes things you build in your CAMP cost 25% less with each increment, while Happy Camper and Homebody are both passive bonuses. The former makes hunger and thirst increase more slowly while you’re in your CAMP, while Homebody does the same but it heals your health. 

7. Workshops provide consistent resources

You may wonder what the point is with the public workshops dotted around the map because they can be claimed by other players and owning one is only temporary, until you log off. They’re not worth building anything extreme on but if you find yourself struggling for resources, workshops all offer various places to harvest specific crafting components. All you need to do is kill all the enemies around then pay 25 caps to claim it. You can then build various machines to harvest and mine the specific pockets of stuff. Make sure you fast travel back whenever your workshop is under attack though and clear out the hostiles.

8. The Whitespring offers free protection

We mention this in our Fallout 76 CAMP beginner tips but it cannot be understated: if you want an almost completely safe place to live on the Fallout 76 map, head to the Whitespring. You’re able to build on the golf course that surrounds the enormous resort and it has a number of benefits. The land is very flat so you don’t have to worry about unforgiving terrain when you’re building, and it’s open so you can see any enemies that may have infiltrated the grounds. Most importantly, at certain spots around the perimeter, the Whitespring robots patrol for enemies. Our favourite place is on the western side, north of a small stone bridge. There’s almost always a Sentry Bot, Assaultron and a couple of Protectrons guarding a hole in the wall here and they will help fight off any enemies that get too close. Your turrets will hardly even be needed.

9. I don’t like golf, where else should I build?

If you’re not keen on setting up shop by the Whitespring, you may be wondering where else are the best places to reside. There’s not really a definitive answer, because it all depends on what you’re looking for. Just started out and haven’t obtained many plans yet? Find somewhere in The Forest region to build a small starter shelter, ideally near a river so you can obtain Dirty Water and boil it. Are you fast travelling across the map frequently to and from different quest objectives? Pick somewhere around the centre because fast travelling to your CAMP is completely free, so you’ll save on caps if you go via your CAMP each time. Reaching the higher levels and able to take on strong enemies consistently? The Mire or Cranberry Bog regions are where you’ll find the toughest enemies so you’ll be able to farm them frequently.

10. Focus on the absolute necessities when you start building

If you’re someone who really likes to make a house a home, hold off from the wall and floor decor for a while. Get the foundations of your base built, then make sure you build one of every single workbench: Weapon, Armor, Chemistry, Cooking, and Tinkers. Find room for them all along with a bed and your Stash box, then worry about making it look nice inside. There’s no point in having a nice bearskin rug by the entrance and a Vault Boy statue outside to greet other travellers if you don’t have the bare necessities.

11. Go to Garrahan Mining HQ and complete Miner Miracles to unlock the Power Armor Station

While you’ll likely find plans to all of the other workbenches and crafting stations while exploring Appalachia, the one that you may struggle with is the Power Armor Station. This is a key piece of kit so you’re able to craft more power armor without having to travel to another one of the persistent Fallout 76 power armor locations somewhere else in the world. To get it, you need to go to Garrahan Mining HQ in the south-east corner of Ash Heap. Explore the place and you’ll eventually be required to craft the Excavator Power Armor, which requires a lot of Black Titanium. When you create the full set and scan the power armor in the building, you’ll be rewarded with the Power Armor Station plan. This is the only guaranteed way to get it, and it will complete your CAMP.

12. Tag the resources you’re lacking for search

When you go to build or craft something, if you’re missing the required components, you’ll have the option to “tag it for search”. This basically means that when you’re searching containers or picking up junk, if it contains the component you’ve tagged, it will have a magnifying glass icon next to it. This way you can easily filter through the junk you need and the actual junk you’re not in need of. From the very start, you want to keep an eye out for things containing Ultracite and Black Titanium because they’re two of the rarest materials, along with Adhesive, Ballistic Fiber, Fiber Optics and Crystal because you may well frequently struggle for them.

13. Water Purifiers are a constant source of Purified Water

This might seem obvious but there’s been plenty of CAMPs we’ve seen near water without any Water Purifiers set up. Fallout 76 is a survival game, so you need to eat and drink to satiate your character. While you’ll find Purified Water from looting, you burn through it quickly. Build your CAMP near water and set up a Water Purifier - ideally an industrial one - for a consistent source of Purified Water. This way, you don’t need to use Boiled or Dirty Water and risk the radiation.

14. Blueprint your CAMP every time you log off

There’s no hiding the fact that Fallout 76 has some serious bugs right now. One of which is that when you log off, the next time you jump on your CAMP will have vanished. There’s plenty of different reasons this can happen, and it may be disheartening at first until you realise there’s a blueprint function. This essentially saves your entire CAMP as one object so all you need to do when you find your CAMP has disappeared into the aether is navigate to your saved blueprints then plonk it back down in the same place. Or somewhere else if you fancy a change of scenery, just make sure it fits and doesn’t intersect with any terrain.

This covers some of the more advanced aspects of building your CAMP. If you’re not at this stage yet and you need to know what to have your mind set on from the moment you leave Vault 76, our Fallout 76 CAMP tipsmay help you more. There’s one aspect we cannot stress enough though: pick up all junk you find, especially if it contains something you need. Junk is far more valuable in Fallout 76 than ever before and you’ll be kicking yourself later on if you don’t loot junk frequently.

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Fallout 76 Atoms are the game's premium currency - allowing you to buy new cosmetic items from the Craft or Scrap Armor 76 times,

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Ultra-Light vs Deep Pocketed
As the title suggests, I'm curious as to which is better. Like most of you, I imagine, I spend half my time encumbered and I'm weighing the advantages of Ultralight vs Deep Pocketed for carry capacity. I'm told that Ultralight has an effect on stealth, as lighter armor means sneakier, but I'm trying to get solid numbers on how much of a change that makes on weight alone.

fallout 76 how to craft pocket armor

The most recent installment, Fallout 76, sees developers Bethesda Game sheer size of Appalachia to make pit stops in every single game location to indulge in a We're not kidding around, here: equipping power armor has a habit of . the added detail of handwritten note one is carrying in their pocket.

fallout 76 how to craft pocket armor
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