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How to craft a pickaxe in rust

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How to craft a pickaxe in rust
March 20, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 3 comments

Pick Axe is the most popular tool for gathering resources. The resources are extracted much faster with the pick axe than with the hatchet. An exception is the collection of resources from the dead animals, where the hatchet is better than the pick axe.

Pick axe as a tool

The main purpose of pick axes is an tool for extracting stones, metal ore, sulfur ore and metal ore of high quality from the ore deposits. In this regard, it is much more effective than rock or any of the hatchet, as well as the stone pick axe.

Pick Axe as a weapon

As a melee weapon

Kirk is a powerful melee weapon - a naked player is killed with two strikes. Kirk does more damage than the hatchet, but the strikes are slower.

How to make a pick axe (Recipe)

The recipe of the pick axe is unknown by the player in the beginning. The possibility of its research is available at level 11. The cost of study is 7 XP.

To create a pick axe, you will need 100 wood and 125 metal fragments (125 metal ore). The process of creating a pickaxe takes seconds.

Crafting tools calculator

Go to the crafting tools calculator.

Update Log

  • [07.07.2016] The process of creation a Pick Axe was reduced from 2 minutes to 1.
  • ↑DPS — Used as a metric in some games to allow the player to determine their offensive power.
  • Rust - Guide for Noobs

    Apr 4, 2017    

    This is a guide for newer players to understand the gameplay of Rust.

    Other RUST Guides:

    Choosing a Server

    When you first enter the game, you must choose a specific server you want to play on. You'll find official servers under the play button.

    Servers can be found by searching online. To connect to a specific server, find the server's IP and port. Open the console by pressing the F1 key and type: client.connect IP:PORT

    An example of this is: client.connect

    Basic Functions

    After you load the server which will take about a minute, you'll spawn randomly into the world, naked. Press any key to wake up. This will happen every time you login to a server.

    Here are some basic functions to know:

    • Press Tab to open inventory
    • Press E to interact with most objects (pickup, open)
    • Press Shift to run
    • WASD Controls
    • Ctrl to crouch

    In your inventory will be a rock and a torch. The rock is for gathering resources and the torch is for light.

    Gathering Resources

    You will have to start gathering resources to build items which can be done with your rock. Every time you gather something, a green box above your health, thirst, and hunger will appear with your item and quantity.


    An important material for bandages, clothes, and many other items. First you want to be looking for hemp. They are found in grassy areas and can be picked up by looking at it and pressing the interact button: E. It will give you cloth and hemp seeds (which you can plant).


    Used for fuel, basic building material, tools, weapons, and crafting. To gather wood, go up to a tree with a tool(rock) and hold down mouse1(left click). It will disappear when you reach the maximum amount of wood you can get from it.


    Used for tools and a stronger building material. You will have to locate special looking rock nodes (shown below). They are found throughout the map and inside caves. To gather stone, do the same process to gather wood. It will slowly disappear in chunks until all the resources are collected. Also ores are collected from rock nodes such as metal ore, sulfur ore, and high quality metal ore.


    Most likely will increase your health, thirst, and hunger levels when eaten. Most common food plants found in the wild are mushrooms, pumpkins, and corn. Pumpkins and corn will give you seeds which can be planted. Pickup up food plants by pressing E.


    Barrels are randomly found throughout the map in flat terrain and monuments. They will drop various types of loot which are used for crafting. Break open barrels with tools.


    Tools are used to gather resources. More expensive ones will cost more to craft and gather more resources per hit. The basic gathering tool is the rock. Some melee weapons can be used to gather resources.


    Hatchets/axes are the primary tool for gathering wood. Using other types of tools are less efficient. The order of worst to best wood-gathering tools are: rock, stone hatchet, hatchet, salvaged axe.


    Pickaxes are the primary tool for gathering wood. Using other types of tools are less efficient. The order of worst to best stone-gathering tools are: rock, stone pick axe, pick axe, salvaged icepick.

    What to Craft

    After gathering a bit of wood, stone, and cloth, I recommend crafting the following items:


    Cheap way to heal yourself, will stop bleeding from attacks, slightly increase health Cost to craft: 4 cloth.

    Stone Hatchet

    Faster way to harvest more wood Cost to craft: 200 wood, 100 stone.

    Stone Pickaxe

    Faster way to harvest stone/ore Cost to craft: 250 wood, 125 stone.

    Sleeping Bag

    Basically a respawn point when you die, hide in bushes or house since they can be destroyed by other players Cost to craft: 30 cloth, 100 wood.

    Hunting Bow

    Very good weapon for nakeds(just spawned people), medium range and silent attacks Cost to craft: 200 wood, 50 cloth.

    Wooden Arrows

    Ammo for your bow, slower but more damage than high-velocity arrows Cost to craft: 25 wood, 10 stone (2 arrows).


    Used for building plans and maps Cost to craft: 5 wood.

    Building Plan

    Used to create buildings/houses Cost to craft: 1 paper.

    Paper Map

    Shows monuments and your location. Press G to open while in hotbar. You can draw on a map Cost to craft: 1 paper.

    Survival Tips

    There are many tips to know in order to survive.


    • Avoid snowy areas since they can cause the too cold status to appear. 
    • Avoid wading through deep water which also causes the too cold status. 
    • The too cold status appears below 5° Celsius and will cause you to lose health over time.
    • You become cold at night.
    • Craft and light a campfire to stay warm.


    • Eat plant foods to reduce hunger.
    • You can kill animals/players and harvest them for food. Cook all raw meats in a campfire before eating. Eating human meat will greatly reduce thirst so avoid eating that. 


    • Drink water from bottles/rivers/streams or eat food to reduce thirst.
    • Drink water from rivers/streams by looking at the water. A drink water icon should pop up. Press E to drink water. 
    • Drinking salt water from oceans will hurt you.

    Other Players

    • Avoid other players except friends if you don't have a weapon. 
    • Avoid players with clothes/armor as they most likely have higher tier guns/weapons. 
    • Harvesting resources, running, walking, guns all make sounds which can be heard by players. 


    • Avoid monuments as they attract players for their loot, visit them after gaining weapons/armor. 
    • Many monuments give off radiation and give you radiation poisoning when you approach them. 
    • They can be located on a paper map. 


    After gaining many resources, you're going to have to build a house/base to store your items in. Keep this in mind: other players will attempt to raid your base and no base can be 100% raid-proof. Make your base well built and this will keep other players out.

    Building Plan

    You can start building with a building plan. Pick a large, flat area for building. Never pick an area with an incline or obstacles in the way. Have the building plan in your hand. There will be a blue silhouette of what you're about to build. Left click to place it down, left click and hold to select a different type of building object.


    A tool used to upgrade, repair, and rotate building objects. It can be used to upgrade a structure's tier from twig to wood to stone to sheet metal to armored. They can be upgraded by looking at a structure and holding down the right mouse button. Stone is a good tier to upgrade to. Images below of a hammer and wall tiers in order.

    Building Info

    • Foundations are the support of your base. If destroyed, anything attached above it will be destroyed. Upgrade them to the highest tier you can. They also decay over time and must occasionally be repaired with a hammer. 
    • Never place windows as they are easy to go through.
    • Important: Always craft and place a tool cupboard which prevents anyone else from building on your base. 
    • Always place a ceiling(floor) on top of base.
    • Walls will keep intruders out. Walls have a soft side which able it to be destroyed easier on that side. When building keep the soft side facing towards the inside of the building. They are marked by an X on a twig wall. Rotate them with the hammer (Below: Left: soft side, Right: hard side).


    Doors are placed inside of a door frame. There are 3 tiers for doors. Wooden, sheet metal, and armored. Sheet metal are the most used doors. Beware as the wooden door can easily be broken with tools. Always place a lock or code lock onto your door. Code locks are recommended as you can lose the key or have it be stolen, giving players access to your base.


    When you harvest rock nodes, you will also gather a variety of ores including:

    • Metal ore.
    • Sulfur ore.
    • High quality metal ore. 

    When smelted in a furnace or large furnace, they will give you the following:

    • Metal ore=metal fragments.
    • Sulfur ore=sulfur.
    • High quality metal ore=high quality metal.


    • Metal fragments: tools and a lot for building items.
    • Sulfur: gunpowder used for bullets and explosives.
    • High quality metal ore: rarest resource, high tier weapons and armor.

    Written by Chumnschumns.

    Game:   Rust

    Check Back Frequently As This Page Will Be Updated On The Regular. PLEASE Help This Site Grow To Make More Guides Like These For This Game and.

    Sleeping Bag
    Crafting Cost: 30 cloth
    By placing a sleeping bag you set your respawn location. When you die, you can choose in which sleeping bag you want to wake up, or if you want to respawn in a random location. Upon placing, you will have to wait 5 minutes to be able to respawn there. This so called “bag timer” resets every time you spawn in it. If two sleeping bags are too close (<20m), BOTH sleeping bags will rest their timer when you spawn in one of them. So always try to keep a healthy distance between them. Place this sleeping bag somewhere around the spot you want to build at. Nothing is more annoying than farming up materials for your base, getting killed by a bear and then having to run across the whole map to get it back. Or to find you have already been looted.

    Proceed to farm materials for the base. Your first base will probably be a 2x1 or a 2x2 (meaning 2x2 square foundations or 2x1 square foundations). It’s very important that it includes a triangle airlock at the entrance to prevent people from getting into your base when they kill you at the entrance. 

    3k wood and around 5k stone should be enough for the start. While farming you can already start to craft: 

    • 1 Tool Cupboard

    • 3 key locks

    • 2 doors

    • 1 building plan and 

    • 1 hammer.

    Stone Pickaxe

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    Gathering Resources In Rust

    Gathering in rust is one of the main aspects of the game. You need resources for basically everything you do so learning as much about this topic can only help you. First thing you will need to know is the tool you use impacts the speed at which you gather resources and the amount gathered from each. The first tool you will start out with is a Rock. This is the most basic tool in the game and is needed to progress to better tools when you first start. The rest of the tools are listed below:

    Starting Tool : Rock

    Tier 1 Tools : Stone Hatchet + Stone Pick Axe

    Tier 2 Tools : Metal Hatchet + Metal Pick Axe

    Tier 3 Tools : Salvaged Axe + Salvaged Pick Axe

    As of writing this guide ( December 2017 ), you now need Blueprints in order to craft tier 2 tools or higher. Read more about Blueprints in the Blueprints Section. You can also find tools in crates that spawn with barrels on roads and near the giant metal power lines. Square Box Crates or Purple Crates. Either of these crates can carry any tier tool, it is just more rare to get tier 3 then 2 and so on. See pictures below...

    You can also find tools in the crates that spawn in caves.

    Now that you are familiar with the tools lets take a look at the resources you can gather with these tools. There are 3 types of 'Nodes' you can mine with a pickaxe... Stone, Sulfur, and Metal. Each node gives you only the resource specific to that node. In other words stone nodes give stone only etc. Metal Nodes will however give you High Quality Metal as well as Metal Ore. Below are some images of nodes so you know what to look for...

    There is a Mini Game when mining nodes. During the day you will see a glowing spot (shown in pictures above) on each node, hitting this location will make it so you can mine the node with less swings then normal. You will not be able to see this glowing spot at night unless you shine some kind of light on the node (Candle Hat or Mining Helmet etc.).

    There are also resouces on the ground that you can pick up with no tools at all. Here are the pictures of what those will look like in game...

    Now that you know about nodes you should know about gathering Wood. Gathering Wood is basically common sense but there are now multiple ways to get some. You can gather Wood by either cutting down trees, picking it up off the ground, or gathering it from downed logs or beachwood. As of writing this there is a Mini Game that comes with chopping trees... Soon as you hit a tree with a hatchet a red X will appear. Keep hitting this X and you will chop the tree down alot quicker than normal. This is somewhat hard to do at night but if you can see the smoke appear you can guess the location of the X. Here are some pictures of in game items you can gather Wood from with a hatchet...

    Now you know how to gather the resources needed to build a basic base. Which should be your first priority if you want to be able to keep the items you find. However, There is one more resource you can gather with these tools and that is Cloth. You can gather cloth without needing a tool by simply gathering Hemp Plants, or you can whack a Cactus with some form of hatchet to recieve cloth as well (also a good way to get 'Cactus Flesh' which gives a decent amout of hydration). Below is a hemp plant and the types of cactus you can harvest cloth from...

    You can also grow hemp in your base with a Small Planter or Large Planter. Will be more on that later.

    As far as gathering goes. These are the basic resources to gather and you should be gathering them from the very start in order to maintain your base.

    Building In Rust

    So the next step in this Guide will be about Building. If you want to keep all your loot safe you will need a secure structure to store it all in. I say safe but really I just mean "safer" then if it was all on you lol. You can be raided at anytime and the smaller your base is the easier it will be to get to your loot. I will try to help you avoid all of that and teach you how to build a proper base. You can decide the style.

    The first thing you will need in order to build anything is a Building Plan, and if you plan on upgrading any of what you build to a stronger material you will need a building hammer.

    In order to craft a building plan you will need just a little bit of wood to craft yourself a piece of paper.

    Once you have that you can make yourself a building plan and start building... if you have the resources of course.

    Once you are ready, you should start with a foundation. Insert the Building Plan into your hot bar and make sure it is selected. Hold down the Right Mouse Button to open up the building wheel. Select Foundation and get ready to start building. It always helps to have a general idea of what you would like to build before you start building, makes it alot easier, especially on a server that is populated and you dont want to lose everything you have on you. For this guide I will show you how to build a simple 2x2 (2 foundations by 2 foundations).

    To start, build 2 foundations and then another 2 connected to those 2. So you end up with a square like in the image below.

    This is a 2x2. Once you have the foundations built you can start to add walls. Select Building Plan, hold right mouse button down and select Walls. See below Image.

    Once selected you can add a perimeter to your new foundations. Make sure to leave at least one wall section open so you can build a doorway for yourself. You can also build Half Walls but I will show you that later. For now just add a wall on the outside of all foundations excapt for one slot. See image below.

    One VERY important thing you need to know is when it comes to Twig, Wood, and Stone... There is a SOFT side of a wall. This matters because when it comes to raiding, you can break These types of walls with melee weapons or tools only. For example, the soft side of a stone wall can be picked through with only 7 Metal Pickaxes. Which is a pain but it happens all the time. Strong side of a stone wall takes ALOT more pickaxes and rarely gets destroyed this way. In the image below you will see 2 walls, the one on the left is the proper way and the one on the right is soft side out and is incorrect. It is good to get everything built properly before upgrading.

    You can rotate walls with the Wooden Hammer once you have a Tool Cupboard placed, more on that later. For now just try to make sure your walls are facing the right way before you place them by pressing R to rotate. Now that you have your walls up and facing the proper way you can select your building plan again and select a doorway. See image below.

    Place the doorway in the one open section and make sure it is STRONG side out. Then go ahead and build it.

    Now you have a place for a door. Now you need to add a roof or ceiling to keep people from climbing into your base while you are building. You can add a flat roof by using sections of floor. Or you can add an actual angled roof by selecting the roof icon on the building wheel. First I will show you what a flat roof looks like. For this you don't have to build. Open your building wheel and you will see the floor icon like so...

    Dont worry about building this is just for you to see for now. Below is what it would look like if you used floors as your roof. This is a very common way to cap your base. I would actually say it is more common than the actual roof panels. However, you do have less space when using a flat roof. You will see what I mean in the next part. Either way works and it is all about personal preference.

    Now that you have seen what a flat roof looks like, it is time to add an angled roof the way it is meant to be built. Open your building wheel and select the roof icon like so...

    Now build 4 sections of roof on top of your walls like seen below. You can decide which sides to put them on (front to back or left to right). I am going to do left to right.

    Once you connect the roofs on both sides, it will seal the top and sides of your partial second floor. Only way in and out now is the doorway. Now you are ready to start upgrading your base. For this guide I will be using wood at first just so its easier for you to start out in the case that you are short on resources. To upgrade sections of your base you will need to select the wooden hammer. Once selected, walk to the section you want to upgrade and you will see it highlight like so...

    Next hold down your right mouse button to open up your upgrade menu. Here you will see Wood, Stone, Sheet Metal, and Armored.

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Rust Quick Tips #2: Off The Beach, Making Tools, Weapons and Hemp Farming

    Before you can craft the Pickaxe you have to acquire the Research Kit 1 to have the recipe available. Making the Pickaxe is pretty resource.

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    Stone Pick Axe

    Information accurate as of: build 904.83

    The Stone Pickaxe can be used as a weapon or a tool for gathering materials. It is primarily used to gather Stones, Metal Ore, Sulfur Ore and High Quality Metal Ore from Rocks.

    Damage and function times

    v • d • e Weapon Attributes






    The stone pickaxe can be crafted with:


    Damage to Buildings

    Twig: 3.4 Wood: 1.14 Stone: 0.64 Metal: 0.27 Armored: 0.27


    how to craft a pickaxe in rust

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: -RUST- How to craft a stone pickaxe

    It covers the everything you need to know to build your first base in Rust. So if you are running around with a lit torch, you basically make yourself the only visible target The stone pickaxe is good for farming stone, metal ore and sulfur ore.

    how to craft a pickaxe in rust
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