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How to craft desert marauder tf2

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How to craft desert marauder tf2
September 27, 2018 Entertainment and Movies 5 comments

Spelled Item List - Violent Violet

Violent Violet:

ItemQualityNumber Found
Bill's HatUnique84 Bruiser's BandannaUnique38 Crone's DomeUnique33 Brotherhood of ArmsUnique28 Max's Severed HeadUnique26 GraybannsUnique26 Merc's MufflerUnique25 Horseless Headless Horsemann's HeadUnique21 B.M.O.C.Unique21 Team CaptainUnique20 Magical MercenaryUnique20 EarbudsUnique17 Crone's DomeHaunted17 Troublemaker's Tossle CapUnique16 Killer ExclusiveUnique16 Ghostly GibusUnique16 Ghastlierest GibusUnique15 Point and ShootGenuine15 Buck Turner All-StarsUnique13 Macho MannUnique13 Voodoo JujuUnique12 Doublecross-CommUnique12 Modest Pile of HatUnusual11 Mann Co. CapUnique11 Professor SpeksStrange11 Fast LearnerUnique11 Sub Zero SuitUnique11 Alien CraniumGenuine11 Pyromancer's MaskUnusual10 The Essential AccessoriesUnique10 Summer ShadesUnique10 Killer ExclusiveGenuine10 Cool Cat CardiganUnique10 LawStrange10 Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and PipeStrange9 Hero's TailUnique9 Kringle CollectionUnique9 Teufort Tooth KickerUnique9 Brütal BouffantGenuine9 Hong Kong ConeUnique9 Fancy FedoraUnique8 Exquisite RackUnusual8 A Rather Festive TreeUnusual8 Charmer's ChapeauUnique8 Summer ShadesStrange8 All-FatherUnique8 BalloonicornUnique8 Track TerrorizerUnique8 Brütal BouffantUnique8 Buck Turner All-StarsGenuine8 Merc's MohawkUnique8 Noble Amassment of HatsUnusual7 El JefeUnique7 Blazing BullUnique7 Seal MaskUnique7 Dashin' HashshashinUnique7 All-FatherStrange7 Fed-Fightin' FedoraUnusual7 Voodoo-Cursed Scout SoulHaunted7 Voodoo-Cursed Pyro SoulHaunted7 Haunted HatUnique7 Classified CoifUnique7 HoraceGenuine7 Thirst BloodStrange7 Head HunterUnique7 Ghastlierest GibusStrange6 Hustler's HallmarkUnusual6 Killer's KabutoUnusual6 Stout ShakoUnusual6 Spine-Chilling SkullUnique6 Professor SpeksUnique6 MONOCULUS!Unique6 Brainiac HairpieceUnusual6 Virtual Reality HeadsetUnusual6 Head WarmerUnique6 Outback IntellectualStrange6 EbenezerUnique6 MarxmanUnique6 Crone's DomeUnusual6 ExecutionerUnique6 Wraith WrapHaunted6 Skull Island TopperUnique6 Voodoo-Cursed Soldier SoulHaunted6 Virtual ViewfinderUnique6 Crispy Golden LocksHaunted6 Sir ShootsalotHaunted6 Magical MercenaryHaunted6 Haunted HatHaunted6 Thirst BloodUnique6 Engineer's CapUnusual5 Otolaryngologist's MirrorUnusual5 Modest Pile of HatUnique5 Rimmed RaincatcherUnusual5 Napper's RespiteUnique5 Industrial FestivizerUnusual5 Hottie's HoodieUnusual5 Villain's VeilUnique5 AngerGenuine5 Pencil PusherUnusual5 Backwards BallcapUnique5 Flamboyant FlamencoUnusual5 Point and ShootUnique5 RoBro 3000Strange5 War PigUnique5 Foppish PhysicianGenuine5 ExecutionerHaunted5 That '70s ChapeauUnique5 Cold KillerUnique5 Tough Stuff MuffsUnique5 Something Special For Someone SpecialUnique5 Voodoo-Cursed Pyro SoulUnique5 Voodoo-Cursed Sniper SoulHaunted5 FilamentalUnique5 Crosslinker's CoilGenuine5 Blood BankerStrange5 Delinquent's Down VestUnique5 FlapjackUnique5 Second OpinionHaunted5 Dark HelmUnique5 Snow ScoperUnique5 Antarctic ParkaUnique5 MK 50Genuine5 Lady KillerUnique5 Vintage TyroleanUnique4 Bonk HelmUnique4 Ye Olde Baker BoyUnusual4 Scotsman's Stove PipeUnusual4 Cheater's LamentUnique4 Towering Pillar of HatsUnique4 Hustler's HallmarkUnique4 Troublemaker's Tossle CapUnusual4 Frenchman's BeretUnusual4 Sergeant's Drill HatUnusual4 Familiar FezUnique4 Old GuadalajaraUnusual4 Napper's RespiteUnusual4 Chieftain's ChallengeUnusual4 Dr's Dapper TopperUnusual4 Dr's Dapper TopperUnique4 Ghastlier GibusUnique4 Pyromancer's MaskUnique4 Prancer's PrideUnusual4 Madame DixieUnusual4 Treasure HatUnique4 Foster's FacadeVintage4 Geisha BoyUnusual4 Team CaptainUnusual4 Private EyeStrange4 Villain's VeilStrange4 Connoisseur's CapUnusual4 Brain BucketUnusual4 Fancy Dress UniformStrange4 Hero's TailGenuine4 Cosa Nostra CapUnique4 Summer HatUnique4 AngerUnique4 Merc's Pride ScarfUnique4 Merc's Pride ScarfStrange4 Idiot BoxHaunted4 Last BreathUnique4 Spine-Cooling SkullUnique4 BombinomiconUnique4 Brown BomberUnusual4 Boston Boom-BringerStrange4 RoBro 3000Unique4 War PigUnusual4 ExecutionerUnusual4 Boo BalloonUnique4 Grand Duchess TiaraUnique4 Wraith WrapUnique4 Wilson WeaveGenuine4 Voodoo-Cursed Soldier SoulUnique4 Voodoo-Cursed Medic SoulHaunted4 Galvanized GibusUnique4 Bonk LeadwearUnusual4 Bunsen BraveUnusual4 Pom-Pommed ProvocateurUnusual4 Dark Age DefenderStrange4 Brawling BuccaneerUnique4 Birdie BonnetUnique4 MedimedesUnique4 MedimedesHaunted4 Chicken KievUnique4 ManneaterUnique4 Little Drummer MannUnique4 Cute SuitUnique4 Cute SuitStrange4 Combat SlacksUnique4 Red SocksUnique4 Mishap MercenaryUnique4 Ghost of Spies Checked PastHaunted4 Hooded HaunterUnique4 Batter's HelmetUnique3 Trophy BeltUnique3 Texas Ten GallonVintage3 Tough Guy's ToqueUnusual3 Tyrant's HelmVintage3 Tyrant's HelmUnusual3 Glengarry BonnetUnique3 Vintage TyroleanVintage3 Vintage TyroleanUnusual3 Camera BeardVintage3 Bonk HelmUnusual3 Backbiter's BillycockUnusual3 Master's Yellow BeltUnusual3 Mildly Disturbing Halloween MaskUnique3 Bill's HatVintage3 Towering Pillar of HatsUnusual3 Hustler's HallmarkVintage3 Shooter's Sola TopiUnusual3 Whoopee CapUnusual3 Safe'n'SoundUnusual3 Tippler's TricorneUnusual3 Vintage MerryweatherUnusual3 Alien Swarm ParasiteUnique3 Ol' SnaggletoothUnusual3 Bombing RunUnusual3 Ellis' CapUnique3 Companion Cube PinGenuine3 Big ChiefUnusual3 Flipped TrilbyUnusual3 Coupe D'isasterUnusual3 Le Party PhantomUnusual3 Exquisite RackUnique3 A Rather Festive TreeUnique3 Samur-EyeUnusual3 Western WearUnusual3 Grimm HatteUnusual3 Private EyeUnusual3 Connoisseur's CapUnique3 Charmer's ChapeauUnusual3 Doctor's SackUnusual3 Desert MarauderUnusual3 Hetman's HeadpieceUnusual3 Janissary KetcheUnusual3 Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and PipeUnique3 Armored AuthorityUnusual3 Bonk BoyUnique3 Copper's Hard TopUnusual3 Mask of the ShamanGenuine3 Pip-BoyGenuine3

Screenshot Request

TimestampCharacter(s) of focusWhat team is each character on?What are their loadouts?What are they doing?What map would you like the screenshot to be in? If you have no particular map in mind, try to describe the background you'd like.Is there anything else you'd like specifically included in the screenshot?Steam ID (Your profile page URL, or Steam username)What would you like to donate? (Yes or no, and if yes, thank you!)How much have you donated in the past? (Approximately)
color code =>V.I.P.CommunityGenuinePriorityStockScreenshot FinishedScreenshot CancelledTechnical DifficultiesIn progress
11/15/2012 19:41:45Pyroredhat: Flamboyant Flamenco
misc: Last Breath
misc: Fallen Angel
primary: backburner (holding in one hand, at his side)
melee: axetingisher (i want it on his back)
secondary: scorch shot (I want him holding it in the other hand in a pointed up fashion)
I would like the pyro to be walking to the camera, walking over dead, burning bodies, lookign down so you cannot see his eyes

the flamethower, i want it to be held like this

-----o----------- dotted lines are flamethower

and scorch shot like this
the 8 is the scorch shot
I want it to be 2fort night, with everything on fire. if you can not do 2fort night, then normal 2fort with everything burningI want dead burning characters, with their guns near their body. Also, ROLFCOPTER
11/16/2012 19:51:48Scout, Soldier, DemomanScout: Red,
Soldier: Red,
Demoman: Blu
Scout: Scattergun active. Wearing Summer shades and fast learner.
Soldier: Shovel active.
Demoman: Haunted Axe active. Wearing the Scottish Snarl.
Scout: Standing upright with the scattergun on his shoulder, (smirking?).
Soldier: Waving the shovel in the air making an angry face.
Demoman: Eerie scary pose?
Scout: Something with nature and stuff?
Soldier: Darkish but not black
Demoman: Eerie place
Nothing specific. has a Harvest Moon Cowl, Soldier has a Stormy 13th hour brain bucket and the scout hat is a white backwards ballcap with scorching flames.
11/17/2012 14:16:26EngineerREDPencil Pusher Grizzled Veteran Dues Specs Engineer is standing there while sentry shoots at something in the backgroundctf_turbineBullet casings and a Guitar near the engineer
11/17/2012 20:20:27Soldier, Medic, Sniper, SpyBluMedic = (hat) Vintage Tyrolean[waterlogged lab coat paint], (misc) Medi-Mask [team spirit paint] and Surgeon's Side Satchel [team spirit paint], (weapons if possible) a Blutsauger in each hand.

Soldier = (hat) War Pig, Conspicuous style [black paint], (misc) Fancy Dress Uniform [black paint] and Teufort Tooth Kickers [black paint], (weapon) Direct Hit.

Sniper = (hat) Anger [black paint], (misc) Doublecross-Comm [black paint],Teufort Tooth Kickers [black paint], (weapon) Machina and Cleaners Carbine.

Spy = (hat) Ninja Cowl [black paint] {if this hat looks ugly with the rest to you, you can change it or take it out haven't tried this full set out yet}, (misc) Doublecross-Comm [white paint] and Exorcizor, (weapons if possible) An ambassador in each hand.
From Left to Right: Medic, Sniper, Spy, Soldier

Scene: Picture an epic screen shot, the boys are about to walk into an epic battle and they are confident, ready, and most of all armed.

The Medic is looking straight ahead and has a blutsauger in each hand that are pointed at the ground.

The Sniper is looking forward too, he has his Machina on his back with barrel end pointed at the ground, a cleaners Carbine in his right hand pointed at the ground and his left hand is reaching up for his sniper on his back and about to grab it off his back.

Spy is slightly looking down so that shadow covers his eyes he is smoking a cigarette freshly lit, he has duel ambassadors both pointed at the sky with his arms close to his body having the top of the gun almost pressing against the top of his shoulders.

The Soldier has a direct hit on his back similar to the sniper but the part of the launcher that shoots out rockets is pointing up, he is also looking down slightly but with no shadow unlike the spy. He is cracking his knuckles to get ready.
Um im thinking of a like around 3:00 pm very sunny type scene they are walking across a sandy desert like area and its windy and sand is slightly kicking up (hence why all of them have something to cover their mouths). You can see the sun in the top right hand corner and they have long shadows going in front of them making a slight left. The wind is blowing to the right so you see spy's cigarette smoke go right. Oh and just encase i was being unclear all the directional signals are from the cameras perspective and the camera is facing them, looking them in face. Nothing really else just wanted to say sorry if this is picky you dont have to do it all if you dont want to, I just want to get around those ideas so you would no what I was thinking about. I also will be willing to except any changes you see fit to include or take away. If any of the details you have questions about please feel free to send a message to me and we could chat about it.
11/17/2012 23:14:16SniperBLUbazaar bargain
defualt SMG
tribalman's shiv
desert maurader(distinctive lack of hue)
professor specks
villain's veil (trained killer)
The sniper is shooting an enemy sniper in the face as bullets from other snipers fly around himpl_frontier_finaldead spies, jarate jars, blood stains, spy weapons( mainly knives but some revolvers of any kind
11/18/2012 9:32:54Soldier, EngineerRED, REDEngineer: Green Bills Hat, Dues Specs, Grizzled Veteran, Builders Blueprints + Kitten misc.
Soldier: Black Bills Hat, Dues Specs, Grizzled Veteran, Bonedolier (If in SFM Yet)
They are high-fiving each other as friends standing out on the deck on 2fort on the RED Sidectf_2fortHave the sniper deck in the background have crates for a sniper with a coffee mug and his rifle stood up on the wall. Have 2 chairs for the Engineer and Soldier and have a toolbox for Engie sitting around with a Black Box near the toolbox. They also are standing upDoc Brown (SFM!)sniper drinking mug - sniperrifle points towards him - have blu sniper waving. red sniper has anger (old rustic), machina, deus specs and grizz vet
11/18/2012 10:40:34PyroRedOld guadalagara, apparitions aspect, whiskered gentlemen, flamethrowerBurning everything, shooting the weaponArena_sawmillGhost particle effects on the guadalagaria, dead bodies
11/18/2012 12:53:12SpyDon't really mind, red or blue is okay.Quite a large list of things.

- Unusual Team Spirit Blizzardy Storm Nanobalaclava (Doesn't need to be painted, but I would like that)
- Big Kill
- Sharp Dresser
- Dead Ringer
- Red Tape Recorder
- Triad Trinket
- Deus Specs
- Sneaky Spats of Sneaking
- Earbuds
Don't really have a preference, you don't need to have all the weapons in the Spy's loadout. You could have the spy picking weapons from a table, or backstabbing a scout, I just want the Unusual to be in the picture. (Maybe you could do the spy sapping robots in MVM with a grin on his face? Then you could put a canteen on the spy, too.)You're good at making backgrounds, so I'll let you decide. :DNothing, really. (If you're doing the MVM idea maybe have robots with sappers on them.)
11/18/2012 14:36:40Engineer, SpyRED REDRED Engineer: Brainiac Hairpiece Pip-Boy Builders Blueprints
RED Spy: What your loadout is since your the Spy (:D)
RED Engineer gives you a thumbs up while spy looks pleased.Ill leave it to you since I am congratulating you in this pictureYou can decideDoc Brown (SFM!)
11/18/2012 15:25:46PyroBLUBill's hat painted white, Whiskered Gentleman painted lime and Apparition's Aspect

I was thinking of the pyro, looking shady as hell, aiming the scorchshot at the camera with the scorchshot taunt pose (looks badass tbh) not any map in particular, as for the background, a little dark would be fine just to emphasize the badass....uh..ness of the image. If there's any map that could have buildings in flames on the background it would be awesomethe weapons scattered across the ground sounds good
11/19/2012 16:33:29DemomanREDStock, wearing yellow Demoman's Fro with Sunbeams effect.
And the same with black demoman's Fro with scorching fire:)
Smiling domination smile, just after he killed the whole blue team:)cp_badlands
11/24/2012 6:08:41SpyBLULacking Moral Fiber mask
Distinguished Rogue (Tie Style)
Sneaky spats of sneaking
Sharp Dresser
Let him be doing whatever he wants. As long as its "Bad ass", please.cp_dustbowl

That's the map I play most.
Maybe some dead character(s) in the background of what you've chosen to happen.
11/20/2012 20:46:07ScoutRedI want him to have a lugermorph in each hand, pointing them up like the scorch shot in my last pyro picture.
Hat: Heros Tail
Misc: Fast Leaner
Misc: Essential accessories
Misc: Deus Specs
Misc: Dilingers Duffel
Scout is walking towards the screen, slowly, over the dead bodies of blu team. I want him to be looking down, with an unhappy face, sort of like anger. Coldfront, walking outside any where so he is walking in snow (I would like it if he is walking away from a building, preferably blu base)Dead blu team, with their respective weapons nearby.
12/2/2012 14:37:24Scout, SoldierBLUscout: strange festive bat, gold whoopee cap (include level 88 in some way if you can, i am trying to collect level 88 things :)
soldier: exquisite rack (team colored, so light blue antlers if you can) kringles collection, ornament armnaments, festive rocket launcher
playing prophunt, scout hitting a prop of some sort with his bat, soldier rocket jumping to another prop that's flying, both characters facing a different direction (so say, scout facing left on the ground hitting a prop, soldier rocket jumping to the right chasing another prop) both characters focused more in the middle of the shota haunted/halloween map, with ghosts/pumpkins, stuff like that, forgot the name of it, but it is a prophunt map. dark and spookya few dead RED team scouts on the groundWannabe Soldier (you know me, and i couldn't find my URL anywhere haha, im on your friends list)
12/4/2012 20:13:15SpyRedNanobalaclava with It's a secret to everybody effect, and anything else you want to make him look badassprobably with the ambasador or big kill, my fav spy revolversProbably and event map, most likely a night one
"artistic leeway", have fun with it

- acvdenya
12/4/2012 20:15:54SoldierRedSunbeams Tyrants. Mutton Chops, Kringle Collection, Festive Rocket Launcherposing, you can choose the poseumm, not sure, go to town!anything you like, enjoy making it!

12/4/2012 20:18:59EngineerAnyKnifestorm western wear, and anything else you wantposing in a pose of your choisemaybe an event map, since its a halloween effect?anything you like!

12/4/2012 20:58:36DemomanRedBurning Flames Sultan's Ceremonial, Bearded Bombadier (style: Formal), grenade launchershooting a pill/pipe, and in whatever pose you wantyour choice!nothing really, maybe and explosion in the back ground, have fun with it

12/8/2012 14:23:52SoldierRedwhite sunbeams tyrants, kringle collection, mutton chops, and just a festive rocket launcherposing in some darkish/ but not really dark area not much else in the picture, maybe a dead blu med in the background with a dropped uber effect around himnot really sure, somewhere where the effect and soldier really stand out
possibly dead blu medic in background with the dropped uber effect on him
12/8/2012 14:26:06Sniperredsunbeams snaggletooth, villains veil of some, and a regular sniper rifle, maybe a bullet coming out of the gunshooting the sniper rifle in a darkish area, so the sunbeams stands outsomewhere the sunbeams and sniper stands outnot really, bullet coming out of the gun
12/8/2012 11:13:08PyroBLUvivid plasma attendant,
last breath and deus specs
teh pyro is leaning on his powerjack with the hitting part on top.
he is making a thumbs up sign
try to make the picture as friendly as you can with enemies on fire around him.
double cross where the snipers camp out on that downhill place, where if you accidently fall off, you die. Try to make him standing on a hill with him on the top and the enemies on the curve down.

again, please make the pic as friendly as possible :DD

and try to make the plasma part glow more than teh rest of the pic out medic (background medic)
11/21/2012 5:52:49Demomanredstock, grenade launcher is activeairshotting a soldierbadlands spire, demo is on point, soldier is jumping in from chokepipe is about to hit soldier's feet
11/21/2012 19:16:04Sniper, SpyREDSNIPER
Primary: Awper Hand
Secondary: Cozy Camper
Hat: Your Worst Nightmare
Misc: Double Cross Comm
Misc: Silver Bullets
Misc: EarBuds
Misc: Teufort Tooth Kickers
Misc: Champ Stamp
Hat: Chamer's Chapaeu
Misc: Rouges Col Roule
Misc: Made Man
Misc: EarBuds
Misc: Double Cross Comm
I want them High fiving on the bridge in 2 fort. I want the background to be blu base. I want sunbeams coming out of the High Five. I want snipers arm that he is not high fiving with (preferably the one facing the camera), held down like the arm he has when he is waving with his Awper Hand in that hand. 2 fort on the bridgeI want dead bodies and their weapons scattered and their hats around the parts of BLU base in the background where sniper and spy are. ROLFCOPTER
11/22/2012 0:04:23Scoutredstock scattergun. Stormy storm whoopee cap unpainted, team spirit summer shades and value of teamwork essential accessories.I would like him to be running making a sort of mean face, the view would be like from the side/front showing behind him a bit. My scout would be more on the right of the picture, not in the center.I'd like to see him running off of the midpoint bridge of cp_gorge or cp_5gorge.I would love for it to show behind my scout a little bit and behind him at the other end of the bridge you see a blue scout running to keep up with him. The blue scout would be holding his right or left arm out like "wait up!" and making a very tired/exasperated facial expression.
11/22/2012 10:20:50Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, SpyBlueAll are wearing Secret Moon Crone Domes

Scout: Black Fast Learner/Black Essential Accessories
Soldier: Black All-Father/Kringle
Pyro: Last Breath/Bonedolier
Demoman: Menpo/Bird-man of aberdeen
Heavy: Black All-father/Champ Stamp
Engineer: Texas Half Pants/Pocket Purrer painted black
Medic: Sunbeams Blighted Beak/Planets blighted beak
Sniper: Black Veil/Outback Intellectual painted black
Spy: Distringuished Rogue/Scarecrow

Weapons: Normal weapons on all.
Shooting a weapon/posing/no ideaBlack/dark background, storm clouds, halloweeny possibly with flamesDead red team, weapons scattered across ground with limbs attached
11/21/2012 18:38:11Scout, SniperRed~Sniper
Festive Sniper Rifle
Misc: White Outback Intellectual
Misc: White Double-Cross Comm
Hat: Black Stormy Marauder.

Festive Scattergun
Hat: White Tossle *Oldest School Style*
Misc: White Fast Learner
Misc: White Essential Accesories
Holding Sniper rifle aiming towards the right on top of a building, crouching.

Scout's got the snipers back and is about to take out a blu spy is near stabbing the sniper
I was hoping for an area on top of a building, to fit the sniper's sniping role. Also i'd like the background to be at night. Maybe like the new map from the sleeping dogs update. not sure of the name sorry.Dead Spy behind him with a bushwacka stabbed in his chest, and the spies knife on the ground.

2 Dead spies taken out by the scout behind him
12/10/2012 17:18:28EngineerRedSpecial loadout:
Merc's Pride Scarf:
He is standing right next to his level 3 sentry like a boss.
Watching his firing sentry to kill the incoming enemies.

Please also include some blu characters that are on hit by the sentry and blood everywhere!
Choose a pretty dark background or probably a night themed map to make the flames sharper.Scorching Flames Engineer's cap:
11/24/2012 12:52:06DemomanRed RedEngineer: Bills Hat, Deus Specs
Demoman: Ellis Cap, Mercenary (Badge)
High-fivingctf_2fort's BridgeFrying pan and shotgun leaning against the bridgeDoc Brown (SFM!)
11/25/2012 4:47:11SpyBLUFancy Fedora
Distinguished Rogue (Tie style)
Sneak Spats of Sneaking
Sharp Dresser
Again, your choice. Let the Spy be doing whatever he wants to who ever he wants, just make sure it looks bad-ass, please.cp_dustbowlSmoking effect on the fedora, and if you can, paint the fedora rustic please.

I made this before hand, but I changed the main hat on the head from the Lacking Moral Fiber Mask to the Fedora With Smoke painted rustic. Please Change this for me. I have already donated a key so yeah. Thanks ~3~
11/24/2012 19:42:56Scout, SpyScout - BLU

Spy - RED
Scout - Front Runner (Style: Stylin'), Team Spirit Fast Learner (Style: Summer), and Professor Specs. No weapon

Spy - Cosa Nostra Cap, Dr. Whoa, and The Made Man. No weapon
Scout and Spy fist bumping in the center of the poster with laughing/happy faces.Degroot Keep, near the rocks in the field in front of the castle.Dead characters of both RED and BLU teams littering the surrounding area.
11/26/2012 11:46:27MedicBlu.I'd like 3 different options with three different head miscs:
Bubbling otolaryngologists mirror
Team spirit Procedure mask
Bubbling otolaryngologists mirror
Bubbling otolaryngologists mirror
Lab coat medi-mask
Posing, just standing there with a generally cool attitude. Holding the medigun.Some rather bright map with nice scenery in the background. Like the first point in gorge.key
11/27/2012 21:56:18SoldierRedVintage Tyrant's Helm Painted Black
Fancy Dress Uniform
Mutton Chops
Strange Rocket (stock)
Strange Shotgun (stock)
Strange Escape Plan
Laugh Taunt
All Named in accordance to Grandfather.
Rocket Jumping with the Launcher in hand, shotgun across their back. Determined yet slightly angered look on his face.ctf_2fortNight time, Blood stained across the soldier's outfit. Dead Blu Scout in the background of the higher level of the Red side of 2fort, sitting down against the wall with a shotgun wound to the head (if possible)
12/8/2012 16:20:52Scout, SoldierBLUsoilder: blizz storm defiant spartan (white), merc pride scarf, all father, kringle
Scout: blizz strom tossle, merc pride, essential accessories
try to make them highfiving each other but not too too much of the red stuff that comes out of teh highfive during the gameeither cold front or barn blitz, any place in teh map as long as the background and the ground (if shown) are snowing or covered in snowno other enemies or allies. make it as happy as you can!!

and write "Merry Christmas Crispy!"
12/3/2012 5:14:39ScoutRedWearing Ye Olde Baker Boy with Sunbeams effect, Fast Learner and Summer Shades.

I'd like two versions of the same screenshot if possible. One with all of the above painted white and one with all of them painted Team Spirit.
Taunting like this but with a smirk if possible.cp_gorge with the big shipment crates behind him (where the initial blu spawn is)Nothing in particular. I'll be just as happy with only the scout.
12/8/2012 7:56:34SoldierRedunusual tyrants helm (White) with purple energy, kringle collection, Summer Shades (White)Posing over the body of a dead blu heavy. He should be holding a stock shovel.I would like a map which is set in the night time e.g. ctf_doublecross (this is just an example please pick whatever map you think would suit the screenshot).the soldier with the unusual should be posing over the body of a dead blu heavy (preferably with a foot on the heavy's chest). If possible, add some blood onto the soldier (don't make it look as though the soldier is wounded).
Please dont include any weapons except for the stock shovel :)
12/3/2012 5:17:20DemomanRedWearing a White-painted Tippler's Tricorne with Sunbeams effect, and a Bearded Bombardier.Taunting like this KeepNothing in particular. I'll be just as happy with only the demoman.
12/3/2012 5:21:26MedicBluWearing Ze Goggles with Sunbeams effect, and a black painted Medi-Mask.This -> in the middle of mid pointNothing in particular.
12/20/2012 16:38:51SoldierRedGhosts Dr. Dapper Topper, Black Box, Kringle CollectionPosing like in acvdenya's purple energy tyrants, with the black box on the soldierdark area, maybe ctf_doublecross, so that the effect shows well
would also really like an avatar version if possible, again like acvdenya's'm not sure yet, I'll let you know laterbumped up by acvdenya
12/3/2012 5:23:51Soldier, EngineerRedEach wearing a stormy storm Towering Pillar of HatsHigh-fiving each other.cp_gorge at the first control point. (the bridge)Nothing in particular.
12/22/2012 16:25:48MedicBlueBlack Harvest Moon Vintage Tyrolean + Black Physician's Procedure Mask + Foppish Physician + Black Summer Shades.Medic doing the Kritzkrieg taunt with the Barrel below his face.Not quite sure. Probably a background that is dark and scenic.I would like Archimedes to fly in from the background coming towards the medic. I would also like my username (Element) somewhere on the screenshot. Thank you!, I would like to donateacvdenya
12/23/2012 22:30:32SpyBlueUnusual Fez Sunbeams
Le party
Gold Painted Cut Throat Concierge
doing the le'etranger taunt at the point where he fixes his collar anywhere in double cross where its dark outside
just him make it as classy as possible, I would like to donate
12/7/2012 0:44:54SpySpy is on Red. Scout is on BluSpy:
Golden Frenchman's Beret
Golden Rogue's Col Roul
Golden Sneaky Spats of Sneaking

Spy is walking away from the payload cart which is seen over his shoulder.
He holds his ambassador pointing upwards.
A scout is seen dead with a shot in his head behind him slouched over the payload cart
The beginning of pl_badwater with the cart in the starting position.This is a replacement for my previous request.
12/6/2012 21:38:58SoldierRedHat: War Pig (style with the face mask)
Misc: Professor Specs
Misc: Kringle Collection
Misc: Professor's Pineapples
Misc: Tuefort Tooth Kickers
Weapon: Black Box (on his back)
Secondary: Reserve Shooter (at his waist)
I want him walking towards the screen with an explosion in the background.I want him on a map with snow, Do not really care which. The explosion in the background. ROLFCOPTER
12/8/2012 15:24:59SoldierBluEqualizer, War Pig, Captain's Cocktail.The soldier is holding the equalize. He's leaning against a pole on the 2fort bridge.ctf_2fortLiberty Launcher and shotgun on the ground or against the bridge.
12/8/2012 16:09:34Scout, SoldierBluScout: Bloody Botkiller Scattergun in one hand, flying guillotine (bloody) in the other. Wearing robot chicken hat (no beak!), planeswalker goggles, and track terrorizer.

Soldier: Unusual Stormy Storm Jumper's jeepcap, deus specs, and fancy dress uniform painted black. Equipped w/ regular rocket launcher.
Standing back to back - feel free to do whatever with the soldier. I think the Scout would look rad posed w/ the gun slung over his shoulder (maybe the botkiller head dangling over his back if possible?) and the hatchet in his other hand. Maybe shot a slightly upward angle (see next section for more info~)Koth_King Kong King - with neon signs in the background, and the sky as well if possible. Not really, just the neon signs + the unusual hat for sure!
12/8/2012 16:10:27SoldierRedChieftain's Challenge, Menpo, Fancy Dress Uniform

Using stock rocket, gunboats, and escape plan
Standing on a pile of dead pyros, holding a shotgun to the head of one who is on his stomach with one arm up begging for mercy. He is holding the rocket launcher in the other arm.pl_upward, with an "Epic" sort of look in the backgroundSmoke and fire scattered on the buildings.
12/8/2012 16:47:03SpyRedVoodoo juju, doublecross comm, Rouges Col Roule, all painted Baclavas are Forever

Holding Big kill
Posing holding the big killperhaps under a streetlight? Not sure what maps have them, but i'd like it to be a darker area, with my spy in a brighter area. Also maybe against a wallnope
12/8/2012 17:08:41SpyBlu SpyPyro - VoT Killer Exclusive, Tuxxy, Deadliest Duckling, Backscratcher
Spy - Blizzardy Storm Detective Noir, Made Man, Dr. Whoa
Scout - Hermes, Bonk Boy, Tuxxy, Pan
Soldier - Team Captain, Tuxxy, Deadliest Duckling, Mantreads
The Spy is using his Disguise Case taunt (smoking and flicking a cigarette)cp_coldfrontA dead red medic, preferably with a Big Kill in his
1/1/2013 17:04:24MedicBlULoadouts:
1. Team Captain
2. Secret Moon Blighted Beak -
3. Quadwrangler -

Weapons loadout are all up to you !
Probably make the action like this:

but please make it less contrast on the shot.
any map, would suggest a map that with a night background that make the Moon effect more clear :)Unusual: It's a secret to everybody Blighted Beak, I would like to donate
12/26/2012 17:44:34PyroBLUpurple energy dead cone, purple energy, hazmat headcase painted orange, jingle belt painted orange, holding shotgun lolpyro shooting a cardboard cow, with the shotgun, and the cow is caught on fire (kind of a scene where it looks like the pyro is chasing the cow, a high speed chase) ph_farm_a5 (prophunt map) and they could be in an open area, with the trees showing, and half of the screenshot would be a building, with an opening where you could see inside (maybe put one of the dead RED scouts in a corner inside, as explained in the specific section of the sheet) - sawmillin 2 corners, in the screenshot, outside of a building, put 2 dead scout bodies (RED scouts, one in each corner) with blood on the wall behind themWannabe News Reporter (again, on your friends list if you need to contact meI'm not sure yet, I'll let you know later
12/8/2012 17:11:20PyroRedPyro - VoT Killer Exclusive, Tuxxy, Deadliest Duckling, Backscratcher Using his backscratcher tauntarena_nucleus
on top of the Blu billboard
1/7/2013 2:18:19DemomanEither, doesnt matter, whatever fits with the sceneBlizzard Scottman Stovepipe, White Ornament armament, bearded bombadier (style: Whatever), grenade launcher (festive if you think that would look better)Posing with the grenade launchersomewhere where the effect really shinesanything you want, thanks a ton :)acvdenya :)Yes, I would like to donate
12/8/2012 17:15:46SoldierRed Scout
Blu Soldier
Soldier - Team Captain, Tuxxy, Deadliest Duckling, Mantreads, Market Gardener
Scout - Ghostly Gibus
The Soldier is about to hit the scout who is coweringTop of the badlands spireThe soldier's feet having fire exiting
12/8/2012 17:21:17EngineerBlueTeam Spirit Bill's Hat
Mustache Gray Googly Gazer (Machine in the Mann)
Pip Boy
Engineer looks away from the camera, possibly into the distance. Holds shotgun vertically with Gunslinger hand (close to head)sd_doomsdayNothing in particular. Up to you.
12/8/2012 17:22:18ScoutBlu ScoutHermes, Bonk Boy, Tuxxy, PanHe is cooking a sandvich with his pan over a flaming red pyro corpsearena_offblast_final - Inside of the offblast house flaming red pyro corpse, sandvich in
12/8/2012 17:37:42PyroRedAxtinguisher, Point and Shoot, Last Breath, BonedolierDefault standing pose whilst holding the Axtinguisher.No preference, what you think looks nice.No thanks.
12/8/2012 17:38:20PyroREDDegreaser
Pyromancer's mask (Orange stylish paint style) (If you do paints)
Pyrobotic's pack
Foster's Facade
Pyro is facing the camera with the raised in the flamethrower taunt behind him is a burning blu base with the bodies of various blu members scattered behind him2fortDead blu team members
Blood on the floor, near the bodies
12/8/2012 17:38:27SpyEither. Not bothered.Golden Max Head
Unusual Phantom with TF Logo
Golden painted double cross comm.
High-fiving?Any map you would fine easiest / best looking, but a map though, not image.Multiple dead bodies (of the opposite team). One with a knife in it's back, one or two with a head-shot wound.
12/8/2012 18:11:52PyroREDWraith Wrap
Cremator's Conscience
Last Breath
Shattered Volcano Fragment
I'd like either a full body of the pyro, just generally looking like death incarnate (ig fire in his eyes, fire in backdrop, etc.) black background with flamesI'd like some scattered dead BLU characters scattered around, no more than 4 or 5 though
12/8/2012 18:51:00SpySpy on BLU, dead sniper on redSharp Dresser, Ambassador, Fancy Fedora, and a Merc's Pride ScarftLeaning with his back against a wall, looking down a bit, with both hands at his sides. One hand has the Sharp Dresser with the blade extended, while the opposite hand is holding the Ambassador (If you could, can you have the ambassador's tip smoking a little bit, as if it was just fired?)ctf_2Fort, on the battlements.A dead sniper lying in front of him, blood on the back of the sniper's head, as if he was just shot
12/8/2012 21:12:10DemomanBLUBlizz Storm Sober Stuntman, Dungeresque Too, Ornaments, Festive Sticky LauncherJumping in the air while shooting a sticky and with a grin on his face :D Like an evil laughbadlands, middle or the opening near the spiralBlood on his white glasses and hat and an explosion coming from his feet, like he's jumping
12/8/2012 22:23:45MedicRedFestive medigun
Surgeon's Stalhelm (Lime Green)
Summer shades (A deep commitment to purple)

Meet the medic poseFrontier Some dead Blu team
12/9/2012 1:39:34PyroREDfestive flamethrower, robro 3000, and a red(hipster style) brown bomberit may be a little to specific but i would like him choking a scout with the body of his flamethrowerViaductadd a Maul on his back if you feel like it
12/9/2012 1:57:03Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Medic, SpyMedic 1: RED
Medic 2: BLU
Soldier: BLU
Pyro: BLU
Demoman: BLU
Heavy: BLU
Spy: BLU
RED medic: If unusuals are possible, orbiting planets german gonzila, blighted beak, Archimedes ubersaw. If unusuals are not possible just remove the orbiting planets.

BLU Medic: Default, holding medigun
BLU Soldier: Default, holding rocket launcher
BLU Pyro: Default, holding flamethrower
BLU Demoman: Default, holding grenade launcher
BLU Heavy: Default, holding minigun
BLU Spy: Backbiter's billycock, Professor's Speks, Dr. Whoa, holding knife
The map is cp_badlands, setting last point of RED. Red medic is defending the point, fighting BLU spy with his ubersaw. All the other classes are walking in through the main entrance to the CP, the one in the middle below the glass. The BLU medic is healing the BLU heavy, BLU soldier is firing a rocket at the point, BLU pyro is running forward with the flamethrower firing, BLU demoman is firing grenades at the point, BLU heavy is firing at the point, and BLU spy is fighting RED medic with his knife.

I've imagined the camera positioned slightly behind the RED medic and the BLU spy, looking forward toward the other classes, but I realize there isn't much room there and it might be hard to show a decent amount of the medic and spy fighting. If that doesn't work, try to find a spot that clearly shows the RED medic and BLU spy as the subjects of the picture, but also has the attacking classes visible.
cp_badlandsNo, but thank you for providing such a good service for free!
12/9/2012 2:28:49MedicBLUFestive Medi-Gun, Orbiting Fire Mountain Medic Cap, Quadwrangler, Foppish PhysicianMeet the Medic Taunt!area similar to this: uploaded by you.If possible, Archimedes flying around. (may be part of the taunt)
12/9/2012 2:51:22MedicBLUMEDIC: Surgeons Stahlhelm, Quadwrangler, Foppish Physician (Style:Tie), Syringe gun, Carbonado medigun, AmputatorI would like the medic doing a pose that would make a good steam avatar please, probably a taunt such as the meet-the-medic taunt or even one of the stock taunts. :)I would like one with a black background and blue flames. Also some shading or fog down the bottom for my steam username to go (I can add that in myself).If it's not too much to ask please feel free to put my steam name in the picture for me. I was going to use a typewriter or cracked font similar to this:
The username used would be 'mister_llama' (without quotation marks) or 'mister llama' if the font does not allow underscores.
12/24/2012 20:53:31Pyro, Spyblu pyro
red spy
spy: unusual fez sunbeams, le party, cut throat conceige
pyro: unusual attendant vivid plasma, last breath, deus specs
both are high-fiving eachother

at that map idk where though :D
just them, I would like to donate
12/9/2012 4:11:50Scout, SpyRED Spy, BLU ScoutConagher's Brown: Doublecross-Comm, Ninja Cowl, Rogue's Col Roule
Holding an Ambassador.
Walking straight, looking at the camera, reloading Ambassador.plr_hightower, walking out of the little room with healthpack and ammo under the tower.Scout lying on the ground somewhere behind him, with pierced head.gt1337
12/9/2012 6:58:21HeavyBLUGenuine Pilotka, Security Shades and Diamond Botkiller MinigunPosingA landscape with mountains and pines Light emanating from behind the character
12/9/2012 17:30:03Pyro, Engineer, MedicPyro: Red, Engieneer:Red,Medic:BluStock for allBothe are high giving at the dead medic.Ctf_2fort in the intel roomThe medic is dead almost near the intel
12/9/2012 23:44:58Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, SpyAll characters are on BLUScout:
Backwards Ballcap (Style: Headphones Disengaged (no headset/microphone thing))
Bonk Boy (Style: Aerodynamic Classic (no headset/microphone thing))
Track Terrorizer
Weapon: Scattergun

Honcho's Headgear
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
Fancy Dress Uniform
Weapons: Buff Banner (equipped on his back but not deployed) and Black Box

Pyromancer's Mask (Painted: Mann Co Orange, Style: Stylish Paint)
Deus Specs
Apparition's Aspect
Weapon: Degreaser

Reggaelator (Painted: The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime, Style: Original)
Summer Shades
Bird-Man of Aberdeen (Style: Essential)
Weapons: Stickybomb Launcher in his right hand, Scottish Handshake in his left hand

Big Chief
Large Luchadore (Style: El Macho)
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
Weapon: Minigun

Texas Ten Gallon
Texas Half-Pants (Style: Tan)
Weapon: Jag

Surgeon's Stahlhelm
Physician's Procedure Mask
Weapon: Vita-Saw

Deus Specs
Outback Intellectual
Weapon: AWPer Hand

Charmer's Chapeau
Le Party Phantom
Dr. Whoa
Weapon: Black Rose (Style: Mystery and True Love)
I would really like them to be walking forward as you have the characters walking forward in your screenshot: Sir Blackstab's BLU Team ( I would like them to be arranged from left to right as they appear in order in the select menu (i.e. Scout -> Spy). The expression on all the characters' faces should be a serious killer look akin to the look of the sniper and spy in the previously mentioned screenshot, Sir Blackstab's BLU Team.

The Scout should be holding the scattergun in his right hand. The scattergun should be resting on his right shoulder. His head can be angled a little to the left of the photo.

The Soldier should be calmly carrying the Black Box in his right hand while adjusting the tie from his Fancy Dress Uniform with the thumb and index finger of his left hand. His head should be pointing forward.

The Pyro should be holding the Degreaser with both hands. The Degreaser should be pointing somewhat forward towards the camera. The Pyro's head should be pointing forward.

The Demoman should be holding the Stickybomb launcher with his right hand at his side. The Scottish Handshake in his left hand should be at about his chest level as if he is bringing it up to take a drink. The Demoman's head can be pointed a little to the right of the photo.

The Heavy should be holding the minigun with both hands. It should be as if the Heavy is walking with the minigun. The minigun should not be revved up ready to shoot. The Heavy's head should be pointing forward.

The Engineer should be holding the Jag with his right hand. The Jag should be resting on his right shoulder. The Engineer's head should be pointing forward.

The Medic should be holding the Vita-Saw with his right hand. He should be using the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of his left hand to wipe off the blood that is on the blade of the Vita-Saw. His head should be tilted slightly upward, but his eyes should be still pointed forward.

The Sniper should be calmly holding the AWPer Hand with both hands with the barrel of the gun pointing downwards. The Sniper's head should be pointing forward.

The Spy should be holding the Black Rose with his right hand at his side. He should be smoking a cigarette with his left hand (the cigarette should be in his mouth while held by his left hand). The Spy's head should be pointing a little to the right of the photo.
I would really like you to use the same desert background with the big rock as you did with your screenshot: Sir Blackstab's BLU Team ( If you cannot recreate the same background again, a similar desert-y/sandy background with the sun setting in the distance would be perfect.If there isn't already blood on the blade of the Medic's Vita-Saw, can you make sure there is some?

Refined Metal. Level 3 Craft Item. Sky Captain - ref. Le Party Phantom - Exorcizor - Desert Marauder - Harmburg - ref.

While you could cross a desert without one of these, you'd hate it. And you wouldn't do it.

Desert Marauder publicity blurb

O Desert Marauder é um chapéucriado pela comunidade para o Sniper. É um keffiyeh branco com uma fita preta. O Desert Marauder foi contribuído para o jogo durante o Über Update, sobre o nome "Top Gun's Tied Thing".[1]

Painted variants

Artigo principal: Lata de Tinta

Passa o rato sobre as imagens para vê-las num fundo mais escuro. Clica nas imagens para as ver maiores.

Item set

Artigo principal: Conjuntos de Itens


Ver também: Crafting


Update history

Atualização de 23 de Junho de 2011 (Über Update)

  • O Desert Marauder foi adicionado ao jogo.

Atualização de 4 de Janeiro de 2012

  • [Indocumentado] Removida região de equipar "barba".

Atualização de 11 de Janeiro de 2012

  • Região de equipar actualizada para que possa agora ser utilizado com o Villain's Veil.

Atualização de 9 de Fevereiro de 2012

  • O Desert Marauder agora pode ser pintado.
  • [Indocumentado] Atualizado o Desert Marauder com um modelo, textura e rigging melhor

Atualização de 1 de Março de 2012

  • Arranjado partículas unusual aparecerem no lugar errado para o Desert Marauder


  • O Keffiyeh é um chapéu tradicional Árabe feito de um quadrado, normalmente com lenço de algodão. É encontrado geralmente em regiões áridas para dar protecção contra exposição direta ao sol, e também para proteger a boca e olhos de pó e areia.
  • Coronel Britânico T. E. Lawrence, melhor conhecido como Lawrence of Arabia, era um utilizador do keffiyeh ocidental bem conhecido. O conjunto Lawrence of Australia é uma referência a isto.


  1. ↑"Top Gun's Tied Thing" on GameBanana, submitted by Svdl. Retrieved January 6, 2012.


how to craft desert marauder tf2

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You'd best keep lying down! – Mai bine te-ai lăsa în jos!

— Sfatul Lunetistului' legat de ce ar trebui să faci în deșert

Jefuitorul din Deșert este o pălărie pentru Lunetist. Este un Keffiyeh(English) cu o bandană neagră.

Variante vopsite

Articol principal: Cutie cu Vopsea

Mişcaţi cursorul mouse-ului peste celule pentru a vedea imaginea pe un fundal întunecat.


Articol principal: Seturi de obiecte


Mai Vezi: Fabricare


Istorie Actualizări

23 June 2011 Patch (Über Update)

  • Jefuitorul din Deșert a fost adăugat în joc.



  • Keffiyeh (Arabic: كوفية‎) este un “batic” tradițional arab confecționat dintrun pătrat, de obicei un fular din bumbac. Este cel mai des întâlnit în zonele aride și este folosit pentru protecție solară capului dar și pentru zona gurii și a ochilor pentru protecție contra vântului și a nisipului.
  • Colonelul britanic T. E. Lawrence, cunoscut ca Lawrence al Arabiei, a fost un bine-cunoscut purtător din Vest de keffiyeh. Setul Lawrence al Australiei face referință la acest lucru.
  • Jefuitorul din Deșert a fost mai înainte de toate denumit în engleză Top Gun's Tied Thing.

The Honest TF2 Marketplace Best deals. Lowest fees. Instant Unusual Desert Marauder. Unusual / Cosmetic / Sniper Refined Metal. Unique / Craft Item.

[TF2] is now FREE!! You have no excuse not to play. Meet the Medic in OP!!

While you could cross a desert without one of these, you'd hate it. And you wouldn't do it.

Desert Marauder publicity blurb

Desert Marauder er et samfunns-skapthodeplagg til Sniper. Hatten er en hvit keffiyeh med et svart hodebånd.

Desert Marauder ble bidratt til Über oppdateringen, under navnet "Top Gun's Tied Thing".[1]

Malte varianter

Hovedartikkel: Malingsspann

Flytt musepilen over et bilde for å se den med sort bakgrunn.

Gjenstand sett

Hovedartikkel: Item sets


Se også: Crafting


Oppdaterings historie

23 juni 2011 Patch (Über oppdateringen)

  • Desert Marauder ble lagt til i spillet.

4 januar 2012 Patch

  • [Udokumentert] Fjernet "skjegg" utstyrs regionen.

11 januar 2012 Patch

  • Utstyrs regionen til denne hatten er fikset så man kan bruke Villan's Veil med den.

9 februar 2012 Patch

  • Desert Marauder kan nå bli malt.
  • [Udokumentert] Oppdatert Desert Marauder med en forbedret modell, tekstur og rigging.

1 mars 2012 Patch

  • Fikset slik at uvanlige partikler dukker opp på det rette stedet på Desert Marauder


  • En keffieyh er et tradisjonelt arabisk hodeplagg formet ut av et firkantet bomull skjerf. Den er brukt mest rundt i ørken områder for å beskytte mot sollys, samt munn og øyne for støv og sand.
  • Den britiske løytnanten T.E. Lawrence, bedre kjent som Lawrence av Arabia, var en velkjent mann fra vesten som brukte keffiyeh. Lawrence of Australia settet er en referanse til dette.


  1. ↑"Top Gun's Tied Thing" on GameBanana, submitted by Svdl. Retrieved January 6, 2012.

how to craft desert marauder tf2

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Desert Marauder crafted

Prices and stats for Desert Marauder, an item in Team Fortress 2. Desert Marauder. Desert Marauder .. Time to move this down to craft hat level Sellers At.

how to craft desert marauder tf2
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