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How to craft king slime
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Terraria: Bosses

List of Summoning Items and Crafting Recipes

This is a comprehensive list of all boss summoning items and how to craft them, and it's intended to be used as a reference. The list includes simple instructions on where to get each ingredient. Some bosses have linked strategy guides in order to help players prepare for the fight. For more detailed info on bosses, see the main Bosses of Terraria Guide.

Most summoning items need to be used at night, which starts at 7:30PM. Day begins at 4:30AM, when many bosses will despawn. The few exceptions are noted below. It is possible to summon more than one boss at once, but not the same boss.

Boss: King Slime

Summoning Item: Slime Crown
Materials to Craft the Slime Crown:

  • Gold or Platinum Crown x1 - Requires 5 Gold or Platinum Bars and 1 Ruby
  • Gel x20

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. May also spawn randomly or when you kill 150 slimes during the randomly-occurring Slime Rain event. May be used at any time of day.

Boss: Eye of Cthulhu (Guide)

Summoning Item: Suspicious Looking Eye
Materials to Craft the Suspicious Looking Eye:

  • Lens x6 - Kill Demon or Wandering Eyes at night.

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar, use at night. May also spawn randomly once you reach 200 health/10 defense and a few NPCs live in your town. This eye may be found randomly in chests while exploring.

Boss: Eater of Worlds - Corruption (Guide)

Summoning Item: Worm Food
Materials to Craft Worm Food:

  • Vile Powder x30 - Use 6 Vile Mushrooms at a Placed Bottle/Alchemy stand. Found growing on grass in Corruption.
  • Rotten Chunk x15 - Kill Corruption Enemies, commonly dropped.

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. Must be used in the Corruption. Also summoned when the player breaks 3 corrupt orbs using a hammer. Every 3 will summon Eater of Worlds again.

Boss: Brain of Cthulhu - Crimson (Guide)

Summoning Item: Bloody Spine
Materials to Craft Bloody Spine:

  • Vicious Powder x30 - Use 6 Vicious Mushrooms at a Placed Bottle/Alchemy stand. Found growing on grass in Crimson.
  • Vertebrae x15 - Kill Crimson Enemies, commonly dropped.
  • x

Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar. Must be used in the Crimson. Also summoned when the player breaks 3 crimson hearts using a hammer. Every 3 will summon Brain of Cthulhu again.

Boss: Queen Bee (Guide)

Summoning Item: Abeemination
Materials to Craft Abeemination:

  • Honey Block x5 - make water come into contact with honey using a bucket or diverting the water by digging.
  • Stinger x1 - Kill Hornets and Spiked Slimes in the Jungle.
  • Hive x5 - mine from beehives.
  • Bottled Honey x1 - Craft with a bottle while near honey.
  • (Mobile/Console Only) - Crispy Honey and Obsidian Blocks - needs crispy honey blocks and obsidian, requiring honey and water to come into contact with lava. You need a few of each.

Notes: Craft by hand (PC) or at Demon/Crimson Altar (Console/Mobile). Use anywhere in the Jungle to summon Queen Bee.

Boss: Skeletron (Guide)

Summoning Item: Clothier Voodoo Doll
Required to re-Summon Skeletron:

  • Clothier Voodoo Doll x1 - Drops by enemies in the Dungeon, low chance.

Notes: Must have defeated Skeletron previously to gain access to the Dungeon. Do this by talking to the Old Man at night outside the Dungeon and inquiring about his 'curse'. While you have the Clothier Voodoo Doll, you can kill the Clothier NPC and Skeletron will be summoned.

Boss: Wall of Flesh (Guide)

Summoning Item: Guide Voodoo Doll
Required to Summon Wall of Flesh:

  • Guide Voodoo Doll x1 - Drop in lava, or kill a Voodoo Demon while over lava. Guide must be alive.

Notes: Underworld - the Guide must presently be alive, and will be killed. The Wall of Flesh will spawn on the side of the map you're closest to. Repeated farming of him is possible, although you must wait for the Guide to respawn.

Hard Mode Bosses

Boss: Destroyer (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Worm
Materials to Craft Mechanical Worm:

  • Rotten Chunk/Vertebrae x6 - Kill Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Soul of Night x6 Kill Underground Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: The Twins (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Eye
Materials to Craft Mechanical Eye:

  • Lenx x3 - Kill Demon/Wandering Eyes outside at night.
  • Soul of Light x6 - Kill Underground Hallow enemies.
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: Skeletron Prime (Guide)

Summoning Item: Mechanical Skull
Materials to Craft Mechanical Skull:

  • Bone x30 - Kill skeletal enemies in the Dungeon.
  • Soul of Light x3 - Kill enemies in the Underground Hallow
  • Soul of Night x3 - Kill enemies in the Underground Corruption/Crimson
  • Iron/Lead Bar x5

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Before the defeat of Skeletron Prime it may be dropped by any enemy randomly at a very low chance. May also spawn randomly until then.

Boss: Plantera (Guide)

Summoning Item: Plantera's Bulb

Notes: All three Mechanical Bosses must have been defeated. Plantera's Bulbs will regularly re-grow in the Jungle. Break it with a pickaxe to start the fight at any time. This allows access to the Jungle Temple, and Golem.

Boss: Golem (Guide)

Summoning Item: Lihzahrd Power Cell
How to get the Power Cell:

  • Drops from monsters in the Jungle Temple randomly, sometimes found in chests in the temple
  • Mobile Crafting x Only mobile may craft the Lihzahrd Power Cell. It requires a work bench, Glass x10, Fallen Star x 25, and 10 Adamantite Bars.

Notes: Farming monsters in the Jungle Temple is a good way to get many of these. You use the Power Cell by right-clicking the Altar. You can relocate the Altar using a Picksaw or better Pickaxe. You can then summon Golem anywhere.

Boss: Ocram (Console/Mobile Only)

Summoning Item: Suspicious Looking Skull
How to Craft the Suspicious Skull:

  • Mechanical Skull x1 - See Skeletron Prime
  • Mechanical Eye x2 - See The Twins
  • Soul of Light x5 - Kill Underground Hallow Enemies
  • Soul of Night x5 - Kill Underground Crimson/Corruption Enemies
  • Adamantite Bar x10

Notes: Evidently you may need another world if you did not get Adamantite in your current one, at least until the next Console/Mobile Terraria patch. Ocram drops Souls of Blight that are used in Console/Mobile exclusive gear.

Boss: Duke Fishron (PC-only)

Summoning Item: Truffle Worm
How to get Truffle Worm:

  • Underground Mushroom Biome - the Truffle Worm will spawn randomly, at a very low chance. Look to youtube for videos on farming masses of these. Use a Bug Net bought from the Merchant. Monsters only spawn off-screen, so stand next to the biome and kill other monsters as they come. Watch for the worm, then nab it with your net!

Notes: Use this as bait while fishing in the Ocean Biome on either side of the map. Make sure it's the bait that comes first in your inventory (top-left to bottom right). Cast your fishing pole, and Fishron will be summoned. Good luck, and don't leave the Ocean biome!

Boss: Lunatic Cultist (PC-only)

Summoning Item: None

Notes: Lunatic Cultist begins spawning after Golem is defeated. He spawns each day if the Lunar Event is not active. Kill him to initiate the Lunar Events and collect Solar/Vortex/Nebula/Stardust Fragments. When all 4 pillars are defeated, Moon Lord will spawn on top of the player. Be prepared for a fight, the Cultist is a genuine boss and challenging to newcomers.

Boss: Moon Lord (PC-Only)

Summoning Item: Celestial Sigil
Materials to Craft:

  • Nebula Fragment x20 - Destroy Nebula Pillar during Lunar Event.
  • Solar Fragment x20 - Destroy Solar Pillar.
  • Stardust Fragment x20 - Destroy Stardust Pillar.
  • Vortex Fragment x20 - Destroy Vortex Pillar.

Notes: Craft at Ancient Manipulator (100% dropped by Lunatic Cultist). The Moon Lord can be summoned at any time. At first, it's better to summon him by doing the event, as you need those Fragments.

Hard Mode Invasion Event Summoning

Invasions have mini-bosses of sorts, so these are worth listing here despite them not being bosses in the strictest sense. Here are what you need to start the game's Invasion Events.

Event: Pirate Invasion (Flying Dutchman)

Summoning Item: Pirate Map

Notes: These can be dropped by any monster in the Ocean Biome during Hard Mode. 1% chance, so set up to farm! The Pirate Invasion is worth farming as the pirates may drop the discount card and lucky coin, both of which have an impact on you financially - making monsters drop more coins, while also reducing prices by 20%.

Event: Martian Madness (Martian Saucer)

Summoning Item: None
Materials to Craft:

Notes: Head to the outer third of your world. If you build uptward toward space, it's very likely one will spawn. Hang in the area and move about until you meet a probe, which will scan you. Let it live (do don't have any summon minions out), and the Martian Madness will ensue!

Event: Pumpkin Moon (Mourning Wood/Pumpking)

Summoning Item: Pumpkin Moon Medallion
Materials to Craft Pumpkin Moon Medallion:

  • Pumpkin x30 - buy Pumpkin seeds from the Dryad. Fully grown Pumpkins may yield 10+, so you do not need hundreds of Pumpkins. Plant them on normal grass.
  • Ectoplasm x5 - dropped by high-health enemies in the Dungeon after the defeat of Plantera.
  • Hallowed Bar x10 - dropped by the three Mechanical Bosses (Twins, Skeletron Prime, Destroyer).

Notes: Craft at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. You have from 7:30PM (when it can be used) until 4:30AM.

Event: Frost Moon (Santa-NK1/Ice Queen)

Summoning Item: Naughty Present
Materials to Craft Naughty Present:

  • Soul of Fright x5 - Dropped by Skeletron Prime
  • Ectoplasm x5 - dropped by high-health enemies in the Dungeon after the defeat of Plantera
  • Silk x20 - Find cobwebs in spider dens in the Underground/Cavern layers. Turn 140 cobwebs into 20 silk by using the loom, which requires a work bench then sawmill to make (hint: you need chains to make a sawmill).

Notes: Craft at Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil. You have from 7:30PM (when it can be used) until 4:30AM.

Event: Lunar Events (Nebula/Stardust/Vortex/Solar Pillars)

Summoning Item: None

Notes: Kill the Lunatic Cultist after having defeated Golem on PC. The event can be restarted the following morning if Moon Lord kills you, as the Cultists will respawn. You can summon Moon Lord directly once you've saved up Solar/Nebula fragments etc. after having done this event a few times.


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According to the Terraria Recipes wikia page,

Crafting is done through the crafting bar, visible on the left side of the interface below the player's Inventory, which presents all craftable items available to the player. Items will only appear in this list if the player has the ingredients in their inventory.

That being said, the number of ingredients to make the Slime Crown differ between console/mobile and the desktop version.

In the desktop version, you will need:

  • 1 Gold or Platinum Crown
  • 20 Gel

However, in the console/mobile version, you will need

  • 1 Gold or Platinum Crown
  • 99 Gel

Unless you have a Gold or Platinum Crown and 99 Gel in your inventory, the option to craft the Slime Crown will not appear.

answered Oct 7 '16 at 14:14


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However, you could also prepare for the event and it will eventually just happen over time. It starts off as an event called a "slime rain", where.

Slime Crown560



Summons King Slime

A Slime Crown is a consumable item that looks like a miniature replica of King Slime with the Gold Crown.

When activated, a message will state "King Slime has awoken!" and the boss will spawn somewhere nearby in the world (keep in mind that he may spawn underground or on Floating Islands). In order to avoid the boss spawning underground, the player may wish to jump as high as they can (preferably using the Rocket Boots or Spectre Boots) before using the item.


  • If the player attempts to summon two King Slimes, they will die instantly. The death message (and resulting Tombstone) will say '<player> tried to escape'.
  • The Slime Crown is the hardest pre-Hardmode craftable boss summon item to obtain, because of the fairly large quantity of Gold or Platinum Bars needed, along with the other materials.
  • Players wishing to complete their Ninja Outfit can use Slime Crowns to farm for the necessary pieces, as King Slime will always drop one of the three Ninja items.


  • IOS: sometimes the crown will not disappear after use, enabling multiple uses of the crown.
  • According to most terraria players, when the slime crown is used, the message, "King slime has awoken!" will appear and the music will start, but will soon stop and king slime would not appear. This might be because king slime spawns far underground and gets too far, then he despawns.


  • The item (as well as the boss it summons) could be a reference to the King Slime, a recurrent monster from the video game series Dragon Quest, which wears a crown very similar to the one shown in the item's sprite.
  • The crown that is seen in the sprite for Slime Crown is shared from the Gold Crown, but mirrored.
  • When the Slime Crown is crafted with a Platinum Crown, the crown still appears golden.

Update Info


  • Crafting recipe reduced from 99 Gel and a Gold/Platinum Crown to 20 Gel and a Gold/Platinum Crown.


  • Can also be crafted with a Platinum Crown.


Fix the King Slime!

how to craft king slime

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My kids love Lion King and with the new movie being released, we had to craft up some fun Lion King themed crafts. We came up with this Lion King Grub Slime that was inspired by Timon and Pumbaa’s Grub in the movie. We think it turned out fantastic and hope you’ll give it a try!

Want more fun, ooey-gooey activities to keep little hands busy? Check out our Glitter Playdough (made with diapers), Snow Cone Slime and even this Pokemon Pokeball Squishy!

What you Need to Make Lion King Grub Slime:

How to Make Lion King Grub Slime:

In a bowl combine the glue, 2 drops of yellow food coloring, and water. Mix together with stirrer.

Now add in the liquid starch slowing and stir thoroughly at the same time. You’ll notice the slime forming right before your eyes and when this happens, you’ll need to use hands to knead the slime for a few minutes.

Once it’s all combined add in your choice of plastic bugs.

Place on leaf plate and let Timon and Pumbaa enjoy their grub bug slime. You can store any leftovers in a container for future use!


Our book, 101 Kids Activities that are the Ooey, Gooey-est Ever! features tons of fun slimes, doughs and moldables just like this one to provide hours of ooey, gooey fun! Awesome, right? You can also check out more slime recipes here.

/summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~1 ~ {ShowArms:1b,NoBasePlate:1b, ArmorItems:[{id:"minecraft:leather_boots",Count:1b},{id:"minecraft: leather_leggings".

Carl's Terraria Guide

Map Icon

"The lord of all things slimy."

The King Slime is a pre-Hardmodeboss. Its appearance is that of a massive Blue Slime wearing a jeweled golden crown and has what appears to be a ninja inside of it. It lacks the crown on the  Old-gen console version and  DS version of the game.

King Slime spawns under one of the following conditions:

  • A player uses a Slime Crown.
  • 150 slimes are defeated during the Slime Rainevent (or 75 if King Slime was already slain in the world at least once).
  • Rarely in the outer lateral sixths of the map, during daytime, and only on grass.

As King Slime takes damage, he spawns additional ordinary Blue Slimes (and in Expert mode, Spiked Slimes) and will also appear to shrink in size. He will always drop one piece of Ninja armor when defeated. When King Slime spawns, the status message "King Slime has awoken!" appears, and then once defeated, "King Slime has been defeated!"

While King Slime is alive, music Boss 1 will play.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Random[edit | edit source]

King Slime has a very rare chance of spawning naturally if the following conditions are met:

  • The player is located in the one of the outer lateral sixths of the map (the far left or far right).
  • Depth is above zero.
  • It is daytime.
  • There must be standard, green grass at its potential spawn point (off-screen; see NPC spawning)

Slime Rain[edit | edit source]

If 150 slimes are killed by players, lava, traps and/or summoned minions during the Slime Rain event, King Slime will spawn. Defeating the boss will end the event shortly after – if all players die, the boss will despawn (except in singleplayer where the boss will teleport itself to the new location of the player at respawn) and the event will continue for some time before ending on its own (between 9-15 in-game hours). If the King Slime has already been defeated on a world, it will only take 75 slime kills to spawn the King Slime.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although being a large and resilient enemy, in addition to boss music playing during the fight, King Slime is often regarded as a "side-boss" or "mini-boss" (though there is no official word on this from the developers). He differs from traditional bosses in the following ways:
    • King Slime can be encountered regardless of the current level of game advancement.
    • He is the only boss who takes damage from lava.
    • King Slime does not travel or fire through blocks, which creates shielding or trapping possibilities that do not exist when battling most other bosses (though traveling too far from a trapped King Slime can cause him to teleport out).
    • He has certain spawning conditions that are more similar to those of regular enemies than those of bosses.
  • On the  Desktop version,  Console version, and  Mobile version, if the King Slime's target is unreachable, it will teleport near/on the player. This can be performed from any distance and prevents easily trapping the boss within a small area.
  • King Slime's absolute highest jump can clear a 17-block-high wall.
  • In Expert mode, King Slime summons Spiked Slimes along with normal slimes as he loses health. Note that these are not affected by the Royal Gel.
  • King Slime can spawn inside of blocks, making him unable to move unless through teleporting.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating King Slime, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:King Slime strategies.

  • Piercing weapons can not only damage King Slime but kill the additional slimes it spawns.
  • The Blue Slimes it spawns can drop Hearts and Stars, which respectively restore 20 health and 100 mana.
  • Spawning King Slime while in specific areas using Slime Crowns can be a quick, easy way to farm for specific drops, such as souls, Biome Keys, Pirate Maps, Halloween and Christmas drops or Cascade, Hel-Fire, Amarok, Yelets and Kraken yoyos, due to the high number of Blue Slimes spawned during the fight.
  • By using a Starfury while King Slime is falling down after jumping, he can take over 50 damage for each time he is hit by the star.
  • Note that King Slime himself does not drop any Gel, but the Blue Slimes he spawns do. This makes King Slime to be a good way to farm Gel, for Flamethrower ammo and Asphalt Blocks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It seems that the source of the Ninja armor is from the ninja inside King Slime.
  • In the  Old-gen console and DS versions, he is the only boss to drop a banner.
  • The trophy dropped by King Slime seems to be a Ninjatō covered in slime. The Ninjatō is a common weapon which ninjas are usually shown to carry.
  • The images for the ninja inside the King Slime and the crown are stored in separate image files. The King Slime's sprite without them looks similar to an enlargened sprite of a normal Blue Slime.
  • Despite sometimes being considered the easiest boss in the game, he does the second highest damage of any pre-hardmode boss, only beatable by the Wall of Flesh (Skeletron in Expert mode).
  • King Slime is the only slime that can sink in water.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  • King Slime without the ninja inside.

  • King Slime in pre-1.3, when he did not have a crown. In  Old-gen console and DS, King Slime is still like this.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • A sprite for a crown added. Without the crown the sprite was .
    • New drops added.
    • Now has an Expert mode AI.
    • Now teleports whenever stuck and when not in range of the player for over 5 seconds.
    • Now spawns after the Slime Rain event.
    • Now drops the Solidifier.
  • Desktop 1.0.5:
    • Now floats in liquids and doesn't make a splash sound when hitting water.
    • Only one King Slime may spawn at a time now.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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  1. ↑Two pieces will drop from the Expert mode Treasure Bag.

how to craft king slime

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to summon King Slime in Terraria

/summon Slime ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"King Slime",CustomNameVisible:1,Size: 12,Attributes:[{Name:"cnmcblog.comlth",Base}.

how to craft king slime
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