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How to craft reform stone bdo
October 26, 2018 Entertainment and Movies 4 comments

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Help with understanding reform stone
Been doing quite a bit of research as I'm getting to the point where I need better gear. And so I've been looking around on Youtube to come across videos on forging green to blue, or blue>yellow. I also notice there's a feature that you can reform stone with Black Spirit. I'm not so sure on the benefits compared to the forging whereas in forging you can pick what you want when going from green>blue, but yellow idk.

So I decided to buy 10 Grade 2 Reform Stones and try one stone on Zereth shoes which were green +15. But instead of getting blue, I got yellow. I told chat what happen and ppl say get rid of yellow and get blue. I wasn't sure if this was trollin or what, because I assumed yellow is the ♥♥♥♥. While I was surprised I kept on wondering how on earth would I upgrade this yellow Zereth shoes? Do I use blue Zereth shoes or just green?

I'm so confused right now because aren't yellow super hard to get? I understand it's all RNG but surely can't be that simple?







There are five item grades in Black Desert. These indicate the rarity of the item by color (ordered lowest to highest):

  • White Grade
  • Green Grade
  • Blue Grade
  • Yellow Grade
  • Orange Grade

You can increase the grade of your gear to give bonuses such as Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed, Casting Speed, Melee/Ranged/Magic Defense,  additional AP/DP, etc. This is done using reform stones and your Black Spirit. Only certain weapons and armor can be upgraded and the highest grade you can currently get them to isUltimate grade (yellow).This guide will go over the basics of how to begin upgrading your gear.


There are currently 4 levels of Reform Stones for armor and weapons:

Grade 1 Armor Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 1
  • Production Materials: Zinc Ore x10, Mud Crystal x1, Bloody Tree Knot x1, Sinner’s Blood x1, Black Stone Powder x10
  • 0% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 20% chance to reform to Iron Wall
  • 30% chance to reform to Agility
  • 30% chance to reform toIntimidation
  • 20% chance to reform to Green Grade

Grade 1 Weapon Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 1
  • Production Materials: Tin Ore x10, Translucent Crystal x1, Red Tree Lump x1, Sinner’s Blood x1, Black Stone Powder x10
  • 0% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 20% chance to reform to Temptation
  • 30% chance to reform to Destruction
  • 30% chance to reform to Crimson Flame
  • 20% chance to reform to Green Grade

Grade 2 Armor Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 2
  • Production Materials: Bronze Ingot x3, Green Crystal x2, Spirit’s Leaf x2, Legendary Beast’s Blood x2, Black Stone Powder x20
  • 1% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 20% chance to reform to Iron Wall
  • 20% chance to reform to Agility
  • 20% chance to reform to Intimidation
  • 10% chance to reform to Green Grade

Grade 2 Weapon Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 2
  • Production Materials: Brass Ingot x3, Red Crystal x2, Monk’s Branch x2, Wise Man’s Blood x2, Black Stone Powder x20
  • 1% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 20% chance to reform to Temptation
  • 20% chance to reform to Destruction
  • 20% chance to reform to Crimson Flame
  • 10% chance to reform to Green Grade

Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 3
  • Production Materials: Steel x4, Melted Platinum Shard x3, Black Crystal x3, Old Tree Bark x2, Tyrant’s Blood x2, Black Stone Powder x40
  • 5% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 30% chance to reform toIron Wall
  • 30% chance to reform to Agility
  • 20% chance to reform to Intimidation
  • 10% chance to reform to Green Grade

Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone

  • Obtainable from: Refinery Lv 3
  • Production Materials: Steel x5, Melted Platinum Shard x3, Black Crystal x3, Red Tree Lump x2, Clown’s Blood x2, Black Stone Powder x40
  • 5% chance to reform to Ultimate
  • 30% chance to reform to Temptation
  • 30% chance to reform to Destruction
  • 20% chance to reform to Crimson Flame
  • 10% chance to reform to Green Grade

Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone

Ultimate Armor Reform Stone



You can upgrade your gear at any enhancement level for the extra stats. There are theories that it changes the chances of success when enhancing, but I personally don’t believe this and haven’t had any evidence to support it. If you do want to hold off, I recommend upgrading it once you are at PRI/DUO at the very latest. 

Upgrading your gear is completely safe, you will not lose enchant levels or break/lose the item itself.


Almost any green grade weapon/armor is able to be upgraded to give additional stats. Boss gear cannot be upgraded because it is already at the highest grade. You cannot upgrade liverto weapons, but blue grade awakening weapons can be upgraded.

Once you have your reform stone, summon your Black Spirit and click the “Item Reform” option. You can also open the reform window directly by right-clicking the reform stone from your inventory. Place the weapon/armor into the slot by right-clicking it, then right-click the reform stone and press the “Reform” button below.

Below is a list of all the possible stats you can get by upgrading your gear:

Primary Weapons

  • Crimson Flame
    • Longsword – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Amulet – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Longbow – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Axe – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Shortsword – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Staff – Critical Hit Rate +1
    • Blade – Critical Hit Rate +1
  • Destruction 
    • Longsword – Attack Speed +1 & Casting Speed +1
    • Amulet – Attack Speed +1
    • Longbow – Attack Speed +1
    • Axe – Attack Speed +1
    • Shortsword – Attack Speed +1
    • Staff – Attack Speed +1
    • Blade – Attack Speed +1
  • Temptation
    • Longsword – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1 & Casting Speed +1
    • Amulet – Casting Speed +1
    • Longbow – Movement Speed +1
    • Axe – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1
    • Shortsword – Casting Speed +1
    • Staff – Casting Speed +1
    • Blade – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1
  • Ultimate
    • Longsword – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1 & Casting Speed +1, AP +4
    • Amulet – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Casting Speed +1, AP +4
    • Longbow – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1, AP +4
    • Axe – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1, AP +4
    • Shortsword – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1, AP +4
    • Staff – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Casting Speed +1, AP +4
    • Blade – Critical Hit Rate +1 & Attack Speed +1, AP +4

Secondary Weapons

  • Crimson Flame – Additional Back Attack Damage +1
  • Destruction – Additional Down Attack Damage +1
  • Temptation – Additional Air Attack Damage +1
  • Ultimate – Additional Special Attack Damage +1, AP +1 OR Accuracy +2 (depends on weapon)

Armor Sets

  • Iron Wall – Close (melee) damage reduction +2
  • Agility – Ranged damage reduction +2
  • Intimidation – Magic damage reduction +2
  • Destruction* – Attack +2
  • Sacrifice* – Damage Reduction +1
  • Ultimate – Damage Reduction +2, DP +5

Names marked with (*) are currently not in the game yet.


Enchanting gear is at the core of Black Desert Online. Let's ignore the reform stones for now, ok? .. In order to craft a Dragon Slayer awakening weapon, you need 25 Hesed Crystals, 20 Dragon Slayer Weapon Blueprints.

bdo april 2019 patch notesbdo th egg hunt

[New Events]

  • The Egg Hunt event has begun.
    • Event Period: April 10th (after maintenance) – April 24th (before maintenance)
    • During the event period, complete quests, defeat monsters, gather, and fish to get eggcentric eggs!
    • Rewards that can be obtained through this event like [Event] Mystical Golden Egg will give you the chance to win one of Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box, Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box, Ogre Ring, and much more!
    • Click Here> to learn all about this eggciting event!
  • Tulip season is here!
    • You can enjoy the tulips blooming up all over the world of Black Desert from April 10th (after maintenance) – May 8th (before maintenance).

[Ongoing Events]

  • Out of the Woods: Apr. 4 00:00 UTC – Apr. 10 23:59 UTC
  • [Community Event] Bake a Cake for the Black Spirit!
    • Voting Period: Apr. 3 – Apr. 10
      • Vote for your favorite cake before the voting period ends now here>.
    • Winner announced: Apr. 11th

[Ended Events]

  • Glimmering Old Moon
    • Event items (Old Moon Letters, Remnants, Moonlight Shards, Faint Old Moon Accessories) and unclaimed Old Moon Challenges will be removed on April 17th maintenance.
  • Blooming Blossoms

[Reward Distribution]

  • Event rewards for the True or False have been distributed with this (4/10) regular maintenance. Please claim your reward items via in-game mailbox (B) and/or check your Title rewards directly from My Information window (P).


  • As announced previously, Shadow Arena will close in its current state to go back into development with this maintenance.
    • We want to show our appreciation for your continuous support and affection for Shadow Arena since launch by offering [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days) via in-game mailbox (B). Please claim the item enclosed inside within 7 days.
    • Accordingly, the UI button to enter Shadow Arena on ESC menu and as a pop-up notification banner on bottom right corner have been removed.
  • Fixed the issue of friendly fire incurring damage within the offense side of Conquest War.
  • Fixed the issue where the button to participate in a Node War was not working properly for War Heroes who are in a Guild Alliance.
  • Fixed the issue where Dark Rift monsters would not appear when you approached the rifts while gliding above a certain altitude on an Arduanatt.


  • Fixed the issue where the game would intermittently shut down when claiming Silver that enters your Inventory (I).

[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where the character would collide into an invisible wall when entering Cohen Farm from Epheria through the Irrigation System.


  • Fixed the titles of the NPCs around the excavation site near the Ancient Stone Chamber.
  • Edited the dialog for the Town Soldier NPC at Duvencrune to be more natural.
  • Edited the dialog for the Brellin Farm NPC to be more natural.

  • The following changes have been made for Dream Horses Arduanatt and Diné.
    • Arduanatt
      • You can now press the S key to quickly descend during Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom.
      • You can now use Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom during the descent after using the skill Leap.
      • Characters will now move more naturally during the skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.
    • Diné
      • You can now use the skill Charge faster after using Earth of Life or Earth of Protection.
      • You can now use the Earth of Life while the horse is moving, or using the skills Sprint or Instant Accel.
  • Fixed the issue where the fall damage reduction buff was not applied properly to Arduanatt after you landed it by pressing the S key after it performed the skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.
  • When you register a mount at the Stable while you do not have any mounts called, the mount you registered will now immediately be called.
  • The Turn and Brake for the Galley, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate has been increased like the below. (Therefore the Ship License descriptions have also been changed).
    • Galley
      • Turn 100% -> 110%
      • Brake 100% -> 110%
    • Epheria Sailboat
      • Turn 100% -> 110%
      • Brake 100% -> 110%
    • Epheria Frigate
      • Turn 110% -> 120%
      • Brake 110% -> 120%
    • It will now be easier to turn when using the Ram, Smooth-Turn, and AbruptTurn skills while on the Galley, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate.
    • The higher the Turn of the ship, the more you will feel this change.

[All Classes]

  • When you first login with a character, the character will now appear facing towards your screen.

[By Class]

  • Fixed the issue where the basic attack (W + LMB) after a basic jump attack (W + SPACE to jump forward, then LMB during the jump) was not dealing the correct amount of damage in Awakening Weapon mode.
  • Improved the animation for sprinting in Main Weapon mode.

  • Fixed the graphical issue with the abdomen that occurred when a Ranger goes into the combat stance without any defense gear or outfit/costume on.

  • Fixed the issue where the stomach area would appear graphically unnatural when standing or sitting while wearing the basic outfit.

  • Fixed the issue where the character would appear graphically broken in combat and non-combat stance when equipped with the Zereth Armor. (Fixed the issue where the legs, left arm and hand areas would appear graphically broken).

  • Fixed the graphical issue that occurred when wearing Purnado Shoes with the Fallen Garzar Outfit.
  • Fixed the issue where there would be a graphical overlapping issue when equipping the Purnado Shoes and Enslar outfit.

  • Fixed the graphical issue with the fox mask decoration of the Spring Blossom Outfit that occurred in combat stance.
  • Fixed the issue where the stomach area would appear graphically unnatural when standing or sitting while wearing the basic outfi

  • Fixed the issue where Bheg’s Gloves would appear on the hands when equipped with the Noel outfit.

  • Fixed the issue where the Kibelius Divinus Outfit would appear black in the character selection window when running the game in Remastered mode.

  • The list of items that you could get from a Golden Treasure Chest has been changed to the following.
    • Gold Bar 10,000G, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Earring, Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box, Dandelion Weapon Box, Ogre Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Black Magic Crystal – Harphia, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience, Caphras Stone, Memory Fragment, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Cron Stone, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Hard Black Crystal Shard, Golden Coelacanth
  • Fixed the issue where you were able to make different furniture overlap as you placed them in certain situations in Housing mode.
  • Added a Challenge which allows you to receive the “+15 Liverto Weapon Box” as a reward when reaching Lv. 55.
    • This is available once per Family and if your character is over Lv.55, you will have already completed the Challenge (Y) upon logging in and you can claim the completion reward.
  • Central Market was the first step to create a free market economy where you as the adventurer create your own market without much restriction. We wanted to ensure
    • However, after the Central Market update, the price gap between equipment which were not upgraded and equipment which were upgraded to ultimate gradually increased due to the amount of equipment upgraded to blue grade rarely being sold or purchased.
    • Therefore due to profit margins being made by the use of these characteristics of the Central Market, we implemented the following changes.
  1.  Equipment upgraded to blue grade have been removed.
    – The previous upgraded blue equipment have been changed to the yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.
  2. Equipment upgraded to yellow grade can no longer be bought or sold at the Central Market.
    – All blue grade equipment which were registered at the Central Market (or placed on orders or purchased) will be redistributed back through the mail.
    – Yellow grade equipment can be registered after the reform stone has been extracted and downgraded back to green from the Blacksmith or Arms Dealer NPC.
    – For extraction, you need 1 Restoration Stone which is sold for 1,000 Silver from the Blacksmith or Arms Dealer NPC. Extraction will result in the following: the equipment prior to being upgraded and an Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stone.
  3. With grades 1, 2, and 3 Reform Stones, you will have a chance to upgrade to yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.
  4. When Crafting from the Workshop, you can obtain the original crafting equipment and have a chance to obtain yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.
  5. Added a visual and sound effect which is displayed when upgrade has succeeded or failed.
  6. When attempting an upgrade, the upgrade value for the equipment you are attempting to upgrade will be displayed.
    *We are also investigating if there are any ways this system is being abused.
    **We resolved the issue where adventurers who have completed all the series of The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria quest series prior to its revamp on April 3 could not complete the Discovered and Undiscovered quest.
  • The crystals below can now be obtained from the outfits described below. Therefore, the item descriptions have been updated:
    • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness: Garnier Troupe Garb
    • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Valor: Delphe Knights Armor
  • Fixed the issue where it would appear as if you are duplicating items when using the Central Market.
  • You can now dye Fiery sub-weapon gear.
  • You can no longer store bound items to the Central Market Warehouse.
  • Fixed the issue where the Striker and Archer characters could not equip the below clothes using the Equipment Tailoring Coupon even when reaching the required Sailing Level.
    • Apprentice Sailor’s Clothes (Costume)
    • Skilled Sailor’s Clothes (Costume)
    • Professional Sailor’s Clothes (Costume)
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click Here > !

  • The following monster names have changed, as well as any reference to them in quests, knowledge entries, etc.
Young Tree SpiritSmall Tree Spirit
Young GlutoniSmall Glutoni
Young KhurutoSmall Khuruto
Young HarpySmall Harpy
Young Red OrcSmall Red Orc
Young Red Orc WarriorSmall Red Orc Warrior
Young TreantSmall Treant
Young Altar ImpSmall Altar Imp
  • The Ahib Griffon from the Dark Rift will now return to its place if it strays too far away from the Dark Rift while performing its midair chasing motions.
  • The conditions for the initial availability of the Dark Rift has changed like the following:
    • Before: Needed to have at least 1 character within the Family which completed the Awakening quest.
    • Now: Need to have at least 1 character within the Family which reached Lv. 56.
  • The Moghulis from the Dark Rift will now use a skill based attack even when the adventurer is nearby.
  • Fixed the issue where the Mad Screaming Orc Warrior would stand up awkwardly when attacked by an attack which should lift and knock it down.
  • The location where the boss is spawned for the [Boss] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp quest has been changed from Velia Beach to Altar of Agris.
  • Fixed the issue where Red Nose boss monster would not have a weapon.


  • Changed the text for the following quests.
  • Changed the icon for the quest Support from the Church.
  • The color of the highlighted text in the following quests has been changed.
    • The Confession I
    • The Confession II
    • Rising Black Energy
    • Down in the Deep
  • The button “Lost Weapon of Basteer” in the Black Spirit window will now only appear to adventurers who are Lv. 45 or below.
  • Fixed the issue where the following daily quests in the Quest window (O)>Recommended>[Lv.46] Departure! Path to Hunting would appear even when they were completed.
    • [Daily] Easy Game
    • [Daily] Hunter’s Honor
    • [Daily] The Reckless One
  • Fixed the issue where you could keep handing in items to NPCs for the following quests even after the quests were completed.
    • [Gathering] Strong Timber
    • [Processing] The Beauty of Planks
    • [Processing] Glossy Plywood
    • [Gathering] Ow, My Stomach
  • Changed the quest objective icon for the quest Warmish Life (?).
  • Changed the quest objective icon for the quest With an Elixir’s Power.
  • Fixed the recipe for Steamed Seafood in the quest summary of [Cooking Lv23] Stamina Food of the Sea.
  • Fixed the recipe for Seafood Pasta in the quest summary of [Cooking Lv26] I Can Never Forget!
  • The conditions for completing the Trading with the Shen Merchant Guild #2 quest has been changed.
    • Before: Craft the Apprentice’s Alchemy Box using Imperial Alchemy
    • Now: Hand over Clear Liquid Reagent
    • Before: Earn silver by delivering the Apprentice’s Alchemy Box to the Imperial Delivery Manager
    • Now: Hand over Pure Powder Reagent
  • The auto-navigate feature will now take you to the destination to complete The Isolated Supply Route quest (which is an existing main quest).
  • Adventurers who are going through the renewed quests can now accept the [ADV] Beginning of the New Journey quest which is provided by Rulupee of the Inn in Altinova.
    • However, since this is a Family quest, characters who have already completed the quest cannot accept the quest.
  • We resolved the issue where adventurers who have completed all the series of The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria quest series prior to its revamp on April 3 could not complete the Discovered and Undiscovered quest.
    • Therefore adventurers who were affected have forfeited the quest mentioned above, yet were given the First Time in Margoria quest from the Black Spirit so that the series of Margoria quests can be completed.
    • Adventurers who have completed all of the series of Margoria quests prior to April 3 have already received the rewards for the Discovered and Undiscovered quest, therefore will now receive additional quest rewards from the First Time in Margoria quest.
    • The quest completion conditions for the Discovered and Undiscovered quest has changed from “Restore Old Treasure from Blacksmith Bindo” to “Talk to Blacksmith Bindo”. Once you complete the quest conditions, you can restore the Old Treasure from Bindo.
    • Added a list of items which can be restored based on quantity of the Old Treasure item. The list can be viewed on the item description.
    • Added the First Time in Margoria quest to the quest Recommended tab.
    • Added a warning message on the quest completion text for Treasure of the Ancient Shrine I-VI.
  • The conditions for receiving the Welcome to Altinova! quest has changed like the following:
    • Reach Lv. 52 or higher -> Reach Lv. 52 and complete the Bridle of Destiny quest.
  • Certain Gain Knowledge buttons will no longer be displayed after they have been obtained.
  • Added gender conditions for accepting the [Repeat] Bad Hair Day and [Repeat] Violence is not the Answer quests.
  • The “[Daily] To Become Karlstein” quest which was displayed at the bottom of the Suggested tab’s “Karlstein Outfit Crafting: The One Who Follows the Path of Vetor”, has been moved to the Recurring tab.
  • Fixed the issue where quests which cannot be accepted due to the quest renewals were being displayed on the Recommended quest list within the Quest window.


  • Changed the text of the knowledge entry “The Weakness of Azunak’s Guardian Snake.”
  • You can now also get the knowledge for Valencian Mission from Ganin Arth at Ancient Ruins Excavation Site.
  • Fixed the issue where an unattainable knowledge entry related to a “Merchant for Returning Adventurers” was being referred to.

  • A notification icon for the Dark Rift will now appear when you reach Lv. 56.
  • Fixed the issue where the guide which is intended to only show up when you first discover a mount was appearing in irrelevant situations.
  • Added a background color to the Quick Slots to make them more visible.
  • Fixed the issue where the border colors (rewards, knowledge, EXP,  etc.) would change within the Quest window .
  • Improvements were made so that certain UI does not take up memory.
  • Mount skills will now appear in the skill guide when boarding a mount.
  • Fixed the issue where the skill guide would not appear when getting off from a mount.
  • When you come out of the Stable after finding your first mount, a guide text will now appear on the mount icon at the top left of the screen.
  • You can now select Tier 1 Nodes through the Node War Information tab’s Tax Grade section from the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue where the icon tooltip would disappear when joining a party.
  • The “Slots” and “View as List” buttons within the Central Market’s Sell tab will reflect the latest view you selected.
  • You can now view the tax benefits of Tier 1 Nodes (Easy/Medium/Hard) through the Node Tax Info. window from Node Management NPC’s.
  • When you have items which do not stack together with items which are stackable when Processing, the same items will not have the “Processing” button anymore.
  • Fixed the issue where the Node Manager names would bleed out of the Node Information window in the World Map (M).
  • The detection area of the scrollbar has been expanded for all of the UI’s in the game.
  • When using Party Assembly and Return of an Archaeologist, the icon on the top right side of the screen will now disappear after the time limit expires.
  • Fixed the issue where the Upgrade sound effect would play even when using the Upgrade Now feature.
  • Fixed the issue where the Attendance Rewards window would occasionally look abnormal.
  • Fixed the issue where certain items would occasionally not appear when searching items at the Central Market.
  • Fixed the issue where NPC interaction buttons would occasionally not work.

  • Fixed the issue where Mael Costa at Costa Farm would not lend you the Small Fence.
  • Fixed the issue where you were able to turn abnormally quickly using the controller pad while riding a ship.

Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone

how to craft reform stone bdo

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In case I haven’t said this enough, Black Desert Online ain’t your average MMO. And one of the places that is more apparent is when gearing your character. It can be a confusing process thanks to BDO’s not-so-great localization and how different it is from typical MMORPGs. I’m going to spell it all out for you in this guide, showing you how to upgrade equipment while demystifying some of the more obtuse concepts—like what the hell a ‘fail stack’ is.

As well as explaining how all of this works, this article should demonstrate, to those who aren’t convinced, that BDO is worth a look even if you’re burnt out on traditional entries in the genre.

How Equipment Differs From Most MMOs

In most MMOs, players are used to being handed a steady stream of marginally better gear as they work towards max level, but Black Desert treats its equipment system quite differently.

For starters, gear doesn’t have level restrictions, meaning a level one character can be decked out in the most powerful endgame gear. Don’t worry though, they won’t have the skills to make good use of it so you won’t get your ass kicked by a brand new player in sweet gear. There’s also quite a small selection of equipment to choose from, and you’ll typically only swap pieces a few times on your journey to level 50.

Finding gear can also be a bit challenging. With only a few options to choose from, tracking down where each piece resides can be a headache. By and large, the easiest way is to earn as much silver as you can and purchase everything from the player marketplace. There are a few valuable pieces that can be purchased from certain NPC merchants, and others that you’ll find grinding certain monsters or bosses. But by putting crafting skills to good use, you can make more than enough money to cover your equipment costs.

How to Upgrade Your Gear

Because gear isn’t level restricted, even the pieces considered valuable for endgame will start out relatively weak. In order to make them stronger, you need to upgrade them through three methods: transfusion, enhancing, and quality upgrading. Let’s explore each.


A pretty familiar concept to any RPG player. Using crystals with specific stat bonuses (like +1 attack speed), you slot them into sockets on a given piece of equipment and gain that stat bonus. In order to do this, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘transfusion’ option from his dialogue.

Starting out, focus on increasing your accuracy, which will help you to hit high level monsters easier and make leveling a breeze. Later, transfusion will play a crucial step in rounding out your character’s stats. You can read the recommended crystals to use for each class over on Black Desert Foundry in their class guides section.


Enhancing is the most important way to upgrade your gear. Around level 27, your black spirit companion will give you a series of quests that walk you through the steps, but you’re more than able to get started early if you have all the materials. To enhance your equipment, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘enhance’ option.

Using black stones, which can be found on level 25+ monsters or purchased on the marketplace, you can increase the base stats on a piece of gear up to 15 times, adding +1 to the name of the item for each success. Enhancing any item up to a certain point is pretty easy, but beyond that can become very resource intensive. Let’s break it down.

For armor, enhancing it up to +5 has a 100% chance of succeeding. Beyond that, your chances decrease significantly. Weapons can be safely enchanted up to +7 before risking failure.

Accessories are a bit different in that you don’t enhance them using black stones but another version of that same accessory. They always have a high chance of failure, but they’re also not as crucial to upgrade and can only go up to +5. Once you’ve successfully combined two, you’ll create a +1 version of that accessory. To increase your odds of getting a +2, use another +1 instead of the +0 version of an item. Just keep in mind that if you fail the enhancement, both accessories will be destroyed.

Failing an enhancement for weapons and armor doesn’t have the same consequence, thankfully. The black stone you used will be destroyed, and the equipment you tried to enhance will lose maximum durability. Fail enough times and that item’s maximum durability will fall so low that you’ll be unable to use it. The only way to restore that item’s durability is to acquire another version of that same item and take both to a blacksmith to be repaired. When you’ve dropped a few million silver on getting one piece of equipment, having to buy another one can really add up.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining to this in that, for each successive failure while enhancing, you earn what’s called a ‘fail stack’. Fail stacks are a hidden bonus that increases your chances of a successful enhance, and for every failure that chance gets higher.

Now let’s say we’re trying to enhance a weapon from +14 to +15. That comes with a massively reduced chance to succeed, around 20%. You could throw away a ton of black stones and lower the item’s durability trying to luck out, or you can use a much smarter method by exploiting fail stacks.

Remember how I said accessories have a really high chance to fail when enhancing? That’s a good thing because some early-game accessories are also dirt cheap. By purchasing several dozen of the same kind, we can combine them together and hope that they fail. Each time that they do the next enhancement has a better chance to succeed. To maximize our odds, create several +1 accessories and then try and combine them with their weaker +0 versions. The odds are so low that you should easily acquire a dozen fail stacks. Once you have as many as you think you can manage without accidentally succeeding, you can use that increased chance to succeed on the item you’re actually trying to enhance — often saving some precious silver instead of wasting it on destroyed black stones or sacrificial equipment to repair lost durability.

Getting all of your gear to +15 will take a long time, but it’s also not something you need to fret about unless you aim to be one of the top PVPers in the game. Once you’re around level 30 and start finding black stones while killing monsters, consider purchasing whatever best-in-slot equipment you can for your class. An entry level endgame set will cost you just under a million silver, which isn’t a great deal if you’ve been investing in your crafting skills or grinding monsters and selling loot drops.

Quality Upgrading

The final step in the process should only be completed once you’ve already achieved +15 on a piece of equipment, as doing so will significantly increase the costs of repairing max durability. Upgrading the quality will essentially transform the rarity of your equipment, taking it from a common green to rare blue to the coveted yellow. Doing so will also unlock extra stats, which can make that piece of gear all the more powerful.

To do this, you’re going to need to purchase special workshops located within cities while also acquiring some special materials needed for the upgrade. To find out more about purchasing homes, you can reference our production guide. which goes through the process, though if you’ve upgraded your equipment to +15 and haven’t bought a house at this point, I’d be amazed.

Upgrading from green to blue will always succeed, while blue to yellow has a random chance of success. Don’t worry though, all you’ll lose is some maximum durability and your materials if you fail, not the equipment itself. Unfortunately, fail stacks don’t seem to apply here, so you’ll just need to try your luck.

Final Thoughts and Some Quick Tips

With all of this spelled out, you should be able to start hunting down some nice pieces of gear and working towards a killer endgame set of equipment. Each class has their own preferences for which stats they should prioritize. However, just about every class flourishes using the Grunil armor set along with Yuria weapons and Bares accessories. Rangers are the only ones who work better with the Heve armor set instead, but still use the same Bares accessories and Yuria weapons.

Fortunately, all of those items are readily available on the marketplace for reasonable amounts of money. Even better, Yuria weapons can be purchased directly from an NPC named Ronatz in Calpheon City (use the NPC search button to find him!). You’ll need to befriend him first using the conversation minigame, but he’ll sell Yuria weapons for 90,000 silver, which is quite a steal.

For more advanced gear choices, you can reference your class on Black Desert Foundry, which will also show you where to find the ultra rare gear for building the ultimate warrior.

Now go forth and enhance!

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: BLACK DESERT online ultimate reform stones how to make them from grade 3 reform stones

This reform stone can be used when attempting to reform a weapon. – How to Obtain: Crafting at a Refinery; Exchange Hunter's Seal x5 with Thyshelle Arms.

Black Desert Online – 10.04.2019 Patch Notes | The Egg Hunt

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Failing an enchant with a concentrated black stone will give 2-5 failstacks (depending on enchant level) and reduce max durability by 10.

When enchanting beyond duo a fail may also lead to the item degrading and going back 1 enchant level.

On accessoires, a fail means that the item is destroyed and you gain 1 failstack.

Q: How do i recover the maximum durability?

Option 1: recover the maximum durability on a weapon/armor by sacrificing 1 of the same base item. Each sacrificed item restores 10 durability.

Option 2: Sacrifice a Memory Fragment to restore the durability. The amount restored, depends on the quality of the item you use it on. 5 durability for green items, 2 for blue and 1 for yellow. (due to the high price of memory fragments, it’s only worth to use them on very expensive items, like boss gear)

For doing so, head to a blacksmith, select repair and then recover max durability, select the item you want to repair and then add the item you wanna sacrifice, select continuous if you have more than 1 item to sacrifice.

Another important item to mention here is Artisan’s Memory. This item can be acquired in the pearl or loyalty shop and will increase the amount of durability restored by 4 times.

example: i use a blue base quality item and sacrifice the same item with an artisan’s memory, this recovers 40 durability.
if i’d use 1 memory fragments to restore the durability, i’d recover 8 durability with an artisan’s memory.

Artisan’s memories should only be used on items of blue/yellow base quality obviously, not worth wasting them on green gear.

You also have a tiny chance to get 1 maximum durability back when repairing equipment.

Q: What are failstacks In Black Desert?

Basically, each failed enchant gives you a slightly higher chance to succeed on the next enchant attempt (who would’ve guessed, eh?).
Important to note here:
– failstacks are character bound, not item or family
– the enchant chance is based on how high the item is enchanted (a +7 has a higher success chance than a +14 item)
– maximum success chance with failstacks has a softcap, based on the item and enhancement level. that means after hitting a certain amount the success chance per fail stack will increase by a lower amount.

Things to take away from this:
– high failstacks should be used on higher enchanted items, since these have lower success rates (also, because they can degrade above duo or get outright destroyed if accessoires)
– failstacks that are higher than the cap of the item you want to enchant should be saved and used on an item with a higher cap
– save a failstack by swapping to a different character and enchanting on that one. sometimes that means you have to build a new stack first, but you are saving money long-term by doing so (if you run out of chars to save them you can save them into a blacksmiths secret book too, sold by any blacksmith. these cost a bit tho so better to use chars)

For example: when enchanting green gear to +15, you might end up with a failstack of 15-20, it’s better to switch character, because the stack is too valuable for green gear of that enchant level.

There are various guides out there on how to failstack properly, i won’t go deeper into it here.
So i’ll just link a Guide to failstacking and a Table with recommended failstack values .
You can degrade items back from +15 to +14 at Priests (can be found in Churches in major towns) for 100k Silver.

Old method: *Note that you will want one low level alt with negative karma though to degrade items from +15 back to +14 (pve deaths with negative karma have a chance to degrade gear. -1k karma to be attacked by guards in town, below lvl 10 to be able to instantly revive on the spot in balenos region, kill horses to lower karma on the char)*

Q: How does Quality work?

Gear is divided into white, green, blue and yellow quality. White quality gear is mostly just very early game stuff, so it can be pretty much ignored (although it can be useful for failstacking).

Weapons and Armors that are not Boss gear can be reformed into better quality.
Increasing the quality yields higher AP/DP on the item as well as extra bonuses.
You can reform into yellow(ultimate) quality which gives different bonuses depending on the equipment slot.

Mainhand weapons gain +1 atk or cast spd, +1 crit, a base ap increase and a notable accuracy boost.
offhands gain a base stat increase and +10% extra special attack damage (special attack includes stuff like critical, back, down attacks, etc.).
Awakening weapons gain +2 AP and Armor gains extra DP.

Reforming needs reform stones, there are different versions of those. Grade 1 to 3 reform stones have a chance to upgrade, that can fail, while ultimate reform stones have a 100% chance to succeed. Awakening weapons can only be reformed with ultimate stones.
Ultimate weapon/armor reform stones are made by heating 1x Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard with 10x Grade 3 reform stone Weapon/Armor respectively.

To reform an item simply summon the Black Spirit and choose reform.

Keep in mind that reforming will decrease the amount of durability that Memory Fragments restore. But you can still sacrifice the base item to restore the durability on reformed items.

Enchant rate stays the same on reformed gear. Base quality is what matters.

Ultimate quality items cannot be registered on the central marketplace and first need to be downgraded to green quality via Blacksmith or Arms Dealer NPC.

Gearing Up In BDO/Black Desert Online

I’ll be going over some gear you should be getting as a beginner, so when i say “this is the best” it doesn’t necessarily mean best-in-slot, rather it means the best item to get as a beginner.

Q: Can i get a TL;DR?

Rosar Weapon, Accuracy offhand(not setbonus) depending on class.
Grunil set or strength of heve+roaring magical armor

whatever trashy accessories you can get are fine till your gear is good enough to farm Asula 5 Set + get 1x General Accessoire.

Q: What weapon and offhand should i use?

Rosar mainhand is a good one to use early on right now. It offers the highest AP and 2 crystal slots. Bares is a similarly good option with only 1 crystal slot and lower ap but all species dmg to make up for it. Another good option is Azwell, as it offers higher accuracy in exchange for 1 less ap than Rosar and only 1 Crystal slot. Elsh is another very good option, highest accuracy out of all non-boss weapons, relatively low ap, but +species dmg to make up for it. It’s a bit rare though and unreliable to get in larger quantities.

For the offhand, you want to use the one with +accuracy(not in the set bonus), even if it offers less AP or DP than other offhand. The dim magical one you get for free is somewhat okay’ ish for the time being but immediately turns to shit if you upgrade it to the later stages (freed/roaring) as it only has 1 crystal slot then and lower accuracy.
(wizard/witch can use the steel dagger, since they already get pretty high accuracy from their skills)

Q: What armor should I get?

Get a full set of Heve or Grunil *. Once you’re at level 52 you get the dim magical armor from the black spirit questline (that means you have to do the main quests up till mediah). Replace the Heve main armor with that. The dim magical armor can be upgraded later and once at its final stage it gives 50 hp 20 accuracy and as much DP as a pri (aka +16) heve/grunil. And that for free.

*Hint: don’t upgrade your heve/grunil chest armor above the safe enchant (+5), that way you can simply extract the blackstones at a blacksmith later and you get all of them back. Can also substitute the heve/grunil chest for something else, just make sure to get heve/grunil pieces for the 3 other slots

Q: What accessories should I get? Are the black spirit quest rewards okay?

The quest rewards are okay as an absolute beginner, but you should aim to replace them with something better when you can afford it.

There is a large variety of possible accessories to grab, I’ll list a couple for each slot that is okay.
(don’t invest too much into accessory upgrades early on, you get more from upgrading your weapons instead.).

A rather cheap option at the beginning is the Root Treant set, not offering a lot of AP but good bonus stats(very high accuracy and some extra LT) or you can use some cheap bares accessories. The root treant set also has another drop-only version, the treant spirit set, offering slightly less ap but almost no accuracy. Comparable to Jarrete, but better bonuses. You can mix both sets for the set bonus.

Grinding in mediah one can get the Asula Set which is drop-only and can’t be traded. This can potentially take a long time to get all pieces but it’s decently powerful and will save you lots of silver. Since it’s family-bound there is no resale value once you progress to something better, can still be used to level alt chars at least.

You can get 1 asula ring early in the Mediah black spirit main questline, which can save you a lot of grinding.
As of now, the Asula set is enchantable, but it’s not 100% and enchanting it only provides +ap vs monsters, some accuracy, and dp. Generally, it’s probably better to move on to real accessories instead of wasting time and silver(in the form of failstacks) on enchanting asula, altho getting it to pri or duo might be an option.

Also, get 1 general’s accessoire from the questline (53-58), it offers a lot of +monster damage (close to 1:1ap) while not having much normal ap. Decently strong and can easily be combined with a 5 piece asula set (belt or earring are both good choices, the ring is not quite as recommendable). Due to how AP scaling works, it will eventually be replaced though.

Later on, you can also get a rather decent (8ap, 14 acc) earring from kamasylve mainquestline and even later (requires Val pt1 and Kama pt1+2 mq) a Ring with 11 ap from this quest.

Q: I got this expensive accessory from an event, it’s better than what i have right now, should i use that?

No, you should sell it. The enchanted versions of the cheaper accessoires are either equivalent or better than these expensive items and the money from selling them is better used for progressing your gear instead till you can actually afford those expensive items at higher enchant levels.

Example: Ogre Ring +0 has 10 AP and is worth 95m, while an Asula Necklace already offers 11 ap and is pretty much free.

*Note: the only expensive items you shouldn’t sell usually are boss pieces, like bheg’s/leebur’s gloves, muskan’s/urugon’s shoes, dim tree spirit armor or giaths/griffons helmet. Accessories are fine to sell usually though*

Q: What should I prioritize when upgrading my gear in BDO?

Usually you want to prioritize your Weapon and Offhand, armor on the side and accessoires last. Always go with the option that gives you the best AP/DP per silver invested.

Don’t skimp out on accuracy in favor of AP though. It doesn’t help to hit harder if you miss your attacks.

Q:  Is it better to buy enhanced gear or should i enchant myself?

It’s not that hard to enchant green weapons/armor to +15 nowadays, usually around 40-50 blackstones is enough for 0-15 on a green item. So it’s rather easy to do and will spend less silver or roughly the same amount on it.
But since the introduction of +15 gear dropping it is relatively easy to find it pre-enhanced too.

For accessoires it’s usually cheaper to buy them pre-enhanced, but it can take a while for them to pop up on the market.

Similarly, higher enhanced versions of weapons/armor will not be up that often on the market or very expensive and if you don’t wanna wait for a long time, it might be better to do it yourself instead of waiting.

Q: What Crystals should i transfuse into my gear as a beginner?

Shoes- use two +2 movespeed or +1 movespeed +20 LT

For the chest armor you probably want Cobelinus (+100HP +20 weight limit), these are a bit expensive at around 1m and not really worth to get till you have the Roaring magical armor though. Till then you can use any cheap crystal instead.

Helmet – 2x Evasion crystal or if you have any the +10% combat xp ones. Caster classes (Wizard/Witch/Sorceress/Valkyrie) can use the +2 casting speed crystals instead.

Gloves – two +2 attack speed crystals (casters can use critical instead or accuracy, cast spd if you got xp gem in helmet)

Mainhand – accuracy or ap crystals

Offhand – AP

(Note: these are really just >beginner< choices, your late game crystal setup can vastly differ, check your respective class discords for recommended endgame setups)

Q: I got to level 56, what awakening weapon should I use? I got a green +10 and a blue one from the quest, which one should I enchant?

As a beginner, you most likely cannot afford to enchant the blue one very high directly. For the time being it can be better to use a green one (Altinova Arms vendor sells them for silver so they are easy to repair) and enchant that to +15/pri/duo or tri at most. Transition to the blue one or skip to the yellow one (dandelion) when you can afford it.

A newly added blue awakening weapon “Hughol’s Awakening Weapon” can be crafted at Duvencrune and then upgraded to “Dragonslayer Awakening Weapon” which is almost equal to Dandelion, but easier to repair.

Q: Now i use my awakening weapon all the time, do i still need my pre-awakening weapon?

Yes you do. A few percent of your pre-awakening weapons AP are transferred to your awakening skill dmg. The accuracy on it transfers and the crystal effects and item effect from ultimate/boss weapons apply too. And you’ll need it later when you start using your absolute skills more.

Don’t slack on keeping your pre-awakening weapon up-to-date, even if it doesn’t give you more awakening ap in the stat screen.

Q: Speaking of better gear, should i get a liverto or kzarka or offin to replace my green weapon?

I generally would advise against getting a Liverto, as it is quite expensive for what it offers (slight accuracy and ap upgrade over most greens and +3 crit instead of +1 atk/cast & crit that ult greens have) and the better option here is usually to instead save the money and get a kzarka instead.
Kzarka is a large upgrade over green weapons though, offering +3 atk or cast speed, higher ap and accuracy as well as a good amount of species damage and 2 gem slots.
The other boss option is Offin Tett, offering the same accuracy as liverto, 2 gem slots, 2 atk/cast spd and 2 crit. It’s usually much harder to get though compared to kzarka.

A recently added challenge reward will give you a +15 Liverto once per family upon reaching lvl55, which makes it somewhat worth using, albeit it’s probably still not advisable to take it any higher than Duo due to the high cost, which is better saved for getting a Kzarka later or other gear upgrades.

Q: Is it worth upgrading to Lemoria or Akums Armor?

Lemoria is usually considered extremely bad due to having only 1 Crystal Slot. Akums, on the other hand, is a rather respectable option, having 2 Crystal Slots and being able to be reformed to ultimate. It still carries the same problem of being rather expensive to upgrade compared to what it offers, making skipping directly to Boss gear an attractive option.

Q: I got all that done and now i want to transition to boss armor, what should i get first?

The priority list goes bheg’s gloves /Leebur’s Gloves>>> muskan’s shoes / urugon’s shoes > dim tree spirit’s armor >> giath’s helmet./ griffon’s helmet

Bhegs gloves are the most important piece by far and the one you should aim to get first and foremost. Once you got it high enough enchanted to be somewhat on par with your current ones, you can swap them in. Also Urugons shoes are preferred in the current meta over muskan. Griffons helmet over Giath, but the difference is much smaller here. Bhegs are preferable over Leeburs, since they give less accuracy and are more evasion focused.

Q: What boss offhand should I go for? Best Boss Offhand

Generally you will be sticking with your green offhand for a long time (at least till you have kzarka and maybe even bhegs) then you can afford to run a Kutum accuracy wise.
Kutum offers a good variety of stats, ap, dp, little bit of accuracy and a big amount of ap vs monsters as well as 2 gem slots. This makes Kutum the BiS offhand for pve and a decent option in pvp.

The other bosshand nouver only offers pure ap, tiny amount of dr, zero accuracy and 2 gem slots. Meaning it is mostly only useful for people that already have a lot of accuracy from gear and want to go for a more dmg focused build in pvp. For very specific AP numbers Nouver can overtake Kutum in pve.

Both boss offhands can be reformed with a drop from the Boss Garmoth, for +150HP, 10% special attack evasion and +100 Stamina.

how to craft reform stone bdo

Black Desert Online – Patch Notes | The Egg Hunt . Yellow grade equipment can be registered after the reform stone has been extracted When Crafting from the Workshop, you can obtain the original crafting.

how to craft reform stone bdo
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