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How to craft scirrors

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How to craft scirrors
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Most lists of must-have craft tools, while helpful, list items for a very wide variety of crafts:

  • spinning wheels
  • sewing machines
  • paint
  • jewelry pliers
  • tissue paper
  • craft glue

However, most crafters don’t participate in all crafts (OK, so Martha Stewart does, but I think we can agree, she’s an anomaly), so many items won’t apply to each person.

There is a genre, however, that pretty much all crafters must have on their craft tools list: cutting tools. Most every type of craft involves some form of cutting, so requires some type of craft tool for that purpose.

Here we delve into Slice’s cutting arts and crafts tools and discuss what types of crafts they are particularly well suited for. From well-loved standards like scissors and craft knives to new discoveries and must-haves, here’s how you can beef up your craft tools supply.

Wait Up: Why Slice?

Slice has created some designs that are like no other, such as the Precision Cutter, the Precision Knife, and the Safety Cutter (more on those in a minute). Customers rave about how easy our craft cutters are to use and that they fill a need better than most—if not all—other tools they’ve previously used. This is likely because there’s nothing else like them on the market.

Slice tools are also safer than other cutters on the market, which almost exclusively feature metal blades. Slice blades are ceramic, made of extremely hard 100 percent zirconium oxide.

The advanced and proprietary shape of the blade is finger-friendly®—that is, resistant to cutting skin (unlike any other ceramic blade). This means that not only are these products great for crafters in general, they’re also appropriate for seniors, children, and others who may not be as steady or adept at using cutting tools.

Additionally, Slice blades last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Metal blades dull quickly, which also makes them more dangerous and less precise as they age. Safer and great value: those are just some “that’s why Slice crafting tools” answers.

The Pen-Like Precision Cutter

An increasingly popular Slice cutting tool is the highly maneuverable Precision Cutter. This stylish wonder is held just like a pen, so it’s easy to use, even for younger people, for whom learning to use scissors can be a challenge. Its very small blade increases its maneuverability—read: it is fantastic with detail work—as well as safety. Think of it as a cutting instrument that moves like a drawing instrument.

Because of its small blade and precise nature, the Precision Cutter is excellent for any craft that calls for thinner materials like paper. Scratchboard artists sing its praises, and it is rapidly becoming one of their favorite scratchboard tools. Airbrush artists are using this tool for cutting frisket film. RC model makers will enjoy how well it glides through shrink wrap. Check it out:

As of 2019, Slice introduced a newer version of the Precision Cutter. This features the same micro-ceramic blade as the original green cutter, but now the blades are replaceable. If you’re interested in cutting performance, both tools cut the same way, so any review that applies to the 00116 Precision Cutter will also apply to the 10416 Precision Cutter (New).

Essential Crafting Tools: Scissors

As with all of the Slice products, the Ceramic Scissors utilize a ceramic, finger-friendly blade. This makes them a great substitution for the commonly underperforming safety scissors found in most grammar school classrooms.

This easy-grip tool can cut just about anything required for arts and crafts projects done with young ones. Construction paper, cotton balls, felt? No problem. Learn more about kids using scissors in “Children’s Scissors: Finding a Safe and Effective Pair.”

For adult crafters, the Slice Ceramic Scissors are excellent for cutting paper, vinyl, even copper wire. They are particularly useful for long, straight cuts. So not only are they great for everyday use, they also come in handy for scrapbooking or any other paper-based crafts, as well as cutting the rigid vinyl plastic sheets and appliqué paper used in quilting. Our 10546 pointed scissors are especially helpful if you’re initiating a cut in the middle of your material.

A Must Go-To: The Craft Knife

Part of the Precision Knives lineup, the Craft Knife features a longer blade than the Precision Cutter but is still very maneuverable and easy to control, and the handle features a no-slip grip. The Craft Cutter’s fixed blade is also replaceable.

If you need to know how to cut felt, the Craft Knife, as well as many other Slice craft cutters, can handle this material with ease.

In fact, this is a primo all-around choice for cutting a wide variety of materials: paper, RC model shrink wrap, quilting appliqué paper and vinyl, scratchboard, foam core, leather, vinyl and polycarbonate sheets, even crêpe paper. Watch it cleanly cut that last delicate material:

With its far-ranging usefulness, the Craft Knife is the go-to for most any crafter, from model makers to scrapbookers, home décor DIYers to leathercrafters. Read about how much master leathersmith Joshua Watts enjoys his Slice tools in “Choosing Leather Cutting Tools that Make the Cut.”

New in Craft Tools: The Precision Knife

This is another innovative Slice design, and the name says it all. The Precision Knife’s “ring” handle offers excellent control as well as comfort.

This tool features the same replaceable blade as the Craft Knife so is appropriate for many of the same uses. However, it truly shines in situations calling for really intricate work. It also works well for sculpting materials like clay, or for carving pumpkins.

The Small but Mighty Safety Cutter

This one-of-a-kind little powerhouse works great on paper as well as other thin materials like vinyl and polycarbonate sheets, frisket film, and the aforementioned quilting materials. The Safety Cutter lives up to its name: the blade is micro and the grippy surface means it doesn’t slip. Additionally, its design is ergonomic, so it fits naturally in the hand.

This tool is excellent for cuts that are less intricate. There’s even a little hole at the top of the cutter, and some people have been known to carry one on their keychain for on-the-go cuts, with nary a nick or injury. In addition to your crafts, use the Safety Cutter for items like coupons, envelopes, and packing tape.

What’s Your Craft?

There is a huge variety of crafting tools on the market. A walk through any craft store will confirm that. But one thing every crafter needs is something that cuts. And Slice has a tool for that. Do you work with an uncommon material or one not mentioned here and want to know what tool will work for you? Contact Slice and we’ll test out our cutting craft tools to find the best one (or ones) for the job.

Further Reading:

No matter your hobby or creative passion, craft tools, especially those used for cutting, make it fun and easy.


When it comes to choosing the best scissors for your office or classroom, you may take a pause. Most people don’t consider whether there are “better” or “worse” scissors. They may not even know there are different types of scissors. But if you work in an office or a schoolroom, they’re probably a tool you use every day. In this case, you probably know that scissors come in many different varieties.

There are many variables to consider when choosing a pair of scissors.

The comfort of the grip. There are plastic-grip scissors and cushion-grip scissors, so depending on your price point and the expected frequency of your use, you could consider investing in scissors more forgiving on your hands.

The sharpness and size of the blade. Scissors aren’t all created equal, and different scissors exist for different needs. Scissors for paper crafts have special requirements for optimal performance.

The efficacy of the cut. Certain scissors, like those used for office work, need to be able to handle high-volume cutting jobs.

The purpose of the scissors. Will you be using your scissors for crafts, office work, or cooking? Different scissors are made for different things, so don’t buy a standard pair of general scissors and expect them to work well on mediums other than paper.

Who’s using the scissors? There are specially-designed scissors for those with special needs, like those who are left-handed, have carpal tunnel syndrome or suffer from arthritis. These scissors may have a specialty grip, an interior spring, or another type of accommodation for more comfortable use. Children, too, require specialty scissors, those with safety locks and other details tailored to small hands.

In short, if you are buying office or classroom supplies, the number of options may surprise you. This article will serve as an easy guide to the different types of scissors you can use and determining which may be the best for your needs.

A general overview of scissors types includes

  • Pinking Shears
  • Office Scissors (also called Standard Scissors, Multipurpose Scissors, All-Purpose Scissors, or Mixed Media Scissors)
  • Craft Scissors
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Easy Grip Scissors (also called Mini Loops Scissors)
  • Nonstick Scissors
  • Heavy-Duty Scissors
  • Detail Scissors (also called Precision Scissors)
  • Fringe Scissors

As you can imagine, the uses for these scissors vary widely, and some choices may be better than others for your needs. So, how do you choose from this wide variety of cutting tools?

Pinking Shears

These scissors are common. You have probably seen them in households and offices everywhere. Large, sturdy, and traditional, they are used for many different materials and cuts. Pinking shearshave blades with serrated edges that result in a subtle zigzag pattern along the cut. Despite their size, they are excellent for small or highly detailed work. In crafting, pinking shears are usually used to make clean cuts in fabric while avoiding frayed edges. They can also be used for decorative cuts like paper crafting or teacher bulletin boards. 

Office Scissors

Office scissorsare also known as standard, multipurpose, all-purpose, or mixed-media scissors. They are kind of scissors you will probably find in most offices. These are some of the best all-purpose scissors, preferred by many people for general cutting. Office scissors have a straight, traditional blade. This allows for use on paper, fabric, and many other kinds of materials. They are perhaps best suited to performing regular office activities. However, they can also be a viable option for some crafts and specialty cutting jobs.

Kitchen Scissors

When it comes to kitchen scissors, you can find pairs that have all the bells and whistles, but the best ones might be the simplest. These scissors can be used for all sorts of cooking tasks, everything from slicing open food packages to cutting through meat or pasta. An important handy feature that good kitchen scissors should have is removable blades for easy cleaning.

Craft Scissors

Craft scissorsare frequently found in elementary school classrooms since they’re an appropriate choice for young children. They’re made for single or short-term use and are safe for small hands. Craft scissors have an easy, comfortable soft handle. They are also suitable for cutting a variety of materials like construction paper, fabric, and paper. Craft scissors come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. This makes it easy to customize them to your needs, whether you need jumbo scissors or child-size ones.

Decorative Scissors

Decorative scissors are the best scissors for doing detailed work. As the name implies, these are excellent paper craft scissors because they have patterned blades which make it easy to cut decorative patterns in paper. Patterns on decorative scissor blades vary from simple to detailed and often come in multipacks. You are probably unlikely to use decorative scissors in an office, but they are a great choice for doing crafts in the classroom or craft room . There are also many options for child-friendly and soft-grip scissors with decorative blades.

Easy Grip Scissors

Easy grip scissors, also known as mini loop scissors, are perfect for classroom use. Their ergonomic design makes them easy for children to use. This is especially helpful when children are learning how to cut with scissors. They are fitted with a special spring that requires gentle pressure to open and close. They also open on their own, making them operable with only the fingers and the thumb or palm. They can be used with either the right or the left hand. This eliminates the need to get special scissors for left-handed users. They are also the perfect grip scissors for children and adults with special needs, since they allow for different holds and open and close easily. Easi Gripis one well-known brand of mini loop scissors.

Nonstick Scissors/Titanium Scissors

Nonstick scissors(or titanium scissorsare great choices for classroom, home, and office work alike. These scissors have a special coating on the blades that allow you to cut sticky materials such as tape and sticky tack. This makes them an excellent choice for crafting or shipping, since you often have to work with adhesives. If you use scissors for crafting or cutting sticky materials, investing in nonstick scissors is wise.

Heavy-Duty Scissors

Heavy-duty scissorsare made to cut a variety of materials both thick and thin. They are joined by a special joint blade that helps them fit the thickness of the material you are cutting. This makes any kind of cutting smooth and easy. Heavy-duty scissors have more strength than the average scissors — even the best general-purpose scissors. This makes them a great choice for cutting materials like cardboard, cork, or even some types of thin wood or metal. If you need scissors that are suited to a large range of materials, these are some of the best multipurpose scissorsyou can find.

Detail Scissors

Detail scissorshave very small, sharp blades. They are smaller than average, and are a great choice for detailed or precise cutting work. This includes working around corners and cutting small patterns. Although large scissors may be more useful for regular office work, there are also many uses for detail scissors. However, these might be less frequently needed than your best office scissors. If you often do delicate cutting work, it may be worth it to get a good pair of detail scissors. These will be able to achieve the precision that general-purpose scissors cannot.

Fringe Scissors/Shredding Scissors

Fringe scissors, or shredding scissors, are highly specialized. These scissors have multiple blades with standard easy scissor grip handles. They may have as many as five blades, which make it quick and easy to shred paper. In classrooms, this is a terrific way to make confetti in just a few easy steps. This makes fringe scissors some of the best craft scissors to have on hand. Even if you are not using fringe scissors for crafting, they can be useful. For one thing, they are an easy alternative to paper shredders. They make it simple to protect private information and dispose of sensitive papers or receipts. If you need to dispose of personal information on a regular basis, fringe scissors are an excellent choice.

So which are the best scissors?

When it comes to choosing the best scissors for your office, home, or classroom, there are many different things to consider. Maybe you are looking for specialty scissors to accommodate users with special needs. Or maybe you want craft scissors to make all your art projects easy. Whatever you’re looking for, having the best quality scissors – and the right type of scissors – can make all the difference in your work.

For sturdy, reliable multipurpose scissors, visit our scissor options on To learn more about office culture and office supply must-haves, check out our blog. If you have any questions, send Larry a message!

*Prices accurate at time of posting.

The Perils of Paper-cuts

If you invest in a pair of pinking shears, make sure not to use them on paper! Fabric shears are very sharp so they can cut through fibers easily. If you use them on paper, you’ll dull the blades and render them useless for cutting fabric. Take care of your pinking shears!

These kid-sized craft scissors let children create scallops, ripples, waves and more! Each pair features a different design, with the pattern printed right on the side.

Paper edgers are decorative craft scissors with sculpted blades. The shape of the blades range from a simple zigzag to more complex designs.

I bought three nine years ago when I first thought about DIY Christmas decor. But we bought ready-made decor instead and the craft scissors (the three on the lower half of the photo) remained mostly unused. Thinking that they were lost or, if they were still around, they would have rusted over time, I decided to buy three new ones (the three on the top half of the photo).

As it turned out, my daughter Sam kept the Fiskars craft scissors from nine years ago and they were still in perfect condition. The new one that I bought are unbranded and really cheap. I don’t know how long they will last but, for now, I have six pairs of craft scissors with different designs.

Craft scissors are used by scrapbookers and paper crafters. I am not a scrapbooker but I love paper crafts. With craft scissors, all it takes is a snip to make paper edges look unique. I’ve made gift cards and tags with them using colored paper and the results had always been spectacular. This year, we’re making origami angels to hang on the Christmas tree and I used one of the craft scissors for the hemline of one of the angel’s dress and the edges of the wings.

To make craft scissors last a long time, use them only for their intended purpose. I use mine exclusively on paper but never on a thick stack of paper. Cut one sheet at a time and the scissors will work fine. Use them scissors on cardboard and they won’t make clean cuts. Worse, the blades will likely become blunt faster.

When storing craft scissors (or even ordinary scissors for that matter), make sure that the storage place is free from dust and moisture. If you need to oil the screws of the scissors occasionally, make sure to wipe the scissors dry afterward with a cloth. Oil attracts dust and if oil gets on the blades and the scissors are kept in a place where dust gets in, it’s not easy to wipe off dust from the serrated blades.

The best practice is to wipe the scissors, including the blades, after use. Store in a box or drawer or, even better, place in a box and store the box in a drawer. Trust me, you’ll want to take good care of your craft scissors because there are so many wonderful projects you can create with them.

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When I started making scrapbooks, one of the first things that I bought was decorative scissors. They were reasonably priced and I figured I would be able to use them a lot. I was right. They gave me a lot of bang for the buck. There are lots of different companies making these scissors. Each of them have several different designs or patterns.

Although with all the new punches to do edges, I still like my decorative scissors. They are great to use to gibe photos and photo mat a nice decorative edge. They are easy to use on small delicate things like tags and journal items. They are very economical for the beginning card maker or scrapbooker.

Most decorative scissors are made in plastic. Most are in very bright colors with the pattern stamped on the scissors themselves. You can purchase them singly or in sets. The sets range from three pairs to twenty four pairs.

I have seen one set of scissors where you get a handle with interchangeable blades, Helps with the storage issue

Eighteen years after starting paper crafting, they are still one of my favorite tools I use them on my scrapbook pages, my greeting cards and my paper crafts. There are so many ways to use them. You will want to have them handy for all your crafts.

Maped Creacut Craft Scissors offer 10 different decorative cutting patterns in one pair of scissors by simply switching out the interchangeable blades included.

Crinkle-Cut Craft Scissors - Set of 12

Craft Scissors

Almighty Scissors

Price ¥1,800 (Tax not included)

Product NameAlmighty Scissors
Full Length170mm
Handle ColorRed
MaterialBlade: Stainless Steel
Handle: Elastomer Resin

• Specially designed angle of the two blades, that it can cut hard leather and plastic etc without slip.
• Thin-tip is suitable for delicate work.

Tough Craft EV140mm

Price ¥1,200 (Tax not included)

Product NameTough Craft EV140mm
ART NO.TF-1200
Full Length140mm
Blade Length23mm
Handle ColorBlue
MaterialBlade: the Best Stainless Steel
Handle: Polyethylene Resin

• Blades made of the best stainless steel.
• It cuts something without missing because of the serration-blade.
• The design considers that the balance easy to cut with force.
• It is handy for working and cutting rubber-sheet etc.
• Handy for keeping with cap.

Tough Craft EV170mm

Price ¥1,500 (Tax not included)

Product NameTough Craft EV170mm
ART NO.TF-1500
Full Length170mm
Blade Length53mm
Handle ColorBlue
MaterialBlade: the Best Stainless Steel
Handle: Polyethylene Resin

• Blades made of the best stainless steel.
• It cuts something without missing because the small serration-blade manufactured, the saw blade is easy to cut electrical cord and rope.
• It can cut CD, electrical cord, rubber-sheet etc.
• Handy for keeping with cap.

Leather Cutting Scissors

Price ¥1,500 (Tax not included)

Product NameLeather Cutting Scissors
Full Length180mm
Blade LengthUp:55mm
Handle ColorChocolate Brown
MaterialBlade: Stainless Steel
Handle: P.P

• The sharpest product in Nikken-history.
• Perfect scissors for leather craft.

how to craft scirrors

10cm Fiskars Embroidery and Needlework Scissors. Club Members Save 10%. 10cm Fiskars Embroidery and Needlework Scissors. £ £. Buy Now.

how to craft scirrors
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