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How to get the floppy disk alongtimeago from computer craft

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How to get the floppy disk alongtimeago from computer craft
November 02, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 2 comments

Given the age of this post I am replying to, this is more for other folks coming along in the future as I suspect you've probably taken at least a cursory look into this matter in the last seven years...

Yes, the lanthanide series elemental metals aren't exactly good for you, it is very unlikely that you are going to ingest them if cracked in two (or more) pieces. There are far worse threats to your health from ingesting such strong magnets anyway, such as two pieces sticking together from different sections of your intestines and cause severe blockages that require emergency surgery to remove! Really for them to be a chemically active health threat from having ingested or inhaled they would need to be rendered into fine dust and then consumed them though whatever route. Again, that is quite unlikely, so I wouldn't be worried about negative health effects from extracting the magnets from hard drives, even you you accidentally break some. Just don't eat or snort them eh. Also, for the same medical reasoning that I'd mentioned first, one should vigorously avoid consuming whole and intact magnets as well (even non rare earth magnets) and probably also avoid placing them into any other orifices as well (I hope that I really didn't need to say that, but people being people, it is probably better that I did.)

Peanuts And Coke :

the technology feels too masculine
for modernizing culture, dissolving gender
past aggressive survival instincts
once necessary flash freeze in obsolescence
the train i’m riding jerks forward, the hydraulic doors kinda
rip back, lights buzzing everything rumbling, tv’s mixing with
foreign language going full schizophrenic
thank you thank you thank you for flying
its too rough.
here these people “me” all weak and sleepy
carrying smartphones like we’re trying to navigate out of the
woods with a compass. update now, I’m not afraid or at all
jaded by this i think it’s really fucking cool actually but were
definitely not definitely anything.
changing now in the airport, in the magazine,
same faces different gift shops,
i think if when how i drink the coffee things get better
but i’m just more rapid in my indecision,
more options to discard,
face in the mirror, urinals filling with pee,
10 dollars worth of styrofoam prison portions of breakfast,
thresholds of first world patience pushing.
the feeling of a world without any need to become
genders and social position shifting
with increasingly dated machines that remind me of dudes
everything phallic and combative
blaring intercom voices designed to sound like women
come out garbled at high volume like seagulls
“gate B!”
losing money fast in limbo
listening to music intent on money
spending money like i got the money
and getting money because i believe in it,
the ethereal concept and worth of my money
some in notes some in digits
faith in it securing it.
Primordial sunrise across the landing strip
looking out thru the glass, close,
so I can feel the chill of the outside air.
The air still tasting and smelling like
night and I feel like I’m on the edge
of an aquarium.
The sky filling with orange haze,
make the trees and power lines
stand on the horizon super black.
In the past on this land there may have been
nomadic societies building alters in cosmic adoration
now there’s dunken donuts.
Photographing things I find funny and sending them to
my friends in the internet, I never did this until now,
nothing feels different,
every things different but it doesn’t feel different.
Watching the news on mounted flatscreen tv’s
without audio, closed caption streaming typo,
making me feel weird,
it’s the new edgy PC nature, vaguely religious,
hella white and sexist
and other infinite things that end with ist
it’s obvious they don’t care about people
or disease or holidays it’s just a scrambled
semblance of the “average” human thing,
online homophobic bullying and teenage suicide,
the news is weird and comically morbid
they use words like slay as if people ever say that
illusory, fresh as fuck graphics on the heathen earth
movie set, veils of futurist slang.
wanna be china
without the underlying aura of repressed deviance
yum yum cheese, peace, child education,
indulge and have discipline
socialize and reflect
this yogurt is endorsed by jamie lee cutris
yeah it’s getting really confusing
but it’s not slowing down
jamba juice and hello kitty
got yea and katy perry
everything is too much money
and why don’t any of these men know
how to apply cologne?
polo swag, smelling new,
but we’re broke,
somethings moving
re up the debt collection like it’s obligatory
new credit cards right here
i can sign up for one on the plane mane
everythings so ok
every things so ok it makes us feel sick
where is the moment I’ve been waiting for
to come alive
where is the danger
where is the climax
falling asleep in terminals
nightmares about çancer
regular dreams about old friends
remembering a period of time i never used
exhilarating everything to get a dose of truth
i never knew a person who didn’t seem confused
thats ok I’m just here to move
so what if all the tiny things rise into the apex
we couldn’t comprehend
shadows in the sidewalk turning into faces
penetrate me cold and collected
once indebt once ennamored
now a taxiedermied antler on the wall reminds me of us
once defeated once in love
now a thing to stand above
watch it vanish into a puff
everything became hyper fascinating
to a point similar to the feeling of adderall
once i decided I couldn’t live for any other reason
than to black flax my planet with daydreams
telemarketing voicemail
educational funding agency
complimentary free cruise for a survey
I’m down for their inspiration
welcome to the shadow zone
everything is for appropriation
taking the memories of places,
reacting and creating to them,
the same daydream,
how do i win,
how do i get to the point
where this effort develops a sense of autonomy
part of the game is that everybody
tells me its not a game
part of the motion is forgetting you’re moving
losing one thing gaining another
fuck everything else in my way
the footage matters, the recording matters,
the marketing matters, but i don’t
my profile matters, my photograph matters,
my commodity matters, but i don’t
and its awesome
but its not enough
I’m in lack I’m in love
my soul is hungry
i guess thats kind of fucked up
but its cool
I’m doing it this way just to see
because that loss of sleep isn’t for everybody
but its not any better
just part of the program tether
of the sacrifice to become the person I wanna be
now the ideas become visible
clouds of humanity
montage, hijack, mirage,
espionage, bite that,
cut and paste that,
erase and replace that
i’m down
this is where I’m supposed to be
forever in motion
forever in the transition
i love this, i the feeling of stagnancy
dissipating into abstract environments
into the sky, into the water,
into the fields,
graffiti spilling out of cities into the boonies
on the side of a barn
farm workers casting tiny shadows
little men riding lawn mowers
over little squares
who am i
i look in the reflection of the dimly lit mirror on the plane
feeling turbulence
touching the sides of my body
imagining falling, being ripped in a flash of jetfuel
imagining a book i publish,
imagining a show i play,
imagining the faces of strangers in the darkness
peanuts and coke
cookies and coffee
imagining falling for somebody
imagining growing old and bored with that
imagining the kiss where it made sense
and imagining the moment where it becomes contrived
ritualistic moments with the ocean
where I put my head against the sand
and let a wave submerge my face
imagining the feeling of eons broken into tiny seashells
diluting in the salt water that goes up my nose
runs over my mouth
and the breath i take makes me feel like an animal
yeah thats that shit i’m talking about
the time where i didn’t wanna be anything more

If you have a disk drive, you really ought to think about a disk subscription. that provided the widest possible support of Atari computers Now that company is Other attractions include a craft fair exhibition For product details please refer to Along time ago in an industry far far away the concept of On- board game.

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how to get the floppy disk alongtimeago from computer craft

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Floppy Disk

Name Floppy Disk
Source Mod ComputerCraft
ID Name


Type Item
Stackable No

The Floppy Disk is an item added by the ComputerCraft mod. Used in conjunction with a Disk Drive and Computer or Turtle to store and transfer data. The mod's computer software storage system is similar to the way it works in real life. This opens avenues for Players on servers running ComputerCraft wishing to distribute their software for in-game currency. To insert a floppy into a Disk Drive so it can be used, Right-click the disk drive and place the floppy into the slot.

Recipe [1][edit]



Interacting with Computers[edit]

When a disk is inserted into a disk drive that is adjacent to a computer, a directory is visible in the computer's root directory titled 'disk'. If another disk is inserted into a different drive that is also connected to a computer then that next directory is entitled 'disk2' and so-on for each additional disk that is inserted and connected. To set a label for the Floppy Disk use to commands:


A numbered folder is created in the order of each disk labelled, containing the files saved on it [2]. The path is:


The Player may interact with the files on the disk, using simple UNIX-like commands such as cd, edit, copy, move or delete. These files may also be edited using a word processor software such as Notepad++.


Floppy Disk (ComputerCraft) has no known uses in crafting.


  1. ↑Lapis Lazuli can be substituted with any Dye colour to craft a colour Floppy Disk.
  2. ↑The folder is created once a file is stored on the disk, not when it is labelled.
  3. ↑If using ComputerCraft on a server these files are stored server side.

Assorted coloured Disks

Treasure Disks are floppy disks added in found only in random loot chests. dan, alongtimeago, An ASCII Star Wars Episode 4 recreation. Tips: Play on a Every time you hit one, you get 20 points. The more points.

Pulling Apart a Desktop Hard Drive to Get Rare Earth Magnets.

The system of disks and floppies in ComputerCraft is very similar to how they would work in the real world with our real computers: There's a Disk Drive that we're able to insert removable disks (or floppies) which we're able to place data upon, which, in turn, makes data portable. This brings much potential for things such as servers running ComputerCraft and users of that server wishing to distribute their software for in-game currency.

The 1.42 update allows floppies to be colored with any kind of dye. This is done by putting a floppy and a dye in your crafting table.

Recipe Edit

1. Redstone Dust

1. Paper

Usage Edit

Like individual computers, each floppy disk has its own folder containing the data that is within that floppy and is easily movable from within the computers in Minecraft using the simple UNIX-like commands such as cp (copy) or mv (move). Just like anywhere else in a computer, you can create, edit, move, copy, etc., any files and do so however you wish.

To insert a floppy into a Disk Drive so it can be used, right-click the disk drive and place the floppy into the slot at the top of the drive's inventory menu.

Interacting with Computers Edit

When a disk is inserted into a disk drive that is adjacent to a computer, a directory is visible in the computer's root directory titled 'disk'. If another disk is inserted into a different drive that is also connected to a computer then that next directory is entitled 'disk2' and so-on for each additional disk that is inserted and connected.

how to get the floppy disk alongtimeago from computer craft

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Computercraft Tutorials No. 2: Floppy Disk

luapp: luapp is a Lua preprocessor compatible with Computercraft, lua (cli) and Opencomputers Go to coordinates and library takes care of everything. tapeutils: Utilities for using Computronics Tape Drives . alongtimeago: Port of CC's alongtimeago floppypirate: Arrr, pirate a floppy the pirate way.

how to get the floppy disk alongtimeago from computer craft
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