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How to level crafting easy in f2p osrs

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How to level crafting easy in f2p osrs
October 08, 2018 Entertainment and Movies 2 comments

Ball of woolUsed to string amulets and symbolsSee Wool
BucketFill with sand when making glass, or fill with water to soften clayYou can buy one at the General store for two gold coins, or find them all across Runescape at various spawn locations.
ChiselA tool used to cut gems (and Members-only carve Limestone)You can buy one at any General store or the Crafting stores (located in Al Kharid and Rimmington) for one gold.
CowhideUsed in making leatherTo get one, kill a cow. They will always drop one.
DragonhideUsed in making Dragon leatherTo get one, kill any dragon. Each colored dragon (Black, Blue, Green or Red; NOT metal dragons!) drops a matching color hide.
FlaxUsed to spin BowstringsFlax is Member's Only and considered one of the fastest/cheapest ways of gaining crafting experience. It is used to spin bowstrings. Go to a flax plant (there is a large field just West of Catherby, next to the beehives; there are also plants in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the Spinning Wheels and Bank!) and click on it to pick it (or right click and select 'pick flax'). Just like wheat, flax runs out. Once you have enough flax, go to a Spinning Wheel and use the Flax with the Spinning Wheel. Flax gives 15 crafting experience for every one you spin.
Glassblowing pipeUsed to make glass items. Use it on Molten glass then select desired item from menu.Spawns in house on Entrana and in Grandpa Jack's house North West of the Ranging Guild (North East of Fishing Contest)
JugFill with water, use to soften clayYou can buy one at the General Store for one gold coin.
MouldUsed to make Gold and Silver items (jewellery, symbols and more)You can buy Amulet, Necklace and Ring moulds, as well as the Holy symbol mould and the Sickle mould, at either crafting shop for five gold coins. The Crafting Guild has Amulet mould, Necklace mould and Holy symbol mould spawns.
NeedleUsed in leather armor craftingThese are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. They also can be found by searching haystacks!
SeaweedUsed to make glass items. Use it on a stove or in a fire to make Soda ash.Spawns on beaches all around Gielinor, inluding Entrana (8 on North West shore) and Rellekka (9 on beach). You can also buy 80 Seaweed from Arhein in Catherby.
ShearsUsed to obtain WoolBuy at a General store for one gold coin. Shears also spawn at the Crafting Guild, and in the North East corner of the hay field located west of Lumbridge Mill.
Soda ashUsed to make glass items. Use it on a furnace, along with a Bucket of sand, to make Molten glass.Player made
ThreadUsed in leather armor craftingThese are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. Also spawns at the Jolly Boar Inn North East of Varrock.
WoolUsed to make Ball of wool (also used in a quest or two)Obtain by using Shears on some sheep (there is a big field of them just North West of Lumbridge, and a few North of the Crafting Guild). After a few tries (they run away a lot), or maybe on your first try, you will get some Wool. Now find a Spinning wheel and use the Wool on the Spinning wheel to make a Ball of wool (earns 2.75 xp).

Crafting Guide (Jack Oval) - Located in Burthorpe South West of the Heroes' Guild. Jack gives free samples of Thread, a Bucket, and an Empty pot. He also sells Chisels (14 coins), Needles (1 coin), Thread (4 coins), Bucket (2 coins), and Shears (1 coin); Ring, Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet, and Holy symbol, moulds (all 5 coins each); Tiara mould (100 coins), Sickle mould (10 coins), and Bolt mould (25 coins). Jack will also tan your Cowhide to Leather (free) and Hard leather (3 coins); Snakeskin (15 coins); and Green, Blue, Red, Black, and Royal dragonhide (20 coins).

Crafting Guild - Located South West of Falador, North West of Rimmington. Visit our Crafting Guild guide for more information on what is available to you there.

Crafting Shops - Located in Al Kharid and Rimmington. These stores sell Chisels (14 coins), Needles (1 coin), and Thread (4 coins); Amulet, Necklace, Ring, Holy symbol, and Bracelet moulds (all 5 coins each); Sickle mould (10 coins), Tiara mould (100 coins), Bolt mould (25 coins).

Entrana - The island of Entrana is a good place to obtain everything you need for making glass. A Glassblowing pipe spawns in the house with the range, North of the Herblore shop. To get to Entrana go to the docks at Port Sarim and speak to any Monk of Entrana. You are not allowed to bring any weapons or armor to Entrana, but the boat ride is free.

Furnaces - Furnaces are needed for gold and silver crafting. They are located in Al Kharid, Falador, Lumbridge, Ardougne (East of river), Rellekka (quest required), Shilo Village (quest required), Port Phasmatys (quest required), Neitiznot (quest required), Burthorpe, and Edgeville (easy part of the Varrock diary).

Potteries - Potteries include both Potter's Wheels and Pottery Ovens for making clay items. They are located in the Barbarian Village, near Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock, at the Crafting guild, Taverley, and North of the market in Draynor Village. For members they are also found in Ardougne (West of river), the Digsite, Burthorpe, and Rellekka (quest required).

Rellekka - None of Rellekka's amenities are usable until you have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest, but once this is done, Rellekka is a Crafting and Smithing haven (although the nearest Bank is on Miscellania). The building in the South West corner of the town includes a Potter's Wheel, a Pottery Oven, a Furnace, and Anvils. For glassmaking, there is a Sandpit North of the Helmet shop, and the beach North of town has 9 Seaweed spawns.

Spinning Wheels - Lumbridge Castle (2nd floor), Barbarian Village, Taverley, Falador (West of the South gate), Seers' Village (upstairs), the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Rellekka (quest required), Lletya (quest required), Burthorpe, and Neitiznot (quest required).

Tanners - Tanners are located in Al Kharid and in the Crafting Guild, and for Members in Canifis (more expensive due to remote location), Burthorpe, and (Leatherworker) in the Ranging Guild. All will convert cow hides and dragonhides to leather for a fee.

Molten glass can be blown in into a number of glass items using a Glassblowing pipe which should be added to your Toolbelt to save space.

*Made using Robust glass.
**Made using Crystal glass.

Follow these instructions to make your own Molten glass:

  1. Use Buckets on a sandpit to obtain Buckets of sand. Sandpits are be found in various locations throughout Gielinor including Entrana, Yanille and Prifddinas.
  2. Collect Seaweed from one of the beaches around Gielinor.
  3. Use the Seaweed on a fire or range to obtain Soda ash.
  4. Take a Bucket of sand and Soda ash to a furnace and use them on it to combine them into Molten glass.

Note: If you have completed the Hand in the Sand quest you can talk to Bert daily to have 84 Buckets of sand deposited directly into your bank.

Battlestaffs are great. They have two uses: a weapon and an unlimited source of basic runes of one kind. (Note that the Staff of air, earth, fire and water sold at Zaff's Staff Shop are not as good in physical combat as Battlestaffs, which in turn are not as good as Mystic staffs.) To make a Battlestaff you will need the following items:

  • A Battlestaff (can be bought at the Varrock Staff Shop for 7000 gold coins only on Members servers)
  • A glass orb
  • 3 cosmic runes
  • 30 basic runes of the type of Battlestaff you want it to be (ex. 30 fire runes if you want a Battlestaff of Fire)

Powering Orbs

Attaching Orbs to Battlestaves

You can get your Battlestaff enhanced into a Mystic staff. To get your Battlestaff enhanced you must have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest. If you have done it, go back to Thormac the Sorcerer with 40,000 gold coins and your Battlestaff. Talk to him and tell him that he said he would enhance your Battlestaff for you. Select the Battlestaff you want and it will become a great weapon. It will now have stats similiar to the Rune Long Sword!!

Materials Needed:

  • Broken staff (found searching crates or boxes, stolen from HAM members, or found at Digsite)
  • Repair bench, Whetstone, or Armour stand (15 Construction and up)

Use the Broken staff on the repair equipment.
You will either permanently destroy it or get a random new staff (ordinary, magic or elemental)
Experience gained: 14.5 Crafting per repaired staff

Pottery is probably the worst part of crafting because it gives low experience and is not significantly profitable. Below are the instructions for making pottery:

  1. Use the clay with a water source
  2. Go to a Potter's Wheel and use the Soft clay on it
  3. Choose what you would like to make from the selection screen.
  4. Use the unfired clay item on the Pottery Oven.

Alternative way to get soft clay:
Equip the Bracelet of clay and mine the clay spots.

Leather is an easy way of getting crafting experience. There is also Dragonhide leather, which also must be tanned (for a higher fee per piece).

  1. Get a cow hide.
  2. Go to a Tanner (found in Al Kharid or in the Crafting Guild if you can get in; there is also a Leatherworker in the Ranging Guild and a Tanner in Canifis for Members.)
  3. Make sure you have one gold coin for every cow hide that you have.
  4. Talk to the tanner and say "Here are some cow hides, can I buy some leather?"
  5. A selection screen will come up and ask you if you want soft leather or hard leather.
  6. After you choose, the Tanner will take the cow hide and 1 coin and give you the leather.
  7. To make an item from the leather get a Needle and Thread (buy in Crafting stores in Al Kharid and Rimmington; Needles are also found by searching haystacks). Use the Needle with the leather. Then select what you want to make on the selection screen. Your crafting level will determine what you can make.

Studded Leather Armor (Members Only*)

Studded Leather bodies and Studded Leather Chaps are made by making studs out of steel bars and using the studs with regular leather armor.

Like regular hides, Dragon hides must be tanned before they can be worked. Take them to any Tanner or Leatherworker. The fee per piece is higher (25-30 coins each). Then use a Needle and Thread on them to make the desired armor.

Green, Red, Blue and Black Dragons drop Dragon hides that match their color. Locations: Green Dragons South of the Lava Maze or Level 13 Wildy North of Edgeville; Blue dragons in the Hero's Guild basement or Taverley Dungeon; Red dragons in the lava lake; Black dragons in the lava maze and in Taverley Dungeon, also King Black Dragon next to the lava maze.

Progressively higher Range skill levels are required to wear dragonhide armor (refer to the Ranging Skill Guide).

When the Hunter Skill came out in 2006, there were additions to the vambraces. The table below will explain what they look like and the items needed. At level 32 Crafting you can add Kebbit claws to vambraces to give them a spiky appearance. This yields 5.8 experience.

You can craft several sets of Mage armor and equipment with materials dropped by Imps, Spiders, and Bats.

While there are 2 other variants of Mystic armor, only the blue set is craftable. To create Mystic armor, you will need to use a Needle and Thread with one or more Strips of mystic cloth. The table below details how many strips as well as the levels required and the experience gained.

Similar to Mystic armor is Wizard armor. This equipment comes in a total of 4 colors, though 2 of the colors are simply trimmed versions. Also similar to Mystic armor, only some of the variants can be crafted. The table below details the types of cloth needed as well as levels and experience gained for their creation.

Urns, when in your inventory, slowly catch scraps left behind while you are performing the associated skill. Once the urn is full, you can teleport it to Ernie to receive an experience reward in a skill matching the type of urn; use of an Urn enhancer will increase this experience by 25%. You may have up to 10 full urns related to a certain skill at a time, though it is suggested to turn on the "auto teleport" feature found in the game settings so you don't have to stop skilling to teleport them. Do note that you can only fill an urn if you have do not have any partially full urns of the same skill. So, you will have to finish each urn before you can start filling another one of the same skill type.

To make an urn, you will need use 2 pieces of soft clay on a potter's wheel and select the type of urn (Cooking, Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, Prayer, Runecrafting, Smithing, or Woodcutting). The next step is to choose the quality of the urn you wish to create (Cracked, Fragile, Normal, Strong, or Decorated), which determines the level of scraps that will be caught in it. Once you have created and fired the urn in a pottery oven, you must add a rune to the urn. The required rune depends on which the skill it is assiciated with.

Once a rune has been added to your urn, they will now stack with eachother unless being filled. This makes it so you can bring multiple urns with you and not lose inventory space.

Prayer Urns:

Unlike other urns, Prayer urns only come in 3 types of quality according to the ashes they collect - impious, accursed, and infernal. If you have such an urn in your inventory when killing demons, their ashes will automatically end up in the urn. Despite these not fitting within the typical qualities of urns, we have included them in the closest level of quality in the table below.

UrnLevel RequiredCrafting ExperienceSkill Experience (Teleporting)Skill Experience (with Enhancer)Charges Gained FromMembers Only?

Cracked mining urn
12887.5109.4Level 1 ores

Cracked cooking urn
230400500Food up to and including level 10

Cracked fishing urn
230150187.5Fish up to and including level 10

Impious urn
230120150Impious ashes

Cracked divination urn
330210252.5Harvesting and converting memories up to and including level 10

Cracked hunter urn
330220275Creatures up to and including level 11

Cracked runecrafting urn
430210252.5Creating runes and siphoning in the Runespan up to level 9

Cracked smelting urn
438.54050Level 1 bars

Cracked woodcutting urn
438.5160200Logs up to and including level 10

Cracked farming urn
530220275Check health and gathering up to and including level 12

Fragile cooking urn
1240550687.5Food up to and including level 25

Fragile fishing urn
1550350437.5Fish up to and including level 30

Fragile woodcutting urn
1550425531.25Logs up to and including level 35

Fragile divination urn
1640350437.5Harvesting and converting memories up to and including level 30

Fragile hunter urn
1740500625Creatures up to and including level 29

Fragile mining urn
1753200250Ores up to and including level 20
Fragile smelting urn175362.578.1Bars up to and including level 20

Fragile farming urn
1840500625Check health and gathering up to and including level 30

Fragile runecrafting urn
1840350437.5Creating runes and siphoning in the Runespan up to level 27

Accursed urn
2662.5375468.75Impious ahses and accursed ashes

Plain mining urn
3268325406.25Ores up to and including level 40

Plain runecrafting urn
3371.5700875Creating runes and siphoning in the Runespan up to level 54

Plain hunter urn
3471.51,0001,250Creatures up to and including level 53

plain smelting urn
3570150187.5Bars up to and including level 50

Plain cooking urn
3671.59501,187.5Food up to and including level 40

Plain divination urn
3871.5500625Harvesting and converting memories up to and including level 50

Plain farming urn
4071.59001,125Check health and gathering up to and including level 53

Plain fishing urn
4178500625Fish up to and including level 50

Woodcutting urn
44808251,031.25Logs up to and including level 58

Strong mining urn
4880400500Ores up to and including level 55

Strong smelting urn
4983.5250312.5Bars up to and including level 70

Strong cooking urn
5187.51,0501,312.5Food up to and including level 55

Strong runecrafting urn
5287.51,0001,250Creating runes and siphoning in the Runespan up to level 77

Strong fishing urn
5390600750Fish up to and including level 70

Strong hunter urn
5587.51,4001,750Creatures up to and including level 74

Strong divination urn
5687.58001,000Harvesting and converting memories up to and including level 70

Strong fishing urn
5887.51,1001375Check health and gathering up to and including level 72

Strong woodcutting urn
61971,662.52,078.2Logs up to and including level 75

Decorated mining urn
5995625781.25Ores up to and including level 99, As a side-note, mining urns will fill upon mining rune essences or pure essences, as well as regular ores.

Infernal urn
621001,8752,343.75Impious ashes, Accursed ashes, Infernal ashes, Tourtured ashes, and Searing ashes

Decorated fishing urn
761201,9002,375Fish up to and including level 99

Decorated woodcutting urn
761201,9002,375Cut logs up to and including level 99

Decorated runecrafting urn
771301,4001,750Creating runes and siphoning in the Runespan up to level 99

Decorated hunter urn
791301,6002,000Creatures up to and including level 99

Decorated smelting urn
8083.5400500Bars up to and including level 99

Decorated cooking urn
811301,547.51,934.4Food up to and including level 99

Decorated divination urn
821301,9002,375.5Harvesting and converting memories up to and including level 99

Decorated farming urn
841301,4001,750Checking health and gathering up to and including level 99

While training the Dungeoneering skill, you will occasionally come across different levels of Mastyx creatures that you can hunt for hides and different types of plants that you can pick to spin into cloth. These hides and cloth can then be used with a needle and some thread to make leather armor and magic robes. You will only be able to find these types of textiles in dungeons with a Complexity level of 4 or above.

While Dungeoneering you may encounter a type of Mastyx that can be caught using hunter traps. Refer to our Hunter guide for more information on the levels required to hunt these Mastyx creatures. Once you have between 1 and 4 hides, you can then use a needle and thread on them to make various tiers of ranged armor. Below is a table showing the different types of hides and armors, as well as the level required to make them.

Crafting is a free skill that gives you the ability to create various items such as weapons and accessories. It can be trained by combining different materials to create an item, and each item has a required Crafting level. Although it’s a free skill, you better use the P2P training methods to get much higher EXP/H.

This skill is not very important, but it is mostly used to make money. Reaching Level 99 Crafting is a great achievement as you will be awarded a Crafting Cape which makes earning money through Crafting much easier. But overall there are much better money making methods, so making money through Crafting is not the best choice.

There are many ways to train this skill, but most of them are slow or are mainly focused on making money. This article will focus only on the fastest way to reach Level 99 Crafting, ignoring the other methods. Beware that you will need a good amount of OSRS Gold to directly train Crafting through the Grand Exchange.

The following methods are only AFK/Semi-AFK and mostly P2P. You can also check out the Herblore training guide and the best ways to get a BOND.

Table of Contents

Level 1-8

The best way to reach Level 8 Crafting is by making Leather Gloves. There are slightly faster methods, but it doesn’t worth the cost difference at all. Leather Gloves can be made by using a Needle, some Leathers, and Threads. Making Leather Gloves gives you 13.8 EXP each and it’s not expensive at all.

Leathers needed: 112

Threads needed: 30

Level 8-33

The best way to reach Level 33 Crafting is by making Gold Amulets from Gold bars. Gold Amulets can be made by using the Gold bars on the Amulet mold in the Furnace. The fastest way to do that is by storing the needed amount of Gold bars in the bank while using the Edgeville Furnace.

Making Gold Amulets will give you 30 EXP each. This method won’t cost you much as you can make some money by selling the Gold Amulets at the Grand Exchange.

Gold Bars needed: 582

Level 33-42

The best way to reach Level 42 Crafting is by making Vials through Glassblowing. Vials are made by using a Glassblowing pipe on Molten Glasses. You can do that near the Grand Exchange to gain the fastest possible Crafting EXP. Making Vials will give you 35 EXP each and it is kinda expensive.

Molten Glasses needed: 780

Level 42-46

Making Empty Fishbowls through Glassblowing is the quickest way to reach Level 46 Crafting. Fishbowls can be made by using a Glassblowing pipe on Molten Glasses. Each Fishbowl will grant you 42.5 Crafting EXP.

Molten Glasses needed: 529

Level 46-54

Making Unpowered Orbs through Glassblowing is the best way to reach Level 54, in terms of money and time. Unpowered Orbs can be made by using a Glassblowing pipe on Molten Glasses. Each Unpowered Orb will grant you 52.5 Crafting EXP.

Note that all of the Glassblowing methods are expensive but totally worth it.

Molten Glasses needed: 1,579

Level 54-58

Making Water Battlestaves is the fastest way to reach Level 63 Crafting. They can be made by using Water Orbs on Battlestaves. Each Water Battlestaff made will grant you 100 Crafting EXP.

Battlestaves needed: 736

Water Orbs needed: 736

Level 58-62

Making Earth Battlestaves is the fastest way to reach Level 62 Crafting. Earth Battlestaves can be made by using Earth Orbs on Battlestaves. Each Earth Battlestaff made will grant you 112.5 Crafting EXP.

Battlestaves needed: 972

Earth Orbs needed: 972

Level 62-63

Making Fire Battlestaves is a very fast way to reach Level 63 Crafting. These Battlestaves can be made by using Fire Orbs on Battlestaves. Each Fire Battlestaff made will grant you 125 Crafting EXP.

Note that making Battlestaves, in general, is one of the fastest ways to train Crafting in Old School Runescape, but also very expensive.

Battlestaves needed: 279

Fire Orbs needed: 279

Level 63-71

Making Green Dragonhide Bodies is the best way to reach Level 71 Crafting. Green Dragonhide Bodies are made the same way the Leather Gloves are made. You will need a Needle, Threads and 3 Green Dragon Leathers for each Body. Each Green Dragonhide Body made will grant you 186 Crafting EXP.

Green Dragon Leathers needed: 7,194

Threads needed: 1,450

Level 71-77

Making Blue Dragonhide Bodies is a very fast way to reach Level 77 Crafting. Blue Dragonhide Bodies are made by using a Needle, Threads and 3 Blue Dragon Leathers for each Body. You will get 210 Crafting EXP for each Blue Dragonhide Body.

Blue Dragon Leathers needed: 9,447

Threads needed: 1,900

Level 77-84

The best way to reach Level 84 Crafting is by making Red Dragonhide Bodies. These Bodies can be made by using a Needle, Threads and 3 Red Dragon Leathers for each Body. Making Red Dragonhide Bodies will grant you 234 Crafting EXP each.

Red Dragon Leathers needed: 18,921

Threads needed: 3,790

Level 84-99

The quickest way to reach Level 99 Crafting is by making Black Dragonhide Bodies. Each Body is made by using a Needle, Threads and 3 Black Dragon Leathers. Making Black Dragonhide Bodies will grant you 258 Crafting EXP each.

Black Dragon Leathers needed: 134,406

Threads needed: 26,850

Making Dragonhide bodies is one of the fastest ways to reach Level 99 Crafting in the game. But note that it is super expensive and requires a good amount of OSRS Gold.


Crafting training totally depends on you and how active are you during the process. Although the mentioned methods are AFK/Semi-AFK, you still need to repeat the process every few seconds.

There are many alternative methods to train Crafting, but most of them are slow and click intensive. Some methods are risky such as cutting Gems which makes you lose EXP and/or money using it at low Crafting levels. But by following this guide you will reach safely Level 99 Crafting in a short time.

If you are new to OSRS, you will need to check out the beginner’s guide as well as the skills guide. There’s also our ultimate money making guide which is very easy to follow.



Petroleum engineer that hates his career. Playing various genres of games for 5~8 hours/day. Ambitious, perfectionist and always looking for areas of improvement. Currently learning various stuff & playing OSRS.

With skills like Farming, Slayer, Hunter, Thieving, and Runecrafting, you'll be able to earn easy millions at high levels. Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining are all.

No matter if you are a newbie in the world of OSRS, we can guarantee you that you will be overwhelmed as soon as you join the game. The playing style of OSRS is quite contrasting to the Runescape 3, and you will surely get a tough time in making a solid profit in the game. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the best OSRS money-making strategies. No matter you are new or a veteran player of the game, we can guarantee that you will find everything you need in this tutorial for making as much money as you want and at the end, you will the most informed amongst your friends, on the topic of Runescape money making. 


This guide not only enlists OSRS p2p money-making strategies. But also offers f2p money making guidelines. So, let's get started. 




1. Get levels

Pre-Requisites: None 


Getting your levels in OSRS is time-consuming. It is the best and easiest way of OSRS money making. Since it opens limitless possibilities for you. Not only in OSRS, but in any game, the best skills are the ones that are quite difficult to learn. So, it is quite important to utilize your skills for the best results. For skilling, you will require, Rune-crafting (OSRS: 1-99 F2P/P2P Crafting Guide), Thieving, Hunting, Slaying, and Farming. Your figures can easily rise to a good amount. Apart from the above-mentioned skills, you can also go for, Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting. These three skills will guarantee you a decent in-game income. However, you will have a tough time pursuing these, since they are quite popular and some of the best players in the game adopt them.


If you are competing in the exclusive members' world, then you might not have much difficulty, since this world is not crowded by many players. However, in the world on non-member's the mines and trees are crawling with players. If you want to invest your time in the non-member's world, then you should check the numbers of active players before pursuing training. Using exchange market (referred to as Grand Exchange), you can make decent money out of the game. You can get the levels easily and offer, herbs, runes, logs, ore, and fishing to the market. As your levels progress, you can chop, craft, mine, and fish a lot better items which can get you more money.



2. Getting the farm on Chickens

Pre-Requisites: None 


If you want to get your hands-on-experience regarding the combat on minor levels and make money in the process, then Chickens are the ideal choice. You can yield (50k/hr) through this process. In OSRS there is no way a chicken is going to kill you. This means that you won't have to spend money on baiting foods or purchase any weapon. Chicken drop, raw meat, bones, and feathers are the best choice if you want some decent cash from the bank. The in-game enthusiasts of fly fishing will give you decent money for the feather while those players who wish to level progression in Prayers will pay you well for bones. 



Feathers are not a problem to deal with since no matter how much you add they will take a single slot. Raw meat and bones will take one inventory slot per addition. So, the latter two items will force you to visit the bank quite often. If you are willing to do the work, then you should visit Lumbridge Castle. There is a bridge next to it which is the perfect place to kill chickens. Do visit the potato field next to the bridge for more raw chicken meat. In other words, killing the chickens is considered as one of the best OSRS f2p money making methods.







3. Get yourself ready for Stronghold


To keep details secured from the ill-wishers, these were put in play. This dungeon consists of four levels, as you complete each level, you will get handsome rewards. The rewards include some boots, emotes and 10k. But it is quite difficult to get your hand on these, as the monsters combat skill increase as the levels progress and the monster are quite difficult to beat. After you get to level 3 in the game, you will able to adventure into the place. However, at level three, you will get killed by just one hit of the Ankous. We recommend you to face the Ankous after getting at least 15 hit-point levels. You can also get away with it if you have combat level around 49-51. Since you will have access to decent food inventory, but don't go all in with the food, since you will need at least two free slots to claim your awards. 



Through a tiny point of the Barbarian Village, you can enter the place. If you are finding difficulty to accumulate the food, then you can ask for some fish from the inhabitants of the riverside. Since almost, each one of these players is focused on gaining cooking and fishing level, and they want to deposit their efficiency as much as they can. So, by getting their fish, you will surely be doing a huge favor.








4. Getting hands on Gold Amulets

Pre-Requisites: Level 8 in Crafting


Another decent way to make solid cash is to purchase Gold Bars and craft Amulets. Crafting the gold amulets can get you the gold anywhere between 70k-100k per hour. You can get the bars from the exchange and can also sell the crafted Amulets here. Before making this investment, you should inspect the prices of the bars as well as the Amulets. If all goes well, you will not only make a decent profit but will also make progress in Crafting. Initially, we suggest you buy no more than a hundred Gold Bare. For this purpose, you will need around 90k.



5. Sell Dragonhides on Exchange


If you are a member, then we have a great idea for you to make over 450k per hour, by coloring out dragonhides and trade/sell them. The most profitable ones we believe Blue and Green Dragonhides that you get from the Exchange. After purchasing them, you can tan them from Al Kharid. Your only hustle will be going back and forth from tanner to bank until the tanning process is completed. The Tanned hide will give a good profit, but first, you will need around millions in OSRS gold to invest in the Dragonhide (If you want to buy some OSRS GP, please click here). Keep in mind that the tanning process will not only take your time but is one of the costliest processes of the game. It is the best OSRS afk money-making strategies.








6. Sell those Rings!

Pre-Requisites: Level 7 Magic 


Attention! Before purchasing the raw material do inspect the exchange market, to see if it is worth your cash and effort. The Enchanting Sapphire rings will also grant you a decent profit, somewhere around 280k an hour. To make the enchanting rings, you will need to purchase Staff of Water, Cosmic Ruse and lastly, the sapphire rings. After getting the items to use level 1 enchant on each ring, we recommend you to buy and sell the rings in bulk. This money-making strategy will not only benefit your pocket but will also boost your Level.





7. Become the strong-man on Iron Ore

Pre-Requisites: Over 15 Levels in Mining and a pickaxe 


The first thing you will require is level 15. For this purpose, you will first have to mine Tin and Copper. After getting the required level, you can jump to the main ore and sell it nowhere else but on the market. If you are efficient and dedicated to the job, then you can get over 110k an hour. If you are a member, then recommend toy to use Monastery mine and also get Ardougne cloak so you can easily teleport anytime you want.










8. Slay the Green Dragons


If you want to make over 440k an hour, then it is a wise decision to fight Dragons. Since it is open to both non-members and members and is a very enjoyable way to add levels to your combat skills. We picked only Green Dragons for you since, on death, they drop Green Dragonhide and Dragon Bones. For a single Dragon bone, you can make around 150k. While the Green Dragonhides always sell like hotcakes because of the Crafting. Apart from the hides and bones, you can get lucky. The dragons can also drop Rune items and runes, but this happens on quite rare occasions. 


One of the best areas to encounter a Green Dragon is the Northwest of Edgeville. On your way there, you should have teleport tabs or runes in your inventory. Since the place is also hot for PKers and if you feel like you don't want to fight them, then teleport in the best option. In your conquest against Green Dragon, get the shield from the market since it will help you against the Dragon which sits at level 79. We suggest you pick a melee item with a decent stab bonus or a ranged weapon since the Green Dragons are weak against ranged and stab items.  More accurately, get either an Abyssal Dagger or an Abyssal Whip. Wearing a plate armour is good if you below level 70 in Defence. But if you are over 70, then Dragonhide is a great pick.










9. Become a hunter of Black Chinchompas


One of the toughest and most profitable ways to make money from the Wilderness is to hunt Black Chinchompas. You can encounter with 32 levels in Wilderness and to catch them, will need 73 levels on the Hunter. We recommend you first to find the respawn point and then set traps around it. Don't be surprised if you encounter PKers as they will pounce on you when you hunt for the Chinchops. Before going hunting, get a teleport tab, food, and Prayer Potions.










10. Run the business of Runite Ore


One of the most wanted ores of the game is the Runite Ore, as it is to make Rune weapons and armor. To reach level 85 in mining, you will need to grind over 500+ hours which is quite a difficult feat to achieve. To reward the players, OSRS grants a decent profit on the exchange market, as for each ore you will get a minimum of 10k gold. After getting to level 85, you can go to the Hero's Guild mine to extract the Runite Ore. You can also go to the Wilderness Runite mining locations but, here like with the chinchompas you will encounter PKers. We recommend you to get food, and loot before going of Runite ore mining adventures.





11. Become the boss of Clay

Pre-Requisites: You should have at least level 68 in Magic, and will have to complete “Dream Mentor" and "Lunar Diplomacy" quests. Lastly you inventory should include the Lunar spellbook, a Steam Battlestaff, several million GP to buy clays and runes.







What if we tell you that you can make 500k an hour in OSRS and get an incredible boost in your Magic level? Well, this can be done humidifying clay. It is one of the best and quickest to earn solid cash. Since there's always a never-ending demand for clay, to make soft clay, you will need 27 Clay, Astral Runes, and Steam Battlestaff. After casting Humidify, all you’ll have to do is sell and enjoy your riches. It is one of the most reliable OSRS p2p money-making strategies.




End of this guide, hope you have learned a lot from it. Rsmalls is a company with 12 years of experience in selling RS game products. We have been working hard to complete your Runescape needs. Including but not limited to Gold, Items, Accounts, Boosting, Quest, Gold Swap. Please let us know if you have any problems.



OSRS Ironman Guide F2P & P2P 2019

how to level crafting easy in f2p osrs

how to craft amulet of glory
How to craft iron arrows
how to friend people on extreme craft
Re2 how to craft grenade
dead mist1 how to craft
How to use division tech crafting
how to use newspaper for craft
How to craft boots

This skill is considered one of the most challenging skills to achieve 99 in. It definitely requires a lot of time, and if buying bars, it requires a lot of money as well. A helpful tip to ease some of your boredom would be to either chat with other people or mine some of the ores. Hope this guide helps.

1-18: Bronze bars Start out by buying equal amounts of tin and copper and smelt them into bronze bars. Do this until level 18.

18-33: Bronze Platebodies With the bronze bars that you made in the previous step use them to make bronze plate bodies. This is the fastest way to get smithing XP here, but you are not limited to making these. Platebodies are just the best way to gain smithing levels. You will probably have to buy or smelt more bronze bars to get to make enough bronze plate bodies to get to level 33.

33-48: Iron Platebodies It is recommended you mine and smelt some of your iron bars here as the success rate of smelting iron bars hovers around 70-80%, and doing so should save you some money. Again, making plate bodies is the fastest way to gain XP/levels.

48-68: Steel Platebodies Things will start not to get but feel a lot slower here, and if you are one of those people who do not like to spend a lot of money, I would highly suggest either continuing making iron plate bodies, as iron bars cost roughly 1/3 of steel bars, or mining and smelting the ores.

68-88: Mithril Platebodies These are faster xp that steel platebodies, but also cost a lot more. You will need hundreds of million to achieve 88 smithing.

88-99: Adamant Platebodies. These are the absolute fastest way to train smithing in f2p. You should get 99 in around 40-50 hours.

Alternative method: The artisan workshop is very afk, but a slower method to train smithing at the mid levels. If you want to afk, this is a good option.

Crafting is a free-to-play skill which allows players to craft ranged armour, Cutting gems is by far the fastest way to train crafting in free-to-play, but it is also very.

Old School Runescape: 1-99 P2P/F2P Runecrafting Training Guide 2019 OSRS



Crafting is not the most practiced skill in RuneScape, and it is rumoured that it is hard to train, and very boring. But don't let the rumours stop you! This is one of the funniest skills, and there are a lot of different things to do! Like making ranging armours, staffs, glass, pots, bowls, necklaces, rings, and much more!

However, lots of the things that are possible to make in crafting, are only available to members.
Items needed in crafting, like moulds, needle and threads can be bought from a crafting shop. Crafting shops can be found in:
• Al-Kharid
• Rimmington
• Marim on Ape Atoll (members only)

Also, remember to check out our Crafting training guide for tips, methods and hints to train!

NOTE: All cells with a white background, is available to both free playersand members, and blue background is only for members.


Pots, Pie dishes, Bowls and Pot Lids can all be made in crafting. These items are used in the Cooking skill, and are made with clay. Clay is obtainable by Mining. Once you've obtained your clay, there are three steps to make the items:
  1. You have to soften the clay. First, use a bucket or a jug on a water source, like a fountain or sink. Then use the jug of water or bucket of water on the clay. Once you've done that, you will obtain Soft Clay.
  2. Go to a potters wheel, which can either be found in:
    - Barbarian Village
    - Crafting Guild
    - East Ardougne (members only)
    - Digsite (members only)
    - Rellekka (members only)
    Use your soft clay on the wheel to make a Pot, a Pie Dish, a Bowl or a Pot Lid.
  3. Now, you have to heat your unfired item. Use it on a Pottery Oven, and it will be fired. If you're unlucky, the item will crack and be useless.

Leather and Dragonhides.

Normal Leather and Dragonhides have to be tanned before they can be used. Note that Dragonhides only can be crafted by Members, and free players can only wear Green Dragonhide items.
Tanners can be found in:
• Al-Kharid
• Crafting Guild
• Canifis (members only)
• Ranging Guild (members only)
But tanning isn't free, you will have to pay a small fee do get it done. The prices are:
• Soft Leather: 1 GP per leather
• Hard Leather: 2 GP per leather
• Dragonhides: 20 GP per hide
Note that the tanner in Canifis is slightly more expensive.

You will also need to use a needle and thread to make something out of the tanned leather / hide. You will only need one needle, but the thread can only be used for some of the hides, and then it will disappear.

Soft Leather, Hard Leather, Studded Leather Armour

Leather work is an easy way to gain experience from level 1. To get leather, follow these steps:
  1. Get a Cow Hide, which is dropped from all cows
  2. Tan it (Read above if you don't know how)
  3. Use a needle and thread to make something out of the tanned hide.
Soft leather is used for all leather items except Hard Leather Body, which needs Hard Leather. Studded leather armour are made by making studs out of steel bar and using the studs on regular leather armour.


You will need a high crafting level to be able to craft dragonhide armour; it's much more difficult than normal leather.

Green Dragons drop Green Dragonhide, Red dragons drops Red dragonhides and so on. Metal Dragons (such as Iron Dragons) do NOT drop any hides. Also, you will need higher ranged level if you want to wear Dragonhide Armour.

After you have the dragonhide, tan it like leather, and then use a needle on the hide (Remember to have threads too), and select what you want to make.
Note that Dragonhide crafting is members only!


Capes can't actually be MADE in RuneScape, but you can dye black cape (obtained by killing Highwaymen) or red capes (bought from the Clothes Shop in Varrock) to various colours. To get dyes, talk with Aggie in Draynor Village. It will also cost you 5 gp per dye you buy from her.

You can dye all capes at level 1.


Spinning wheels are all around the RuneScape World, you will find a lot of spinning wheels if you look at the World Map. There are two items to spin:


Jewelry is a huge part of the Crafting Skill. Most of the things that are made in Jewelry section requires a cut gem of your choice, except silver items. You don't have to put a gem in the rings, necklaces and amulets you make, but if there are no gem, it will be useless.

The Gems

Gems are used in Rings, Necklaces and Amulets. When you enchant one of these items with Magic, the item will get a special power (Doesn't apply to all necklaces).

However, you will need to cut the gems before you can use them.
Regular gems can be obtained randomly while mining any rock. They are also a drop from many monsters around the RuneScape World.

Shilo Gems

In addition to the normal gems, there are gems known as Shilo Gems. After you have completed the Shilo Village quest, you will be able to mine rocks that contains the "Shilo Gems". They are not used in crafting. In fact, Jades and Red Topaz are not used to anything. But you can sell them to the store, it can be a good XP source.

However, Opals are used in Fletching. You can cut Opals twice, and you will get Opal bolt tips. You will earn fletching XP the second time you cut it. You will also earn more XP if you use them on normal bolts (you can't use the tips without having the actual bolt).

Remember that all Shilo Gems are members only.

Gold Jewelry

You can make rings, necklaces and amulets with gold. Usually, there is a gem too. Also, it's normal to enchant the ring/necklace/amulet to give it special powers when worn. But you need to have added a gem if you wish to enchant it.

To make gold jewelry, follow these steps:
  1. Get a gold bar. Either buy it, or mine it (level 40 Mining needed), and then smelt it in a furnace (level 40 Smithing needed)
  2. Get a gem if you want that (cut it if it's uncut)
  3. Get a mould. You will need a Ring Mould to make a Ring, a Necklace Mould to make a Necklace etc.
  4. Use the gold bar on the furnace and select what you want to make.


You can not see the rings when it's worn, but it can give great bonuses. See our Magic guide for more info about enchanting.


You make necklaces the same way as you make rings, but you will need higher level, and you will earn more XP by crafting necklaces. However, only Sapphire and Emerald Necklaces can be enchanted, so the other necklaces are useless... See our Magic guide for info about enchanting.


Amulets, also known as "Ammys" are the best items you can make with gold & gems, and they can all be enchanted to give different combat bonuses. With the Amulet of Glory, the enchanted Dragonstone Amulet, you can even teleport to different places.

However, you need more than only a mould to make these.
First, you have to make them as you make the rings and necklaces. But you also have to add a ball of wool to each amulet you make, so you can wear it. Look in the Spinning Section of the guide to read more about Wool. Also, remember to check out our Magic Guide for enchanting info.


Making silver items gives very good XP, therefore, the silver prices are very high. All silver items are made the same way, but you need different moulds for different silver items: Tiara Mould to make a Tiara, Sickle Mould to make a Sickle and so on. However, different items can be used to different things. There is some information about each items below the Silver Table.
To make a Silver item, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Get some silver either buy mining it (level 20 Mining required) or buying it.
  2. Use it on a furnace to smelt it if it isn't already smelted (level 20 Smithing required).
  3. Get a mould depending on what you're planning to make.
  4. Use the silver bar on a furnace, and select which item you want to make.
Additionally, if you want to make a Holy or Unholy Symbol, you will need to string it: Use ball of wool on the unstrung item.


Holy Symbols

Holy Symbols are used in Prayer. To enchant it, you have to go to Brother Jered in the Prayer Guild (level 31 required) and talk to him. If you have your symbol with you, he will ask you if you want him to bless it. Blessing the symbol is free. The Prayer Guild is found upstairs in the Monastery west of Barbarian Village.

Unholy Symbols

To get the Unholy Symbol Mould, you have to talk to the Spirit of Scorpius in the Zamorak Worshipping Site north of the Observatory. You need to have done the Observatory Quest. This mould is not tradeable, and you can get it unlimited times. After you have made it and stringed it, Spirit of Scorpius can bless it. It gives +2 in all Attack stats and +8 in Prayer bonus.

Silver Sickles

You have to do the Nature spirit quest before you can make and use Silver Sickles. This item can also be blessed. To get it blessed, talk to the Nature Spirit grotto in Morty Myre swamp. The blessed Silver Sickle can be used to cast bloom. This is used to generate items for your Druit Pouch, and to fight Ghasts.

Tiaras are worn on your head, and are used in the Runecrafting skill as a talisman. You won't have to have a talisman in your backpack, which is usefull since you can use the free space for an essence. See our Runecrafting guide for more info.


Glassmaking is a members-only feature. There are lots of different items to make with glass: Beer glasses, Candle Lantern, Vials and so on. Candle Lanterns, Oil Lamps and Lantern Lenses can only be made after "learning how" from the man outside the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, south of Lumbridge Castle in the Lumbridge Swamps.

All glass items are made with "Molten Glass". To obtain Molten Glass, follow these steps:
  1. Cook some seaweed on a range to make some Soda Ashes. (Can't be done on fire)
  2. Use your bucket on a sandpit. Sandpits can be found in:
    – Entrana
    – Yanille
    – Lost City
    – Rellekka
  3. Use your Bucket of Sand or Soda Ash on a furnace.
To craft the Molten Glass, you need to use the Glassblowing Pipe on it. Then, you can select which item you wish to make.

Candle Lantern, Oil Lamp and the Lantern Lens cannot be used without other items, they require other items to work properly:

Candle Lantern:To finish your Candle Lantern, you have to buy a candle. There is a candle seller in Catherby. Put the candle into the lantern, and light it. (level 4 firemaking required). You can also buy a lit candle from the seller in Lumbridge Swamp, but it's very expensive.
Oil Lantern:-Use the Oil Lamp you crafted with an Oil Lantern Frame, that can be smithed from iron (level 26 smithing required)
-Light the Oil Lantern with some Lamp Oil (level 26 firemaking required)
Bullseye Lantern:-Use the Lantern Lens with a Buslleye Lantern, which can be made from steel (level 49 smithing required).
-Light the Bullseye Lantern with some Lamp Oil (level 49firemaking required)

To make Lamp Oil, you have to get some Swamp Tar from Lumbridge Swamp, one for each Lantern you want to make. Take the Swamp Tar and the Lantern to the Chemist in Rimmington. In the eastern part of the room there is a Small Oil Still. Use the Swamp Tar with the Still, the use the Lantern and Still on each other, and it will be filled with oil. You can now lit the lantern with a Tinderbox. If you want to Extinguish the Lantern, you can right-click on it and select Extinguish.

Battlestaffs and Mystic Battlestaffs

Making Battlestaffs are a members-only feature, and Battlestaff can only be used by members.

Battlestaffs gives unlimited runes of the one it is (eg. Fire Battlestaff gives unlimited Fire Runes). The battlestaffs gives the same magic bonuses as normal staffs, but gives higher melee stats. To make a battlestaff, you need:
  • A Battlestaff, which can be bought from Zaff in Varrock, or in the Magic Shop in the Magic Guild for 7000gp
  • A Glass Orb, see the Glass section of this guide for more info.
  • 3 Cosmic runes
  • 30 basic runes of the staff you want. (eg. Fire runes for Fire battlestaff)
To power the unpowered orbs, you have to go to the obelisk of the basic rune you want (Fire Obelisk for Fire Staff), and use the Charge Orb spell on the Obelisk.

After you have powered the orb, use it on the Battlestaff. It will then be ready to use. But if you have done the Scorpion Catcher Quest, you can talk to Thormac the Sorcerer west of Catherby and get it enchanted to a Mystic Battlestaff for 40,000 gp. A Mystic Battlestaff is one of the best magic weapons in the game! And it will have the same melee stats as a Rune Longsword!

Below is a table with needed crafting level to attach the orb to the Battlestaff, and how much XP you get for attaching it.

Snelms - Snail Shell Helmets

This is a members only feature. After you have done the Priest in Peril quest and started on the Nature Spirit quest, you will have access to the Mort Myre Swamp. In the Mort Myre Swamp, there are 9 different Blamish Snails. When you kill them, you will get a Snail Shell and a Snail Corpse. Use a Chisel on the Shell to make a Snelm. It is recommended to bring an Elemental shield (after completing Elemental Workshop) as their acid attack is magical.
Needed Level: 15
Earned XP: 32.5
Different Snails / Snelms: 9
Guide credits

Written by: Aliensvortex
Guide written by: Aliensvortex
All images by: Aliensvortex
Last update:08-Mar-2008 21:54 by Aliensvortex

how to level crafting easy in f2p osrs

Slayer training, Crafting, Grand Exchange and more included in the list! Old School RuneScape Mobile is a perfect way to level up your crafting while at is great news for any new or F2P players looking to make a dime.

how to level crafting easy in f2p osrs
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