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How to make socks craft
March 12, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 1 comment

Do you know that you can make a lot of cool crafts out of old socks? There can be a lot of stories behind your old socks and maybe you rally don’t want to just throw them away. You really don’t have to. because you can make different sock toys from them. Fierce dragons, cute little bunnies, good boy Baymax, to hand-warmers, to sock wreaths and gift wraps – colorful and inventive ways to DIY the socks you once loved to wear.¬† If you have a lot¬†of old socks at bay, then let’s start crafting them!

1. Sock Snowman


And because it is the holiday season, you can of course make this to give your Mom for home decor or make all the above 10 to give away as gifts. ūüôā

2. Mismatched Socks – Sew a Sock Snake


Something you can snuggle up on bed for a lazy day?

3. How to Make a Sock Teddy Bear


A creative and DIY’ed doll? Here’s a teddy bear sock that would cost you $0. Yup! Nada!

4. Sock Bunny – Lop Eared


No we are not over with sock toys yet. Here’s a pattern for a sock bunny too!

5. Sock Dragon


Yes we all know you have long been over playing toys. But making something like this from old socks? How cool is that?

6. Sock Baymax Sewing Patern


Oh BAYMAX pleeaassee!!!

7. How to Make a Girl Sock Doll


A one doll pattern that is cute enough to amuse your little girl cousins. Why not?

8. Sock Animal Rattle Tutorial


This pink rattle will 100% brighten up somebody’s gloomy day.

9. How To Sew Sock Lion


Of course we won’t forget the King! He is one of our top-pick. ūüėČ

10. Sock Monkey Pattern


11. No Sew Socktopus


12. Sock Turkey Patern


Autumn is long over and we’re a long way there. But it’s something to anticipate with this old sock turkey!

13. Sock Sheep Patern


14. Sock Owl Patern


15. How to Make a Sock Snowman


16. Sock Hamster


17. Sock Caterpillar


18. How To Make Your iPod Cozy


19. Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial


20. Psychedelic Golf Club Covers


21. How To Make Bunny Slippers Out of Old Socks


22. Row of Sock Pumpkins


23. How To Make A Dog Sweater From A Sock


24. Healing Bands


25. How to Make a Rice Sock


26. DIY Spa Sock Cupcake


27. Girls Night in Gift Basket


28. Make Your Own Tie Dye Socks


29. Swift Dust Socks


30. DIY Vertical Blind Cleaners


31. Old Socks to Fingerless Gloves


32. DIY Coffee Cozy


33. Stegosaurus Socks DIY


34. Lamp-Painting Sock Trick


Here's another way to make a hat for any of your sock snowman:

1. Cut one small circle from felt that is slightly larger than your snowman's head. This will be your hat's brim so it should be large enough to look a bit floppy when placed on your snowman's head.

2. Now cut another circle that is about an inch larger in diameter than your first circle. These measurements are approximate and will depend on the size of your snowman.

3. Taking the smaller felt circle, cut out a center piece, leaving about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch rim around your circle (see second photo in the series above).

4. Using a needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the edge of your larger circle. When done, pull the two ends of your thread to gather your fabric into a pouch (see second photo in the series above).

5. Fit your felt circle over your pouch and slide it down to the base to create a brim for your hat. You may have to pull your gathers tighter to make it fit. Once the fit looks right, tie together the ends of the threads on the top section of your hat.

6. Shift your gathers around until you like the look of your hat. Then use white glue or hot glue to attach the brim to your hat from the underside. Let dry.

7. If the seam does not look good from the outside, you can cover it up with a ribbon or yarn band around the connection area.

8. When complete, hot glue your floppy hat onto your sock snowman, covering any gathered sock on the top of the head.

Sock Lion Tutorial. via Craft Passion. This Sock Lion has been very popular for the creator and it's one of many great designs on the site. Get The Pattern Here.

1. Samiya the Sparrow

Samiya is a close relative of the tree sparrow, and will happily stay back to guard your chocolate eggs while you go and visit Nana and Grandpa for Sunday dinner. Or if you’re feeling really precious, take the eggs with you and bring Samiya too. She loves a good car journey.

2. Petra the Peacock

Petra is one of the most social birds out there. With her fancy tail and pipe cleaner headpiece, she’s always up for a good party. And has also been known to have one too many at the bird fountain – but we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

3. Huffin the Puffin

Huffin’s red nose is no accident. It’s made from the toe of a sock, and obviously means he’s the clown of the clan. His favourite joke? Glad you asked:

Q: When is the best time to buy budgies?

A: When they’re going cheep!

4. Serena the Seagull

Serena’s curiosity has been known to get her into some pretty sticky situations. Luckily, her innocent face (look at that face) has got her out of those sticky situations too. We’ll let her tell you about the time she was caught with her beak in the biscuit tin…

5. Rebecca the Robin

Although robins are lesser known as an Easter bird (they’re more of a favourite around Christmas time), Rebecca just can’t resist the chance to spend time with her feathered friends. And frankly if there’s chocolate on the cards, she’ll never be far.

6. Bronwyn the Budgie

Bronwyn’s originally from Australia and is the most easygoing budgie ever – which is why she’s totally okay with being tied to this stick with a couple of pipe cleaners.

7. Frieda the Flamingo

The first thing most people notice about Frieda is her really long neck. Of course it is! (It’s held up with the help of a popsicle craft stick, by the way). But not many people know she also happens to be really good at hopscotch.

8. Prudence the Parrot

Like any good parrot worth their dime, Prudence can talk till the cows come home. But be careful what you say around her, because she’s a fiend for a bit of gossip. As we found out the hard way when she gave away where we’d hidden the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

9. Ummmm....

We’ll be honest here, we’re not sure what bird this is, but you’ve probably realised by now: any sock in any colour can easily become a sock-bird. It will always be welcomed with open wings!

10. Freddy Finch

Freddy’s the baby of the bunch, so you’ll often find the others cooing over him. You can tell he loves the attention. And who could resist pinching those green sock cheeks?

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This is a wonderful sock pumpkin craft for you to enjoy this Harvest season. It is a no sew project, and it is great for kids of all ages. If you are looking for more pumpkin crafts, I hope you will check out my paper pumpkins.

This is a wonderful sock pumpkin craft for you to enjoy this Harvest season. It is a no sew project, and it is great for kids of all ages. It’s a really easy project with minimal supplies. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it. I came up with the idea with inspiration from these adorable sock snowmen from The Purple Pug. I just took the main idea and applied it to this season.

Materials Needed to Make the Sock Pumpkin Craft

* Affiliate link added for your convenience. 

Orange Sock (I was originally looking for kids socks but found man socks instead…it worked)

Rice or Beans

Rubber Band

Black and Green Felt

Large Googly Eyes


Fabric Glue or Hot Glue

  1. ¬†Turn an orange sock inside out. Fill it ¬†up to half way with beans or rice. I stretched the sock over a cup so the kids could easily scoop in the beans. ¬†After the initials beans were put in and there was not more room in the cup, I ¬†took it out and stretched it out by hand so the kids could dump the beans in. You could also use a paper funnel. Fill it about 1/2 full. I didn’t fill it quite as much because I had large man socks. It’s OK to have excess sock. I kept pushing the beans down to make the pumpkin rounder rather than longer.
  2. Get a stick from outside and put it in the center of the open sock. This will become your stem. It will go down into the beans or rice. Pull the top of the sock straight up around the stick
  3. Wrap a rubber band around the sock and stick right above where your beans and rice end.
  4. Pull the top of the sock back down and around the base with the beans and rice.
  5. Cut out leaves, nose and mouth out of felt. Use googly eyes eyes or cut some eyes out of felt. Thank you, Craft Project Ideas, for the googly eyes for this project.
  6. Glue on your leaves, eyes, nose and mouth. I used hot glue, which I always know will stick. The kids can do more of the project if you have fabric glue. I’m pretty sure that would work well too. I just didn’t have any.

I have a few more pictures I thought you might find helpful:

This shows the step right after you have put your rubber band on the sock.

You might have excess sock. We cut them off of one and just tucked them under on the other sock pumpkins. Either way works just fine.

This is what your sock pumpkin will look like before you add your face.

The kids had a lot of fun with this project. My son (almost 3) had no problem helping with the beans and really enjoyed it. Kenzie (age 4) cut many of the mouths and noses. This is a great project for preschool project. As you can see in the picture of the two of them adding beans above, I put the project into a pan that collect any spilled beans. This helped contain any mess well. The bean bag-like results make them fun for the kids to play with or display.

These whimsical pumpkins now live in our laundry room windows that face the front walk. They make me smile every time I walk to the house. They’re super cute.

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These sock crafts will keep your kids occupied and busy for a long time. Let them have loads of fun with these old socks craft ideas.

11 brilliant birds you can make with socks this Easter

How many times do you find yourself bored and in the mood for trying something new? Personally, I’m always in the mood. Especially, when it comes to re-purposing projects and just in case you’re wondering, this compilation of old socks craft ideas are a fantastic boredom buster for kids and adults. Not only are they fun to make but they make really adorable gifts for small kids.

Just to give you an idea of the perfect, silly fun you can have, we’ve included tutorials for making puppets, bunny slippers, animal toys, a neat cleaning hack and much, much more!

Trust us when we say your kids (and the kid in you) will love these DIY projects. However, some of these tutorials may require a sewing machine but you could hand sew them too, the only downfall is that it may require a bit more time and effort on your part. Also, ensure that you have a few other details such as buttons and ribbons for additional special details.

If you liked these old socks craft ideas, then you might want to check out this list of repurposing projects to turn old jeans into something creative and useful!

1. Sock Monkey Tutorial

via thewhoot

2. Sock Dragon

via craftpassion

3. iPhone Arm Band

via theartofdoingstuff

4. Dusting/Cleaning Hack

via anenglishaccent

5. Sock Covered Planters

via decorhacks

6. Olaf Sock Pattern

via onecreativemommy

7. Bunny Slippers

via violetlebeaux

8. Lop Eared Sock Bunny

via craftpassion

9. Sock Doughnuts

via rookno17

10. Sock Flower Bouquet

via howdoesshe

11. Baymax Sewing Pattern

via craftpassion

12. Fun Sock Wreath

via bluecricketdesign

13. Sock Lion

via craftpassion

14. Fingerless Gloves


via welivedhappilyeverafter

15.  DIY Heating Pad

via craftylittlegnome

16. Vertical Blind Cleaner

via abc

17. Adorable Sheep Pattern

via craftpassion

18. Boot Socks

via shrimpsaladcircus

19. Coffee Cozy With Buttons

via thatswhatchesaid

20. DIY Coffee Cozy

via splashofsomething

21. Wrapped Wine Bottles

via 1dogwoof

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how to make socks craft

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how to make socks craft
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