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Planet nomads how to craft
January 17, 2019 Entertainment and Movies 1 comment

Planet Nomads, the sci-fi planetary sandbox game of creation and survival is getting another step closer to its final desired form, where building and survival go hand in hand. In the 0.8, the second major update since the EA release in May, you are going to fly. And to celebrate, the game is now 30% OFF on both Steam and GOG.

The update brings air blades - the building blocks for flyers. This is the recommended setup - with propeller blades on top for stability.

Monuments have finally made it to the surface of the procedurally generated planets and hold stories and secrets of ancient alien civilization.

The planets are kilometers large, so a planetary map with a radar block have been added to be better able to locate these monuments.

Electricity has been completely reworked. Generators now consume fuel according to the power output they pump into the grid. Batteries can be recharged and switchboard has been added for creating energy nodes.

Every functional block on a grid can now be controlled from a central terminal.

It's hard to fit the right balance in open-world and sandbox games for everyone, which is why Planet Nomads got a customization both for the planet setting - its size, water level, weather conditions and day/night cycle length. Difficulty balance is also included - player can set their attributes and the level at which thirst, hunger and stamina decrease.

Let's Summarize

If you prefer a video:

Planet Nomads is available for Windows, Linux and MAC OSX.

Update and enjoy! Use the 30% OFF during Steam Autumn Sale and GOG Black Friday sale.

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Three Updates Since Launch - What's New

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Planet Nomads has been live for three weeks and the development continues. We've finally fixed wheel physics for good. Added new physics based blocks...

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Here’s our vision for Planet Nomads


Space exploration gone bad, you’ve crash-landed on an unknown planet. The first hours will be crucial as you only have limited supplies. With the help of a handy space suit and basic tools, you will need to secure food, find fresh water, build a shelter. The clock is ticking.


Once you’ve secured your basic needs it is time to focus on the long-term goals to avoid going mad. After all you are a castaway with zero chances of anyone doing any rescuing. Things look pretty grim. You’d better get busy.


Fortunately, only exceptional and highly skilled individuals were accepted for the space exploration mission with years of training to come and you are one of them – you have the skills to build wonders. With the right materials, any concept can be built into reality.


Without crafting you won’t get too far – literally and figuratively speaking. You will need to build a vehicle to explore the vast planet surface and get to places of interest. Processing materials will require a lot of energy, so having powerful generators is a must. You will also need them to power your base of operations, your defenses and other facilities necessary for survival and progressing further.


Advanced materials are rare, scattered across the planet and require you to go on search missions. They could be hidden in a pitch-dark, possibly dangerous cave, burried deep underneath, or hard to reach due to life threatening environment.


There’s food and water to take care of. You will need to carefully navigate the hostile environment to survive. Some animals are peaceful, while other will actively look for you, especially during night time. There are other extreme conditions to take into account – think radiation, severe temperatures, poisonous atmosphere…


Eventually, with enough work and wit, you will get to a point where a lot of your everyday worries will be automated and you may fully focus on the first big goal – building a spaceship to fly off the planet. It will take time, but we promise it won’t be time wasted and spent in frustration.


We’re constantly adding more ways to play and things to do. Check PN’s Steam page for updates and also our blog post for more detailed information.

Just saw SM's tweet, checked out the Kickstarter, and wow does this look awesome! Gathering and crafting is my favorite part of various games; building and.


By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on June 20, 2016

Doesn't everybody, at one point or another, dream of creating a world of their own? Well, the good news is that now, you can! The upcoming game Planet Nomads by indie developer Craneballs is available for early access on Steam since May 25, 2017. Planet Nomads is a Sandbox Sci-fi game where you can do just about literally anything you want! Diana "DumeeGamer" and myself decided to share this adventure. So, now that we have our crisps and soda on the table, we can start!

When you start the game you can choose to enter either Creative mode or Survival mode. The Creative mode is meant to let your imagination run wild with unlimited resources and countless possibilities. The Survival mode is the real game; grab your survival equipment and learn to thrive in an alien world full of unknown and potentially dangerous elements. We thought it was smart to start in Creative mode, and get the hang of the basics at our own pace. But we learned quickly that, if you have no clue what you're doing whatsoever, even unlimited resources can't make you a creative genius, so we decided that it would be smarter to start with the Survival mode. That way, we got way more instructions of what to do and how to do it.

Both modes start the same way; you're in a space shuttle and you crash onto an unknown planet. You have a multi tool to manipulate the world around you. Immediately it becomes clear that this is not going to be a walk in the park. Your character can be hungry, thirsty and sleepy. So you'll need to take care of that whenever one of these problems arises. First thing we need to do is build a shelter. To build you have to go in build view. In Build view you see the object of your choice and where you can place them. But you'll need resources to build and create stuff. Sometimes, the resources themselves are ready to use, but often you'll need to craft them. So that's our first objective; finding resources!

Man, our first day and night is nerve wrecking! Trying to gather the needed resources of the flora around you, while receiving all kinds of alarming notifications about your condition is not relaxing at all! We tried to collect resources for our shelter, the voice told us we were thirsty, our nutrition level was dropping, the temperature reached an extreme level and on top of it all, we got poisoned! I don't know about you, but I personally think my poor little nomad is not having the best of days. After getting two parts of my shelter's floor down, we needed to find new resources. So yes, you could say that the start of the game is pretty challenging and raised our own heart rates to unknown heights. But it was also a lot of fun to do and you're actually really proud of yourself when you manage to survive another day!

Diana "DumeeGamer" calls me a pro when it comes to playing sandbox games. Well, she is the boss, so who am I to argue with that, right? I played several games of this genre, like: No Man's Sky, Astroneer and Minecraft. And I must say, I totally love everything the early access trailer promises; animals, enemies and building vehicles. Alas, we personally never reached this moment during this play-through, because we died within three or four in-game days. Nevertheless, the game looks promising, it plays really well and looks pretty cool. So yes, we definitely want to become a Planet Nomad!

available on:

TBA (currently in early access on Steam)

Planet Nomads – Achievements

planet nomads how to craft

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GOG Achievements

This title has a total of 47 Achievements on GOG. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Play Planet Nomads for 100 hours.Addicted Builder and Survivor
Discover ten alien monuments.Alien Expert
Kill 10 animals in survival.Animal Control
Weld 2000 blocks into existence in survival.Architect
Kill a godillo in survival using only the multitool.Big Game Season
Use the multitool to mine 100 resource pieces.Bob Miner
Kill one brann specimen.Brann Hunter
Kill one cerbul specimen.Cerbul Hunter
Spend a total of 1000 hours in a stasis chamber in survival.Comfy Sleeper
Reach the South Pole in survival.Down Under
Reach the equator in survival.Equally Important
Find the main alien monument.Final Destination
Visit your first alient monument.First Contact
Die 5 times in survival.Five Times the Death Star
Run 1000 meters in a vehicle in any game mode.Getting a Driving License
Discover five alien monuments.Getting to Know You
Kill one godillo specimen.Godillo Hunter
Play Planet Nomads for 10 hours.Going Through the Nights
Build a building using at least 500 blocks.Grand Designer
Eat 200 pieces of food in survival.Happy Glutton
Eat 25 pieces of food in survival.Happy Gourmand
Run 10000 meters in any game mode.Hit the Road
Craft 50 items in survival.Hobbyist Tinker
Kill 200 animals in survival.Hunting Season
Take on 500 meters on foot.Just Strutting Along
Weld 100 blocks into existence in survival.Laying the Foundation
Destroy or deconstruct 2000 blocks in survival.Mad Architect
Conquer 5000 meters on foot like a champ.Marathon Bull
Craft 1000 items in survival.Master Crafter
Use 50 healing items in survival.Medical Junkie
Destroy or deconstruct 100 blocks in survival.Melting Pot
Build 50 conveyor blocks in survival.Move the Payload
Kill one namiku specimen.Namiku Hunter
Kill one nossal specimen.Nossal Hunter
Drink 200 water bottles… bottles of any water.Quench That Thirst
Kill at least one representative of six animal species in Survival.Sample Collector
Build a building using at least 50 blocks.Shelter Designer
Spend a total of 50 hours in a stasis chamber in survival.Sleep Well
Spend a total of 50 hours sleeping in a bag outside in survival.Star Watcher
Use 10 healing items in survival.Take Your Medicine
Use the multitool to mine 1000 resource pieces.Terraformer
Reach the North Pole in survival.The Arctic Expedition
Spend a total of 1000 hours sleeping in a bag outside in survival.Those Who Bivouack
Build 200 conveyor blocks in survival.Transport Tycoon
Die 50 times in survival.Unstoppable Force
Drink 25 water bottles… any water bottles.Water It Down
Kill one xenotaur specimen.Xenotaur Hunter

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Exploring Conveyor Mechanics - Planet Nomads Season 2 - 13

Yesterday we had a 5-hour Planet Nomads mega meeting on the next steps of Planet Nomads development. We've been collecting feedback.

Planet Nomads - Достижения и трофеи

Yesterday we had a 5-hour Planet Nomads mega meeting on the next steps of Planet Nomads development. We've been collecting feedback to the game for over 20 months, and with the alpha build we got to see and hear direct hands-on experiences from Alpha Nomads. Besides alpha discussions on the forum, we saw people play the game and we saw people comment on Let's Play videos. Here are the results of all that.

Building Revolution

We are very happy with how well people received (dare we say accepted?) our building system, and that after a while it feels natural to use it. BuildVision was updated in yesterday's update too, so now you can connect multiple blocks at once to a single generator. We don't expect this to be the last change made to BuildVision, and are happy to improve this augmented reality building mode. While generally the reactions were positive, there was one recurring issue with building - it takes too long to build something as simple as a wall. Well, here's our answer - bigger prefabricated pieces.

We are still experimenting with these prefabricated bigger pieces and prototyping pieces that include walls, vehicle pieces, garage doors, stairs... the models on their own look stunning, even without textures. The advantages of these are pretty straightforward - more variety, quicker building, better looks (modeled wall has much more detail than one made out of basic blocks) and one prefab is better optimized than the same thing build out of 2x7x4 blocks. The time for bigger projects is coming. Once we add textures to these prefabs, you'll see what we mean. Then they go to the alpha build. These prefabs will be an ADDITION to the existing ones. It is quite possible the existing blocks will get a texture update as well, but more about that some other time.

Crafting Taking Shape

A long time ago we held a survey asking our first Planet Nomads Advisors whether they wanted a 2-tiered or 3-tiered material system (and got a completely new answer "the more the better"). This puzzled us. So in the end we decided to have both.

The crafting system will work a) with raw materials > 3D Printer > material for buildings blocks AND/OR b) raw materials > Refinery > processed material > 3D Printer > materials for building blocks.

Both methods will have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the one that suits you more, depending on a particular situation or your general game style.

Exploration Design

Planet Nomads will have meaningful exploration, in line with the saying "Less is more." You will not find a cave or monument everywhere, but when you do, you'll be happy you did, because of the resources hidden in these or new technology acquired. You could possibly encounter an ancient teleporting device, who knows?
This will require a more detailed navigation system. We've started with compass and those beams visible from afar, but would like to add points of interest, and then a whole globe map in the end, so you know where you are on the planet and what biomes look worthy of exploring.


Less is more works for survival too. Instead of having to constantly check your suit's energy and hunger/thirst levels, they will let you live longer. The idea is that you could eat three times a day, stay in perfect shape and get various bonuses from your healthy life-style, or stay hungry for four days and still be able to function normally. Generally it will be harder to get food, but when you do, you can feel safe... for a while longer.

Skills & Story

Two months ago we did not see these coming. A month ago we thought maybe. Now it's close to 100% confirmed. The skill system will be very simple and very fitting for Planet Nomads - when you do things repeatedly, your skill increases and you get better doing them. When you are reborn (AKA you are not careful enough and die), you lose these skills. As for the story... there's going to be a mysterious underlying story of "Who am I? How did I get here? What am I doing?" but the only way of getting the answers is through playing the game. We're not telling any details.

Early Access

The Early Access is mainly about adding survival (and re-adding those animals and improving their visuals and behavior) and crafting, thus turning the current alpha into a fully fledged game. Of course, there will be more things added in between. Follow us through to know which.

Yesterday's Alpha Update (v0.3.2)

Alpha Nomads may have noticed Planet Nomads updating on Steam yesterday. The biggest news includes huge physics improvements and memory leaks fixes. Also two new building blocks - magnetic jack and a wider cockpit. Check here for the complete list of changes.

Looks like we're going to have a new episode of Nomadic Journals next week with more details, so stay tuned.

Shout-out to our Alpha testers for providing feedback and reporting bugs, lot of the above is coming from you, so thank you!


planet nomads how to craft


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planet nomads how to craft
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