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Stardew valley how to craft crystalarium
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Stardew Valley Walkthrough

There are five skills you can level up in as a farmer in Stardew Valley. They are farming, mining, foraging, fishing and combat. Each skill has ten levels of proficiency. The fastest way to level up is by practicing tasks related to that skill. If you want to level up combat then go out and fight some monsters. If you want to level up farming then start planting and watering crops.


Farming is one of the main parts of the game and the reason why so many people love Stardew Valley. Looking after your crops is something you’ll be doing each day. This involves clearing the land, tilling the soil, planting crops, watering and harvesting. As you do these things you’ll level up your farming skill over time although you only gain experience for harvesting crop. As you do you’ll become more proficient and be able to craft new things.

Farming Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft fertilizer, Craft Scarecrow, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Sprinkler, Craft Stone Fence, Craft Mayonnaise Machine, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 3: Cook Farmer’s Lunch, Craft Speed Gro, Craft Bee House, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 4: Craft Basic Retaining Soil, Craft Iron Fence, Craft Preserves Jar, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 5: At level 5 you get to choose a profession, either a Tiller or a Rancher. If you become a Tiller you will receive an extra 10% for your crops. If you become a Rancher you’ll receive an extra 10% for animal products.

Level 6: Craft Cheese Press, Craft Quality Sprinkler, Craft Hardwood Fence, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 7: Craft Loom, Craft Quality Retaining Soil, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Keg, Craft Deluxe Speed-Gro, Craft Oil Maker, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Quality Fertilizer, Craft Iridium Sprinkler, Craft Seed Maker, +1 Hoe Proficiency, +1 Watering Can Proficiency.

Level 10: At level 10 you can further specialize your profession. If you are a Tiller you can become an Artisan (Atrisanal Goods are worth 50% more) or an Agriculturalist (Crops will grow 10% faster). If you are a Rancher you can become a Coopmaster (Cuts incubation time in half and befriend coop animals quicker) or a Shepherd (Sheep produce wool faster and you can befriend barn animals quicker).


Mining is also an integral part of Stardew Valley and allows you to gather the resources you need to craft many items. The main activity that will level you up is breaking rocks and ores with your pickaxe.

Mining Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Cherry Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Staircase, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 3: Cook Miner’s Treat, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 4: Transmute (Fe), +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 5: At level 5 you get to choose a profession, either a Geologist or a Miner. A Geologist has the chance to find Gems in pairs and a Miner will recieve +1 Ore per vein.

Level 6: Craft Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 7: Transmute (Au), +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Mega Bomb, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Crystalarium, +1 Pickaxe Proficiency.

Level 10: Further specialize in your profession. If you are a Geologist you can become a Gemologist for +20% to the value of Gems or an Excavator which doubles the amount of Geodes found. If you are a Miner you can become a Blacksmith which makes the Bars worth 25% more or a Prospector which doubles the amount of Coal found.


Foraging is all about going into the wilderness and collecting items. Chopping down trees will help level up this skill. You’ll gain extra recipes as you level up and at level 5 be able to pick a profession.

Foraging Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Field Snack, Craft Wild Seeds (Spring), Trees may drop seeds, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 2: Cook Survival Burger, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 3: Craft Tapper, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 4: Craft Wild Seeds (Summer), Craft Charcoal Kiln, +1 Wild Berry Harvesting, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 5: Pick a profession. Either a Forester which makes the wood worth 50% more or a Gatherer which gives you a chance to double the amount of your harvested items.

Level 6: Craft Warp Totem: Beach, Craft Wild Seeds (Fall), +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 7: Craft Wild Seeds (Winter), Craft Warp Totem: Mountains, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 8: Craft Warp Totem: Farm, +1 Wild Berry Harvesting, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 9: Craft Rain Totem, +1 Axe Efficiency.

Level 10: Specialize your profession. The Forester can become a Lumberjack (Normal trees can drop hardwood) or a Tapper (Syrup is worth 25% more). The Gatherer can become a Botanist (Foraged items are always gold quality) or a Tracker (Reveals the location of foragable items).


Practice fishing and you will gain experience, eventually leveling up and become more proficient. Here’s the skills and recipes you can gain through fishing.

Fishing Proficiencies

Level 1: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 2: Craft Bait, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 3: Craft Crab Pot, Cook Dish O’ The Sea, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 4: Craft Recycling Machine, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 5: Choose a profession (Trapper or Fisher). The Trapper reduces the number of resources required to craft Crab Pots and the Fisher increases the value of Fish by 25%.

Level 6: Craft Spinner, Craft Trap Bobber, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 7: Craft Cork Bobber, Craft Treasure Hunter, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 8: Craft Worm Bin, Craft Barbed Hook, Craft Dressed Spinner, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 9: Craft Magnet, +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.

Level 10: Further specialize your profession. The Trapper can become an Angler (Fish worth 50% more) or a Pirate (Chance to find treasure is doubled). The Fisher can become a Luremaster (Crab Pots don’t need to be baited) or a Mariner (Crab Pots never catch trash).


Combat is all about killing monsters. Leveling up your combat skill will increase your health points and give you new crafting recipes.

Combat Proficiencies

Level 1: Craft Sturdy Ring, +5 HP.

Level 2: Craft Life Elixir, +5 HP.

Level 3: Cook Roots Platter, +5 HP.

Level 4: Craft Warrior Ring, +5 HP.

Level 5: Choose a profession. The Fighter deals 10% more damage and has an extra 15 HP. The Scout has an increased Critical Strike of 50%.

Level 6: Craft Slime Egg Press, Craft Oil of Garlic, +5 HP.

Level 7: Craft Ring of Yoba, +5 HP.

Level 8: Craft Slime Incubator, Craft Explosive Ammo, +5 HP.

Level 9: Craft Iridium Band, +5 HP.

Level 10: Specialize your profession. The Fighter can become a Brute (Damage increased an extra 15%) or a Defender (HP increased by 25). The Scout can become an Acrobat (For reduced cool down on special moves by half) or a Desperado (Critical hits are now deadly).

You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won’t be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town’s most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness! * Turn your overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You’ll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams. * Customize the appearance of your character and house. With hundreds of decorative items to choose from, you’ll have no trouble creating the home of your dreams! * Improve your skills over time. As you make your way from a struggling greenhorn to a master farmer, you’ll level up in 5 different areas: farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging. As you progress, you’ll learn new cooking and crafting recipes, unlock new areas to explore, and customize your skills by choosing from a variety of professions. * Become part of the local community. With over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, you won’t have a problem finding new friends! Each person has their own daily schedule, birthday, unique mini-cutscenes, and new things to say throughout the week and year. Take part in seasonal festivals such as the luau, haunted maze, and feast of the winter star. * Explore a vast, mysterious cave. As you travel deeper underground, you’ll encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, valuable gemstones, raw materials for crafting and upgrading tools, and mysteries to be uncovered. * Help restore Stardew Valley to it’s former glory by repairing the old community center, or take the alternate route and join forces with Joja Corporation. * Court and marry a partner to share your life on the farm with. There are 10 available bachelors and bachelorettes to woo, each with unique character progression cutscenes. Once married, your partner will live on the farm with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll have kids and start a family? * Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots. Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots to help you in your journey toward catching every fish and becoming a local legend! * Donate artifacts and minerals to the local museum. * Cook delicious meals and craft useful items to help you out. With over 100 cooking and crafting recipes, you’ll have a wide variety of items to create. Craft useful objects like scarecrows, oil makers, furnaces, or even the rare and expensive crystalarium!

You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! objects like scarecrows, oil makers, furnaces, or even the rare and expensive crystalarium!.

The Community Center is a large building in the North part of Pelican Town. On day 6 a cutscene will occur when you enter town, explaining what the building is, and unlocking it for your character to explore inside. While in here, you should head to the left and into the lower room to read a glowing scroll. Once you have done so, exit, as you are currently done here.

On day 7, you will receive a piece of mail regarding the Community Center. Head to the Wizard Tower, which is South-West of your farm and speak with the Wizard there. If you read the scroll, a long cutscene will play out, with you ultimately gaining the ability to read the Junimo text.


After gaining the ability to read Junimo text, you unlock quests at the Community Center. These can be viewed by going there and reading the golden paper, or by opening your inventory and clicking the icon to the right.

Rooms in the Community Center have different sets of quests in the form of Bundles. These require bringing specific items or in some cases money to the room and sacrificing them in order to complete the quest. Each bundle has its own reward and completing every bundle in a room will earn a bigger reward and restore that room to look new.

Pay attention to each room's required bundles number; not every room needs every bundle to be completed in order to unlock the room's reward.

Completing all the Quests will restore the entire center and reopen it to the public. 

Note: If you have purchased a JojaMart Membership, these will be monetary unlocks instead.

Crafts Room Quests[edit]

This is the first room available to you and completing all Crafts Room Quests, will unlock the Bridge Repair reward. This will give you access to the Quarry east of the Mines.

  • Spring Foraging Bundle
  • Summer Foraging Bundle
  • Fall Foraging Bundle
  • Winter Foraging Bundle
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle
  • Construction Bundle

Pantry Room Quests[edit]

For completing all Pantry Room Quests, you will unlock the Greenhouse.

  • Artisan Bundle
    • Deliver any 6 from the following: Truffle Oil, Cloth, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Honey, Jelly, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, and a Cherry.
    • Reward - Keg

Fish Tank Quests[edit]

For completing all Fish Tank Quests, the boulders to the west of the mines will be removed and you will get access to a Copper Pan to collect minerals from the water.

  • Crab Pot Bundle
    • Deliver any 5 from the following: Lobster, Crayfish, Crab, Cockle, Mussel, Shrimp, Snail, Periwinkle, Oyster, and a Clam,.
    • Reward - Crab Pot

BoiLer Room Quests[edit]

For completing all Boiler Room Quests, the boulders to the west of the mines will be removed and you will get access to the Minecrafts to use quickly travel between locations.

Bulletin Board Quests[edit]

This set of quests will only appear after completing 3 other bundles.

For completing all Bulletin Board Quests, villagers will start to find lost items from years ago and your friendship will go up for all non-romanceable NPCs.

Vault Quests[edit]

This set of quests will only appear after completing 4 other bundles.

For completing all Vault Quests, will repair the Bus Stop and give players access to The Calico Desert.

Community Center

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Many people who play Stardew Valley game don’t know that this game has some hidden features that can be used to your advantage. Although some players never cheat, many of us realize that sometimes, cheating can make gameplay more enjoyable, allowing you to forget about some minor problems that may only distract you from doing what you like most.

Would you like to see some items in your inventory appear out of nowhere? If you’re excited, here’s good news: you can do it easily by just choosing a weird name for your character. Stardew Valley allows you to choose any name for your character. You can name it using up to three item codes in brackets (for example, [541][707][86], or just [113]). If you do this simple trick, you’ll be able to spawn the corresponding items every time your name is mentioned in the game.

This trick works with a desktop version of the game, as well as with Stardew Valley Xbox and even Switch. In addition to using item codes in your character’s name, you can also do it when naming an animal. However, in this case, this trick will work only once. For example, you can buy a chicken, name it “[72],” and spawn a Diamond.

If you want to make the best out of Stardew Valley item codes, we suggest that you try the following method. On Monday, go to the Saloon and have a small talk with Gus. After this, he will address you by your full name for the rest of the day, welcoming you. This approach allows you to generate dozens of items for free. Of course, you may not need so many of these items but you can sell them and get Stardew Valley money with literally no effort.

Our Stardew Valley guide would be incomplete if we gave you this information without actually saying what codes are used for various items. Here is a complete list of item codes published by ConcernedApe himself. Enjoy!

Complete List of Item Codes

0 Weeds
2-4 Stone
16 Wild Horseradish
18 Daffodil
20 Leek
22 Dandelion
24 Parsnip
30 Lumber
60 Emerald
62 Aquamarine
64 Ruby
66 Amethyst
68 Topaz
70 Jade
72 Diamond
74 Prismatic Shard
75-77 Stone
78 Cave Carrot
80 Quartz
82 Fire Quartz
84 Frozen Tear
86 Earth Crystal
88 Coconut
90 Cactus Fruit
92 Sap
93 Torch
94 Spirit Torch
96 Dwarf Scroll I
97 Dwarf Scroll II
98 Dwarf Scroll III
99 Dwarf Scroll IV
100 Chipped Amphora
101 Arrowhead
102 Lost Book
103 Ancient Doll
104 Elvish Jewelry
105 Chewing Stick
106 Ornamental Fan
107 Dinosaur Egg
108 Rare Disc
109 Ancient Sword
110 Rusty Spoon
111 Rusty Spur
112 Rusty Cog
113 Chicken Statue
114 Ancient Seed
115 Prehistoric Tool
116 Dried Starfish
117 Anchor
118 Glass Shards
119 Bone Flute
120 Prehistoric Handaxe
121 Dwarvish Helm
122 Dwarf Gadget
123 Ancient Drum
124 Golden Mask
125 Golden Relic
126, 127 Strange Doll
128 Pufferfish
129 Anchovy
130 Tuna
131 Sardine
132 Bream
136 Largemouth Bass
137 Smallmouth Bass
138 Rainbow Trout
139 Salmon
140 Walleye
141 Perch
142 Carp
143 Catfish
144 Pike
145 Sunfish
146 Red Mullet
147 Herring
148 Eel
149 Octopus
150 Red Snapper
151 Squid
152 Seaweed
153 Green Algae
154 Sea Cucumber
155 Super Cucumber
156 Ghostfish
157 White Algae
158 Stonefish
159 Crimsonfish
160 Angler
161 Ice Pip
162 Lava Eel
163 Legend
164 Sandfish
165 Scorpion Carp
166 Treasure Chest
167 Joja Cola
168 Trash
169 Driftwood
170 Broken Glasses
171 Broken CD
172 Soggy Newspaper
176 Egg
174 Large Egg
178 Hay
180 Egg
182 Large Egg
184 Milk
186 Large Milk
188 Green Bean
189 Fiddlehead Risotto
190 Cauliflower
192 Potato
194 Fried Egg
195 Omelet
196 Salad
197 Cheese Cauliflower
198 Baked Fish
199 Parsnip Soup
200 Vegetable Medley
201 Complete Breakfast
202 Fried Calamari
203 Strange Bun
204 Lucky Lunch
205 Fried Mushroom
206 Pizza
207 Bean Hotpot
208 Glazed Yams
209 Carp Surprise
210 Hashbrowns
211 Pancakes
212 Salmon Dinner
213 Fish Taco
214 Crispy Bass
215 Pepper Poppers
216, 217 Bread
218 Tom Kha Soup
219 Trout Soup
220 Chocolate Cake
221 Pink Cake
222 Rhubarb Pie
223 Cookie
224 Spaghetti
225 Fried Eel
226 Spicy Eel
227 Sashimi
228 Maki Roll
229 Tortilla
230 Red Plate
231 Eggplant Parmesan
232 Rice Pudding
233 Ice Cream
234 Blueberry Tart
235 Autumn’s Bounty
236 Pumpkin Soup
237 Super Meal
238 Cranberry Sauce
239 Stuffing
240 Farmer’s Lunch
241 Survival Burger
242 Dish O’ The Sea
243 Miner’s Treat
244 Roots Platter
245 Sugar
246 Wheat Flour
247 Oil
248 Garlic
250 Kale
252 Rhubarb
254 Melon
256 Tomato
257 Morel
258 Blueberry
259 Fiddlehead Fern
260 Hot Pepper
262 Wheat
264 Radish
266 Red Cabbage
268 Starfruit
270 Corn
272 Eggplant
274 Artichoke
276 Pumpkin
278 Bok Choy
280 Yam
281 Chanterelle
282 Cranberries
283 Holly
284 Beet
286 Cherry Bomb
287 Bomb
288 Mega Bomb
289 Speed Bobber
290 Stone
291 Specific Bobber
292 Cheap Detector
293 Standard Detector
294, 295 Twig
296 Salmonberry
297 Grass Starter
298 Hardwood Fence
299 Amaranth Seeds
300 Amaranth
301 Grape Starter
302 Hops Starter
303 Pale Ale
304 Hops
305 Void Egg
306 Mayonnaise
307 Duck Mayonnaise
308 Void Mayonnaise
309 Acorn
310 Maple Seed
311 Pine Cone
312 Spring Bench
313-321 Weeds
322 Wood Fence
323 Stone Fence
324 Iron Fence
325 Gate
326 Dwarvish Translation Guide
327 Purple Dye
328 Wood Floor
329 Stone Floor
330 Clay
331 Weathered Floor
332 Pot
333 Crystal Floor
334 Copper Bar
335 Iron Bar
336 Gold Bar
337 Iridium Bar
338 Refined Quartz
339 Quartz Globe
340 Honey
341 Tea Set
342 Pickles
343 Stone
344 Jelly
346 Beer
347 Rare Seed
348 Wine
349 Energy Tonic
349 Plans: Silo
350 Juice
351 Muscle Remedy
368 Basic Fertilizer
369 Quality Fertilizer
370 Basic Retaining Soil
371 Quality Retaining Soil
372 Clam
373 Golden Pumpkin
373-375 Gizmo
378 Copper Ore
380 Iron Ore
382 Coal
384 Gold Ore
386 Iridium Ore
388 Wood
390 Stone
392 Nautilus Shell
393 Coral
393 Plans: Greenhouse
394 Rainbow Shell
395 Coffee
395 Plans: Big Coop
396 Spice Berry
397 Sea Urchin
397 Plans: Deluxe Coop
398 Grape
399 Plans: Big Barn
399 Spring Onion
400 Strawberry
401 Straw Floor
402 Sweet Pea
403 Field Snack
404 Common Mushroom
405 Wood Path
406 Wild Plum
407 Gravel Path
408 Hazelnut
409 Crystal Path
410 Blackberry
411 Cobblestone Path
412 Winter Root
413 Blue Slime Egg
414 Crystal Fruit
415 Stepping Stone Path
416 Snow Yam
417 Sweet Gem Berry
418 Crocus
419 Vinegar
420 Red Mushroom
421 Sunflower
422 Purple Mushroom
423 Rice
424 Cheese
426 Goat Cheese
428 Cloth
430 Truffle
432 Truffle Oil
433 Coffee Bean
434 Stardrop
436 Goat Milk
437 Red Slime Egg
438 L. Goat Milk
439 Purple Slime Egg
440 Wool
441 Explosive Ammo
442 Duck Egg
444 Duck Feather
446 Rabbit’s Foot
449 Stone Base
450 Stone
452 Weeds
454 Ancient Fruit
456 Algae Soup
457 Pale Broth
458 Bouquet
459 Mead
460 Mermaid’s Pendant
461 Decorative Pot
462 Glass Pane
463 Drum Block
464 Flute Block
465 Speed-Gro
466 Deluxe Speed-Gro
468 Stardew Hero Trophy
469 Ground Light
470 Table Lamp
471 Key
472 Parsnip Seeds
473 Bean Starter
474 Cauliflower Seeds
475 Potato Seeds
476 Garlic Seeds
477 Kale Seeds
478 Rhubarb Seeds
479 Melon Seeds
480 Tomato Seeds
481 Blueberry Seeds
482 Pepper Seeds
483 Wheat Seeds
484 Radish Seeds
485 Red Cabbage Seeds
486 Starfruit Seeds
487 Corn Seeds
488 Eggplant Seeds
489 Artichoke Seeds
490 Pumpkin Seeds
491 Bok Choy Seeds
492 Yam Seeds
493 Cranberry Seeds
494 Beet Seeds
495 Spring Seeds
496 Summer Seeds
497 Fall Seeds
498 Winter Seeds
499 Ancient Seeds
427 Tulip Bulb
429 Jazz Seeds
453 Poppy Seeds
455 Spangle Seeds
431 Sunflower Seeds
425 Fairy Seeds
516 Small Glow Ring
517 Glow Ring
518 Small Magnet Ring
519 Magnet Ring
520 Slime Charmer Ring
521 Warrior Ring
522 Vampire Ring
523 Savage Ring
524 Ring of Yoba
525 Sturdy Ring
526 Burglar’s Ring
527 Iridium Band
528 Jukebox Ring
529 Amethyst Ring
530 Topaz Ring
531 Aquamarine Ring
532 Jade Ring
533 Emerald Ring
534 Ruby Ring
535 Geode
536 Frozen Geode
537 Magma Geode
538 Alamite
539 Bixite
540 Baryte
541 Aerinite
542 Calcite
543 Dolomite
544 Esperite
545 Fluorapatite
546 Geminite
547 Helvite
548 Jamborite
549 Jagoite
550 Kyanite
551 Lunarite
552 Malachite
553 Neptunite
554 Lemon Stone
555 Nekoite
556 Orpiment
557 Petrified Slime
558 Thunder Egg
559 Pyrite
560 Ocean Stone
561 Ghost Crystal
562 Tigerseye
563 Jasper
564 Opal
565 Fire Opal
566 Celestine
567 Marble
568 Sandstone
569 Granite
570 Basalt
571 Limestone
572 Soapstone
573 Hematite
574 Mudstone
575 Obsidian
576 Slate
577 Fairy Stone
578 Star Shards
579 Prehistoric Scapula
580 Prehistoric Tibia
581 Prehistoric Skull
582 Skeletal Hand
583 Prehistoric Rib
584 Prehistoric Vertebra
585 Skeletal Tail
586 Nautilus Fossil
587 Amphibian Fossil
588 Palm Fossil
589 Trilobite
590 Artifact Spot
591 Tulip
593 Summer Spangle
595 Fairy Rose
597 Blue Jazz
599 Sprinkler
376 Poppy
604 Plum Pudding
605 Artichoke Dip
606 Stir Fry
607 Roasted Hazelnuts
608 Pumpkin Pie
609 Radish Salad
610 Fruit Salad
611 Blackberry Cobbler
612 Cranberry Candy
613 Apple
614 Tea Leaves
615 Spice Berry Tea
616 Tea Egg
617 Tuna Fish Sandwich
619 Strawberry Milkshake
618 Bruschetta
621 Quality Sprinkler
645 Iridium Sprinkler
648 Coleslaw
649 Fiddlehead Risotto
650 Horseradish Beets
651 Poppyseed Muffin
628 Cherry Sapling
629 Apricot Sapling
630 Orange Sapling
631 Peach Sapling
632 Pomegranate Sapling
633 Apple Sapling
634 Apricot
635 Orange
636 Peach
637 Pomegranate
638 Cherry
639 Beef
640 Pork
641 Chicken
642 Duck
643 Rabbit
644 Cheap Meat
652 Meatloaf
653 Orange Chicken
654 Monte Cristo
655 Bacon Cheeseburger
656 Roast Duck
657 Rabbit au Vin
658 Steak Fajitas
659 Glazed Ham
660 Summer Sausage
661 Sweet and Sour Pork
662 Rabbit Stew
663 Winter Duck
664 Steak with Mushrooms
665 Cowboy Dinner
666 Bacon
667 Clams Casino
668 Clam
670 Stone
674-679 Weeds
680 Green Slime Egg
681 Rain Totem
682 Mutant Carp
683 Bread Ball
684 Bug Meat
685 Bait
686 Spinner
687 Dressed Spinner
688 Warp Totem: Farm
689 Warp Totem: Mountains
690 Warp Totem: Beach
691 Barbed Hook
692 Lead Bobber
693 Treasure Hunter
694 Trap Bobber
695 Cork Bobber
698 Sturgeon
699 Tiger Trout
700 Bullhead
701 Tilapia
702 Chub
703 Magnet
704 Dorado
705 Albacore
706 Shad
707 Lingcod
708 Halibut
709 Hardwood
710 Crab Pot
715 Lobster
716 Crayfish
717 Crab
718 Cockle
719 Mussel
720 Shrimp
721 Snail
722 Periwinkle
723 Oyster
724 Maple Syrup
725 Oak Resin
726 Pine Tar
727 Chowder
730 Lobster Bisque
728 Fish Stew
729 Escargot
731 Maple Bar
732 Crab Cakes
733 Shrimp Cocktail
734 Woodskip
745 Strawberry Seeds
746 Jack-O-Lantern
747 Rotten Plant
748 Rotten Plant
749 Omni Geode
750 Weeds
751-765 Stone
766 Slime
767 Bat Wing
768 Solar Essence
769 Void Essence
770 Mixed Seeds
771 Fiber
772 Oil of Garlic
773 Life Elixir
774 Wild Bait
775 Glacierfish
784-786 Weeds
787 Battery Pack
788 Lost Axe
789 Lucky Purple Shorts
790 Berry Basket
792-794 Weeds
795 Void Salmon
796 Slimejack

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Bundles | Stardew Valley Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia - A b x Iron Ore Coal Campfire Stone Wood Fiber You know how craft this when.

How to Find a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: Skills Guide

List of Skills and Useful Crafting Unlockables

Stardew Valley features 5 skills, each with 10 levels and 4 separate professions that can be chosen to give your character a boost. Each of the skills will unlock new crafting and cooking recipes as you level, expanding your options on the farm and increasing your farmer's ability to earn money and accomplish your goals. This list of skills and unlocks leads to more in-depth skill guides that can teach you the fundamentals of each of them.

Leveling Skills
You'll level skills as you use them, with each level up taking substantially more work. While I'll touch on how you level each of the skills in Stardew Valley, I have a guide dedicated to Skill XP and how to level them which may have a bit more info on the mechanics. The skill guides also cover this aspect and list all of the crafting unlockables for that skill as well as how to make use of it.


Combat Skill

Stardew Valley's Combat skill gains experience as you slay monsters in the mines, skull cavern, secret woods, and any area with enemies. You can't begin to use this skill until after day 5, when the way to the mines is cleared. Each level gives you +5 additional hp, though weapons take no energy and thus proficiency is a non-issue. As you descend the mines - where you use Combat most - you will level it, and also unlock new weapons the deeper you travel. Combat in Stardew is fairly simple, but you can augment your character with up to 2 rings and one pair of boots, found on the inventory screen. Learning the rhythm of combat is important for harder enemies, but for the most part you'll spam attacks and try to position enemies to take advantage of knockback/stun while fighting. An enemy with their back to the wall is especially vulnerable!

Notable Crafting Unlocks for Combat:

  • Sturdy Ring (level 1) - Craft the sturdy ring to cut the duration of negative status ailments in half. Useful against a few types of debuffs you'll encounter in the mines. A nice ring if you're not so hot at combat. Many people will use magnet rings to gather far-away items.
  • Life Elixir (level 2) - Fully heals your character. Not that great but it's also able to recover 200 energy. Takes 1 each of the four mushrooms, easily obtained in quantity (over time) if you chose mushrooms over bats for the cave.
  • Warrior Ring (level 4) - Gives you a burst of speed sometimes when an enemy is slain. Good for getting back on track after a fight, since the clock is always ticking while you're in the mines or Skull Cavern.
  • Slime Egg-Press and Slime Incubator (level 6 and 8) - These two items go with the Slime Hutch to let you breed slimes (which you can fight). They can be useful for collecting slime as well as the drops from the harder (purple/black) slimes. Having one on your farm may lead to a rare event that can let you farm your slimes for other drops in the form of a few rare minerals.
  • Ring of Yoba (level 7) - This ring gives you a chance to have extended invincibility when damaged, allowing you to have time to get out of sticky situations when surrounded and avoid a little more damage. It can be a real life-saver. Works best when your luck is high that day.
  • Iridium Band (level 9) - The Iridium Band is the ultimate ring in Stardew Valley, offering magnetism, +10% damage, and a glowing effect. What is more, two can stack. Though you may want to use a ring of Yoba, two Iridium bands is probably the ultimate combo as the magnetism is highly useful when you're detonating mega-bombs in the Skull Cavern.

Farming Skill

The Farming skill will rise as you harvest crops. No other activity gives skill experience. Leveling farming will give you some nice craftables that let you expand on your ability to make money with produce, from the cheese press to kegs and other items. Farming skill gains give you hoe and watering can proficiency, which makes those two activities consume less energy. Look at the farming guide to learn more about making money with this skill. Check out the linked guides below for in-depth information on some money-making aspects of farming as well as bundle completion..

Notable Crafting Unlocks for Farming:

  • Scarecrow (level 1) - Scarecrows are essential to keeping crows from eating your crops. They protect an 8-tile radius, so one can work wonders for a medium-large sized garden. You can move them at any time using the pickaxe.
  • Fertilizer (level 1 ) - Fertilizer gives a chance at better quality plants. Use it after tilling the soil but before planting. Thankfully, it takes only sap to craft, so you can get a large quantity just chopping down some trees.
  • Mayonnaise Machine (level 2) - The mayonnaise machine lets you make more money from eggs that chickens provide, many players' first experience with managing livestock. It's not wildly profitable but does help you to get more out of that investment.
  • Bee House (level 3) - The bee house lets you generate income from a single flower, with more expensive flowers making more money. The bees will passively produce honey so long as there is a flower in range, so you've only got to ensure the life of that flower and collect the honey when it is ready!
  • Preserves Jar (level 4) - The preserves jar lets you make pickles from vegetables and jam from fruits. A very handy item for the mid-game.
  • Cheese Press (level 6) - Cheese presses turn Cow and goat milk into two types of cheeses, with the latter more valuable. Cheese is also a decent healing item, though you may be better off selling it and buying salads if that's your intention.
  • Oil Maker (level 8) - Oil makers can generate gobs of cash if you've got pigs on your farm. You can produce truffle oil, certainly one of the most profitable Artisan Goods in the game.
  • Keg (level 8) - Like the oil maker, you can make a lot of money via hops/wheat for beer and pale ale, or using fruits to make expensive wines. The final value of wines is based on the base price of the fruit - try it out with ancient seeds for some serious cash.
  • Seed Maker (level 9) - The seed maker can allow you to make foraged produce for any of the four seasons if you put in the right vegetable. See this tutorial for in-depth information.
  • Iridium Sprinkler (level 9) - While you unlock several other types of sprinkler along the way, the Iridium sprinkler covers a large area and is the first to be efficient material-wise for making a massive farm.

For More info on Farming See:
Crops to Grow for Bundles (By Season)
Spring Crop Prices
Summer Crop Prices
Fall Crop Prices
Winter and the Seed Maker for growing winter foraged produce.

Fishing Skill

This skill is leveled by successfully catching fish or collecting them from crab pots. Fishing is the skill that Stardew Valley players have the hardest time figuring out how to use. The mini-game is a little challenging at first, but with some practice you'll easily reel in all but the most difficult fish. I have separate guides on How to catch fish and how to use bait and tackle for when you level the skill a bit. See the main fishing guide for some extra fishing spots. There are also pages on the fish found in the four seasons and where to catch them!

Notable Crafting Unlocks for Fishing:

  • Bait (level 2) - See the guide above for how to use bait. Bait decreases the time for fish to bite.
  • Crab Pot (level 3) - Crab pots can be placed in water and will give you items each day. Good for getting garbage for the next item, but you'll also catch things like lobster which can be valuable.
  • Recycling Machine (level 4) - You'll catch glasses, newspaper, cds, trash and driftwood when fishing. Put them in the recycling machine and get valuable and useful crafting items out of it, as opposed to selling that trash for only 2-3G each. It's a very good way to help yourself with crafting materials that are not as easy to come by early on in the game.
  • Better Bait and Tackle (level 6) - At level 6, you can start using the best fishing rod in the game, and it's capable of taking tackle. These have a variety of effects, outlined in the guides above. In short, tackle can make fishing much much easier. The normal fish become effortless and hard fish are simpler to catch. Combined with fishing levels, only legendary fish should give you trouble.
  • Worm Bin (level 8) - The Worm Bin will automatically generate worms for your fishing endeavors (in the form of normal bait). Though bait isn't expensive, it's nice to have these if you fish regularly.

For More Info on Fishing See:
Catching Fish in Spring
Catching Fish in Summer
Catching Fish in Fall
Catching Fish in Winter

Foraging Skill

The foraging skill is leveled by collecting wild plants and chopping down trees. This skill gives some unique unlocks that help you collect a couple of rare resources that can only be gained from nature. Gaining skill in it and upgrading your axe will make woodcutting much less strenuous on your character. You'll need a lot of wood, so it's not an awful idea to plant some trees.

Notable Crafting Unlocks for Foraging:

  • Field Snack (level 1 ) - This is a cheap, craftable snack made of the three types of tree seeds. It gives 45 health and energy and can be found in the crafting tab. Good if you do not yet have a kitchen. You should save some of your seeds for planting trees, however.
  • Wild Seeds (levels 1, 4, 6, and 7) - You'll unlock spring, summer, fall, and winter wild seed recipes as you level. These can be handy for when you want to grow more of the harvested items, or if a villager happens to like them for a gift.
  • Tapper (level 3) - Placing tappers on trees lets you get one of three kinds of resource (maple syrup, pine tar, oak resin) which are used in crafting/cooking recipes. The items themselves are valuable enough that you could make a farm dedicated to growing these things, though nothing will top pigs/oil maker or simply farming. Just another fun idea!
  • Charcoal Kiln (level 4) - A good item if you have not had much luck with coal in the mines. You can turn 10 wood into one piece of coal with the charcoal kiln.
  • Lightning Rod (level 6) - This one is used during summer thunderstorms to make battery packs, one of the more rare items in Stardew Valley. They're used in advanced crafting, so you'll want to make some of these to harvest nature's power. Each lightning rod can store one charge for 24 hours, and prevents the bolt from striking something more valuable as well!
  • Totems (levels 6, 7, 8, 9) - You can make single-use totems to instantly warp to one of three places (Which are not covered by the mine cart). The Rain totem is handy if you need to catch a specific fish that only comes during rain, and of course waters your crops. You have a greater chance of rain the next day when you use this. Warp Totem: Farm is good for getting out of bad situations in the skull cavern or for when you're out late and want to go home instantly. Mainly for the end-game.

Mining Skill

The mining skill is (nearly) essential to leveling up your tools and crafting things for your farm that require metal. Particularly Iridium Sprinklers from the Skull Cavern. You'll one day want copper/steel/gold variants and this is the cheapest route. You'll level combat simultaneously as you work your way through the mines. Skill experience is gained by breaking rocks in any way (even with bombs), and levels come with proficiency in addition to unlocks. Upgrading your pickaxe will make harder rocks take far less hits and thus consume less time and energy.

Notable Crafting Unlocks for Mining:

  • Furnace (level 0) - You'll get this recipe from Clint the blacksmith after you've been to the mines and located ore. Find the furnace on your crafting tab under the esc menu. Having coal and ore in your inventory (5 ore each) you can smelt ore into bars.
  • Bombs (levels 1, 6, and 8) - Bombs let you blow up large areas, with larger variants unlocking with more levels. They're a little pricey to craft but are a worthy use of materials when you're trying to make it as deep as possible in the Skull Cavern.
  • Transmutations (levels 4 and 7) - Level 4 lets you transmute copper bars into iron and level 7 iron into gold. Head to your crafting tab to use it, not the furnace!
  • Crystalarium (level 9) - Place a gem into the Crystalarium, and it's locked in. The Crystalarium will then dispense that gem at regular intervals. One diamond becomes 10 over time if you are patient, and diamonds are the most profitable and rare item to place inside. More Crystalariums can produce a variety (or more of one kind) for you and help as gift-giving options to make friends with the villagers in Pelican Town.

For More Info on Mining See:
Getting Copper, Making Bars and Finding Coal
Skull Cavern

stardew valley how to craft crystalarium

Stardew Valley features 5 skills, each with 10 levels and 4 separate professions that Each of the skills will unlock new crafting and cooking recipes as you level, . Crystalarium (level 9) - Place a gem into the Crystalarium, and it's locked in.

stardew valley how to craft crystalarium
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