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Terraria how to craft better stuff
July 02, 2019 Entertainment and Movies No comments

Looking for help or the latest tips for the game Terraria? This all-in-one solution is exactly what you need: everything for the good game and improving your gaming skills. This app will be useful for both novice and experienced players. No ads! Does not require an internet connection to use, so that any relevant information is always available to you. This app is unofficial.

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“BEST WIKI EVER!!! - It's easy access and always updating to the most the most current Terraria update. Great organization and it's super easy to find everything you need. Gives you every recipe to the game in case you forget or don't know how to craft something. Having trouble defeating a boss? Get vital information and helpful tips in the wiki!! Couldn't have created a better one."
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“Amazing - I love this app, its basically a wiki, that doesn't need internet, its sorted where you can find everything. Best Terraria app I own, love this app!!"
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“Amazing and handy - This app is amazing I hardly right reviews but this app deserves it. I like this app cause it doesn't need wifi and it's all useful information and good to have when I need to fight a boss and stuff."
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"Best terraria guide I've ever seen - This is the best terraria guide I've ever seen. Sure it needs some stuff to be added but its still the best"
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"Good app - Very complete app. I recommend. Just the layout of the screen is strange sometimes, but the info provided is awesome.Congratulations to the developer."
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"Great app - This app helped me a ton when I would get stuck on how to craft something and gave me great tips on how to beat bosses."
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"Well made. Good app - It's a really nice app. My bro told me about it. I use it whenever I'm stuck in a place and it's a lot easier than going to the online wiki(s). I definitely suggest you try it out for your self. :)"
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"Good - I think this app is really helpful and actually works offline. I just hope that this app keeps up to date thank you for finally make an app like this please keep updating and keep up the good work."
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"Extremely Helpful - As a new player to the console version of this game this guide is great for learning about new things…”
- by Honeycombs96

● Features:

• Achievements
• Biomes
• Crafting
• Enemies
• Guides
• IDs
• Items
• Mechanics
• News about the game
• NPCs
• Recipes
• Trophies
• Walkthrough

• Favorites
• Filters
• iPad & iPhone supported
• Search
• Works offline

• Enemies, items and etc.
Full info for each enemy, item and etc.: stats, recipe, ingredients, etc.

• Guides
Tons of useful and nice guides that will be useful for both novice and experienced players.

• Works offline
The app does not require internet connection, meaning you can use it when you want.

Any requests, suggestions and comments, please send via the "Feedback" in the app or email me at [email protected] I will be happy and motivated if you leave (or update) a positive review about my work. Thanks! :)

● Note

This app is an unofficial and not affiliated with game’s developer, publisher or distributor. All in-game content, imagery, text and videos on the application are copyrighted by their respective owners. This reference app is for informational purposes and meant to assist fans of this game with game play, and is intended to be used alongside the game. It can contain information obtained from free sources on the internet. If you have a concern or feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that does not fall within "fair use" guidelines, please email directly me at [email protected] to discuss this.

Progression Path in Terraria

To-Do List of Goals to Advance the Game

This Guide to Progression in Terraria discusses the various barriers you must overcome and how you can advance the world toward Hard Mode by defeating the Wall of Flesh and on to Plantera and the end-game. I'll look at each of the bosses that are necessary to advance and describe goals you should set for yourself before fighting them. Linked are guides to the bosses, how you can engage them, and some strategy suggestions to defeat them. Here are some of the major markers of progress in Terraria and what you can do to prepare your character for them.

My Walkthrough, basically a beginner's guide, has two pages which include loads of tips for getting started in Terraria. Read this if you're fresh, then you can come back here to learn more about making it further in the game. I've also got a guide to earn yourself some Money, either early or later game.

It is worth noting that most of the things in this list are necessary to be successful in Expert in 1.3. You need every advantage you can get, so the optionals become more important to complete before progressing to harder things.

To-Do in Normal Mode - Before Wall of Flesh

  • Required - Just have fun! This is a reference so that you might learn what you can do next. Overall, explore and find new things. Build up a number of chests and organize things, make a village for people to live in and try to get all the NPCs as they will help in various ways. Critical ones are listed here. Overall do not feel rushed, and try your hand at building a respectable place to be your base. If you've having fun, that's all that matters.
  • Spend your first few hours of gameplay exploring and mining. Wood or Cactus armor is a good start. Gear up to a full set of armor that is at least equivalent to Iron, but Silver/Tungsten is better. You want at minimum 10-12 Defense. Use your best ores to get the best weapon and Pickaxe you can (Gold/Plat bow or melee, your choice). Explore while acquiring accessories and life crystals to get to 200 life. It's required for some events. Don't use a life crystal at 180 unless you're ready for the first boss. Save every accessory you find, so that you can later combine them with the Tinkerer's Workshop. What doesn't seem important to you may be important for a better accessory later.
  • Defeat Eye of Cthulu, either by summoning it or waiting for it to attack.
  • After the first boss is defeated, The Dryad should be in your town in order to sell purification powder. This lets you break blocks in the Corruption/Crimson by turning them normal. This will get you to the next step. If you don't want to buy powder, you can use bombs that destroy tiles. Consider making them sticky bombs by combining with gel so they work better.
  • Explore the Corruption (purple evil area)/Crimson (red evil area) and destroy at least two Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts in order to get items and trigger Meteors. You will need the purification powder from the dryad to mine through to these. Breaking a third will summon a boss. Choose between taking the boss out first or pursuing the Meteor. I choose killing the boss, because it makes farming the Meteorite easier due to the attacking Meteor Heads and the better armor you can craft.
  • Every 3 hearts/orbs destroyed, one of the two bosses will spawn - Brain of Cthulhu (Crimson) or Eater of Worlds (Corruption). Plan the third near an area suitable for the boss fight, with room to maneuver. Once they're dead, get the materials to make one of the best armor sets available in normal mode. Only hellstone stuff is substantially better. Consider fighting the boss a second time by smashing more orbs. Further farming requires you to make a Summoning item.
  • While there, note the location of Demon/Crimson Altars. They are used for crafting, and you can even make Night's Edge, and a Terra Blade later. Later, you can break those in Hard Mode to bless your world with ores.
  • The Goblin Army will invade one day, so you can unlock reforging for gear and the ability to combine accessories with the Tinkerer's Workshop (10g). Find the Goblin Tinkerer, exploring the vast Cavern layer and acquiring better armor and accessories.
  • Optional - Meteors should fall after destroying orbs/hearts - eventually. You will be notified, then have to find it somewhere on the surface. Continue your exploration and ensure you've got some Meteorite and the Goblin Tinkerer in your village. The meteor Hamaxe can be a great help, and the Meteor Set will let you fire a space gun with no mana cost. You can also craft a Phaseblade with Meteor Bars and gems.
  • Optional - Defeat the Queen Bee in the Jungle, summoning her by breaking the larva inside a bee hive. She may drop a weapon worthy of use, but the main thing here is her defeat allows the Witch Doctor to move in, which lets you make Flasks. You can farm her if you want one of the four bee-themed weapons she drops. There are normally multiple Hives in the Jungle, and it's worth mapping it out so that later in the game you have an easier time finding Chlorophyte ore deposits on the minimap, Plantera Bulbs, and the Jungle Temple for Golem.
  • Optional - Head to the far east or west of your map, where you'll find the dungeon and talk to the Old Man at night. Defeat Skeletron so you can gain entry to the Dungeon.
  • Optional - Farm in the Dungeon to get the Cobalt Shield via gold lockboxes. Always kill the big slimes, as they have a 100% chance to drop a key while other monsters' chance is very low. There are many cool things to find inside those chests. While there, you should find the Mechanic NPC. She will be bound, simply talk to her and she'll move in with housing available. Keep an eye out for an Alchemy Table, which you can hit with a pickaxe to take home and make better use of potion ingredients (Alchemy Table is PC Only). PC players may also find the Bewitching Table here, which is later available for purchase from the Witch Doctor if you have a Wizard in town.
  • Optional - If you got a Cobalt shield, craft an Obsidian Skull with 20 obsidian, obtained from dropping/routing water on lava and mining it. See this guide. Combine these two accessories with the tinkerer's workshop to get the Obsidian Shield, removing knockback and burn damage from meteorite and hellstone contact. If you're lucky, you can find a lava charm. Regardless, the linked guide will teach you to make Obsidian Skin Potions.
  • Optional - With money you earn adventuring in the Dungeon, use the Goblin Tinkerer to reforge some of your gear to Warding - +4 Defense. Crit and +Damage are more useful later, but that is debateable. You can go that route, but the point is to make a build by focusing hard on something. Defense is the safe route. This makes a huge difference in your survivability when down in the Underworld.
  • Required for Hardmode - Get enough Hellstone from the Underworld (60 ore, 20 obsidian and a hellfore) to make a Molten Pickaxe. You need it for hardmode ores. Getting more Hellstone is recommended, as it will help you to beat Wall of Flesh if you have the full armor set. PC players can fish up a Reaver Shark from the ocean and avoid this step.
  • Required Head to the Underworld. Kill the Voodoo Demon and ensure the Guide Voodoo Doll lands in lava to initiate the final normal mode boss fight. Defeat the Wall of Flesh after having acquired the best of what normal mode has to offer. This will make the transition to Hard Mode much easier.

Hard Mode Progression

  • Read up on Hard Mode it features more enemies and corruption/crimson spreads faster. There is a new biome, the Hallow, which also spreads. Don't worry about this at all. It slows to 1/3 after you defeat Plantera, but there's still no need to rush. Enjoy the game, explore and use the Terraria wiki to learn about accessories you can combine together. You can easily handle the spread later by purchasing a Clentaminator, which purifies the world. Someday you might want to make a world where these are contained by mining around them and preventing spread, but it's up to you.
  • Required: Bless your World - Use the PwnHammer you got from the Wall of Flesh and break some Demon/Crimson Altars. Taking Potions with you will help substantially against the new enemies you find the these biomes. The more you smash, the better. Try to get at least 9. Though this is dangerous, because you're going into the Crimson/Corruption in hard mode, it is what gives your world the new metals. It is worth noting with Fishing in the PC version, you can save up the crates you find in normal mode and open them in Hard. Open enough of them, and you do not need to break these altars in order to get gear from hardmode ores.
  • Required - Pickaxe Progression - Pickaxes follow a progression route again - you'll need your Hellstone Pickaxe to get to Cobalt/Palladium, and a Pickaxe from those in order to get the next. You want at least a full set of Mythril or Orichalcum Armor and associated tools. Read my Guide to Hard Mode for more information, this may also be useful for actually finding the ore (mining). Getting the ore you need means careful exploration of the deeper areas of the game, because ores only spawn in quantity deep down.
  • Optional: Get Wings - I have a guide to Getting Wings when you enter Hard Mode that may be helpful. Otherwise, you can make Spectre boots with boots you've found, and the rocket boots purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer. You can also buy wings for 1 Platinum if you put the Witch Doctor's home in a Jungle Biome. You can make a little one outside your town using Jungle Grass seeds and mud.
  • Required: Bosses - Building up your accessories and armor will let you prepare for the three Mechanical Bosses. It may take some time to down all three. You can tackle them in any order you want, but the easiest is likely the Destroyer (Eater of Worlds, but worse!) - this will let you begin production of a Hallowed set of Armor. This is important, but you can get a Megashark by buying a Minishark from the Arms Dealer and use this to help with The Twins and Skeletron Prime.
  • With all three Mechanical Bosses down, you can take to the Jungle and farm Chlorophyte Ore for even better gear, though it requires a Pickaxe Axe or Drax made from Hallowed Bars and souls.
  • Defeating the three of them will now allow you to work up to fighting Plantera, which in turn unlocks the Jungle Temple and Golem. Players on console can take on Ocram after finishing the three Mechanical Bosses, who allows for gear that is similar to Chlorophyte in power, though Chlorophyte is much more attainable.
  • Kill Final Bosses and Farm Events when You're Ready! - While other bosses were left out on the console/mobile editions, this is where paths largely diverge. Owners of both can take on the Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon events - the ultimate challenge for console owners. Players with the PC 1.3 can take on several new things - Martian Madness, and Duke Fishron, the Lunatic Cultist, Lunar Events, and Moon Lord. You can learn about these things on my Bosses Guide.


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out that the entire game is based around building stuff and crafting new tools and weapons. . For you guys, which one is the best equipment for Terraria?.

This week, I planned to review Super Mario Maker for the Wii U (which I am extremely excited about), but my copy has yet to arrive in my mailbox! So, I am reviewing an older game that I have played for over 100 hours (believe it or not, this is pretty normal for hardcore gamers). […]

This week, I planned to review Super Mario Maker for the Wii U (which I am extremely excited about), but my copy has yet to arrive in my mailbox! So, I am reviewing an older game that I have played for over 100 hours (believe it or not, this is pretty normal for hardcore gamers). It is like Minecraft’s distant cousin.

Platform: This game is available on many platforms, including some of the older game consoles, and it’s pretty cheap (pricing and pruchasing info at the end of this post)!

Rated: T for Teen. There is mild blood, and the game has cartoon violence. For example, when your character dies, your character does kind of explode into body parts. Also, there are some “adult” references that may or may not go over teens’ heads. For example, you can craft ale that will give you character boosts, and there are jokes about licking mushrooms for stamina.

I should also mention the world has a “Hell” area, which is accessed by digging as far down as possible. You can fight demons in Hell, mine “hellstone”, etc.

Single or Multiplayer: Both! The game is way more fun when playing with friends.

Quick Synopsis: Terraria came out for the PC in 2011 when I was in undergrad, and I spent many weekends playing it with friends instead of doing my homework. After its initial release in 2011, Terraria became so popular that it was revamped for other platforms.

Terraria is a survival side-scrolling game with a sandbox feel (if this sounds like gibberish, you can view my definitions post from last week. You begin Terraria by creating a 16-bit character (male or female), and you can personalize everything from their hair to skin color. Each color is selected on a rainbow spectrum, so theoretically, you can have a female character with red hair and purple skin.

After you are done creating a character, you can choose the size of the world you want to explore as well as your difficulty. “Softcore” mode means when your character dies, you only lose half of the money in your inventory, do not lose any of your items, and you will respawn at your home base. “Mediumcore” mode means your character will lose all of the money and items in your inventory, but you will respawn at your home base. “Hardcore” mode is the most difficult mode, because when your character dies, you cannot respawn. Your character becomes a ghost, and will be deleted when you exit the game. I am a wimp and only play on “Softcore” mode, because I like NOT losing everything in a cave.

You can also select the size of the world, and what biomes you want. There are many different biomes and layers to the world, which means there are different enemies, resources, and bonus items.

After you are done selecting a world and difficulty, you are dropped into a forest biome with only a copper pickaxe, copper axe, and copper shortsword. You also have a computer character known as an NPC, who helps you figure out the controls and crafting items.

There isn’t a goal in the game per se, other than survive and kill boss enemies. Players begin with these three tools as a way to start collecting resources from the world. As you collect resources, players can create items ranging from bricks, furniture, swords, shields, armor, potions, etc. The idea is the more resources you gather, the easier it is to make better stuff.

Controls: Terraria is a 2D side scrolling game. This means that your character can only run left, right, jump up, or dig down. The controls vary because it depends on what platform you are using. I play Terraria on my computer, which means I use my keyboard to move my character and activate items in my inventory while I use my mouse to click on objects.

When I say “activate” my items, what I mean is you can only “hold” one object at a time, like a sword or a potion, but you can have “activated” items that affect your character’s health and strength. Take a look at this picture below:

This is a sceenshot of a player’s “inventory”. The top row functions like a shortcut. For example, if I want to hold that awesome pink sword in the top left hand corner, I only have to hit “1” on my keyboard. This is useful for when you are fighting enemies like giant floating eyeballs, and you have to quickly change from holding a sword to holding a health potion.

STEM Appeal: This game is very similar to Minecraft where there is some STEM appeal, but it not as obvious as Minecraft. For one thing, Minecraft lets you download modifications (also called “mods”), which means you have a lot more flexibility to create a STEM focused world for teens to play in (or download it from MinecraftEdu link: . You can download mods for Terraria on the PC, but I personally have not done this. You cannot download mods on other platforms.

Like Minecraft, teens can learn a variety of STEM skills like geometry, circuits, engineering, strategy, teamwork, communication, and physics. While there is no “goal” in Terraria, players often build elaborate home bases both for fun and to protect themselves from enemies. Take a look at this giant castle that I found on Google.

In order to build something this elaborate, players have to collect resources from their world in order to craft “better” objects. So, this castle probably took forever to build because the players had to gather the appropriate resources to create bricks, walls, doors, furniture, etc. Or, they used cheats, but let’s pretend they didn’t.

The one huge difference between Terraria and Minecraft is the inherent reliability on teamwork in order to progress in the game. If you are playing with other people in Terraria, you absolutely have to work together in order to survive fighting enemies and collect resources. Although you don’t have to work side by side in the game world, you naturally communicate your goals, actions, and findings to your teammates. This is what makes Terraria fun to play with friends!

Verdict: I highly recommend purchasing this game for Teen Game Night programs if your teens are tired of Minecraft. Teens will still learn STEM skills like they do in Minecraft, but it has a different world environment that is fun to explore with friends. I also recommend this as a core purchase for video game collections.

by Alanna Graves

Pricing and Purchasing Options:

Available on PlayStation 3 (digital code only) $19.99 on Amazon

PlayStation 4 $19.99 on Amazon

PS Vita $19.99 on Amazon (

Xbox 360 $19.54 on Amazon

Xbox One $19.88 on Amazon

Apple Store $4.99

Google Play Store $4.99

PC Download on Steam $9.99

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terraria how to craft better stuff

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So I made a new character today and I've gotten the materials I need to craft stuff for example iron ore, copper ore and all that good stuff but its not even giving me an option to make it into bars and when I do it doesn't update it with all the new recipes i should be receiving. If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about do you know of any fixes? Thanks.

Skyrim Forever

Try throwing your materials on the ground, and picking them up again. Or try talking to the Guide under the Crafting Option.

That usually fixes it for me.

Gamertag - Ace PokeBro Red

Ahzidal (Topic Creator)6 years ago#3
AcePokeBroRed posted...
Try throwing your materials on the ground, and picking them up again. Or try talking to the Guide under the Crafting Option.

That usually fixes it for me.

Yea I've been using the guide for now just frustating cause if I use him he'll craft an item without my doing so, costing me materials.

Skyrim Forever

Ahzidal posted...
So I made a new character today and I've gotten the materials I need to craft stuff for example iron ore, copper ore and all that good stuff but its not even giving me an option to make it into bars and when I do it doesn't update it with all the new recipes i should be receiving. If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about do you know of any fixes? Thanks.

wow i finally get to see a person that is having the same problems as i am. this is completely frusterating and annoying. i think i fixed a bit of the problem by going to my main world and it showed me the recipes wen i went back to my noobie world.

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Press X to switch to "show available" and it will let you make stuff if you have the ingrediants. not too helpful i know, but i had this BS when i got Cobalt ore to make Cobalt armor, wouldnt let me even though i had everything...

Playing: Terraria (360) Resident Evil Revelations (PS3) Waiting for: Lightnining Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (360) Defiance to be patched so i can play it...

I thought that bug was fixed, guess not. But yeah, the guide seems the easiest way to get the item to show. Definately not ideal though.

Xbox Live Gamertag: Halfchaosnova

out that the entire game is based around building stuff and crafting new tools and weapons. . For you guys, which one is the best equipment for Terraria?.

Guide:Crafting 101

The Guide Rewrite ProjectStatus: Revised
This Guide got revised and is up to date!

This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.

Crafting is the act of combining one or more materials into a different item, usually at a specific crafting station.

Crafting Basics[edit | edit source]

The crafting aspect is slightly different across different versions of Terraria. To access the crafting menu, press the key while in-game. This will bring up the heads-up display, showing your inventory, equipment slots, and other options. The crafting menu is located in the bottom left of your screen, as indicated in the image below. On  Console, press () / (). From there, switch tabs on  Old-gen console to access the crafting interface and on  Console, switch menus ( / ) .

 Desktop version[edit | edit source]

The items that can be currently crafted will appear in this menu. Your crafting options are determined by the items you have in your inventory, as well as your proximity to various crafting stations. Next, to a selected item's icon in the list, its crafting recipe appears.

To navigate this menu, you can click or use the mouse wheel to scroll through items. You can also see all craftable items at once by clicking the hammer icon below the word "Crafting". To select an item (as depicted by a yellow border), simply click on it, and to craft it, click it again. The newly crafted item will attach itself to your cursor, and from there it can be placed in your inventory or dropped by right-clicking outside of your inventory space. Large numbers of stackable items can be crafted by right-clicking and holding the icon, which quickly creates and stacks that item until the stack is full, you run out of materials, or simply let go. To exit your inventory, press the key again.

Upon crafting, there is a 75% chance that the item is provided with a random modifier, slightly altering its quality. There is no way to predict what modifier will be applied on an item, and many items cannot get modifiers at all.

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

For a comprehensive listing of all crafting stations, see crafting station.

Many recipes require that you have a crafting station to craft them. The first crafting station available is the Work Bench, which can be crafted without any crafting station. To use a crafting station, it must be placed in the world, and you must be standing close enough to it (see image). Items you can craft using the station will then be added to the list of items you can currently craft. It is possible to stand near many crafting stations simultaneously to craft items using any of these stations. Additionally, some items, such as the Copper Watch or Waterfall Blocks require that you stand next to multiple different crafting stations to be able to craft them.

Multi-Crafting Areas[edit | edit source]

  • A highly compact crafting station used to craft most items available pre-Hardmode. Some stations such as the Dye Vat and Cooking Pot are excluded.

  • A compact, ultra-comprehensive above-ground crafting station that is capable of crafting almost any craftable item in 1.3. The only missing station is the Demon Altar/Crimson Altar as they cannot be moved. It also includes the Piggy Bank and the Safe for storage.

  • The above is an example of a crafting area, using the Demon Altar/Crimson Altar's location to your advantage. This crafting room has been placed underground, and works, though incomplete.

  • A very efficient pre-Hardmode crafting area (as of v1.3.2.1) with every station needed to progress to Hardmode (including a table for making a Watch). Simply stand on the Work Bench to access all surrounding crafting stations and chests.

  • A pre-Hardmode, post-Dungeon upgrade from the previous crafting area once the player has an Alchemy Table. Crimstone Blocks are used to surround the single tile of water to prevent losing the water from accidental hits with a strong Pickaxe. Also, note the wooden platform at the top of the water - this allows the extra chest to be placed.

  • An efficient endgame crafting area with more chests. Also added is a table+chair for making Watches and Timers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many players may find it useful to use the Guide's help, as he shows not only the recipes an item is used in, but also what crafting stations are needed to craft those items.
  • On the  DS version, one can scroll through all recipes previously discovered, no matter if the materials are available or not. This can help the player, however, they will have to scroll for a while late-game.
  • If you keep any potion ingredients in one area, it can be useful to place a Bottle or Alchemy Table nearby for quick crafting. The same can go with dyes.
  • To make a full, complete crafting area, you must include all crafting stations. This includes either a Demon or Crimson Altar (included in one of the crafting areas shown above), and even a Campfire to craft a Marshmallow on a Stick. If you do not want to build a whole crafting area near an altar, it can be very useful to build it somewhere else and provide a way to get to an altar quickly. Teleporters are good for this.
  • The player is required to be on the same level as crafting stations to use them and cannot craft using items from a chest (they must be in the player's inventory).
This picture shows distance things can be crafted from. In this picture, the Work Bench, Tinkerer's Workshop, and Sawmill can all be used from the spot the character is on. The Anvil, Keg, and Forge are out of range, and therefore they cannot be used.

terraria how to craft better stuff

Terraria can randomly generate a huge world in a few seconds and fill it with dungeons, You can craft powerful items, build a palace and become incredibly rich. especially useful if you want to find out how to craft or find the best items in the game. All of your starting items will be made out of the stuff.

terraria how to craft better stuff
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