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how to build a simple craft birdhouse

By Yozshusida on September 19, 2018

I picked up these 2 cutie birdhouses on my way out of Michael’s one day for $1 each. I figured it could be a busy work/play activity for Genenvieve and a friend one day....

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how to craft new outfit mca

By Nishakar on September 19, 2018

Table export instructions: Table tools (Print, Excel, CSV) export rows displayed onscreen for best performance. Gotz-Sebastian HokSelection of Individual Consultants01/12/2018$100,000.00Program Administration and Control18Consultant ServicesBenin IISelection of consultant for the collection of the indicators reference valuesBERD ING CONSEILSLeast Cost Selection11/05/2018$93,346.15Monitoring and Evaluation13Consultant ServicesBenin IIEnvironmental and Social Oversight Consultant (ESOC)AECOM CONSULTANTS INC.Quality & Cost Based Selection05/16/2018$11,796,733.00Electricity Distribution Project21Consultant ServicesBenin IIRecruitment of two Economists to support the manager of OCEF Project Selection Panel (PSP);Urbain T....

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how to craft weapinsswb2

By Arashikinos on September 20, 2018

AN enormous, nine-foot bell rings, and everyone in a 600 ft radius drops dead, their insides crystallised at the terrible sound.It sounds like pure fiction, but Die Glocke, German for "The Bell", was reportedly a real ambition for Nazi researchers.With World War Two dragging on, Hitler's crackpot scientists were frantically scurrying for ways to turn Germany's technological might into terrifying weapons of war.At the pinnacle of their research were the Wunderwaffe, literally "Miracle Weapons", which the Nazi war effort was geared around developing.From moving landmines to an enormous sonic cannon, these technological terrors were propaganda weapons as much as anything else, unmatched in their ambition and destructive potential.Some, like Die Glocke, were nothing more than wacky technical concepts, but many others were brought to life and used to devastating effect on the battlefields of WW2.Whirlwind CannonDr. and even dedicated an entire SS division to hunting witches.We also told how an Auschwitz survivor escaped the camp because the "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele asked her to dance for him.FINAL MOMENTS Brit takes lift with Tinder date ‘murderer’ before he ‘choked her during sex’ SHARK ATTACK Brit 'eaten by shark' as hand with missing Scot's wedding ring found inside mr luck Man who won 'punching above weight' gong & £1m Lotto spends it on his autistic kids rape horror Brit raped & beat woman in horror 2-day ordeal when she 'looked at another man' COLD AS ICE Snow 'to hit Britain this week' in coldest November of the DECADE STAGE FRIGHT Audience injured after ceiling collapses during West End theatre show LatestBEATEN SENSELESS Mum shares horrifying injuries of baby son, 1, beaten by ‘daycare staff’ TOM WATSOFF Labour deputy leader Tom Watson QUITS as MP after false paedo ring shame SCARY ORDEAL Brit couple beaten by Paris thugs who slammed her Halloween Bunny Girl outfit RAPIST KILLER JAILED Mum stabbed her rapist and dragged his body behind her car for a mile Topics....

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how to craft vision crystal youtube

By Faet on September 20, 2018

Brenda's prize includes flights and accommodation to Japan, with two tickets to the final of Rugby World Cup 2019™ and $3,000 worth of Canon gear. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Erik’s connections and jobs at similar companies. com offers a huge selection of quality Canon printer ink....

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how to setup auto crafting in ae2 for mistical agriculture

By Shaktishura on September 20, 2018

Refined Storage is having some difficulties autocrafting mystical agriculture essence.The recipe uses an infusion stone, and the one I have has unlimited durability, so it is never used up by the recipe or changed in any way, really.If I try to craft the tier 5 essence (supremium essence), it says I need 84 infusion crystals. This seems to be related to the fact it needs 4 of each tier to get to the next tier, and that would lead to 84 crafting operations.I've tried with and without oredict checked in the pattern.I have just the tier 1 essence (180,000 roughly) and the master infusion stone in the system. I don't have any of the intermediate essence tiers.Picture of the crafting issue: https://postimg.org/image/mb1mtiirn/Thanks.Version (Make sure you are on the latest version before reporting):Minecraft: 1.10.2Forge: 2185Refined Storage: 1.2.14Does this issue occur on a server....

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how to craft different functions

By Dounris on September 20, 2018

craft-scriptsShell scripts to manage database backups, asset backups, file permissions, asset syncing, cache clearing, and database syncing between Craft CMS environmentsOverviewThere are several scripts included in , each of which perform different functions. They all use a shared to function. This should be created on each environment where you wish to run the , and it should be excluded from your git repo via .Craft-Scripts works with both Craft 2.x & Craft 3.x, and has built-in support for both as well as databases.InstallationCopy the scripts folder into the root directory of your Craft CMS projectDuplicate the example.env.sh file, and rename it to .env.shAdd .env.sh to your .gitignore fileThen open up the .env.sh file into your favorite editor, and replace REPLACE_ME with the appropriate settings.UpgradingTo upgrade to a later version of Craft-Scripts, replace the contents of your folder with the newest Craft-Scripts, while preserving your existing file.Craft-Scripts comes with defaults so that even older files should work with the latest Craft-Scripts.set_perms.shThe script sets the Craft CMS install file permissions in a strict manner, to assist in hardening Craft CMS installs.See Hardening Craft CMS Permissions for a detailed writeup.Note: if you use , please see the Permissions and Git section below.clear_caches.shThe script clears the Craft CMS caches by removing all of the cache dirs, as well as emptying the db table.It can also clear Redis db caches if is set, and it can clear FastCGI Cache if is set.If you want to add this to your Forge / DeployBot / Buddy.works deploy script so that caches are auto-cleared on deploy, set up the on your remote server(s) and then add this to your deploy script:The above assumes that the current working directory is the project root already.pull_db.shThe script pulls down a database dump from a remote server, and then dumps it into your local database....

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how to paint wooden craft crate

By Donos on September 20, 2018

A few years ago I developed an unheard of obsession with painting things mustard yellow. When I saw that DecoArt had released a line of chalky finish paint and it came in a mustardy yellow color I was perhaps a bit too happy.Luckily they were nice enough to send me a jar of it along with a few other goodies to whip up this DIY Wooden Crate ready to take center stage on your Thanksgiving table.Supplies:?  1×6 wood board?  1×2 wood board (6 ft length will get you all you need)?  Saw?  Wood glue?  DecoArt Americana Gel Stain in Walnut?  Brad Nailer & Compressor or Hammer & nails?  DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Inheritance?  DecoArt Americana Decor Creme Wax in Golden Brown?  Paint brushesWooden Crate Instructions:1. Measure and cut your boards:(1) 16.25 in long 1 x6(2) 4 inch long 1×6(4) 18 inch long 1×22....

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complete crafting overhaul remade how to open menu

By Moogulkree on September 21, 2018

Step Three: Download, Install, & Activate ModsMove through the modules below, downloading, installing, & activating as you go. To download, install, & activate a mod:Click a mod’s “Download” button to open the mod’s download page.Click “Mod Manager Download” on the file that matches the download name listed here.Click the “Downloads” tab in Mod Organizer, then double-click the downloaded mod to install it.Once the mod is installed, tick its box to activate the mod.Now begins the heavy lifting....

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how to best sell crafts online

By Vijin on September 21, 2018

So, you’re a maker who wants to know the best ways to sell your crafts. Sure, you could always set up a booth at a local art fair. But if you want to cast a much wider net, you should try selling your crafts online.If you follow some simple steps, you can start making money off your art in no time, all from the comfort of your home....

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free how to craft online

By Gagami on September 21, 2018

Over the past several years, the handmade or homemade crafts community has grown from a tiny niche to a full-fledged industry. Craft websites like Etsy have led the way for allowing makers of all types to sell and market their products to a global audience online.But Etsy is only one of the places to sell handmade crafts online. Below is a list of 25 websites where you can sell and market your handmade or homemade crafts and find new homes for them.Homemade CraftsAccording to a research by the Association For Creative Industries,  the total size of the US creative industry was worth $43.9 billion in 2017....

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