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April 25, 2019 Events Calendar 4 comments

Empyrion – Galactic Survival
Eleon Game Studios

I haven’t played Empyrion – Galactic Survival for a number of months now—or should I say, hadn’t. Although I thought it was an amazing game when I initially tried it out, I became distracted by other games in the ever growing (now very crowded) survival genre, especially games like Rust and Miscreated. I’ve even been given so many review copies of other games recently that my hard drive became a little too packed, and so unfortunately, Empyrion was one of the casualties of a few rounds of deletions.

I’d always meant to come back to Empyrion, and so I’m glad that one of my super-geek gaming buddies invited me to play it again, a week or so ago.

“Hey man, a big new update just dropped for Empyrion,” he giddily reported.

“Really? So what’s new about it?” I cautiously replied.

“Dude, they’ve added so much new stuff that it’s like playing a completely new game now.”

“Hmmm…okay, I’ll check it out with you.”

With that, I quickly reinstalled Empyrion and booted it up. My friend was impatiently awaiting my presence in one of the servers, urging me to hurry up and join (it’s all his fault…yeah), so I made the initial mistake of entering the game without first joining a faction. What that resulted in was me crash landing on a neutral planet far away from my friend. He then explained Empyrion’s new faction dynamic as I backed out of the server for another try.

Empyrion’s latest update does indeed offer a veritable plethora of new content, not the least of which is to organize players into factions. The particular server that we were playing on had a high population count and a multitude of factions—everything from space cops, to bounty hunters, pirates, and even guardian-type do-gooders. As my friend is a pretty good-natured guy in real life, he’d joined the guardian-types, which were charged with protecting space traders and newbie players to the server, alike. Basically, anyone who needed protection that the space cops couldn’t help.

As a quick overview for those not in the know—Empyrion is a science fiction, sandbox style, survival game, where players begin on a home planet, harvest resources, craft stuff, and build up bases. It’s similar, at least mechanics-wise, to games of similar ilk, such as Rust, H1Z1, and Day Z. But while all of those more popular (at least for now) games share the same post-apocalyptic setting, Empyrion has it players reaching for the stars—literally.

Unlike the aforementioned, more terrestrial-based survival games, in Empyrion, after you gather up enough resources and craft enough essential equipment, you can build your very own space craft. In this respect, Empyrion is everything that the super-disappointing No Man’s Sky should have been, and much more.

While No Man’s Sky gave us enormous universes with ga-zillions of more-or-less same-y stars, with similarly same-y planets orbiting around them, Germany-based indie developer Eleon Game Studios dialed Empyrion’s scale back a tad bit. On your typical Empyrion server, you have anywhere from the to twenty or so planetary bodies and one or two stars. But, the diversity that exists between each of them is much more pronounced. Each planet is also either occupied and overseen by one of the server’s factions, or is a contested PvP region between them.

This offers plenty of opportunities for faction vs faction warfare, alliances or other treaties, intrigue, and Machiavellian politics. If you’re not the type who wants to constantly be worrying about PvP happenings, you can always become a miner, goods dealer, or simply go about exploring alien bases and other AI controlled entities.

One of the most exciting experiences that I had playing Empyrion wasn’t dogfighting enemy factions in space (although that was indeed a blast), it was investigating, and clearing out alien structures. Sometimes you can even be simply flying around in the skies and suddenly get attacked by alien drones, or the new (as of the latest update) troop transports. Empyrion is just bristling with so much to do that I would find it hard for someone to get bored, let alone complacent, since there is always a lot going on, wherever you are.

The more game time I’ve logged in with the new Empyrion update, the more I’ve come to realize just how much content has been added. The new faction system is very intriguing and it’s interesting to see the shifting alliances happen right before your eyes. Want to take part in large space battles? Go for it, just be sure that you’re not breaking any of your server’s fundamental rules in doing so. You can even raid enemy bases and perform strafing runs on them or invasions, granted you have the right type of ships packing the right kind of armaments.

Visually, Empyrion probably isn’t going to be winning any awards, but its developers are improving them with every patch and upgrade. Indeed, it’s come a long ways from its heady, rather unglamorous days as a bright eyed, new-game-on-the-block, when it initially debuted back in mid-2015.

In all, Empyrion – Galactic Survival is the perfect gaming choice for fans of the science fiction genre who enjoy lots of content, without being overly complex. It has an excellent RPG-style progression system, ever-improving visuals, attentive developers, a solid, friendly (overall) community, and open-ended, fun gameplay. If you’re getting a little tired of the same ‘ol post-apocalyptic settings, or zombies (or both), you may want to try Empyrion out, it’s a blast to play.

SCORE: 93%

Empyrion – Galactic Survival offers some great visuals that suit its far-future, science fiction theme. However, you have to have an equally fast gaming PC in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:


Visit CyberpowerPC’s website to check out all of the other great deals as well!

Like this:


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I am seeing this since version 10.0.0 but it was rare.
Now it happens to me since version 10.2 which is more frequent and annoying when I use the motorcycle.

Mode: Survival.
Mode: Singleplayer.
SEED-ID: playfield 53122.
If applicable:
MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: Yes (only modify config for solar panels).
Reproducibility: Yes.
Severity: Medium.
Type: Decorated environment.

Summary: Elements of the environment become visible or invisible depending on distance, height or angle....

Rocks that appear out of nowhere [6671]

I have a fairly unique mouse/keyboard configuration that I've been using in most FPS type games since around Quake 2. The basics are:

Forward - Left Mouse Button
Back - Right Mouse Button
Primary action - d
Secondary action - e
Left - s
Right - f

Then fill in the rest around those keys. Some of the known Gamepad/controller issues in the list also apply to my configuration. These include:

  • Weapons won't react to left & right triggers on first load until they are fired by a mouse...

Known Gamepad issues also apply to mouse and keyboard

..and the loss of so many brave men and women on their unexpected arrival in Andromeda! View attachment 63740

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are excited to release the first EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 10.5.

Alpha EXP 10.5 features massive optimizations and bug fixes, an improved outside view of planets, new LCD panels, Talon base attack and many other changes and improvements.

Please report any bug in our EXP Bug Forum:
Please read the 'HOW TO REPORT A BUG 'ahead of adding a new thread:...

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.5: Optimizations

Mode: Survival
Mode: Singleplayer

SEED-ID: 238447
If applicable:

Reproducibility: Always
Severity: Trivial/Minor

Type: ?

Summary: Consistent Troop transport attacks when entering home playfield, at least from warp after a certain AU away

Description: Will get a Troop Transport notification when entering playfield, if not on immediate exit and re-entry, then if you warp a...

Consistent Troop transport attacks when entering home playfield [6599]

A whole bunch o' POI's were either added or were updated. I know most of the ones that were added, and do not know some of the ones that were updated.

I wanted to create a thread for aspects of these POI's that do not work as intended or are missing.

Here is the list as I know them:

  • Polaris Asset Protection
  • Polaris Giant walker of doom and destruction(you will see what I mean, it's neat.)
  • Polaris Waste Processing
  • Abandoned Bunker
  • All dronebases have been updated...

Alpha 10.5 Exp - New POI additions and updates.

Improved LCD Panels
- Added TextMeshPro to LCD 1x1 NoFrame as a test
- Please check with "1x1 NoFrame" LCDs how the new display system works (multi-color etc.)
- newly placed signs will by default use the new "Pro mode"
- Enhanced '2x1 LCD with frame' to work with the new mode
- Extended 'Sign Edit' window by a font symbol selection popup (usable for old and new LCD modes)

Project Eden is currently under development and will be a large, randomized PvE scenario focused on open ended exploration and intended for single player, coop, or private dedicated servers. It will be compatible for public multiplayer but some POIs can't be set to regenerate.

Project Eden for Alpha 10.0

Project Eden (upcoming massive random scenario)

Hello server owner, hello guys,

finally we did the big step: we are releasing our Tool! Jascha worked very hard for it and we really want to help other admins out there so yeah, here it is:

Version 1.29 screenshot...

[TOOL] Emp Admin Helper (EAH) - FREE - v1.47.x

when you drill resource-rocks, two rocks will drop and you have to manually pick them up.
using the survival-tool against trees bypasses the "wood-picking-up". is that possible for all other materials as well ?

in the config i see this
View attachment 63928

it says "DropOnDestroy". could i type in something else so that it hover everything directly to my inventory ?

this is not only about laziness, several times the second rock will simply disappear or bug himself trough the terrain.

100% reproduceable. The Warp Drive has on side of the middle reactor 'bubble' where you can actually 'build' something, which I thought was great, since now I can have a nice looking pipe coming out of it.

This puts the block you build partially (fully) inside the Warp Drive.

I can even separately paint it.

Now when I log off and later log back on, the Warp Drive is gone, but the pipe block is still there. When placing a new Warp Drive there, it takes on the colouring of the block that...

CV Warp Drive Poofing [6638]

Thought I'd make a thread for folks to post their daily happenings. If mods would rather not have this thread, feel free to delete it/whatever

Today (or last night rather) I finally ventured beyond Akua's atmosphere and decided to check out a nearby planet, which turned out to be the Omicron Moon.

Saw a little base and decided to investigate. What I didn't expect was for 4 turrets and at least as many drones to destroy my poor little SV, leaving me stranded on the Moon.

I decided...

What did you do in Empyrion today?

stairs corner left gets a stairs corner left on the mirrored side too, not a stairs right corner
for stairs corner right the same is true; gets left on the mirrored side.

Have you ever felt you face falling asleep during the daily routine of real life ? Have you felt the numbness of real world existence ?
Then you' ve come to the right place.
The SeXplosives galaxy is a brandnew swiss vanilla server with a sh*tload of worlds to explore, new friends to meet and POIs to raid.
We can currently host some 64 funheads but the hardware will always change to meet the demands.
Escape the real world, join the SeXplosives galaxy.
See you online

wall sloped A gets the color and texture on the wrong side when color texturing in mirror mode

I have been having issues lately with every cv or sv built where they become unflyable or floating parts are added or missing parts.

I been using the kindred spirit and twice now blocks become missing moved or added that are not suppose to be there.

As for SV's both steam bp's and the games default prefab all become unflyabe no dmg to any engines and at times xl engines or extra doors are added to the ship but not attached. . Is there any way to fix this?

Ps running a server with...

Having issues with every SV/CV built

10.5 (Build 2624) Experimental

Mode: Survival

Mode: Dedicated Server

MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: Just some adjustments on how many ores, what kind of ores and stuff like that.

Reproducibility: Always
Severity: Major

Type: Network

Summary: No Update on Deposits, Rocks, Trees, Plants for other players.

If you collect ores from a deposit or from Rocks, chop trees or pick up plants, it doesn't get updated for other...

No Update on Deposits, Rocks, Trees, Plants for other players.

10.5 (Build 2624) Experimental

Mode: Survival

Mode: Dedicated Server

MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: Just some adjustments on how many ores, what kind of ores and stuff like that.

Reproducibility: Sometimes
Severity: Minor/Major

Type: Network

Summary: Item gets not consumed by Constructor when crafting

If you craft something, sometimes the items don't get consumed that you need for crafting.

In my case i had 3x rawFlesh...

Item gets not consumed by Constructor when crafting

10.5 (Build 2624) Experimental

Mode: Survival

Mode: Dedicated Server

MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: Just some adjustments on how many ores, what kind of ores and stuff like that.

Reproducibility: Once (yet)
Severity: Minor

Type: Motorcycle

Summary: Motorcycle teleports about 5 km away.

I was driving down a hill with my motorcylce, when it overturned. Usually i could get of the motorcycle, pick it up and continue my...

Motorcycle teleports about 5 km away.

There is a bug in the behavior when pressing the key assigned to Auto Brake. (Both SV and CV)

This feature OFF, described below, maintains the thrust of the previous ON state.

When you press the key assigned this feature in 10.4
ON → OFF → ON ・ ・ ・
In this way, the two states were switched.

However, when you press the key assigned this feature in 10.5
ON → OFF → No thrust → ON ・ ・ ・
In this way, the three states are switched.

It can be reproduced in the new creative mode.
So please...

Auto Brake switching bug

Empyrion - Galactic Survival is a great example of the survival genre. as everyone does, on the planet Akua, and quickly set up a crafting machine in the complicated web of metal ingots, motorcycle packs, clone tanks, fuel.

Lost drill due to glitch


I got off my bike while putting my drill in my first inventory slot and both the motorcycle and the drill flew away. I found the bike but I cannot get my drill back. I’m on the freelancer planet. Can anyone assist please?

ALSO: NA Server

EDIT 2: I wouldn’t mind a full reset since I just started. I kinda wanted to be a guardian


Use the CB:reset command, followed by cb:yes to confirm.


I’ve already done it once today by accident I meant to hit guardian


you wont have a sv would you ?


if you have an sv or can craft the basics for one, cockpit, fuel tank, generator, rcs, and two thrusters ( rear + front ) is all you need then you can access the trading station in the orbit, if you can do this i can help you out buy listing various items for one cred aslong as your ready to accept them soon as they are listed or some1 else will


What did you choose instead? What origin are you currently?


So you started not as a guardian, then you reset and picked not a guardian again??


It’s been a long, rough day. Cut me some slack

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empyrion how to craft motorcycles

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Nowadays, it seems that there are so many survival games, you never know which ones to choose. Fancy surviving a plane crash, or being stranded on an island? Perhaps you want to try your hand at some underwater survival? Or maybe, you are the galactic survivor type, trying to make anew life on an alien planet? But, there is one game that should definitely go on your list if you are a fan of survival games. Empyrion Galactic Survival is a fun little indie game that all survivalist gamers should play. Especially if you also love sci-fi.


There isn’t  much of a story as you might expect. The majority of survival games tend not to have major story objectives. With the exception of perhaps The Forest. In Empyrion, you crash land on a planet (at the moment there is a choice of two). Then you simply have to survive. Well, it isn’t that simple. Unless you know what you’re doing and even then, its debatable.


There is so much to discuss in terms of gameplay options that I’m not sure I have enough time to cover it all. But, here we go. So, the first thing I want to talk about is the tutorial. After you crash land your pod, you need to extract your gear and get to it. You are given mini “missions” to complete to help you get started. Unfortunately, if you are a first time player, it is not always obvious what is required of you. You can access your PDA in your inventory menu to find out more but this isn’t made obvious either. Anyway, once you’ve figured out that you have most of what you need already, you can start building.

After you’ve placed your oxygen generator you get to build a motorcycle. It’s nice that the developers have blessed us with something that makes hunting for materials so much easier. Especially so early on in the game. From what I can gather, there isn’t too much in the way of normal survival traits. By this I mean you aren’t required to sleep or drink. The only thing that is necessary is eating but that isn’t too hard to maintain. The crafting in this game is a lot of fun.  I’ve played a for quite a few hours and I don’t think I’m even close to any kind of space travel. It would be nice to have more of a manual for certain elements in the game. I did find myself having to ask someone else who had played this game before for help in some cases.

Regardless, there is so much potential in this game. You have to really be willing to put the time in because once you are properly into the game, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get what you need. Then there is of course the constant threat of drone attacks and the alien bases. If you manage to get that far, you seriously need to be prepared because the aliens do not mess around. They are brutal.

Lastly, I want to mention the levelling system. When you level up (by crafting, mining and killing things) you can enter your tech tree. Here you are able to spend perk points in order for you to be able to craft more things. You can be very specific with your perk points. For example, you could straight away start putting them into crafting your first ship. Or you can focus on working on your tools and weapons. The choice is fantastic. There are so many different elements that I could discuss further but I’ve already gone over my word limit for this section. So, let’s move on.

Graphics & Sound

I was rather surprised with the graphics in Empryion. The details were what impressed me the most. Bear in mind that this is an indie game, they have put so much extra detail into the lighting and textures. They even added grass and flora to the terrain which, from what I’ve read, was not originally in the game. I think the sound could still use a bit of work but this doesn’t mean it is terrible. For a game that is still being updated, what they already have is pretty impressive.


For the most part, the controls are simple enough. Standard controls to move around and nothing seems counter-intuitive. However, there are some controls that I didn’t even knew existed. Like when you need to activate your base, you need to press Y but unless you go into your PDA you have no way of knowing this. Or if you want to control the options of your base such as what your turret shoots at, you can press P to change these options. But, I was unaware of this. Unless you decide to look at the game controls before hand it isn’t made clear how certain things work. And I guarantee that most of you won’t think to check the control options. What would be nice is if the game made it clear that these options are available without you having to resort to the menu.


The difficulty of this game definitely increases the more you play. You can also change the options of your world before you start playing as well. So, if you like more of a challenge you can set everything to difficult from the get go. On the other hand, if you just want to play around with the creative side of things, there is also a Creative Mode which just lets you build stuff. Its more or less fully customisable to the kind of experience you want. However, the game gets much harder once you start delving into space travel and attacking alien bases. And the learning curve is rather crazy but I think it really works for this game. It makes it challenging without being too ridiculous.


There is certainly plenty of replaybility with this game. Since you can play online as well you can play this game with friends for a totally different experience. Since there are so many customisation options for your world you could have several saves, each being different. It works on a seed system so every world is slightly different. Perhaps if this developer decides to continue updating Empyrion Galactic Survival, there will be even more features to play around with. Perhaps even a new planet to start on which would be nice.

You can find the game here on Steam for £14.99 – Empyrion Galactic Survival 

If you want to get your hands on one of two Early Access Steam keys for Empyrion Galactic Survival then check out our Steam key giveaway.


I've always had a passion for games and, since I found my passion for writing, I wanted to write about them. I'll play just about anything if I can get my hands on it. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Star Wars and my motto is "Never apologise for being a nerd."

Craft bikekit in portable constructor. 2.) Craft motorbike in portable constructor. Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or.

THE DRONES ARE COMING FOR ME in ALPHA 9 | Empyrion Galactic Survival (Alpha 9.5 2019 Update) #8

Until now, I had lived in peace. But now an army of drones are coming to wipe me out!

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My base is coming together, but before I can move on to the next phase of construction there is something that needs to be taken care of…

There is a HORDE OF KILLER DRONES coming for me, and I am NOT prepared for this fight.

This is going to be a fight I don’t know if I can win, with only a few turrets and a hover vessel… I can only hope it’s enough!


Did I remember to load in the turret ammo? Too late now!


Empyrion – Galactic Survival is a 3D open world space sandbox survival adventure. Build powerful ships, mighty space stations and vast planetary settlements to explore, conquer or exploit a variety of different planets and discover the mysteries of Empyrion!

Fight human, alien and biological hazards and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers. Play as a lone wolf or team-up with your friends, build new friendships, create alliances or make war to conquer the solar system.

Empyrion uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. In Empyrion, you can forge your destiny in a galaxy with infinite possibilities!
Space and Planet Exploration:
An absolute free-roaming experience awaits you: warp between planets, fly from planet to moons, land on planets and freely walk around to explore your surroundings. Discover the secrets of different alien races and tangle with the native fauna and flora. A sandbox full of different, vivid planets is waiting for you to explore!

Solar System and Open World:
The solar system is procedurally generated and features several planets and interesting POIs. Each planet has its own characteristics (planet type, gravity, atmosphere, number of moons, terrain, surface, vegetation, climate, and resources).
Building and Construction:
Build large capital vessels, small fighters or mighty space stations and vast planetary settlements by yourself – or download a blueprint from the Steam Workshop and customize it with your very own ideas of form and function!
Survival Mode:
Get out of your escape pod, grab what’s left from your ship and prepare to survive in a hostile environment. Food and oxygen are rare, resources are scarce, ammo is low and dangers lurk around each and every corner. Keep your eyes open. You need to be smart and well prepared if you want to survive more than a day on an alien planet far away from Earth.
Creative Mode:
Just build and make your craziest dreams come true, without having to bother with food, resources or enemies. Join the Creative Community and upload your creations to the Steam Workshop!
Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Play as a lone wolf in single player or join the multiplayer community: team-up with your friends, build new friendships, create alliances or make war. You can build yourself a comfortable home in a well-protected PvE area or face the permanent dangers of PvP planets to ransack their riches or conquer the solar system with your faction.
Wildlife and Enemies:
Don’t get mislead by the peaceful animal wildlife of some planets and the silence in space. Most of the animal wildlife wants to snack on your leg – and aggressive robot drones, alien soldiers and their guardians will try to hunt you down as soon as you are within sight. Fight for your life and deploy a range of weapons against fierce and obscure alien creatures.
Mining and Resource Gathering:
For building and construction, you need to gather and mine resources. Dig down to the rich deposits of a planet or drill through an asteroid full of rare ore. You might also plunder alien buildings or scrap any structure you come across.
Extensive Crafting System:
Learn how to combine resources and building materials to craft your equipment. Craft your stuff in your base or while you are on the move and equip your buildings and vessels with a range of different devices, weapons and gadgets for different purposes.
Hunting, Farming and Food System:
Grow your own vegetables and fruits or hunt creatures for their meat to prepare yourself a delicious meal. Some plants help to create medical supplies while others can be picked up and consumed for first aid or to quickly settle your empty stomach.


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empyrion how to craft motorcycles

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Empyrion Craft a Motorcycle

It is pretty darn relaxing to cruise the surface on the motorcycle or HV. The plus side to all this is that I was finally able to craft ammo for the.

empyrion how to craft motorcycles
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