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September 21, 2018 Events Calendar 3 comments

Over the past several years, the handmade or homemade crafts community has grown from a tiny niche to a full-fledged industry. Craft websites like Etsy have led the way for allowing makers of all types to sell and market their products to a global audience online.

But Etsy is only one of the places to sell handmade crafts online. Below is a list of 25 websites where you can sell and market your handmade or homemade crafts and find new homes for them.

Homemade Crafts

According to a research by the Association For Creative Industries,  the total size of the US creative industry was worth $43.9 billion in 2017. The growth from the previous survey, which was carried out in 2011, was an impressive 45 percent.

The market size is growing even more as more individuals sell their creations on craft websites around the world. People who create handmade crafts are no longer limited to local flea markets and shops.

Places to Sell Handmade and Homemade Crafts Online


Etsy is probably the best-known marketplace for artisans and craftspeople of all types to sell handmade crafts online. You can sell handmade and vintage goods, along with craft supplies. Accounts are free, but users pay small listing fees and a percentage of each sale made on the platform. But it comes with an active community of sellers and shoppers alike. And there are categories for almost any type of product you can think of.


ArtFire is another well-known indie marketplace with an active community feel. The company offers free seller accounts, but also offers paid accounts for more experienced sellers needing more inventory space.


Supermarket is a simple marketplace that just aims to connect customers directly with designers. They only offer four general categories: everything, wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints.  You can browse by item types or visit designers’ stores directly. It is a clean and simple structure including a directory of designers.


eCrater is both a free Web store builder and an online marketplace. If you are a seller, you can set up your own online store for free. You can also import an eBay store into eCrater. If you are a buyer, you can browse and search millions of products in different categories.

Free Craft Fair

Free Craft Fair isn’t an actual marketplace, but more of a directory of different handmade businesses. The website features different crafters and handmade shop owners on a regular basis. It also includes some resources for crafty businesses.

Handmade Artists’ Shop

Handmade Artists’ Shop started as a community forum for crafters and artists to share their products and seek and share advice with each other. Now you can also browse and purchase products directly on the site.


Folksy is a U.K. based handmade goods marketplace to sell handmade and homemade crafts online. The site includes products ranging from jewelry and clothing to art and supplies. It also includes a forums section and blog, so there’s an active community surrounding the platform.


Misi is a U.K. online craft marketplace that lets users set up a shop for free, then charges small listing fees and commission on each sale. Categories include fashion, bath and beauty, art, food and more.


Dawanda is a worldwide community of crafters and artisans. Sellers can sign up for accounts and create their own collections of products for sale. They can also interact with other sellers by leaving comments and joining in on discussions in forums and groups.


SpoonFlower has a more specific niche than many of the other sites on this list. The online platform allows designers to create their own patterns for things like fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Designers can then sell the fabrics they’ve designed or use them to create other handmade items.


Zibbet is an online marketplace to sell handmade crafts online for everything from fine art and photography to vintage and craft supplies. There’s a free account option, but users can also pay for additional exposure on the site, meaning their items appear earlier in search results.

I Made It Market

I Made It Market provides an online directory of different craft fairs and events where makers can sell their wares. The site also offers a variety of different services for creative entrepreneurs, from social media management to other online marketing options.


iCraft is an online marketplace that’s only for handmade items. That means no vintage, food or craft supplies to compete with. The site offers three different plans ranging from $5 to $15 per month and charges no commission on sales.


Bonanza allows users to sell handmade crafts online by listing handmade products and then have them automatically published to major buying channels like Google Shopping. Bonanza also offers webstores built from users’ product listings, photography help and more.

Made It Myself

Made It Myself is a free marketplace where you can open your own showcase, which is your collection of products for sale. Accounts are free, but users pay listing fees and commission on sales. The platform also allows sellers to designate prices that are open for negotiation.


eBay is a well-known auction site for all kinds of different products, including handmade and homemade crafts. The site used to have a separate marketplace specifically for sustainable items, which was a good fit for many handmade artisans. It has since discontinued that marketplace but continues to work on various green initiatives that are likely to fit with various handmade products.

Renegade Craft

Renegade Craft is a series of in-person craft fairs that take place in various cities throughout the year. It’s not a site where makers can list products for sale. But Renegade does have a web presence that it uses to promote its sellers from time to time.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is another series of events that target artisans and other DIY enthusiasts. The popular events include DIY demonstrations as well as products from independent makers.


Society6 is a site aimed at artists and designers. Artists can upload their work to the site and it automatically becomes available in a variety of formats, including art prints, phone cases, mugs, clocks and even leggings. The site takes a portion of each sale depending on the product type. But sellers can designate how much profit they want to make from their items on top of that base price.


LocalHarvest is an online directory for organic and local food providers, including small farms, farmers markets and other independent food producers.


Alibaba is an online platform built more for B2B transactions. If you create a product that can be used by other businesses in creating end products for consumers, you might consider Alibaba. The site allows businesses to create profiles and list products and supplies for sale to other businesses.


Meylah is an ecommerce platform where crafters and other small business owners can sell handmade crafts online. Not only can sellers list physical products for sale, but also digital products like patterns, tutorials and digital downloads.

Sourcing Handmade

Sourcing Handmade calls itself a virtual trade show. It helps independent makers find places to sell their products wholesale. The online platform that aims to connect makers and artisans with stores and other businesses that are interested in selling handmade goods. Those businesses can even place orders directly on the site.

Craft Site Directory

Craft Site Directory is, as the name suggests, an online directory for all different types of craft related content. This includes craft items for sale, along with tutorials and various other resources for crafters and makers.

GLC Arts and Crafts Mall

GLC Arts and Crafts Mall offers a few different monthly plans for artists and crafters to sell their goods on the site. Each includes a flat monthly rate with no commissions or setup fees.

Image: Bonanza

Arts and crafts lovers, this post is for you!

If you’re looking to turn your hobby into a business, you can make money when you sell homemade items online.

People love unique, handmade crafts and products!

All over the internet, crafters are setting up their own online shops to sell their handmade items, and they’re making good money doing so.

Let’s learn how to turn your love for crafts into a money-making business!

How to Sell Crafts Online for Free

Can you really sell crafts online for free?

Yes! There are plenty of websites that will let you open up your own virtual shop to sell your handmade goodies, and they won’t cost you a dime to start.

Although not all are free, others can still be well worth the small fees you’ll pay.

Etsy, for example, does have selling and listing fees, but they’re pretty small, it’s free to open a shop.

The fees don’t deter thousands of crafters from setting up shops and making huge profits on their handmade items!

Below are some of the most popular places to sell homemade items online, and many won’t take any money to start selling.

Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online

These craft selling websites are the perfect places to go to sell your handmade items online.

Absolute Arts

Absolute Arts is an online marketplace for artists to sell their unique masterpieces, including paintings and sculptures.

You can sign up as an artist to promote and sell your products.

List up to 20 works of art for free, or you can choose from one of the other subscriptions to list more artwork, have less commission taken from your sales, and access to other features.

The best part is that Absolute Arts can also take care of some of the marketing for you!


Aftcra is a site that encourages crafters in the USA to sell their goods.

The site is all about handmade stuff from the United States, including kids and baby products, paper goods, clothing, and home décor.

There are no listing fees to list products on Aftcra, but there are transaction fees.

Transaction fees are 7% whenever your products sell, and your products must have a $10 minimum price to be eligible for listing on the site.


Artfire is an online marketplace to sell craft supplies, vintage items, and handmade goods. Artfire does charge a small monthly fee to run your shop, and you’ll be charged listing fees that get smaller as you list more items.

Customers can pay you with PayPal, Amazon Payments, or ProPay.


Handmade and vintage items are welcome on Articents.

The site isn’t anything spectacular to look at, but it features some interesting items, like tie-dye shirts, handmade jewelry, and wedding décor.

A basic account gives you free listings and a shop without ads, but a $5 monthly subscription will give you access to a personalized storefront and other helpful features to control your shop and sales.


BigCommerce is an online store creation platform that walks you through the process of creating your digital store and maintaining it to keep your customers happy.

When you set yourself up with a BigCommerce account, you’ll get a website to feature your products and can start selling your crafts through Facebook, Amazon, and other online marketplaces.

BigCommerce helps business owners in just about any industry, so crafting isn’t left out of the picture.

You can start with BigCommerce for $29.95 per month (but this decreases if you decide to pay annually), and you can start to also get marketing services for the next plan, which is $79.95 per month.


Bonanza is an online marketplace similar to eBay or Amazon that lets you sell just about anything, including crafts. Plus, you can sync your listings with the other places you sell to keep track of inventory.

No set up or listing fees are associated with your webstore on Bonanza!


Craftsy is a great place to learn different crafts, but you can also sell your unique sewing patterns for free, with no listing fees or commissions taken!


Cratejoy offers a really exciting way for crafters to get their products in the hands of people all over the world.

The company is a subscription box company.

You can get started creating your own subscription box featuring your handmade goodies, or even tutorials on how to create your crafts with materials included.

Cratejoy supplies you with tools and resources needed to create your box, and you’ll have access to free listings, Cratejoy customers, and payments via Stripe and PayPal.


Dawanda is a marketplace for all things unique, including handmade items. It’s free to open a Dawanda shop, but there are some listing fees. The website is open worldwide, so make sure you select the right currency when you list.


For those interested in digital arts, DeviantArt is the place to go.

No, you won’t be selling handmade jewelry and clothing here, but you can sell just about anything you make with your hands using a computer.

DeviantArt provides the platform for you to list your products, but it won’t help you with marketing.

Still, you’ll have access to the many people who browse DeviantArt for unique digital art and you’ll earn royalties for everything you sell.

Withdraw money easily with PayPal.


You can sell just about everything on eBay, the online auction website. There are no fees to list certain things, depending on promotions and the type of items, but usually listing fees apply. There are also fees based upon the final sale price.

Learn about some other lesser-known sites like eBay that you also may be able to sell your crafts on.


eCrater lets you set up your webstore for free, but there is a 2.9% selling fee. You can import any eBay items you may be selling to help keep track of your inventory.


Etsy is probably the most well-known craft selling website, and for good reason. The website makes it easy to set up your own shop for free, and crafters are making excellent money selling their one-of-a-kind items.

Etsy charges a transaction fee of 3.5% per sale, but it offers tons of free tools and support guides to make your sales go as smoothly as possible.

You can get paid in a number of ways, including Google Pay and PayPal.

Read about Mandy Ford, who created a booming online business selling her handmade crafts on Etsy.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is super helpful for people who want to sell stuff locally but don’t really know where to find buyers.

It seems like almost everyone uses Facebook nowadays, so it’s easier than ever to find a home for your crafts.

You can use the Facebook website or app to enter the marketplace and add items for sale.

Put up some pictures, a description, and your price and wait for others to message you.

You also have the option to share your listings with your Facebook friends by posting it to your wall or share them in local buying and selling groups for more people to see them.


Folksy is for British crafters to sell their handmade clothing, art, and other goods. You can choose to pay-as-you-go or purchase an annual membership, which will save you money in listing fees if you sell a lot of items.

GLC Craft Mall

If you’re looking to sell your crafts on a craft mall online, GLC Craft Mall is the place for you. The website offers many item categories for a lot of variety.

You’ll pay a monthly fee for a shop, with plans starting as low as $3.50 to list up to 100 items, with no other fees involved. You can also try each of the plans for free for 30 days!

Handmade Artists’ Shop

Handmade Artists’ Shop is all about supporting handmade creations and their creators. You can sell everything from jewelry to woodworking items.

Plans start at $5 per month to maintain your shop, and you won’t have any listing fees or commissions.

Handmade at Amazon

People already make a lot of money selling manufactured products on Amazon, but Amazon is also reaching out to crafters with Handmade at Amazon.

This sub-site of Amazon lets you sell any of your handmade items in a number of categories. The fees are higher than other places (15%), but you also have the opportunity to earn more from Amazon affiliate links.

Hyena Cart

Hyena Cart focuses on handmade and eco-friendly items. You can have an individual store or join up with other sellers for even more exposure.

The setup fee is normally $10, but the website sometimes offers a Penny Promotion, where this fee becomes a penny! After that, you’ll pay $5 per month, with no listing fees or commissions.

You can even pause your fee being charged if you need to take a break for a month, and your selling activity will resume once you resume your billing.


iCraft is a marketplace that focuses mainly on jewelry, accessories, and knitted products. You can get unlimited product listings for $5 per month, with no additional fees or commissions.

The website also sometimes has promotions, like 10% off if you purchase annually, rather than monthly.

Made It Myself

You can open up shop at Made It Myself for free! You’ll be subject to some listing fees and commissions, though.


Meylah is an eCommerce platform that you can use to sell your crafts online. You can make extra money through Meylah with customer subscriptions and advertisements on your shop page.


If you live in the UK, you can sell on Misi’s marketplace, which features a variety of handmade categories.

It’s free to set up your shop, but there will be small listing and commission fees involved.

Shop Handmade

If you’re looking for fully free and functional, Shop Handmade is the place for you. This crafting marketplace allows you to open a shop, and sell, for free.

The website automatically promotes your products in their categories when you list them. You can even sell your gently used craft supplies. You’ll get paid immediately with PayPal when a transaction happens.


Society6 is a place for artists to sell their works. You can upload your art designs for people to purchase on products, like mugs and t-shirts, which you’ll receive royalties from, rather than the full product purchase.

Society6 handles the packaging and shipping. For each transaction, there’s a 30-day grace period, and you’ll get paid on the 1st of the following month. For example, if you sell something on June 13th, the grace period will end on July 13th, and you’ll get paid August 1st with PayPal.


Creative designers can make their own designs on SpoonFlower to place on fabric, throw pillows, wallpaper, and more. You’ll just be designing, and SpoonFlower takes care of the physical product. You can also create sewing patterns to sell.

When you start, you’ll automatically earn 10% of sales, with potential to increase your earnings by becoming a power seller. You’ll get paid bi-weekly as long as you earn $10.


Crafters can sell fine art, craft supplies, vintage items, photography products, and more on Zibbit.

Plans start at $4 per month, and include zero listing fees or commissions, and your own selling website with a custom domain.

Other Ways to Make Money Online from Crafting

If you’re looking for a few other options for making money online from your crafting hobby, here’s what to do:

Blog About Crafting

Craft blogging is huge right now, since blogs are the perfect place to post crafting tutorials. But how do you make money?

Through advertisements on your blog or placing affiliate links to crafting products that you recommend! Sign up for Amazon Associates to make commission on your favorite Amazon products.

You can also sign up for blog networks and apply for sponsored posts. Many brands seek out crafters who can do creative things with their products to make them even more appealing to potential customers.

Here are some more ways to make money blogging!

Create Crafting eBooks

You can sell your own eBooks on your blog or on Amazon. Create tutorials for your favorite crafts, or put your favorite sewing patterns into a digital book to sell.

You can even pull in more customers by writing about your eBooks on your blog or social media accounts and creating affiliate links for them!

Promote Your Crafts on Pinterest

If you do have eBooks, a crafting blog, or even your own Etsy shop, you should sign up for a Pinterest account, if you don’t have one already.

Pinterest is huge for crafts, and crafters can make a lot of money by driving traffic to their blog or shop through Pinterest.

Check out these tips to drive traffic with Pinterest!

You Can Make This

You Can Make This is a website you can use to make money from being crafty, but it works a little differently than marketplaces.

Instead, you’ll write tutorials explaining how to make fun crafts, and you’ll earn money from your expertise. If your tutorial is accepted, it will be listed on the website for others to download. You’ll earn 50% of any sales of your tutorial downloads.

If you know of more websites to use to sell crafts, let us know in a comment!

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Crafts . Online Class. Painting Flowers in Acrylic. with Micah Ganske. Free. Machine Online Class. Complete Knife Skills. with Brendan McDermott. Free.

Do you have a knack for creativity? Are you constantly making amazing crafts for birthday gifts and holidays? Or perhaps you just make them for yourself and folks frequently tell you that you should sell your handmade awesomeness. If this sounds familiar — or you’re a knitter, jeweler, potter or some other craft maker who’s considering selling your goods — this post is for you. It’s easier than you might think to start your own handmade crafts business. Below, you’ll find some of the best websites to sell crafts, as well as some advice for creating an eCommerce store of your own.

The 6 best websites to sell crafts

  1. Etsy.

  2. Handmade at Amazon.

  3. Artfire.

  4. eBay.

  5. Zibbet.

  6. Bonanza.

In no particular order, here are six of the best websites to sell crafts I’ve found and some pros and cons for each.

1. Etsy

Our list of best websites to sell crafts starts with Etsy, which is hands down the most well-known place to sell handmade goods. But just how good is it for sellers?


  • I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t know what Etsy was. The site itself claims it has more than 30 million virtual shoppers, who in the last year alone spent nearly $3 billion on the goods their sellers have listed.
  • The barrier to entry is literally pennies for each item listed (plus a commission of the final price the craft is sold for). There are no monthly fees as of the time of this writing.


  • With nearly two million crafty sellers, you’re looking at a lot of competition.
  • Many sellers have complained in online forums that big name and mass-production manufacturers can list on Etsy, too. This can certainly make it harder for the smaller, mom-and-pop type sellers to ever get noticed.

2. Handmade at Amazon

I didn’t realize this, but Amazon has a handmade goods area for artisans to sell their crafts online. Who knew?


  • Handmade at Amazon is open to a wide variety of handmade goods, including jewelry, home products, beauty and personal care, accessories and much, much more.
  • People know, like, and trust Amazon already. Who do you know who hasn’t bought something on Amazon?


  • You have to apply to be a seller, and not all applications are accepted.
  • It could prove difficult to get your items noticed. As Amazon put it, “Handmade at Amazon is a separate category on Amazon so your products will appear alongside other handmade items for customers to browse, discover, and shop.” It’s critical your descriptions are well-written for anyone to ever find what you’re selling.

3. Artfire

Artfire is third on our list of best websites to sell crafts. Headquartered in the Tucson Arts District, this marketplace specializes in handmade and vintage goods, as well as digital arts and craft supplies.


  • No ads on shop or item pages.
  • You can have 250 active listings at pennies per listing.


  • There is a minimum monthly fee to keep your shop open.
  • To list more items, and to get better features, you’ll need to upgrade to a Popular or Featured shop for a monthly fee.

4. eBay

Yes, you can sell handmade crafts on eBay. Is it one of the best websites to sell crafts? Perhaps, but you’ll have to be the judge.


  • This is another site that people know, like, and trust — they’ve got more than 160 million shoppers!
  • It won’t cost you anything to list up to 50 items. You just pay commissions when items sell.


  • You’re competing for sales amid an audience looking for cheap deals. Your crafts might not sell for as much as you’d like.
  • Millions of people are trying to sell their goods, too. You’ll have a lot of competition for eyeballs on your listings.

5. Zibbet

Our fifth entry for best websites to sell crafts might be new to you. Zibbet calls itself “the largest marketplace in the world that stays true to the definition of handmade.”


  • With less than 55,000 sellers, there’s not nearly as much competition as Etsy, Amazon or eBay.
  • Your shop has a custom domain and website included with your monthly fee (billed annually).


  • Sure, you get your own domain and website, but you only get full customization of your site, and the ability to remove Zibbet’s branding, if you pay for the unlimited plan (billed annually).
  • It doesn’t matter which plan you pay for, you’re limited on how many images you can load (four images with the starter package and eight images with pro and unlimited).

6. Bonanza

This 10-year-old service claims to charge 50 percent lower fees than the other craft marketplaces.


  • If you’re already selling your handmade crafts on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, you can import your product listings.
  • There are no listing fees or monthly store fees for showcasing your handmade goods.


  • You’ll pay a higher commissions on sold goods if you want to have your crafts found via Google Shopping pages.
  • Their traffic isn’t nearly as high as sites like Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Of course, there are many other sites where you can sell your handmade goods, such as iCraft, BigCartel and IndieMade. You might want to do research on all of your options before committing to one, however. Then again, you might want to forgo all the selling platforms completely in favor of setting up your own online store.

Should you create your own website to sell your work?

The best websites to sell crafts might just be the ones that are owned and operated by the artisans themselves. Sure, you can still maintain listings on the platforms I mentioned above, but having a website you own means you keep all the proceeds. No middleman? Yes, please! Here are the steps you should take to launch your own crafts store online.

Start with a plan

There’s a saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” You need a plan before you jump in with both feet. Dip your toes in first with this article on things to consider before launching your online store. Also, think about things like:

  • How much time does it take you to create each item? How much money does it cost?
  • What’s your break-even price?
  • How much you would need to add to the wholesale price to have a healthy profit?

Purchase a domain name

Once you’ve created your plan, it’s time to name your virtual store. Not sure which domain name to buy? Check out our 10 tips for choosing the perfect domain name here.

By the way, you don’t have to limit yourself to .com, either. There are customized domains available, such as .art, Use one of these domain names to put a creative spin on your web address.

See if is available by typing it into this box:

Choose an online store builder

What does a website with eCommerce functionality typically include? At its most basic level, an eCommerce site:

  • Is mobile-friendly, meaning it’s just as easy to view on a smartphone as on a laptop.
  • Gives your customers payment options.
  • Includes a full-featured shopping cart with which customers can select and buy items.
  • Has an SSL certificate to encrypt your customers’ private details.
  • Comes with shipping options built in.

For WordPress users, there are plugins that will quickly turn your existing site into an eCommerce site (the most popular is WooCommerce). But if you’ve never built a site before, the easier option is GoDaddy’s GoCentral Online Store. With swipe-to-style editing, intuitive layouts, integrated eCommerce functionality and more, you can have your site up and running in less than an hour.

Add photos, text and (duh!) all of your crafts for sale

Now you’re cooking, my crafty friend. At this point, you’re building your online storefront. Be sure to include killer listing pages with the best pictures to showcase those stunning crafts.

Let your creativity shine here with the details about the product, and don’t forget to include pricing and shipping info.


The goal is to get those digital shoppers to click that sexy Buy button, so make sure your listings entice your visitors to pony up the dough!

Get step-by-step instructions on launching your own online craft business with our comprehensive guide to selling crafts online. From tips on brainstorming a great name, to how-tos on taking photos, to setting prices and cross-promoting your wares on craft marketplaces, this guide hits it all!

Bring visitors in with social media, SEO and possibly even some paid ads

Once your store is built, you’ll need to bring people to it and then turn them from lurkers to buyers! One good way to do this is to work keywords into your page text and product descriptions. This will help search engines understand what your website’s all about and point the right people in your direction.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are great for starting a buzz with crafters and makers.


Even if you just start with one network, stay active and respond to anyone who mentions you. Many store owners also start blogs as a way to reel future customers in. Check out more ways to bring people to your online craft store here.

Earn, create, earn more — it’s like you’re crafting money, y’all!

That’s the plan, anyway. Creating the crafts, and even launching the virtual store, is all child’s play compared with actually making a sustainable income with your craft website. Still, with GoDaddy on your team, making money with your eCommerce store is significantly easier. In fact, we’ve got loads of knowledge on the online sales front. Get more inspiration here, and then make the move from hobby enthusiast to pro craft seller!

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I am a constant learner.

Am sure many of you are too.

In fact, life itself is the greatest teacher, right?

So everybody is actually still learning and will always be.


But today in this post, I am going to be talking about a different kind of learning. The one that creates the feeling of accomplishment, the one that ignites that little spark in life, the one that may fill the gap of emptiness.. and I am talking about learning to be creative.

Yes, you heard that right. One can actually learn to be creative. Some may be born with full of creativity, but I have heard so many people that they are just not creative and will never be. And I am so against that.

One can actually be creative IF they chose to be.

Now, creativeness is subjective and broad.

But if you choose to do more in life, to feel the sense of creating and making things, guess what, you are not alone.

That sense is probably your sixth sense telling you that it’ll make you happier.

Cause it does. Being creative creates a happier life. Backed by science.



So, if you’re a quilter like me – you are on the right track to creating happiness in your life. YEAY!

But being already creative means you will always crave to learn more right? So you are in the right place today.

If you are not yet a creative person and thinking of being more creative in life, you are also on the right page.

In this post, I’ll share with you the top 5 online classes that you can take right now, right where you are to kick-start that creativity in you.

Why Online Classes you say?

Because you just need to act now. And I myself is an online class junkie. I love online classes. They suit my time, my location and I can set my own pace.

Perfect. Just take the class and schedule it on your own time.

I am not against real life-classes though. They have great benefits but if you are short of budget, time and limited to areas or places you can go to, “online classes” is the answer. Believe me. They kick start everything.

So just do it. Kick that procrastination and just start learning. You can if you want to.



There are affiliate links in this post for your convenience. Please find the full disclosure here.


You’ve heard me talked about this one before.

I am a big fan of CRAFTSY classes. Purely because there are specific niche areas like quilting, sewing, and baking over at the platform. So, for a big fan of quilting like me, there are tons of classes that I can take to upgrade my level of creativeness in the field of quilting.

However, it is not only limited to quilting and sewing and baking… they have many other niches as well covering various crafts and skills.

Plus+ they have supplies available for saletoo including quilting kits and yarns.

My personal favourites:

  • Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple: Learn easy quilts using precut fabrics. Great patterns in here to use up you precut stash.
  • Basic Crochet: Did you know I crochet too? Crochet is a lot of fun if you haven’t tried it. This class takes you through the basics and beyond of crochet to get you hooked!
  • Scrappy Quilting: For more adventurous quilters. If you have been quilting for a while and want to level up your game in quilting, try this class. Learn Y-seams, putting together scraps in a gorgeous layout, and learn amazing tips and tricks of Edyta Sitar in conquering scrappy quilting.

If you haven’t tried Craftsy yet, try these option to start:


I have been a long fan of Skillshare Classes.

One of the best thing about Skillshare to me is the reasonable pricing per month which is affordable to me. Although you do have to make your pick which classes are great, the pricing per month and the unlimited class you can take is totally worth it.

I take classes of watercolours in Skillshare and some letterings classes. I do like both of these besides my regular sewing and quilting hobby.


If you are looking into learning to watercolour, there are lots of classes available in Skillshare for that. Highly recommend that.

One of my favourite watercolour artist that does amazing work and teaches over at Skillshare is Ana Victoria – Check her classes out.

However, they also have a variety of classes covering business, freelancing, photography and many more.


I pick my classes based on people I am already following elsewhere or by the reviews and number of students enrolled in the course. That basically gives you the rough idea of how good the course will be.


Thinking of trying Skillshare? Here are some options:




Creative Bug is another place I go to to feed my quilting love.

With my favourite designers Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander classes on Creative Bug, the $4.95/month subscription or about $9.90 per class, they are worth the spend.

Check out more quilting classes available on creative Bug here.

If you are looking into venturing out other craft classes, there are various to choose from including knitting, crochet, art& design and paper crafts.

Need inspirations to be more creative? Try 30 days to a more creative life.


#4 BRIT + CO

Another awesome platform for the bright and the cheeries.

I love Brit+Co’s bright coloured blog and their simple DIY’s.

Recently they launched their online classes including some of the best hot trends in DIY including some of my favourites:


I am excited to see more classes coming in Brit+Co as they grow. In the meantime, let’s enjoy some of the ones they already have shall we?


Here is another platform which is much of a wider coverage.

Topics can be similar to those found in skillshare but these are individually priced. So if you are not just into craft, there are also tons of other classes like bussiness, motivational and other life skills there.

Craft Classes at CREATIVELIVE:

Here is the link to take you right to the CRAFT CLASSES available on creativelive.

Not only that there are craft classes in that category -t here are also tons of classes that teaches you how to build a handmade bussiness.

(related: I previously talked about making money from your hobby here)

My personal favourites:

  • Knit Maker 201 : where you can learn how knit socks! I love sock knitting but just haven’t yet ventured deep into this but I have made a couple of socks myself here, here and here. So this class is a perfect addition to that.
  • Surface Pattern Designing:I love patterns. And I love fabric. Bonnie Christine is an Art Gallery Fabric designer and she takes you through this whole surface pattern designing on illustrator in this class. I love Bonnie’s soft voice and her style of teaching. She also have classes in skillshare which I have previosly taken and LOVE.
  • Love Improv Quilting: Here is one of quilting that I love. Modern vibrant colours. I love Malka’s style. If you are new to improv quilting, you’ll love this class.

Well if you are not sure what you want to be making or creating I would love to suggest you the following:

If you are a maker already, spread the word to inspire others to be a maker too by pinning this image.

Bluprint Premium offers a special price for subscribers to join Bluprint together with 4 Kits a year!

If you've been with me long enough, you'll probably know already that I love Bluprint Classes.
This is the place where I have learned a lot about this quilting craft and I highly recommend it.
Together with Quilt Kits (or you can choose a different kit each quarter), this deal is amazing!
CHECK IT OUT TODAY! -->Bluprint Premium


All over the internet, crafters are setting up their own online shops to sell their handmade items, and they’re making good money doing so. These craft selling websites are the perfect places to go to sell your handmade items online. Artfire is an online marketplace to sell craft.

5 top online craft classes platforms to ignite your creativity

Hey there

Straight to the point…

Your question could be interpreted in 2 ways

  1. You want to learn a specific craft skill, (for example : candle making, watercolor painting ) but online
  2. You want to learn how-to-DIY & explore various kinds of crafts in general.

So for the first one, skillshare is an amazing place to be. It is a platform where artists themselves are giving classes for a number of skills, techniques, art forms, etc.

Explore, see what is it you want to try your hand on, who you want to learn from and just begin right there. I guess you get free access to all the courses for a month or two, somehow. If you want me to confirm and tell you more about it particularly, leave a comment.

Secondly, if all you want to do right now is explore and learn all different things ranging from paper crafts, home decor, trash to treasure or best out of waste as we call it.. And what not.. There are a number of platforms you can look forward to.


Pinterest- Where you can randomly scroll through ideas, search more of what you love, find step bt step tutorials, save them for later and get crafting

Youtube - where you can search at random using keywords like crafts, diy but it'd be more fruitful if you know what you're searching for there. Look at it this way , if you like something on pinterest but you can't find a satisfactory tutorial on it, try searching the term on YouTube.

In fact, I have a channel myself, and that's what I do.. Make tutorials on Do It Yourself crafts

Here, if you want to give it a look Abha Singhal

Websites - this is the third option and also something that you can only consider later. What I mean is, there are artists and craft persons like me who are blogging all these wonderful ideas on their websites.. But to land on it, you want to first get to know about it. And that you'll get to know with time when you explore on pinterest and youtube, you'll come across artists you like the work most of.. Then you can religiously follow them, you know.

Get creative, get crafting.

Abha Singhal • youtube

Abha Singhal (@abhasinghal) • Instagram

free how to craft online

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Offering links to Individual Craft Artists, Group Shows and Craft Malls, Craft Supplies, Publications, Create a FREE web page to Announce your crafts event.

free how to craft online
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