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How to craft 2 ultima keyblades

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How to craft 2 ultima keyblades
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Learn the stats how to get the strongest Keyblade "Ultima Weapon" in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3)! In this article, we have also featured how to get the required Orichalcum+ & other requirements!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Database

Ultima Weapon - Weapon Stats & Rating

Strongest Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Ultima Weapon is the most powerful Keyblade Sora can yield in Kingdom Hearts 3. It's a classic weapon that has appeared in almost all of the Kingdom Hearts games.

Ultima Weapon - Stats & Ability

1313- Combo Boost
- Air Combo Boost
- Situation Boost
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Ultima Weapon - Keyblade Review

Ultima Weapon has the highest Strength and Magic stats of 13; the strongest out of all Keyblades. It's included Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost makes it an ideal melee attack weapon. If you wish to main Magic spell casting, try using Accessories such such as Mickey Brooch & Wisdom Ring to further boost it's potential.

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Ultima Weapon - Ultimate Form Change Effect & Traits

After Form Changing to the Ultimate Form, you will be able to dish out extremely high damage attacks in wide areas. This extremely powerful form overpowers other Keyblade forms by a mile, and are strong enough to be the one and only Keyblade you'll ever need to use once obtaining. This weapon will make short work of Final and the Secret Bosses as well.

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Ultimate Form Adds Numbers of Powerful Abilities

While in Ultimate Form, not only will you get unique moveset but you'll also be get additional Abilities as well. All of the additional Abilities are extremely powerful. Try to take advantage of the Ultimate Form as much as you can.

Ultimate Form - Additional Abilities

TeleportClose in on your target in a blink moment
Combo continued even after missing a swing
Healing spell will not be interrupted even when damaged
1 HP will remain even after being damaged with fatal blow
(When Above 2 HP)
1 HP will remain even after being damaged with multiple hits
MP heals faster after using MP
Gain extra Strength and Magic when fighting a tough opponent

How to Get the Ultima Weapon?

Steps To Create The Ultima Weapon

1Gather 58 types of Synthesis Materials
2Get the Recipe (unlocked after gathering Synthesis Materials)
3Collect 7 Orichalcum+
4Obtain 2 Wellspring Gems, 2 Pulsing Crystals, & 2 Lucid Crystals

Acquired Through Synthesizing

You'll need to collect the required materials and create the Ultima Weapon to unlock it. Once you collect all the materials, head to any of the Moogle Shops to finally craft it!

Collect 58 Synthesis Materials

A long journey is ahead in crafting the Ultima Weapon because you'll need to gather 58 Synthesis Materials for it.

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Gather 7 Orichalcum+

You'll also need to collect all 7 Orichalcum+ to craft the Ultima Weapon. These materials can be acquired through a number of different means, such as completing mini games or looting them from treasure chests!

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One of the End-Game Goal After Beating the Game

It may be difficult to obtain all the necessary items and requirements for the Ultima Weapon on your initial gameplay. You may choose to take it slow, and get the Ultima Weapon as one of your end-game goals after beating the game.

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Ok now, hmmm we need the strongest weapon in the game to fight ahhh err.... *cough* OWA *cough*, anyways if you want...

Then here's the list to synthesis this hulk of a keyblade.

But first you need the Ultimate Recipe, one the easiest things to find, the recipe is in a chest at the Mansion: Basement Corridor. Can't miss it.

Next....those Crystals, my opinion...bash those Nobodies and Heartless till they give you those crystals....maybe random at most but at least it will give you experience at the same time right?...ooohh right, hardest Crystal to get is the Serenity Crystal , easiest way to get the seven is to defeat Assassin's, Berserker's, Samurai's and Sorcerer's, though all of them have a 4% drop. Besides getting the Serenity Crystals the rest of the other Crystals should be easy enough.

Ok now to the Orichalcum's. Hmmmm 1 of the normal and 13!!!!!!!!! of the +'s man.....ok.....

The normal Orichalcum, here's a list of where to of them....

Now about those 13 +'s. Ok first get an Energy Crystal off the Shaman's or Bookmaster's, it's a 4% chance but you'll get it..hopefully. Now there's just one bump from getting that Energy Crystal, you must get your synthesis Moogle to Level 2, so best to synthesis items that aren't in the list to get Ultima Weapon

Now the Energy Crystal will reduce that 13 to 7. Finally all we need to get is 7 Orichalcum +'s. Here's the list...

  1. Obtain all material types
  2. Complete the Starry Hill Torn Page
  3. Complete the "A New Day is Dawning" musical
  4. Win the Goddess of Fate Cup
  5. Chest at the Central Computer Mesa
  6. Chest at the Sunset Terrace
  7. Chest at The Brink of Despair.

The hardest one is obtaining all material types, all the others are just from sidequesting.

Now when you have everything in that list, synthesis all those ingredients and then.....

TADA!!!! Ultima Weapon is yours!!!!!

Now onto the Cups........Stormies..prep for a big section next!!! what's this?....

<LA reads the note>

LA:Well guess my favourite guest Lenalee Lee will be coming again in 2 sections...once again....EXCITE!!!!!!!!!!!..stay tuned Stormies!!!

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In Kingdom Hearts /2 Days, Ultima Weapon is an Ability Panel, instead of a Keyblade, that raises the Strength of.

  • 1

    Beat Xigbar. First, if you don't have an action replay for the Playstation 2, you want to wait until you've beaten Xigbar (dude with the eye patch) in the world that never was. Once you have, you're going to start searching for the Orichalcum+. Keep in mind, there's only seven in the whole game. Only get seven, even though it says to get 13.

  • 2

    Get your moogle level up until you have gotten Serenity Crystal as an add on to synthesis items. Level up your moogle by synthesizing any and all items you can.

  • 3

    Go to the world that never was. Equip the abilities of Lucky Lucky to the whole party, and the Lucky Ring accessories, and Sweet Memories for even more drop rate. (if you have it.)

  • 4

    Collect dense and twilight crystals, stones, and gems. Shards won't be needed. These can be commonly found by defeating a nobody. Once you've collected about a couple of each, it's time for something a bit more challenging. Serenity crystal is also a syntheses item, not just an add-on. You need about seven of these serenity crystals. Get as much luck as you can get.

  • 5

    Know what you will need. Abilities, items, equipment, weapons, four leaf clovers, horse shoes, and your lucky underwear will definitely help. You can get Serenity Crystals by defeating snipers, assassins, Berserkers, and possibly dancers. Snipers and Berserkers drop most commonly. All these enemies can be located in the world that never was. Once you have the dense, twilight, and serenity items, it's time to hunt for the Orichalcum+.

  • 6

    Gather all the torn pages for Pooh's World. These are scattered all over the worlds, so look hard.

  • 7

    Obtain your first Orichalcum+. Another one can be found in the old mansion in twilight town. (Must be sora, not roxas) The next Orichalcum+ can be obtained only once when you reach roughly level 53.

  • 8

    Go to the Olympus Colosseum, and then the Underworld Tournament. Beat very one, and after beating either Titan Cup or Goddess of Fate cup, you get another Orichalcum+. The next one can be found after getting at least one of every single synthesis material. Blazing, Frost, Lightning, Dense, Twilight, Serenity, Energy, you need every one. You can know where to get these in other walkthroughs and websites by searching Google. The rest of Orichalcum can be obtained by beating worlds and finding rare chests all around the Worlds Dude. You'll also need a few regular Orichalcum, which can be found by defeating any powerful enemies and in chests and after beating certain events.

  • How to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3

    how to craft 2 ultima keyblades

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    Kingdom Hearts
    Ultima Weapon
    "The ultimate Keyblade. Raises max MP by 2, and possesses maximum power and attributes."
    RōmajiArutema Wepon
    +12[KH I]
    +14[KH I FM]
    +2 90
    x2 +4[KH I]
    +2[KH I FM]
    Item synthesis
    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    Ultima Weapon

    "An outstanding Keyblade that boosts all stats, and makes it easy to both land critical hits and trigger Reality Shifts."
    RōmajiArutema Wepon
    16 16 113
    30% 10%
    Defeat Julius.

    The Ultima Weapon is a Keychain for Sora, Data-Sora, Riku, Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Keyblades introduced in Kingdom Hearts. It is one of the most powerful Keyblades, and requires an incredible amount of effort to obtain in each game. Unlike other Keychains, each game's version of the Ultima Weapon has a different design, and shares only the name and the phenomenal quality of its stats.


    The Ultima Weapon Keyblade is named after the eponymous sword in the Final Fantasy series. The Ultima Weapon is typically shown within the Final Fantasy series as a long sword, with a glowing blue/white blade and a golden handle. It is usually the strongest weapon for the main protagonist in the games it appears in.

    The Kingdom Hearts version of the Ultima Weapon is strongly reminiscent of the Dream Sword, but is wrapped in an ornate gold filigree in a pattern slightly reminiscent of fish bones. The teeth of the blade are a golden version of the crown charm Sora wears, and the Keychain token, attached to the blade by shimmering thread, is a gilded heart, used throughout the series to refer to a complete being, instead of a Heartless or Nobody. It also bears one heart just above the guard and another just next to the crown making up the teeth of the blade, both of which are present in the Kingdom Hearts II version. In the game, the blade's size is smaller compared to the hilt, compared to its design in the official artworks; this resembles a real-life section of a sword known as the tang (the section of the blade that is mounted into the handle). This version is also used in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Small circular ripples and bolts of light are emitted whenever Sora strikes a target with it.

    The Kingdom Hearts II version retains most of its Kingdom Hearts version elements, except for the colors (blue, white and gold), the crown-and-heart keychain, and the Dream Sword. It also includes many more crowns into its design, including one at the tip of the blade, near the crown "teeth", two making up the guard, three in the chain, and the aforementioned combination of a crown and the original heart Keychain as the token. The blade has been segmented into two "halves" (possibly symbolizing Sora and Roxas) representing a roman numeral for 2 (II).

    The Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep version has elements from both previous Kingdom Hearts games. Its style is similar to the Kingdom Hearts version, but its color scheme is similar to the Kingdom Hearts II version. It also uses stars and the Wayfinder design instead of crowns and hearts. It is mostly a pale, almost glowing blue with white and gold. The teeth and Keychain are a blue Wayfinder, similar to Aqua's, with the original heart in the middle instead of the Terra's Mark symbol.

    The Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance version has the design similar like the first Kingdom Hearts game with minor changes. The color scheme is somewhat a combination between the first and second Kingdom Hearts games, as it has yellow on the blade connector, and the teeth and light blue color on the guard and the filigree ornament. The teeth is a Spirit Dream Eater's emblem within a crown. The keychain is a variation on the Kingdom Hearts II heart and crown design, except with the heart above the crown, as well as a pair of white wings behind it.

    In Kingdom Hearts III, its color scheme has changed to silver, red, and dark gray; two hearts adorn the weapon, one engraved into the hilt and the other at the base of the teeth. The blade has been segmented into three tines, representing the Roman numeral for three (III).


    Kingdom Hearts[edit]

    Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

    An Energy Crystal is required to reduce the Orichalcum+ required for synthesis, as there are only 7 in the game; this means that the Ultima Recipe cannot be synthesized unless the Moogles are at least level 2. As Serenity items are part of the recipe, they cannot be used to upgrade it.

    Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


    The Ultima Weapon is an extremely powerful Keyblade with an impressive reach.[?] It is generally the most powerful Keyblade in each game that it appears, with balanced stats near or at the maximum for that game. In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, the abilities attached to the Ultima Weapon are some of the most useful in the game. Despite this, there are usually Keyblades which exceed the Ultima Weapon in a specific stat, such as Strength, while being inferior in other stats, such as Magic. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, however, the Ultima Weapon is actually inferior to the Master's Defender and Royal Radiance across the board. In Kingdom Hearts III, a LV1 Ultima Weapon has a lower Magic stat than most other Keyblades, but when raised to LV10 it is only second to the Classic Tone.

    Other appearances[edit]

    Both the Kingdom Hearts and the Kingdom Hearts II versions of Ultima Weapon were released with three other Keyblades in a special Play Arts Figures accessory set, Play Arts Arms.

    Through the use of a cheating device, textureless versions of the Ultima Weapon can be obtained in Kingdom Hearts II. These are the "Edge of Ultima", a version of the original Ultima Weapon with a glitched appearance, and the "Detection Saber", a second copy of the original as well, except slightly larger. When these Keychains are accessed in Sora's Items menu, no picture of the Keyblades are shown, only map icons.

    • Edge of Ultima
      "A familiar Keyblade to Sora called the Ultima Weapon. It can be used for checking movement."

    • Detection Saber
      "The longest Keyblade available. Detect motion and movement with this weapon."

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

    Main article: Ultima Weapon (ability)

    In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Ultima Weapon is an Ability Panel, instead of a Keyblade, that raises the Strength of the user's equipped weapon. It can be redeemed for 255 Challenge Sigils at the Moogle Shop.

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    See also[edit]

    1. ^Only available after defeating Marluxia and completing "Reverse/Rebirth".

    Historically, the Ultima Weapon is the ultimate Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts games. These are the materials you'll need to craft the Ultima Weapon in KH3 at any . Kingdom Hearts 3 Screen Shot ,

    How to Get the Ultima Weapon in 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

    KH2 you can make your own keyblades.



    In addition to receiving Keychains throughout the course of the game, you'll have the opportunity to craft a custom KeyBlade of your very own choosing (along the same lines as the Synthesis process from the first game). Details are sketchy, but it's said that the materials needed to create the KeyBlades are very rare and well hidden in each World

    Thats in there so look for it. So what keyblade are you going to make? Personally, I would make something like Riku's keyblade except all black and different head on it.

    Just to put in there.
    i would make a black and red kingdom key or a black and red ulitma keyblade
    Sep 8, 2005
    i would make a blue and white one
    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!! We get to make our own keyblades !!!

    I'm so happy!!!!!

    I'd make a one with a white hilt, blue blade, and the head would be something like a crescent moon. and the hilt would have a star shape to it.
    Sep 8, 2005
    thats like the one i want to make ur cool
    To be completely honest, that's stort of old news, though I won't condone the fact that I love the idea of creating my own keyblade. Maybe a combination of Oblivion and Ultima Weapon, or maybe Oathkeeper....

    Actually, I'd simply just go for a keyblade similar to Cloud's Buster Sword... or better yet, the Masamune! Oooh... time to start coming up with ideas for this...
    Jun 9, 2005
    It's not entirely confirmed...

    There's still a chance that the idea could be scrapped, or perhaps more complex then they could make.

    KHinsider could easily be wrong...
    It's not entirely confirmed...

    There's still a chance that the idea could be scrapped, or perhaps more complex then they could make.

    KHinsider could easily be wrong...
    Yeah, you gotta admit that is true. I mean, that information came out well over a year ago. They could have completely scrapped the idea for another one.

    We can only hope...
    Aug 2, 2005
    I hope its true that would be awesome to make your own keyblades
    Aug 4, 2005
    wat i think they'll do is just give you a choice of synthesizing different keyblades........ like the keyblade will already have a planned shape and u just have 2 pick which one you want 2 make and synthesize the items 4 it....
    Sep 4, 2005
    a blade like metal chocobo's with a black hilt.
    Jun 9, 2005
    Wow, that's real original KH_Freek >_>

    Yes it could be scrapped but this did come from an interview wit square. My opinion would be that you have to find the hilt the blade and so on. Then you would change the color or something. Possibly shape. Hmmmm....maybe you only need material to make the parts of the blade then change it to your liking.
    This is old but for my whole time here. I haven't seen this on this forum. Black ultima. how bout black and siler ultima. Dammit I got ideas square let me get the god damn game and use them.

    how to craft 2 ultima keyblades

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - COMPLETE GUIDE: Ultima Weapon / Item Synthesis / New Heartless (KH Final Mix)

    The only keyblade that can surpass it in any way is the Classic Tone, another secret keyblade obtained To craft the Ultima Weapon you are going to need two Lucid Crystals, two Pulsing Step 2: Obtain Wellspring Crystals.

    how to craft 2 ultima keyblades
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